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Belly Fat Burner HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Workout with No Equipment

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Is HIIT the most effective way to lose weight?

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If you want to add HIIT to your weight-loss efforts, Feito recommends starting with this format: 1-minute interval; 3-minute recovery, up to 5 sets. Use those recovery periods to fine-tune your intensity. For example, if that 3-minute rest feels too short, lower the intensity of your next interval. However, interval training produced 28 percent more weight loss, with sprint interval training shown to be the most effective and efficient way to reduce body weight quickly. Alternating four.

After my doctor let me know that I was considered medically obese, I researched calorie counting, adopted the 80-20 rule for weight loss, started doing HIIT workouts, and shed the weight. Afterburn Training = Massive Fat Loss. One of the biggest fat loss advantages of HIIT workouts is the Afterburn effect.This is where your body can keep burning fat way longer after you’ve finished your workout..

Just imagine yourself sitting on the couch the night after completing a HIIT workout having your fat burning engines going full force even though you’re not doing a thing. HIIT Workout for Fat-Loss. Monday Full-body weight training; Tuesday HIIT workout: 30 sec. active rest (walk or jog), 30 sec. work/sprint, repeat 7 more times (8 rounds total) Wednesday Full-body weight training; Thursday HIIT workout: 30 sec. active rest (walk or jog), 30 sec. work/sprint, repeat 7 more times (8 rounds total).

There are multiple protocols under the HIIT umbrella, the most popular of which might just be Tabata training. The extra-intense format consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of all-out work, then 10. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of cardiovascular exercise. It is, as the name suggests, intervals or short time periods of intense exercising, followed by short rest periods in a cycle or circuit. We have collected 20 of the best HIIT weight loss infographic workouts for you to try out.

HIIT routines that involve bodyweight work (e.g. push-ups) or added weight, such as kettlebells, medicine balls, or dumbbells, will tone your muscles while spiking your heart rate. “HIIT is. High intensity interval training (HIIT) can be beneficial for many reasons. For starters, it is an effective way to complete a full workout in 10-15 minutes. It can help you burn calories and give.

HIIT is a workout method that alternates between high-intensity exercise and lower-intensity training or active/passive recovery. The intervals can last anywhere from 20 seconds to one minute, depending on the HIIT protocol. A Tabata workout, for example, involves 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.

List of related literature:

In addition, focus on HIIT, which alternates short bursts (one to two minutes) of high-intensity exercise with short bursts (one to two minutes) at a lower intensity.

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Conversely, Moro et al. [146] found that in resistance-trained subjects following a 16-hour fasting/8-hour feeding cycle (16/8) resulted in significantly greater loss in fat mass (-1.6 vs. -0.3-kg) with no differences in muscle mass.

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Using a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the hardest exercise you can perform, HIIT work intervals should be between an 8 and 10, while the recovery intervals should be between a 4 and 6.

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One study found that after twenty weeks of training, the participants who performed HIIT (high-intensity interval training) lost more body fat than those who engaged in steady-state endurance training (like long, slow treadmill runs).

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Sample HII T Sessions HIIT protocol 1: Sprint 10 seconds, walk 50 seconds, perform 10 times.

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HIIT training has proven to be quite helpful in losing weight, since we continue burning fat long after we stop the workout.

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According to ACSM, HIIT

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To do this, you need to dedicate two or three days per week to fifteen to twenty-five minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with resistance bands or weights.

“Over the Counter Natural Cures, Expanded Edition: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10” by Shane Ellison
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The HIIT protocol was combined with resistance training (“RT-HITT” group) or 20 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise on a cycle ergometer (AT-HIIT).

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Additionally, Tenorio and collaborators have also showed that HIIT three times a week for 24 weeks was more effective in decreasing leptin than low-intensity aerobic exercise (−22.8% vs. −13.6%) when energy expenditure in both conditions was of 350 kcals [62].

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  • I will try to keep updating daily my progress
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    3rd Day: My legs are really sore because I am doing other workouts too, so I will do it in the evening

  • Letting everyone know I was pretty chubby weighing at 160 lbs but when I started being committed I’ve lost over 20 pounds and achieved a 6 pack!!! IF YOU GUYS HAVE A GOOD DIET AND STAY CONSISTENT WITH THE WORKOUTS YOUR GOALS WILL BE REACHED

  • Ok so I’m 11 years old, I’m a bit overweight and fat, I am going to try to do these workouts every day for a year. I will give you information weekly.

  • I’ve been doing another routine for a month aside from this and lemme tell y’all, this is KILLIN ME and it’s only my first time tryin it

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  • Firstly thank you for the great content and doing the full workout and jumping straight into it. I hate it when people talk for 10 minutes then talk in between the actual rounds.

    I just did my first HITT workout (25th may 20).
    My plan is to do it 4-5 times a week in the morning with 2-3 sets (I will alternate with your other HIIT workout videos).
    I’ve finally decided to cook for myself now and fixed up my diet.
    Will do this for next 30 days will update on my results on 21st June 2020.

    Height 5ft 8in
    Wight 73kg
    Body fat (assuming its 20%-25% (will buy body fat measurements for my weigh in at the end)

    Let’s Go!

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  • Gonna do it tomrrow i did it today and i sweat bullets. Btw im starting tomrrow and im doing it two times a day ill update you all. Like so i wont forget

    Day 1: done could barely breath im 200 pounds at 14 so i see why plus im doing it twice

    Day 2: done

    Day 3: gonna do a next workout cause this is working out legs and fat i dont need working on.

  • I’m 12 years old gonna do this workout 4x a week I’m going to be updating I’m over weight 165 pounds I’m going to do this for 2 months Weight{165lbs}. Height {5,6}

  • The video is useful, I like the music also you don’t get to edit your video its original that’s more genuine. And the advice is cool. More sleep and eating proper diet. One like from India northeast. Also Shared to friends.

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    But I will do this every week to get used to it! ❤️