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THE GYM. If you’re hitting the gym and indoor classes, then The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a temperature of 68–72ºF (20–22.2ºC) for indoor cycling studios. Tags Fitness Tips training tips.

To find your own best temperature, tune in to how you feel next time you try a hot or cold workout. “Every body is a little different in its tolerance to heat and cold,” says Milton. The second study found that considering average temperature, performances were better for men between 8–15 C and for women 0-7 C.” This is. IFA recommends that that gyms that provide aerobics, weight training, cardio, and Pilates should have an average temperature of 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit (18-20 degrees Celsius).

The gym should also have a humidity level between 40% and 60% for these activities.. “It’s important to know that your body temperature isn’t constant throughout the day,” says Dr. Greg Haggquist, founder of 37.5 Technology.Bodies are subject to circadian rhythm, a roughly 24-hour cycle that, as Dr. Haggquist puts it, “tells us when to go to sleep, when to wake up, and when we’ll perform our best.”. In fact, the ideal number changes depending on the type of workout you’re doing.

According to OSHA (The Occupational Safety & Health Administration) the ideal workplace temperature range is from 68 to 76 degrees. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggests that a fitness facility should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Overcast and 45 degrees might not be the sort of weather most folks dream about, but it doesn’t get much better for an outdoor run.

In fact, when researchers from the University of Tulsa examined the 25 fastest performances at different distances, along with the temperature that day, perfect running temps for hovered between 73.4 and 49.4 degrees. But faster runners, who generate more heat, benefited from cooler temps, with the top one percent (green line below) peaking at 38.9°F. Midpackers (red line) do best in the mid-40s. When it came to running marathon-like distances, 49.4 degrees Fahrenheit was found to be the ideal temperature for men, while 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit proved best for.

Other than air temperature, both humidity and radiant heat should be assessed before athletes engage in hard training or competition in hot weather conditions. The most commonly used heat index in sport is the WBGT index which includes measurements of air temperature (dry bulb), humidity (wet bulb), and radiant temperature.

List of related literature:

A temperature of 68°F would be ideal for practice, with a range of 15° below and above that still possible, but practice speed needs to be adapted — faster when it’s cold to increase heat and slower when it’s hot to cool down.

“Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy” by Gregor Maehle
from Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy
by Gregor Maehle
New World Library, 2011

Although a later section of the chapter discusses warm-up in more detail, it is important to note here that each training session should begin with a warm-up designed to elevate core temperature.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Training should be specific and should induce elevations of core body temperature beyond 38.5 °C with a concomitant thermal sensation of warm to hot, some thermal discomfort, and a high sweat rate.

“Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes” by Australian Institute of Sport, Rebecca Tanner, Christopher Gore
from Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes
by Australian Institute of Sport, Rebecca Tanner, Christopher Gore
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Conversely, highly trained athletes may need to increase the duration and intensity of the warm-up to achieve the appropriate elevation of temperature (75).

“Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training” by Tudor Bompa, G. Gregory Haff
from Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training
by Tudor Bompa, G. Gregory Haff
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

Office temperatures will ideally be well stabilized and perhaps somewhat warmer than usual (72–74°F), and/or a light blanket should be available to cover the client during the early phases of training.

“Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition” by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, Wesley E. Sime, David H. Barlow
from Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition
by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, et. al.
Guilford Publications, 2007

Claremont and colleagues (1975) showed that core temperature could be maintained within 0.9°F (0.5°C) when exercise is performed at ambient temperatures ranging between 32 and 95°F (0 and 35°C).

“Physiological Aspects of Sport Training and Performance” by Jay Hoffman
from Physiological Aspects of Sport Training and Performance
by Jay Hoffman
Human Kinetics, 2002

Maintaining proper food holding temperatures is critical because bacteria thrive best at temperatures between 40° F (5° C) and 140° F (60° C), the range regarded as the temperature danger zone.

“Effective Management of Long Term Care Facilities” by Douglas A. Singh
from Effective Management of Long Term Care Facilities
by Douglas A. Singh
Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2009

You want the hot temperature gradient (the hottest spot in the cage) to be between 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).

“Leopard Geckos For Dummies” by Liz Palika
from Leopard Geckos For Dummies
by Liz Palika
Wiley, 2011

The optimal skin temperature that allows humans to maintain thermal balance at rest is about 33 °C (91.4 °F) compared to the usual core body temperature at rest of 37 °C (98.6 °F).

“Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports” by Timothy Noakes
from Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports
by Timothy Noakes
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

An important practice in cooling foods for chilled storage is to avoid an extended cooling time at product temperatures between 130 F (54.4 C) and 80 F (26.7 C).

“Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology” by Richard K. Robinson, Carl A. Batt
from Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology
by Richard K. Robinson, Carl A. Batt
Elsevier Science, 2014

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  • i have a brisk 15 minute walk to my gym, mainly uphill. That’s usually done it for me. But this is great info, always love your video styles Jeff. Much love homie

  • Just wanted to say how great your video’s are I started to copy your warm up routine and instantly my work out felt easier. Just bought your guide to body recomp and looking forward to the read

  • As always very informative video. Could you make a video about cool down or post workout stretches base on Science studies?
    Thanks for your hard work

  • Great video Jeff you have QUICKLY moved up my list of ppl I trust & look forward to hearing from. I’m launching my YouTube channel in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully you don’t mind the shoutouts haha

  • How about doing cardio (30 mins) before your workout and some dynamic stretches? I know the cardio may affect your lifts but at least you’ll be warm and don’t have to spend more time at the gym than necessary

  • evening workout all the way. It let the daytime for productive activites that requires full intellectual capacities.
    And for the people who doubt about this: if you were a surgeon, would you workout at 6 am, going hard, intense and heavy, then go in surgery that requires maximum brain capacities plus steady hands? No way.

    For jobs or studies that require maximum productivity, evening workout is the best, perfect to finish a day and you also have a goal, pleasure time reward when you finish the most important task first (working, study etc).

  • No wonder you have to veg so long. Leaving the light on causes your plant to stress in a bad way. Co2 isnt gonna help with 24hrs of light either. You also need 72rh in a 82° environment. Cannabis loves to be on a consistent schedual and they do need rest. My plants will actually fall asleep about 30 min before my lights go off now in veg. Download the vpd chart and figure up your leaf to air temp diff related to your rh. At 82° with a 76° leaf temp and 65/75 rh is will give you the 1.0veg-1.5 flower vpd

  • It all breaks down to you have to know what you’re doing observe pay attention to what your plan is telling you and you will come up with the answers on your own you run it with what you have on hand not to spend a million dollars cuz you will not get a million-dollar return but understand that if you take care of it the proper way it will give back to you what you put into it.

  • I ordered an EVGA 2070 xc ultra and amazon sent me a 2080 xc by mistake. I’ve accidentally let it get above 86°c a few times…still performs like the day I got it…I feel bad for letting it happen though bc it’s amazing ��

  • My Zotac RTX 2060 SUPER idle 33dc,while playing demanding games reaches 68dc max Witcher 3 and Assasins Creead odyssey.,in normal game like csgo,dotA max at 58dc.

  • 1:10 that is false high temps cause lower clocks which translates to lower performance

    And never let your cpu/gpu hit its max safe temp cuz “its safe temp”. The cpu /gpu will lose performance and reduce its lifespan

  • I have ryzene 5 1600 stock cooler and at stock speed.
    My cpu temperature goes at 75 degree after 2 hours playing watch dogs 2.
    Is it safe temperature for cpu and motherboard.

  • Basically anything over 100 degrees farenheit sounds scary. But then again i’m new to gaming in general so i don’t know much about normal temperatures. Heat is better than water, good tip, i have to remember not to spill any!

  • Just built my first pc, thank god I didn’t break anything! My cpu and gpu temps are 50 to 70 Celsius while playing a high end game on max settings.(I hope those are good temps) but the things is my fans are really loud.. don’t know if that’s a bad thing.

  • Yoga and streches in the morning
    Weights and calesthenics in the evening
    Martial arts(Any) practise rest of the time! ��
    Bruce lee mode on

  • I always have to sleep with the template at like 80 because my dad. I can’t open a window because thats wasting heat which is wasting his money.

  • My first pc build went so smoothly it was like I was building my 100th pc like my cpu was 46° average and if I ran a lot of games or any program and overclocked everything the max it would go to 59° and my gpu is practically the same. So happy ��

  • Before both my hamstring-focused and quad-focused leg days, I like to do maybe 4 sets of alternating bodyweight step-ups for as many reps as possible to loosen up my lower back and help to activate my glutes, and also a few sets of single leg squats on the box to really warm up the quads

  • So i know this is a old video but i am having a problem playing cod mw, when watching msi afterburner it says my gpu temp usually stays between 68 and 72 degrees celcius wich would usually be fine? Correct? But im just wondering if you would be able to feel the heat, because when i touch my computer it feels hotter than 72 degrees wich worries me.

  • Wats up wiz I’m from mobile ala I love to watch u I take everything u say and run with it I think your the best grower out thier I need help do I flush every day for a week are what help me out growman 420

  • Great video, you should do another video but for post workout by stretching the muscles and keeping them loose after a hard workout

  • Yeah, get those 70 guys work in heat/cold all day doing physical work and show me the results. All these studies mean shit, its what works for you.

  • I originally would workout in the morning until I realised that working out in the evening fit my schedule better, but now my schedule has changed again and I can change when i workout if I want I still choose to do it in the evening because I’ve gotten used to it now so I just do better

  • I agree about this…when i workout on early morning..i feel so weak and can’t do the right techniques..when i workout in the evening..i can feel more powerful to do every single sets..so i decide to workout every evening..and at night i will feel tired and will sleep early.

  • My CPU went to 90 degrees while playing monster hunter. Is this safe?

    My specs:
    Intel Core i5 4460

    16 GB HyperX DDR3 1666Mhz

    600W Cougar PSU

    Asus H81M

    Sapphire Pulse RX 580 4GB

  • I love watching your videos and I’m consistently learning so much. I’m curious as to what you think about Matt Wenning’s warm ups? I believe that both are amazing ways to warm up.

    I don’t know how you feel about him, but a collaboration would be pretty cool!

  • lol my laptop is one side overheat one site cooooollllll any way in xbox gaming bar performance of gpu is about 70-80percent is it good or not some say good some say bad and i think itis bad

  • My gtx 1660 oc edition reaches just about 88°C and then the two fans just max out with full power. But what I noticed is that with a higher temperature I tend to lose fps a lot. I will be playing a game fine and as temperature increases I start losing fps at random.

  • Hello, if doing full body workouts. Should I still do the warmup + mobility routine? Feel like im gonna be in the gym forever if so

  • Don’t really want to ruin your stuff here, but those plants look like they are trying to stretch to the light, making them have more stem length. Look horrible dude!

  • my new 2070 SUPER was on auto fan mode and then realized they werent even on so it was at 80 degrees Celsius…

    gave me a heart attack

  • The highest my gpu got was 205 degrees. It still isn’t fried. It still works fine but it also doesn’t go below 102 degrees. I have Ryzen.

  • when you train in the morning, you look far more handsom through out the day with awesome defintiions and pumps gained during the morning workout…wereas… when you workout in the evening you know…your body loses pumps during sleep, water etc and you look less fit during the night…why do i need to workout in the evening if people can’t see my gains during the day lol thats my point of vue tho:)

  • Hey Jeremy, thanks for all the vid! It was really helpful for me to train stronger and better. I like the way you present your vid especially the scientific evidence about strength results! Cheers!

  • Visit WizardNPK.com to join the mailing list for an occasional grow tip and tricks sent to your email!  You can also order my recipe there, and for about 5¢ a gallon you can make the exact fertilizer you see me use!!  It even works well for tomatoes!

  • i love to slap on as many watercollers in PC building for best cooling, wish i hade the same build irl, i want to have my pc running at least 10 C or lower

    but obviously condensation would destroy the components

  • Good! I always workout in afternoon. So Im good to go! Plus, when you workout, all the food you ate at night will also improve growth and strength from going to bed right after. It’s all about the gains bros!

  • my father bought me a laptop from 1100$ but it has an intel hd 5500 and a i3 5005u…
    i have a gaming pc, but the laptop is still worse for 1100$


  • BEST to workout late, that way your muscles arent further torn down doing your daily work.
    Also your muscles grow after they heal (rest) so going to bed helps your body relax and muscles can heal.
    NEVER WORKOUT A SORE MUSCLE, wait for the soreness to go away.

  • ya dat guy probably don’t really know what he is doing. build a new dried rooms so you don’t need to use a dehumidifier to dried your bud to rush it out because you have a nother batch coming. build your self a wood shed whit dryed wood in ther it acts like a dehumidifier

  • Lower:
    5-10 min light sweat/raise body temp
    2-3 min foam rolling (lacrosse ball)
    5 min dynamic/specific stretching
    5-10 min 1-4 pyramid sets on dynamic strength exercises
    5-10 min light sweat/raise body temp
    5 min dynamic stretching
    5-10 min 2-3 pyramid sets on dynamic strength exercises

  • I think it’s all about sleep. When you workout in the evening, you get to rest early and we all know how important sleep is for muscle growth.

  • My fans sound like a jet engine so I lower them to a point where it ain’t like it but the gpu in some of my games go to 90 but as long as it don’t reach 95 idc

  • lol nature is never steady… shit changes at all times of the year EVERY year. anyone who tells you certain temps and humidities is full of it.

  • my average CPU temp is 75 degrees while playing and my GPU 77 degrees while playing my CPU is i3-7100 and my GPU is 1060 is that normal?

  • Im a kinesiology major and these videos are SOOO HELPFUL!! Its like you did all the research for me and explained it so i sound smart in class LOL!!

  • It’s crazy to think that, of all the videos you’ve made in the past, I can finally say I have a favorite video of yours. Rock solid content as always man, but this one really sums up everything I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time. Thanks!

  • Concerning the humidity levels in the last few weeks of flower, I heard you say “we have a dam near impossible time achieving those variables in this room.” Have you considered other options for creating co2… One of the byproducts of burning natural gas is water. When one molecule of methane is burned, it produces two molecules of water vapor. When moles are converted to pound/mole, we find that every pound of methane fuel combusted produces 2.25 lb. of water vapor, which is about 12% of the total exhaust by weight. ����✌������������

  • I have a problem when playing games a random color would go up on my whole screen while playing and I cant do anything do you know why this happens?
    (Colors I got red,green,blue orange,white,black?

  • I dont know how I never knew about pyramid loading and I am sorry to say I still have not understood it. Can somebody please help me with this?
    I normally do 4 sets for all my exercise, 15, 12, 10 & 8. How should I do pyramid loading for Barbell press? At the moment, I am lifting 22.50 KG dumbells. I would really appreciate it if somebody could give help me out with this.

  • You only need 1 warmup set if you do full body, the rest you just jump into it. Who has time to warmup like this? I don’t. Single Dad with 3 young kids and a full-time job. My warmup is my walk to the garage.

  • TO GAIN WEIGHT do workout evening because after that we eat and go to sleep which is help to grow our body and produce muscle growth….. TO LOSS WEIGHT do workout morning because after morning we go to job and work whole day that reduce our body fat more and get fit.

  • What’s good I just started growing. I got about 4 plants I just started. How much do you think 1 plant yields? I would like to experiment with different strands but I need some seeds could you or someone you know help me out? Would be appreciated.never forgotten!

  • Don’t plants need to sleep tho? Everyone now talkin about far red putting their plants to sleep in 20-30 min vs 2-4 hours without exposure to far red 660nm whatever.. I’ve noticed they seem to bounce back, stay healthier and more resistant to stress when given some zzz’s.. Shit I can tell by hour 14-15 they are getting sleepy and wilt slightly, regardless of PPCO2 yadda yadda. 80-83 seems way to hot.. cruise at 72 best I can, then dip a bit later in bloom. Colder temps with low humidity last couple weeks will turn sugar leaves all purple n shit

  • Ive literally decreased my processors maximum power and ive decreased the memory clock of my gpu and increased fan speed but still every now and then my pc crashes while playing games on low settings i have an i7 7700k and 1080 ti

  • One size doesnt fit all, knowing your strain is the best way to grow, for example the environment that Maui Wowie would thrive in, would stunt a pure Afghani.

  • My ex-friend/partner could get anywhere from 1.6 2.0 lb/light in 5 gal buckets with soil consistently. 10 lights flowering. Veg for 5 weeks. Flower for 7-8 weeks. Ironically, he doesnt speak a word of English. Doesn’t know jack all about anything theories or concepts of growing canabis WHATSOEVER. Things that most people worry about like: checking pH, ppm, humidity, ect….This guy doesnt do none of that. I remember having conversations about these stuff and he said in our language: “Ah fuck it. What the fuck is CO2, ppm..blah blah. Just trust me and enjoy the show!” About our grow room, it couldnt get any simple than that. Air in plus air out. Couple of oscillating fans in the room. NO CO2. NO A/C. BOOM 1.6 2.0lbs easily.
    And this guy who calls himself the Wizard NPwhooo? I meant i appreciated the amount of knowledge he’s dropping here and aslo the amount of high tech equips that he owns. However, i really dont think he can grow judging from the bud sizes. Sorry!

    Excuse my poor English guys. Thank you!

  • Time to clean the fans NPK. Appriciate all the knowledge. Every plant n grow is different. But this provides a good enough baseline

  • I used to lat pulldown like 70 kg x6 sets with barely a rep left in the tank and when i followed jeff and warmed up properly i was able to easily do 80kg x6 and i was absolutely astounded!

  • I notice you said that without cO2 the temps needs to be a bit cooler. Does that mean I’d be ok without it? What am I losing if I don’t have cO2? My room isn’t sealed, so what ever I exhaust out isn’t coming back in directly, so for me it seems like a waste because I’m just gonna be exhausting the cO2 anyway.

  • I had a full block liquid cooler for 5 years as soon as i took the block of put on a GPU only stock cooler back on to it the card died with in a year because ram burnt up in my opinion

  • Nice grow but I can’t get over how dirty your fans are. All that production and you can’t afford to pay someone to clean your fans?

  • the reason why you are struggling to deal with humidity is because your pumping so much Co2 into the room. Co2 really isn’t needed. People yield 2 grams per watt without it. I don’t see the point in the extra expense.

  • hope you can see this. I’ve bought this Asus TUF gaming FX505dt laptop Ryzen 5 3550h with vega 8, gtx1650, 12gb ram

    but every time I play gta 5 high very high settings my CPU temp goes up to 90 degrees celsius is that normal for my laptop?

  • Hi Jeff, I have a question.
    In one of your most recent videos, you propagate full body training. How would a warm-up for a full body workout look like? Because nobody would prefer taking 20-25 minutes for warming up the entire body. Besides, one could argue that you have already cooled down your upper body after your first lower body exercise.
    Thanks in advance and thank you for the videos!

  • Awesome video Jeff. Love the knowledge and breakdown of the litterature as usual. Question: The merit of full isolation of each joint to prime the mechanoreceptors?

    After completeing the Functional Range Conditioning system the prensentations on the science of how these movements fire the best quality afferent signals to the CNS was very compeling. I wonder how much performance and injury prevention is missed out by just flinging a limb through a range for the increased temperature for tissue pliability (dynamic warm up) instead of the conscious active control of the full range ( to stimulate the joint capsule that contains the largest amount of the high quality type 2 afferent signaling fibres). I also appreciate that this in an extra investment in time. Would love to ear your thoughts and if you have come across this litterature.

    Thank you again for the great video.

  • High co2 saturation needs higher temps for the leaf to use the higher levels of RuBisCO (carbon dioxide fixing) botany 101. You need 30+ degrees otherwise you might as well not be running C02

  • If your using a co2 burner your not a master grower, sorry. I ran a burner for years and switched to tanks and noticed a decent difference in over all plant health and vigor.

  • all of this is cool …. only if you have an automated system and a sealed up grow room in a wear house specifically for only growing.

  • Is a 1500W Chinese made LED good for 2 plants in a 4×4 grow space? Check out my latest video I show detail and questions. It’s my first indoor grow so of course I’m anxious and have lots of questions. Lol. Nice ladies tho Wizard!!!

  • …… how much power are you pulling? You Sure you don’t wana kick those lights off a couple hours a day in the veg tent? It looks like it would save you like $1000.00 a month and they like having a 6 hour sleep

  • Variables are nice,you are where I m,on those I’m not using co2though,and I’m all LED,vapor pressure deficit is always important at any temp, anyhow great op. Thanks for the look

  • Can I do abs and obliques in the morning to loose fat in the mid section and weights in the evening to gain muscle…morning weights is causing adrenal fatigue and I feel fatigued for next 2-3 days with light headedness

  • Would that progressive pyramid set be an example of post activation potentiation? If not a video on the science behind post activation potentiation would be awesome. I’ve been hearing it being talked about recently a lot in health/fitness podcasts I listen to.

  • Thank you for the awesome case study info from your work! You mentioned having a really hard time maintaining 35% RH at night in your final stage of flower and I noticed the placement of the dehumidifiers is very close to a fan. Do you think if you were dehumidifying from directly above the canopy that it would capture more moisture?

    Thanks again and I’m following ya!

  • What I want to know is when we see a manufacturers temp limits is that just for the GPU as a total unit (the generic GPU temp we can see easily) or does the upper GPU limit count things like GPU memory which can be hotter then the actual GPU itself e.g. if my memory hits 80 but my gpu is 70 is that upper limit hit or nah?

  • A car’s thermostat opens at 80°C and closes at 70°C!
    Clearly judging by your “Around 100°C” theory you have no clue about cars!

    Edit: I just realised I replied to a 6 year old video��

  • My problem in So cal right now is I run my light’s at night and my day time Temps are hotter then my night time temps! Any suggestions?

  • So my doctor said I possibly tore my acl. I’ve been going to the gym for a few months and really don’t want to miss leg day. Anyone know of any quad workouts that I could do that don’t require much knee movement. Thank you

  • thank you for all the great inforamtion you have been putting out, really dig this, love learnin about the technical side of things since legalization up here, there is more and more freedom information out there to work off its incredible, i would reccomend mounting 2 of those de-humidifiers on the floor to help remove the weighted humidity,alsoi for humidity and fresh air(or winter air/free air conditioning,) HRV’s (heat recovery ventilator) that is set to control the humidiy but works by cross flow-regulating the temperture but removes the excess humidity, there basically mandatory for any sealed residential that requires contant air flow due to size or specs. take care and keep up the great work, alos thank you for helping everybody with doing the right thing, to many fly by niters in the industry ruining the quality over a few dowars!

  • Of my saved to Money Time set of videos, this one is #1. Thanks for doing it the right way. I teach Michigan growers how to do it correctly by posting links to your videos on my sites. You are a good teacher, stick with it. As America grows up so will the economy. 420 In Plain Sight is gaining viewers now that I partnered with Google. You Rock Wizard NPK.

  • Advice for improving my shoulder mobility so that I can hold the squat bar in a low bar position? Is it my shoulders I need to improve or my T spine mobility? I’m having a hard time

  • I need advice, this is all good and all.
    I am doing my own channel and calling it GrowPorn, in which while i am showing various grows…….meanwhile a pornographic movie is on in the background (to calm the nerves)
    So whaddayyafink??

  • when i am super cold i cannot fall asleep however i will end up waking up if i am too hot so i have to go to bed warm and cover up and then i sleep with the window open

  • A year after I stopped being a Dollar Shave Club customer, I dropped the handle and it broke. I contacted them to buy a replacement because I had a lot of blades on hand, and they sent one no charge. Great customer service.

  • What time do you train and why? Comment below! And if you haven’t already, show your support by giving me a follow on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/jeremyethier/ ) for more informative content and to stay updated! Cheers!

  • CPU Turbo boost increase Temperatures Very frequently soo make sure you have that turbo boost will have generally high temps almost near to TjMax

  • I’ve always preferred to workout in the evening at 6pm because I felt i performed better during my workout than if I worked out earlier. Everyone would always tell me that morning workouts were better for results and that I should switch. Ha, now I know there’s research behind me so those people can shove it.

  • This is for muscle growth. I’m guessing if you’re focused on fat loss morning is better?? Since you’re technically in a fasted state( if intermittent fasting) right??

  • I overclocked both my I7-9700K and my RTX 2060 SUPER and all my cores stay within the mid to late 60’s and occasionally jump into the 70’s while my GPU ranges from 68-80 degrees while playing games which I hear is normal when you overclock your GPU

  • Wish me luck.. I’ve tried everything to try and reduce my GPU temps and nothing is really working. I’m gonna change the thermal paste.. I’m scareddddd.. ��

  • Guys, I need some help here. It’s summer, in my room it’s very hot and I usually play with a fan next to me. To play, I remove the cover of the case and in this state my GPU (Gigabyte RTX 2060 6gb 2fans) reaches a maximum of 85c playing in 4k. My CPU reaches a maximum of 74c and the Crucial MX500 250gb SSD that is installed just below the video card reaches a maximum of 69c. I think they are too much hot. The case I have has 3 intake fans on the front and 1 exahust on the back and I have space on the top of the case to install 2 more intake fans. My question is: Will the change in the temperature of my components with these additional 2 fans change dramatically or should I opt for liquid cooling for my GPU, which will also help reduce the temperature of the other components?
    Thanks for your time.

  • What about the fact that when you do the mobility work, it changes how you do an exercise. If something is “too loose” it might actually compromise your position. Like for squats maybe you’ll go deeper then you think you are. I forgot whose video I watched about it, AthleanX or someone else. The point was that if you’re gonna do squats, then warm up doing squats. I’ll edit this if I think of who said it.

  • Sorry, I hate it when I am corrected also. But the word your searching for is Transpire/ Transpiration. I felt your frustration bro. We all know where your coming from

  • Other possible reasons are

    1. We have lower testosterone level at evening (around 8 pm it’s the lowest). Working out at that time may help raise testosterone level. Which means you’ll have relatively higher testosterone level throughout the day if you workout at evening.

    2. Sleep helps muscle recovery. Maybe it’s better for muscle recovery if we work out a few hours before sleep. I’ve personally experienced better sleep if I work out 4-5 hours before sleep, also it feels better both mentally and physically in the morning.

    (I just guessed these things based on few actual facts and my personal experience. So these theories have the possibility of being totally wrong and completely baseless broscience)

  • Plz help me out.
    When I was playing Witcher 3 or red dead. Redemption my gpu’s temp goes. To 85 maximum.
    I cleaned dust.
    I open my case side
    But heat is same only when I play on ultra.
    On gtx 1060 6gb

  • Hey guys! Posting this from Melbourne, Australia! I was working hard on my presentation for the Ultimate Evidence-Based Fitness Conference these last few weeks but now that that’s done, I’m back on my usual upload game again. My next video will be a vlog covering some of the behind the scenes from the conference, my talk and my training here in Australia. See you guys soon!

  • So basically i didnt break my dads laptop coz when he giave it to the repair shop the repair man said that the laptop hard drive had overheat.

    Meanwhile my dad always put the laptop inside the car and the car is super hot.

  • My biggest mobility problem, is just getting my arms behind me. Can’t go very far behind me on the pectoral fly machine (although I can max it out at 300 pounds for 8-10 reps). Squats are an absolute bitch for me to get my arms in position for, have to take a very wide grip on the bar to get it far enough on my back, and holding that arm position hurts like a bitch.

  • No need to watch the amd ryzen vs intel.

    They just say that ryzen was built for multitasking a.k.a streaming AND gaming.

    But intel make single task CPU’s.

    And they suggest ryzen since it’s cheaper and more reliable.

  • Hey wiz. I like your vids. Have you tried growing slower? Lowering temps and raising rh will slow down growth. It will take longer to finish but the bud is way better. Louder and stronger. Right at the end of flower reverse the temp/rh and watch the trichs explode.

  • I swear I need someone to give me there diet and there workout plans I’m finding this lose weight so hard man someone help me out here��

  • Evening is better, becuz in the morning your mostt likely weak after waking up, and if in the evening after eating, doing anything. You got some extra energy and also will lose more fats becuz you already have eaten, so if you do your workout at the evening or after eating,doing things, will trigger your fats to melt and not adds, also helps you get good sleep becuz you get so tired to do things, so your only choice is to sleep, im bad at english, so i hoped you get it

  • Great video, we grow sativa varieties under glass, really struggle with humidities through flowering, have to use blackout screens for the 12/12, no way of reducing rh, will go into the 80,s, keep saying to the owners they need to put in dehumidifiers, they would rather build more glass at 500k a acre, keep up the good work, Thanks from the UK.

  • Flower Room 1 week 1 -3 I believe you said, question why would you be dropping the temp of this room to 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night time this early in flower wouldn’t this just slow down development? The Iphonic controller 15amp well that sounds useless and fewer amps than a 10 dollar old school timer you could purchase for 10bucks. So what are you running on yours, wall fans??? Sounds like one expensive redundant piece of equipment to me… What’s going on with the crooked hood in the middle of your garden 11:44? that seems strange especially since this hoods in the middle where there’s plenty of surrounding light

  • My msi gf63 lap hits temps like 80 within mins of gaming… i always turn my cooler boost on and it comes down to 60 to 65.. if the limit is 90?! Oh god! not playing on my lap again

  • Hello. I have one situation. I need to increase height + muscle mass also. So can I do height exercise at morning and muscle exercise at night. Is it ok?

  • hi, i’m an engineer, I would like to know the lowest temperature a pc can get while using
    it, cuz i want to create a device manually

  • I sleep much better in cold room but I grew up in Wisconsin in a drafty house we just piled on the blankets and waking up was a shock get out of a warm bed to ice cold floor better then a cup of coffee

  • Hmm. Some of this info is contradicting to this article in High Times Magazine that recommends to increase temps at night. Who do I believe now? https://hightimes.com/grow/grow-hack-day-and-night-growroom-temperatures/

  • I did 5 mins rowing machine, dynamic stretching and progressive pyramid, but still did a grade 1-2 tear on my quadricep:( to be fair though, I felt my squat form was off. So I think it was more my form rather than the warm up.

  • Jeff great video man. Thanks for covering an often misunderstood topic. Any interest in covering the topic of post workout cool downs? ��

  • The best time to workout is when you are feeling energetic, I do my workout after watching bodybuilding motivation and hit the gym like a beast

  • my body doesn’t know what temperature it wants to be. i drift off feeling cool and needing covers, but then i wake up very hot (usually accompanied with a nightmare)

  • Hi friend! Do you really have variables of 10 degrees between day and night in the first 3 weeks? I want to know because it is something I will try I am surprised of 60 farenheit at night its about 15 degrees thanks

  • I agree that it’s better to sleep with cooler temperatures. Sleeping with minimal breathable clothing, using breathable lightweight blankets and keeping your distance in bed from your partner (when you are initially falling asleep) are all great ways to fall asleep faster!

  • Hi Jeff! First of all, thank you so much for your amazing videos. They’ve helped me start up from scratch in the gym wilderness, to structured and productive gym sessions. I’m currently following your PPL program. My question pertains to my stiff hamstrings. Maybe it’s because of my long office hours, or just from natures side but I’m really struggling to perform any variation of the deadlift. As per your instructions, I do the legs twice per week, alternating between your two separate programs (with some minor variations, due to lack of the same equipment at the gym). Is it OK to perform the dynamic stretching routine on a daily basis, to loosen up the hamstring muscles? What would a safe yet functional duration and intensity be?

  • I’m planning to buy a gaming PC. For context, I’ve been using a laptop forever, since about 2009, and it’s been really easy to move it between houses since my parents are divorced. (I move houses almost every day). Also, keep in mind that I will not be carrying the monitor or keyboard, as I can just have 1 of each at each house. I was wondering if it was healthy for the PC if I were to carry it between houses. Like can it be damaged if I transport it so often? I’m also worried about the PC’s temperature. If I’ve been using a PC right before going in the car, would it be too hot for me to carry?

  • Hi Jeremy,
    Firstly, i’d like to thank you for all your videos because they are super factual backed by scientific logic.
    I’d love for you to address a confusion if you may and that might be a confusion with several others as well. Can you please answer how to manage post workout nutrition after late evening workout.
    I generally finish my workout at 8:30 PM and i generally have a berry protein smoothie with cheese egg white omelette; however still don’t feel full and then look for something to binge.

  • cpu temp is one of those things everyone makes up their own number based on nothing. if it’s below the tjunction temp your cpu will not throttle. it will also not kill the cpu over time.

  • As someone who is mindful, I also noticed better workouts and gains from training in the afternoon even though I feel most hormonal first thing in the morning.

  • My laptop usually runs the cpu at 70-80c and the gpu at 90-91 (Full load). It bothered at me at first but I kinda learned to come to terms with it. I live in a very hot and humid country.

  • My brand new ROG M15 has peaked at 90-95 degrees Celsius playing GTA V, Fallout 4, and Warzone this week. Should I return it and get something else for $2k? This one was like $1700 with tax.

  • After many years building PCs I find 75°C to be a good sweet spot, if its colder u can decrease fan speed for lower noises or overclock the component for more speed, if its hotter then 75°C increase fan speed or get a better cooling solution.

  • Hmm… interesting. My laptop got to almost 200 degrees last night and i almost had a heart attack. Thankfully the fans are ultra high tech and before i knew it the temps were sailing down river.

  • Just have a question regarding foam rolling your lower back. I heard that’s a big no no. Would it only be safe in this instance bc of the flexion of the ab muscles?
    Thank you ☺️

  • This is great! Needed this before I started fundamentals. Especially the pyramid recommendations and when and when not to utilize them.

  • I dont know english..so better morning or night..? I do at night but how muscle grow when i cant eat because is to late..or to eat and get fat

  • upper body days I skip even the core warm up. Just loosen up the joints and hop right in to the pyramid. I find the pyramid does plenty to get my core body temp high. But on lower body days, the joints are definitely too stiff to do this.

  • Hey man, ive been trying to find a fix for my alienware area 51m issue for over 2 months. please lemme know if you could help me with this situation.
    ive installed all latest drivers (clean install) Optimised my rtxx2080 to best performance and also updated windows. Still in some low demanding games and some games which used to run just fine until sometime back like Apex, my laptop’s gpu usage goes to 99% and gpu clock speed drops to 200-300 mhz from 1515-1800 mhz. and gpu temps would increase. the weird part is, in some other high demanding games, this issue doesnt occur. it functions normal at 20-25% gpu usage, 70-75 gpu temp and fps the way its supposed to be. please help!!!

  • https://youtu.be/VnZhUPAOBh4
    Complete guide to lower CPU & GPU temps by 27 degree while gaming. Enjoy and leave your comments and recommendation please. Thank you ��.

  • i have RX 570 8GB ( is this safe/no)
    idel temp 30c
    gaming temp 84c max while playing heavy titles.
    78c avg

  • Obviously this varies but a general guideline:

    90 95 C: Sorta safe, but pushing the limit. 95 C for short periods of time (less than 1.5 hours) is perfectly fine, but if it runs that hot for several hours or longer that’s bad. It won’t instantly melt your CPU or anything but it will probably wear down parts if you let it get that hot regularly. If your CPU gets this hot or hotter, every hour you should let it cool off for 15 minutes.

    80 90 C: the hottest “decent” operating temperature. While not great, it’s perfectly safe for 95% of CPUs to be 85 C for long periods of time. Obviously lower is still better, but you shouldn’t run into any real issues. Most components can handle a minimum of 90 95 C.

    70 80 C is good. Try to stay in this range if you can. It’s not always realistic for gaming PCs to stay lower than this if it doesn’t have good airflow, but maintaining 70 80 C should possible even with a bad cooking setup if you crank the fans up. But if your rig has weaker fans or poor heat dispersion and it gets a bit hotter than this, it’s no big deal.

    60 70 C: Great. A rig that can keep temps this low is really efficient and this is the ideal operating temperature. While theoretically, under 60 C would be even better, it’s just not always gonna happen with the parts currently available unless you have great airflow.