What Lizards Can Educate Us Concerning the Results of Training


Why Lizards Don’t Run Marathons

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What’s inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

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Training GIANT LIZARD To Hunt for His food!

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House Training Lizards To Eat Spiders!

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What can a New Zealand reptile tell us about false teeth?

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Can you train a lizard?

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What Lizards Can Teach Us About the Effects of Training. chevron_left PREV: Stephanie Relied on Friends, F After exposing the lizards to endurance training, “their oxygen carrying capacity [also known as RBC] increases, their hearts get larger [like we see in human athletes], and we notice changes in their muscle fibers. THE LIZARD-HUMAN CONNECTION. Because of this shared response and their sequenced genome, lizards are actually an ideal specimen to study to understand the effect exercise has on our bodies.

Related factors, like diet, can be manipulated in a drastic way in lizards that isn’t possible for humans. Lizards can have a parasitic liver fluke named Platynosomum fastosum living inside their bodies. The fluke, known as the liver fluke of cats, is found most commonly in the southern United States and Hawaii.

This fluke will not harm the lizard, but can cause serious damage if a cat eats an infected lizard. In training to become a therapy dog for a disabled veteran, the inmates will teach their dogs a total of 30 key commands. At the California State Prison program in Los Angeles County, inmates training dogs give the rescues “a second life by caring for them, training them, and after an intensive 12-week program, turning them over to an. Corporate training can be offered in various ways, for example, it can be done in the actual workplace, at an out-of-town seminar, or online. Whether it is offered because a company took the initiative to do so or because employees requested it, corporate training is strongly encouraged.

The positive effects of corporate training on your company. Today, 4,000 school districts are training children in the ALICE response. Currently, 40 states require active shooter drills in public schools. For long-term teachers and administrators, these additions to the curriculum represent a shocking, nightmare reality that they never anticipated when they committed themselves to a lifetime of teaching. The protégé effect is a psychological phenomenon where teaching, pretending to teach, or preparing to teach information to others helps a person learn that information.For example, a student who is studying for an exam could benefit from the protégé effect and improve their understanding of the relevant material, by teaching that material to their peers.

The games might actually do a lot of good. Gee has written a book titled What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. A growing number of researchers agree with Gee.

If used in the right way, video and computer games have the potential to inspire learning. And they can help players improve coordination and visual skills. CLICK THIS IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD THIS BADGE.

Though high school and college are excellent in teaching many valuable skills, our current academic curriculum doesn’t teach many aspects necessary to succeeding and thriving in life in general, such as financial responsibilities and investments, how to think logically–retaining information and not merely. Like the person-to-person transmission of coronavirus, climate change is happening in smaller increments that can be easy to ignore until the cumulative effects can.

List of related literature:

Lizards also teach detachment and regeneration, as many species can leave their tail behind if a predator grabs it, allowing the lizard to escape and regrow the tail.

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Conditioning and behavioral training in reptiles.

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The final chapter assesses interactions between lizards and people, including our use of lizards as cultural icons, food, leather, and pets.

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Being able to work safely with dangerously large crocodilians and lizards because food has been disassociated from keepers and the animals conditioned to allow close proximity, even contact, and daily husbandry makes life less stressful for keeper and animal alike.

“Zoo Animal Learning and Training” by Vicky A. Melfi, Nicole R. Dorey, Samantha J. Ward
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Lizards do learn new behaviors in response to antecedents and consequences (see Chapter 18).

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Effects of endurance training and captivity on activity metabolism of lizards.

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The lizards taught me two valuable lessons: First, how a small, harmless animal can frighten a much larger animal, and second, how body language can be used for self-protection and to gain respect.

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Understanding geographic life-history variation in lizards.

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Contrasts in energy intake and expenditure in sit-and-wait and widely foraging lizards.

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  • you are brilliant and this is my favorite video. I love seeing the skinks around your house in other videos and I’ve watched this one and the update of this one soo many times.

  • They are gorgeous, but something I don’t get: Why do people always try to mimic the wild on enclosures? They clearly prefer the couch, just as a human, dog, or any animal would. Why not just give them am old couch with a heat lamp? Also, if you can train this, why not just train them to poop in the right spot and just let them always roam? My Tegu has his own bedroom, when I’m home he can roam anywhere AFTER he poops (he has leaned this) I just feel so bad locking him up. He spends 95% of his him in his sleeping/basking area but he likes the option to leave and does a “patrol” of the apartment 2-3 times a day, I assume just making sure everything is in order.

  • Brian I used to think you were a total wanker mass producing reptiles like a puppy mill. You still do, but your attitude has improved and it’s actually a pleasure to hear that you care about this. Still a long way to go, essentially ANY animal would prefer a naturalistic enclosure over a tub, so don’t get cocky. Anyway gj, cheers dude.

  • that’s it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gonna flip the little 2 level room I built, all walls and ceiling are flake board painted black already

  • Considering reptiles have had a longer time to evolve, its very presumptuous to assume they are an unintelligent species. Great video 10/10

  • Now we know someone cut off the tail of a snake and sold it on ebay and know we know a snake is out there without a tail (prob died without a tail) the poor snake even if it died DOES THIS DUDE EVEN HAVE A PERMIT TO HAVE A SNAKE RATTLE IS THIS EVEN LEGAL

  • He is terrified of spiders i am terrified of Lizards…simple equation…change houses….hey you exchange your house with mine right now

  • I saw a vid yesterday about some kid actually made a vid about you about aall the things you apperently did wrong over the years as a animal keeper…

    About sunshines top lip and about Titans inclosure was and one of the snakes inclosures at Rep.

    Like dont they have better things to do then to dive into someone personal life and bash people about things they see to be wrong.

    All they know is what they see online…made a vid with some BS storie…and there is actually people believing it and then unsub your Channel/vlog coz now they see what “bad” keeper and breeder you are.

    Pi$$es me off seriously.

    But like you said in the previous vid…let them be…they dont know you well enough to judge anyway.

    Its just really annoying.

    Anyway have a good day Brian and keep it up.



  • This one is to easy… they are cold blooded thus they are incapable of cooling themselves which is infact needed to run a marathon. Also because they are cold blooded they’re incapable of even producing the sustained energy required to run a marathon. Why make a video if it’s on a topic so obvious o.O don’t even need to watch it even if you where to present another option to add on

  • We do this every once in a blue, catch a few lizards and let them free in the house sorta cute to watch them run around.pluss it’s true they eat alot of pest

  • I do the same thing with my morelia spilota. but with a fly swatter to make them understand that it is either to clean the terrarium or to take them. and if I go in without it they will eat. and it all starts slowly to return.

  • Aside from this spectacular information of lizard anatomy, if the lizards could breathe and run at the same time, I highly doubt they’d be able to register for the race. Having said that, if they’d provide a lizard to English translator, it could work. I’ll wait here to find out. ����

  • I like the part where the lizard is in front of the text, while the text is still in front of the background. Simple yet elegant editing, and I bet it took a moderate amount of work. Worth it.

  • I have this little blue tongue lizard come by for a feed every day and i saw him/she/it murdering a huntsmen spider and a cockroach
    �� thanks for the idea of feeding it all my problems including people

  • Love the reptile intelligence chat, really interesting Thankyou. Love the vlog, we watch every day:)
    We litterbox trained an iguana, could be one to try.

  • I’ve seen that video of a lizard running from like 80 snakes for at least 2 minutes. I mean I suppose dying from asphyxiation beats dying from 80 snakes but still…

  • In the process of training him to lift his arm so you could lift him out of the enclosure, he trained you to lift him out of the enclosure whenever he raised his arm.

  • @crocdoc hey mate, love the videos and especially the training video here. I have a question about the massive mock rock in the enclosure, where abouts would one purchase something like this or did you make it yourself? If so, out of what? Is your enclosure custom made or some sort of a cabinet type piece modified to be an enclosure? One last question, at least how big would an enclosure need to be for 1 fully grown adult lace monitor.? Cheers!

  • Your shirt is awesome Brian..and you should be the first zoo to use bioactive vivariums you should have mike tylula or the bio dude or both come down

  • if only their breathing was synchrone to their running, so that they inhale and exhale due to them stretching their limbs or pulling it in… they would’ve been marathon legends then!

  • We took it a step further, we have chickens who are indoor outdoor pets. They eat everything they can find and pretty much immediately the only bugs we had were flies

  • 0:36 that’s a skink, they’re very friendly. I grew up in Hawaii with geckos in the house, they’re great. They laugh you to sleep, eat mosquitos, and are cute.

  • franklin,you told me that’s gonna be the biggest lizard I seen,well… its not,the biggest ive ever seen is the comodo dragon that actually comes from my country!!!!

  • Omg that’s toothless I barely recognized him he has gotten so huge! I’d love for you to share his story and show a clip from just even 3 months ago and then on from 6 he’s grown so so so much!

  • Or God nerfed them because they were too overpowered and eating away too many birds and stuff. You should always mention alternative truths as well, so people can make up their own minds…

  • OK so first off huge fan!. But however I have questions and im asking if you could possibly do a video on it. now you say, you can target train these guys, however what if you have trouble breaking the feeding response down to being rewarded with attention instead of food.. if that makes any sense?.. like I don’t wanna call my girl down and have her so siked just to get food and trigger that feeding vs getting attention and a bit of a treat? Or is this to be done not with regular feeding times? Pardon the stupid questions.

  • Of course they can be trained �� time and patience daily. They are super smart so it shouldn’t take very long to learn ��������������������


  • HEY!! Be sure to ⬆ LIFT �� that toilet seat ⤴ when you use �� the toilet!!! ������������‼
    Thank you B-) o(≧o≦)o (︶^︶) Idiot!!

  • Until you have time and I will be there for the rest the time of day I have been a good job with the time of the day and I’m just not feeling ewell I was going to be able to get to work and I have a lot of fun with you and I have a

  • I lived in Hawaii at one and my house was covered in lizards, 3 or 4 kinds of geckos on the walls (mostly at night), anoles in the fence and skinks in the lawn (during the day). But none ever came inside.

  • I feel like this episode is a great representation of what this channel does bestmakes me so incredibly fascinated about something I had never even noticed!!

  • Hey Brian what do you get when you mix a Honduran milk snake and a chocolate Cali king snake I know it would be a hybrid right? Would the babies be a milk snake or king snake and have these been bred before if so what do the babies look like thanks love your videos by the way

  • Extending this even more to mammals: many have evolved what horses did, running in sync with their breathing. But this doesn’t cool them offonly panting will do that. So to cool off, they must stop running and pant, or risk hyperthermia. Humans, as bipeds that can sweat, do not need to stop and pant. Thus, humans canand dorun animals to death. It’s called persistence hunting.

  • Im a little late to the party but I wanted to say that I love that you are beginning to train your reptiles! However, right now you aren’t really training them, you are conditioning them in a similar way to the clicker and the gators. The animals see the ball and know you have food (gators hear a click and know you have food). If that is what you are looking to accomplish that is fine and I am excited to see your progress but my advice to you would be to take the training slower and give the animal more choice in the training. Start out presenting the target to them, holding it a foot away or so and when they look at it reinforce the behavior. After a few repetitions, they may move towards it at which point reinforce them even more! This will help them to connect the target with an action (“moving towards the target means food instead”of “being touched on the nose means food”). If your animal is very curious, they may make this connection quickly (many of my turtles figured it out the first session, where as my snakes are still working it out) but if not, don’t lose hope, just be patient. Best of luck!

  • Hey Brian so awesome you are doing this it opens so many opportunities. I am an animal trainer and I have some tips for you that could help. With the clicker I think you should click once then feed. It’s called a marker you can use a word too. It allows you to be precise when the animal is doing a behaviour you want and allows time between the behaviour and giving them their reward. So what you want to do is with bella and the monitors is click, feed, click feed and when they respond with that move to the target training. Then as soon as the tough the target you can click and there’s no delay on the reward and they know exactly what to do! I hope that helps!

  • They are so beautiful and intelligent! Thank you for showing how fabulous these creatures are. They have a happy home life: ) This has been shared on Lizardplanet.com.

  • ‘Which happens to be my feet’s favourite place to hide as well’
    I love your narration:) so fun and literary like reading a fun fantasy book.

  • Anyone here from the mink man trying to train a lizard to hunt for him? If you haven’t seen it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlbOjh4qgRc

  • this infomation makes the clip from planet earth 2 even more amazing, imagion he the little lizzard was doing all that without air!:O

  • You could have done a better job of explaining the biomechanics, this is part of every class on evolutionary biology, so there is hundreds of animations out there that give more information in 10 seconds than this video does in 3 minutes.

  • Brian I and my wife love pythons what mutation would you recommend and how much would they cost in British money I love the pieballs but what would you recommend

  • As a boy, and yes even a childish adult, I’ve found that the anoles in my front yard were plenty quick enough to avoid me no matter how long I chased them.

  • I agree animals are much more intelligent than we think, especially reptiles. Just a question do you think the lil gators just look for a persons presence or color of the clicker and connect that to food? Just a thought. It will be great to see the progress of these lovely reptiles learning/training. Have a good day!!