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In fact, it is so effective at tearing muscles that plyometrics can’t be used on a daily basis, which is where the complimentary Super Slow exercises come in. Super Slow Training for building leg size and muscle Super Slow Training is, well, super slow repetitions of a strength building exercise that use a lighter weight than is typically used for a mass building workout routine. To get bigger legs using this. Backward lunges work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Although, after the leg extension 21s you’ve just done, you’ll feel this exercise mostly in the front of your thighs.

Stand with your feet together and your hands by your sides. Take a large step backward and bend your legs. Plyometric exercises are explosive movements that work your whole body. They can be rough on your tendons and joints, so it’s important to talk.

Bend your right knee and hip; put all your weight into the right glute and push off to land on the left leg. Make sure when you spring onto the left leg that the knee and hip bend to absorb the impact. Continue to bound back and forth between the legs for the entirety of your set. To add variety, travel forward as you bound side to side.

Start with feet shoulder-width apart with heels in, toes slightly out. Squat down, bringing hands to the floor, butt tucked under (in a frog-like position). Push through heels and explode up, reaching arms overhead. Landing gently from toe to heel, immediately lower hands back down to the floor and repeat.

You can slip this thigh-focused workout in place of your usual quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings regimen, and make it a complete leg day with an additional five sets of leg-press machine calf raises or standing calf raises paired with five sets of 20 standing flat-footed quick hops. Stand with feet about shoulder width apart. Your legs should be fairly straight but not locked out.

Bend at the waist to lower your extended arms to the floor as if you were about to grab a barbell. With an exhale squeeze the glutes forward, and pull with the back of the legs to come back to an upright position. The Workouts.

Let’s get to the iron. The following workouts are tough, so put your heart into it – don’t just go through the motions and expect to make gains. Workout #1 Lying Leg Curls. Simply do 3 sets of 8 reps with a hard flex at the top.

On the fourth set, do 8 followed by 25 partials from the stretched position. Knock out all these exercises in this order to really feel each muscle of your legs burn. Add weights as you get more advanced. Take your time with each repetition.

Work through 5 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise to get a deep burn throughout your legs. Now, wherever you are, you can have a great leg workout, no equipment required. And.

Training this part of the lower leg can make it bigger. Calves should also be trained outside of the gym. Running for 15-30 minutes, sprinting 100 meters, performing box jumps, and performing plyometrics will help your calf development.

List of related literature:

Plyometrics exercises like leaps over obstacles, squat jumps, vertical jumps with power, sideways one­legged leaps, power skipping; uphill sprints; agility drills.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

However, these lower-body exercises—which include squats, single-leg squats, split squats, step-ups, and sled pushes—do a lot more than develop bigger, stronger quads.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Other exercises include single-leg and double-leg hops, skipping for distance rather than height, and squat jumps.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

After developing a strength base in the hips and legs with squats, lunges, stepups, and so on (see chapters 4 and 7), jumping plyometrics are the best way to improve the vertical jump.

“High-performance Sports Conditioning” by Bill Foran
from High-performance Sports Conditioning
by Bill Foran
Human Kinetics, 2001

These were plyometric exercises, like jumps and lateral lunges that Keeth said, with repetition, would help increase my explosiveness and foot speed.

“Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream” by Ibtihaj Muhammad, Lori Tharps
from Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream
by Ibtihaj Muhammad, Lori Tharps
Hachette Books, 2018

Single-leg jumps distance 5 reps/leg 5 reps/leg 5.

“Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
from Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

Sling Back Lunge 8 reps on each leg

“Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed” by Jay Dicharry
from Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed
by Jay Dicharry
VeloPress, 2018

• Knee • Quadriceps strengthening (leg extension, leg press, side steps on block, wall squats, and split-leg pike jumps) • Calf strengthening (heel raises) • Hamstring stretching

“Netter's Sports Medicine E-Book” by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, Craig Young
from Netter’s Sports Medicine E-Book
by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

Weightlifting and plyometric techniques 90% RM), jump squats

“Advanced Strength and Conditioning: An Evidence-based Approach” by Anthony Turner, Paul Comfort
from Advanced Strength and Conditioning: An Evidence-based Approach
by Anthony Turner, Paul Comfort
Taylor & Francis, 2017

To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • Hey Guys, we hope you like the video. Don’t forget: You do every exercise until you reach fatigue, before you continue with the next one.
    After you finished all 6 exercices you completed 1 GIANT SET. If you want to do more than 1 Set, rest about 3 Minutes before you start with the next one.
    We recommend anything between 1-3 GAINT SETS.

  • 1. I love Sweden so much. Lol and I am a high jumper also, and hoping to achieve 6’8 this year. How long would I have to do this workout to see results? I’m a 6’5 jumper.

  • See also my new video with only bodyweight variations & exercises: Calisthenics Leg workout 10-15 Variations for street/home/gym (HD)

  • Jimmy Stuthers from up the street told me to do these and land with all my weight directly on my heels.

    Thanks guys!

    I almost snapped my shit up!

  • Thanks for comment. Yes, they are great and I like them. Yes, it is a matter of taste what I do in the air, jumping without touching anything with my hand, basket rim or roof or whatever I feel more comfortable this style. I have another video I jump straight legs and touch roof with head. But thats not important, important is the power pushing off the ground. On the run i would say work much for backside/hamstrings because they boost your vertical jump while moving, specially good when one leg

  • This vertical jump plan assists get you to understand hard work, it has difficult workout that must be followed to be able to see outcomes. For me, pursuing the book will make you maximize your effort and strength to the point where you break down and rebuild again. I increased my vert by about Ten inches in about 2 months. It is not hard to research this jump guidebook on Google. The jump tip is Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • It`s been 5 days since I have started out using this vertical jump plan “takom fetching network” (G0OGLE it) however I managed to jump 4 to 5 inches higher. This program was truly extraordinary. This is the finest vertical jump program I have ever done and I`ve attempted them all..

  • I did 40 pistol squats
    40 side lunges
    40 lunges
    40 glute raises
    40 calf raises
    1000 skips in skipping rope
    100 squats with resistance of 7.5kg

  • Say no to constantly doing leg day, cus it’s fucking stupid, if u do sports or general exercise at a good rate, your legs will be strong and good.
    All these people doing leg day, fucking disgusting disproportionality.

  • That photo at beginning of link is lies. The shorts strings are in exactly the same position. Becoming a someone begins with truth.

  • As specialist, I do think Eprosoke Training Program is actually good way to improve your soccer skills. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • I have genetically weak hip that I’m doing physiotherapy for. I’ve noticed that with squats and deadlifts my one leg is straight and other at an angle. I can’t seem to naturally change this. Any advice?

  • @emann43 umm im pretty sure that the 22pounds is not all muscle i guaranteed you only about maybe 2 to 2 lbs is mulscle. when the twins speak of gaining lbs they’re talking about pure muscle weight not total weight gain.

  • Thanks:)

    Dont care too much about that. What is more important in first place is if your calories/energy is on a deficit or excess. Thats what makes you gain or lose weight. Try use Harris Benedict formula to give approximation and start do some simple maths on what you eat.

  • Hello there, have you heard about http://musclegend.com yet? Simply have a look at that web site: http://musclegend.com On their website you can watch a good free video explaining how to grow noticeable muscle mass fast. This made it easier for Brandon to overcome his muscle development plateau and then build up toned muscle mass with no fat very quickly. Perhaps it will help you too…

  • In general heavy weight low rep basic weight exercises yes. But I dont finish off with even more exercise same workout. Those are seperated. For example week 1 for CHEST I go for heavy lifts, NEXT chest workout might be plyos and bodyweight. But that is at least 5-7 days between, if the workouts are at “100%” But for example back, I can do them in connection or few days between for example working lower back at gym, then higher back Cali. Hope you understand, I prior recover same muscle groups.

  • I’m a rugby player from the uk gonna implement this into my workouts and see how it goes I can feel and know it’s gonna help me with my power and speed and everything

  • One thing about calisthenics is that you don’t really get hurt. With weights you too heavy you pull a muscle but i do both but as i get older i think I’ll leave the weights for my son to use

  • Hey, quick question about those One-Legged Hamstring Bridges.
    I was attempting them earlier today and found that when I lifted my midsection up and only my shoulders were in contact with the floor, I kept sliding backwards ever so slightly with each repetition.
    How do you prevent the slight sliding?

  • Hey Kris. I do all these exercises and I seem to lose muscle mass very fast. My legs get thinner and I don’t like that. If I do more reps with heavy weights( 10-12) than my legs seem to look more muscular. If you give me any advice it would be great. You’re phenomenal and I aspire to have that athletic and functional body as yours! Best luck! Subscribed!!

  • Im 5’8 asian with short hands and small hands. All i can do is reach the board with my half of my palm. I want to do this can you please give us a pdf so we can do it consistently

  • Hispanic 6’0” Hooper, not as athletic for my height. At most i get blocked by the rim when trying to dunk, but i can grab rim w ease. Gunna work on this for the summer, I’ll come back w my results lol����‍♂️��

  • Hi there, have you discovered Morsch Muscle Madness? (look for it on google) You will find out about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Morsch Muscle Madness, you will discover how to bulk up fast.

  • Thanks for this vertical jump program, in only two weeks I could dunk it very easily with two hands! This just shows how efficient this program is. I`m becoming one of the best big man athlete on my team just like a mini Blake Griffin. I found this jump program by Google. It is Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • Yeah man, you can do this, i practase Parkour / Freerunning have been doing so for around 4 years now, and i can tell you, due to the plyometric work being used in training, my legs are very powerful and strong:) keep at it bro., And i wana give a shout out to the HODGETWINS!!! keep vids coming, there funny as

  • @FunnyDevo17 Pullups, lots of pullups. Regular grip, wide grip, close grip, reverse grip, corn cobs. Whatever you want. And for middle/lower back, supermans. Lay on the ground and lift your arms and legs so that only your middle torso is on the ground, and hold it for as long as you can.

  • when i saw ur vids for the first time i said wow that’s what i want to do, u know what,,,, i can’t stop watching the vids, i wish i can do,,, nice job and alot of respect

  • Sounds great. Also try practise wide deadlifts (sumo) to provide more hamstring work. Yes, low reps for the max strength workouts also try do sets of heavy singles with good rest between. Squat with bench might also work good for you as you can load with even more weights in that one as givin a more distinct turn in the motion, and from a point more similar to a vertical jump on the run. Good luck man!

  • AMAZING!>>> ur2.pl/1143 I feel like I had an excellent workout in a short time. I can immediately feel it in my butt n thighs the next day. A little in my core area. I think the issue that some people had of the climber falling over is wanting 2 lean back while working out. Need to have proper form.

  • 2018!
    I am 5’7. I currently can grab the rim or for volleyball reach the top of 3rd bar on the pole. Friends say its pretty good vert for no training what so ever. I will try these and see if I can improve on my Vertical. Ill update on the way. Lmk if I should make some videos to show progress to see how well this works!

  • u can do this with a bar on ur shoulders like ur squattin too i did it today and its perfect for if the regular ones are too easy

  • bro i watch all ur vids and the calisthenics are my fave but u should just post a jawline vid and disable comments and you will have no hate from anyoneeee plzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Why do it “instead of”? Do your heavy lifts, then go out to a track and finish exhausting your legs by doing jump squats, air squats, lunges, and sprints.

  • 🙂 Use to change a bit more in Cali because as I am still learning I need prior some etc.
    Normally in gym training I followed a pretty solid base for 7-8 weeks, then had a week off. Then made some changes for a new period. Still keeping into heavy basic exercises there, cali more improvised but still need to match my recovery etc.

  • I thank you personally for this giant set exercise. I haven’t been able to workout my legs for like a year, until I stumbled upon this beauty. Yesterday I gave it a shot, now my legs have that sweet hurt feeling. Danke schön für das. Appreciated.

  • I went from sitting on the bench and scarcely being able to dunk to averaging numerous dunks per game, becoming a starter, and winning the state championship right after following this vertical jump training “takom fetching network (G0OGLE it)! This is the ideal vertical jump program I`ve ever done and I’ve tried all of them..

  • I went from sitting on the bench and also barely being able to dunk to averaging numerous dunks per game, being a starter, and winning the state championship right after following this vertical jump training “takom fetching network (G0OGLE it)! This is the ideal vertical jump program I have ever done and I’ve attempted them all..

  • When you say to do an active deep squat, does that mean to slightly press upwards from your feet?
    Rather than just squatting low and basically sitting there.

  • theres always about 3 dislikes on all ur videos… do u rkn its jimmy n his 2 loser friends who go to all ur videos and dislike them

  • They laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “Max Muscle Extend”, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on Google for Max Muscle Extend to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  • Amazing video, Chris! But sometimes (like in my case) the main problem is tight hips. I was training a lot (probably too much) and the right way but my athletic performance didn’t match my work ethic, I thought I just wasn’t talented. But being a student of the game, I tried some yoga and mobility work and eventually I unlocked my hips. It was really amazing cause I got rid of knee, hip and lower back pain, my posture improved, my squat and deadlift got a lot better in a month or so, my vertical jump and overall basketball and athletic movements got much better. One of the programs I can recommend is Unlock your hips, I’m sure it will provide a lot of value to anyone who wants increase his athletic performance! Feel free to check it out here: https://freeyourhips.weebly.com/free-your-hips.html

  • lately i have been looking for some exercises to help me get faster and more explosive in karate, is this suitable for me? btw im 17 and have some lifting experience

  • Anytime I watch your videos I get so excited and pumped that I want to get up and start moving. Guess I better stop watching at work. I love your content. You inspire me. Thank you.

  • Well we are all different so I would suggest you to try your max reps in each exercise you want to do, from there you set for example 50, 60, or 70% of that and make sets, do sets until you fail. Try that and find a balance that is good for you. And vertical jumps you should start low and step it up, and if combining jumps you want start with that as you will not manage to jump and not much explosive strength left at the end. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much for these. I’m currently still recovering from a bad neck and upper back injury flare-up and will not try these workouts at the moment but I’m really looking forward to doing them as soon as I feel better (hopefully in the very near future). On a different note, is there any chance that you’ll ever make public your old, full length (50-60 min.) workouts that you used to have on the channel a couple of years ago or so?

  • My classmates laughed when I told them I would bulk up with “Atomic Max Muscle”, but then I showed them the results. Google Atomic Max Muscle to see their reaction.

  • It has been Five days since I started using this vertical jump program “takom fetching network” (G0OGLE it) however I managed to jump 4 to 5 inches higher. I really believe with this program hands down. This is the ideal vertical jump program I`ve ever done and I have tried them all..

  • i think i need to try these… ive been doing intermittent fasting and cutting up real nice, my upper body size and strength is staying the same but im loosing lots of mass and strength in my legs it seems. I train them once a week, push myself real hard… always mix it up between squats, hack squats, single-leg leg presses, lunges, all the hamstring stuff etc… drop sets, high reps, low reps, super sets, all of that… but not satisfied… thinking of maybe twice a week legs, one day a week just plyo’s the other day weights… but since im not on juice that might be over-training…  but i have to try something completely different, bit of shock and awe!

  • Love your Videos! ������
    Could you please do a follow along Video?
    For example, each of these 6 exercises, for 15 reps.

    That way we don’t have to forward and pause this video so much ��

    Thank you ����

  • Gday from Australia, I would love to get your advice and guidance on my next part of my back injury rehabilitation, I have suffered lower, middle, upper back and neck issues for two yours since a work place injury. I have spent two years in physio and hydrotherapy with no improvement. So essentially its a long term injury. The next stage will be epidural injections, cortisone injections and extensive work with physiotherapists and special trainers to get me to where you are physically. As I will not be working I will be doing my recovery as a full time job for 3,6,12 months. Do you have any contacts, friends, colleagues here on the gold coast of Queensland who have the skill set like you do but also the body like you do who I can employ to train me back to strength, core, flexibility, agility, form and function to start surfing again!!! I need your help. I will look forward to your swift reply. Much respect and appreciation, Damo from Australia

  • one leg jumps pulling with hamstring on the run. Also working max strength can do good for explosive strength. Note that in basketball higher pushes with legs are good as you are not going very deep on a vertical jump on the run…good luck man.

  • Tack! Träna upp axelstyrkan ordentligt, handstand push ups är bra t ex. Sedan kan du börja träna lite olika djup, grepp etc. Axelstyrkan i undre armen stödjer upp dig, den övre armen kontrollerar du o drar med så du behöver även latsstyrkan där, träna lite olika grepp och bredd. Bålstyrka och och obliques är också viktigt för att hålla dig kvar. Kanske gör någon video om det längre fram, vi får se. Men träna på dom muskelgrupperna i huvudsak. Träna hårt.

  • Really? it’s true you do get a huge pump. I do p90x plyo, and it’s great. But I never did it consistently to see if it would build my legs, although I had a hard time walking after each plyo circuit. A cool video idea is to pick some scrawny guy with skinny legs and get him to do plyo and monitor the results.

  • How often should one do this workout? Everyday? 2-3 days a week? Can you work on legs (calisthenics) every day you work out, say 5 times a week?

  • Yo man straight up this video was original with great technique loved it! Keep up the great work man I’m subscribed so looking forward to your advice. All the best bro

  • Day 27 done! i am SUPER excited that I am close to the finish line of this challenge Thank you so much for all your encouragement and I am proud of my results!

  • Thanks for replying. Ohh I see,so you lift classic weights with heavy weight for low reps(squat,bench,deadlift etc.) And then for example if you’re finishing off a workout like chest you do pushups or other cali movements after bench press with higher reps? I’m trying to understand this.

  • It’s awesome that you can do all this heavy weight lifting, but still so good at calisthenics. Your the Swedish version of Jack LaLanne.
    Great videos as well.

  • Thanks. To get explosive or general? I’ve been doing sports for almost all my life, read my longer answer above. Also explosive sports was my best as teenager. Track and field 100 meter sprint, high jumping/longjumping, throw/push etc. Also punches/shooting power etc. I am not really a long distance runner lol. 400 m is ok, but not more than that:-)

  • Your energy is ceaseless! Been following you for years and honestly you have more energy than my 8 year old…thanks for the motivation!

  • How about jumps with dumbells? Even with small ones, awesike exercise for explosive power, many mma fighters are use that and guess what, all of them have great leg muscles, not just because of that obviously

  • These are great, and much more convenient for my home workout regimen than weighted lunges. Do you intend to integrate these into any of your training program products (the Beginner Workout, the Super-Hero Home Workout, etc.)?

  • Alright so I’m returning to this video after doing this workout yesterday andddd my legs are done �� this is an extremely good workout, the soreness is real

  • хорошие упражнения, для ребят с изначально не худыми ногами конечно) тем у кого цыпльячьи ножки это не поможет, нужно идти в зал и приседать со штангой

  • hey man i gotta be honest, i was worried this morning about snappin some shit up in my lower back today when i was working my legs and my back felt extra tired like i was wobblely… i should have thought of this… great advice

  • What the twins say is true. While I was sprinting in college I never hit the weight room with the team bc I was a lazy ass. However I did all the sprint workouts on the track and all the plyos n hill sprints and I build massive power in my chicken legs. I look like a distance runner bc I’m that skinny, but I sprinted and kept up with the best on the team. Plyos n sprinting are great work outs!!!

  • I went from sitting on the bench and scarcely being able to dunk to calculating multiple dunks per game, becoming a beginner, and also winning the state championship after following this vertical jump training “takom fetching network (G0OGLE it)! I`ve attempted many vertical jump programs however this one tops them all..

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  • Thank you so so much Mill Hoy. You have no idea how much your channels has made an impact in my discipline, how much it changed my body in only 28 days, when I have tried for years, you come back and Bum! My body looks like never before. Thanks so much for being with us in these hard moments when we don’t have access to a gym or classes at all, you came back to show us again that we really don’t need all of that. Weather you stay or leave again YouTube, I’m truly grateful that you came back in the most needed time. I understand why you had to leave last time, and I want you to know that here you have sooooo much people that really appreciate you and love you and look forward to your new workout, I wish you success and health for you and your family.

  • TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS:-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you really want to bulk up, you may want to Google the term “Aston Muscle Ripper”. You are guaranteed to achieve the muscles you deserve.

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  • Anybody have any suggestions for a warm up before this? Ended up hurting myself doing archer squats after about a month of doing this. Best leg workout I’ve ever done though

  • Hey man, nice video! What excercises would you recommend me for a day session?? I play soccer and i want to improve my explosiveness and also create mass cause i got really skinny legs. Thanks! 

  • En video vore ju super. Tränar på att stå på händer, men snart så. Allt tar sin tid!

    Går det att träna med dig i sthlm som et “PT pass” fast ute?

  • Short answer: YES ABSOLUTELY

    Long answer: Kind of. Not really. I mean, a little….but, listen..you’re out there getting stronger and that’s what counts. I am dating this girl who calls me chicken legs. We went to the gym together to fix this problem. I hit the squat rack, and she reverse cowgirled three men in the parking lot by the dumpster. I know about the reverse cowgirl because I watched from the car. I couldn’t get out of the car because my legs were too sore after going too hard in the gym. When she got back in the car she just looked at me and said..”pussy”. Then she spit in my face and snored all the way home. I am in my car still because I cant move….from the soreness, you understand? I just watched my neighbor, Tom, and the mailman go in the house. I think we know where that is going….
    From now on, I’ll do bodyweight exercises.

  • I increased my vertical jump and come closer to dunking using this guide. As a basketball junkie, I am always looking for a way to enhance. This vertical jump program “takom fetching network” (G0OGLE it) comes with a helpful explanation of the biomechanics behind your vertical jump and a beneficial workout program concerning how to jump higher..

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  • it increasesd my vertical 7 inches in 3 weeks…almost dunking on 10 ft off tomahawk dunks…cocking it way back like lebron but im close


    *Tanpa jeda istirahat.
    *Mulai dari kaki yg lebih lemah, lanjutkan dengan kaki yg lebih kuat.

    1.[ 01:33] Pistol Squat atau [ 02:40] Slow Step Up
    2.[ 03:15] Archer Squat
    3.[ 04:03] One Leg Glute Ham Raise
    4.[ 04:31] Jumping Lunges atau Normal Lunges
    5.[ 05:05] Deep Squat
    6.[ 06:18] Single Leg Calf Raises

  • Hey Kris hope you could respond to this. Just wondering how many reps and sets you did and how often would you train like this? By the way loved the video even helps in 2020

  • I got more mobility improvements by using this exercise. From a squat to (BW deadlift/toe touch), reaching out to the sky like to stand tall. Basically stretching to be more taller is the purpose of this mobility exercise. Originally you have to start from seiza. But I modified to being used as prone technique.

  • Using this vertical jump training has allowed me to make lots of progress in my game. I changed from being a bench warmer and a poor dunker to being a great dunker (several dunks per game) and also being in a winning team in the state championship. I`ve tried numerous vertical jump programs but this one tops them all. I discovered this jump tip by Google. It’s Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • Hi there, have you tried “Musclegend” (look on Google)? There you will find a useful free video explaining the right way to gain noteworthy muscle mass very fast. This made it possible for Brandon to break through his muscle mass building stagnation and thus gain cut lean muscle without fat very fast. Perhaps it will help you out also.

  • I`ve been making use of this vertical jump program “takom fetching network” (G0OGLE it) for 5 days and I already have gained about 4-5 inches. I really believe in this program hands down. Of all the programs I have tried before, this one is the best..

  • Is this the actual order of the session?
    Also I was wondering about how many sets and reps you do of each exercise.
    I’d like to try this myself and see if I can match you. 😉
    Always good to have a little competition.

  • Please follow their advice if you have back issues, I have same prob and I have literally snapped my shit up doing this exercise and wasnt able to workout for few months. be careful..

  • Dude i saw ur video in “Storyofshirtless” ur physique is Insane i want my body to look like yours one day, im only 19 any advice? Thanks

  • questions: how old are you and how long have you been training, and do you do only calisthenics? ( hope you answer me much Respect )


  • thank you. this is a classic old school Austin Dunham style video that talks about working out in a 1on1 style:)) please stick to your roots more often!

  • @emann43 I believe that you gained 22 lbs since May but it’s mostly water, bones, fat, and carbs. But very little is muscle mostly 5lbs.

  • Hi, have you heard about “MuscLeader” (look on Google)? There you can watch a useful free video showing the right way to pack on notable muscle easily whilst burning unwanted fat simultaneously. Ryan and plenty other guys experienced great results utilizing this system. It may work for you also.

  • I always find myself needing to comment on your workouts! Ive been have trouble getting in the lower body at home mood. Really missing those heavy leg days at the gym but this has me SWEATING and i love it. thank you so much!!

  • I have been utilizing this vertical jump plan “takom fetching network” (G0OGLE it) for 5 days and I have already acquired about 4-5 inches. This program was truly outstanding. This is the finest vertical jump program I`ve ever done and I have tried them all..


  • Wow dude! Your channel is awesome! You say you’ve been training for 15 years? Very good results man! I would like to know what’s your suggestion to calisthenics-beginners like me?? what’s the right trainingprogram and dietplan? And how I can combine classic weight training and calisthenics to achieve such a good shape like you?

  • Firstly A Great Respect man for such an inspiration.
    2nd my question is that what will we do then when we able to do more than 20 box jumps or jumping squats. Personally i can do 15 pistol squats
    30 box jumps
    And lot others exercises.
    So we are going to hit Volume instead of Intensity which is not suitable to build muscles as you should have ur workout with high intensity and low volume as weight provides us bcoz we can gradually increase weight there.
    SO CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE A WORKOUT FOR HIGH INTENSITY AND LOW VOLUME IN PROPER SETS IN LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME i.e., 1 Hour max. PLEASE MAN. I will wait for your answer. Cuz my workout is incomplete without that one.

  • guys you give great advice but you need to do more demonstrations instead of just discussing the movements. Do your videos from the gym or outside where you can demo for everyone… It’ll make your videos more diverse. Keep up the good work!

  • You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. By following stupid diet plans, I was primarily losing muscle mass. Oh god, how dumb I was? You only need correct diet and some kind of training, and the best thing is that you can find both (and much more) on website called NextLevelDiet.

  • Hey Austin I really like your videos and you got me inspired for working out! Can you do a video about your weekly workout plan? Keep up the good work

  • These exersices look good, but many times it seems you are folding your body (pulling up you legs) to get high. I’m a basketball player trying to improve vertical height. Which moves are best for up and down vertical or jumping on the run?

  • I see.

    Hehe, by play around I meant vary the routine and change the exercises being used, rather than using a strict routine for each week.

  • Thanks. Maybe I’ll be flying around the gym soon. I’ve been working on increasing max strength via squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc.-one day a week. I’ve also been doing Olympic lifts for power explosion. So I do heavy weights and low reps usually, and I try to control the weight down and push fast back to the starting position. I also do one day of plyo (max effort-not conditioning). On the right track?

  • I’m 6 foot 3 and 16 years old and on the basketball team and we do jumping squats box jumps you name it for conditioning everyday. These guys know what their talking about, you can build your legs without machiness!! Just do the jumping squats and if you find them to easy get a 2o 25 pound medicine ball, if you wanna up the intesnsity, get a backpack and put a few weights in them and do the excercise. You will see results immidiately!

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  • Omg, such a slow boring video. Cannot watch this individual who is pretending to be more technical n educated than he actually is. Fuk this channel.

  • First 2 weeks of this vertical jump program and also the workouts feels wonderful, I cant test my vertical gain so far, since I have not finished this program yet, however I really like the sequence routine for legs, you feel the burn instantly and my legs are getting stronger. I discovered this jump guidebook by Google. Its name is Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • Hi Chris! I’ve been wanting to come over to Florida and have you train me for a few days while I’m visiting for example. How can I reach if I’m going there? Always wanted to be a trained by an elite coach like you!

  • Been waiting for a video like this. Perfect balance between mastering your own body & weightlifting. Everyone usually beefs about which is the ultimate strength…& It’s this right here. #salute

  • Yo saucetin, what training split would you recommend for me, I can do 50 to 60 push-ups, around 15 pull-ups. Should I train movements of muscles in calisthenics

  • I don’t want to sound like a hater or a smarta**, but I thought that pistol squats are about putting a straight leg next to the lifting leg while the straight leg doesn’t move until you’re done with the set

  • Bra. Kämpa på, ett steg i taget:-) Kommer kanske att träna några på det sättet, om du skickar ett meddelande o bifogar din mail så kan jag försöka återkomma med info om det blir möjligt.

  • Thanks bro. Yes, patience and discipline. Train hard and try learn basics how to eat, if you go to the gym try manage the heavy basic exercises and work the technique. Deadlifts, squats, benchpress etc. Then do progress and raise weight as you do progress and learn. Eat sufficient food, you should prior strength and gains. So eat on excess calories to boost your gains. If you prior your shape, it will take longer time. Good luck man.

  • Hey everyone please help me I have. Problem I can feel my right calve and I can squeeze it and do one legged calf raises but I can’t with my left valve it doesent help in jumping my right valve is doing all the work I could jump so Much higher if I used my left valve as well I also can’t squeeze my left calve and I can’t do one legged raises with my left valve it is so weak it doesent go up at all but my right one I can do at least 10

  • Wow! Just watched nearly all of your videos. Your strength in weight training and bodyweight training is incredible. I would also like to know how can you balance both styles of training together,thanks

  • Awesome video Austin! Hey what’s that music at the end there? It’s really good! The one before pull-up or shut up… Lol! I like that one too though!

  • I’m not buying any dip bars until you release your double dip ones, I really need them soon no lie, my tricep game is not the greatest right now

  • Thanks man, happy to hear that:) Great that you enjoyed some of the videos. I split so most of the heavy lifting I do in the gym working max strength and few reps in general, and with bodyweight more explosive/plyometric training also more reps for variation. I use to workout each muscle group 100% each week, but now it is a little more as I do more Cali. Also splits same week sometimes, for example low back heavy reps deadlifts, rows etc. Then complete the back for that week with cali for

  • I just had a sudden realization of how fit I might actually be after listening to this video…
    I heard him say something about a 44inch vertical, and I have been at that point for a while.
    I’m 5ft’11” and on a good day I can do a 44in vertical. I didn’t think it’s all that impressive. I don’t run, I just stand about 1ft infront of it and up I go. I figured I should try to get a good vertical before i learn how to do a frontflip. I guess I should be looking for frontflip tutorials now.

  • I tried this for the first time recently. It left my legs trembling and felt like one hell of a cario work out too. I can definitely see this working!

  • I am 31 and I have been training for 15 years. I do both, my channel name is Calisthenics & Classic Weight Training and i will upload both types. Cali I started more with 2011, learnt some things more fast as I had a lot of strength already from the weight training. But still some things are very different and I am still learning. I know friends with very good results 1-3 years Cali and NO training background. Good luck bro, thanks for subscribing hope you’ll find something of use. Respect

  • Doing the single leg exercises would mess with my OCD as one of your legs would be getting more rest than the other and potentially less growth ��‍♂️����‍♂️��

  • Hi Anthony what about sets and reps?

    Currently I’m doing 4 sets of 25 reps of jumping squats twice per week and once a week I do sprints, I have a thorough warm up first and then I sprint for 200 meters 5 times.

    Do you suggest that I switch jumping squats with plyo burpees and plyo lunges? Again what about sets and reps?

    Thanks in advance and great video as usual!

    Bye hellenic pirate!

  • Can this Bodyweight Leg workout good for muscle gains? I just started learning Calisthenics. I am literally the only person in my gym who only does Calisthenics. All thanks to you Austin.

  • Lol I have been repeating the old leg follow along workout hundreds of times and now I can do it with ease. Hopefully this will be a challenge Austin

  • I got this vertical jump program for my brother who is a sports nut and really wants to improve his vertical jump. He likes it and has found excellent results using this programme. He`s not someone who loves reading, so it gives me great delight to see him having this book around dog-eared from being read again and again. I found this jump guidebook on Google. The jump tip is Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • I seriously find this vertical jump program wonderful! I could do a 19 inches-high standing vertical but now on my second day with the method, I was able to achieve 23 inches! Hamstrings are sore but its my rest day and then I`m back on the grind tomorrow getting started on the shock phase! I discovered this jump guidebook on Google. It’s Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • Plyo lunges really burns up the quads and glutes. I love doing them! One variation that makes them a little harder is to point my arms upwards above my head the whole time. It requires more balance and concentration, so getting the form right is needed first.

  • In your body transformation programme, is there any separate day for leg or abs?? Can you brief here how th workouts r designed in ur programmes.

  • This vertical jump method “takom fetching network” (G0OGLE it) assists get you to understand hard work, it has challenging workout that must be followed in order to see results. For me, pursuing the book will make you maximize your effort and strength to the point where you break down and rebuild again. I had to spend 2 months to add 10 inches in my vert..

  • In this video.. we are holding in deep squat position..than in that position where should we feel the pain in muscle..
    Because I’m feeling the pain in groin..is this right?

  • Playing around all the time?:-)

    I do follow my plans and exercises I think are great. But I also improvise sometimes and of course I vary my training.
    I show in some videos what kind of exercises I like. So instead of my “leg workout monday 14th” this purpose was to try illustrate a little more of my training and what exercises I like for certain muscle groups and for what kind of strength etc. Maybe in future I also put up shorter routine examples of specific muscle groups.