What’s Your Fit Workout Free Weight Lifting Giant Set


Using Giant Sets in Bodybuilding

Video taken from the channel: The Bioneer


Jason Poston’s Giant Set Back Routine

Video taken from the channel: Muscle & Strength


Giant Set Arm Workout for *HUGE* Triceps

Video taken from the channel: mountaindog1


FREE STRENGTH PROGRAM: How I Set up My Linear Progression for the Past Decade

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Full Body Workout At Home With Dumbbells Giant Sets Strength And Muscle

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Giant set rotation for BICEPS

Video taken from the channel: Milos Sarcev


How to Use Supersets, Trisets, & Giant Sets for Muscle Growth

Video taken from the channel: Muscle & Strength

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List of related literature:

Guidelines dealing with training for strength and power suggest 1–3 sets of 6–15 reps per set and 1–3 sets of 3–6 reps per set, respectively.

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Novice to intermediate: 1–3 sets per exercise b.

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The most recent ACSM recommendations for the quantity and quality of exercise to be achieved by adults includes a progressive resistance training component that provides a stimulus to all major muscle groups, with the plan to complete 10–15 repetitions of a set of 8–10 exercises, 2–3 days/ week [65].

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I do five sets of 10 repetitions, using no additional weight and very little rest between sets.

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I do three sets of between 15 to 25 repetitions.

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I don’t have a specific routine or plan, I simply take a thirty­second break between sets, bouncing from one exercise to the next.

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I use a couple of 8-pound barbells and a couple of 1-pound ones.

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Each set should consist of 10-20 quick reps per set (1 second up/1 second down) with a light weight.

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(136) For increasing mass and strength the American Council on Exercise recommends 2-second concentric lifts followed by 4-second eccentric returns.

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Once a week or so I would pick one body part and go to the maximum with strength moves that worked that area.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • With each Giant set, how many times do you go through it before that one giant set is done? I’m very unfamiliar with Giant sets and how many times or rounds you perform it.

  • I’m confused by the “ramping weights” part. I’m used to Starting Strength and doing the same weight for all my work sets. If I use week #1 and 100lbs as an example, am I increasing the weight for sets 1, 2, and 3 then using 100lbs for only 4th set of 8? Likewise, using week #12 and 175lbs as an example, am I using 175lbs for only the 10th set of 3?

  • Awesome please keep adding videos like this it helps many of us who are very eager to work with you but afford you as a coach due to financial problem thank you

  • For the ramping sets, what kinda of increases would you have from set to set. Say I was expecting a top set of 80 for 8, would I do
    warmup, set 1: 65, set 2:70, set 3: 75, set 4 80, or
    set 1: 20, set 2 40, set 3 60, set 4 80

  • Milos, could you elaborate on the reason for going into such high volumes with Sergio? Seems unusual, these days. Please keep posting these videos. It’s a pleasure to see a future Mr. Olympia in the making.

  • On this program for example on weeks 9-12 do you do all exercises 10 sets 3 reps? Example squatting day you start with box jumps10 sets 3 reps?Bench day start with bent over row10 sets 3 reps? So on all main and secondary sets would you do 10 sets 3 reps? Thanks

  • So I am a senior (60), and I am not a novice lifter, do I need more volume? Moreover, how long should my training sessions last (1 hr)?

  • I started off strength training watching Alan Thrall at Untamed Strength and he definitely laid a great foundation to what Brian is teaching.
    This is now taking my lifting to the next level.

    Thanks again, Brian.

  • Over 40 lifter Starting this program today! I’m signing up for one of your programs this afternoon. Thanks for the motivation brother!

  • Thanks for another great video… I have most of these machines at my gym, no more boring cable pull downs time to change things up Thumbs up ���� brother!

  • Been lifting over 40 years. This linear progression workout Brian recommends is great. I only have a few suggestions for most lifters over 55. I would generally stay around 12 total sets; after warm up. There’s only so much gas in the tank. I would focus on the main the 8,5 or 3 rep. Movements, depending on the month; including the accessory lifts. Lastly and most important. Listen to your body. Like the old saying goes. Leave the gym to lift another day; don’t get hurt. Older lifters recover slower, otherwise, we can still make gains and stay strong; great program Brian. Thanks!

  • Few questions i’m hoping someone can help me with:

    1. How are the training days distributed throughout the week? monday, tuesday, thursday, friday?
    2. At my gym I can’t leave stuff racked so to do giant sets I would have to continuously rack and rerack lots of weights, this seems like a problem?
    3. Won’t natural lifters be overtraining by doing this?

  • Do you think this is enough frequency for chest? Like shoulders, legs, and back are hit pretty much twice per week but chest is only once per week?

  • My triceps size has always been a weak point for me. Every time I tried to increase frequency, intensity, weight I would get real bad tendinitis in my elbow that would last weeks. Exercise sequence is the #1 thing that helped with this! And get them pumped real good before going heavy to failure. Finally getting some good size to them. Thanks for all your great information!

  • Hi John I have a question if you are using dumbbells for chest incline and flat. But struggle to get them into position what would you recommend? As throwing them up isn’t safe. Because currently im stuck at a weight as I cant get the heavier ones into position without risking a shoulder injury.

  • Man. This is awesome. Thanks. I just started getting into lifting, to the point where the only things I do are go to the gym, and go to work. I have however been very aimless. I think this is going to be very helpful for me. You rock man.

  • I’m happy you emphasized fatigue monitoring during each set because for years now I’ve been addicted to going to failure and my weights end up jumping quite a bit but always plateau until I deload for a couple of weeks

  • Brian I cant do 3×10(10 sets of 3) for the main giant set It will take too much time is 5 sets of 3 alternative still helpful for growth

  • They’re called ‘cheats’. That method’s not for everyone but it works for me go further than you can and then use every bit of momentum etc to help yourself go the extra mile. You need an invincible spine though…

  • Day 1 Can’t breath..
    Day 2 Triceps error message..
    Day 3 I wanna die..
    Day 4 My shoulders tend to burn but never like this wtf?!
    I like it though.. and here I thought I’m working quite hard..

  • My question is all that is great but can you actually lose your size of your tricep by using those machines I was told that back in the day I know those are great machines not to get hurt with but I don’t want to lose size to work with a machine that’s so conveniently comfortable am I wrong with that. Please answer me back very important I’m a 70 year old man and I think I’m sporting 20s and they’re strong as 20s not a 20-inch arm with a 14 inch strength I don’t want to go there that’s why my concern was with the machines thank you so much Frank Montenegro

  • Great Video bro
    Like always one of the best youtube channels

    Can you do a video on rep sets and rep range
    I hear 6 to 10 for 3 sets strength and building muscle
    I hear 8 to 12 for 4 sets strength and building muscle

    To go up in weight as if its getting too easy at the weight I currently lift, to go up by 5 to 10lbs

  • Ive done something similar b4 but i stopped, mayb i should go back lol. I used to do
    (4x) Handstand press
    (4x) Circus press
    (4x) French press & Db ucv raise & Waiters walk

  • What if you want to train deadlifts, bench, Squat, OHP, on more than one day a week?
    Is there a way to fit that in, without suddenly having to do 15 exercises each session?

  • Do the other exercises follow the same volume? For example on month 3, 10 sets of 3 for primary 4 lifts do the abs exercises also follow 10 sets of 3 reps?

  • Sergio is obviously making gains with Milos but I gotta question the process.. you just did 3 slightly different preacher curls.. makes no sense. And before you bitch and try call me out. Do this nonsense for yourself. It’s stupid.

  • hahaha i think I’m the one female viewer… this video was epic though thank you legend! keen for gyms to open again and get stuck in!:D

  • It’s almost impossible to go to four different machines to do giant sets in todays crowded gyms. It’s much easier if you’re filming with nobody else there.

  • If its 4 sets of 8 (week 1-4) for the main giant set, does that mean it’s also 4 sets of 8 for the secondary giant set and the assistance giant set too? Great video man I really appreciate you putting the best content (in my opinion) keep it up!

  • Ok so if doing this 4 times a week only lifting the main lift once a week really enough? I’ve always been told doing it once a week won’t help with building muscle. I’ve been told the main lift should be preformed twice a week to build strength and muscle. Any thoughts?

  • Yo John! Any recommendations for changes to make to my diet when I’m probably going to be dealing with a long-term injury? Had knee (meniscus) surgery back in May which basically failed, I’m coming up on a repair or possibly even an entire meniscus replacementeither way potential for 6+ weeks non-load bearing.
    Is it as simple as staying at maintenance/slight surplus and keeping protein high to try and maintain as much mass as possible?

  • I have good program for you: Warmup 5min feet standing, then actual workout: 30 min butt sittings, 10-30 min hip launch against wife, then 30 min blank on your back against soft object(cigarette is optional at this point), followed by 8 hours of sleep and then coffee as recovery drink. This workout will isolate your wife and will massively increase belly growth gains in your wife. This also works in long term and adds continuous gains for her in the following 9 months. She will make total bodytransformation to a new person.

  • Also I understand how rowdy and bench are the antagonist muscle group but explosive jumps for squats and hinge for deadlift are basically the same? Wouldn’t that tire the muscles you’re about to use for your main lift?

  • How big of a jump are you supposed to make between sets? Say your topset is 100 lbs for 8, are you doing 70, 80, 90, 100 or 85, 90, 95, 100?

  • I’m having a hard time understanding how 4×8 is supposed to take 30 minutes. Am I missing something? Does anyone have an explanation for where I’m going wrong?

  • Try focus on the involvement of the serratus anterior in all arminvolving moves and make a video on this.

    How is your take on using momentum to create stretch on the fx. triceps, in the end of the range of motion in each rep let go of the contraction and swing it controllable to the extremity of the range of motion realxingly but still controlled? I have stopped using music to training as it simply takes optimal focus away from the engagement of ones involvement in dooing correct what one does.

  • I have been subscriber to this channel for last 3.5 years and always wondered how come such a great vids have such low number of likes. Maybe the world is not fair enough.. Came back to this after 3 years, and the ratio of likes to dislikes now restored the faith in the basic principles of quality over shenanigans.. Hope you are doing well nowadays Brian..

  • I’ve been doing my own thing based off the Starting Strength method for about 6 months, definitely going to try your program once the gyms open back up

  • On the 2nd and 3rd cycle (5×5 and 10×3), what do you do with the other exercises (abs, etc)? Seems funny to do abs 10 sets of 3 reps

  • Hey Brian, I got a couple of doubts/suggestions/opinions/etc in this. Hope you see this and reply.

    1. My gym is 30 mins from home. So can I walk everyday back and forth.
    2. Like pull is for push, can I do hinge before main squat and squat before main hinge.
    3. I also like to use the abs work as rest time and want to substitute it with some other excercises/movements.(Coz if I rest like “rest”, my testosterone goes ��). Can you recommend some? Also going by that, the total number of excercises will be 9, is that too much? Or are there ways to tackle it?

  • Gotta love those car commercial guitar riffs for when you workout! ����

    Great vid John! My triceps have grown a lot for what I’ve been doing over the years but I’ll definitely try to make some sort of variation and try these out.

  • Haha today I was leaving the gym and my back is kicking so I said to myself “tomorrow I want to murder my arms tomorrow”
    Meadows: “I got you fam”

  • For example if you do day 1-monday day2-tuesday day3-wednesday day4-thursday on Friday do you reset the program from the beginning

  • Running this at 390 lbs BW is tough! Think I might have to split each workout into two sessions…. Trying to lose 110 lbs this year

  • thx man well i have x factor best auditions 2004+2005 dvd i watch it now and then i watched it the other night with my nephew then i seen a pic of you yesterday on some bodybuilding website and i was sure it was you then when i found out your name was adam i was convinced it was you.

  • Your killing us John, man I’d love to hit triceps with them machine’s, by the way it took 3 mouth’s for my elbow bursitis to heal, so I’m back working my left arm

  • This is awesome. My gym doesn’t have the first machine, but we have all of the others. Gonna incorporate this into my Push day tomorrow!

  • Will try soon your videos so easy to understand and I always learn from them even that rep range is something different thx your the best!!!

  • Appreciate the video and I think it’s a great program, assuming you can handle that much work. That said, I think it would have been helpful if you’d spent some time addressing what to do when you are unable to go up in weight on a given week, or try to but are unsuccessful. Do you dial back, do you try again next week, etc.? Obviously, this happens more often than it doesn’t, or by your own numbers (which you describe as already being underestimates), you’d have added something like 2750 lbs to your “main lifts” by now. Mentioning this might help those who are prone to becoming discouraged when they fail to progress week to week, which they inevitably will.

  • First of all thank you for this awesome program. My problem here is i only have 2 months time for this. Can i skip first phase and do 2nd and 3rd as I’m doing CF and feel like my work capacity is kinda enough to jump directly to 5×5? Would it ruin this program?

  • I have a giant set I like
    1) Reverse cable press down 20reps
    2) Rope press down turn hands out 20reps
    3) regular pressdown 20reps
    4) over head rope extension 20reps
    5) over head cable ext 20 reps

    That’s 100 reps a set, 2 sets tris are smoked. I make the first 2 barely get 20 reps the others 15 and cheat 5 reps. Brutal.

  • Brian your videos hecka helped me out going up on my lifts man..youve been a big help. In just a month ive noticed a difference in mass strength and grip…keep doin what youre doing bro..God bless yah

  • John can you make a video on how to deal with the distress that comes with coming back to the gym from an injury? I got cancer, and the surgery put me out of the gym for 5 weeks, coming back to the gym now gives me great joy but also depresses me, as I shrunk so much and am not as strong as I used to be. How to deal with/view the journey back?