What’s Your Fit Workout Cardio Training Fit 30


30-Minute Cardio-Boxing Workout

Video taken from the channel: POPSUGAR Fitness


30-Minute At-Home Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing Workout

Video taken from the channel: POPSUGAR Fitness

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  • I am so happy that I found POPSugar, this channel is amazing, and I have only done Christa’s workouts, but man I am back on week 2 and I am excited and looking forward to workouts like I used to in college. It feels great to be excited about something that is good for my body, but I am actually having fun: )

  • My favorite workout that I have found on youtube, it was fun, changed up the routines and styles, and definitely made me sweat!! The instructor was also amazing!

  • Love this workout! I used it and other popsugar videos to help me lose the pregnancy weight, as well as eating better. It’s great that I could do the modified version and work up to the regular. I’m 5 months postpartum and went from 180 (163ish 1 week pp) to 133lbs and now working on my next goal. Thank you!

  • so glad I found this workout! It is my favorite! usually I switch out what cardio I do every week but kept doing this one for 2 weeks! I love Christa DiPaolo. I am going to do all her workouts

  • This was amazing! I felt motivated the entire workout and enjoyed every second of it. Didn’t have any weights nearby so I used a big grapefruit switching it from left to right:]

  • This is an excellent workout!! I am a pretty fit person and I was breathless by the end hahaha!!! Christa’s workouts are the best ones on popsugar, even though I love heaps of others!!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout!!
    Chrita’s workouts are always amazing and make me feel so good afterwards and Anna gives me so much motivation!

  • LITERALLY the hardest workout I’ve ever done. And I used to play volleyball in high school in a hot gym. Definitely going to use this to get back on a healthy track!

  • I heard some guy lost 12kg in just one month by following diet plan from NextLevelDiet, so I tried that too. Although I didn’t lose that much, I could say this thing really works and it’s definitely worth trying

  • Thank you Christa, I LOOOOOVE your workouts cuz they always make me sweat! And I also love that you explain the moves before making us do it!

  • This is amazing! So perfect for these quarantine lockdowns. I’m probably going to include these in my routine even when this all ends.

  • some moves were showed very shortly and I had problems to follow it after and it was difficult to move forward with the kicks at home due to little space…

  • I remember my first time doing this workout. I was dying and throwing wrong punches all over the place. I was pretty sure it was impossible. Now I do it with 1lb weighted gloves from the beginning and pick up 2lb weights on top of that at the weighted round. Never, ever thought I’d progress that far. I love The Cut! Christa is so much fun to follow and everyone is fun to work along with. Thanks!

  • Nice workout but it not being on beat with the music really threw me off. As a former dancer I rely on the beat if there is music playing in a workout.

  • I love Christa’s Workouts. I tracked down her 5 main YouTube videos on pop sugar and have been cycling through them every day for 6 months. I’ve lost 35 lbs and counting!! I love every second of her workouts!! Please post more videos!! 30-45 min videos. Your amazing!

  • This workout was probably the best one from Popsugar that I have done so far! I have only done 5 other ones, but this one had me burning the most calories and went by super quick with the non-stop motions!

  • OMG����oooooommmmmggg this is my first kick boxing session ��and can’t describe how amazing this workout is��☠️really this one is the best ����thank you for making these amazing workouts for us

  • I adore this workout so much! I was super sweaty yet felt super amazing at the same time. I’m not good at coordination like Anna so I wasn’t the only one haha. I will definitely repeat this workout.

  • After going through one hour of kickboxing, under hard struggle, I came back to this 30min went pretty well to the end. Thanks I will be back

  • Started this 6 days ago, I love it, I do this in my back garden on the iPad or on tv in living room but it gets really hot in there which is ok too, my best point, I do it with my teens. It’s in our daily routine now. I am 290lbs but I can do the lower impact version while my teens do the high impact. Love this, doing this one first 2-3 weeks as fitness comes up, WELL DONE.

  • Anyone have suggestions for similar workout videos where the people aren’t so…peppy? Kudos to the Ninja squad for seemingly getting joy from having their butts kicked (while pregnant to boot), but I am not one of those people lol

  • I may not have been able to go at your speed the whole time and had to do a few modifications at some points but I made it to the end and I’m sweaty lol ����

  • I have been dancing “with Deja” for such a long time that I could not “enter” my “inner boxer” room. I just like to dance with her. Nevertheless, I enjoied it!

  • I used to do body combat. But the variety of this video is too diverse. I keep forgetting moves thus it wont be that effective if you are not used to the moves yet. And yeah its better if you guys are not laughing or joking during the workout. The viewers are trying to focus��

  • yes this is a nice channel but there are also plenty of new channels online (mine included) with some great mini kickboxing workouts, boxing Is becoming popular again especially in the UK, exciting times ahead especially when our two heavyweight champs AJ and fury collide

  • DEJA IS AMAZING!!! I have done this workout dozens of times. I love Deja’s motivational thoughts, her positive attitude is contagious, she is such an incredible instructor. THANK YOU DEJA & POPSUGAR!

  • I’m so in love with your videos, so much fun, time is flying by and im sweating all calories away. Thank you guys so much for this offer i and every single muscle of mine appreciate it.

  • Tried it for the first time
    ..I could not coordinate with jab and punching..
    But was sweating all through..
    Did not get bore at all..
    Totally enjoyable.
    Loved her for being on moderate mode…

  • I only came here cuz my fitness teacher sent us this vid to do the excersises SINCE WE R IN THIS STUPID QUARNTINE CORORNAVIRUS THING

  • I found popsugar about 6-7 months ago and I have lost 15 kg doing their videos almost every day, and of course being on a calorie deficit. I love love love them! I love that I can work out at home, whenever I want for free! Best thing that happened to me in 2018

  • I really enjoyed it. It’s not too long or too hard to keep up with for us beginners. This channel has made my quarantine better this week. This is the fourth of your workouts that I’ve tried and it’s been my favorite because it helps so much with releasing tension and getting cardio done.

  • Wow! Deja is such a great motivator.. i almost cried with happiness after this workout. Definitely going to do all her workouts posted on pop sugar, thank you again deja! You’re an inspiration <3

  • We are on quarantine due the covid-19 virus at home in Spain, so thanks for yours videos that help me to keep fit and enjoy 30 minutes at day forgetting all this nightmare

  • I loved that workout! Got my coordination and boxing skills challenged. Only the music was sometimes too loud, so I couldnt hear her.. but I managed quickly.

  • Es Video m aap Fit aur Self defence kese sikh skte hai.. vo sab es Video m hain..
    Video On My YouTube Channel About Boxing Footwork For Beginners https://youtu.be/a6qwG2RDPmA

  • Amazing and 30 mins went by so fast burned 190 cals ���� Loving Popsugars videos only thing keeping me sane during quarantine ��

  • Absolutely love this workout! Deja was calm and encouraging throughout without being crazy over the top, and the pace was energetic and just right for me. I love that dance break in between, had so much fun!! Dripping sweat at the end. Anyone notice the outfits all in shades of blue? ��

  • I love these workouts. I try a different POPSUGAR workout every so often, but these workouts I have taken a liking to. I like the moves and they aren’t too fast or strenuous that I get tired and need to rest. Let’s just hope that I can drop some pounds and inches with these nightly workouts. I’ve been struggling with my weight since last year and I don’t know why. I have been going through health issues and had to recently start a daily regimen of new medications to take, so that may very well be it. I’m willing to put in the work so long as it pays off. I haven’t had success.

  • I love Christa’s workouts. I was excited when I saw that it was finally here, that I did it immediately! I loved it! I think its my favourite Christas workout so far! I was sweating and I liked that the focus was on the legs but still an intense cardio workout. Thank you so much Christa and Popsugar!!!!

  • One of the greatest videos on POP SUGAR FITNESS! The teacher was amazing, the exercises were fun and not very ‘intense’, yet my heart rate stayed at an average of 146. I didn’t feel it at all because I had fun! Great great job, guys! Your workouts are a blessing during this quarantine.

  • What a workout! I was sweating buckets! Christa was an awesome instructor! I love how Anna did the modifications while she was pregnant! Excellent workout! Thank you, Christa!

  • I dont normally comment but as a new person to working out that routine was so good. East to follow and really worked up a sweat! Love how positive the train was too!

  • It is so much fun doing Popsugar’s Cardio-boxing and Dance workouts! time flies by and in never really feels like I have done 30 mins of workout. Thanks & keep up the good work.!:)

  • thank you so much for having a beginers version with the girl on the left!! so many times I cant do a workout video because its too hard, I appreciate it a lot <3<3

  • I loved the variety of exercises she was doingcardio, strength training, etc. She’s positive and motivating. The last ten minutes (or less), however, she was really favoring the right side. I felt like my left side got the shaft at the end of the workout. If I were to do this one again, I would make my own changes at that point to make the workout more symmetrical.