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Full Body Home Workout for LAZY RAINY DAYS // Dancer’s Body

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1-Minute Stay At Home Exercise Home Workout

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Rainy Day Cardio Workout | MFit

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A Morning at Home on a Rainy Day | Calming Morning | Morning Routine

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AT HOME rainy day pampering + self-care ☔️

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Just grab a dumbbell or even a jug of juice from the fridge, wear those PJs and skip the shoes, then find a spot where you can crank out this quick, fun and effective workout. THE WORKOUT After a 5–10 minute warmup, complete 12 reps of each. The Duchess of Sussex wore an effortless dress for a day out in L.A. 1 / 4 This 3-Move Rainy Day Workout Burns Fat In 30 Minutes (And You Can Stay Indoors) There are days when even the most zealous. On those rainy days when you can’t get outside for a run, bike ride, or other exercise, you may need to change things up and exercise indoors.

There are plenty of exercises you can do indoors. And they can give you a good, well-rounded cardio workout, as well as tone all the areas of your body. On those rainy days when you can’t get outside for a run, bike ride, or other exercise, you may need to change things. The rainy day workout is full of exercises you can do at home even if it’s wet or cold or snowing outside. It is really so simple to get a good hard workout and burn through calories for weight loss without leaving the house.

In fact you can even do it without even leaving your room!Rainy Day Home Workout [ ] Fit Corner September 1, 2014 at 2:09 am Reply. Great workout routine.

Thanks for sharing those links on how to do it properly. Keep us posted with newer routines. isabel cuevas August 9, 2014 at 4:55 pm Reply. Hey, it is Good to head you. I am glad to ser you happy.

A 20-minute walking workout incorporating the use of hand weights. Past studies have also found that exercising in a cool environment leads to a perception of less exertion than if you were to work out in a hot environment. So running in the rain may actually feel more comfortable than not. Safety First. Of course, exercising outdoors in the rain (and potentially the cold) should always come with a few precautions.

It’s certainly not inherently dangerous. 1) Watch that front knee to make sure it doesn’t extend past your toes, engage your abs and exhale as you twist. 2) Do 10 curls first, then 9, then 8, and so on.. but instead of doing 1 at the end, you do 10 again.

Whew! 3) Make sure your knees go out in the direction of your toes instead of forward. Use your rainy days for an indoor resistance easy workout at home.

Take a 30 second rest at the end of each exercise and a two minute rest at the end of them all; then repeat. Do as many rounds as you have time for, 4 to 8 rounds is usually ideal. Don’t forget to incorporate some stretches at the end.

Rainy days can easily turn into movie nights. Good thing we found this unique indoor workout from Darebee that you can do without even getting up from your couch. It’s a full-body workout with punches, crunches, swings and kicks.

If you like that one, you might want to try this concentrated abs workout from the same place.

List of related literature:

I have posted some at­home workouts on my blog that you can do with some basic equipment.

“Healthy and Free: A Journey to Wellness for Your Body, Soul, and Spirit” by Beni Johnson, Jordan Rubin
from Healthy and Free: A Journey to Wellness for Your Body, Soul, and Spirit
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This is a good work-out to use while on vacation at a hotel gym that does not offer dumbbells.

“The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Fourth Edition” by James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera
from The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Fourth Edition
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If you are self-motivated and prefer to stay at home, there are many good aerobics videos available.

“The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bourne
from The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
by Edmund J. Bourne
New Harbinger Publications, 2011

Bringing along Xertubes (www.spri.com) allows me to do a 15to 30-minute strength workout in a hotel room at any time of day, often without needing to bring along much in the way of workout clothes or shoes.

“Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business” by Matt Blumberg
from Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business
by Matt Blumberg
Wiley, 2013

As you can see, you don’t need your own home gym, but it’s agood idea to have some basic exercise gear on hand so you can do strength­training moves at home, atthe park, or even when you travel.

“Disease-Proof: Slash Your Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and More-by 80 Percent” by David L. Katz, M.D., Stacey Colino
from Disease-Proof: Slash Your Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and More-by 80 Percent
by David L. Katz, M.D., Stacey Colino
Penguin Publishing Group, 2013

Working out on an indoor exercise equipment, such as a rower, Stair Master, or exercycle

“Improving Survey Questions: Design and Evaluation” by Floyd J. Fowler, Jr., Floyd J.. Fowler
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If it’s rainy or cold, I stream something from Beachbody.

“Target 100: The World's Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps” by Liz Josefsberg, Jennifer Hudson
from Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps
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Most importantly, performing exercise circuits with only one piece of fitness equipment can give you numerous options for exercising at home, at your favorite fitness facility, or in an underequipped hotel fitness center when traveling.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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I’ve done all my workouts from home – I just bought some dumbbells and a barbell and used Joe’s HIITs on YouTube, and a timer app on my phone.

“Lean in 15 The Sustain Plan: 15 Minute Meals and Workouts to Get You Lean for Life” by Joe Wicks
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Examples of companies that offer this sort of subscription-based home workout service include Daily Burn, CorePower Yoga, and Peloton Digital.

“Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy” by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
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  • Erin don’t you love painting when it’s raining outside..? I love listening to my calming music and drink my coffee…✨ And eat my Banana Bread…����

  • I originally found you from Anna Saccone during her postpartum. Your always helping people stay fit mentally and physically. Love and hugs from Canada ���� You are a beautiful human being thank you for your work outs ��������☀️

  • I love how you don’t rush and take time on doing anything. I do the same, and I enjoy doing it that way. Some people said I am too slow, some even started calling me names such as turtle, the slow one, but I don’t mind. I really love doing things on my own phase, taking my time always. I hope every person would respect that. Oh, hello Rhea! Hope you are doing great during this quarantine period. Sending hugs from ���� ��

  • why does everyone argue with everything in the comments? please relax, and stay calm. im not here for you to get angry. im just here to remind you that its okay to have a different opinion and please dont lash out at people if they have another opion then yours. ☺︎︎

  • Thank you for all the exercises. Been on it for almost 2 months now ��. Just wish that talk is toned down a little bt if that works for most here then I’ll just �� my device

  • Hi eryn! I just wanted to tell you how much I love watching your videos. Every time I get a notification that you have posted a video I get a sudden burst of joy and I can’t wait to watch it. Between the time that you post videos it feels like a century because I can’t wait for your next video. Keep on doing what you are doing. I love you and your channel so much. ����

  • So calming. Really what I needed today. I’ve been trying to get my hair and skin healthier after surfing so much and your videos help with that����

  • So after that serum you need to use some cream to lock it down in to your skin and don’t forget sunscreen when you use vit C. Stay safe. ��

  • Roberta I love your workouts! I started thinking about doing workouts once or twice a day and then I found your channel. It really helped me feel better and healthier. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  • can you do an intermediate standing cardio/ab 10 or 15 minute workout. I got a new puppy and it’s hard to do anything on the floor

  • Simply the best!! Especially that the moves in this particular video are very simple and i can do them too. In most workout videos online, moves are either too physically challenging or too complicated for me to learn and replicate so i end up giving up the workouts. For a couch potato, it’s not easy to learn complicated moves. Finally, a workout that makes me stay and do it from start to finish without skipping parts or giving up altogether. Thank you. And please do more videos like this with the simplest moves out there yet moves that can be effective.

  • Thanks, Lucy! That was a great workout! Heart rate is up and I’m sweating! �� These videos lift my mood so much! Please keep ‘em coming! ��☀️����

  • I’m sorry, I previously disliked because you showed what I didn’t have which are: peace, ecstasy, routine and companionship. In a very bitter little girl of 23 battle and losing to depression.

  • Thank you so much for this exercise. It is useful while staying at home. Really good to be physically fit. Take care and stay safe. GOD BLESS!������

  • Hi Roberta…. Plz reply me….I Reduce 1 kg weight through ur exercise in one week… Please give me diet plan for reducing 6 kg weight in one month…. Thanks… Plz reply

  • While we are going through this Coronavirus. I still have to get up and go to work every day. So these exercises as short version a really helpful. I just started back this week thanks

  • Thank you so much. Absolutely life-changing. Did the 1 mile indoor walk this morning when feeling very sad and wobbly and it completely turned my mood around. Very grateful to you.

  • Ahw omg your Videos make ne so unbelievably happy, I love watching them❤️ and where is that beautiful white sweater from? Totally fell in love with that too����

  • Awesome workout. Just found this one and did it twice back to back. Enjoyed it. Thank you very much Lucy, you are the best! Love your workouts.

  • Loved this workout thank you Lucy I always do three of your workouts a day 6 days a week atm wile on lockdown love this as my middle workout before my last harder one.

  • I’ve been doing these workouts for a month now and although I havent exactly lost a lot of weight I have definitely toned up and lost a couple inches. My butt is starting to look amazing and my lower pooch, after having 3 csections and a tubal, is a lot less flabby and no longer hangs over like a flap!

  • Hi Eryn! I would just like to say thankyou. With all of the crazy stuff going on in the world your videos are like a little calming sanctuary. You’re amazing, thankyou so much!

  • Thank you so much Roberta, i really love your exercises can you please tell me if we want to lose weight do we have to go on a strict diet?

  • hi rhea y! also a filipino here! i love your aesthetic and your appreciation to small things. i havent been to Japan and you inspired me dream to go there:)

    i am inspired by your channel. so i did the same but with my personality in it focusing more on studying because that’s what i usually do! more power, xo

  • Another great work out, and most of all its fun because of your personality……..your just having fun and being positive, and you really do make one feeling like moving……Another thumbs up! loving the home workouts:)

  • Been home alone all weekend as my son is at his dads. These videos are so comforting. Just a single girl happy enjoying alone time.
    Love it ��
    Subscried x

  • Hi Eryn!! Loved the video, i would love to paint like you! Do you paint regularly? Because im scared to start and then Dont follow through an all waste all the paint cause it gets dry

  • I love how easy this is to follow, and challenging! I just started a channel and your video came up in your video came up after my video so I had to check out your page! New Subscriber!

  • I like different camera angles. I like how you use well little kitchen space. But most of all, how your many pajamas never wrinkle. ��

  • Been hearing about the teami detox mask, finally got it after this vid with your discount code �� a little self care for this nurse during these uncertain times ����‍♀️

  • I am just wondering if she really has a simple life howcome she gets time to even record herself all time. The camera is everywhere bathroom, kitchen, laundry, bedroom. Her husband not even with her. Isnt it too fancy? Simple people are out of social media and contended.

  • Your channel has been a true lifesaver! I started your workouts on March 1st, 2020. I soon became addicted. Thank you for having the best channel for workouts, for me!

  • I love this. I did seven minutes’ to lose arm and belly fat as well as this one for today. And I feel great and stronger than few days earlier. Thx Lucy ��

  • I’ve just finished watching all of your videos after being recommended the latest one by YouTube. You have such a positive influence on myself and so many others with your relaxing content that reminds us all to take life slowly and appreciate all the little things.

    I often feel anxious about work and your day in the life videos have reminded me that work is only part of our day and we can do so many things to make the rest of it happy and fulfilling. �� Thank you!

  • This was so nice to watch. Good healthy meals, keeping clean, having some me time, all day, alone at home. That’s good for the soul

  • I know you probably get this all the time but I find your workouts so welcoming and achievable, since the lockdown started I’ve been motivated to move my body more and I have tried so many different videos, which sure I can feel my abs hurting after but I can barely do the moves and I feel like I’m not getting the full benefit. Then I come back to your channel and it is so much better; I feel it working and I can actually do all of the exercises that you show. I can’t wait to see the results and I will certainly be working out with you every day as my online personal trainer. Thank you so much for all you do Lucy!

  • I don’t know why people seeing me weird or thinking that I am weird for being just an Introvert person. They doesn’t understand that we introverts just love quiet and calm society. Sometimes it’s really better to just woke up, take a bath, prepare your breakfast then do your work, or selfcare, or start doing new things or explore inside your room, rather than, waking up, taking a bath and go to the mall or what (I’m not saying that don’t go to mall, but there’s really a person [Extroverts] who really likes going to the mall every three days.) Sometimes, it’s better to be alone to think better and calm your mind, far from the toxic community with toxic people.

  • I love your vlogs❤ I always binge-watch your vids when I want to be inspired and motivated to achieve my dream in living in Japan someday. All the love from ����

  • Como tragaaa.. She eats alot. I love watching her videos, i also live on my own and one day the neigbor downstairs told me one day when u get bored you can take care of my kids��i said no i never get bored besides my boyfriend comes over on the weekend and we will be gettinv married this year.

  • Thank you for another quick and effective workout! This is just what I needed to get moving again. I could really feel it! Thank you again Lucy. I really loved your words to stay in and follow the stay home orders.

  • Do you drink only hot water?
    Im curious because an asian former collegue of mine used to drink only hot water.. Even during august with 30 degrees outside!

  • Enjoying your videos today.. ������
    Idea… on the left side of sink.. attach a board on a spring,
    that you can raise up out of the way, or lower for your counter space.

  • 1. Arm crossovers 30x
    2. High knee jacks 40x
    3. Step back jacks 40x
    4. Hip swirls 30x
    5. Bridge 15x
    6. Toe tap leg lifts 50x
    7. Skater jumps 30x
    8. Squat 15x
    9. Jumping jacks 50x
    10. Reverse crunches 30x
    11. Windmill 26x
    12. Split jumps 50x
    13. Swing backs 30x
    14. Thigh lifts right 15x
    15. Thigh lifts left 15x
    16. Leg kicks 40x
    17. Step back jacks 40x
    18. Hip swirls 30x
    19. Bridge 15x

  • How do you do your eyebrows? Watching your videos of UCSB brings me back to my high school years there (went to San Marcos high school) and my mom used to work at UCSB graduate school so I was there as a teenager all the time. Miss it soooo much.

  • My mum (who has a knee replacement) and I (I have fibromyalgia) just LOVE these workouts! They’re just enough for us to feel the burn but not burn out from pain. Thanks Lucy!

  • Lucy I ventured out today, played my music on my Alexa and tried 2 different workouts! Love them! Time passes so quickly!!! Thank you again!!

  • I love these outside walks! I really would like to have more of these please, there fun and with the birds singing in the background just makes it more upbeat! Thank you

  • Have you played the Sims 4? I recreated your apartment in the game and I’m loving it! I am so grateful for your videos, you help with my anxiety! ��

  • Thanks a million, Lucy! I love your workouts and recently my mom started to do them with me. She is turning 75 and I am so grateful because she keeps moving. All my love and gratitude to you!

  • Ms roberta, you could indicate with every excercise how our back has to stay and where We have to feel some pressure while in belly back to see if We are coping you properly. Thanks

  • This was sooo fun and I actually broke a sweat. Thank you for alllll you do. This so so useful. Will be trying many more videos. ��

  • Ms Roberta you know that we must stay at home so you are very useful for me and my family thank you very much continue like this ����

  • Will this reduce body fat content?
    I’m about to start exercise and
    I have to reduce fat added to that without stressing on my right knee as I have a cyst in leg bone
    Are there any exercises?
    Thank you

  • Love the video. Cleaning tipfor windows and mirrors just use plain old water..if you have news paper it’s the best -plus you’re recycling! ��

  • Dear Lucy
    I am sorry that I have not subscribed before now but feel that I really must commend you on your 7 minute video workout. I have been completing the programme most days, only missing the session when we have time for a long walk. Please don’t remove the clip as I plan to continue using it even as the Covid constraints are lifted. Well done and thank you. Baas

  • Please please make a quarantine day in my life, or a list of things to do at home! I’m Italian and we have been advised to not leave our houses for more than a month. Loved the video as always��

  • I do 7 min ab focussed workout daily and add in a walking one but the 7 min one stays the same for the month and i change the second ones up daily. Can i do this as my 7 min workout…. 7 min for 7 days (month in my case) will it have same effect as 7 min ones please thanks xx

  • Loved this thank you will replace the 7min full body workout I’ve been doing for ages. Day 1 done.
    Thank you Lucy, great workout before work x ��‍⚕️
    #stayhome #inthistogether #nhs

  • Just keep coming back to this particular workout. My fav so far. I love the punching in between. Can’t get enough of it!
    I found out about you from YouTuber Emily Norris around mid April and i have lost 17llbs so far… thank you x��

  • Hi Lucy
    I absolutely love your workouts!
    I am recovering from a disc herniation in my lower back. Just wanted to know if I can do this workout.

  • New to You Tube and exercising so I am going to start with your 7 day challenges of 7 minute exercises. Can you tell me the order i.e. arms, legs, belly fat, etc. that you would recommend? I subscribed to your channel as well!

  • Wow!��, today one more video to get perfect curve which I was expecting,thanks Lucy.��
    This is a hearty thankful note to you. I found you in YouTube 2018, since I am following your excercises. I had a severe back pain after 2 pregnancy surgeries, and put so much weight. When I try to reduce weight, I couldn’t do any excercises due to my back pain. When I tried your videos,it was amazing���� I didn’t had a back pain at all, means your workouts are increasing my stamina, WOW!!��. Then i continously did your excercises and reduced 22kg drastically in 18 months with clean food habits. How amazing is that!���� I lost tummy inches as your video title says. Thank you so much for guiding us through online. It is not only giving health benefits, but increasing our confidence���� too. Thank you once again. Love you Lucy!!����

  • Hi Roberta! I really love ur videos and I keep doing ur workouts everyday, but can u please tell me how much weight can I lose for 3 months if I keep doing these workout and like dieting? I really need to know. I would be very happy if u would reply to me. Ur the best ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Love you babe! It’s me again��and I wanted to say that your content even in this state of time makes me happy with whatever I’m facing�� I ��support you so so very much and I would love to meet you! love u the most!�� have a WONDERFUL night��

  • Thank you Lucy! Absolutely loving your workouts, they’re keeping me sane and balancing out some of my unhealthy quarantine eating!! X

  • I wish you could somehow Include a timer on the screen so it would be easier to change the steps for the exercises.

    Other than that it is really nice. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Really incredible. I really enjoyed a million. Keep going DEAR. Please make some videos on coller bones without weights. May u or not. I m waiting for ur reply. ��������

  • I did multiple of your workouts in one day and it feels great I’m sore but I lost 2 lbs so far that’s a great sign I will keep going and keep you guys upadated on my weight loss!

  • Как здорово, что случайно попала на ваш канал. Очень интересна Япония, японский народ, для меня вы просто космос, Но глядя на ваш быт, я понимаю как мы похожи, у меня примерно также проходил день, пока не было мужа и ребёнка. Спасибо, подписалась на ваш канал❤️Интересно, приходят ли к вам домой друзья, родственники,, как вы проводите с ними время. За русские субтитры отдельное спасибо. ��

  • Lucy again you are a badass Iam down to a size 10/11 I used to be a size 20 and I’ve lost even more weight my belly fat is almost gone and I’ve been following you for 3 years already and this is the best way to workout for fibromyalgia and my neck and back problems. Thank you Lucy for giving me hope I love you girl you are awesome!!!!! ��������

  • 私は本当にあなたに感心します、あなたは私のお気に入りのユーザーです、私はあなたのアパートが本当に好きです!あなたは自立した女性で、それが私があなたの好きなところです。あなたは穏やかで、あなたはとてもきれいだと確信しています飽きずに何時間も続く動画が大好きです!( ^ ▽ ^)����私のコメントを見ていただければと思います!

  • thank you for this! it made me so much calmer during these times! i’ve also been making videos to keep myself distracted from all the negativity so i hope you can check my stuff out <3

  • I love all of your workouts
    I have been doing many of your workouts since 1 month and have found a noticeable change in my posture.
    My stamina has also increased.
    Thank you Lucy.
    You keep motivating me. ♥♥

  • I just realized you are not like those girls who’d say workout for thigh gaps, or waist like Victoria’s secret model, or legs like (some celebrity). You encourage us to be the best version of us. Similarly, your workouts are focused on being healthy, instead of achieving some trending figure goals.