What’s Your Fit Workout Body Weight Lifting Giant Set


GIANT FULL BODY SETS Pt 1 with Michal Kowalski

Video taken from the channel: Fit Media Channel


Giant set for chest with Lu Chen Hui, Body Dream Gym XuZhou 10/01/2018

Video taken from the channel: Milos Sarcev


Giant set for DELTS with Matt Maldonado, 10/28/2019

Video taken from the channel: Milos Sarcev


Giant set for BACK

Video taken from the channel: Milos Sarcev


Giant set for CHEST with IFBB PRO Petar Klancir and Mauro Sassi.

Video taken from the channel: Milos Sarcev


Bodyweight Giant Set Workout 01

Video taken from the channel: Hone Gym



Video taken from the channel: Fit Media Channel

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List of related literature:

For a medium volume, a recommendation of 4–9 sets (each muscle group) should be used depending on the individual’s level (4 sets for a lower intermediate level and 6–9 for a higher intermediate level) and type of exercise selected (4–6 sets for major muscle groups and 8–9 sets for small muscle groups).

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A simple guideline for developing strength is to employ heavy loads (≥85% of 1RM), for six or fewer repetitions per set for 2 to 5 sets, separated by rest intervals of at least 2 minutes (97).

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In another study, 25 minutes of high-intensity resistance exercises (for hip abduction, quadriceps, pectorals, biceps, triceps, and abdominals) two times per week for 6 weeks significantly increased muscular strength (as measured by 1RM tests; Taylor, 2007).

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Novice to intermediate: 1–3 sets per exercise b.

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For the heavier weight, I chose ones big enough so that I can feel ten repetitions and don’t need to do more than twenty, to build the capability of my muscles to work through heavier tasks.

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Subjects performed 10 to 12 reps per set with training carried out 1 or 2 days per week.

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It should be done once or twice a week, using more weight than in the muscular-enhancement phase, and consist of three to five sets of eight to ten reps at 75 to 85 percent intensity, with sixty to ninety seconds of rest.

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After several weeks of training, this individual is now performing 10 repetitions of 135 lb (61 kg) for all 4 sets and feels able to do more than 10 repetitions per set.

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Instructors decide number of repetitions (10–15) and sets (1–3) for exercises using moderate resistance to elicit muscular hypertrophy and strength.

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  • Watched this again. It really impressive. The weights maybe light but there is no recovery time really. I cannot imagine doing this without PED’s, but even still it hard to imagine doing this with.

  • Michal looks fantastic here! His bodybuilder/fitness model physique is aesthetic and gorgeous! Will def try his giant set workout too!

  • Hey michael i started to go to the gym 4 month ago ive seen a lot of result but i want more im very motivated i look at you and thats exactly how i want to get help?

  • I really think this would be effective, buh it’s not something you can do in gym where other people are using the equipments too.

  • Thanks a lot for the tips Michal, I am gonna use your method, because I feel that my chest has hit the plateau and it can’t gain any mass.
    Great video, performance and Music.

  • can this program give u mass? what is worked for me is. 5sets x 10,8,6,3,1
    can also this one  give u mass?
    it looks like a superset which i tried in the past and it made me smaller but more ripped.

  • We all don’t have a personal gym to follow such workouts, but amazing way to train. Bodybuilding isn’t a show game, it’s a performance game.

  • if you guys desire to get ripped immediately without spending a single another minute in the gym, then you really want to check out this online video SIXPP.COM

    When I’m down and depressed Hopeless and confused Full of despair After being mistreated and used Music helps me get out of bed Once it flows through my ears To my heart and to my soul My


  • Master Milos how many of those giants should they do… Did also those giants for contest preps and it was amazing best workout ever

  • Mr. Sharchev’s supersets gave birth to today’s CrossFit..
    PS. Roids work without weights if you only do bodyweight push-ups sit-ups Pull-Ups squats lunges that’s all you need sometimes you don’t need any exercise you still gain muscle taking good roids.

  • I don’t understand SerboCroation but I understand super, maxima and the counting sounded similar to some French and German numbers.

  • Used to do that in early 80s mike mentzers heavy duty. But way fewer sets and heavy weights. Was brutal but it gave great results.

  • Such low weight… I could do triple the weight’s and I don’t look like a piece of meat just juiced to be slaug…. And sold by the pound…

  • Absolutely fantastic its a bit like Arthur jones hit except its on one body part
    Its not how long you train its how hard you train

  • genius, never thought of a workout like this, quick and enough muscle stimulation and recovery to hit a body part twice a week. I’m goin to try this

  • They only train this way because of the high amount of insulin and intra workout carbs they are taking. This would do nothing without those things

  • really crazythat old man and china guy totally crazy. tell honest what happened many bodybuilding Legend. look them. they have nothing now. this is full shit

  • This look like a fitness park (i go to one in France, it’s decent even tho some machine aren’t optimal).

    Would michel mind give some insight on the diet part? I have been on keto/if for a year, got quite good results and it boggle me to see that most of fitness model go for the regular carb loaded low fat 6 meals per day (total opposite of mine).

  • First of that’s insanity and taking body building to level is way beyond what it should be. The two greatest BB every the great Mike Metzner and Dorian Yates never spent 2-3 hours on the gym. The HT system is one 45mins to your max, go read it go do it. You will literally can do any more if your doing it right. All these wannabe gurus and so call experts are so over trained.
    Get a life!