What Goes On for your Body During Exercise


What Happens To Your Body During Exercise || The Workout Facts You Must Know!


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What Happens to Your Body During Exercise. You can feel the changes as soon as you take your first running step onto the pavement. Your heart pounds, your muscles tighten up, your breath feels shallow.

Fortunately, that feeling doesn’t last for long. One of the key health benefits of exercise is that it helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing insulin/leptin receptor sensitivity. This is perhaps the most important factor for optimizing your overall health and preventing chronic disease. As soon as you start exercising your body will respond by stimulating and inhibiting physiological processes that will allow you to exercise more efficiently. For example, your cardio-respiratory system increases its activity above what it would be at rest, whereas the digestive system slows right down.

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine (pronounced doh-pa-meen) and endorphins (en-door-fins) in your brain that make you feel happy. Not only is your brain dumping out feel-good chemicals, but exercise also helps your brain get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious. Whether you’re a 20-year-old body builder, or a 70-year-old retiree, exercise particularly resistance exercise continues to play an important role in your muscle health. The benefits of working out are due to the direct impact that physical activities have on your muscle tissue, especially during.

What happens to body fat when you exercise? Your muscles first burn through stored glycogen for energy. “After about 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise, your body. Exercising makes the body pump more blood to the muscles.

This will increases the blood flow, which is beneficial for your brain. The minute you start exercising, your brain cells will function at a higher level. The increased blood flow to your brain will make you more. To make this happen, your body must supply oxygen to the muscles and eliminate the waste products and heat.

The more strenuous the exercise, the greater the demands of working muscle. If these needs are not met, then exercise will cease that is, you become exhausted and. Exercise improves oxygen flow to the brain. It also helps the body release hormones that assist in brain cell growth. Additionally, it helps the brain with both learning and memory capabilities. During the first 15 minutes of exercise, the body relies mainly on blood glucose or muscle glycogen (which is converted back into glucose) for fuel.

As exercise continues, the body starts re-converting liver glycogen into glucose. After 30 minutes, the body starts to rely more on body fat.

List of related literature:

This phase is followed by a plateau (during light exercise) or a much more gradual increase in respiration (during heavy exercise) that results from chemical changes in the arterial blood resulting from exercise metabolism.

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This absence of oxygen at the onset of exercise (oxygen deficit) leads to increased respiration at the end of exercise (EPOC) as the body tries to make up for the oxygen that wasn’t initially available.

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After the initial few minutes of moderateintensity exercise—and after the cardiovascular and respiratory adjustments—exercising muscle takes up and oxidizes blood-borne glucose and simultaneously diminishes its release of lactic acid.

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During exercise, the muscles require additional energy to generate force or to do work, the heart has to work harder to increase blood supply, the respiratory muscles face an increased demand for moving air in and out of the lungs, and the metabolic rate

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If a moderate level of exercise continues to use the same muscles, some of the partially processed glucose is usefully consumed as increased blood flow brings more oxygen.

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During strenuous exercise, the muscles do not get enough oxygen and in the absence of enough oxygen, there is anaerobic breakdown of glucose into lactic acid.

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At certain times in muscles, especially during exercise when glucose consumed is much more than the amount of oxygen available, a partial oxidation of glucose to lactate occurs (glycolysis) ; the lactate so produced is largely disposed of by other tissues, mainly liver.

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Aerobic exercise is initially fueled by the glucose molecules stored as glycogen in the muscles themselves, but after a few minutes, the muscles depend more and more on free fatty acids released into the blood from adipose (fat) tissue.

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During the first 20 minutes of moderate exercise, glucose from the blood and glycogen from the muscles are used as the fuel for aerobic respiration.

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During a brief period (10 seconds) of intense activity, the body responds by depleting local reserves of oxygen and sources of energy stored in the muscles, thus creating a deficit of oxygen Anaerobic power that must eventually be replenished.

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  • Simply exercising 5 times a week completely changed me..from a loser that used to play video games in his 20s..that failed highschool and that lived with his mom to now being in the armed forces..bein happy motivated, having goals i wanna reach. People have no idea how much few minutea of workout can chage you mentally..from depressed to happy from sadness to joy..we all tent to search for meds and motivational gurus to fix our lives..when the way to strength and happiness comes from a half hour of workout.

  • Believe me guys excerise is too good for u
    Within a week i saw my skin glowing, pimples Disappeared and eventually I lost weight��
    So u a should try exercising and skipping rope

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  • why is everyone obsessed with losing weight? i’m here trying and trying to add more weight while y’all want to be 40kg skinny ass twigs

  • I think you should specify what you mean by “exercise” — that is, level/intensity of the exercise. Me, I am basically dead and lack any energy after a workout, and I’m pretty sure that’s because I pour all that energy into intense 2-hr-long workouts (5 days a week).
    Seriously, going to the gym basically spells the end of the day for me. Once I get back home, it’s a matter of waiting for the clock to strike 11 so I can go to sleep.

  • Basically when u excersice blood goes around the body more faster so more oxyge is carried to the body cells for respiration.respiration produces energy but also makes car n dioxide so to get rid of itu need blood and oxygen

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    jk love you

  • I always feel like making some phone calls and answering emails after going to the gym. Like I want to get thing done. I notice my confidence level definitely goes up as well.

  • This gives me even more determination! I always wanted to do gymnastics, but my mom does not want me to! I am too “old” she says for a 14 year old girl. So I am self taught…Doing splits and stuffs isn’t being “flexible enough” for her!

  • what happens when i exercise? everything hurts, im tired and feel like im never gonna move away from my bed again.
    Also I thought its a motivational video yet you said that exercising might increase my lifespan up to 5 years, thats not really motivating

  • Whatttttt??? People are out here feeling motivated to do other things after they exercise??? So I’m the only tired as hell and completely unproductive after my workout?

  • I do 100 spider man pushups
    180 Sit ups
    140 times with my hand grippers
    100 V ups
    100 squats

    Everyday. I’m 15. I’m tall af. Should i keep doing this everyday though?

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  • Probably with this weird voice he is trying to make it more interesting but it is irritating in fact. The experiment of making videos more interesting with such voice is failed. do something else

  • You might not lose weight but you will lose fat IF you’re in a caloric deficit AND gain muscle mass. Too many people mix “lose weight” with “lose fat”… You should specify that so people don’t get misleaded. But great video nonetheless:)

  • wtf, you CAN lose weight through exercise, just not the typical, 30min at the gym 3 times a week. Rather, if you are an endurance athlete yes you WILL lost weight. Don’t make such inaccurate statements in future please!

  • What the hell you talking about, yes it’s true that your diet is main cause of weight control, but to say exercising will not make you loose weight physically is ridicules. As long as you burn calories you will lose weight.

  • That thing about sleeping faster is true, I’ve been into some issues about getting asleep and now after 1 year + of training 5 days a week (Working out) I can get asleep in minus than 5-10 minutes everytime

  • One thing: Eat Protein to help the body fix the “Protein Fibers” insidd your muscles. Also you would not feel so much pain and muscle sore. But if u are just STARTING.. sorry to tell u.. but u gotta wait untill the pain will go by it self.. protein wouldnt help.

  • I am an athlete and like it says in this video i think air went through my ears lol. Because i was not breathing when lift heavy weights.

  • I was on antidepressants for a year, the anxiety and stress appeared after I stopped working out, but now when I resumed my 5×5 strong-lift program I don’t need the medicine anymore.
    exercise is the best anti depressants!
    I can recommend the 5×5 strong lift program, there is an app called 5×5 strong-lift and its great, you can keep track of your progress and it increases or decreases the weight for you depending on how well you do the exercise!
    I’m not a pro in anyway just letting you know about my own personal experiences!

  • I exercise 4 times a week and most of this is bullshit. I haven’t noticed my brain capacity boost since I started working out (I’ve been working out for 3 years). exercising didn’t make me less lazy. sometimes i don’t want to do literally anything. and exercising CERTAINLY didn’t help me fall asleep faster sometimes I can roll around in my bed for hours until i fall asleep. It helped me get ripped and become more attractive though lmao. but these are just my personal experiences

  • If anyone is depressed or sad atm try exercising for like 10-30 minutes, it works and in the morning before school it boosts my mood and I feel happy and confident so try it out.

  • whatever u all say the voice iritating. but for me it awesome. i like.
    hmm, can i ask.
    how to clear all the cholestrol or what ever that make blood vassel full of blocking?
    i dont know english. i hope u all understand.

  • It is such a shame this video contains inappropriate language. This is not acceptable for children to watch or for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers. Education does not stand for this obscene language. A rugby coach is a role model and should be using appropriate language children should hear as a role model. Shame on Mark Bishop.

  • I wanted to use this for a young class as it explained it so well, but then you spoiled it by saying Arse and then I couldn’t use it in the class room.:-(

  • “exercise is completly useless when it comes to loosing weight”
    wtf are you on about mate, lifting weight alone can burn up to around 400 calories and hour and then if you throw cardio is there aswell, we suddenly hit a good ca. 800 calories burned, just from exercise alone mate
    let’s say you can eat 2000 calories a day without gaining or loosing weight, if you keep eating the same amount, and start exercising. YOU WILL LOOSE WEIGHT

  • What really happens to our body amid a workout | Health & Wellness Talk


    Your suggestions and feedback are welcome. Good

  • As far as I know it doesn’t directly make you lose weight it burns your weight and turns the fat into muscle so in some cases you might gain weight from a nice looking body with muscles so if you wanna look good go and lift some weights and run for 3-5km a day for that leg muscle

  • Lol informative n funny.bits true i do alot of walking n feel healthy n light now I sprained my ankle n pain is creeping up in my body. Stay active
    Stay alive

  • This is so true. Before I used to be all tired and lazy. But the from day I started going to Gym, I feel more energised and active.

  • The great thing about discovering you channel late is that I don’t have to wait too long for you to publish great videos. Thanks for the content.

  • everything in this video is pure bull shit. dopamine isn’t a form of energy. gym isnt only good for stress relief but also makes you physically better. you need to exercise more than 3 hours a week. it doesn’t distract you from your phone or media. nothing in this video was actually researched or scientifically based

  • Can someone please write comets and like this to keep me motivated 1 like =1 day of high intense 90 min exercise for me please motivate me it hurts so much the explosive push ups it burns please guys

  • Question: she said you should start eating more when you exercise; otherwise your muscles will start consuming themselves.

    What if you do intermittent fasting?

  • Icing is horrible for recovery in any form of athletic recovery and should not be suggested there is medical/scientific evidence to back up this statement.

  • There’s some people who love the entertaining Welsh accent, and some who absolutely hate it. I appreciate the attempt to make this entertaining, but when there are so many people against it, I reckon it’d be safest if video makers didn’t use it.