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GRAACE Have Fun At Your Party

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How to go to a party alone (and actually have fun)

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How Not to Overdo It at a Party (& Still Have Fun!) by Coach Stevo. November 17, 2014. 9 Comments. Share it: You’re three weeks into your new diet.

You’ve lost a little bit of weight before the holidays, but you look at your calendar and see a dozen parties in. This, as you probably already know, is a label you want to avoid. But it’s still all too common to look at your company’s annual office party as an opportunity to get wasted. Yes, a holiday party is supposed to be fun. It’s a much-deserved opportunity to kick back and.

Intentionally or not, people often try steering the conversation back to themselves. When I’m at a party, I make a conscious effort to keep the. Yes, downing a few drinks with your friends and letting loose is fun. But, getting way too drunk for anyone to handle is downright obnoxious. Just have some drinks to reach that ‘happy high.

How to Throw a Fun After-Party (Without Breaking the Bank) The party doesn’t have to end when the reception does. by The Knot. JOSEPH LIN PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s pretty crucial to keep the party going after your reception ends because—odds are—you’ll have plenty of revelers who won’t want the night to end when the reception does (including.

Just Have Fun This one applies more to house parties than it does to networking events (although those can be fun, too). But think about the possibilities of being at a party. As a guest, parties offer the perfect opportunity to take a break from the hectic schedule and have some fun. Personally, I love attending parties and meeting people. However, I know many who shy away from attending any kind of party.

They feel pretty awkward at such dos, like it’s not their cup of tea. Ways to Enjoy a Party. So, you have to work out opening lines, think up interesting topics, and areas of common interest. Then there is the music, chaos, standing up for long periods, trying to get another drink, and finding a chair to sit on. This is exhausting and you wish you had never accepted the invitation.

Advertising. Out of a dozen invited classmates, one turned up. Most parents did not even bother to RSVP.

Don’t worry, we had a fantastic party and a house. However, there’s another side to living the party life, too, and that is that it’s easy to overdo it. While many people just naturally move on from the party scene, others seem incapable of leaving, and it can begin to have a negative impact on their life.

List of related literature:

Grab a drink, keep it in your hand at the party, and focus on socializing.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
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The whole point of a party is to have fun.

“The Essential Alkaline Diet Cookbook: 150 Alkaline Recipes to Bring Your Body Back to Balance” by Rockridge Press
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ENTERTAINING Everyone loves a party, but the trick is to ensure that the cook has a good time, too.

“The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” by Susan Westmoreland
from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook
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At the end of the night, tip the deejay so that the next time you’re on the stage, he’ll play the hot music to get everybody—you included—pumped.

“Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way” by Nene Leakes, Denene Millner
from Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way
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We all love a good time and never want a party to be over, but don’t be that person who stays hours after even the host has gone to bed (at least not without offering to help clear up the mess).

“Cordially Invited: A seasonal guide to celebrations and hosting, perfect for festive planning, crafting and baking in the run up to Christmas!” by Zoe Sugg
from Cordially Invited: A seasonal guide to celebrations and hosting, perfect for festive planning, crafting and baking in the run up to Christmas!
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Don’t be afraid to take this to parties, but bring extra because your friends willwant some too!

“Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor's Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin” by Trevor Cates
from Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor’s Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin
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Make sure that everyone knows what music to expect, try to get a group of ringers (people specifically invited for the task) who’ll dance on the floor no matter what you play and don’t forget to read the crowd and play music that they want to hear.

“DJing For Dummies” by John Steventon
from DJing For Dummies
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Parties are meant to be fun!

“How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide” by Meghan Doherty
from How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide
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If you’re lame and annoy everyone, the party will move to another room to get away from you.

“Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the New Music Business: (2020 edition)” by Jesse Cannon, Todd Thomas
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If you know there’s going to be alcohol or drugs at a party, make other plans.

“Handbook on Counseling Youth” by John McDowell, Bob Hostetler
from Handbook on Counseling Youth
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  • If you are a single girl at a party alone then my friend, you are the belle of the ball. A.K A. every dude there thinks that you are free game and F***able. Girls, your life is easy. Show up. Choose who you want to f**k and be done with it. Stop pretending being a girl is difficult. 3:00 that is the hottest orange dress EVER. I love it. Sexy. Retro and just plain the bestest.

  • Here’s something I’d like to point out, if you NEED to get drunk, you’re not truly having a good time, but instead forcing yourself to ingest a drug just to feel any form of happiness, but why? What’s the point of going to an event or gathering only to get drunk and make a fool of yourself? It’s something I’ve never understood. Hell, take camping for instance, people say they love it, but need to get drunk just to have a good time, so at that point, you’re not really enjoying the camping itself, you’re enjoying getting drunk and using camping as an excuse to do so. So here’s something I’d like to challenge you all to do, go to events without ingesting alcohol, see whether it’s something you actually enjoy or is it something that’s an excuse to consume a drug.

  • I literally go to parties and be like ‘hey I’m Sionna what’s yr name!? 
    Children are so much better at making friends that I just copy 
    their energy. Works wonders I swear by it!! xxx much love <3

  • Top of the list stop thinking going alone anywhere is bad. Second don’t drink. I have never understood the negative stigma of going anywhere alone.

  • The part about the dancing is so true. When I go partying with my friends and I decide not to drink, I just dance and after a short timeI feel like I’m drunk and confident even though I didn’t drink anything. At first it might feel awkward dancing while sober but you just have to do it and be aware that no one gives a shit how you dance, they are concentraing on them selves and won’t remember anyway.

  • So basically I need to go to a party and be a trashcan for other people’s thoughts, which would mean 5-6 hours of home apathy to recover(

  • Anna,.. that was my life, pushing myself to do social stuff even if I was uncomfortable… Seems like you are just getting youself used to what some of us have been pushed by life to do, because otherwise we would remain isolated from people

  • If you consistently don’t drink, and your friends consistently do, it’s likely you will part ways in a short amount of time. this is great advice for casual friendships, dating, and in general. But, sober ppl will often get sick of the antics and the being around the habit in general. It’s almost like unspoken peer pressure. Not that you should do something you don’t agree with, or want to do to fit in. I love the idea of giving an alternative to a “drinking” function. But, if you USED to drink regularly at your place with your friends and you invite them over for dinner, it’s automatically assumed there will be drinking with or after dinner. I guess it’s better than hanging out in a smoky bar if you don’t have any intention of imbibing.

  • I think as an extrovert… staying inside was pretty hard… to do the 1st.. week.. until I found cool projects..to do around my house.. like paint, remodel it all by myself.. it was fun..����

  • until now I have teach my dog how to sit,get down,spin,get back,high five,stay,leave it,jump and play dead but he doesn’t wanna learn how to put his toys in a box ��

  • I have a toy poodle she weighs 8 pounds and has knee problems so the vet recommended that she shouldn’t be doing more jumping than she has to do I keep all her tricks on the ground like weave,spin,crawl etc.

  • When I first moved to Thailand I didn’t know anybody. So I would go to the bars and do exactly what she said here. And it worked.
    Then once I was in for a bit I would invite them to play darts or pool and kind of bring them into my world and shifted Dynamic a little in my favor. This would help me feel more comfortable and confident quickly while meeting new people.

  • Here we see the history of a brilliant creative woman and her suffering cause the rest of the world cant understand her genius, and each day she falls further and further into the path of drug abuse to cope with her loneliness, as she cant seem to connect with any of her coworkers cause they cant grasp her excentrical ways

  • Be yourself. Be true to yourself. And tell people why you are the way you are. I went to a party once and the TV was on, I turn off the TV and said, “Sit. Conversate.” Because that is what a party should be. At the company picnic, I’m the only one who brings a gomoku set, western chess set, and chinese chess set. Being who you are is the most important thing.

  • I notice all the dog trainers always have a Australian cattle dog to train. Not the ave mutt that is not one of the smartest dogs known.

  • Having been someone who has been to clubs and parties on my own as a fellow introvert, this gives me anxiety haha. It’s super awkward and I’ve definitely done the phone thing while drinking one to many beers, but I’ve been really wanting to learn how to do it right. And I think you may have given me the insight I needed! Thank you:)

  • I’m pretty much the exact opposite of this at parties.
    Basically i’ll just eat some snacks and food, maybe watch a movie, and usually am completely silent unless spoken to or I’m with someone I’m extremely close to

  • Went to a Las Vegas New Year’s party alone. Made some friends but no wife. Average investment for a pitiful adult high school prom.

  • Hey all, obviously I made this prior to COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic. Please practice social distancing until this pandemic passes, then party it the hell up when it is safe!!

  • omg the way katy talks, whenever she enunciate’s something too long it sounds like a whiny moan, it like changes in frequency for a second, i bet she did that on purpose one day to be funny and now she’s the annoying one in the sketches XD

  • When Anna says next time you go to a party alone actually talk to people.

    But that feeling when you don’t get invited to any parties.:/

    Like, it’s fine. I love staying at home alone anyways.

  • hii Grace. this is so random but i just wanna say i still have an audio of the cover of turning pages u did 5-6 years ago?? i tried looking for it again lately but seems like u deleted it already, glad its on my old laptop cause its the best cover of the song i ever heard and i love it until now! haha

  • That is one Amazing video man!..what you say makes soo much sense…people are so blinded… Almost everyone ises alcohol as a crutch to have fun!!
    Which is not the case!!!

  • I don’t drink anymore and I used to drink only occasionally. Since I decided to quit completely, I have definitely felt the difference. I’m enjoying things and conversations a lot more. I think it’s a lot to do with the confidence of knowing I’m never going to slur my words when I’m talking and that staying sharp means I’m more likely to come up with clever things to say.

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  • The whole drinking culture is quite a wonder to me. Like the definition of most night out is being drink or getting high, and it’s “fun”….. maybe it’s because of stress? I don’t really know. But isn’t there a lot of ways to relax? What’s the point of trying hard to be sociable just for it’s own sake….

  • Is it bad to teach a puppy more than one trick at a time? Like today teach them to sit and later that afternoon teach them to lie down?

  • this shit actually works
    Im a 16 year old and I drink way to often just so I can have fun all the time.
    I tried this stuff and it actually works

  • I’m wondering what you now order in bars? Water is so boring and soda drinks fill you up after 2… that for me makes it difficult to hold on quitting alcohol.

  • I also don’t drink and people don’t understand why I nevetheless go to bar meetings or parties with them. I don’t know, I can have a lot of fun being sober at these events and also don’t feel like sticking out too much in conversations although the people are getting more drunk… I mean I also get more tired and maybe also hungry.:D

  • I think only weird and inherently boring people think using substances like alcohol or weed is necessary for having a good time in life. I wish people would shut up saying this crap already.

  • This used to be me.. I used to go out every single weekend, thinking it would give me all the answers.. Happiness, Fulfilment, Meaningful Friendships, meet my SoulMate.. You see a lot of people use Alcohol as a crutch to reward them with the Confidence to approach that person, or the Charisma to get up and Dance or the Humour to make people laugh or whatever that may be. But if you look deep inside you CAN carry all these incredible traits without a Drop of Alcohol, replacing your Weekends going to Bars to Weekends filled with Incredible Hobbies that fulfil you internally and that build towards your Dreams. Imagine Building the Business of your Dreams, Traveling the World, Building your Dream Body or whatever it is you want in your One Life. If you have ever considered Giving up Alcohol, Even cutting down on Alcohol or wanting to replace your Weekends of Clubbing with fulfilling events.. then I am here to tell you it is 100% possible and very very simple. It is never too late to turn your Life around guys! Clubs are designed to get you as intoxicated as possible and spend more money, it is a Business. The music, the lights, the people. Cracking this code is amazing, do things that fulfil you and the rest will follow!:)

  • I was the life of the party last night in a party bus without alcohol entertained like a whole restaurant of 100 people and im 19 and even my younger brother drinks beers basically my whole family> I don’t understand and probably never will why you need alcohol at social events.. cause to me it seems more fun having real fun the only thing I supplement is my gym life

  • Katie always puts her all into these sketches, none of them would be as good if she didn’t always bring her A game.
    Keep it going girl ����������

  • I “liked” this video INSTANTLY when he died laughing after the slightly perverted joke �� love the humourous education guys, thank you!

  • i want this but how to go to a party sober and still have fun. i always have to be drunk to go out to bars or parties or else I have no fun and its something I want to change

  • I like to imagine that when they aren’t filming a sketch, Katie is the most levelheaded, sweetest, most mature member of the CH cast, and she retains all her annoyingness and insanity for the scene.

  • I never thought going to a party alone as weird. Like… The point of the party is to get everyone together… You get there and now you are not alone lol

  • I dont drink, and i valuat my ability, i dont need to be freindly to anyone i just need to be feind with valuable people. People who cant enjoy life without drink that s there probleme, i dont juge then for that but if the hate me for not drinking, i will smash the shit out of them.

  • Very good video ������. Me Ove from the band Hollow Illusion from Norway ����, have never taste alkohol, being drunk in my life. I am 32 years old,and totally agree never seen the point why I should drink.

  • 2:04 Sit pretty
    2:45 Stand
    2:58 Spin during stand/ dance
    4:14 Jump up on back
    4:48 Sit pretty on back
    5:17 bow
    6:27 Jump (up in the air)
    7:05 jump with a jump rope (skip)

  • I’m not doing that. I’m just not gonna hang out with them when they drink. And if they give me beef, looks like we ain’t friends no mo.

  • Well….Mind blown, looking forward to catching up on a million back-logged episodes. Pretty much every idea here, I’ve felt, but never taken the time to conceive them in a manner which inspires me, new life long subscriber, thanks yo!

  • I don’t understand why alcohol is so ingrained in our culture. We’re told don’t drink until you’re 21, don’t drink in public, don’t over drink, don’t drive drunk, don’t come to work with a hangover, etc. But why then is alcohol so well promoted if we have so many restrictions on it? Why is it expected that you drink in certain settings? Why are you ostracized as being the only sober one in a group of drinkers? Why is it incorporated into our television, movies, novels, and music? Why??? Why?

  • Discovered your channel today and love it!! I can tell you’re an artist! love the high quality content paired with great advices.

  • When people are drunk they act funny which naturally makes you laugh, but then you feel sorry for them as they get drunker and lose control of their behavior and dignity.
    I used to love that side of myself when I had a bit of alcohol as it made me so funny and sociable. But then you have to rely on this external stimulant which is limiting.
    I haven’t been drinking for 15 yrs and still have fun with people whom we share a sense of humor. It has to be the right company.

  • I don’t usually find it difficult to talk to people but usually what happens is that I meet someone and they say interesting stuff but then they don’t stop and I would like to meet other people as well but can’t.

  • Your video totally makes sense. I made a good favor to myself by quitting alcohol 4 months back but I kept going all those place and kept hanging out with the same people who wants party and trust me there was not a single moment where I felt that I am enjoying less. Actually, then I used to have even more good time because I was in control of my self all the time and not having a single embarrassing moment that I would regret next day. People say they drink to relax but how you get relaxed if you are having hangovers on very next morning and you don’t have energy or mood to do any other interesting activities which you like. I enjoy playing guitar, doing photography and cooking. After I quit alcohol I am able to give more time and energy to those productive activities in weekends which are equally relaxing. Do meditation for even 15 minutes a day it will relax your body more than any booze or drug.
    When you are informed that more than 200 diseases and injuries that can be linked to alcohol consumption including 30 which are only caused by alcohol, when you know quitting it can make you more focused, more healthy and more conscious about your surrounding then it would be foolish to keep drinking meaninglessly.
    And as Jim Rohn says, ” Take care of your body, its the only place to live.”

  • I love Sobriety I have lots of fun sober, been doing this since 1990 yes I see my friends have to have a couple drinks before they can dance and its funny. Life sober is so much better than when I used to drink, how I did it was lots of AA meetings in the beginning. AA is free and in every city, a wonderful program that’s designed perfectly to help you learn the whys and how to stay sober One Day at a Time and you will meet many others like yourself. God Bless to everyone doing this!!!��

  • This is amazing!! I’ll be seeing you at the Wesley Anne on Thursday and I’m beyond excited. You have such an incredible voice and amazing songs!!

  • As an introvert I definitely needed this party advice, but I totally related more to wanting the mermaid situation �� what’s wrong with me?

  • Have u ever had a friend who thinks your weird because u don’t like to drink to get drunk? And the friend saying he doesn’t wanna be friends with me because of it? Please comment

  • The most surprising fact about Charlie, is that he is around 28 years old at the time of this video, and today he’s 30 and looks like he always does:p

  • every year I stop drinking for about 70 days, that’s because if you’re a muslim and you drink alcohol then to be able to fast in Ramadan (a whole month), then you should stop drinking 40 days before. However I still hangout with people while they drink and I even go out on the weekend, I just don’t drink alcohol at all. I can tell you that once you are totally convinced and committed that you won’t be drinking, it becomes much easier, I can talk and dance and enjoy my time like everyone. The only thing is that I need to leave when I get tired, around midnight. there is no alcohol to keep me going so i just surrender to my body and bounce off, which is great because i feel better the day after… you just gotta be convinced and committed and that’s it. great video cheers.

  • Dude, I just randomly landed on your channel yesterday and have been watching video after video. GREAT points and I think this is exactly what people should and can be better at. Keep it up!

  • I’m a bit late but I can’t express how relevant this video is to me; I’m moving to London in a few weeks to start uni and I’m a Muslim so I can’t drink it’s going to be tough sticking to my convictions but this video made it a tad bit easier!

  • My 12 year old taught his Jack Russell to do the back stall immediately after watching this video! They both had so much fun they did it like 100 times. Such a cool trick to learn in a day!

  • Self knowledge and understanding and accepting who you are. It gets easier as you get older
    But, however hard I try I can’t do karaoke or dance, so I am strong willed enough to say no to things that I don’t enjoy, or can’t do. I hate darts, and am useless at it, I’m indifferent to the game of pool, but I’m very very good at it…..that surprises people because I very rarely play it.

  • Yeah…. I don’t go to parties unless its 80% people I already know. It’s not that I have a problem with people I don’t know, it’s that I don’t feel comfortable being me without a bunch of people who already know me.

  • I like how the dog didn’t eat the treat until he snapped or something �� can you make a vid on how to train my dog how to do that?

  • Trained my border collies this in seconds!!!! This method totally works! Thanks zac!!!!! Comment and like if you think border collies are THE BOMB.

  • Thanks for to the video. Yesterday I was talk more before I had a few beers. I noticed that I got quieter the drinker I got. Definitely time for a break and have better conversations

  • I always go to parties alone and sober. I like it like that, it feels more flexible when you can go by your own schedule. Plus, there’s no risk of losing your friends when you go alone.

  • LMFAO my dog right now only knows sit so when I wanted my dog to walk
    she got confused and ran around the house and she grabbed her toy and left me LMFAO

  • Who else is doing this in quarantine? Also, I have a Blue Heeler and she was having fun with the training. But after like 5 minutes I asked her to sit pretty and she just stared at me and played dead ��

  • I used to be able to go to a party where everyone was smoking weed and drinking beer and sit by myself and not partake of the mind altering chemicals. Now I struggle to stay straight and sober, and I don’t go to parties where beer and weed are being consumed. Just looking at certain people can make me crave drugs and alcohol. I had to shut one guy out of my life, and he isn’t taking it well. Other than that, life is good.

  • Hilarious, wanna make sure his hind legs and hips are well before you start this… its people like you that normal people cant get a dog anymore, you guys realise they are all domesticated animals?

  • I’m an introvert at heart but I can be sociable when I want to be. It’s just my curious nature. Friends have thought I was an extrovert haha

  • The “3 ways” linguistic device is a bit overused on this channel but I do agree with much of what you’re saying. Be nice to see it expanded into a long form discussion.

  • show this to ur puppy or dog she/he will learn it self although you need to train your puppy to “look” for atleast a 1minute per of this video.
    give me profit ty to buy toy for my puppy ^.^

  • Yes that is so True… Don’t be scared 2 be your self if your not Drinking. Why because everyone else is getting intoxicated�������������� & your in control�� so be the Main Attraction������

  • I just got the Pupford treats in the mail today. My dog LOVES them! She’s much more motivated to learn new tricks because the reward is great! Thank you for recommending high quality treats!!

  • I don’t understand how they expect dogs to do these without probably up to years of training! I tried so many times with my 2 dogs (one is big and one is small, so both sizes of dogs) to do all of these tricks. It wasted my time neither of them did ANY of ALL 6 tricks! Even with 2 totally different dogs, (by their shapes, sizes, pretty much everything) these tricks are way too hard for dogs without loads of experience like yours. And I was bored just today, not for the next few years. I, and probably everyone else, is not willing to waste years trying to teach their dog(s) a trick that it will probably never even be able to do.
    No hate on this channel/video, I just wanted to share my opinion and help inform others that it will probably take years to teach a fog these tricks so they don’t waste their time on it. Just wanted to clear that up.

  • I love all your videos. You have taught me so much about how to work with dogs. This is my latest trick with my dog. https://youtu.be/lTM1Ng3Mqpk