What’s Your Fit Workout Free Weight Lifting 45 15


45 Minute Dumbbell Circuit Workout

Video taken from the channel: Get Healthy U TVwith Chris Freytag


40 Min Total Body Workout with Weights Dumbbell Training Strength Workout at Home for Women & Men

Video taken from the channel: HASfit


20 Minute Full Body Toning Home Dumbbell Workout

Video taken from the channel: Zeus Fitness


Full Body Workout with Dumbbells 45 Min Total Body Strength Workout with Weights at Home Training

Video taken from the channel: HASfit


20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT With Weights (At Home Strength)

Video taken from the channel: MadFit


Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

Video taken from the channel: CHRIS HERIA


15 Minute Beginner Weight Training Easy Exercises HASfit Beginners Workout Routine Strength

Video taken from the channel: HASfit

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List of related literature:

I do five rounds of the 12 exercises, starting with just the bar (45 pounds) and ten reps of each exercise.

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The first couple of weeks with a new client, for each exercise I have them do 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps each.

“The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong... and You Can Too!” by Bryant Johnson
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The exercise progression used the following weekly training protocol: weeks 1–4:3 sets with 12 repetitions of the 12-repetition maximum weight; weeks 5–9: 3 sets with 8 repetitions of the 8-repetition maximum weight; and weeks 10–12: 3 sets with 6 repetitions of the 6-repetition maximum weight.

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The most recent ACSM recommendations for the quantity and quality of exercise to be achieved by adults includes a progressive resistance training component that provides a stimulus to all major muscle groups, with the plan to complete 10–15 repetitions of a set of 8–10 exercises, 2–3 days/ week [65].

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On alternate days, I add a 20to 30-minute series of strength-building exercises with free-weights, plus military pushups, squats, lunges, abdominal work, and a stint on my cable-style weight machine.

“Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homeade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self” by Stephanie L. Tourles
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I used heavy weights, taking it up to twelve to fourteen reps on most exercises.

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I may complete six to eight reps with the 55-pound dumbbells, then drop to the 40-pound dumbbells for another four to six reps.

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To increase the level of this week’s bodyweight workout, we are aiming to do five rounds of the eight exercises with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off.

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In a doubleȬblinded manner, participants ingested 60 grams/day of colostrum or whey protein complex (containing 38 g protein) while participating in a resistance training program (12 exercises, 3 sets of 8 – 12 repetitions, 3Ȭdays/Ȭweek).

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resistance training in elderly adults, loading intensity should approach 60À80% of 1RM with an exercise volume ranging from three to six sets per muscle group per week of 10À15 repetitions per exercise.

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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

[email protected]

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  • Excellent workout. Great for people that have are just starting out after being inactive. Perfect wake up routine. No long warm up or lengthy circuit.

    If you close your ��, you would swear it’s Dax Shepard talking.

  • i started today! lets see. i wonder how many times a week should I do this? im 44, brisk walk for an hour and today i added this. please advise

  • Easily one of my favorite workout videos on YouTube (trust me, I’ve done a lot and I only stick to this one). It’s not hard which is great for beginners and those who don’t wanna push their bodies to the limit.

  • I enjoyed this workout alot. I haven’t worked out in like 4-5 years. Ive always been skinny about 120-125 lb. And wanted to gain a bit more weight to start my work outs. I am now at 138-140 lb. And ive finally decided this week to start working out again. Want to push for my goals and not give up on myself. Keep pushing man and thanks ��. Ill post up my before an after pics in a few month. Thanks again

  • Hello I have a question. So during the workout on 6:17 I have pretty bad jaw strain. I have to do a little worse neck posture to not hurt my jaw. I’m just curious if anybody else is having this, or how I could reduce the strain.

  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort in providing these videos I appreciate your content more than I can say, your instruction and guidance have helped to make me stronger over the last 3 years. Thank you again, you are both inspirational xxx

  • Ever since I’ve been doing your weights workouts my body has shaped so beautifully like never before, I feel amazing! thank you MadFit!

  • I tried many of these videos, especially with the pandemic going on and gyms closed. I found as of yet this is the best one. After I did it the next day I felt every single muscle he targets. The reason I say it’s the best is the design of the way he set up the different exercises. Other ones tend to target the same area to soon after another, but he spaces them out perfectly.

  • does this work with in the tummy? to have a abs? and im using 5lb only and im 14 rn is it okay? someone want to reccomend me how much lb should i lift?

    (sorry for my grammar)

  • Right so I took a week break now I’m back on day but its day 76, new plan I will wake up at 7 and do it in the morning then start my day and then I’ll do it at half 7 in the afternoon too do twice a day

  • I got my new weights yesterday. Up until now, I have been using peanut butter and applesauce jars. 😉 I am loving every minute….well, maybe some minutes more than others.:-) Thank you.

  • This was my first workout with you and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much Maddie! I’ve subscribed and I can’t wait to check out your other videos.:)

  • 10/7/20. Day one workout done. Will try this at least one session per day. I started my diet 3 weeks ago. Feeling better. Will update again

  • This is extremely legit guys, I hav done this workout circuit for 2 months and can see my muscles developing so fast. Major health sites say that one should do 2-3 reps of a workout for 15-20 mins, and this provides it..just blindly follow this and see the results, amazing!

  • Enjoy this workout? Pick up 5 FREE Dumbbell workouts just like it emailed over to you right here https://homeworkout.club/5freedumbellworkouts/ A new home dumbbell workout for each day of the week ����

    �� https://homeworkout.club/shredinfo   If you would like more info on our Brand New ‘Zeus 6 Week Shred’ structured Program that can be done from home, check it out right here ��    

    Guys I also noticed a lot of you are watching or doing the workouts and absolutely loving them and getting fantastic results, which is amazing. But a lot of you are also forgetting to subscribe. So make sure before you jump off, to quickly hit that ✅Subscribe button✅ and turn on the notification bell�� so you never miss a workout again:-)

    And if you want to be a superstar and drop us a like of on the video��, its always much appreciated by me:-)

    *Just to answer a few commonly asked questions on this youtube video I was using 8k weights only in this workout. This type of workout doesn’t need crazy weight, especially if you’re just getting started.Beauty is if you need to push yourself a little harder you can simply up the weight over time
    *Again depending on the weight you’re using, I would recommend doing this workout every other day, or 4 times a week. If you’re going heavier, a break in between would be recommended to give the muscles used a little time to rest and recover.

  • Hi!! Any suggestions which weight to start with? I have been using 10 lbs for biceps, but starting to get too light. I want to sculpt a bit. Thx!!! New subscriber from Alaska ��

  • Me: mom, i had a lot of change by doing this for 30 days
    Mom: what change??
    Me: nothing much….just broke my elbow bone and lower back
    Mom:����(THUG LYF)…

  • Hi Maddie, please can you do some more wrist friendly workouts. Many of your exercises involve wrists and I find it hard to find an alternative exercise to do…

  • I’m fifteen and 220 lbs hoping to shape my body from a meatball to something nicer you’ve gained a new sub and I hope to tell you my progress in other vids

  • This is exactly what I’ve been searching for since quarantine! Straight-forward, great instruction, challenging, no unneccessary “chatting”, no DOGS.. just a good solid workout. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this…I don’t know why I chose your dumbbell workout out of all that were offered here on YT but it looks easy enough for one to build base on/with…. I’m gonna try this as of 01/07/2020 and will revert with results on 01/08/2020…I wanna incorporate it into my running,cycling,golf and skipping session so I build a better defined upper body…just a quick Advice from you or anyone who’s a bodybuilder,I see you’re using lightweights,to be quiet honest,it looks like they’re not doing their job since they are of a lighter weight,I’ve heard before that when you start with lifting weights,it’s always advisable to start very light and work yourself up gradually, now I have stackable Dumbbells,should I start doing less reps with heavier weights or do more reps with Lighter weights…your response will be greatly appreciated.��✌������

  • Great video I was an avid gym goer before lockdown but have struggled with motivation to do anything for the first time ever. 3 months of being lazy and this video has been great. Thanks for workout ��️‍♀️ ��

  • lol… first workout in I’m thinking no way this is for beginners… what beginner can even do 10 pushups? Let alone 20 with weights and rows in between… and thats only the start of the workout… what

  • I’m loving this. I have 2kg dumbbells and no strength whatsoever. I’m working up a sweat finding it very effective. It’s very enjoyable thank you

  • PLEASE make your own fitness program…literally almost died on this one…I do your workouts almost every night. Just from doing 20 minutes a day, I have lost 3 pounds.

  • I haven’t worked out in 2 years and have been kinda lazy sense and this workout completely killed me it’s was a great way to get back in

  • 14 August 2020
    Bali island calling to all of Hasfit Tribes
    this one is a awesome work out, big thanks coach Kozak & supermom Claudia

    warmest regards,

    senior men otw to 70’s

  • Yes, please more of this style of workout. I appreciate the more careful and deliberate pace of this workout, which allows me to properly focus on form. Many online workouts I have seen are very fast-paced and it becomes difficult to keep up with the instructor without sacrificing good form.

  • I’ve been doing this every other day. Does anyone have recommendations for something to do on the off days? I know muscles need to rest but I am usually feeling energized enough to want to keep doing something. Trying to build muscle. Thanks!

  • Awesome workout, really loved the building up of reps that was challenging and I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. Only feedback was to lessen the echo and perhaps adjust the volume.

  • Thanks a lot Grant. I’ve been doing these for a little over 2 months now and it’s been amazing. I have to take a break in between sets and even between exercises though. The goal is to complete them without a break, like you do. Thanks

  • Excellent workout even though I had difficulty doing a couple of exercises using correct form. I love the variety of exercises and how you specify which body parts you are working on. I would find it helpful if you tell us when we should be inhaling and exhaling so I can correctly align my breathing. And you are in amazing shape. Keep it up so you will be strong, flexible and have good stamina and balance when you are older. I am 76 and most folks my age and even in their 60’s are overweight and out of shape, which causes or exacerbates so many health issues. Thanks for helping me to keep moving since my gym closed.

  • I loved this full-body workout. Even though I took a rest day I was still a teeny bit sore but I was craving a workout, and this was a perfect length and balance as to not push my muscles too hard.

  • I love your full body strength workout sessions, and love working along with you. Can you please make a full body workout video with resistance bands?

  • New to your channel and man am I glad I found you! Getting so bored with my routine. Loving the weights. Keep it coming! I also caught the celcius reference…..are you Canadian? Hi from PEI!

  • Happy Saturday! ❤️ Hope you guys enjoyed this 20 min full body workout! Would you like to see more of this style? Let me know down below! XxMaddie

  • Excercise list –
    1. Pushup rows
    2. Goblet squat
    3. Russian twist
    4. Clean press
    5. Lunges
    6. Rear delt flies
    7. Dumbbell curls
    8. Tricep kickbacks
    9. Handstand pushups

  • Love how much back was incorporated in this! Thank you for the suuuper sweaty workout! I always feel so good and confident when I’m done with your videos

  • Greeting from Bali isle, Indonesia
    Great workout, Great Coack Kozak, Great SuperMom Claudia,….. buuu yaaa

    warmest regards,

    senior men, otw 70”, everyday workout is Awesome

  • Great workout. The stretching at the end helped me loosen up my back muscles, which were tight from too much sitting due to the shut down. Thanks Claudia & Coach

  • Your workouts are super amazing….thanks for helping us out…during these times,working out at home with you helps me smash my workout goals.
    Also you both are a great team��

  • greeting from Bali isle, Indonesia.
    it is all Great workout.
    All the best for Great HasFit Tribes around the Globe
    warmest regards,
    senior men, otw to 70’s, 60-90 minutes HasFit workout, 6 times/weeks

  • This is one the best workouts I have seen on YouTube. Very nicely balanced types of exercises. �� Would love to see more of these!

  • For the next three months, I’ll be doing this along with a combination of cardio and healthy eating.

    I’ll be back with my results. I stand 6’9 and a little overweight. My goal is to hit 275lbs with lean muscle.

    Will see you in September.

    *Edited: subscribed a while back but now on a super goal to lead and be healthy. I have a story to tell and I hope to be a blessing and an inspiration to everyone that watches me.


  • This was really awesome to do �� I did cardio training for weight loss for 6 months and dropped 20lbs. Now I’m looking into toning and weight lifting and this was a great starter. I’m proud of myself for completing it and broke out into a good sweat!

  • Great workout besides the hand stand,not that many people can do that so God bless you. I will definitely do this workout again because it helped me to get in some great exercises movement being that the gyms are still closed

  • too late to go to the gym so I found this workout today and liked it just as the other 2 arm workout and total body workout I’ve been doing lately. Thank you Hasfit

  • Thank you Claudia and Coach Kozak (sp?). Your workouts have been my Godsend during the pandemic for my peace of mind and as a great counter to all my stress eating. I will slowly be returning to work (two days a week to start), but I will be sure to include you two in my daily routine, as I have been for the past 3 months. I appreciate your exceptional knowledge, concern for safety and constant motivation. Although a lifelong athlete, I am increasing my fitness now at 56. I have also increased my bone density and lowered my blood pressure. I was going to give up running Tough Mudders with my man-sons, but I feel more than ready for when we finally get back to full public events.

  • I love this workout! i sometimes have to take a 5-10 min break at the half way point cause i struggle with vitamin D deficiency which mainly effects my elbows and knees. But ive noticed that since ive been working out and slowly loosing weight i dont struggle as much as i used to because my joints are carrying less body weight.

  • Grateful that I found you guys! I am 65 years old and recently lost my Dad. Your workouts definitely have been helping me through the grieving process. I have never felt more toned and fit! You rock! Thank you for being a blessing in my life!

  • Massive help for me thank you.

    Been out of training for months from injury and COVID-19 limitations.
    Been starting heavy and working my way lighter as I struggle. Gives me motivation to do it day after day.

  • By far one of my FAVE HASFIT workouts!!!����‍♀️
    I’m 38, but your workouts are making me feel like I’m 28. Allowing me to lose fat but keeping mass by gaining lean muscle.

  • Wow. This workout though it looks simple the progressive overload and combination of exercises winded me. Absolutely love this video!����

  • Hello I have being doing the exercises in the video for a month and now they seem easy when I do them. Witch video do you recommend me to do after this. I’m a girl

  • I love how real you guys are—from coach wanting to take a nap to claudia’s face during some of the harder exercises. You guys are not machines who want us to exercise until we puke. I love the workouts and your mission! Thank you for these videos!

  • In these days of the Corona lockdown, your site has been a god send. Your workouts are so varied and effective and you are very motivating. Thank you!

  • I had to come back and make sure I liked this workout, which I did. I love this workout, I always struggle getting through the abs part but I push through just to get to the page turner during cool down. I love love love that page turner. Thank you so much for that!

  • Hasfit, I wish you would redo this workout exactly as it is in your new professional style. I feel like all the essentials are in this one and I didn’t find one on your channel yet that is similar to this.

  • You guys are amazing! I could finish this one though lol �� I got a bad cramp
    In my foot so I’m going to pace myself next time I’m finishing the whole 45 minutes ❤️

  • It was great! The only thing I nit picked is the tricep extension with leg lifts. Since that’s an ab exercise, you’re supposed to inhale for muscle contraction at the high point, not exhale, if you exhale it’s less effective. I would try to find an easier way. I just did the opposite directions but there are other ways to modify it.

  • I consider myself an allround well-trained person, I have been doing weight training for about 20 years now. This workout was good, however, the emphasis on the front of the shoulders was not proportionate. I have had sore shoulders for 3 days after this workout. This had nothing to do with my choice of weights, but with the series of exercises back-to-back that put a lot of strain on the shoulders. So, if you have shoulder issues, be careful with this workout.

  • This was excellent, however, I got to into it and burnt my post workout meal. Minus one point for that, but will definitely go at it again.

  • Great workout to get back into the swing of things after the holiday and extra work hours. Love working out with Coach and Claudia!

  • Love it love it thank you so much! The stretching is a surprise! Love you two taking time to give us time to stretch together! Thank you!

  • Today’s Mission accomplished. I m so lucky to find you guys in youtube. These excercise perfectly fit to my style of workout.
    Thank you so much for the vedios.

  • Hi Coach and Claudia! I loved this workout, it was perfect for me today! Challenging, but not too over the top. I challenged myself by upping my weights on a few of the exercises. I am feeling a nice after-burn, especially in the upper body where I really need to build strength.
    Thank you for all of the outstanding workouts you provide for the “tribe”. I love working out with you guys, and the rest of the community. It feels like working out with friends ����

  • Excellent workout!! Can’t believe that was 48 mins. Feel totally energized. Do you guys have a routine with resistance bands??

  • I really enjoyed working with you both, this morning. Thank you for the motivation ������ Locked indoors currently in China with the Corona virus. Working out like this just made my morning. Blessings ❤️

  • Excellent workout. In the notes you state “For those asking, Dumbbell weight used for this workout demo 8kg. Beauty is you can push yourself harder by added a little weight each time “. Is that 4kg each side, making 8kg total OR 4kg each side, making 16kg total?

  • I could only do the first two times the 20 would have killed me but today is my first day of 30 days of doing this. I hope I can get through it all throughout these 30 days

  • Finally got my weights in the mail and couldn’t wait to try them. This is that extra workout I needed. Thank you for your videos they are all amaaazing!

  • thumbs up to those who can complete all three sets.after two i feel like enough internet for me today..however will aim to complete the full 20 minutes after a couple weeks practice.. its a great and easy home work out and i an confident it will give results.

  • You are so amazing! I really like doing your workouts when my gym is closed due to Covid 19. Thanks a lot for all your great work.

  • Great, effective workout! Was struggling to make the 20 reps at the end! Had to break it up into 10 n 10! I will be doing this again! Love the challenge

  • I love your videos! I bought a tank top the other day…can’t wait to get it! This workout is exactly as described…whole body…my whole body is feeling that fantastic achiness today! Great workout except for the one where your in the plank position and you bring the dumbbell under you…that one kicks my butt!! ��

    I’ve been following your exercise routines for my workouts and a guy on Instagram for the dietary stuff…between the two I’ve lost 20lbs in 6 weeks! I know for sure I’ve lost more inches than I see on the scale. I’m going to do this!

  • I just happened upon this workout whilst looking for another one of yours, crikey O’Reilly what a killer,only just managed it, although maybe a bit of correct form was lost on last couple of curls right at the end ��

  • Your workouts are super fun and I appreciate you taking the time to create all this content! Please continue to provide a list of workouts that can be paired together. You have a lot of videos and sometimes I find myself spending a lot of time picking and choosing which workout to do (I want to do all of them) <3 thank you!

  • I thought that I couldn’t do the whole 40 minutes but I did it thanks to your encouragement(is that even a word?), thank you so much, i’m a 17 year old girl trying to get in shape:)

  • I was literally thinking “ugh this sucks without AC” and then you said you didn’t have AC either! haha that excuse is invalid I guess

  • Really appreciate this workout! I am fifty-one, with lower back issues caused from a birth defect that seem to have gotten worse the older that I get and that has slowed me down as far as working out goes, so I started out today with five pound dumbbells and that was enough for me. I use to work out to maintain my weight and of course for appearance sake, but my goal now is to keep my body strong and healthy. I liked that this was a full body workout. Thank you again!

  • This man could have worked out with much higher weight. The fact that he didn’t so that beginners would feel encouraged instead of daunted or shamed says a lot about where his heart is. Excellent video!

  • Just found you guys and subscribed. I do traditional weight lifting at home and a lot of cardio outside (biking, running, swimming) but it’s great to find a channel that can keep me company in my home gym with a lot of cool new exercises I can add to my regular routine. I switch out weight exercises every 8 weeks, so I’ll definitely be adding some of these in my next change out. You’re both engaging, kind and gentle to listen to while I’m working out alone. Thanks so much for what you do!!!

  • Zeus I have doing 3 days in week, and ı have doing split pro. You are great man, 1 month later I will change the pro and I follow you everytime.

  • I doubt I’ll get a reply, but I have a question about the full body workouts. Are you supposed to not do it again for a few days? Isnt that why most people who workout split their days up into different muscles so they can continue workout out while that other muscle group rests? How often are you supposed to do a full body workout?>

  • I just want to let you both know what a godsend you are at this time. You have kept me so motivated during this shut down. Thanks for all you do!

  • I tried every single diet on the internet and even if I managed to lose few pounds of fat, they would get back as soon as I’m done with diet. I realised that meal plan from NextLevelDiet is the only diet I could follow forever. It’s really sustainable and easy to follow.

  • You guys are a total blessing!!! Idk how I came across your page but from day one I’ve been in love. When I stopped working to start a lawn care business I had to cut down on expenses like a gym membership. I didn’t know what I was going to do bc trying to workout at home when I’d rather be doing anything else was so hard. But you guys kept me motivated and engaged. I want to thank you guys for being so amazing. I am so grateful I found you guys. I tell EVERYONE about you guys!! And yes I have the app!!!

  • Ads are in this video today…weren’t there last week…really frustrating to have to pause in the middle of a workout to skip them ��

  • So good. I feel #swole now! I started out with 25lb dumb bells, then 15lb kettlebells, and 10lb kettlebells. Had to improvise since I don’t have lighter dumbbells. Thanks for this one.

  • Wow! Another great nowhere-to-hide workout! ;o) Much thanks! You two champs have been a lockdown-lifesaver! Looking forward to receiving my HASfit tank-top tomorrow!

  • Wow!!!! I totally LOVE these wrk out routines!!!!
    So awesome!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Great workout! I was able to push each side to 15 and still continue the workout as normal. My aim would be to get to 20 without cutting corners.

  • Okay so I am 17 years old and I weigh 132-lb skin in bones this is my first day trying this video I will update after 2 months see if I gain weight or not

  • You two are a freakin’ delight! Love the supersets hitting all the majors. Instant fan, can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks!

  • Having cancelled my gym membership I was looking for some new home workouts to help me tone up in between doing step aerobics. I did this workout today O.M.G I may of swore more than once throughout this �� my arms were shaking by the end….more of the same tomorrow thank you ������

  • Another great workout! I feel so much better after working out with you all. Thanks for the pep talks throughout! Keeps me motivated!:)

  • Love you guys! I just started working out with you guys and look forward to each workout I do with you. Your warm ups and cool downs are awesome perfect mobility thing going on. The meat of your workout speaks for its self I’m sweating!

  • I started doing this routine today, after 1 set i was DONE, it’s so sad/incredible how poorly in shape i am. I’ll continue and hopefully one day i’ll be able to do more than one set, thank you for the routine.

  • Another great workout! Just burned 397 calories and felt so much better and energized after. Thanks again Coach Kozak and Claudia. You guys are so inspiring! You two will always be my favorite fitness coaches.

  • This is definitely one of my favorite workouts! Very balanced, great to get a lil burn all over the body. Like to combine it with running. More workouts with weights please!��

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