What’s Your Fit Workout Cardio Training Giant Set


LEG-DAY GIANT-SET Cardio Love this type of work!

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Ladder 2 Giant Sets CARDIO AND ABS

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Back Giant Sets | Bicep Giant Sets | Intermittent Cardio | Put In The Work

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Giant-Sets Cardio Without Doing Cardio

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Full Body Superset Workout | Scott Mathison

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Giant Sets & Shoulder Training | Seth Feroce

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List of related literature:

For a medium volume, a recommendation of 4–9 sets (each muscle group) should be used depending on the individual’s level (4 sets for a lower intermediate level and 6–9 for a higher intermediate level) and type of exercise selected (4–6 sets for major muscle groups and 8–9 sets for small muscle groups).

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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In a second session during the week, I do a mitochondrial workout with the same setup, but with four all-out thirty-second efforts and four-minute rest periods between them.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Two to four sets of eight to 12 repetitions at an intensity of 60–70% of the one-repetition maximum (1-RM) are proposed when aiming to improve muscular strength.

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Moreover, Børve et al. [18] showed that replacing part of high-intensity running intervals with training using the “standing double poling” exercise, 4 × 30 reps twice a week, improved well-trained skiers’ finishing abilities during a simulated race on a rollerski treadmill.

“Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training: Scientific Basics and Practical Applications” by Moritz Schumann, Bent R. Rønnestad
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The most recent ACSM recommendations for the quantity and quality of exercise to be achieved by adults includes a progressive resistance training component that provides a stimulus to all major muscle groups, with the plan to complete 10–15 repetitions of a set of 8–10 exercises, 2–3 days/ week [65].

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
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My main goal using it is to hit goal power during workouts.

“Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy” by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
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In higher-intensity resistance exercise [70–75% of one-repetition maximum (1-RM) or 10–12 repetitions to fatigue per set], 3–4 sets are proposed for individuals with impaired fasting glucose without other cardiovascular complications [147].

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Another combination for medium risk with medium benefit is increasing the volume and intensity to three to five sets per body part of 6 to 12 reps at 67 to 85 percent of 1RM.

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The ACSM recommends between one and three sets per exercise (7).

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One to three sets of each exercise should be completed, with one to two minutes of rest between sets and an intensity of 60 to 80 percent of 1RM for 8 to 12 repetitions per set.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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  • Thank you for mentioning Michalik, he would do giant sets but have like 4-6 exercises and do 10 sets of the rotation so thats 10 sets per exercise total, resting only after a set of each exercise has been completed so 4-6 sets then rest, then repeat 10 times. thats what he did, and he was not a high volume low intensity guy by any means, it was mega high intensity he and John Defendis could do 30 reps of 315 for a warmup on an incline bench. So the training truly is exceptionally hard. maximum blood flow is really only created by maximum reps in minimum time and that creates more blood flow. but to be honest even the low rep very high set training works, look at Pat Casey he was a powerlifter and would do dip and behind the neck press 5 rep maxes for 7 hours straight probably doing 100 sets for that exercise as a occasional shock to the muscle. he was the first to bench press 600lbs in history, so you can apply the ideas ROUGHLY to bodybuilding. Joe Weider didnt create it, and Steve was from new york, his name might sound very un-american but he was around the time Arnold was actually he was just a little younger. Steve Michalik basically did shitloads of pre exhaust via like 3-4 different pec isolations via dumbbells and cables and machines and then the other two exercises might be a compound like an incline bench or a dip. Milos likely uses enough insulin to where he can keep a pump for a 3 hour workout that is entirely possible. to reach the 6 hour a day thing he talked about thats usually because he does two a days, if you have calories high enough you should never have issues with recovery.

  • I lean forward a bite on my front raises, I find when I stand up straight my lower traps start to kick in and take some load off my delts. Leaning forward stretching my upper back takes that load away and puts it all on the front delts. First time I’ve seen someone else do this

  • Can anyone tell me what brand & possibly exact name of that should press combo machine he’s using?

    I’ve checked all main industrial brands & haven’t been able to locate this press/Lateral combo.

    Appreciate the help, thanks!

  • I’m at a small ass YMCA and I can still manage to do these “giant sets” even when the gym is full.

    Stop giving excuses, just get so big that people HAVE to let you use any machine you want.

  • I’ve been seeing this dude train at my gym for a couple months now, one day I heard him talking to someone & holy shit I was not expecting that voice on him.

  • I’m no Milo’s hater, but this is fucking retarded. Most of what he said is just made up non-sense that will not yield results for more most people. To be fair though, neither will training like Dorian.

  • Great video… I’ve been using dumbbells (10# & 15# ) Bcause of an accident that caused a loss of muscle in the right arm around the elbow area, I am only able to use 10# on that arm and 15# on the other. I am also unable (currently) to do chin ups or dips. Any suggestion(s) on how I can substitute the chin ups/dips for now? Thanks in advance!

  • Its obvious he’s not natty but frankly for someone on the cycle, he is looking pretty good tbh as far as that steroid huge look goes, he’s doing a good job

  • What is wrong with u guys! I dont find anything that bad about this video.. No deadlift and calves raise is maybe studip but the rest look good to me. The camera man? What is bad with is job can someone tell me?

  • Effective or not it’s just not practical or realistic.Im sure within Milo’s overall training and nutrition plan for a competitor it has its place but for most it just seems unnecessary..

  • This guy!!!! First time I’ve seen or listened to you and think got my first FUCKING man crush! �� just getting at and I’m 52! Results to come…. thank you! Heart and passion I can tell!!!

  • Thanks for watching! Check back often for more content from Bodybuilding.com

    Note to Subscribers: YouTube is having issues sending videos to your homepage. If you want to get notified when we upload a video, hit the “bell” �� icon above and you can get more regular phone or email notifications.

  • I saw one of his videos and tried his giant set for chest…. holy crap! I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t grow from it. Completely exhausting

  • I was at Koloseum Gym for the years Milos was training Hide, Dennis Wolf, and Johnnie Jackson. Some of the most enjoyable and proudest memories of my life are doing those giant sets for years in my early 20s alongside Milos and all those guys. I was and am completely drug free and I still did that shit 5 days a week. At the time I knew they were taking steroids but I did not know they were super loading insulin to push nutrients and glucose to muscles during the hellish giant set sessions. Those were good times living and learning at Koloseum Gym.

  • Yates style training, or nowadays DC or JP style, is as many warm up sets as needed. Not 1 or 2. I like 4-6 warmup sets myself before most heavy compounds. The risk of injury is equal to any other style of training

  • Milos almost 20 years ago, I used to work out at 4:30am at the old Powerhouse in Placentia, miss you guys and that environment. Some of the best days of my life. Remember my best friend interviewed you for the UCI newspaper. I still have that article.

  • Not sure if it’s just my connection but the voice is off with the mouth movement. Like an old kung fu movie lol. It also makes the fact his voice doesn’t fit his look even more funny

  • The only thing i want to know is: what gym is this? And where can i find a machine like that which lets you do presses and side raises like that?

  • I agree with that comment about the not having all the equipment available because the gym is to busy. Would be nice to see a 1 equipment workout that benefits me in the best way which I can do for awhile till next machine is available.

  • Wish the audio was better. Really was looking forward to watching this. Milos is already difficult to understand, and with crappy audio, you might as well not even listen to the episode.

  • Milos has one of the worst personalities in bodybuilding. Don’t let his interview here fool you. Try to hire him and watch him try to suck you clean of money. Read Nasser El Sonbaty’s interviews about him if you can’t afford to hire him and find out the truth. Despicable, immoral drug addict gold digger.

  • giant sets only work if you use steroids. It is impossible to recover from giant sets if you are not using steroids. Only for bodybuilders not for nerds

  • Everyone gets so excited when they hear Arnold Schwarzenegger does something, his body wasn’t that great, great for the time, but we learn better and got better. Don’t regress. One of Arnold Olympia wins he only beat 1 guy, so who cares what Arnold did. Melo guys don’t win either lol. Never. So keep doing Giant sets.

  • Why are people watching this guy….he is juiced to the gills….all you people who follow this guy are absolute losers….seeing 500k subs for this uninteresting drug pushing freak give me zero faith in humanity but also means I can make a ton of money because I realize fully that most people are dumb as fuck

  • This guys physique is on another level. The way his chest is so thick, and his delts just pop and he’s short like me also so he would look like a beast. No homo btw

  • MILOSking of pseudoscience. According to studies…. degree of sarcoplasmic vs myofibrillar hypertrophy is permanent. Your born with this. Cant change.

  • I’d like to make a point here. These so called “gurus” like Milos, could never improve their weak bodyparts or anybody elses for that matter.
    Milos had weak arms, and a pretty shallow back, and they did not improve over his entire career. In the end he resorted to Synthol in his biceps and it almost killed him! It all comes down to genetics. If you’re the kind of guy that grows, then you can train pretty much anyway you want. If you’re a hard gainer, or have any lagging bodyparts then sorry, you are pretty much stuck with them.
    I’ve followed this sport for 40 years, and I’ve never seen any bodybuilder dramatically improve a glaringly weak bodypart.
    No-one has ever given me an example to prove me wrong. And don’t say “Arnolds calves.” He admitted to hardly ever training them in his early career. When he did they grew. I’m talking about guys in their late 20’s and into their 30’s. If you have lagging parts by that stage, you are screwed.

  • this workout is a fucking waste of time, a well rounded workout must give the upper and lower body equal attention and how many exercises does this have for the lower body, it has two

  • Make your mind up Dave one video it’s you need to copy Dorian as that’s the best then it’s you need to do giant sets? Make you mind up on what you want to put out

  • I probably misheard you might probably explained already but
    When to rest?
    In between each set of pair completed?
    Or after all sets has done?

  • Nice talk but we as non inhanced athletes have too look at these training principles with some amount of pause. Realizing that Milo’s clients most if not all are enhanced pharmaceutically and gifted genetically..the normal in the gym athlete has to recover from the protocols of this training and without the help of his neighborhood pharmacy he should forget this, by training using basic sets by using mostly compound movements..eating correctly (cleanly) and resting between workouts and also charting his recovery…leave all this to the gear guys..it doesn’t work for the norm

  • If your genetics don’t allow you to recover fast, even if you are on high amount of drugs,food,supplements ect.. don’t try this style of training.

  • The guy behind u doing it all wrong with that very close grip tricep barbell press… There’s alot of lifters don’t know what the hell there doing the guy behind u

  • Hey Dave and Milos, How come with all these Giant Sets, no bodybuilder is getting Rhabdo?!? Dana Lyn Bailey, that won an Olympia title, switched to CrossFit and got a Rhabdo last week (disease that eats the muscle when over-trained). Why do I hear about Rhabdo only in CrossFit and never in Bodybuilding?

  • This dude Seth is a absolute Monster. Say what you want about drugs, but that HAS to take years and years of consistent hard work to look like that. Like the dudes Traps alone.. WTF lmao

  • Do you guys even consider that most people work out in a gym full of people? You’re basically telling me to tie up all the equipment and machines to do some of these supersets. You have the luxury of doing a video shoot in a closed off private gym, good for you. How about you consider your audience when making these videos next time…

  • Aye brother I’m dedicated been working out on and off for better of 20 years, back at it now 3 years non-stop, I’m sitting at 220 but I’m ready to take it to the next level, I don’t know nobody and I’m a F loner! I need to fuel up, love you vids and workouts!! @JoshuaMatrixFarrell on IG!!

  • For Christ’s sake. Giant sets are just another intensity technique. Like supersets, trisets, dropsets, one and a half reps, “up the rack and down”, slow negatives, whatever. That doesn’t mean that you have to train with giant sets ALL THE TIME. Train sensible, listen to your body

  • Not a big fan of giant sets. It’s just circuit training in disguise. Great for cardio but for building strength and mass…Nah. Just look at the strongest and biggest bodybuilders. Did they do giant sets to get big and strong? Nope.

  • Another “pro” who’s genetics and drug use don’t allow him to understand the typical person’s recovery abilities. Dave politely mentions it a couple times but it clearly goes over his head.

    And what the hell is he talking about?
    A giant set is literally the same muscle or group of muscles of 3 or more exercises.
    He is describing super sets.
    Super set: Bis/Tris alternating
    Giant set: Military Press, db side laterals, Front db raise

    Also. Dorian Yates and any other person who uses “low volume” does not simply do 1 or 2 warm up sets… they use the amount required to safely… you know… warm up.

  • Great interview Dave I’ve always thought Milos is one of the most knowledgeable guys in bodybuilding. He’s an excellent interview every time.

  • It’s all bs.
    There’s no logic behind any of the so called “guru” science because they don’t even talk about the cycles they do along with it.

  • Could write a book on recovery ability. Milos has had a lot of success with his program no doubt, but he has had more failures with it then success. Look at why he no longer is in China. You must have a certain genetics component for recovery and ability to use calories to speed up muscle and cns recovery that only a small number of people possess. Milos is very intelligent but does lack the understanding of who and who cant follow his program. Maybe he can but does not know how to change and adapt his philosophies to different genetic types. Curious on this. Would like to know more.


  • He’s spreading incorrect information regarding how Dorian trained. He would typically do multiple warm up sets leading to his one maximum intensity set. But on the 2nd and 3rd exercises of a muscle group he would already be warmed up so less lower intensity sets would be necessary.

  • Obviously Seth knows a decent amount more about working out than myself however his back is super arched when he was doing the machine shoulder press, you want to be sitting flat as possible, arching your back still uses your shoulders but it recruits the chest a lot a lot. I did that a lot when I first started working shoulders often especially on military press and it was just simply because the weight was too heavy for me at the time, I had to put my ego aside and go lighter so I could keep my back flat. Little things like that honestly don’t matter as much when you are consistently on cycles like Seth is but when you are working out all natural, it really does matter and takes a lot longer and makes it much harder to get to where you want to be.

  • I have great respect for Milos Sarcev he had a great physique but his training philosophy explains his lack of size compared to the big boys so yes his way of training is overtraining, like Dorian yates said more is better only when it comes to women and money!��������‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️

  • Hi Scott. Can you please make a video how you achieved that body. I want to have exactly the same like you do. Please include diet and workouts. Please dude.

  • Yeah they are great if you have an empty gym. If you use more than 2 pieces of equipment at a time at a gym your probably pissing people off.

  • After performing this workout i am not able to sleep at night…because of stress produce during workout
    I have consulted a doctor he said to stop gymming please help me..

  • Hi guys
    Dentist here, could u please give me ur opinion on the appearance of Dave’s & Milos’ teeth
    Coz i think they look awfully artificial and fake

  • Who coined the time giant sets?

    Vince gironda to larry scott..vince had larry do preacher curls with dumbells straight into preacher curls with barbell straight into forearm curls on the preacher bench

    Scott had monster arms back in the mid 60s as the 1st mr olympia

  • There is no set method for anyone to train, just mix it up, the volume, reps, frequency, everything has to change in order to shock the muscle. Its really that simple. The hardest part is the diet. End of.

  • Can you imagine everyone in the gym trying to do giant sets? “Hey! Im using that!… and that! and that! and that! and that! and that! and that!” Ok, are u using this? “ya Im using that too!” Hmmm, how many sets do you have left? “58!” -if it becomes popular Im bringing a baseball bat with me.