What s Better Exercising both at home and Joining a fitness center


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Home Workout vs Gym Workout and the Benefits of Each | Fitness Information

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Especially at the beginning of the year, gyms can have some very attractive options when it comes to membership deals — but even then, streaming workout sites tend to be the more affordable choice, as long as you use them regularly. That can also be an incentive to work out more often since you can continue to lower the per-class cost compared to the fixed expense of a gym. Pros of Working Out at Home. For some people, home workouts are the best option, thanks to these benefits. Convenience: You don’t have to pack a bag, drive anywhere, or arrange for child care.

You could work out in your pajamas, if you wanted to something they frown upon at the gym. Pros to Working Out in a Gym The Gym Mindset Sets the Tone For a Better Workout. “A gym is a highly specific space with a very clear purpos. Home Gym Freedom to work out whenever you want—that’s the number one reason people like to have some kind of a home gym setup. During bad weather it’s a big advantage to be able to work out at home.

You may be able to do that workout if you don’t have much time, whereas if you had to go to the gym, you would have had to skip the workout altogether. What’s more, you can continually tailor your home gym equipment to meet your specific fitness needs and goals. Home gyms are also more convenient than gym memberships because they’re right at home, making it a lot easier for you to fit workouts into your day.

You’re more likely to stick to your fitness plan if you have a home gym because you can’t make excuses. Working out at home has obvious advantages. But there are obstacles, too: distractions from the phone, the kids, the dog, the Internet and the refrigerator can derail a workout.

joining a gym is better than working at home, especially if there is a trainer there helping you, that way you can know what you are doing right and what you. Joining a gym or group fitness class like yoga or Pilates, hiring a personal trainer or doing team sports are also good ideas to increase motivation and enjoyment. If you are unsure whether to splash out on some home equipment or join your local gym, ask about trial memberships to see if you enjoy gym training. Many gyms offer promotions at certain times of the year and you can obtain some excellent deals. That way, you can see if the gym is for you without committing to a year’s subscription.

Every day playing sport is quite difficult for every peoples, for fitness you can spend at least half an hour in gym by doing some cardio exercise like treadmill, elliptical etc.. even you can work it out in home itself without any help. This will keep you active.

List of related literature:

But training at home vs. the gym is a little like working on a car in your backyard compared to a fully equipped automotive garage.

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If you can find a gym near your home or where you work (or even at work), that’s great.

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My friend absolutely loves the gym and feels it’s her home away from home.

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I prefer to work out at home.

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Whether you choose to work out in a gym, in a group environment, or at home alone does not matter nearly as much as simply staying active does.

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If you don’t have a ton of time to spend at the gym, there’s a lot that you can do at home with minimal equipment.

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When you’re back home the bands will come in handy when you want to work out in your house, or you can’t make it to a health club.

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To save commuting time, make sure you’ve got a good home gym, too.

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For instance, like many people, I work out by myself at home.

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If you’re going to be working out at home, then you need at least a few pieces of equipment.

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  • Home gym for sure. Don’t forget catching a virus, egos and work schedule causes you not to go to gym for long while, yet your still making payments.

  • i prefer a home workout purely because i suffer terrible social anxiety and find i try to keep things ‘slow’ in the gym so as not to draw attention to myself, i know thats not the case as people in the gym dont care, they are there to do themselves but in my haggled anxious brain i am making a fool of myself. Home workouts, i dont care how stupid i look, how much i sweat and what bits are wobbling. its just me and a room and i find i work a lot harder because there is no one there to judge.

  • Great point man before I was a powerlifter competing only in amateur bodybuilding I developed my physique using home workouts placing in shows but now I am more on powerlifting stuff I really need the gym to hit high numbers. Because of this quarantine I am going back to working out home just looking good never minding the numbers. For me looking good is a lot more better than just being strong.

  • I’ve been working out since April and I have been working out pretty good and eating well but I’m still not gaining muscle and I hate being skinny, I just feel like if your scronny then the gym is the best place to gain muscle

  • Nice content!! Keep up the good work. You should look into using smzeus!!! Loads of YouTube channels use the site to promote their videos.

  • For years I’ve been teaching myself which routines work for me and I think I have finally found it. Of course right when I find it my sister gets a gym membership. Trying to convince her to work out with me.

  • I most certainly like working out at home better and have gotten way better results without spending extra money and wasted time at the gym! Not that I am against the gym, it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I like to keep things simple and effective! I’m an workout video nut! thanks for sharing!

  • The only problem i have with starting a home gym is the lack of women to check out. You make a lot of really good points, though. Thanks for giving us something to consider.

  • Love this!!! And I love that you mentioned figuring out what works for you based on the season of life you’re in. I really wanted to be gym-goer…..but it just doesn’t work with my daily life right now. So, BOD it is! ��

  • I have allergies on many foods and It is hard for me to find a diet that doesn’t include particular foods. Then my friend sent me link to the website called NextLevelDiet where I can get personalized meal plan only with food I select. My fitness journey has just started, what about you?

  • I stopped my membership few months ago. Used that money to buy a couple set of bars. Should have done this a long ago.

    I just want to stay healthy. You know what programmers’ problem are��. And yes the muscles grow too. Not because I go to gym, but because I lift something.

    Like u said, if you wanna be a great power lifter or you need friend to do this. It’s not a solution for u

  • I like the gym but I prefer to workout at home because I can stay focused more and I can’t be bothered paying expensive gym fee’s I have a good setup at home. Thanks for sharing good video

  • You’re totally right about the rent part, low class people like me per se doesn’t have the space nor the money to buy equipments, plus we don’t have Craigslist here in the Philippines, just saying. Nice video man!

  • Both. I use Planet Ifness because it’s really close to my house, $10 buck a month, open 24 hrs. I’m in my 60’s, retired Marine getting back into exercising ( not yet a workout. There’s a difference). I do a few barbell exercises at home and I go to the Ifness to do exercises I can’t do at home. If I stick to my routine and get the workout bug I pass a military base daily so I’ll start working out on base (free) if I get back to WORKING OUT. I have friends that have high end gym memberships that allow guests. I’ve been fairly active my entire life. I have a host of ways to exercises. I’m over 60 in somewhat fit condition and my biggest physical challenge is being able to play 18 holes of golf.

  • I’m building my own home gym cause the money and time is just on the back of my room great location and i don’t have to wait for somebody to get off the power rack.

  • I knew from the beginning that your end point was going to be “consistency” because that’s what I would have said. I have been working out at home for about 8 years (after using a gym also consistently) and I almost feel like I get a better workout at home because I have more time to do so. Another reason, I guess, is just that I’ve found more ways to mix up my workouts via online resources like YouTube and Pinterest. 8 years ago when we went to the gym I did the same routine /machines every day. But throughout I have been consistent and working out has just been part of who I am for so long. A lot of people don’t understand how I find time/motivation to work out as a busy homeschooling mom but it is literally the first thing I do in the day! I don’t have a chance to psych myself out. Plus I won’t let myself eat breakfast until my workout I done! So there’s motivation for ya! Lol

  • I would never have thought about working out at home but with the current situation I ve had to become more creative in working out my dilemma is now do I need the gym should I go back to it when things go back to normal tttt you still pick up other bugs from the gym might go for training and running in the park etc but do miss my spin classes and think peloton is too expensive and need bike too.

  • So im just getting back into working out again after a couple years and i need help. Do you have any recommendations about programs i can find anywhere

  • Can’t argue with the mathematics about cost and time saved. Wish I lived in a house some day with enough space for a home gym. In the meantime I’m in a shared apartment in NYC…

  • I agree with you brother. I do my mobility training, stretching, ab workouts, resistance band training and other jump training at home as I’m training to dunk again and play pro ball. Saved me so much time, made my workouts more consistent and allowed me to train at any time of the day. This was huge since my Wife and I just had our baby boy. But for those of us without weights at home and certain equipment we need to hit the gym. Plus the atmosphere in a gym is something you can’t really get at home by yourself.

  • I largely agree except the weakness of commercial gyms is also their strength. When a commercial gym has nice close-knit community it turns into really great support system that can boost adherence more than not having to commute to the gym.

  • I’m six and a half weeks postpartum, and I’m trying to gain the confidence to start exercising. I’ve been cleared by my midwife, but I’m scared haha
    I gained 40 lbs, and I’ve lost 30 without trying… but for my mental health I need to start exercising againalso, my pants still don’t fit! haha, that’s a problem.
    I think I’m going to do the beachbody T25 program… 25 minutes is all I can probably put in at this point.

  • I’ve been wondering, once you have a home gym but for some reason you have to move to another city or even another country, what you do? is there a way to move things as heavy as kettlebells, dumbells or even barbells and plates???

  • This is definitely a very situational view. When I was a lot heavier and fatter I definitely couldnt have gone to a commercial gym because I wouldnt have been able to spend enough time at the gym each trip for me to benefit from it and also be time efficient. I bought some barbells and used my old trampoline frame as a pullup bar,started with calisthetics and I left my barbells outside my bedroom door so that every time I left or came to my bedroom Id do some reps. Having a Gym membership also makes you a lot more likely to be dedicated to working out because of all the new information you take in when youre at a gym setting compared to home. Our brains thrive off of novelty, Im not gonna meet anyone new or feel like I have an obligation to keep up if im gonna be working out at home

  • I just started working out and I’m doing it at home with you tube. I literally work out ion my iPhone 5 so as to not waste any time turning on my tv and connecting to YouTube, knowing myself and the little motivation I sometimes have, any wasted time can make me rethink working out. I haven’t been able to workout more than 4x a week because of muscle soreness and also low energy. Is it absolutely necessary to work out 6 days a week to lose weight and tone up? Of course, I realize my eating has to be on point, which I am slowly, very slowly working on. Eating right is hard and takes so much mental energy! It can be pretty tough. Thanks for this video!

  • I’m debating at this moment on a gym membership vs working out at home. I feel the home workouts would save money and as you mentioned, it helps certain ones (like myself) feel more comfortable. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I love Zumba but the town I’m in doesn’t have many options on that. Previously I dropped 100 lbs in 2 years, but have gained a lot of it back. I simply enjoy dance fitness. I suppose I should find some good dance fitness DVDs.

  • I’m a pt and I completely agree, you don’t need to go to a gym to workout
    . I actually found I workout better at home�� Great video

  • Sign up to the VIP list for a discounted price on my 12 Week Booty Bootcamp when it comes out Oct. 21 https://www.growmybooty.com/waiting-list

  • If I actually could afford a home gym setup, I would be able to continue my Certified Fitness Training journey while saving my clients a LOT of money. I’d make money and they’d save money. Win-win situation. But I can’t afford to rent an air conditioned indoor storage room or any of the equipment.

  • how should beginners start off? I am currently weighing 131 pounds. I haven’t lifted weights since I graduated HS last July.. I am Definitely wanting to get back started an finish where I left off but idk where to start. I am wanting to gain more weight in my thighs but with JUST a bit of muscle and strengthen my arm muscles and back muscles.. (I want to keep my bottom & it’s curve) I have watched a few of your videos where you’ve explained that it’ is highly important to eat higher calories while working out as well.. honestly I am too afraid to start my work outs in a gym. Do you think what I am wanting to achieve I can start off at home? Will I need to drink the protein shakes & eat the healthy meals I see you prep? Are there any equipment I’ll need to purchase in order to receive these particular results?

  • Thank you so much for this explanation.
    This helped a lot. I’ve always wondered if I could get some results doing workouts at home, now I know the answer.
    Thank you ��

  • Agreed. a month before the pandemic I canceled my gym membership and started working out at home. Im a business owner and just the fact that I had to drive for 20 minutes get to the gym, put me behind the things I had to get done each day. Now I wake up at 5am, workout, and then I can only focus on the other important things. I don’t think Ill ever have a gym membership again.

  • Do you offer online coaching? I can send you my email. I’m a homeschooling momma and my body has gone through 7 babies back to back:/ I use to weight train and run like a religion but that got the back seat with more and more babies added. Right now I do weights a few times a week and yoga. I need help and encouragement on this. I’m way over weight but I’m extreme active. My husband thinks my body is in stress mode and stores the fat, I agree

  • I def prefer home gym, but its wayyyyyy more expensive than gym membership. My bench only is worth the same rate as my yearly membership lol

  • I think people need to seriously consider what they want to achieve. If you’re not going to commit to serious weightlifting, it would probably make more sense to do calisthenics with very basic equipment at home. Do walking, running, or HIIT for cardio. Do yoga even. Why spend ANY money on a home gym or membership when most of us only want to look decent in a mirror and be healthy?

  • I bought a pull-up bar $50, resistance bands $50, abs wheel $35, push-up bar $30, and a dip bar $130.

    I am buying 2 pairs of dumbbells to use them w/my resistance bands.

    I don’t need more….

    In the last 6 weeks my body changed just using my bodyweight.

    MAYBE I’ll buy adjustable dumbbells (Optional for me).

    That’s it.

  • The amount of money it takes to set up a LEGIT home gym could buy you YEARS worth of a gym membership. But it’s good to have a very MINIMAL set up in your garage just in case u can’t make it to the gym. A few dumbbells and a bench should be fine.

  • I have a treadmill + 0.5 to 10 kg dumbbells (MUCH more than the weight that I can lift at the moment) + resistance bands, I need to gain 2 kgs of lean muscle mass, please tell me I have enough equipment and I can gain what I need at home!!!

  • I’ve found going to the gym is kinda hard after work. Maybe just buying some weights and making my own routine could really work? All I need is a good 30 minutes before bed every night or at least every-other.

  • I love my home workouts. I really prefer a gym class (or at least a video at home) for cardio. I don’t push myself enough when I’m on my own! ��

  • Home gym for sure, no waiting for people to get off equipment, you don’t need to have your own music equipment (headphones/phone) you can jam anything you want at home, you can lift anytime of the day, no matter the time, and finally you can literally workout naked.
    Also, if you’re going to the gym to socialize or require other people to “motivate” you, you shouldn’t be at the gym

  • i want to gain more muscle on my legs and ass, i have been working out almost everyday for 2 months at home. i use resistance bands and weights + ankle weights. it’s hard for me because i’m thin and hard to put on weight with food. the gym is so far away from my house and very expensive to go there everyday. i’m unsure if i should go to gym or keep doing it at home?

  • I bought a pull-up bar $50, resistance bands $50, abs wheel $35, push-up bar $30, and a dip bar $130.

    I don’t need more….

    Maybe I buy adjustable dumbbells or just 2 pais of dumbbells to use them with the resistance bands. (Optional for me)

  • at first I used the Community gym it worked out fine commercial gym did not work out now i do the home gym other gyms were a great start almost finished my physique but I still need use the treadmill. Community gym or commercial gym I don’t want to pay electricity bill on a treadmill running outside there’s too distractions

  • I want to go to the gym to lose 50 pounds because running 12k a week isnt helping me much
    Then after that i can just focus on running, yoga and swimming, which is super cheap in my country because its sunny all year round
    So do you recommend i go get in shape at the gym, then quit after that and do the other stuff?

  • Yes! I love this video! I have three children and homeschool them. For me, getting them ready, out of the house, dropped off for child care, workout, pick them up, get home and shower just plan ol’ takes too much of our day. So, while I’d love to workout at a gym, it doesn’t make sense time wise (and actually budget wise right now: three kids+music lessons+sports=����). For me, I’ve been able to be very consistent with at home workouts. It works for us. ����☺️ thanks for your video!

  • See it really depends on your goals… I mean if you just want to be healthy and good looking then body weight is all you need combined with cardio (callisthenics can get you jacked) if you are looking for competitive lifts then a home gym (garage or garden) can work as you could buy the equipment in time and train at home but… you want have the safety, a lot of people forget that when you are in the gym there is always someone there with you and if an accident happens you will get some
    Help… you ain’t getting help if you failed a heavy squat at home by yourself.

    I think a combination of best.

    You get a very basic home setup for exercise, some dumbness, a medium weigh barbell, maybe a sandbag or two l, kettlebell… this allows you to grow, build muscle and gain strength, then you go to the gym for your big strong lifts and exercises where you can use the equipment you want

  • Hey thanks for the inspiration about home gyms. I’m tired of monthly/annual payments for a gym. I’m working towards my own home gym now.

  • Thank you that was very helpful it really opened my eyes in needing a gym membership vs having the determination to just workout at home.

  • Do you still have a group online? I’m watching all your fitness videos ��. I’m a mom with 5 kids and need some encouragement and help.

  • For some, going to the gym is about training with friends, chatting to attractive people, or showing off. Basically socialising. For me personally, I can get quite lonely. While I don’t talk to anyone at the gym usually, just being around people who have similar goals as me is great for my mental health. A staff member saying, “Hi, Dan, enjoy your session”, really motivates me.
    Here in Ireland, our homes are small. If you have space for a gym, you’re not just middle class, you’re upper class. Houses are significantly smaller here. We don’t have basements like so many from the States seem to do, or huge garages. We have flats, small bungalows, terrace houses, etc.
    Many leisure centres are poorly equipped and you can struggle to find the equipment you need, but most ‘iron’ gyms have enough equipment to share. If you train at hours that are less busy (I train between 2 and 5pm and have only ever had to wait for equipment a few times in the last year) you should be fine, even if you’re supersetting. There are also sports clubs that are owned by the local council and they let their facilities out to trainees for a small fee. They usually are poorly equipped, but they at least allow you and a friend to invest in some plates and store/use them there.
    Reselling equipment is not easy here in Ireland due to the small amount of people.
    I and most others don’t have the needed startup cash to afford the equipment that would be necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you buy used or not, investing in the equipment is a burden that’ll take a long time to ‘pay off’. And during that time, if you get an injury, if family responsibilities sap you of energy, if financial troubles force you to sell your equipment, that’s it, it’s over.
    I do see where you’re coming from, but for the vast majority of UK/EU residents, I don’t see a home gym being practical or viable.

  • I tried the gym and although its a good atmosphere as everyone is going hard i felt uncomfortable with how I looked compared to the majority of people there, home workout is fine you barely need anything other than maybe dumbells if working on specific areas

  • Of course we need to keep in mind why a lot of people go to these gyms. It really is more for socializing, hanging out. If one is serious about working out it would definitely be a frustrating experience.

  • You’re reading from a script, which makes the video unnatural and unpleasant to look at. But very good content and knowledge of the subject.

  • I need to get back on the exercise bandwagon. I was walking 2-3 miles 5-6 days a week until it got to dark to do it first thing in the morning. We now have a treadmill so I started doing that again and will be getting back outside again soon! That said.. could you point me in the right direction for starting some home based strength training?

  • I want to strengthen and tone my body. I have a membership at Planet Fitness right now because it’s affordable and it’s a nice clean place, but should I be doing higher weights and lower reps to gain strength and tone or be leaner? I’m 5’9 and 150 lbs. so losing weight isn’t a big deal to me.

  • For me I enjoy working out in the gym,i easil
    y get motivated seeing other people in the gym trying to achieve their fitness goals and it has helped me to pay more attention to strength training.Thanks for sharing and I’m also humbled to be in your video������

  • People just copy what on screen, families and friends follow trend, that’s, no critical thinking by themselves. At home convenient, free, quiet, exciting due can listen n watch whatever while exercise, no need time schedule nor transportation, cause traffic jam, pollution. By the way we should go work physically n walk instead drive n lazy try not to work, then have to drive to gym later, make no sense.