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My Morning Workout Routine

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7 Minute Fat Burning Morning Routine You Can Do Everyday

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Fitness Pack Your Gear. Before bed, set out your clothes, charge your iPod, and leave your shoes by the door. With everything Make it a Date. Having a fitness buddy makes you obligated to show up for a morning workout.

Make a weekly plan to meet Get Some Sleep. It’s much easier to rise and. 10 Ways to Get Motivated for a Morning Workout Move Your Alarm Clock. Instead of sleeping with the alarm next to your bed, move it to the other side of the room. That Make a Date.

Having a workout routine buddy is a great motivator. Make plans to meet your exercise partner at the gym at Make. 7 Tips to Help You Start a Morning Exercise Routine #1 Pick a realistic time. It is often tempting to set my alarm clock for 4:30am so I can have my workout and shower done #2 Get a good night sleep.

This goes along with the first tip. If you go to bed at midnight not only will it be #3 Put. The best early morning workouts are total body workouts. These training sessions require you to use all major muscles, including your chest, back, legs, and shoulders.

Training these muscle groups in a single exercise and workout, force you to work much harder than a movement that trains a single, smaller muscle like your calves or biceps. From fitness experts 1. Cool down to warm up. 2. Set two alarms. Then I meditatefor 10 minutes, drink an almond milkcappuccino, play music (pretty loud — sorry, 3. Pack accordingly and get in bed early. On weekdays I’m in bed no later than 10:30 p.m., so my 6:30 a.m. alarm 4. Flip a switch. Make sure your workout is at least an hour before you plan on breaking your fast to ensure you get the full benefits of your workout. Like I mentioned earlier, the longer you wait, the more benefits you will get.

Instead of giving up for the day because you wouldn’t have enough time to do your regular workout, have a backup 10 to 20-minute workout you can do instead. For me, it’s 15 minutes of HIIT sprints on a treadmill, but it could be anything from yoga to jogging to doing burpees and jumping jacks for 10 minutes in your living room. A good morning routine can really set the productivity tone for the rest of the day. Some days you’re dialed into every detail: cooking a big breakfast, experimenting with new hairstyles, trying to meditate. The key is to find a routine replacement that works for you, and that gets results for the energy you put into building it into your habits.

Advertisement You’re not lazy, you’re just starting. A morning workout routine seem like an obvious answer, but how do you actually, you know, do it? Sleep is your friend Yes, you can turn yourself into an early riser.

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Start by incorporating the simplest of these exercises into activities you’re already doing in the morning, maybe flowing through yoga poses while your morning coffee is brewing, or doing jumping jacks while waiting to get into the bathroom.

“My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired” by Benjamin Spall, Michael Xander
from My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired
by Benjamin Spall, Michael Xander
Penguin Publishing Group, 2018

I have found that incorporating a short but intense workout in my morning routine is a surefire way to transition to an earlier wake-up time.

“The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast” by Jeff Sanders
from The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast
by Jeff Sanders
Ulysses Press, 2015

Consider your 10 p.m. self setting an alarm for 6 a.m. the next morning, to get up and go to the gym.

“Economics For Dummies, 3rd Edition” by Sean Masaki Flynn
from Economics For Dummies, 3rd Edition
by Sean Masaki Flynn
Wiley, 2018

If your mornings are anything like mine, I would suggest doing the morning exercise as soon as you wake up, before you get “busy” doing everything else.

“One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days And 40 Nights Toward Spiritual Strength And Personal Growth” by Iyanla Vanzant
from One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days And 40 Nights Toward Spiritual Strength And Personal Growth
by Iyanla Vanzant
Atria Books, 1999

You need to work out at your best time – you may be a morning worker, but some find it hard first thing, so choose your time and stick to it.

“Solitary Fitness You Don't Need a Fancy Gym or Expensive Gear to be as Fit as Me” by Charles Bronson
from Solitary Fitness You Don’t Need a Fancy Gym or Expensive Gear to be as Fit as Me
by Charles Bronson
John Blake, 2007

If you are an early-morning person, do the exercises first thing; but if you struggle to get up, work out at lunchtime or in the evening.

“7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days” by Lucy Wyndham-Read
from 7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days
by Lucy Wyndham-Read
DK Publishing, 2019

Before I had a morning routine, I would work all day, with every intention of going home, changing into workout gear and making it to the gym that evening.

“How to Make it Happen: Turning Failure into Success” by Maria Hatzistefanis
from How to Make it Happen: Turning Failure into Success
by Maria Hatzistefanis
Ebury Publishing, 2020

I always try to get in a little exercise first thing in the morning, so even if I don’t get up early enough to make it out for a long run or a trip to the gym, I will do a few reps of push-ups, sit-ups, and some yoga stretches that are very basic and not at all impressive (but hey, at least I am trying).

“The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You: Command an Audience and Sell Your Way to Success” by Lydia Fenet
from The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You: Command an Audience and Sell Your Way to Success
by Lydia Fenet
Gallery Books, 2019

For example, on weekdays, my startup routine is to wake up, workout for 30 minutes, shower, eat breakfast slowly, and take the back way to work.

“Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life” by J. D. Meier, Michael Kropp
from Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life
by J. D. Meier, Michael Kropp
Innovation Playhouse, 2010

Start with the early morning routine and ensure that all components for completing the routine are organized and ready in the bathroom or toilet case.

“Everyday Ayurveda: Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life in a Day” by Bhaswati Bhattacharya
from Everyday Ayurveda: Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life in a Day
by Bhaswati Bhattacharya
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

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  • Once I tried to drink coffee before running in the morning. I thought I’ll have a heart attack in the middle of the run… My heart was beating so fast I could feel it through my huge boobs. Maybe it’s because I’m not a coffee drinker, but that scared me quite a lot. So no cardio with caffeine for me��

  • I am incredibly weak in the arms and couldn’t do three of these today, but I’ll keep trying for 20 more days, then 50, then 100 because i want to be super strong. I think i should add on some arm exercises to help as well, man I’ll be sore…

  • At least 3 nights a week I set out my gym clothes, go to bed early, set an alarm on my phone and on my ipad (which I put across the room so I have to get up to turn it off) and STILL the alarms go off, I get up and turn them off, and then crawl back into bed. Help meeeeeeee lol

  • Love the workout, one thing, don’t put frickin adverts in the middle of the routine! Nothing worse than working hard only to hear some tit trying to sell you something you aren’t interested in. Also having to stop to press skip is annoying

  • Hold the bands with some light dumbbells. You’ll LOVE the complete resistance throughout the full range of motion. Also, the chirp wheel IS amazing.

  • Weight tips: fill a back bag with stuff to beocme heavy, fill gallons with sands or small rocks, or use heavy objects at home. After the pandemic is over you won’t worry or feel guilty about getting rid of them.

  • I loved this! You’ve honestly helped me so much with realizing that it takes discipline more than motivation to drive these healthy habits!

  • Excuse me but im not agree when you say its for all level., im not a begginer in fitness, and yet i still find it difficult., especially the two first exercise.. But great content, big up from France ����

  • Thank you, I loved this workout after two weeks of no physical excercise (not proud of it). I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be ready for a good old kick-ass workout <3

  • Matt,
    I follow you since 2 Month and you radically change my life. I discovered minimalism and life-control with your vidéos. So many quality in 1 YT channel!!!

    Thanks a lot from France!!

  • yesss some awesome tips in here!! i’m currently at a job working 7.30-4 so i train after work BUT about to start a 9-5 job and gonna have to train in the morning!! will be interesting to see how my body adjusts haha

  • https://youtu.be/OJeLLprAfNk
    How to be productive and positive during lockdown!
    Just trying my best to create a positive impact during these difficult times.��
    Go check it out!❤️

  • Legemdo majstore kralju naleti na kafu kad budeš prolazio kroz slavoniju
    Btw mogli bi malo vjezbe za noge ja i ti 1 na 1 pa ponesi dvoje carape vidimose

  • I secretly like having some people at the gym with me. It makes me more careful with my technique. I go slow and steady. My problem is going after work is no longer an option so I’m trying to shift to working out to the morning.

  • I don’t know what the YT equivalent of shadow banning is but I have the bell ticked and haven’t gotten notifications for like 2 months ��

  • This is an incredibly efficient workout. This is my second week I’m doing this routine, with the 1st round still killing me. What is the ideal rest time between each round? 15 secs too?

  • You got the super weak resistance bands those ones are junk.. Get the 40″ pull up assist bands, those can offer hundreds of pounds of resistance and will give you a real workout

  • You shouldn’t fully extend your arms doing a pushup. It puts unnecessary strain on the elbow joint. Just a kinesiology major trying to help out.

  • I would never run in the dark, I don’t care how nice of a neighbor it is! Girl be careful! I know you might feel like that’s the only time you have to workout but maybe go to a 24 hour gym instead.

  • but wait…. the tricep is 2/3 of the arms muscle so increasing tricep bulk makes bicep look bigger…. so tricep most important muscle?

  • Sophie I have to thank you for making your videos on BED. Honestly yours was the first video I came across & it taught me what BED actually is. I was never really aware of the fact that I had disordered eating.. Now I have the awareness in order to make positive changes in my life. So thank you ❤️ Your videos are super inspiring & have inspired me to create my own!

  • I’m spanish ( I live in valencia ) and i need your text in spanish in your videos to understand more…. i like so much your content, regards! have you got some books or brands do you like? Regards


    4:30 alarm me: NOPE NOT TODAY BITCHH

  • yay finally found a less talk video for workout �� thank you for this tho i can’t handle the side plank, will try the others.. Thanks a bunch ����

  • Almost died lol haven’t done a proper workout since March besides cardio/swimming. Thanks for this! Maybe some modification options for ones that are physical very difficult to do? Like the plank up things (the first exercise). I just did pushups bc I couldn’t do that move haha

  • you know, this is the first video i’ve ever seen from your channel, and i’ve already subscribed. I like your vibe and personality, you seem so chill:)

  • I really enjoyed this! I’m quite unfit and just starting my fitness journey, this was enough to get me moving but not too difficult that it left me discouraged. I’ll definitely try more of your workouts!:)

  • If you have somewhere to hang them up (a tree or similar), gymnastic rings really are the perfect minimalist piece of kit: dips, pull ups, muscle ups, leg raises and more highly recommend!

  • What I really love in your videos is that you speak so calmly a slow, and it gives a nice feeling and doesn’t discourage me from doing the exercises, especially after a rough time this helps me to slowly get back to a routine.

  • I love doing this to get my day started! During quarantine it has been starting a little later than usual but I enjoy it nevertheless ��

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  • Honestly, this is the best pertinent to daily exercise channel that one can find on this platform. He pleasantly skips meaningless intro, moving into the actual training and performing it elegantly and effectively. I am satisfied that he has gained reputation for what he is doing, he truly deserves it

  • Great video! Interesting fact: You can also do push ups, deadlifts and squats (which you show here) with resistance bands. During the lockdown I discovered how many different ways to train your muscles with the bands there are and how differently (sometimes better) these excercises affect your body.

     Wish you a lot of motivation Matt!:)

  • I liked the start of this workout but when it gets to the lunges it was really hard on the knees (my knees were cracking the whole time). The transitions of the movements were not very smooth so it was a bit awkward.

  • I love that you included a moment of stillness in your 5am routine! That is truly all I need. Everyone screaming at us to JUST GET OUT OF BED!!!! Is TOO MUCH AT 5am!! On another note how do you have the energy to teach a workout class after a whole day at work?!

  • May be a dumb question but is the sweat moisturizer from lululemon for if you don’t shower before work? It wasn’t in the video so I’m just curious. The whole getting ready for work after I do an early morning workout is what’s hard for me so I’d love any other tips you have. Love the video! ❤️

  • Definitely a great workout, repeating exercises is always good with the stretches love it. Its hard to please everyone but you are doing a great job.

  • Damn 3 minutes into a 8 minute video and still no work out!! Sheesh!!
    Is “Lu Lu” whoever paying you to promote them so much!??
    I’m all for not living your life in fear, but I also take the proper precautions and use common sense!
    Now with that being said….I’m glad you made it back safely after your run!!
    It’s definitely not smart to be running alone in the dark with headphones on your head!! You are not invincible Sweety, and if you want to run go get on a treadmill in the gym!
    Just saying….
    You’re a beautiful young lady, make wise decisions.��

  • I’m rlly trying to do this, but I have school at 7am
    And sometimes I feel so bad for working out on an empty stomach, but I seriously don’t have time for breakfast, any tips plss?:(

  • When you first started working out in the early morning, would you ever feel nauseous or like you didn’t have enough energy to do the workout? I’ve been working out at 5am for the past 2 weeks and if I don’t eat beforehand, I feel sooooo nauseous and unable to workout ��

  • I have done workout over 1 year at home. An Important thing of continue workout is motivation maintenance.
    This year, we spend long time at home. So, enjoying workout is good!

  • Thank you for motivating me so much, I just want you to know how much you’ve helped me with working out. Hope you have a good day, thank you.

  • Omg you are so pretty!! �� love this routine, I try to incorporate it during the holidays (I don’t live near a gym tho, so I workout at home)

  • Nice workout! I used it as a warm up but could totally see myself doing this on a rest day or on days when I don’t really want to move but know I’ll feel better after I do����‍♀️

  • if y’all don’t have money to get a whole new mattress get a mattress topper!! I used to sleep terribly but now every night I can fall asleep right away

  • I LOVE THIS GIRL!! All great tips. I usually dont workout until 7am though. Only thing I would add is using caffeine pills. These changed my life. Dont have to worry about sugar, burning yourself with coffee and they give u that boost that will last pretty much all day. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HTH5A9I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_8VAbFb2N2YZ8Z

  • The exercises are good, but it never explains what your doing so your always playing catch up. The video could be better but keep at it ��

  • I did the rocket method once, I ended up spraining my ankle getting out of bed �� think my body was tryna tell me to go back to bed.

  • oh no sis id be so scared of someone hitting me over the head and tossing me in that water! lol i cant workout outside when its dark i get so paranoid.

  • Ok so you know the shoulder touch thing…yeah my arm started twitching
    …like I was being electrocuted…this is what Corona has done to me��

  • You are so amazing! I have literally been talking myself down because I have no motivation at all, especially because I have severe social anxiety. I’m gonna try all of
    these tips. love your videos keep it up!

  • I slept so late and woke up so late
    Didn’t like my outfit
    Was too tired
    Ended up not going to school
    And am now on my bed at 8:00 am on a school morning

    I should be more “healthy” next time lol honestly!!ahhhhhhhh

  • real talk. If reincarnation is real.. then I cant help but think this Madfit Woman must have been a frog some where in her past life.

  • Really enjoyed it! Could you do such a train & stretch video targeted at the back for people who need to sit a lot throughout the day? I‘d appreciate it:)

  • Natalie as the video instructor was priceless. Great video as I am always looking for new ideas. I’m one of those people that does better sticking close to home.

  • Ok so I have to be at work at 5:30 for 12hr shifts in the morning so if I woke up at 3:30am got to the gym by 4? Do you get ready for work in the locker room??

  • I was (actually still am) very stressed out today but felt the need to do a workout. I felt like i shoould do a quick but peacefull workout, which this wonderfull workout was

  • Can you make a video on how you could afford to eat healthy your freshman year? I’m a freshman and so broke lol that would be so helpful! Thanks gurl

  • Stressed meanings upset.
    If there is one word that does my head in is stressed.
    I am not stressed just upset. So many precious peoole3

  • 5:55
    Life is hard that i get kicked in the butt every morning….
    & the the irony is the person who kicks you in the butt is you…. ��

  • My count list starting:
    13/07/2020: ✔
    14/07/2020: ✔
    15/07/2020: ✖
    16/07/2020: ✔ ( I am getting used to it now)
    17/07/2020: ✖
    18/07/2020: ✖
    19/07/2020: ✖
    20/07/2020: ✔
    21/07/2020: ✔
    22/07/2020: ✔ (if i don’t edit anything it means I am doing 30 minute workout on Joe wicks channel body coach TV).

  • Great morning workout and it really does get your body burning the rest of the day. Highly recommend trying this cause you will notice after a few days

  • Is the thigh tattoo permanent or temporary? I’m very curious because she never mentioned getting it but it has been there a while! It’s beautiful either way:)

  • Quick question: Is it better to stop after 2 rounds (3 min rest in-between) or do a 3rd round after a 30 min rest? I can’t do a 3rd round, I need at least 20 minutes to rest. Should I stop after 2 and then eventually get to 3 or push for the 3rd after resting?

  • Girl, your videos have motivated me so much! I’m 5 3 and half and weighed 210 lbs last December. I was so depressed, but very determined to change my life style. I’m currently 158 and working to get down to 145. Almost there:) your videos have motivated me to get my butt up at 5am to get into the gym!
    Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your videos beauty!

  • The actual problem is, my brain is super active whenever i watch these videos, “wanna do it right now”, after im done watching, my body tells me to eat a pack of chips right away…. what should i do……..

  • Can someone help me out? So, I imagine he does those 3 days in a row, is there a day or two resting break? What is the schedule for a week? I am trying to run five times a day as well, how would I implement those two together? Thanks for your answer.

  • Just liked and no ads thats amazing! I’m just getting g done doing this then at night im going to do the “workout before bed” and just notified all videos

  • I got a little dizzy and lightheaded after that long cooldown with head down all-time:( please do more variations with the cooldown movements

  • i’m trying to lose 88 pounds so i started going to the gym in the morning. it feels impossible right now but i know i can reach my goal

  • This is week 2 of waking up at 4:45 to get to my 5am workout. I didn’t think I was going to love it because I’m NOT a morning person however I love it because there is like only 10 people there, i start my day feeling great plus I don’t gotta worry about going after work when everyone and they mama there

  • You should try kettlebells someday. Fairly minimalistic. Turkish getups and swings for 10 minutes a day. Most men start with 16kg, and you only need to move on to a heavier one if you are no longer challenged by your bell (or really if it’s something you’re interested in). I’ve been on the same one for the past 6 months. It’s like a wrist-watch. It’s as simple or complicated as you want it to be, and it’s a freakn ball-o-metal with a handle lol

  • Just found your channel and subbed ����‍♀️ love this video and LOVE that robe ��!! Your hair is gorgeous btw, would love to see a video on how you keep it so healthy!!
    Thanks for the inspo for my own morning routine video girl!
    Hope to get where you are one day ��������

  • 7 workout exercises x 45 seconds + ( 7 breaks x 15 seconds) = 4 minutes 20 seconds in total. How could it total up to 7 minutes? Anyway, thank you very much!

  • I just started working out and i sweat so bad. My crotch area and tops are usually soaked. So embarrassing. So i stick with black lol

  • An 8 minute video that came out a minute ago already has a dislike?? Dayuum haters gon’ haaaate! Meanwhile I’m out here liking before I’ve even watched the video because Kristen is awweeesome! ❤❤❤

  • I’ve started this workout routine and, after three days, I feel really good. I’ve never done this before. Well I tried but never found the motivation for. Your videos are inspiring and help a lot. I did find the motivation to kick my butt and start to do something for my health. Thank you!!!

  • I usually go to the gym after work, but since summer is just around the corner and I hate working out in the summer heat, being all sweaty, I am trying to go to the gym at 4am grrrr

  • Omg, Girl, you Rocked! I totally put my alarm clock on the other side of my bedroom and I got up already did my home workout and now headed to the gym to do my cardio! I tried the Rocket method it worked… Excited

  • Just started working again after 7 months I’m now a house keeping in a local hotel. I work 8am and want to get myself back into working out every AM. I got real lazy and gained a lot of weight in my time not working. I have 2 months till we go back home to visit family and I want to feel my best. I tried working out this morning and it did not work lol

  • Be careful running when it’s that dark, I’m sure I’m not the only one that has commented that lol so not trying to be annoying just be safe ����

  • you should use those bands you have to do resistance bands squats, deadlifts etc

    theres a ton of videos on youtube that show you diff exercises

  • love the muscles but will they help you after some insane guy pointing a gun at you becouse, fuck if i know, becouse hes delusional from overdosing, hey chris how do i protect myself from a bullet?.. no, no one then you should go see my military inventions that give you bulletproof capabilities.. ough i forget you need to be a billionaire or a super inventor to even be invited love the dry weather of dubai takes a deep breath in the smell of money weapons and old people whit despicable greed.. a deadly combination indeed

  • You’ve grown so much ah!!! I remember being here since 3K and watching u and you’ve grown so much I freaking love you Sophie!!!���� u deserve it!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve definitely got onto the resistance bands bandwagon. What do you call the exercise between the dips and reverse triceps curls?

  • Ive been feeling this lately, wanting to either run or ride my bike in the mornings. I haven’t ran in a lomg time so id probably jog and walk 3 miles. I can’t wait to start later today since I missed my workout this morning. I also need more weather gear

  • Thank you so much for this morning routine! It totally soothes my back pain and it’s a great start for the morning. I am going to do it everyday.

    It’s extremely helpful especially we are working from home and sticking our butts to our chairs all day long. Maddy would you be able to create a video for workouts or/and stretches while we are sitting on our chairs/ doing desk work? Not sure if it’s feasible but looking forward to your creativity!

    Love ya xx.

  • Girl so proud of you for how much your channel is growing FUCKING REMEMBER ME WHEN UR FAMOUS YOU INVITE ME TO ALL THE EVENTS! lol Im the same with my morning i love leaving my blinds open enough to let in the natural light and wake up with it its so beautiful! your bedroom is so stunning to! do you have a pobox or something id love to send you my self love poster i designed as a gift! idk if you have seen it on my instgram!

  • just found your channel like a couple of days ago thru your binge eating story vid and now that i have watched quite many of your videos i gotta say that u are amazing, girl!! i’ve been struggling with the exact same issues but these videos of yours make me so motivated & inspired to make my life better step by step, so honestly thank you for sharing this all with us <3

  • I’ve been waking up early af lately, so I thought about doing 5a workouts. I feel better about myself when I workout early rather than late.

  • I was feeling kinda off this morning but after this I am feeling so much better! Amazing how even a bit of workout can improve your mood

  • Hold on young man. You seriously expect an overweight, woman in her 50’s new to exercise to do this routine? You speak with fork tongue ��

  • Everytime I watch a video on working out from home, it’s never what I want to be doing. It doesn’t motivate me, makes me feel more ashamed of myself and weight. But your videos have always give me the encouragement I need to tackle anything, and I’ll be honest, this video has encouraged me to actually put in the effort in losing weight, it makes me excited to work out! You have no idea how many times I have rewatched this video since it came out, it’s a great video, like with all your videos:3

  • Can someone tell me do i need to do this 2 times a day or 1 time is enough because i want to loose my belly fat..i have 22% body fat and want to loose down to at least 9%..

  • I started back in may doing this routine for one round only. After 4 months i am able to do 3 rounds plus a round of arm curls and sit ups. proper diet is key! cant change your body if you don’t change what you eat! good luck ya’ll

  • I’m not too sure about drinking coffee before the gym. I already have bubble guts from simply being up too early and if I add coffee I’m really gonna have to take a ��������������

  • I also don’t get wearing makeup at the gym. Like ew girl, it’s going to run and when you’re done you’ll be looking like something out of IT.

  • do you run every morning at 5 am? and do you have any off days? also i love this video and it definitely gave me motivation to get up in the morning and run

  • Broo so I have been trying to get up at 5am (started this week) haven’t gotten up at 5am cause I sleep trough my alarm so I get up 7:30Am lol… haven’t finished the video but I feel like it’s a sign I ran into it…. tryna tell me to keep going practice makes perfect and I can’t expect to do things without failing… but you can’t never truly fail if you don’t quit. OH SHIT IM FEELING MOTIVATED LMAO

  • Hey someone who knows more about this then me, Is it bad or good that i do this workout twice a day? I want to get more results quicker and was wondering if that is the way to do it.

  • You know I literally refresh your YouTube every day to look if theirs a new upload I just don’t believe the bell button works and I might miss something ������

  • Just discovered your channel and have fallen in love! You remind me of another YouTuber that I love, SarahsDay! Much love, excited to see your channel grow ��

  • I’m 64 years old and have always worked out at gyms. With the closing of my gym in March due to the virus, I checked out home workouts on YouTube. This morning workout has been my go-to three days/week with other exercises added, for a 50 minute routine. My gym is back open, but found this new routine better and more convenient, so I won’t be going back! Thanks for the great info and routines!

  • I ❤ how you jump straight in…n
    Think Ive found my trainer �� looks straight forward to follow.. just don’t like the music�� sorry

  • When he says one round of this is better than 20 min on the treadmill, what does he mean exactly? I figure I burn about 300-350 cals in 20 min on the cardio, so is he saying this about the same (+ building muscle)?

  • i wake up at 5am everyday and walk for an hour before school. then i work out for about 45 mins before dinner. i honestly have so much energy and i’m so much happier

  • My first time watching her video anndd As soon as she said caffeine yourself I felt that so deep I stopped the video and gave her video a like ������ idk why but we are already bonding overhere lol ����

  • Matt, hello from Russia! Thank you for yours job. Once you told that you are boring or something else, so this is not true. You are the best man on YouTube. (I m not mean only our pretty face!). Your videos very positive, useful and quality (not mean only pxls). My English is not very well. But I am trying to improve my skills to understand them. Yours videos are my favorite. They are change lives:) Thank you! Best wishes for you and Natali (she is also great and motivate me change my work:))(but it was scary)!)

  • I did resistance bands and the pilates bar this morning. I haven’t seen the exercise at 7:08 before though.
    You do 20 minute sessions regularly, or just during these C-19 times? Hmmm, I do quite a bit more than that. Guess now I just need to eat less again, lol.
    @ 3:00. “Probably going to do about 3 or 4 hundred of these……..(@ 5:00 mins.) 1000!”

  • For someone like me trying to Jumpstart my fitness this was hard I feel so out-of-sharpe. BUT, I finished and that in its self is small victory!

  • hey sis loved the vid and how cool it is to be spons by lulu #jelly lol but i noticed how u ran in those reboks and im kinda worried but if they work for u then u do u but i just think u could easily get injured by wearing those but yeah

  • Fans here, man! We love your videos! Great content and cinematography ❤️ If you need chill, lo-fi beats for focusing, maybe you can try our playlist https://youtu.be/o-vMMT3Wfc8.

    You’re an inspiration, man! CraftSolitude from the Philippines

  • I just started running for the first time ever! ��‍♀️ �� could you make a video or series on running? What pain to expect? Shoes? When did you start running did you lose weight first? My knees HURT! But icing them helps and the pain subsides when I start running so no injury just my body getting use to the intensity I guess. Thank you �� *sorry SOO long

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept appearing here on many youtube and I thought they were scams. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost crazy amounts of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on google.

  • I am so spooked! I just came across this video and noticed we have almost the exact same tattoo in the same colour in the same place

  • Hope you guys enjoy this quick little morning routine! A great way to kickstart your day! Let me know what you think in the comments below! See you soon! Xx Maddie

  • Ooh an office wear video would be super helpful. Especially for college students that are entering the workforce. Love the video!! Garbanzo is too cutee

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  • Thanks for the morning workout it was hard but you made it, im glad you did it for me this time!………..

    Me:…………………….opens a bag potato chips…

  • I’ve been training myself to run a half marathon on the moon and these yoga and stretching videos have helped keep my pancakes limber in preparation for it. Thank you!

  • if y’all don’t have money to get a whole new mattress get a mattress topper!! I used to sleep terribly but now every night I can fall asleep right away

  • Day 1 ��
    Day 2 ��
    Day 3 ��
    Day 4 ��
    Day 5 ��
    Day 6 ��
    Day 7 rest day
    Day 8 ��
    Day 9 ��
    Day 10��
    day 11✅
    Day 12✅
    Day 13 ✅
    Day 14 rest day
    Day 15 ✅
    Day 16 ✅
    Day 17✅
    Day 18 ✅
    Day 19 ✅
    Day 20 ✅
    Day 21 rest day
    Day 22 ��
    Day 23��
    Day 24��
    Day 25 ��
    Day 26��
    Day 27 ✅
    Day 28 rest day
    Day 29 ✅
    Day 30 ✅
    Result better then hem lol

  • Hey Maddie. Just wanted to thank you for those routines and various dancing quick sets, was really helpful during lockdown time. Hope you the best and happy I came across your wonderful work!

  • Late to the party, but be careful with those lunges! While doing lunges, your front knee is supposed to stay above the ankle, never going past the toes.. Sorry, that triggered me ��

  • I’ve been doing this every morning for a month now I loveeee it it helps me get out of the “I don’t wana work out” feeling. I end up having a whole workout after this one!

  • Great workout, hope it will help me to wake up before jumping on bike and cycle to work, first 3 km are always struggle because I don’t give myselfe a chance to wake up and bring blood flow to my body after I wake up and I literally go form laying in bed to climbing hills on bike on my way to work ��

  • Hi, my name’s Tate Weaver I make content about self-improvement, charity, and sometimes my travels to different countries. It’s always been a dream of mine to build my audience here on youtube, So I’m just putting this comment out there, have a good one. ��