Ways to get Skinny Thighs – Are you able to move from Muscular Thighs to Slim Thighs


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How to get LEAN LEGS like Kendall Jenner | Leg slimming workout

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Slim Legs Workout | Thigh Fat Burning Workout (No Jumping) | Free Program

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SLIM LEGS IN 20 DAYS! 10 min No Jumping Quiet Home Workout Emi

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Slim Thighs & Legs Workout that WORKS | Burn Inner & Outer Thighs Fat (No Jumping)

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So to summarize, if you want to make your muscular thighs smaller, here’s what you should do: Learn your body type so you can understand the best exercises and diet for you. Do more long-distance running on a flat surface. Do power walking – This type of low-intensity cardio burns fat and is the best exercise for slimming down legs.

Slim Thighs Training Swaps To go from muscular to skinny thighs, you’ll likely want to limit the amount of intense workouts focused on the lower body, specifically the thighs. This doesn’t mean giving up leg exercises all together: Do enough full-body training to maintain your health, but don’t place extra effort on your thigh muscles. Running to slim thighs and reshape legs Endurance operating is very efficient in those that have large thigh muscular tissues, as it might lower the dimensions of the muscular tissues and scale back obese across the muscle to make the thighs smaller.

It will fully rework the scale and make-up of your thighs and your calves. Everyone wants slim smooth thighs, a perky butt, and rock-hard calves. Yet, getting them involves tough workouts and commitment.

For the strongest, sexiest legs, we recommend a two-part approach. First, for lean toned legs you have to put on muscle around your thighs. Strong thighs not only look good, but they’re also great for your mobility. Once in place, you want to reach down and grab the barbell a little wider than shoulder width, so that your hands don’t grind down your thighs as you go up and down, and you’ll then deadlift. For many women, the legs can be the most difficult part of the body to slim down.

Though many people have the goal of thinner legs, it’s something easier said than done, and a large percentage of people simply give up and accept the shape of the legs they have. Pilates – This is an ideal workout for building and toning muscle without leading to a great deal of muscle mass. Pilates consists of weight bearing exercises that will slim your thighs.

Weight. Do 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous cardio weekly. If you’re trying to burn fat from your thigh area, cardio is your best friend. Choose a workout that you enjoy and aim to workout about 5 days a week. To lose fat on the thighs, you will need to do some aerobic activities.

Jogging, swimming, and bicycling are all great activities to lose weight on the thighs as well as to start getting muscular thighs. Other fun activities to build up muscle on the thighs includes playing tennis or going hiking, for example. As you know, the lunge is an effective exercise to slim legs and thighs. The extra movements involved in this exercise can also be seen as some form of cardio.

This exercise to slim legs and thighs target your abs, hamstrings, quads, obliques, etc. Here is how to do i.

List of related literature:

♦ After you’ve built to 30 minutes a day, try walking up hills as this will help develop the quadriceps muscles in your thighs.

“Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work” by Art Brownstein
from Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work
by Art Brownstein
Gallery Books, 2001

Forget about thighs.

“The Art of Movies” by Nicolae Sfetcu
from The Art of Movies
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I had to be extreme just to achieve average-size thighs.

“Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain” by Portia de Rossi
from Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain
by Portia de Rossi
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Cycling (stationary bike or regular bicycle) for the thighs 4.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2014

These exercises target the inner thighs, one of the biggest female problem areas.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

The following exercises are the most effective for developing the thighs.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

I’ll explain how to vary any thigh exercise slightly to focus on different muscles in your quads, which will shape your legs accordingly.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
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What will work for you is a combination of cardio, overall strength training, and good nutritional habits that will help you tone and lose fat everywhere, including your thighs.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
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Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

Switch your focus from what you hate about your thighs to what you can appreciate about them.

“The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life” by Noelle C. Nelson, Jeannine Lemare Calaba
from The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life
by Noelle C. Nelson, Jeannine Lemare Calaba
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But all of this intensity is for a purpose: to do everything possible to develop every part of the thigh.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

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    Day 2: a little more easier I see a bit of a different already
    Day 3: much more better my legs are in huge pain
    Day 5: made it
    Day 6: yes
    Day 7:

  • if yall would like to see my journey
    day 1: I did it, almost died tho lmao but im okay.
    day2: I woke up with a little bit of pain in my thighs, so I started stretching and warming up and did the workout
    day 3: here we go again, pain but at least doing it
    day4: im gonna do the workout again
    day 4: I really tried to avoid this but im doing it anyways, this popped into my reccomends lmao yt knows what i am up to
    day 5: i didnt do it
    day 6: im getting really unmotivated didnt doit either
    day 7: i dragged myself outof my bed and did it

  • So i finished this challenge today i didnt really notice Any diffence in my thighs but i lost some weight (66 kg -> 63 kg)and i really feel much more stronger. I will try 2 weeks shred challenge next week

  • My upper body is skinny but my legs are just so thick and I hate it so I’ll be trying to do this exercise and I really hope it works because I don’t want bulky legs.

  • hey! i seem to be having a problem with my arms while doing the first 50% of the workout, i don’t know if this is because my arms are too weak or im just placing them wrong for the excersice they get pretty sore and tired, even more than my legs and im afraid im doing something wrong:( is that normal?

  • Does it annoy the hell out of anyone else when somebody says, “your not fat”,? Because I KNOW THAT MY LEGS ARE FAT!!! I know you are trying to help but that is like not liking a shirt because it is orange and you dont like that colour, so your friend says “it’s not orange” I know you are trying to be nice but it is a FACT that my legs are fat, and i hate it so why not help me out instead of trying to convince me I’m something I’m not ����

  • boots 98 cm
    abs 78 cm
    upper leg 56cm
    lower leg 38cm
    my weight 62.25 kg
    18 august ✅
    19 august
    20 august ✅
    21 august
    22 august
    23 august
    24 august
    25 august
    26 august
    27 august
    28 august
    29 august
    30 august
    31 august
    01 september
    02 september
    03 september
    04 september
    05 september
    06 september
    07 september
    08 september
    09 september
    10 september
    11 september
    12 september

  • I’m sorry but I just have a bit of an issue with the vibe that this video givesI mean, why can’t people have bulkier legs? It’s just that the thumbnail and title of this vid makes it out for it to be a bad thing when there are so many different body types and not necessarily everyone should be slim. I understand if people are maybe wanting to cut down leg fat, but yeah maybe just check the tone on this.

  • Here we’ll attach some jokes to motivate you more.
    “wErE fIghTing fOr lOvE tOnIgHt”-1
    “If you feel like you’re dying here I am tooo trust me pls do it still” like gurl I died 5 minutes in the video ��

  • Omg Emi u r such a wonderful person…i was hereafter doing aerobics and i thought i ll be doing thighs workout for only 10minutes…but u were motivating during the whole video and by so i end up doing whole workout…trust me on this i watch several videos but urs one is always different.love ur motivating skills..
    Love from India��

  • just trying this for a month.
    waist: 24 inches
    thighs: (inner) 20 inches
    (outer) 18.5 inches
    btw i’m kinda on a diet; i eat like 1 cup of rice usually but i’m on a diet so ½ cup only. i don’t drink softdrinks (starting feb) and i rarely eat junkfoods. but i luv sweets and salty stuff so i got bloated ←(>▽<)ノDay 1: It was hard but manageable since I had another leg workout last week.

  • okay so I tried this and it really works guys I have done multiply workouts of Sanne Vander for these past months and I defintly do see a difference I have never been soo confident in my legs I love you Sanne and if you wanna try this do it its worth it

  • Started 7th July:
    Right leg – 56cm Left leg – 55.7cm
    I did some of these exercises and incorporated my own, similar to Chloe’s, no jumping or squatting though. I did some of the exercises on the bed too because I’m a lazy b. I also started eating healthier sort of. ��
    15th July:
    Right leg – 53.4cm Left leg – 53cm
    I’m achieving slim thighs in terms of the Lower half but I’m still struggling with getting that thigh gap right at the top. But as you can see it is working for me so far and I’m able to get in some jeans and trousers that I couldn’t before!!!
    Today 19th July:
    Right leg – 52cm Left leg – 52.5cm
    As you can see initially my left leg was smaller than my right but it depends on which leg you put more work in and that’s why my right leg is now smaller than my left.
    Hope this helps I’ll keep updating, you guys can do it. I thought I could never achieve slimmer thighs because I kept bulking with squats etc but this routine definitely doesn’t bulk at all. Good luck ����

  • Before
    Right tigh: 47cm
    Left tigh: 47cm


    -Week 1
    Day 1✔ (since I had already done some other workouts before, I had no problem doing all the exercises. I like that the break between exercises is 15s because so far I am not used to such a long rest��)
    Day 2 ✔
    Day 3 ✔

    P.S. In addition to these exercises I also do a couple of others but for other parts of the body because I want to see how effective these specifically are for my thighs. I will do them for two weeks without a break and I will do the measurement after a week.

  • I’m dying
    IVE DONE THIS EVERYDAY FOR 2 WEEKS! I’ve seen a difference! Please do it!! I’m still going to continue this as it’s very good! And I can see a better result, if I’ do it longer!

  • Thank you chole…..
    Day 1: Done
    I m sweating very much
    Day 2: done��……..
    My legs r exhausted… did 2 sets of ths exercis.
    Day 3: not done
    Day 4: Done.

  • omg tysm! I’ve had a hard time because I thought squats were good for you, but I ended up gaining some muscle. It isn’t much but I really wanted it gone, so from now on, I’m going on a run.

  • Hiii Chloe!!! Or anyone!! Plz tell me if this would bulk up Ur legs cause I already have preety muscle bulked legs and I wanna slim them down!?:(

  • Ok imma just say.. After the first day doing it.. I couldnt sit on my ass and my legs hurt
    After i looked in the mirror..
    Its less hard to go up the stairs now

  • Since most of the workouts are on plank position, does that mean that I’ll get my arms and ass to slim a little bit too??? Like it’s not about thighs only right?

  • gonna do this twice every day + april han’s 7 day slim thigh workout!! posting results after 2 weeks
    left thigh=62cm
    right thigh=61cm
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5:

  • I read comments under workout videos to see how much difference it has made usually. I wanna try it for the first time. So here goes:
    (Side note: I’ll update as I workout)
    Start: Thigh: 28 in; Calf: 16.5 in
    Day 1: 12 pm: once (sore)
    Day 2: 8.50 am: once (legs feel like jelly. Will probably do another round later in the evening)
    12.22 am: once (I haven’t gone to sleep just yet and felt guilty about not doing this. So I did once and it really burns)
    Day 3: it’s 1.27 am (haven’t slept yet) I’ve probably got used to the pain now (just a little). I waited for like 2 mins and did another round. That was tough! Hope to see a change soon

  • My exercise

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ❎
    Day 7: ✅x2
    Day 8: ❎
    Day 9:✅x2
    Day 10:

  • woah this is the first workout that i’ve ACTUALLY been able to go through without taking any ( okay maybe one little one) breaks at all! i think i was just getting used to it today but hopefully the next few weeks i’ll be doing it without breaks. i’m tryna to slim down before schools starts so i’m going to keep a log until then!

    day 1: done! didn’t feel too many burns as i was just getting used to having a feel of the workouts but will try to do them better tomorrow! but for nowwww ��

  • I’ll be surely starting this workout today and I’ll be updating about the results
    Now at present
    Left thigh-60.5cm
    Right thigh 61.5cm
    Day 1:✅

  • Hello random person I’m going to update (keep in mind that I’m lazy so if I skip a day, ya girl is trying) also I’m not going to weight myself or anything I just want to feel good in my body
    Day2:�� did it but my legs are dead
    Day3:�� was a little easier (ik going to use this emoji seems more realistic)
    Day4:may have skipped
    Day5:this one to
    Day6:oh boi
    Day7:�� imme do this a little longer hehe
    Day8: �� doen bois and girls less go
    Dat9:�� done btw u see a little of a difference but not a lot I think if I would’ve not skipped those days that I would see a much more of a difference hehe
    Day10: �� it is much easier than before and I can see little bit of a difference
    Day9:��done lolp, so today I decided to wear denim jeans to see if I got results (bc I’m in my pjs the whole time hehe) and ik could see a fricking thigh gab JDNSKDNDKDND YASS so uhh yea lolp
    Day10: ��dun dun dun dun
    Day11: �� donee so I cant see any changes bc I’m in my joggers the whole time but when I sit or something my legs aren’t that big anymore YAY
    Day12: �� lol can’t believe that I have done this for 9 days lolp, this time it was a little more painful bc I lost my toe nail today (not really lost but u understand) LOL me is stupid
    Day13:�� tomorrow is my first day off school and I’m not excited lolp

    Also please comment so I remember to update you don’t have to like lolp.

  • Hi April, I have a question: I always hear “you have to be in a slight caloric deficit” but what is a bullet proof way to assess your caloric need, in order to then subtract? I am definitely not a tall person, but I used to be a competitive swimmer, thus my body has a lot of muscle. I don’t really think 1300 kcal is enought. Let alone cutting from there.
    Any help? Thank you ����

  • I ll be finishing my 2 weeks shred tomorrow. So between lean thigh challenge and slim thigh challenge, which one should i go first

  • I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories hope that would give you some diet tips and meals ideas!

    (and answer your questions + repost your progresses with my workout videos!)

  • Tracking my lean thigh challenge:
    My legs thighs: left: 63 right: 65 (measures).
    While doing this challenge, I’m also challenging myself to walk two hours or less which is around 10k steps so this might benefit more into this challenge. Also I’m doing an intermittent fasting that might also help.
    Day 1: done ✅ it was hard as the first day but I finished it all the three videos.
    Day 2: Didn’t do it but I did one hour and a half walk.
    Day 3: done ✅ I finished all the three videos it was really hard to to some of them but I did it! I also did a two hour walk.
    Day 4: done ✅ and I also did a two hours walk.
    Day 5: done ✅ and I did a two hours walk.
    Day 6: done ✅ and walked for two hours.
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30:

  • So hi im going to try to update LETS SEE IF MY MOTIVATION KEEPS UP
    Day 1: um it wasn’t that hard BUT DAMM THE SQAUT PULSES GETS TO ME
    Day 2: OKAY WHY IS IT HARDER TODAY LIKEKSNSNSNS anways still see no difference.
    Day 3: I don’t know if its just me or this workout is getting harder. Still no difference:(

  • This actually works guys I’m not kidding! When I felt like working out, I would do this one^, thus I did it pretty irregularly but it definitely works. I have noticed my legs, especially my thighs, are leaner! Now I’m just working on a thigh gap hehehehe

  • I’m going to give this a go for a week first and try to remember to share my results with y’all:)
    Right Thigh: 53cm Left Thigh: 52cm
    Day 1-✔ It was pretty easy and could feel my thighs working
    Day 2-✔ Was a little harder, but felt the burn more than the first day and was more motivated. (Idk if I’m measuring right, but i’m trying) R.T: 52cm L.T: 53cm
    Day 3-✔ Almost didn’t do this day, but I’m committed to it. Could feel more burn in my calves than the other times. R.T: 51cm L.T: 52cm
    Day 4-
    Day 5-
    Day 6-
    Day 7-
    Final result for week 1:

    A tip for anyone who wants to do this and feels anxiety about it for your own reason. Have music playing on a separate tab while do the workout. It helps get your mind of whatever your worried about and focus more on your goal.:)

  • Im gonna post my results:
    Day 1: Quite hard felt it most in my outer thighs
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5: BREAK
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10: BREAK
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15: BREAK
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19
    Day 20: BREAK
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25: BREAK
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30: BREAK
    Im also doing the 22 minute aerobic exercise and 30 day ab challenge but i don’t feel like sharing my weight so ill just say how much i lose by the end.

  • I will do this for 20 days
    Day 1: done (2)
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    The last day:
    Btw I do it with a healthy diet not exactly healthy but i won’t eat junk food

  • Idk how many people do this but I always do this workout at night after everyone’s asleep. I’ll find it embarrassing if they found out

  • this was fun actually. I really felt the burn and it was my first time doing this workout and I am definitely going to include it to my routine <3 also I am wearing a top and shorts rn, but I prefer to wear leggins when I'm doing leg or butt workouts

  • I am going to start the slim thigh challenge today! I’ll come back to this comment when I have finished to put my after result here.
    Before my thighs were 55cm (R) and 55cm (L).
    Wish me good luck!

  • On Day 1: Right thigh measures 58.42 cm as well as my left thigh
    Day 25: Right thigh measures 55.88 cm as well as my left thigh

    I’m so much happy with the results. Thank you so much Chloe Ting. You’re a thigh saver:)

  • Started on 18th July
    Week One
    Day 1 ✅ I feel energetic after the workout.
    Day 2 ✅ All my muscles are in sore rn but I completed all the workouts.
    Day 3 ✅ My legs are killing me so I take longer breaks I hope it gets better tomorrow however, I did all the workouts p.s. I think the reason I was able to complete today’s workout is there were no plank videos in today’s schedule:D.
    Day 4 ✅ All my pain is gone, I’m really happy about that. I can move freely now:D I’m still taking longer breaks but not as much as the first day.
    Day 5 ✅ I did all the workouts with no breaks except bicycle crunches ugh I still can’t do those things but I’m thrilled besides that. 2 days to the end of the week.
    Day 6 ✅ Today I was so clumsy, I couldn’t even do a workout video without a longer break or a balance intact and I’m angry at myself because of this. I hope today just was an unlucky day for me. Last 1 day.
    Day 7 ❌ Today was a rest day I wanted to do the optional workouts but I didn’t feel it.

    Week Two
    Day 8 ✅ I was so scared when I saw 5 videos just for today, although I did all of them:D. Plank video was a little bit challenging for me because I’m in week 2 now.
    Day 9 ✅ My heart beats went insane today, I saw 185bpm on my watch:O I did all the videos and the optional one too.
    Day 10 ✅ Wooo hook, I made to the two digits numbers. Today I went to a dietitian to check my weight and found out that I’ve lost 1.5 kg of fat which is 3.3 lbs since 18th July. I’ve felt very motivated:D
    Day 11 ✅ I’ve almost forgotten to write ‘check’ in here:P Normally it takes me to make workouts twice more times than their written time length but today I did all the workouts in that period time
    Day 12 ✅ Although I’m tired, I’ve done all the videos including the optional one and now I’m tired more than before:D
    DAY 13 ✅ I didn’t have much energy today, I’ve done the workouts but think that I could have been more efficient:/
    DAY 14 ❌ Today was a holiday in my country so we celebrated all day long. Should I do day 14 with day 15? Or just do day 14 tomorrow and move on like I didn’t let today go?
    P.s. I found a way to sneak out of the house and went for a walk for half an hour or so
    Day 15 ❌ Today was a holiday too. Yesterday I wasn’t at home, today I was but lots of people came by and I had to do babysitting to children of my cousins all day long.
    Day 14 ✅ I decided to move on from where I left so I’m here at day 14 instead of 16:/ No hesitations 2 days is nothing ��
    Day 15 ❌ I don’t wanna lose the track, but today I was out and I rode a scooter for 14km which is 8.6 miles and walked 14k steps but I’m gonna continue day 15 tomorrow and never lose the track again
    Note: I gave a week break for myself, I had to clear my head and am going to continue starting from today

  • Thief: “do sumo squat pulses for a full minute or I’ll steal your house”.

    Me: “here are the keys ��✌️”

  • i’m going to do this once everyday. remind me to update!
    day 1 ✔︎ (55cm)
    i could feel the burn and it felt so good, i’m ready for day 2!
    day 2 ✔︎ (55cm) another day down! today the burn was really coming to say hello:P but i did it! edit:i did 2 times because i was bored
    day 3 ✔︎ (55cm)
    all done! it is getting easier so that’s a plus no differences since it’s very early on…
    day 4 ✔︎ (55cm)
    getting easier, still no difference but it is only day 4 so:/
    day 5 ✔︎ (55cm)
    another day done! i might do some more thighs workout too!
    day 6 ✔︎ (54.5cm)
    i really didn’t want to do it today but i did!
    day 7 ✔︎ (can’t measure today)
    i nearly forgot but i didn’t! also my knees and bottom of my thighs look slimmer:D
    day 8 ✔︎ (ima stop measuring)

  • Who the fuck sad that this workout is easy the whole squat parts were deadly and boy i aint feeling allright this is some hard af workout chloe was easier for me

  • Felt like crying on the last two moves. But I bloody did it and so proud. Amazing work out! Just need to keep this going on. I’m just happy that she cheered up on the last 30 seconds: “please, talk to me! I can’t do this ��”

  • i can’t find my comment…. is it deleted? i don’t remember cm I started but okay i’ll keep write here… so

    7th day ; 20.08.20 done (3) it was first day I did it for 3 times and it was really hard.
    8th day ; 21.08.20 done (3) my legs hurt since yesterday but today i did this workout for 3 times too and i hope my legs’ll not atrophy tomorrow;D
    9th day ; 22.08.20 done (3)

  • I’m 13 and im a swimmer so I have A LOT of back and thigh muscle. now cuz of covid, I decided that I will stop competitive swimming and focus on my body more for. the next 3 months before hs starts. damn I’m telling yall, this is a difficult process to lose muscle, then lose fat, the regain the muscle you want in the desired places on ur body

  • Im doing this workout and another i want to wear jeans without looking awful
    ( legs 52 cm calves 32 )
    Ill share my resluts in a week my goal is 48 legs and 30 calves:)

  • Anyone who thinks this won’t bulk up the legs is probably stupid. These are common exercises and I have done them before but they only bulk up legs!!! Trust me.

  • doing this for as long as i can! i’m also doing 100 twist planks per day.
    right thigh 40 cm
    left thigh 40.7 cm
    waist 60 cm
    belly 70 cm

    day 1: ✔️
    ‘ it burnt when doing the exercises,
    but the 15 second break really help-
    ed ease the burning!
    // right 40 cm
    \\ left 40.6 cm
    * it’s only been a day, so these results aren’t
    surprising. see you tomorrow!
    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:

  • I’ve been doing this program for a week now and I’m really impressed. At a glance, I really don’t see a change, but the passed Friday, I took measurements (87 cm) and today (Monday) I took measurements again and this is the result: 67 cm. I still have a long way but I’m surprised and a little bit shocked. At first, it was real hard to do some but now, I can complete the program almost without taking breaks.

    Thanks, Chloe!! <3 you sure are amazing!

  • Thank you so much! Love this video and you’re so sweet. ��
    I just feel like I really need to tell you something. You are absolutely loved beyond any human capacity. Jesus Christ loves YOU and wants to know you. I care about your eternity and He wants you to repent. A lot of people have been deceived by the devil to think that sin is no longer serious and that all we need is to believe in God but even the demons believe in Jesus but yet they’re not saved… It is written that a friend of the world is an enemy of God. ” Let God be true and every man a liar”, most preachers are not preaching the truth that sin leads to eternal torment in a very real place called hell. There are too many people deceived into thinking that once you’ve said a prayer, you’re saved even if you continue living the same sinful life. God hates sin and it’s never stopped being serious. Sin leads to hell and I’d never want you to be deceived thinking that your good works of being a ‘good person’ will save you. We need Jesus, without Him, our good works are as Filthy rags according to the Bible.
    Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart and is waiting on you to open to Him and believe that He is the only begotten Son of God. God is not willing that any should perish but all come to repentance. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Him. May God bless you and may you seek Him and truly repent and sin no more to become true children of God. Have a beautiful day ☺️

  • I’m going to start this work out today will update you soon��
    Thigh53 cm calves36 not accurate though
    Day 1 -✅
    Day 2✅
    Day 3✅
    Day 4-✅

  • Doing this for 12 days:
    Right: 50; Left: 49
    Day 1����: This is my first doing this video. My legs are sore. Hope it gets better.
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    If you want to support me make sure to like me comment. It really motivates me!

  • I was doing this on the edge of my bed and my legs were burning so bad that I could not almost feel them and because of them shaking I literally fell off my bed and voila now I have a back injury ��

  • Im starting this program today, i got really good results from previous programs. We are all quarantined but still i wanna make this one month workout program work on me and get some toned muscles. Floor gang 20% muscle increase aouhHH! xD

  • i’m going to do this everyday so can someone remind me so i can come back and fill in the days please:))

    i’m gonna do it 2-3 times a day

    Day 1: it was pretty hard but i felt good afterwards and that really gives me motivation to do it everyday:)

  • changing it up from the 15 min burn workout, but continuing my slim leg challenge:
    [15/08/20] Day 6 ✔️ love it cuz it burns so much ��

  • Damn I hope this works.

    Day 1: ✔
    Day 2: ✔
    Day 3: ✔
    Day 4: ✔ (I haven’t reached my goal yet but I already feel more confident as there is a very small difference whish I have noticed)
    Day 5: ✔ (Pretty easy)
    Day 6: ✔
    Day 7:
    I don’t know how long I will do this for but 7 days minimum
    Also I did split and middle split stretches before doing this every day
    Thanks to the one person believing in me who liked my comment

  • Leaving a comment to say that I started this today, and I definitely need all the support to hold myself accountable and see this through. Just finished Day 1 of the slim thigh challenge and it was so hard. Hopefully it will get easier. Does it get easier? Lol

    Day 1: Done

    Thigh 63.5cm
    Leg 44.5 cm
    Waist 96cm
    Hips 121cm

    Day 2: Done. Today was so hard with all the ab workouts. Kept pausing.

  • Soooo, bro fist �� if you’re a fellow 9 year old and were familiar with all the tracks I used ����������Who recognises some of these tracks?

  • okkk and here my journey.. i hope I’ll gain motivation to do the programme (not only this vid of course)
    right thigh: 59cm
    left thigh:58cm
    right calve: 38cm
    left calve: 36cm
    Day 1: done (plank challenge is the worst��)

  • Ok I’m gonna do this:
    Day 1: It was hard but really progressive period I have skipped last two exercises cuz I was dead
    Day 2: much better, the heat shows that the workout does work
    Day 3: It’s becoming easy as compared to day 1 and 2..
    Day 4: it’s getting easy day by day.

    Pls like so I can tell u about another day progression..

  • me clicking on the video without looking at the title: takes mirror down because I’m scared the mirror will fall and break when I jump in my room
    me: checks the title well then….that was a WASTE OF TIME

  • this is gonna sound dumb but for anyone who did this workoutdid you see a change in knee fat? that’s literally one of my biggest insecurities and i want to take this program but im not sure if itll give me the results i want

  • Hi I’m 14 years old and I’ll post my results.

    Left thigh: 46cm
    Right thigh: 44cm

    Day 1: Done
    Day 2: Done
    Day 3: Done and it’s getting easier ����

    I ain’t doing any diet and I have a problem with my legs so I can’t perform them very well and they are some that I can’t do ����

  • Who is trying to glow up before the school starts??����
    Just me?! ��
    Today is the second day, that I’ve started this workout.
    !! It really works!!! I’m so glad for her and I’m so happy:)

  • I am going to do this exercise for 20 days guys…

    DAY 2-completed����
    DAY 3
    DAY 4
    DAY 5
    DAY 6
    DAY 7
    DAY 8
    DAY 9
    DAY 10
    DAY 11
    DAY 12
    DAY 13
    DAY 14
    DAY 15
    DAY 16
    DAY 17
    DAY 18
    DAY 19
    DAY 20
    Like this comment to remind me guys!!

  • start: 17.08.2020
    right: upper tight: 50cm middle thigh: 44cm calf: 31cm
    left: upper thigh: 50 middle thigh: 44 calf: 31cm
    day1: done with the abs 15days workout of emi too
    day2: done with the abs 15days workout of emi too

  • This workout is so good, like I do this while watching netflix. I do 30secs first then 30secs break then 30secs again on each exercise because I can’t do the whole 1 minute exercise, but I only did this on the first week. On the second week, I can already do the whole 1 minute exercise and it feels really good even though my legs are really sore.

  • 19/08/20

    hello guys, i don’t measure my legs cause dont know where the meter is ��. i think it’s okey. today is my first day. (1/25)
    i’m also doing diet
    Weight: 61.5
    day 1 first time: ✅ (i hope i dont give up…)
    day 1 second time: ✅
    i will try to do it two or three times in a day. ������������

  • I will try these for 13 days only these workout,then maybe for 25 days.
    Day 1:did the 16 min workout and i these but i decide to try these only
    Day 2:done feel more burn day after day
    Day 3:done
    Day 4:done
    Day 5:done
    Day 6:done
    Day 7:done
    Day 8:done +10 cool down
    Day 9:done +10 cool down
    Day 10:done +10 cool down
    Day 11:done +10 cool down
    Day 12:done+10 cool down
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:

  • My thighs and calves were really big�� it makes me feel uncomfortable wearing shorts. I badly want to get a slim legs. Hoping that this workout works for me i started doing this today and started following Live Lean tv cause I like their videos. ☺️

  • I did this on Saturday, but I forgot to write anything down.

    Day 1 (Saturday): Done!

    I don’t do anything on Sunday because Sunday are my rest days.

    Day 2: Done! I am doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge as well. I am on the High Protein and Low Carb diet. I never knew that leg workouts can make me sweat a lot!

    Day 3: Well…I am done! I sweat a lot!

    Day 4: Done! I see/feel a difference

    Day 5: I have a mental health day. My depression was very bad yesterday, but now I am good

    Day 6: Done! Back in track!:)

    Day 7: Done!

  • Ugh thank you! I a man 5’2 and very very small. I a, significantly under weight truth be told BUT thanks to genetics age and my figure skating Andy dance background my thighs are disproportionately large. That’s the only area my body wants to gain. not just muscle but def fat, along with my general lower belly and pubic muscle area. My upper half is so so thin and while I can’t bulk I do cut. I don’t /didn’t understand what to do bc I can’t fathom cutting. I just feel weight wise alone it would be imsame. Like eating disorder status. I always say I’d gladly twenty to lose 2-3 I presume, it much more, in my thighs and lower belly. Alas that’s not how it works. I feel like over the years of working out I tired various diets and calorie and macro levels but in general I may actually be eating more cals than needed. I’m fact I do have my fitmes all set to gain lol. Ahh help

  • Let’s do this guys!

    Day 1: ☑️ (did it once at night, after another thigh workout) R: 23.4 inch, L: 23.4 inch
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • i did cheerleading and stunt (kind of like gymnastics) in high school and that made my calves and thighs THICCC do not do wall sits for 8min like i did lol, anyways I realized doing all those sports made me get that bulky figure since all that workout made me want to eat more to satisfy those calories I was burning, so I gained weight and muscle and I personally did not like where my body shape was going (nothing against it but really bulky muscle always felt unattractive to me), Now in college I want to get my slim body back so thank you for your advice!!

  • I am doing this 3 times per day until I reach my goal

    Day1: done

    I made a little « plan » so i will follow it.
    Three times this workout and between each round one minute of sumo squat pulses.
    Then after the three rounds I will do 2 minutes of side lunges, 2 minutes of sumo squat hold and 3 minutes of the second last exercise that is shown in this video ( the one where we cross our ankles)

    Day1: done

  • Hiii ima do an update on me doing these work out for a week:)

    Day one: um chile this was hardddddd me legs fell like Jello ;_;
    Any who ima see y’all tomorrow:\
    Day two:

  • So I’m doing this workout along with the two week shred challenge to really challenge my self along with a fasting diet to put me in calorie deflect I have a slow metabolism

  • i hate my legs so much. both my high and calves. my upper body is fine it’s just the bottom part. everyone has long, slim legs while i’m here being 5’ with short bulky and fat legs. i’ve tried so much methods and workout videos but nothing ever works. i’m starting to believe i have to lose weight.p

  • August 3 2020, I started this journey because i feel insecure about my self then i want to make some change for my body to gain some confidences for myself.
    ✅Day1: started at 3:40 ended at 4:30, I sweated like a pig and felt strong
    ✅Day2: I dont know but i’ve done this workout today with joy! I sweated not much as Day1✨
    ✅Day3: Actually it was ytd but I didn’t feel well, so I decided to do Day3 on 5Aug. I feel good and full of energy. I sweated alot. I also lost almost 9kg while this quarantine!!!

  • i will do this for a 20 days, please like it helps me to remember and motivate!!
    •thighs—> 56 •calves—>31
    ��day 1:✅
    ��day 2:✅
    ��day 3:
    ��day 4:
    ��day 5:
    ��day 6:
    ��day 7:
    ��day 8:
    ��day 9:
    ��day 10:
    ��day 11:
    ��day 12:
    ��day 13:
    ��day 14:
    ��day 15:
    ��day 16:
    ��day 17:
    ��day 18:
    ��day 19:
    ��day 20:

  • I started from (August 14)��
    August 14: Ahh I am gonna die��

    August 15: Yeah I have to do it��

    August 16: I am gonna collapse ��

    August 17: I have to do for lean legs��

    August 18: when she says no pain no gain then I remember I am in pain��

    August 19:ohh I am doing better than past days ��

    August 20: It’s getting easier ��

    August 21:I can do more easily but it still pains ��

    August 22:Ahh I am burning very much��

    August 23:

    August 24:

    August 25:

    August 26:

    August 27:

    August 28:

    August 29:

    August 30:

    August 31:

    September 01:

    September 02:

  • I’m only feeling the burn on the side of my glutes but not on my inner thighs,am I doing something wrong? and are my thighs going to be skinnier?

  • When will you see the results? I’ve been doing this for a while now but i don’t know if it gets slimmer… pls answer ����i love ur vids❤️❤️ From:����

  • I started slim leg and thigh challange ��
    1 Day: Completed
    2 Day:
    3 day:
    4 day:
    5 day:
    6 day:
    7 day:
    8 day:
    9 day:
    10 day:
    11 day:
    12 day:
    13 day:
    14 day:
    15 day:
    16 day:
    17 day:
    18 day:
    19 day:
    20 day:
    21 day:
    22 day:
    23 day:
    24 day:
    25 day:
    26 day:
    27 day:
    28 day:
    29 day:
    30 day:

  • Episode 5 is not yet available, but I’ll start anyway. Maybe I’m making part 4 two defaults.

    1 day: *

    2 days *

    3 days

    4 days

    5 days

    6 days

    7 days

    8th day

    9th day

    10 days

    11th day

    12th day

    13th day

    14th day

    15 days

    16th day

    17th day

    18th day

    19th day

    20 days

    21st day

    22nd day

    23rd day

    24th day

    25 days

    26th day

    27th day

    28th day

    29th day

    30 days

  • Tracking my results for the lean thigh challenge

    Day 1: Finished all three workouts, I finished it late afternoon and it wasn’t EXTREMELY hard compared to other workouts I’ve done �� (But still hard)
    Day 2:It wasn’t much easier but not much harder either. I was sweating a lot more though and my inner thighs and stomach were sore but I was able to complete the workouts!
    Day 3:Today my lower back was really sore but I finished the workout.
    Day 4:My lower back was still a bit sore but I finished the workouts once again!
    Day 5:Done!
    Day 6:I seemed a bit stronger today, I don’t know if it was just me but I finshed the workouts again! It was a lot though lol (50 mins)
    Day 7: Today was a rest day but I did the two optional workouts included on the scedual
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15(halfway there):
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30(Final day):

  • 1 like = 1 workout

    I really hope this will motivate me. I have been trying to lose wait for a long while now and I need motivation to keep going.

    Can you please like this comment?

  • i started this challenge few times but i never finished. i was always stuck on day 5. but now i have more motivation then ever, so i’ll try to finish it this time. at the end i’ll edit this comment and write a results.
    I’m at day 4 now:)
    Day 5: ✔ (62cm both legs.)
    Day 6: I took a break
    Day 7: ✔
    day 8: ✔
    day 9: i wasnt at home i didnt to it but ill do it tomorrow. just wanted to say, im getting really bored with same workouts. but im pushing lol btw i lost 2 kg
    day 9: ✔ it was so HARD
    day 10: ✔

  • i started doing this workout today so i’m gonna update the comment everyday.
    thighs before: 49cm
    day 1: done!! that was pretty hard at the middle of workout
    day 2:
    also wanted to tell that in addition i do emi’s workout for collarbones and kpop songs cardio

  • I finished this challenge and I lost 7cm from my thighs and 5cm from my legs and 7cm from my hips ( I stooped for 7 days then I continue ) keep going its work����������������

  • Ok I will update everyday w measurements every week to keep myself accountable. Please comment like crazy if I go away I need to do this��

  • Hello! I’m from Russia. I want to say thank you for such a great workout! I really want to lose weight in my legs. This is my first day. Wish me good luck❤️❤️❤️

  • my thighs( )( )omg!!!! wanna loose…actually fed up of this stuff…!!!!

    acha kindly comment if anyone of u guys had an effective result doing this….kindly share and write down in the comment box pls

  • I am doing this for a week
    Day 1: it was really hard my legs was really tired but i kept going.
    Day 2: I could feel my legs was changing. It hurted to go down stairs and sit down but i was still going.
    Day 3. I could almost not walk my legs was hurting like hell. Was still going
    Im adding the days slowly so yea

  • Please…. i just want an answer
    When i started the diet afew months ago…. i was eating 1200 calories and i lost 10kg
    Now…. i cant lose my waight!!
    If i ate less than 1200 calories its gonna be unhealthy diet….. and im already exercising…. what should i do to lose waight??… my waight now is 63kg and im 6’3

  • I’m starting last year of HS in 28 days so let’s go!����
    So I am going to update my journey here and update with results. I’m doing the slim thigh challenge so I’m following that program everyday.

    ✨Day 1: Slim Legs✅10 Mins Abs workout✅Plank challenge❌ I’ve tried the plank challenge and that workout is not really for me. So I’m going to skip that workout. I also took a walk for 25 min to warm up. Starting weight 61,1 KG.
    ✨Day 2: Inner Thigh✅10 Mins Abs Workout❌Plank Challenge❌ I was going to do the 10 min abs challenge but sadly I didn’t have enough time because family members were coming over for the rest of the day. But tomorrow I will work really hard! I also feel in my legs today that I really pushed through the Slim legs workout yesterday, which feels really good.
    ✨Day 3: Slim Legs✅Inner Thigh✅10 Mins Abs Workout❌ The 2 leg exercises videos were really easy today. I enjoyed the workout. Although, I got really tired after so I didn’t have the strength to do the 10 Mins Abs challenge.
    ✨Day 4: Fat Burning Cardio✅Slim Legs✅Plank Challenge❌ Today’s workout were really hard. It felt like my legs where gonna give in any second and it felt like someone where pushing my down every time I tried lifting them. I Had to pause the videos multiple times to catch my breath and drink water. But I pushed trough and now I feel really good again. Only 26 days to go!
    ✨Day 5: Fat Burning Cardio✅Inner Thigh✅10 Mins Abs Wokout✅ I started of by power walking to warm up. I took it a bit easier today because I feel like I’ve maybe hurt my left calf muscle. So I didn’t go 100% today.
    ✨Day 6:
    ✨Day 7:
    ✨Day 8:
    ✨Day 9:
    ✨Day 10:
    ✨Day 11:
    ✨Day 12:
    ✨Day 13:
    ✨Day 14:
    ✨Day 15:
    ✨Day 16:
    ✨Day 17:
    ✨Day 18:
    ✨Day 19:
    ✨Day 20:
    ✨Day 21:
    ✨Day 22:
    ✨Day 23:
    ✨Day 24:
    ✨Day 25:
    ✨Day 26:
    ✨Day 27:
    ✨Day 28:
    ✨Day 29:
    ✨Day 30:

  • Today is 20th August. I will do this for one month till 20th September and keep you guys updated.
    DAY-1: it was hard. My thighs are hurting so much. After the workout I didn’t have energy to even stand. But i am glad i matched her pace. I didn’t stopped even for a second. I had to face some problem in the exercise 13, I don’t know it was hard for me. I was not bending my legs properly. Overall first day was good!
    Day-2 My legs were on fire today. And at night also they were paining. I did it and again in exercise 13 I flinched a little bit.

  • Im gonna start this:
    Right: 53 cm
    Left: 50 cm
    Day1: ✅
    Day2: ✅
    Day3: ❌ (i didn’t do this workout today, but i did other workout)
    Day4: ✅
    (i’ll update to u guys)

  • I am going to follow this 30 day slim thigh challenge and progress on each and everyday.
    My measurements:
    Belly 34 inches hip 41 upper thigh 25 lower thigh 17 calf 16
    Day 1:I did only the first set Bcoz I did jogging also.
    Day2:It was raining today so I didn’t do jogging and so I did the full workout.
    Day3:I did jogging but only for sometime and did only the half workout bcoz I was very tired

  • I tried the Chloe Ting slim thigh workout and measured myself on day 9
    And… I gained an inch ����‍♀️
    I freaked TF out and stopped
    But FML I should’ve continued coz twas muscle mass and fat wud get burnt later
    But I don’t want to gain muscles either ����‍♀️��

  • I used to do these every morning thru 4-5 grade. I used to be very skinny but now since quarantine I’ve gained weight and my thighs are not at its best.

  • I’ll be doing this for a week!
    starting size is about 19 1/2 inches and I’m hoping for 17:). I have athlete legs tho so I’m hoping to just burn off all the extra fat on the sides:). Comment to remind me:)!!!
    Day 1: complete
    Day 2: complete.
    Day 3: complete.
    Day 4: complete/I feel fat even tho my thighs are 19 and a little less than a half now.

  • I’m a very muscular girl like after sixth grade and my thighs have gotten a lot bigger my thighs have always touched even as a little girl

  • I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  • I am someone who has been struggling with lower body fat for years now. No matter how much I worked out losing fat from my thigh was not happeing for me. I have done tonnes of thigh workouts in the past but nothing has been as effective as this.
    Have been doing this for a week now and have already lost 2 cm from each thigh. Going to continue this and increase the reps. Brilliant results. I am so happy!

    Thank you Emi! ❤️

  • I recommend Rachel Attard!! She breaks it down quite easily.
    1. Power walking to replace all exercise..not at an incline either. No hard cardio, plyos, etc. i do walking and mat pilates.
    2. Diet is important but fdont stress out about it!!! Hormons play a large part of youR health and Starving yourself will not help.
    3. Realize that this will take time. Like, 6months or more to see a difference. So be patient and enjoy just living your life.

  • Day 4 lean thigh challenge
    I’m thinking if switching from summer shred 2019 to the lean thigh challenge as it also has abs workout n I need legs workout more and doing them together is tiering me out more


    Day 1 ✅ FIRST ONE BURRRNNNNN, no pain NO GAME����

    Day 2✅ DID IT TWICE

    Day 3✅

    Day 4✅

  • Chloe, I need advice. Is it safe that I am doing your 2 week summer shred, lean thigh challenge, flat tummy challenge, and intense core challenge all at the same time. I’m trying to have a glow up before school starts? Any tips? Advice, anyone??

  • Ugh I’m 5’2 and super stocky! A lot of my muscle is in my thighs and it makes me look very disproportionate! I hope I can start finally losing all that muscle

  • Let’s try this ��

    I’ll be doing this with one of the excersises from the 2 week shred challenge! Oh and i’ll update after 2 weeks. I’m taking 2 days out of this whole process for a rest day.

    Age: 12 i’ll be 13 pretty soon
    162.4 lbs:(

    _ lbs

  • Anyone who is experienced in these kinds of workouts or maybe actively exercises like this… do squats make your thighs bigger? I’ve heard that it makes your muscles bigger so your thighs look bigger so now I’m conflicted whether to start…:(

  • Hey..I decided to do this challenge, I will update every day.

    Day 1: ��
    Day 2: ��
    Day 3: ��
    Day 4: ��
    Day 5: ��
    Day 6: ��
    Day 7:
    Like to remind me updateee��


    Day 1 ✅ FIRST ONE BURRRNNNNN, no pain NO GAME����

    Day 2✅ DID IT TWICE

    Day 3✅

    Day 4✅

  • Finally, I’m gonna do this for a month coz I tried everything but still can’t see the result.
    Also I will complete two other emi exercise videos every day.
    Day 1: ✅ my thighs are fat as hell.
    Day 2: ✅ I feel tired, but very motivated.
    Day 3: ✅ ��
    Day 4: ✅ not tired at all.
    Day 5: ❌ muscules need to rest.
    Day 6: ✅ Today I ate a lot and a feel so guilty:(
    Day 7: ✅ one week yay
    Day 8: ✅

  • Are we gonna do this? Yes we are!!!

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    For some reason my legs have been sore lately that’s why it hurt to do today’s exercise. I measured myself today and I’ve lost 2 cm on my right thigh and 3 cm on my left thigh already! ��
    Day 5: ✅
    I felt so lazy today that I ended up doing this in my bed! ��
    Day 6: ❎
    Couldn’t do it today as my internet connection didn’t work at all the whole day.
    Day 7: ✅
    I didn’t do this yesterday so I would have to add another day to really make it a week.
    Day 8: ✅
    I’m so glad I was able to finish this!

    I’m screaming! I measured myself and I’ve lost nearly 5 cm from each thigh in just one week!

  • Im 5’3 and for years all fat goes on my thighs while my arms are pretty skinny… People like my legs cuz it’s “thick” but it was never comfortable for me.

  • Doing this 7 days first and if it works then another 7 days!
    Day 1: went pretty good
    Day 2: also went pretty good but a little harder
    Day 3: it was okay just very tired after
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • herlower leg lift!
    my hipbonesno:)

    herany exercise laying on your side!
    my hipbonesso you have chosen death:0:)

  • I am going to do it for next 30 days
    Thigh:55 CM
    Thigh gap: much little gap
    Day 1: done
    Day 2:done
    Day 3: done
    Day 6:done

  • I have big thigh and it’s all muscle and it looks like freaking fat ���������� bc I do acrobatics and this video did not help me at all-

  • i started 9 days ago but forgot to write my improvment, so from now on i am going to.
    day 1: done
    day 2: done
    day 3: done
    day 4: done
    day 5: done
    day 6: done
    day 7: no exercise today, thank god
    day 8: done
    day 9: done, i am not getting any results i am scared:(
    day 10: done, I AM SWEATING
    day 11: done, today was easy:)
    day 12: done, i feel more powerfulll
    day 13: done, my legs aren’t burning, am i doing something wrong?:/

  • Your advice that HIIT training will make you lose muscle seems counterintuitive to the logic of fast and slow twitch muscle fibres. If you don’t know what that means, it refers to fast and slow activating muscles, which sport you do will train different things. Short track runners will have big bulky muscles (fast twitch). And long distance marathon runners will have skinny legs (slow twitch) so they can be lighter.

  • Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about “fat to skinny” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Monamilla Zoylena Smasher (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  • This is my first day doing it and my thighs hurt a lot today because I don’t normally do workouts but I’m 60 cm and ill comment again for at least maybe 2 to 3 weeks and keep you updated, but also does this come with any diet?

    Day 2, it was the same burn but I guess I can say that today was a lot more manageable.

  • I am naturally thin, everywhere, and i was a gymnast for 10 years. I quit 2 years ago, and now i want my old body back without as much bulky muscle��

  • Day 1 lean thigh challenge done
    I’m doing the summer shred2019 so I’ll only be doing the leg workout from the lean thigh program as I have the most fat on my legs hopefully to help them slim down more

  • Dear girls…
    Just to clear things up…
    If you do any leg workout you’re only building the muscles… so visually it will make you “fat” so running can help but if you have built muscle before (I was a tennis player for 10yrs) it will be VERY difficult to brake the muscles and slim the legs ��
    Just being honest. We have different bodies so everything you see on YouTube doesn’t mean that it will work for you, unfortunately. However hugs to all ��

  • I love your workouts, especially the diversity of the exercises, helps me motivate and keep me body super fit I especially appreciate there’s no jumping, which makes the workout suitable for women after pregnancy ��

  • Yall know the feeling when you love sumo squats since its very effective but at the same time wanna slap whoever came up with that type of exercise ������

  • I have been super insecure about my thighs for a while now so I decided to start this ��

    Day 1: Sort of easy but towards the end I was dying

  • I used to swim a lot but cause of school I quit from the team and i gain a lot weight now i lost it but my muscles looks too much. i dont know i feel regretful cause of quieting swimming but this video may help me ( I’m writing it before not watching it)

  • 2nd day both left and right thigh 26 inches..will post result after 14 days and then 28 days..it’s not that much difficult to do…

  • I’ve been trying every single thing out there to slim my legs but it’s not working:( I’m not going to stop trying because I Have to slim, split, cut anything just to get them slimmer:'(

  • Summary of this video:
    For the diet:
    High protein diet, you’ll lose muscle but also fat. High quality protein (turkey, salmon, cod…). You will then have to recover from the diet, you will have to reverse diet and build calories. I need to say that this is highly unhealthy if you don’t have the resources to have professionals around you. You should not do any extreme diets like that, instead just watch your portion and eat a little less unhealthy (while still eating what you like!!). You cannot force a spotted deficit, if you lose weight you’ll lose overall weight, but you can spot muscle formation so maybe if you want lean thighs do less squats. She talks a lot about deficit calories but don’t go to extreme lengths, you will gain weight if you start eating a little more.
    About cardio:
    If you don’t like to run you can just walk. Here she did a lot of training because she had a lot of muscles she wanted to lose if it is not your case AND you are not used to do a lot of sports you can take it slow!!

  • Oh also in light of covid gym closures and due to back issues that limit me, would peloton type bike be recommended for this thigh issue or is that a bulking type exercise? Thanks In advance

  • Dear chloe ting i have a question! What if i do your this whole challenge series, like your 5 leg slimming workout for a month will it bulk up my legs. Please chloe reply me☺️☺️ Also i have been doing your plank challenge for a month it didn’t slim my waist but it made my core tighter. Thanks chloe ����������

  • İ kinda know Thick Thighs Save Lives but İ still want to do this
    Slim Thighs Challenge!
    L.Thigh: 27″, R.Thigh:27.5″, Butt:43″
    Day 1:☑️
    Day 2:☑️ My legs are dead!��
    Day 3:☑️ These workouts will kill you but make you strong at the same time.
    Day 4:☑️ Arms and Legs hurt so much!
    Day 5:☑️ Doing this in Periods feels like some Achievement Unlocked!
    Day 6:☑️I feel like some warrior doing this in Periods as if I have to fight till the end!

  • I’m 51 but my mom is saying that I’m skinny but I sont think so though cuz always I look at my legs and I’m like these bad boys has to go away plus my sister and my mom is looking like me I’m crazy cuz I’m skinny but I’m not ❤��

  • I’ve been eating clean and working out more and all that food stuff. I’ve lost like three+ inches in my waist but not a SINGLE centimeter from my thighs or calves:/

  • I’m doing it everyday like for update!
    follow me on @weightlosmary for see all my transformation!
    day 1: strong exercise and i feel so orrible in my body��
    day 2: it burn but i can’t give up!!
    day 3: i start to feel less tired doing this

  • Y’all, here we go
    I have * huge * thighs, and they’re my biggest insecurity. I decided “dammit child, if you hate it, you gotta put some effort into changing it.” So alas, here I am. I’ll update every week, and if I forget, don’t hesitate to yell at me in the comments cos I’ll get a notification.
    Starting point
    L= 70.5cm
    End of Week One:
    L: 70.5cm (idk why it hasn’t changed)
    R= 67.5cm (woohoo y’all)
    Week Two: Unfortunately I missed out on a lot due to some difficult assessment tasks and at the moment an old injury has resurfaced to ruin my plans so I might take a break for a few days then continue. Sorry everyone! But do remind me to update in at least a week’s time!
    Please remind me to update cos I’m a dumb bish who forgets stuff a lot lmao

  • Ok guys i am gonna do it for 2weeks soo
    Left leg: 59.5cm
    Right leg:60cm
    Day 1:✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4 ✅
    Day 5 ✅
    Day 6 ✅
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14

  • but if you go on a diet, you have to stay in the diet forever, right? because you’re going to grow back the muscle and fat if you change back to your unhealthy diet?

  • I wear mostly oversized shirts so it covers my stomach, but my legs look terrible so I wanna make myself look skinny by having skinny legs

  • Ive always had “skinny” legs because I was a dancer, and 7 months ago I started going to TRX classes 5 times a week and I started eating healthier. My problem is that ive noticed that the upper part of my inner thighs started to grow, very quickly. At first they told me that it was muscle but it really doesnt look like it. It feels uncomfortable because my thighs never touched when I closed my legs and now they do. I started going on walks everyday, like 5 km, and ve noticed a VERY SMALL change, and idk what to do, i stretch after very workout, i eat healthy, i workout, i go on walks, and its juts growing, everytime i do like squats or lunges it just gets bigger. i dont want to do a calorie deficit because im already very skinny please help me.

  • The thing is as kids and teenagers, it can be difficult to maintain a diet.
    Like your parents make food or buy it, and u can’t really resist what they give you, plus the fact that some people can’t afford to eat always healthy food.
    So I can’t really imagine me going through with a diet.

    If you can relate then I suggest eating fruits and lots of water (2 letres) and do exercises, I suggest following Roberta’s gym, I’ve started following a few of her videos each day and can’t wait to see the results!!!

  • i have unproportioned body wherein i feel like my upper body is longer than my leg length but i realized it was because it looks bigger than it should be. it was bc i danced for quite some time. this video helped

  • im doing this work out to get skinny legs to glow up before primary school opens and by the way is it ok for 12 year old girl yo do this bc im in 6th

  • Your legs in instagram pictures look slimmer than in your videos, I want lean legs like K-POP idol not muscular ones. Don’t you have exercise for lean and thin legs and not muscular legs?

  • I was taking fat loss pills and almost seriously harmed my health. Now I realise that diet is not pills and teas, but structured plan full of nutritionally rich foods. Visit Next Level Diet and get a real diet, stop taking fuc*ing pills.

  • i have problems with my thighs too. i actually have too much fluids in my thighs in comparison to fats. i also have a lot of muscle too in my thighs. it’s so difficult to slim down my thighs, even though i do a lot of thigh workouts.

  • oki i’ll try that and update after the 20 days!!
    thighs: both about 51 cm
    calves: Botha about 36 cm
    you can ask for updates so I remember doing it lmaoo, I’ll see you in 20 days:))

  • I was super skinny some years ago and my thighs were thick af. Now I gained some weight overall, but my thighs are the same xD Anyway I like my thighs and legs, but that’s interesting in case someday I get tired of them

  • I’m going to do this once everyday with 10-20 min of cardio and some stretching
    Start: right=49.5
    cm left= 49cm
    Day 1: done I also got my period ��
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:

  • I absolutely loved this workout and I’m now able to do more than one repeat! I’m going to try and finish this challenge and let’s see if I get any results! ��

  • i have question please tell me�� the lean leg programme there is 3-4 workout video should i do all or one video workout i m confuesd any one here plz plz plz help me

  • Boiii im doing this rn and let me tell you it’s the MOST PAINFULL thing I feel like my legs Nevers and muscles are being tied up OUUUUU

  • I was like 40 kg before but i gained weight im 47kg now and i want to start losing weight because i look like a kettle short and stout

  • Heyyyy, imma be doing this workout everyday until I feel comfortable in my own body! (I’m doing 2 arm workouts, 1 full body workout, 1 shoulder and chest workout, 1 abs workout and 2 thigh workouts) yes ik that’s a lot but I’ll be spacing the workouts throughout the day. Day 1: Done all of the workouts I really felt the burn but I’m happy I completed it. ��. Day 2:ahhhh it burnt a lot more than day 1 but I finished it and now I’m feeling good!!
    Day 3:

  • Thankyou ❤so much chloe for introducing such a good workout…….. actually i have been trying jiny diet slim leg workout and from past three days iam trying this……my thigh gap is disappearing so fast���� both workouts are amazingggg…

  • alright yall, i have seen anyone actually give results so ill do it, just like or comment so i can remember to continue to update you guys

    day 1 complete
    im in pain, it felt like i was abt to pull a muscle. i stg if i don’t get results in two weeks I’m going to cry. 

    day 2 complete
    my legs wanna kill me

    day 3 got busy so didn’t end up doing it
    day 4 success, its getting better, easier

    UPDATE: ive been doing it w/o the video whenever i can and this actually works! i can see a visible difference so def recommend

  • I’m gonna try this for atleast a month!! Let’s see how it goes ��

    (Also im only doing it once a day, maybe twice if I feel like it and I’m more comfortable with it but mostly once)

    Day 1: done

    Day 2: done

  • Its been day 5 of my workout and here are the slight results i got.
    Left thigh 25
    Right thigh 24.1

    Left thigh 24.2
    Right thigh 23.4
    I am highly motivated by the results just in 5days.Though have a long way to go.
    No pain no gain.
    Thanku Emi❤

  • Well I’m tall and I have lots of muscle in my thighs I played soccer, basketball, I did track and dance so i gained a lot of muscle so this isn’t just for short people lol

  • i decided to try this out since we are still in quarantine
    i will try eating healthier and drinking 2-3 liters of water
    L:49,3 cm

    DAY 1 ✅
    DAY 2 ✅
    DAY 3 ✅
    DAY 4 ✅
    DAY 5 ✅
    DAY 6 ✅
    DAY 7 ✅
    DAY 8 ✅
    DAY 9 ✅
    DAY 10 rest day
    DAY 11 ✅
    DAY 12 ✅

  • im in the mood to workout so ill try this out! ill be doing it everyday and update so i dont forget:)

    day 1 my legs were burning the whole time! im currently doing a strict diet and trying not to eat most sweets or junk food.

    day 2 i felt like crying on the sumo squats, but i did it and im so proud of myself! this was a really good workout and i see that shes in pain with me too ����

    day 3 omg it was so painful because i was already sore from yesterday. maybe i should stretch first……

    day 4 another day done! i know im only doing it once! its still really motivating!

    day 5 everything was fine today but my left side was really weak for some reason

  • ok, so im gonna do this everyday and share my results here until i get skinnier legs:) remind me by liking this comment if u want, thank you:D

    day 1✅: damn, it burned so bad

  • Thanks so much for this!! I’ve never found somebody on YouTube that’s petite like me. I love how much I can relate to everything u mention. Also you’re very well spoken, love your personality ��✨��

  • I’ve always had bigger legs compared to my thin upper body. I’ve never actually went on a diet because my family and even doctors told me not to because I was already on my perfect weight but ACTUALLY I was all fat and no muscle except for my legs that had both:( so what I did was 1. Diet= lost fat and also muscle mass on all my body, it wasn’t the look or the healthy goal I had but it was the only way I found to slim those freaking legs down since you can’t spot reduce 2. Slowly built up muscle mass again with a lot of care in choosing the right exercises, NO WEIGHTS at all, no squats, only bodyweight mat work, HIIT and cardio. Upped my calories, always kept my proteins up. Took me 5 months but I’m super happy about the result, still have slightly bigger things on the front but guess you can’t change genetics lol still my legs are basically half of what they were before and now everything is on perfect and healthy shape.

  • I did this work out for four days to make my thigs smaller but instead my calves is swollen n it’s getting bigger.

    Someone please help me with these ☝

  • So I wasn’t motivated enough to commit to this over the past 5 months in quarantine but now that school is starting in 15(?) days and I only have about 8 months till prom I will do this every day until then and continue until I get the skinny I always wanted
    So my left thigh is 49cm 3inches above my knee and my right is 52cm and I shall keep track of this every month wish me luck

  • I’m going to get this and update my progress!
    Right thigh: 23 in
    Left thigh: 23 in

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:


  • Might be a cultural thing for me, but having thick thighs and legs is a good thing where I’m from, lol. Way before the booty thing was “in,” it’s always been in among people I grew up with.

  • Left&Right-42,5


    DAY 1 -Done ●
    DAY 2 -Done ●
    DAY 3 -Done ●
    DAY 4 -Done ●
    DAY 5 -Done ●
    DAY 6
    DAY 7
    DAY 8
    DAY 9
    DAY 10
    DAY 11
    DAY 12
    DAY 13
    DAY 14
    DAY 15
    DAY 16
    DAY 17
    DAY 18
    DAY 19
    DAY 20

  • ughhh i have such huge soccer thighs and i hate it cause my legs chafe when i run. i used to think it was just fat and i just needed to loose the fat and then i did and my thighs are STILL huge ������‍♀️

  • As im going back to school in a month, ive decided to try out this workout. I am currently on day 6

    1: My legs felt awful after this and i had to have a break just before i switched my legs. During the workout I mostly read comments as they distracted me from the pain.

    Day 2: Today i listened to spotify, which helped to distract me. My legs were still burning a few minutes after i completed the workout but i didnt have a rest

    Day 3: My legs felt a bit sore during the workout but they were fine after the workout. I might try and do this 2 times a day in addition to the channel’s inner thigh workout

    Day 4: There wasnt much difference between today and yesterday, except i can see some change in my inner thigh. I probably wont do this two times a day as i dont want to over exercise.

    Day 5: I CAN ACTUALLY SEE A DIFFERENCE!!! Im quite shocked ive already seen an improvement. My legs still feel the same during and after the workout.

    im going to wait a few days before updating as there is not much i can say everyday about how my legs burned during the workout.

    Day 8: theres not too much of a difference but im starting to feel more confident with my self image

  • Bruh I’m 5’1 and when I started wearing shorts again I got SCARED my thighs literally got so much fatter, I’m skinny, but my thighs look big man

  • Just bc I feel like doing this, I’ll update everyday for 3 weeks for the purpose of me of being lazy and skipping it:’)
    Thighs size: Both are 56cm
    Day 1: I feel like my thighs really burned, no diets but I’m trying to avoid eating any fast foods or sweets at all.

    (I’ll also update my thighs size every week for changes)

  • starting this challenge, in hope i’ll see a difference:)
    day 1: no one: me after the workout: what are legs?
    day 2: omg why is this so tough?:(
    day 3: i combine it with the 5 min inner thigh workout and i’ve walked 8 miles today, i’m actually really tired, don’t feel my legs anymore:(

  • If you don’t eat meat some good protein substitutes are nuts, tofu and beans:) but you probably already know that if you’re vegetarian/vegan haha

  • I started this workout today and I’m gonna update u guys. Left leg 49.3cm, right leg 49.5cm

    1✅: it was soo hard i had about 1minute breaks after each exercise. I can’t feel my legs it burns a lot

    Like comment to remind me����

  • I have started this workout today 19:8:20
    Left -58 cm
    Right58 cm
    DAY 1 Done✔️I cannot feel much burn in my thighs
    DAY 2 Done✔️
    DAY 3
    DAY 4
    DAY 5
    DAY 6
    DAY 7

  • I am doing her workout and i am getting my results too.. And i sweat like full open water tap.
    Well my thigh 24.5inch(L) 24.5inch(R) is right now.
    Lets start the workout now

  • You’re lucky you found a coach who actually agreed to help and didn’t tell you women can’t build muscle because we don’t have enough testosterone.

  • Not sure about this. I genetically build muscles super easily. I did this workout for 2 months which had a lot of squat lunges in it. And my thighs became BIGGER! This 2 minute workout looks the same as that one. Now with her genetics she wouldn’t get super thick doing squats, but someone like me would.

  • Long distance runner here ����‍♀️ yeah my quads are pretty dang muscular. Do you think doing HIIT workouts will tone them down or pump them up?

  • Yeah, but you are born a man, so not a very accurate comparison when you do videos for female bodies. These work outs are targeted for man wanting to look like females. Ladies, find a female coach that will suit your body type and goal 😉

  • It’s stupid, idiots like you, who make women feel like they have to have skinny legs to be beautiful! No one will ever dislike muscular and strong legs! And any man who rejects a woman because she has muscular and strong legs, Does not deserve a woman!

  • Day 1: Am Anfang war es schwer und ich konnte gar nicht mehr mittlerweile 2 Workouts gemacht
    Day 2: Bin in meiner Pause und habe 59% erreicht ich kann nicht mehr…ich habe es geschafft es war etwas schwer aber es ging das dritte workout heute noch 2 ♡
    Day 3: Ich habe heute nur 5 Workouts geschafft heute war es so nervig dass ich nicht mal dieses mehr richtig fertig schaffte den Rest der 10 min musste ich in der Küche machen. Morgen werde ich um 7:00 aufstehen und loslegen bis um 10:00 und dann joggen gehen
    Day 4: heute habe ich um 8:00 angefangen vorher das shred workout, ich habe bis jetzt 49% geschafft, ich habe so viele Gedanken im Kopf und weiß nicht was ich tun soll mein ziel von 7 Workouts will ich heute trotzdem noch machen…ich bin fertig ich kann nicht mehr ich schwitze wie ein Schwein mir ist warm ich stinke nach Schweiß und habe keine Motivation mehr

  • Can someone please advise on my scenario? Thin and underweight but carries disproportionate amount Of stubborn fat in thighs. Saddle bags and inner thigh fat. Genetic. Am in thirties and had saddle bags develop since teens. this happens to all women in my family’s regardless if how stick thin we are everywhere else. Tried mixing cardio and weights. My kegs get bigger bc I’m adding muscle one top of the fat. Everyone including this poster says calorie deficit is ideal, knowing full well you can not spot reduce. In no way Can I justify cutting calories, nor do I want To. TO my knowledge, at least my assumption, already need to (and have been working to ) gain 10 to 15 pounds if not more. So basically skinny fat. Lol. I don’t see how I can safely and realistically get the extra pounds off my legs when it seem so unsafe and borderline anorexic for me to aim to cut cals when I’m already a very low weight. I a,ready don’t. At dairy or gluten for food intolerance reasons. Thanks in advance!

  • All good but also… remember to STRETCH people! My ballet teacher was always saying that proper stretching is the only way to elongate the muscles you are constantly contracting, strength should always go with flexibility if you want to prevent bulking

  • Dang no one wants thick thighs but me i guess…��ofc i wouldnt mind them getting a little down i just wanna get rid of my hip dips….other people really helped me feel good about my thighs cause to them my legs and butt are goals lol….and that made me appreciate my thick thighs…but very informative video thank you�� nowadays more people want to be slim thicc i guess…well i do anyways… But everyone has there own preference though so Good luck to anyone tryna achieve they’re goals this year!!

  • To anyone that needs some motivation:
    I’m a medium-sized girl, someone who can’t call herself skinny but when calls herself fat gets the customary “girl you’re not fat.” I’ve been doing Chloe’s workouts since the start of quarantine, back in about mid-march, and had never taken any measurements. My thighs have never been that big of an issue for me but they do that bird meme that you all know when I do sit down lol. I have to say, I was SHOCKED when I took my measurements after the last day of this program so here they are: (all in inches)

    Left ThighUpper: 25
    Middle: 20 1/2
    Right ThighUpper: 25
    Middle: 20 1/2

    Butt39 1/2
    StomachLower: 36
    Middle: 31 1/2

    Left ThighUpper: 23 1/2
    Middle: 19 1/2
    Right ThighUpper: 23 1/2
    Middle: 19 1/2

    StomachLower: 32
    Middle: 28

    I will forever be grateful for all Chloe has done for me! I promise it gets better, life, body image, happiness, everything. Just give it time, your all and keep trying! You got this <3

  • But don’t squats and lunges bulk your legs? I’ve heard and read many times that we should avoid them if we want to keep legs slim.

  • my thighs from the front | | | |
    my thighs from the side | ) | )
    and i’m not curvy at all, i’m eating more and working out to gain muscle in my hips and butt but i’m also gaining muscle in my thighs that were bulky before this, i hope i can change it

  • upper thigh: 21in / 53cm
    middle thigh: 18in / 46cm
    ( i’ll update my progress when i finish the program which will be September 10, 2020 )

  • Where has this video been! I was a fencer for 4 years back in high school, my thighs/quads were never even and I was so insecure!!

  • Can anyone here answer me what is the most legit way to thinner may very thick thigh? I usually get bullied by the people whom I met because of my thick thigh. Please help me

  • this works guys!!!!! tbh i don’t really measure or anything because i just really want my legs to become smaller so after doing this for like 2 weeks i clearly can see the difference!! i skipped this for 2 days? and most of the days i did the routine once, oh and i also drink like 2.5L a day

  • Well this will make me feel more motivated anyway, so why notI’ll update every day. (I’m doing half or so of the videos in the schedule for each day because it’s not healthy for me to do all of them. I also get a new healthy diet from a detitian in two day from now)

    Day 1: ✅ It was easy until the ones on the floor, one of them was hurting my lower back and I was afraid it will do something bad so I kinda skipped over it. If you’d see me you would laugh so heard, I did it so slowly and stopped for a few second in every one of them�� in the end I was sweaty and thirsty, my vision was a little blurry and my legs felt heavy for hours. also after that I took my dog out for a walk for like 30-40 minutes. I feel like I did something good to my body, can’t wait to continue:)

  • just to encourage myself and to keep a record, I’m going to put this here,

    “Doing slim thigh workout + 2 week summer shred”

    Day 1 (August 13th) it’s so hot in where I live so I could only manage to do the thigh challenge. something’s better than nothing. ✅
    Day 2: (August 14th) boi, I couldn’t do it because of the heat. 52 degree Celsius. ❌
    Day 3: (Aug 15th) done with both ✅
    Day 4: (Aug 16th) ✅
    Day 5: (Aug 17th) ✅
    Day 6: (Aug 18th) ✅
    Day 7: (Aug 19th) break ❌ becasue I was extremely demotivated
    Day 8: (Aug 20th) ✅
    Day 9: (Aug 21st) ✅
    Day 10: (Aug 22nd) ✅ it was a lot easier today. I can feel the change in my body. My legs look leaner and toned. I’m excited.
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:

    Drop a like to keep me motivated ✨

  • Thanks for this…if you build muscels easy…. I am nearly 70….everyone told me hos lucky I am…first time I hear about bulgy muscels love you and your husband will follow your tips from now ��from Sweden

  • If you have disproportionately large thighs that are painful and easily bruise you may have a condition called lipoedema also known as painful fat syndrome. Its caused by an estrogen imbalance at puberty or childbirth or genetics

  • Okay I’m going to do this workout for a couple of months and I will keep you guys updated

    Day 1did the workout the only thing that is sore are my knees because I went for a run the day before. Will see how I feel in the morning