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With heavy weights, you can get a slight pump to your muscle regardless of what your diet is like. The same can’t be said for light to moderate weights in the higher rep zone. If you can’t feel your muscles pump up after four “burning” sets of an exercise, something is off and it needs to be corrected. Hypertrophy is a term for muscle growth. For example, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends doing 8–12 repetitions to grow muscle.

This rep range is practical because it’s a balance of heavy weight and high reps. With very heavy weight you can only do a few repetitions, which makes it harder to increase your volume. If you’re looking to gain muscle, and increase your strength in the most efficient way possible, then lifting heavy weights is a good option for you.

Gaining strength all. Let’s take a look at what research has to say. Conventional wisdom has us convinced that high reps and light weights builds muscle endurance and makes little contribution to gains in muscle mass. Heavier weights in the low to moderate rep range, on the other hand, has long been accepted as the best way to maximize muscle growth. For sports experts say that when it comes to building muscle, light weights could be more effective than heavy.

Researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, found that carrying out more repetitions of light weights could build muscle mass just as effectively, if not more so, than lower reps of heavy weights.”. So in the end, you should use both heavy weights and light weights with more reps in order to build muscle. Alternating between these two weight lifting methods will help you avoid fatigue, injury, and hitting a plateau.

What really matters when it comes to building muscle is. Studies suggest that heavy weight training (especially via spinal loading) can release testosterone and growth hormone from the spinal column. Studies also suggest that high lactate training using methods that really push for extended sets (like the one below) can achieve a similar release in testosterone. Strength isn’t just a function of muscle size—it’s also a function of practice, he says.

So guys who practice lifting heavy weights four times per week are going to be better at lifting heavy. But it also turns out that the higher-rep, lower-weight folks had increased hypertrophy — aka more muscle-building activity. Bulging new muscles asid.

This study. shows that no difference in muscle growth was seen from light weights using high reps (3 sets of 10 Rep Max) versus heavier weights and low reps (7 sets of 3 Rep Max).. 10 Rep Max (RM) means selecting a weight where you will max out at 10 reps; Note that the study attempted to control volume (reps x weight)-I don’t know what the specific numbers were but for illustration, lets.

List of related literature:

The traditional belief is that heavy resistance and low reps are superior for building size.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Training with lighter weights and higher reps is best for muscle gain.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

In a weight-training program, lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions increases strength, while lifting lighter weights with more repetitions increases endurance.

“Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives” by Richard Swenson
from Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives
by Richard Swenson
The Navigators, 2014

This is evident from training studies comparing light versus heavyweight on muscle growth.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Since heavy sets are low reps, the way to build volume is to rotate between heavy and lighter weight loads (medium and lightweights) with no restin between, all of which builds into a giant, intense superset.

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
from The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body
by Ori Hofmekler
North Atlantic Books, 2007

And there’s something about heavy weights with low reps that helps you capitalize on whatever base you built with light weights and high reps.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

Heavier, high-intensity, mass-building training takes muscles longer to heal than lighter, low-intensity, endurance-type training.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

But for those who look to a higher goal, the development of a superior, muscular body or who are training for the purpose of entering a competition, the next step is to increase intensity, both by lifting heavier weights and by using the appropriate intensity techniques.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

These results suggest that the combination of light and heavy loads elicits greater all-round improvements in the strength/power profile than training with a light load only.

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
from NSCA’s Guide to Program Design
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

While I’m a huge proponent of using all types of resistance, bodyweight training is without a doubt the most convenient type of resistance.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

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  • Decided to throw a few timestamps here to the informative parts. Enjoy!
    2:49 Things are rarely “black and white” or “always true/false” in fitness/health
    6:05 Does VOLUME matter more than technique?
    7:12 Does PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD matter more than technique?
    8:29 How HEAVY do you need to lift to maximize growth?
    11:52 How important is the negative?
    14:50 How much does range of motion matter?
    16:35 Is it smart to “hype up” before a lift?

  • So witch one is true… i just saw a Video from a guy (TrainingPal) saying that we build muscle buy lifting heavy. Showing even a graph with the optimal hypertrophy reps (8 reps).

    I’m on light weights for one week now and i see results..

  • Using heavy weight induces a hormonal response in the body which produces a muscle growth response. The people you talk about are going too heavy and use shitty form.

  • if you are trying to get into a deep sleep and actually want to see and feel the benefits of it do i have something for you. click this link and watch this video and you will understand what i’m talking about. @t

  • I don’t lift light. After minor fatigue I hit 8-12 reps. Are you suggesting 15 reps and over?

    I definitely would agree that higher reps are harder, more burn and soreness.

  • Your not educating people all you did is mentioning your self it’s all about your self maybe you should get merried to your self. Because you manage to build muscle your starting to think your rico suave look in the mirror

  • You trained like a pussy bro. Lift heavy always lift 60-70% of your max 10-15 reps for at least 15 sets in one week per muscle group. So do chest Monday and let’s say you do 8 big sets but 4 small sets in each big set. So the small sets would be bench, db press, then incline bench and incline fly. 4 small sets but they count as one big set. Each doing 10-15 reps with no less than 1 minute and 20 second rest. So it’s technically 24 small sets but only 8 big sets. Like 24 supersets but 8 main set. Follow this. He trains like a noob

  • Or you can figure it out as you go along. I have an aneurysm and if I lift a rep to max I will die as the aneurysm will burst and bleed out in less than ten minutes. Needless to say I don’t lift too heavy. So you should use your best discretion as to how you will grow. Each lifter is different. However I do appreciate your backing up with stats.

  • Great video, the intro was way too long (IMO) and i’m thankful I skipped through it and stayed because the rest of this video was absolute gold. Thanks for all the research and facts, really well done.

  • The truth is no one knows for sure because muscle growth response to weight training is purely individual. Not everyone responds the same. Find what works for you.

  • So the best is to lift the heaviest weight you can lift twice if you fail but what is the rest needed between lifting and how many times pet week?

    (i’m not expecting any answer tbh)

  • Some of that makes sense and some makes no sense. If you jusst want a “beach body” which I presume is the athletic slim muscular look, then light weight high reps, MAY BE best to just tone and enhance your muscles,
    and also promote fat loss, making you “shreded as a mofo” lol


    Oh and lets no forget ROIDS if you really dont give a damn and want to get freakishly huge fast.

  • what about acceleration? and what about recovery?
    so if you don’t care about a large weight but want faster reflexs what should you do?
    also if you want to minimize recovery to below a minute, what shoudl you do?

    for direct application, think about sprinters for baseball games. you run to a base, then you get to recover a bit. optimal performance is being able to do a full run (endurance) without exhausting the sugars stored in your muscles, but also being able increase max sprint speed after short recovery.

  • Very confusing other vids. You see extrrme weight, makes you think I should do that. I found heavyweight in a rotation followed with lighter weights. Concentrating on form. This guy has great info and useful tips. Blessed…

  • Surely time under tension supersedes anything, in regards to achieving muscle mass? With the lat pull down example, I am not surprised with those findings, as there is more time under tension. I do not believe that reps matter, as much as many people believe they do. This is a fixation of bro science.

  • Great video Ryan. I think all your videos are brother. What confuses me is that the fitness industry have always slammed high rep sets as endurance training and nothing more.
    It’s fact though; high reps which equates to more volume, and higher TUT yields better gains. Period.

  • Im in my 50s I find lighter weight works better for me. Im already a big guy and Ive worked out over the years. So Im just going for tone and looking good in a shirt. Dont wanna be any bigger than Iam.

  • With drop set triple set even from 60%-30%MR you’ll reach muscle failure easy �� And trust me it does provide hypertrophic gains as good as training 85-60%MR on a decreasing pyramide with breaks between ��

  • All u need to do as far as light vs heavy is light weights much better on ur joints ND it will get u strong or stronger then someone lifting heavy

  • The only thing I disagree with on this video is to take a bench bar all the way down to your chest. You shouldn’t take your elbows down past the horizontal plane of your chest (so your arms make a 90 degree). If you do, you risk injury to your shoulder tendons over time.

  • Heavy is relative, and if you’re doing 10-12 reps, you have to be in the 70-75 % range, you can’t do that volume with 85-90%+, so by strength standards, you’re not actually going heavy if you’re hitting those reps. By “heavy,” what do you mean? I’d rather be strong than shredded because if you look big but aren’t strong, you’re still just a chump.

  • Oh I get it now. If I make a video where I just throw around the word “science” as many times as possible that gives me solid credibility. Makes sense I will be sure to do that.

  • Being a experienced bodybuilder,you should go by feel,mix up training methods,but always with high intensity.These videos will make a begginer or intermediate lifter more confused than he was before this vid.These lab test I call it is hog wash.For begginers find a guy in the gym that looks like he has been training for awhile,see if he will take you on as a training partner.Be consistent,train hard,eat, rest.You will learn your own body and your on your way, instead of going to the gym on your own with booklet and saying ok it said 20 percent here,30 percent doing this way.Oh dam I did 13 reps but I had to for failure,but 12 is ultimate I’m not going to grow right.lmao

  • Ryan, Thank You for this video! I recently tried a (new to me) front delt lift technique and injured my elbow. Went heavier weight than I was used to. 10 days later I lifted a 5lb dumbbell and FOCUSED on the muscle. I saw/felt more engagement than ever before! Sometimes we just need the info reiterated!

  • You neglected other factors. Like like progression and fatigue. Because training to failure have a heavy toll on the CNS and will result in burnout

  • It is true for me, I have a better control of the exercise with lighter weight, I also achieve better mind-muscle connection when not all my effort goes to handling those weights (lifting, extending, pulling etc).

  • That muscle awareness only comes after a certain degree of muscle growth… it’s not as easy for the beginner to notice… from my experience anyway

  • 8:12 screenshot. So know if you wanna know the process of it, start with the 20% (1-5), then 75% (6-12) and finish up with 5% (12+).

  • Thanks Ryan! I am a beginner and i have been curling 3×10 20kgs (it’s what program said i should be doing) for several months and have seen no progress at all. I could barely finish the workout and my forearms were sore as hell, i couldn’t extend my elbows fully for the next few days, but i had absolutely zero bicep activation. I said, fuck it and lowered the weight to 3×15 15kgs and the activation was waaaaay better.

  • I quit lifting for Numbers and started doing alot of drop sets with in 6 reps to 12 reps. Weight dont matter just use what ever weight you can get 6 to 12 reps with and feel like i killed the body part im working. Good time under tention good pump good burn and doms.

  • hi alain i am following your push, pull wave routine i got one question about training legs on push days an hams on pull days, i have seen comments saying is not good train them separately becouse when you train legs you train ham indirectely, what can you say about that? i really want to follow that program but i am concerned about that, thank you.

  • I love the way the EGO lifters look at my old ass while I’m pushing light. They can snicker all they want because I’m bigger than they are.

  • if people really thought light weight was everything why go to the gym do bodyweight and get a couple of 5 pound dumbbells and two 5 pound plates and you Gucci but you lie, You can’t lift but so much, so you say who needs to lift heavy well your heavy is light to me so you do you

  • Thanks for making this video. I was planning on purchasing a set of heavier dumbbells but the ones I have are actually pretty heavy if I just do 2 sets. Many times I can’t even complete the second set with the existing dumbbells I have.

  • I’ve been training heavy for almost 50 years although not so heavy lately. I’m getting too old to keep having to recover from the injuries that I receive from the heavy weights. My best bench was when I was about 58 years old (465 pounds). I’m getting to the age that training heavy is no longer even safe for me, so I was happy to hear this from you. It gave me a lot to consider, considering heavy weights have always made me strong, but didn’t give me the growth I wanted.. I subscribed after watching your second video. I’ve often thought about the excruciating pain experienced while I was “warming up” with the lighter weights and doing 20 to 30 reps going to complete failure. Perhaps that’s where all of my growth was coming from after all.

  • Sometimes when I have a goal weight I am trying to get to, like in say squats, I will do all the other sets with great technique, but cheat a little bit on the goal weight, just to get used to what it feels like/get a feel for if I can do a proper technique rep. Then when I feel comfortable with it, I will do/try it with good technique. Is this a bad habit?

  • or simplify and take the weight you can lift 15 reps, you dont need to reduce/add weight. After a few reps the reps will become less. Lust keep going until you cant lift the weights AT ALL. Achieving muscle failure without injury is the goal.

  • I don´t think it has to do with how heavy the weight is…it has to do with how you convince yourself and your mind that the weight you are lifting is excruciatingly heavy. And you can achieve that by alternating between slower and faster reps, slower in the descending part of the exercise too…it´s mainly in the mind. I will eventually go up in weight, but I´m happy with my results so far 😉

    Been training primarily with 4 and 5 Kg dumbbells, and some days doing push-ups/planks/ab training. Love mixing resistance training with weights and bodyweight exercises…it keeps the muscle guessing, I think, therefore making it grow more!

  • Of course it depends…
    It depends on what your goals are. “Building muscle” is not just building muscle.
    If you just want to look good, sure, lighter weights and more reps will get you a higher volume.
    If you want to get stronger and/or more athletic, heavier weights and lower, more explosive reps, will get you more muscle.

  • Rip ritch I was trying to use his get big program and I was getting strong I was 240 had 21 inch arms but when i went to the beach I was fat and realized I don’t do the roids ritch did all do respect so I looked bloated now I wanna try this don’t get me wrong love ritch think me and him would get along

  • Good information Muscle Monsters. Pretty much like it has been for as long as I’ve been lifting (51 years). Variety is the spark that keeps the gains coming, and keeps the mind fresh. A fresh and enthusiastic mind is the underlying foundation for intense training over the years and through a career in bodybuilding. If the mind goes stale, the body’s gains soon follow. “Mix it up!” has always been my mode of operation, so I am always looking forward to my workouts!

  • My theory is Hypertrophic stimulus is all to do with creating micro tears to a certain that doesn’t hinder recovery, the more muscle you have the more resilient the muscle fibres become there for increasing weight with moderate rep range makes sense create more stimulus.

  • So if i lift 40 kg with a barbell and doing many reps will i have both strength and endurance? Because its already heavy which i can manage and i want to have endurance too.

  • I got a hernia from heavy lifting so if you’re at risk for a hernia or if a family member has had a hernia you may want to consider lifting lighter weights. I hope this helps someone.

  • Im 16 and haven’t really been educated on muscular strength and hypertrophy outside of youtube videos and podcast so i want to ask something from you Jeff.

    Is relative intensity taken into account when comparing high training volume to low training volume or low reps to high reps or heavy weight to light weight when hypertrophy is the main goal?

    I understand these studies used intensity and percentages of 1RM in most case but i learned from the Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting community that relative intensity (which is essentially a high percentage of your 1RM relative to the reps and sets preformed or in bodybuilding terms how close you go to failure) is a great way to progressively overload to max strength. I believe you may be familiar with relative intensity from your powerlifting background. eg you could be doing a set of 12 reps with 1 rep shy of failure which is a extremely high relative intensity as its close to failure but you could theoretically do a set of 20 reps 1 rep shy of failure and still achieve a high relative intensity. A lot of Olympic weightlifting athletes use this approach to get progressively stronger in the weeks leading up to a competition slowly increasing their relative intensity whilst slowly week by week decreasing the number of reps preformed. Could it be that its not high volume that drives hypertrophy but high volume in combination with consistent high relative intensity (1 or 2 RIR whilst periodically having sessions were you go to failure) could this high relative intensity approach for low reps and high reps prove to be just as effective in both scenarios or would low reps take and edge due to its high muscle fiber recruitment etc.

    Thanks to anyone who took their time to read and answer.

  • Thank you for the informative video my friend. What if the weights I have at this point of time are so light that I don’t reach failure at 12 reps like in your animation? Do I just keep doing more sets until I hit failure?

  • Every bodybuilding youtubers have different approach in building muscle. Some says lift big to get big. Some says technique is much better. Some says high volume will do while others will say the lesser the better so on and so forth. You guys are just confusing the viewers specially the newbies in bodybuilding. Better stfu thats the best way to build muscle

  • A great routine is to work out every OTHER day to allow your muscles to recover on your off days.
    Day one, train Heavy weights with short reps until failure.
    Day two, rest and recover, eat high carbs to store glycogen in the muscle.
    Day three, train Light weights with high reps.

  • I just got done with a heavy program and didn’t feel great results. Took a week off and started lighter weight of reps of 12 to 20 to failure and feel great.

  • Thank you for this invaluable input. I’ve been told numerous times in order to “feel” your muscles tear you need heavier weights.

    I’ve done both and I find that lighter weights with more reps get me more than heavier weights and less reps

    Big fan

  • My body has shit endurance, but it’s well equipped for strength. I can gain strength fast with a rep range of 5-7 for 2 sets. Once I go above that it takes longer and longer to up the weight.

  • Step 1. Get diet in check.
    Step 2. Start light weight and nail the form and mind muscle connection.
    Step 3. When the weight starts to feel light and you’re banging out more reps up the weight more and bang those out until you grow and adapt.

  • You can build your cock muscle with light weights, but that’s about it. Force = Weight = Mass x Gravity. The greater the force (hence weight) the greater the muscle responds to muscle building exercises and subsequent growth. Now go away you bother me.

  • I do both, 20 Reps of Heavy Weights/Sets up to 3 sets. (30kg) a day everyday and 1 Sets of 100 Reps of Light Weights(7kg) once a week for endurance. Dunno if this good lmao.

  • I watch a lot of YouTube videos from the top fitness guys, and I have to say, your videos are excellent. Clear, concise, and simple to understand. Keep it up.

  • What needed here is besides from the weight issue, one needs to have proper form first. Lifting weights without using a proper form is the same as killing your own body instead of getting gains.

  • One of the best videos I’ve seen on this subject!

    There seems to be this trend going on where I live where everyone thinks you can only get big by doing only powerlifting and 5 or less reps. But when I look around I just see skinny guys and fat guys that are just really strong.

  • Very informative but you didn’t cover drop sets which cover the light and heavy I assume. Also using heavy takes less time and less boring. It’s drop sets for me.

  • First og all you got to realise that it is not about heavy or light weigh, but about how many reps do you want to be able to take in one set. So if you want to build strength you might want to take less reps, and opposite if you want to build size. But honestly guys… when this guy starts taking about that he goes for heavy weight and high reps, this guy does not know what he talks about even tho the said he is honest like 100 times in 7 min. And second of all: a bodybuilder look or beach look? Really dude? That’s the same thing you dum fuck. Its strength or looks…and if you training heavy or light weight does not have to say anything about how shredded you are.

    So please guys, do not listen to this guy… there are so many better sources than this joke.

  • Nobody messed with Tyrone on the school bus, regardless of the length. If the wheelchair lift didn’t work, Tyrone would substitute.

  • Right now, I have 2 standard 1inch barbells 1 weight more than the other so I use the 15ibs barbell for curls. I just got back to lifting about a month ago and my arms are burning due to doing 4 sets of 10s 3 days a week, and I have 8 15s, 6 10s, 2 13.2s and 2 4.4s in bumpers. I need some 20s-50s asap, but I can stick with these for a while to build up my strength.

  • Just curious why you say to have the deadlifts as a concentric only exercise? I feel like by slowing down the eccentric phase I get great engagement in my hamstrings

  • Watched this video earlier today, tried half the weigh and twice the reps, can definitely tell the difference in my triceps and delts.

  • Recently found your videos and have done three workouts based on lighter weights higher reps and have felt the difference during the workout. Looking forward to seeinģ the results in a few weeks time.

  • 10-12 reps is not high reps. 15-25 reps is high reps and the professional body builders do a lot of super high reps with lighter weights. What might be heavy weights to you might be light to someone else…. You’re right when you said it depends on you, there is no answer!!! I totally agree with you there bro!!!

  • 1:57 i love that Jeff even provides visualized data to back up his description of what he thought may be the reaction to a video he made and why.

  • answer something for me tyrone. How the hell is it possible for you to be doing heavy weight and high reps? Thats impossible. If your doing high reps than the weight is light. You need to find weight that you can barely get 2-5 reps. What your lifting is light if your doing high reps. So technically, your getting strong and shredded from lifting light weight and high reps. Its ok though because recent studies has come out suggesting that light weight and high reps builds just as much strength and muscle if not more compared to heavy weights in low reps. Personally, I never see any reason for anyone to try and lift heavy. Its bad for the body in the long run and it will eventually lead to injuries as you get older. Stick with lightweights and high reps at all times.

  • I use both when i train. Start heavy, lift until 2 rep failure then bone the lighter weight until i get the pump. That Pump is addictive.

  • It bothers me when people use literally “statistically insignificant” data as some form of evidence… ITS INSIGNIFICANT. ITS NOT-A-SIGN.

  • What he says about getting amped up for sets of 8, and thinking that was easy is actually spot on. For the last 2/3 weeks I’ve been trying things from Ryan’s videos and cranking out the sets, I gotta say, this is way harder. It’s also more fun. Connecting with muscles is way more poignant than moving weight. Drag curls are the shit! You hold that squeeze at the top a second and those biceps just light up. Also I’ve grown some morbid fascination about putting my quads through hell like I’m some kind of sadomasochist on quad day. Probably need help.

  • Abe oh cartoon, stop shaking so much and if u r such an expert how come u have no physique.. go and put the science tht u talk about to ur body first and then give gyaan..

  • I would say this. During the time when the gyms were closed, I too trained solely with only resistance bands.
    There is no doubt I had gains on my biceps and triceps. The focus was totally on technique and hitting the muscles from different angles and it worked.

  • When i lift light i do 15 and i feel my muscle burn (i lift to failure)
    But when i lift heavy i do 10 and don’t feel this burn i feel with the light. It is probably cause i control the light better

  • Just found your channel, love that you use PubMed for your research. You were dropping a few unfamiliar lifting terms, please define them now and again, thanks.

  • U have to lift both heavy and light!U lift heavy to get that good pump up for your muscles and then u get a good amount of reps with the light weights to keep the pump going because as we all know the heavier weights will burn you out if you are not careful!It’s that simple Tyronn,I’m just letting you know!��

  • You funny, smart. But your advice is for kids that don’t know anything, even then probably wouldn’t take your advice. Your vids are great for the lol’s however…

  • Came Across your channel for the first time and have to see it I couldn’t even watch first video because it’s like watching a PowerPoint presentation. Text on the screen followed by exact narration it’s not cool

  • I’m 60, started bodybuilding in 1975, spent 20 active duty Army so I have many years trying every type of workout. The best and quickest gains I have made is when I used light weight high (controlled) reps! It’s not even close, unless your goal is strength why would you do sets of 10 reps or less! Time under stress is the rule for building muscle. And extra bonusless injuries! Thanks for putting this out there, hopefully you saved a newcomer time and frustration!

  • Only things which suck in Indian fitness industry are:-
    Lack of knowledge about science based workouts
    Bro science YouTuber which include people like Ranveer allahbadia
    People abusing steroids and showing a false image of fitness..example Tarun Gill

  • Bro I’m little bulky side I mean my body naturally on a bulky side I am interested in strength training so I was thinking of heavy lifting den also I have to constrate on lighter weight training apart from heavy lifting

  • This one video is a complete package! It is exactly what I needed. Beats all the fitness videos on YouTube giving out Bro-science. Keep up the good work man and stay scientific (y)

  • The science of fitness has reasons for both heavyweights and light weights. Depending on what you want to do. there is a word called ENDURANCE generally not seen in Indian fitness. whether youtube or real life I have not seen a single person talking about fitness or endurance. you go through all the famous YouTubers into this fitness business in India they talk about the steroids,muscles…no discussion about endurance. You talked about strength but not a single time about endurance,. what you guys teach are just muscle mass and muscle building. that is what we are lacking in. we always have this belief that one who is muscular is fit. But real fitness is endurance and having a body like an athlete. If we look for examples like #AKSHAY KUMAR #VIRAT KOHLI are more into endurance and toned fitness having abs and full of energy. Whereas #John Abraham #salman khan #sanjay Dutt are muscular. But for INDIANS they just believe that only the 2nd category is fitness and cool. Although both are cool on their part.

  • Bro what about HIIT (moderate weight and as many reps as you can in 1 minutes) i am doing this so please tell me it is right for or not, i am a beginner, i am skinny fat

  • I believe it’s time under tension. I can do 12 reps of squats, really quickly, not controlling the movement, which takes 15seconds all together. Or do it nicely, controlled, slowly negative, which can take for 40 second. It’s still not the same.

  • I started using higher rep training methods. Pretty much lighter weight due to short rest periods of 10 to 30 seconds(longer for lower body) higher volume of 6 to 8 sets of 12-20 reps. Still incorporating heavy sets strategically. Less aches and pains, better recovery. Less cardio required.

    There are other studies just like this one.

    “Resistance exercise load does not determine training-mediated hypertrophic gains in young men.”


    “Neither load nor systemic hormones determine resistance training-mediated hypertrophy or strength gains in resistance-trained young men.”


    “Effects of whole-body low-intensity resistance training with slow movement and tonic force generation on muscular size and strength in young men.”


  • I find it hard to focus on what you say, really. You are so gorgeous and sweet, that I have to watch the video again to actually listen to you. I started working out a month ago.

  • I use 5kg and 10kg dumbells doing 2×20 sets. 5kg for shoulder press and sideraise.I do hollow body rock with a 5kg dumbell in hands and doing a twist at the top.
    10 kg for biceps,triceps chest press,upper back exercise,deadlift for the lower back and squats.
    And then I do all the above with rubber bands, except for my core workout.With bands I do separetaly exercises for lower belly,obliques and for the upper part of the abs.
    And then a 30 minutes fast pace walking/cycling for cardio.
    I do it 5 times a week before breakfast.
    The whole thing with warmup and stretching at the end takes 50-60 minutes.
    I do this for about 3 month now and I got leaner but not skinny.
    I still have atleast 10 kg of plus weight but I lost atleast the same amount of fat already.

  • light weights should be done with proper form and explosiveness until failure. this is best if you’re trying to keep your heart rate up and lose weight. if you’re not trying to lose weight, do heavyweights but every now and then do lightweights to keep your heart healthy.

  • I like all your content and the fact that you back your info with science. When are you going to make a video with your workout recommendations for a person who fast?

  • THE LIGHTEST weights you can start with as a newbie… the better the results! Then you can progress fast!! as you can lift heavier weights weekly/monthly… and the muscle will grow as you progress! Going super heavy from the start is the biggest mistake you can make. I did that years ago… and then took 6 weeks off and started again lighter.. then started getting results.

  • 1 day high rep with low weight and another day low rep with higher weights thinks it will work out well after finish hitting cardio for 40 minutes…

  • This still surprises me, how lots of people are not aware about Custokebon Secrets, despite the fact that a lot of people get good result because of it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost a lot of weight with it without starving myself.

  • i watch your every video… and get a kind of motivation and energy within me after watching out your videos because you tell us the correct science behind those hypocrate myths… keep on going ur biggest fan here.. ����

  • more reps is better than less reps.imagine boxers training for a fight and body builders training for competition.when both run who do u think would achieve more distance in shortest possible time?..go figure

  • Dumb luck works too. My current program matches the recommendation almost to a tee. Just where I ended up through logical reasoning.

  • So much wrong about this video….so much wrong information…Ranveer please understand the science about how muscles are built and stop sharing Bro science

  • The more bro-Jeff makes it into these videos, the more I hate this channel. Maybe if you hadn’t been so effective at gimmick free content for so long the inclusion of a click-bait character wouldn’t bother me.

  • Bro very nice vedio this is going to help me a lot in terms for fitness and lot of required information I have acquired from this vedio thnxx a lot u r the best

  • You r wrong ranveer, i request u and others to watch this video and take a look at the research that is being done on this matter https://youtu.be/m6EGAn4FlLg

  • I found Pyramidal lifting is the key for muscle growth, 2 sets of 20 reps then increase the qeight and decrease reps till you get to 4 reps, drop the weight and do same thing backward, you will hit every single aspect of your growth potential

  • His comment on getting bigger during quarantine is EXACTLY what I realized. I barely have enough weights, so I was limited to what I could do. I am currently in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

  • Great! More complicated philosophy of body building to confuse the general public who are just trying to get a win in their lives when it comes to fitness or being comfortable with their bodies. I’m glad I just watch these videos seldomly as I’ve found out about these “EXPERTS”, indoctrination of t the new fitness craze that is or soon will be filling their bank accounts. Anyone reading this, just focus on being healthy; then look to build muscle with a friend who doesn’t Change routines just because a new study came out. Too many of these findings change often due to improper study techniques. I’m looking at what was said in the video & I’m reminded that in the early 90’s it was told to me that low reps resided at about 8-10 while high reps were 11-15; noticehow the numbers change(I believe it really doesn’t matter other than indoctrinating people into a particular workout plan where these Trainers get paid more).

  • I got a hernia from heavy lifting so if you’re at risk for a hernia or if a family member has had a hernia you may want to consider lifting lighter weights. I hope this helps someone.

  • This really doesnt make too much sense at all.
    When you start lifting you gonna start with light weight
    As you get stronger you increase the weight DONE.
    Now if you are talking about heavy weight like high sets low reps
    weight that is almost your one rep max
    thats pretty much called powerlifting or strenght training.

  • Let me save u this dribble rep the muscle to absolute failure you will grow providing ur doing all the other correct food n sleep requirements only other benefit of using a heavy weights for lower reps again to failure being the key is the strength gains there are ample studies out there to back this fact.

  • I call bullshit. Just about every bodybuilder in history has grown big muscle from lifting heavy weights. This guy is so genetically gifted that it doesn’t matter whether he lifts heavy or light his muscles were always going to respond. Thing is, most people watching this video are probably everyday hardgainers who aren’t as naturally gifted and they aren’t going to grow muscle by doing 20-30 reps with light weights.

  • That doesn’t make sense, how can you lift weight that is heavy to you if you can do 5 sets of 10 reps with it? That’s not heavy weight for you, heavy weight for you would be 3 sets barely being able to squeeze out 4-6 reps.

  • I think his hand movements and the general enthusiasm for explaining things to us is actually making it easier to understand what he’s trying to convey.
    I don’t understand why people are complaining.

  • Bill Phillips had it right decades ago. Pyramid-style ascending weight/lower rep sets to failure in 4-6 sets, quickly followed by a low weight drop set to drive intensity, max our failure, max out volume and avoid overload injury. Best all around set program.

  • What exactly does “taxed metabolically” mean? Is there really a risk at doing high rep sets? I usually go max for 5 reps and do drop sets till failure, which usually happens to be between 15-20.

  • During the pandemic, I was stuck using up to 25 Lb. dumbells. So, I did high reps for incline and decline fly, bicep curls and triceps extensions. Lo and behold, I actually see an increase in arm size and chest size. Also, i used 15 lb. dumbells for side laterals and front laterals and also see growth in my shoulders. I did not less than 20 reps per set per exercise. Yes, I probably have lost strength (I’ll find out next week when my gym reopens) but, at my age (72) I can’t afford muscle injuries from heavier weights. So, agree with Ryan on this point.

  • Do your four rep max then keep doing sets of that till you can’t go anymore, then take 20 pounds off and do 3 rep sets till you can’t anymore. Keep repeating until you get to the bar and relax for five minutes, then do everything again another two times. You shouldn’t be doing a schedule for your sets, if you can’t do your 1-5 max rep set anymore switch to a lighter weight

  • Thanks for the clarity. I keep hearing these so-called pros saying 8-12 reps of four sets for each body part. Or, 5×5. Never know what is correct.

  • Low wieght(not to low) high reps’
    Heavy weight low reps
    I shift every other day then max once a week’ but every one is different, find what works for you and kill it-

  • i like most of your videos and advice and i guess im likely in the minority but i think ‘reacting’ to your own video is kinda cringe. also, 11 minutes in, and you’re still talking about the very first point.

  • Hey Gonzalez, I admire your personal fitness content on your channel! I work at BBTV as a Content Partnership rep and I would love to discuss business opportunities with you at an available time. Email me at [email protected] bbtv.com and we can connect at a convenient time for you!

  • I discovered this truth for myself after a serious injury via heavy weight. And so after I healed up I started doing real light weights and hey I feel good esp my joints. Getting better blood flow and not always feeling tired and beat up. Gained an inch my thighs too. Recovery time improves too. It works.

  • Keep in mind that these guidelines are for novice and early intermediate trainees. Some of the advice given in this video will NOT pertain to advanced lifters. Particularly, the theory of Effective Reps. In the case of an advanced lifter, total volume seems to be most important.

  • Some muscles, like the biceps, are extra punishing if you have bad form. And if you go ham on the biceps curls, I can see why one would not gain anything out of that. But besides that, if you are experienced and you got your form down, 8 clean reps is the way to go, at least for me

  • Multi time winner of Mr Olympia, Kali Muscle, said it himself “Who ever does the most reps will look the best”.. “Pump the muscle (no hyperextension/keep the blood flow with pumping reps) constant tension (no pausing/not allow the tension/muscle to rest) and 15 + reps for more of the workout (of the above).


  • love the content, but its so obvious you are copying Jeremy either, legit everything said and the structure of your videos lately are identical or similar to his.

  • I’ve seen this 30% vs 80% of 1RM research and although its results seem solid, if I remember right, they are obtained based on isolating a small amount of activity on a limited set of muscle groups per week. In translating the principle up from 2 or 3 muscle groups to the entire body, with sufficient volume to stimulate growth in all muscle groups, the 30% approach starts to look a little flakey, simply because of the sheer amount of extra volume needed to provide the same stimulus that a lesser volume performed at 80% would produce. It could well push most drug-free lifters into excessive volume that can’t be recovered from. Nevertheless it’s a useful finding to have, and why not train parts of the body very light, other parts heavier, cycling this approach around all the body parts over a programming period?

  • Excellent analysis, and thorough explanations! However, in my case I have up to three joint injuries, shoulders, upper left hip joint; but mostly my right shoulder. Therefore, I cannot follow a routine with very heavy weights. Besides, I believe mostly in high intensity training, HIT, or what is called heavy duty training.

  • High reps with heavy weight? If it’s heavy you shouldn’t be able to do high reps. I’m not going to bench 315lbs 14 to 20 reps. I lift that shit 3 sets 6 to 8 times.

  • No,the video wasnt that helpful.you had some valid points but missed a couple of the lynchpins.i;its true 8 sets of 3 is not as effective as 3 sets of 8,WITH THE SAME WEIGHT.but no one would use the same weight.they would perform 8 sets of triples with a much higher weight.thus yielding more hypertrophy as well as significantly more strength.the lynchpin word is,wait for it,…EFFORT!its never about sets and reps.its about effort.likewise coming into the gym and performing 1 max rep wont work because it’s not enough effort.same with doing a thousand reps with the empty bar.although you get a hell of s pump.with brings us to the second point;forget about sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.its just a pump that you can keep for a few weeks.and the you deflate like a balloon if you stop traing.the only real hypertrophy is myofribular hypertrophy.the contractile elements grow.the short term swelling of the goo is just that.that type of hypertrophy you keep for years after stopping lifting.heavy weight for as much volume as you can recover from is the name of the game,always.

  • Been lifting heavy weights for most my training years never did me no harm…to say lifting lighter weights does more for you in terms of muscle building is bullshit…i lift lighter weights every now and again to give my body a rest or when im more tired than usual…but I just like seeing big roided up people using light weights are better for you excuses because there weak as piss and cannot train heavy…they look the part but are very weak…so use the light weights are better for you rubbish….lol������ a mixture of both has done me a world of good and im not exactly small…

  • I’ve been on a 60 day program I have 10 days left. I’ve definitely gotten stronger but I was thinking of trying something different after watching several of your videos on compound lifting I want to do this. Three days a week MWF compound lifts mixed with Olympic lifting movements. Barbel Monday dumbbell wed, and hammer strength Fri. Tuesday thursdays legs and iso movements. Then as a three week cycle of 1st week heavy for strength 2nd moderate weight even strength and endurance and 3 week light weight for endurance. Then repeat in hopes I can grow and get stronger. What is your opinion on this?

  • Your videos rock man, very straightforward and educated content. None of that ‘Yo bro lets fucking lift’ crap that American youtubers put out. Keep it up.

  • ahahaha dude i watched this video first, then went and saw the other video. If you really are going to be bringing Bro Jeff more often, you have to at least change the way he talks… Do like a slow mellow surfer accent or something as i for one, knew it was a joke (coming from this video), but the disconnection from tone and visuals was weird ahahah

    Btw thanks for helping me improving my technique. I love the videos, I’m a fat skinny dude with lots of work to be done, but little by little i’ve feeling how technique and full range of motion really outshines other aspects

    I’ve also getting compliments from coaches and buffs dudes on the gym, for my technique and ability to go lift past what my frame should allow, so that’s on you man. Cheers
    (btw i don’t mean i’m using weights i can’t control, I can bench just fine till my fail zone in 8-10 reps, but proper technique really can help you add those extra pounds, and overall is great seeing progress since i started with 15lbs on each side lol)

  • Anyone else not understand this shit he just saying big words and saying numbers that are true but nobody about to understand this bullshit

  • Mix things up, it works so well… I do full body 3 times a week. For my first day I go heavy with low reps( mostly compound lift ) and on my next training session, I decrease the weight and go with high reps. This works for me ( shocking the muscle). The end product is an increase in strength and size…
    Just train smart, eat clean, stay hydrated, rest and be patient for growth

  • ok, 5 reps is heavy, but 12 reps isnt light… it is moderate…. 15-20 is light
    There is a need to keep that in mind when giving novice or intermediate lifters any advice.

  • What i find that works best for me is
    1 set: light weight: as much as i can go until my muscles are on fire.
    Wait 2 mins and increase the weight to where i fail after 10 but stop at 8. 3 sets of those with a 3 min wait time and then switch back to light weights to burn them again. Ive seen really good results from that.

  • My god you got a body of stone bricks amazing I need to lose my weight now if I start my diet like cereal for breakfast then my lean shake for lunch and then my lean shake for dinner now will I get your shape

  • Jeff I think you’re missing something here. Say I’m lifting lighter at 15 to 20 reps…it’s gonna take me longer to get stronger. Say I’m doing 7 to 10 reps…I’m getting stronger faster and the stronger you are the bigger you’re getting.

    Obviously there are muscle groups that respond better to lighter vs heavier weight. I think that depends person to person tho

  • Lemme explain VOLUME vs FORM: the difference with Work definition in physics and biomechanics is that in physics, we assume the system in question does ALL the work, while in biomechanics, we have to think about it. Ie, if the engine moves the car with certain force over certain distance, THE ENGINE did the work because… fuck it, what else COULD have, right? Now if HUMAN BODY curls a weight with certain force over certain distance, it’s not that fooken simple, is it. If work done by curling is X, and you curl so ONLY YOUR BICEPS do the work, then the BICEPS did work X, right. But if you do shit form and use front delts, lower back and forearms to curl, then your Biceps did work X (work done by forears) (work done by lower back) (work done by front delts). So even if mathematically THE SAME VOLUME IS LIFTED, biomechanically THE BICEPS GOT LESS VOLUME. Now if you swing like a maniac and add momentum, there’s gonna be SIGNIFFICANTLY less volume.

  • Great videos:) i watch them every day and find out alot of new information. Thanks! I know you will have millions of subscribers in no time.

  • After 25 years of training,I watch your videos,25 years of bad elbows,sore knees,dodgy shoulders etc I throw my ego out the window and seriously drop the amount of weight and really concentrate on mind muscle connection..it feels like 25 years of wasted training.. Thank you.

  • You are not late. You came along just when the field was getting too heavily burdened. Thanks for bring back the “just get grinding” attitude back.

  • All this sounds very confusing to me. What I do is just try to push my self as much as I can. And to give you some backstory, on January I was 126kg (22yo -23now) now I weigh 95kg and I started going to the gym like 5 months ago, so I’m no expert by any means, when I started I was lifting dumbbells of 6kg, since then I increased the weight to 11kg each and I’m doing 3 sets 15 reps or sometimes 4 sets. Or squats I started with just the bar 2 months ago and yesterday I lifted like 42kg also 3 sets of 15 reps. So I’m always trying to increase the weight I lift and push my self, also stop eating junk, I’m not saying that you have to plan your meals or crazy stuff like that, like some ppl on YouTube who have like 50 bags and they plan their meals that way, for example 7 bags have the breakfast for 7 days another 7 bags have the launch for 7 days and so on. No that’s bs if you ask me, unless you want to become a professional bodybuilder, of you don’t want to become a professional bb then all you have to do is eat normally and healthy, eat your breakfast then make some coffee or tea, then you’ll eat your launch etc, or if it helps u, you can use a cup so you won’t overdo it with your launch, so for example if you have let’s say macaroni for launch you’ll fill one cup and that’s it make q nice salad alongside it and you’re golden.

  • I havent lifted weights consistently for about two years after we had our son, just doing a day here and there, lost a bit of muscle and strength (no surprise there). However past two months been going to gym twice a week at a minimum, doing a mixture of both heavy and moderate, 5 x 5 compound program for all lifts for the first month helped me regain strength quite rapidly but leaving the gym in a non exhausted state, second month added more training to hypertrophy and a upper lower body split, so still do 5 x 5 for heavy squats more hip dominant, plus 2 to 3 sets to failure 8 to 12 rep range or failure at slightly lighter weight quad dominant plates under heels, followed by hack squats with over extension at the knee, leg curls, leg extensions all to failure. Results very sore legs that remain sore for about a week and even then not fully recovered so only 1 leg day per week needed, but hip stability and flexion much more secure, squats getting deeper and deeper, legs constantly feel firm and full of blood and overall strength improved drastically. I do upper body parts but maybe not quite as intense but still try to implement mixture of 5 x 5 and hypertrophy and a lot of focus on deadlifts which have improved surprisingly quick. But all things being said the best thing I believe you can do is to get a gym buddy at similar level as have i as you will both push each other, challenge eachother, you will want to try and get one more rep than your partner, or lift a little more weight than them, and importantly give encouragement it go try something heavier or harder and you break plateaus quicker, the feeling of achievement is much more satisfactory and can celebrate them together afterwards

  • Eugene Sandow, Lionel Strongfort, Albert Treloar, Bobby Pandour. You don’t need heavy weights if you have an intense amount reps. These bronze era bodybuilders used a maximum of 10 lb dumbbells every and looked shredded.

  • Hey you just sound confused in all your videos. All you do is first put down someone who does this for a living and go on to blabber one or two scientific words and act like you know it all. Looking at your body you look average and for a guy who’s been lifting for a considerable amount of time you sound funny trying to put down a guy who’s got way better body. Take this as a constructive criticism and stop putting others down and actually try whatever you preach. Any fitness doubts you can DM us @amogh036 or @rahulthyags_97

  • Thank you so much! This explains a lot of why i am lifting more, staying the same weight losing fat and not getting bigger! Im getting denser.

  • 3:40 I’d just like to say that there was a game at Chuck E Cheese where you squeezed a little vibrating rod for as long as you could. Shredded my forearms before I knew what forearms were.

  • Practical advice for all weight trainers at any level… thanks for keepin it real and no bs Ryan. I just found yur videos a day ago and will keep watchin.!

  • It would be great if you can address what should woman do? I mean we would never want to get bulky so what rep range should we go for?

  • heavy weights is better for strength, size isn’t the most important for practical reasons however one week a month, lightweight is good just to prevent over straining

  • The only problem with doing low reps is that you might not get enough volume in.I think they said 12reps is magical because the volume is sufficient and the intensity is good enough.The only way to get enough volume with low reps is to do many sets.I only do low reps for compounds

  • The thing is light weight to med weight workouts work great with HIIT or CrossFit which makes a massive impact on fitness and is the reason why so many fighters and sportsman’s use it. This is obviously in conjunction with some strength training which is usually heavy weight few rep kind of thing

  • As specialist, I do believe Custokebon Secrets can be great way to lost lots of weight. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • What about movements like “bent over row”, “t bar row”, are they really important on excentric?
    I see all the greatests doing this movements focusing on concentric, meaning, lifting really heavy.

  • I have a degree in Science. I teach Physics and Chemistry at College level. I could not understand your terminologies. The 30 percent of this and 70 percent of that. How is the average Joe supposed to figure this out in a gym?

  • Remember,

    The longer a trainer can get people to use their services the better. If your muscles hurt you normally assume progress was made. Not claiming all trainers are like that but basically all trainers are egocentric.

  • Thanks bro i had been gyming for 7 months bit i stopped getting bigger after 4 months or so(i was not consistent because of my xams)but now i know how can i grow again

  • Ranveer u are great…although it’s a one way communication…there’s no doubt left in my mind to be asked…u make every single point very clear..u have a great teaching quality..