What’s Your Fit Workout Core and Stability Training 45 15


15 Minute Pilates Core Workout | Good Moves | Well+Good

Video taken from the channel: Well+Good


15-Minute Core Strengthening Workout

Video taken from the channel: Live Sonima


15-MInute Core Workout to Transform Your Body | Class FitSugar

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Fitness Blender 15 Minute Abs Workout At Home Core Training without Equipment

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15 MUST-DO Bosu Ball Core Exercises (For STRONG RIPPED Six Pack Abs)

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15 MIN TOTAL CORE/AB WORKOUT (At Home No Equipment)

Video taken from the channel: MadFit


15 min FLAT BELLY & STRONG CORE (Ballet Abs Workout)

Video taken from the channel: MadFit

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List of related literature:

Leger et al. (131) 30 untrained Within-subject design in 12 weeks Yes Ultrasound young men which subjects performed (quadriceps, the unilateral arm curl and elbow flexors) leg press in one limb with 20% of 1RM to failure; the other limb was randomly assigned to perform the exercise with either 40%, 60%, or 80% of 1RM.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
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mm Frequency Duration 3–4 x/day ROM 10 min ROM (passive, 0 –135 ) Patellar mobilization Hamstring, gastrocnemius-soleus stretches 5 reps x 30 sec 3 x/day Strengthening 15 min Straight leg raises (flexion, abduction, adduction) 3 sets x 10 reps

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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hope you guys enjoyed this ballet inspired workout!! Would you like to see more of these styles? Let me know! See you tomorrow ❤️ XxMaddie

  • My abs used to have cramps while doing these exercises before but my back hurts like anything these days and I can’t do it properly. Is it normal?

  • This workout is definitely my fav! I mean it’s sweaty enough yet feels new. I was sorta tired of repeating the same exercises, you know. What’s more, your videos are always kinda calming, lol? You don’t feel stressed because of constant talking and things like “It’s veryveryvery hard, but you’ll manage your pain, won’t you?”. Thanks again for letting just listen to music yet giving clear instructions. Love yah!

  • I do this while during quarantaine. And its hot out here. So i dont do a lot of things these days but this keeps up my health ��������❤❤❤��

  • Hi Anna I am 245lbs and 5 foot 11 use to be 6 foot 2 and 215. I also had a baby 1 year ago and really need to loose my flabby stomach! Any suggestions? I use this workout and the tone and ab workout 15 mins with weights… Thank you so much! The balance part is kicking my ass and im sweating terribly!! Woot!

  • Hey Anna! I love your workout they are so good to do as we can easily burn calories at home.
    But Anna I’m new here can you please suggest me a good workout for fitness?

  • Thanks for this workout I am 13 and I now started dancing I want to be professional so this is do much helpful thanks for that video��

  • Love your workouts; easy to follow and clear and simple instructions. I do have a small suggestion tho’. Please keep the commentary a bit short; gets very distracting with continuous instructions for easy and hard effort for e.g.

  • I’ve finished both sets today for the first time! I still find the bycicle one quite hard, but that’s my next goal. I’m over the moon!

  • All i could say to myself: stop being intimidated
    I’m fat…. �� and i tried your workout… I hope for the best to all people like me ��

  • Maddie,

    I just wanted to say I am a dancer and I have been working on getting abs ever since I could remember and NO results. I have been doing 3 of your ab work out videos 5 times a day for 3 weeks and Im FINALLY starting to see a six pack start to form!!! I am so grateful for your videos I don’t think anyone motivates me as much as you do! Thanks to you i’m more happier with where my body is! STAY BEING AMAZING BABE!! <3

    P.S.To anyone watching these video in hopes of working on themselves!! It definitely takes some dedication, but I believe in you and you can do this!!

  • I was skeptic about Next Level Diet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight.

  • wtf this burnt my belly so much and sometimes I had to stop for some seconds. Anyway I am in love with you and you look like Stella from winxs

  • Great workout! One tiny thing though: could you make the countdown noise a tiny bit louder? It’s difficult to look at the screen in some of these positions and I can barely hear when a set is over or begins

  • Ofcourse you’ll need to do it a couple of dozen times to have any effect, so more like the 6 hour workout. Not so appealing now eh?

  • Good workout but not as intense as some of her other ab workouts. It’s fun to try some new exercises but be warned, some of them are a bit difficult to do if you’re not as flexible as a ballet dancer lol

  • Not gonna lie, I just came to the comment section to feel better about myself for having done Ballet and these being the only workouts that don’t suck the life out of me

  • holy shit this is by far one of the most difficult ab workouts i’ve ever done. I’ve been looking for harder ab workouts and i think i found just the one!!

  • You and your videos helped me tremendously over quarantine. Wouldn’t have been able to lost 30 pounds if it weren’t for finding your awesome workouts.

  • Thank you, Maddie. Oh my goodness this got my heart rate up and sweating pretty good. I’ll try it again to improve my form, strength and flexibility. ❤

  • DAY 1-Could do only like 30 seconds per workout, had to take a bunch of breaks
    DAY 2Could do the full minute only for the first set, for the second set only like 30 seconds. SUPER SOREEEE
    DAY 3-Could to almost the full minute on both sets, kinda sore but was easier to do the exercises
    DAY 4-Wasn’t feeling very motivated, only did one set:(

  • hello anna i love all your videos!, is any special video, that can you recomend to me,to lose the belly, i have been doing so diferent vdeos, but i have not seen any result yet?

  • Stop wasting your time on calculating every single calorie. Visit NextLevelDiet and check your calorie intake for FREE. You can choose any kinds of fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats and get personalized meal plan which contains only food you like.

  • First step think twice before you do this work out ����
    Second step make sure you have high pain tolerance ��
    Third step make sure you’re still breathing ��
    And final step make sure your body survive for another workout ��

  • this does get easier as i continue to do it! i really enjoyed the 15 minutes even tho there were no breaks. would love more of these!

  • Omg I thought I clicked on a Pamela rf video from the thumbnail and wondered why people were talking about Madfit

    It’s cool though, I found what I needed

  • Love Pop Sugar workouts. Suggestion on this one: it would be a good idea to keep the count of exercises more. Especially the ones that are done with our faces down. One of the many instances was during the first spider crunch. I would wait to hear the switch but it never cam until I realized I had missed many repetitions. Of course, I rewinded the clip but it slowed the flow. I still love Pop Sugar.

  • You really pushed me on this one! Next time I’m going to do this before my run. Thank you for posting workout and explaining thing I might be doing wrong. Your 10-15 minute workouts are so easy to fit into crazy mom schedule! ������

  • Will consistently doing this video help with my number of sit ups I preform? I don’t have a bar or anyone to help me with sit ups on a regular basis, so I need to do other an related exercise to build my core. Any consideration appreciated! Thanks!

  • Hey everyone I would just like to say thank you to this workout I’ve been doing this video for about 5 months now since the beginning of quarantine 3 days a week and I went from being slightly overweight in my stomach to inane abs I’ve also been working out hard on my other days at the gym for other muscle groups and this as my core day and I’ve lost tons of body fat and have great abs now, the different exercises keeps it fresh for 15 min and I listen to music to hype and distract me as I do it, would recommend this 10/10

  • I Personally did that workout 2weeks without stopping a day and i got shocking results of my belly plus feeling energetic and positive all.the time
    Love you ❤️

  • Im so weak. I get tired very easy cause i dont normally do work outs, but the first one is likeit has many steps lets put it that way.

    Did anybody else do this on their bed cause they were to lazy to get a yoga matt and lay on the floor?
    Cause same-

  • Hi Maddie, I’ve been trying to do this ab workout daily, and I’m starting to hear a lot of hip cracking sounds. How do you prevent that?

  • I cant find many workouts I can do because of all the weight on my wrists and lower arms, having to do positions where you are supporting yourself with your arms. This kills my wrists and lower arms so that I cannot even finish the workout or do much of it at all.:-(

    Here’s my story, I tried Chloe Ting together with Hanna Milly’s workout and got an awesome result at my back after 5 days! (I posted a video on it on my channel, you can check it out. It’s my very first video) Though I stopped working out after 2 months because I noticed my period haven’t came on. Also, I only saw a bit change on my tummy area. 4 days ago, I decided to get back on track again after months and months of lacking of. I thought of trying this video instead, and y’all after 3x of doing it, I woke up this morning feeling so happy! I skipped a day because I was feeling sore. I swear on this workout. I totally noticed a difference on my belly. I’m also doing this with “getfitbyivana” booty workout. I challenge y’all to start trying this. It’s definitely worth it. I’ll update you all when I finally get that flat tummy and how many days/months I achieved it. Goodluck:)

  • Excellent Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried Chireetler Exclusive Workouts Rule (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind product for learning how to burn fat fast using a unique super hero method minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin finally got amazing results with it.

  • I love how you alternated the standard flexion exercises with a nice variety of trunk extension stuff! I found my new favorite… thanks for all the great content!!

  • I always wanted to do ballet when I was younger, this was so much fun and it didn’t hurt my back like other ab work outs. Please do another ballet inspired workout <3

  • Wow. So glad I found this guy. I miss my classes so much now and nothing replaces it however, this is just as difficult core-wise as my classes. And goes by quick which I LOvE LOVE LOVE

  • So what they mean by 15 minute abs workout is 15 minutes of me lying on the floor in agony because I can’t be bothered to bring my mat upstairs…

  • I see the description of the exercises but I can’t find suggested reps. How many of each exercise should we be doing & are they meant to (all) be done together in one workout?

  • Thanks to this vid,I’ve always wondered how I could make use of this thing at gym,I know I’m gonna make a mockery of myself at first while learning all these workout exercises but just like your Hip and Glute exercises that I learnt from watching your videos,within a month of practice I know I will get the hang of it and get my core in a better shape.
    Thanks Coach.

  • Man, those are nice shoes. What are they? I’d like them!
    Anyhow, as a beginner, how often do I do ab/core work, and how many of these exercises? I realize you dont do all of these in one workout, so how would you break it down?

  • Dang! That’s a goal.to accomplish. When, not if, I can accomplish this series at the gym I may have to create a gym challenge! Woop!! Haha. I am going to try. It will take a little time. I love these type of workouts for the core! Thank you!

  • I’ve been overweight for most of my life, but recently lost a few pounds just by virtue of trying to be healthy. It’s made me realize that my “feeling normal” is feeling like absolute garbage. It’s now become my mission to reclaim my body and get down to a healthy weight for my age/height!

  • I’m 15 and I know this sucks hating my body since such a much younger age and still don’t like it but when I found your work out videos yours seemed more motivational and I felt like that’s what I need and I enjoy this and I’ve been trying to be consistent thanks a million

  • I know you intertwined the explanation with a proper one but ‘tuck your bum in’ in such a dog shit description of what actually needs to be done. Really wished ppl would stop using it.

  • Ok, so i used to do this like 2 or 3 years ago, i lost 7 pounds in a month, but i also wasn’t dieting. This time i’m doing this and a inner thigh workout (and eating healthy). I will do each exercise every day for 2 months. I will share results in 2 months!:D

  • could someone tell me if this is effective to lose weight especially on my belly or if there are some videos on youtube which are even more effective than this one. thanks in advance

  • I love all your videos but I think this is my favorite ab one so far! I don’t know if it’s because I also have a strong ballet background so it just speaks to me or what but its great! Thank you for your videos!!

  • Love the balet inspired, I have now incorporated this way of hold into all my other workouts and it most definitely helped me with my posture and a general hold of my body ☺

  • i find this workout to be better to than the chloe ting ab ones because i have ✨0✨ upper body strength and chloe had me in the plank for every other exercise so i ended up not even doing them properly. this workout actively engages my core better in my opinion. no hate to chloe… i still love her and her workout videos ❤️

  • My core is extremely hard for me to workout. Is it normal to experience chest pain when tensing these muscles? Is there a way to fix that?

  • this routine is excellent!!! thank you so much. (would love to see a lower back routine just like this…glutes, lower back, lower front core, hip rotators, ab(d)ductors, etc)

  • Great video. I got the Bosu ball and I love it. I just order the 2 pods and the 8 lbs bar. They are awesome now that I can not go to the gym. Thank you so much

  • I love that you let us know the difficult vs easy way of doing each set so one doesn’t over exert their body. It also helps me see my progress because some of these I used to do the easier ones and now I’m challenging myself as I have progressed with time

  • I like her better than chloe ting because she doesnt show her stomach close up in every thumbnail and she also doesnt use toxic vocabulary in her titles!

  • “That went by pretty quick” i was pretty much done half way through the video and I was exhausted by the end lol. I’m proud I made it though. Great work out!

  • Thanks very much went till the end. Found it a little bit easier than i thought.
    What a great achievement to start the day with you.
    Thanks and keep it up.

  • My teacher suggest me to follow this channel,
    Sir I have One question,
    Can I do this exercise morning and evening,

    Is one time enough or not?

  • Hi, I am quit slender, at 5’6″ and 125 lbs and am a first time mom for six months now. I really want to gain some weight and muscle. I have lost to much for my build, I want to look flourishing and strong. what would be the best way to achieve this? without losing weight?

  • I had two babies and now I weight about 68 kg. And I moslty gain from my stomach to my thigh. These parts get really big and fatty. Plz help I have breathing problems because of unhealthy routine.

  • This workout is not great. It’s not motivating, crushes any desire to workout. It’s just not engaging and the dude is really annoying. It would be a million times better if the woman was narrating while doing the workout.

  • I still genuinely wanna thank you for this ab routine. I’ve been looking for an ab workout that would give my abs a good burn, and this one really did it for me. Emi Wong and Chloe Ting are great as well, but their ab workouts just didn’t make the cut. This one really did. Thanks again

  • Came across your channel a little while ago when I looked up kickboxing exercises and found one video with Kelly (?) And now I am glad I found a simple and enjoyable way to help me drop some weight off:). I plan on using some videos here to help me reach my desired goal:)

  • Good channel for workouts, but I wouldn’t recommend this particular video for anyone who is in intermediate or advanced shape. Didn’t feel the burn.

  • Love this complete core workout��. I frequently go back to it as it hits all areas, upper, lower, obliques, and posterior muscles. Quick but effective! ����❤����

  • In full body extension (last exercise), what do I do if my back comes off the floor as soon as I move any bit out of the 90 degree angle?

  • Second day here and I feel sick. Muscles are sore where I thought they were nonexistent. God I hope I’m able to complete the whole thing someday

  • I can’t for the life of me complete any core/ab workout because I get a lot of pain on my lower back. Is this normal in the beginning or am I just too weak for this?

  • i’ve been getting over a ED and i’ve been very weak and your workout was the first workout i’ve able to accomplish in a while. and it was fun for me because i love ballet. i wanted to say thank you.

  • This was really great! Even though this was a core workout I still felt it in a lot of other places as well. To me that’s what the best workouts do 😉

  • Does anyone feel pain in their lower back when doing some of these exercises? Are my abs too weak? Should I just keep trying and hope that my abs start doing most of the work rather than my back? What have yall done to fix back pain when doing ab exercises? Thanks

  • Amongst the very BEST exercise videos on YouTube. Wish you had a numbering system for your videos, so one could find your favorite one with ease.

  • not as good as the other fitness blender videos! the instructor gives important tips at the end of each exercise. For example, right few seconds before the end of an exercise, he says, “if you think this is too easy for you do this for a harder version!” so are we expected to go back and do it again? Also, it is not clear if the calories we burn are for the easier version the instructor is playing or for the harder one?

  • Great workout, but it feels like a torture at some point, I like to enjoy workouts not to suffer, I guess I need to get to this level in order to be able to do it non stopping and
    not need to rest at least 3 times during the workout.

  • Really appreciate that you repeat the whole set again. Besides my abs crying, I have a chance at redemption for my sloppy first set.

  • I’ve been doing this routine for 6 months straight. I don’t know the hold times or reps to perform. I just do longer times per each movement increasing each week. I do it twice per week? your numbers seem to equate to minimal times of contractions from $1 seconds on Plank to 11 seconds for side knee raises? Is that the gist not long 30 to 1.5 minute singular movements?

  • Okay so i was starting to find “easy” Chloe ting abs workout so i decided to try this video and i felt like the first day with Chloe. Anyway i felt my abs burning so i loved this workout:))

  • This was great! I loved the challenge. But, then again, I have enjoyed many of your workouts. They may be short, but they are effective!

  • This was the first of Madfits videos that I did, over 3 months ago at the start of covid. I can’t believe where I’ve come on my fitness journey since. Thank you so much for all you do ��

  • Anna, you are such an inspiration!! I follow your videos everyday and made many changes to my diet. I lost 30 pounds. I still do these everyday because I’m never done with this journey. Thank you for the motivation for the past year ��

  • Where to start. I am so thankful for your workouts!!! My gym has been closed since the end of March and it’s almost August… still closed. You break up everything so well. Abs arms and lower body….perfect! Honestly you are helping me get back to strength training….it was missing as I play competitive tennis or did, 4 days per week. Thank you so much. You are truly amazing.��������

  • Ooof this was quite a jump from the other Live Sonima videos I’ve been doing very fast and requires you to be pretty fit already.

  • Why is it so hard to lose calories while it is so easy gain calories? If you wanna lose calories you gained by eating a banana you have to do this exercise wtf

  • Thank you for your brilliant workouts!!By the way this beautifull girl has the most agile body I have see,she is so balanced and smooth in her movements,I am sure that she do pete wourkouts many years.What an example to follow!!!!

  • Great workout and best tip ever, heavy head in the hands, makes so much sense! I always used to get neck pain because of strain. Thank you!!

  • 1.Toe tap x 20
    2.Curl up x 10
    3.Curl up + toe tap x 10
    4.Oblique curl with leg lift Right x 10
    5.Leg extension Left x 10
    6. Leg circle Left x 10
    7.Oblique curl with leg lift Left x 10
    8. Leg extension Right x 10
    9. Leg circle Right x 10
    10. Hip dip Left x 10
    11. Pike twist Left x 10
    12. Hip dip Right x 10
    13. Pike twist Right x 10
    14. Knee pull Left x 5
    15. Knee pull Right x 5
    16. Slow mountain climber x 10

  • Really excellent, really got a workout in 15 min. Great at targeting obliques and easy to understand and works other muscles as well!

  • Well done. I love this video. I do HIIT workouts 3-4 times a week but I need to come back to doing pilates core to keep a mild scoliosis under control. I appreciate you uploading this and putting your time into it very much. I also appreciate your NORMAL sporty outfit vs. deep cleavage or not much clothes on. I just want to work out and do it with people who are morally healthy as well since I have smaller generation to think for around me at home:0) Thanks so much!

  • This was wonderfully done. Focusing on breathing and engaging the core really helped and Chloe did great demonstrating and explaining the routine.
    5/5 will painfully do again!

  • Chloe brilliant she’s just really intuitive just an amazing heart Brain wonderful person I miss her so much! I love East River Pilates I love love love