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Video taken from the channel: Victoria Garrick

Kelsey Robinson, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, trains on the beach for pro indoor volleyball. Go-to move: A series of three defensive slides. “I love these exercises because they always force me to engage my core while keeping tension in the band. They work my quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs and translate directly to the court or sand.

Volleyball Pros Perform Their Favorite Beach Exercises MY FITNESS PAL—“Baywatch” bodies are not exclusive to the silver screen. In fact, the AVP is bringing some of the most beautiful beach bodies to an oceanfront near you. Do 10 more reps, then back and down at a 45 degree angle to make the “A” for another 10 reps.

QUADS. Kelsey Robinson, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, trains on the beach for pro indoor volleyball. Go-to move: A series of three defensive slides. “I love these exercises because they always force me to engage my core while keeping tension in the band. As I said, beach volleyball is a very explosive sport, but it is also very technical and dynamic, and we need to be able to imitate those movements in the gym in order for muscle memory to occur on the sand. For example, use resistance bands when performing sprints, practicing arm swings, or doing jump exercises.

2. It’s a full-body workout. Beach volleyball uses every part of your body. You use your arms, shoulders and chest to bump, spike and serve the volleyball; you use your legs to run through that sand and squat down to reach the volleyball; and you use your core to stay balanced while you do all that. Beach volleyball is truly a full-body workout!

Involving lots of jumping, brief sprints and dives, beach volleyball will not only improve your fitness and endurance but also your agility, speed and coordination. Many beaches have nets ready so that you need are some friends and a ball. Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is a passing and running team sport that’s also an excellent workout. Beach volleyball.

What you need: A big beach volleyball net, a volley ball, a fair amount of space and at least two people per side. Pros: Great team game to play mixing skill and stamina. Cons: It’s just too bloody difficult for your average beach goer.

It’s one thing to serve the ball, but then controlling the serve and trying to set. Warm up for your volleyball workout by jogging for 20 minutes, then stretching your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles (all the muscles you use most during volleyball). Developing good volleyball strength begins in the weight room, and it’s important that your athletes are doing the right exercises that set a solid foundation. Art of Coaching fitness editor Marie Zidek, head volleyball coach at DePaul University and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, demonstrates and explains 10 exercises here that are designed specifically [ ]. Make it a beach workout, and use the sand, stairs, and hills to boost your burn and tone in less time.

There’s a radically simple way to burn more calories per step without inching up your incline or pushing your pace: Walk or run on the sand.

List of related literature:

The last case is obvious, because some of their warm-up exercises include practising volleyball shots in the same direction as volleyball is normally played using the three courts.

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For beach volleyball, vertical jump and reach testing, as well as any repeatedeffort or endurance testing, should be performed on a beach volleyball court.

“Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes” by Australian Institute of Sport, Rebecca Tanner, Christopher Gore
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Even in beach volleyball where there are environmental influences (e.g., wind) not present in a gymnasium, the server still has time to consider those influences (i.e., allow for the wind) before hitting the serve.

“Sport Skill Instruction for Coaches” by Craig A. Wrisberg
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These betweenlacrosse, and beach volleyball.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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Kayla reported using these exercises in each of the situations that she listed during the previous session, except for during natural breaks in play.

“The Psychology of Enhancing Human Performance: The Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) Approach” by Frank L. Gardner, PhD, ABPP, Zella E. Moore, PsyD
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Athletes can perform drills on a volleyball court, grass, or sand, either indoors or outdoors, to add different stimuli to the training program.

“Developing Agility and Quickness” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Dawes, Mark Roozen
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W°rld are 5°°°eri baSKEtballi b What types of active sports and recreation are volleyball, and table tennis.

“Fitness for Life: Middle School” by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
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Top US volleyball player Lori Endicott, member of the 1996 Olympic Volleyball Team and a former top-ranked player at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, is meticulous about physical as well as mental preparation for all her matches.

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
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Volleyball club met on Tuesdays and Thursdays and she planned to do her flexibility exercises after volleyball club when the muscles were warm.

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Since there are only two people covering the court, using beach volleyball as cross training for indoor volleyball, you learn to pickup different shots.

“Misty: Digging Deep in Volleyball and Life” by Misty May-Treanor, Jill Lieber Steeg
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  • i for some reason thought that you would do lifts with your whole team. honestly, i wanted to go DII just because i thought that i wanted to prioritize school over volleyball, but watching you, i want to go DI now. thank you for your channel. it’s very inspiring.

  • 1 minute plank
    45 sec high knees
    horizontal band walks 45 secs
    vertical band walks 45 secs
    moving block jumps 45 secs
    side to side lunges 5 each leg
    front to back lunges 5 each leg
    cross lunge thingys 5 each leg
    push ups 45 seconds
    1 minute invisible jump ropes
    single leg rdls balance thingy 8 each leg
    plank 1 minutes
    superman reach out 45 sec
    superman hold 45 sec
    jumping jack 45 sec
    passing stance center hold 45 sec
    passing stance right hold 45 sec
    passing stance center hold 45 sec
    passing stance left hold 45 sec
    stretch as needed
    pushups 45 secs
    crunches 30 secs
    high leg pulses 30 secs
    low leg hold 30 secs
    dead bug 30 secs
    single leg dips 45 secs
    single leg hold 45 secs
    repeat last two on other leg
    volleyball foot work aproach swing block 1 minute (baby jumps go slow)
    volleyball foot work aproach swing block 1 minute( more intense this time lol)
    stretch or whatever ������

  • Track and field athlete myself.. Hurdler actually.. like how you did them hurdle drills ��.. think I’m gonna do this workout for my athlete @ home lockdown

  • AUsome stuff!!! My daughter has been playing volleyball for the last four years in middle school and high school and will find this channel immensely helpful.

  • I’m actually a tennis player but I just adjusted the volleyball movements to comply to that and the workout was awesome! Thank you

  • Volleyball conditioning would be starting for me right now but yknow, Coronavirus keeps my team separated. My coach would like us to condition on our own so I’m going to use this routine until we get to work out together. Thank you Victoria!! �� ��


  • I just subbed! This workout was perfect for me, and your so encouraging and kind. You enlighten my day when I watch your videos. I play volleyball and I’m at the age now where I know that I know if I want to continue pursuing volleyball I have to work towards being a ds/libero because I’m only 5’5. I’m really motivated to turn my body into the healthiest and most fit I’ve ever been because I can’t get the coaching I need right now, which honestly breaks my heart. I’m really hoping to prove that I can come back stronger and healthier next season even though I haven’t been able to get real practice, and my coaches will see the determination and work I’ve put in. Thank you, you have been SO motivational!! I wish I could hug you!❤️❤️

  • I was super upset because I thought that my volleyball season was gonna be cancelled for the rest of the year, but I just got news that it’s not cancelled and we are still going to nationals in Orlando and we are going to Kentucky as a surprise trip so I’m kinda hyped rn and am doing 50000 volleyball workouts, but this by far, is the best one! ����

  • i have highschool tryouts coming up ( playing on eighth grade varsity as a co-captain.. going into nineth )i’ve been doing this workout for a week now. i just want to thank you for sharing this with us, and i will definitely be warmed up and ready for tryouts when they arrive!! �� ( you’re my college volleyball idol! love ya Victoria! Keep up the hard work <3 ) edit: this workout has also greatly improved my vertical! i’m usually a setter, but due to my height (5”8.. which is taller than most of the girls on my team ), many coaches try setting me up as a middle or an outside.. even though hitting is NOT my specialty���� i’m just not really good when it comes to combining footwork, jumping, and swinging through. i can do all of them separately, but i tend to panic when i’m on the court haha.. anyways, thank you for this workout! it means a lot:)

  • Im joining a volleyball team in two months. I’m so excited and scared. Cause my sports teacher tells me that I’m too short and that I won’t be good for the team but idc I’m joining the team because i want to have fun. I’m going to try my best ��

  • Like we never like do things like my strength like coach and like really kool like a day of lifting like justice. Like like like, maybe a little more like time in the classroom you brain dead fkn moron. Try like expanding like your vocabulary.

  • dang! this was challenging but super fun! i have some volleyball experience, but it’s been a couple years since my school has organized a team. however, this year (if school and sports start as planned) i’ll be transferring school and am trying to get back into vb so i can make the freshman A team or JV starters if they let freshman try for JV or Varsity. When you were telling us to visualize what I wanted and what position i was pretty much just screaming ‘middle blocker’ and ‘opposite’ really loudly during the second plank. my parents are confused.

  • Just did it for the first time (without the volleyball jumps at the end cuz I don’t know how it works)
    Great workout for me! I struggled so much with the pushups because #nostrength haha haven’t worked out for a long while.
    The little comments of ‘You’re doing great!’ really helped:) thanks for posting this

  • Good video, but you can’t say u don’t care what people say about your makeup when you talked about how you’re not wearing makeup for a solid minute ��

  • i’m twelve & last year was my first year playing on a real team, sucks that we’re stuck home but i wasn’t that good last year so i was thinking on trying this since all the comments are positive & then ima train until i get tired so ima try it tomorrow & ima keep editing this comment for a week, i rlly hope this is a good workout. ��

    Day One: i’m so beat ��, my body hurts a lot but, it was a good exercise, hopefully tmr it hurts less.

  • Could you possibly post another video with a real time volleyball workout we can do or even write what the different steps or for this workout?

  • Whew my poor muscles! Thanks for this workout though it’s perfect for me, before quarantine volleyball was the only exercise I did and I’m not the fittest person ever, this is the first good workout i’ve had in months!

  • Better at Beach 60 Day Strength & Conditioning Plan for Beach Volleyball: A Professionally Designed Lifting, Conditioning and Mobility Program for Beach Volleyball. Sign up today! https://www.betteratbeach.com/offers/Kr2qoQ9f/checkout

  • I believe that you’re using USC’s reputation to maximize your personal presence on YouTube. “I know thousands will watch this video….” That’s not normal for 99.9% of the population. Most don’t get 50 views. Surprised your school let you post this. Everyone wants to be a star..

  • I’m going to try and do this everyday and maybe see results

    Day one: oh god that was horrible.

    Day two: I woke up this morning and my shoulders were killing me ;-;
    Anyways I ended up doing it and it still hurt like hell.

    Day 3: today is day three and guess what, it still really hurts like hell but today was a little easier

    Day 4: my shoulders still hurt from day one but I’m doing alright, I do see that I have gained the smallest amount of stamina.

    Day 5: decided to take the day off

    Day 6: I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten better at the planks, I still get tired fast but not as much as before, I’m surprised on how much I’ve improved in just 5 days. My shoulders also stopped hurting. I’m pretty proud of myself, usually I would be EXHAUSTED when I finished the planks but this time I didnt really start getting tired until the Moving Block jumps

    Day 7: I was busy so i didnt do it

    Day 8: that actually felt good? I like the feeling of my face being hot and sweaty now lol

    Day 9: I found another video that’s also good so I’ll be doing that one Instead, so this will be my last update.:)

  • I’m 12 years old doing this workout after doing a major workout before. I’m pretty short only 4’10 trying to make the vollyball team in 7th grade. I also wanna be a spiker. I think I can do it but it’s going to be hard xd

  • Hi miss Garrick, I was wondering should I do this every day? I’m not a volley ball player but I feel like this workout would be useful for me because I only have 30 minuets free on my day and I need to have a healthy body. Thank you for all your lovely videos _����

  • This workout was amazing, just starting volleyball again and I needed a good workout. Your advice to remind yourself of what you want helped me a lot through this. My legs are burning!

  • That was awesome!
    Did anyone hold one of the planks the whole time and realized it was just commercial, so you actual held it longer? Lol!

  • At first I was like, “OMG, she’s not wearing any makeup, how am I going to be able to watch this entire video?” but then the content was so compelling that I soon forgot about the lack of makeup.

  • I have been working out with the help of this awesome video but now I guess it is time to change and challenge myself more. Now i am looking for workout videos that are harder than this one but I cannot find a volleyball workout video. Is there anyone who can help me?

  • Your “out of shape” legs are in ridiculously good shape. I’m a recreational player who came to the game REALLY late (40), and I got tired just watching the first 10 minutes of this LOL. Your overhead plate crunches made me cry.

    Been struggling with some patella-femoral pain syndrome lately which has really limited my leg workouts, but I got some great ideas for PT moves from this.

  • this is a good training for the jump. (In Haikyuu, sorry excuse me, please tell me that you feel the same way if I say that Hinata will go back to the court huehue)

  • Spikeball one of the sports/games that I discover during lockdown and definitely gonna play after the lockdown is over in my country (Malaysia)

  • Dudeeee!!! This is by far the only video that I actually went through the whole workout! Thank you so much for doing this video, your motivation throughout the video really helped! Following on Insta! ��

  • Victoria, I have a question about volleyball. I have arthritis so my arms can’t be straight all the way, so they are less stiff than halfway. Is it possible I can still play volleyball? I do also have it in my joints but back

  • You women call this a lift? Where was the lift at I missed it.. and why are you doing ass lifts for volleyball, lol I guess you gotta get that ass in shape for volleyball, pun intended. I can think of a lot more relevant exercises to do for volleyball rather than ass lifting a few pounds ��

  • I will try this out for sure! I have a question! How do I get a good workout routine without being too hard on myself? I truly feel better after I workout and I think it boosts my self-esteem. But… I feel like I either do it everyday or never:(

  • Instructions for watching this video

    1. Press Pause immediately!
    2. Mute your device!
    3. Press play and enjoy!

    WARNING Failure to follow these instructions will make this video unbearable….

  • HI VICTORIA! I like to do a workout with music. Do you have a spotify playlist or a youtube playlist? If so can you pls share. Thx. <3!

  • Had no idea that volleyball players lift that much. Sort of like Lacrosse & Hockey; both traditional heavy lifting sports, but lower body strength is important. I find that our sports are more technical & require more discipline than simplistic basketball & football.

  • The difference between amateurs and pro players are that pros make way less mistakes and the skill difference between them isn’t really that much. You can’t really become way better than you were after becoming decent.

  • That was an excellent effort. I am recovering from having total knee replacements on both legs. I need to step my game up. I thought I was doing something. Apparently I was slacking.

  • I love seeing the fatigue in the middle of the set by the volleyball players while the spikeball players look fine. Very interesting to watch.

  • I wonder.. that ball is some special Ball for that or a Tennis ball?:0 It will be really hurt if that was a tennis ball hitting the body

  • 0:47 “ya used to play in the NBA but decided to make the jump to beach volleyball” what do you mean the Jump?? bruh that was a drop off lmao

  • Hey I’m 12 years old and I tried to do the workout the best I can but can you do a video on how to jump high and be able to hold squats longer or in general good tips for wanting to be a volleyball player

  • so i am an eighth grade volleyball player, i’ve been playing club since 7th grade and have been doing camps since i was in like 5th grade, and one of my main goals is to play volleyball in college. at my rate, maybe i’ll make it? i really needed help on what to do in my off season, so thank you so much for this!!

  • I am 53 kg and 13 yrs old so I am going to do this twice a day because I want to try out for volleyball. Hopefully I can get some muscle and lose some weight. I want to be prepared for volleyball.
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:

  • I found squatting (water level at shoulder level) in water then exploding up out the water, helped me get up. Water is a natural resistance.

  • Plank50
    High knees45
    Defensive forward and backwards45
    Block jump step60
    Side lunges5
    Forward lunges-5
    Curtsy lunge5
    For each leg the lunges
    Invisible jump rope60
    And I’m lazy to write the rest sorry ����

  • This game is awesome. Theres a game called tchouk ball and its like this but with larger teams and two nets. One of the funnest games ever if you have athletic people. But dont buy this game if you are the only athletic person of your friends cuz its no fun when it doesn’t stay alive more than 2 seconds.

  • Just goes to show that Volleyball is much more complicated and difficult than Spikeball. The Volleyball guys came in and made it a really good game, whilst the Spikeball guys would get destroyed by them on the Volleyball court

  • Saw someone else do this so I will too. I used to work oit at the gym a few times a week but that ended thanks to corona.

    DAY 1: Holy crap this is hard. I need it but mannnn. I had to take a few breaks ��

    Day 2: I’m not doing it over the weekend so I had a bit of a break. I feel better today but it was still super hard.

    Day 3: Had to push myself to do it today but im so glad I did! I can already tell my stamina is improving.

    Day 4: I feel better each day and can tell I’m improving.

    Day 5: I did it with my team for the first time and it went great! Still difficult, and I got nauseous today near the end but I’m happy I did it.

  • Guys imagine this……

    Get ready for
    Haikyu Season 4: Showdown at Shirahama Beach

    Watch as Hinata and Kageyama face of against challengers from Okinawa Prep, a power house in the fast developing 2-on-2 beach volleyball scene. How high will Hinata be able to fly in the sand and will Kageyama be able to rule this new court without the help of the rest of his murder? Either way, the view from the top is greater still.

  • Can someone explain why they don’t play it away from the other team every time please. Like when they have time, why not hit it back towards yourself almost, split you and your teammate, and make the ball go the opposite way of where they are standing? I have never played before, but I think I saw them do that like once. Is it against the rules?

  • i loved this workout! since i can’t actually play volleyball, this routine helps me feel like i won’t be so off my game when we can go back to playing. Tysm!!! ����

  • budinger and field are amazing athletes. they have the stamina, strength, and mentality. its amazing to watch them play on the court and off!

  • If you do this workout with me, take a picture of yourself after and tag me (@victoriagarrick) on your Instagram story! I just might repost it in honor of your at home grind!!!:) #WERK

  • Wow! Me likey everything about her. Pretty girl in really good shape. Ahhh the days of youth. Capture it while you have it. Seize the day!

  • Even though we are Buckeyes, still showing this to our 14 yr old:) She is on a JO team and hoping to make it to your level. Keep it up, inspiring work ��

  • the best уважаю этот канал за то что он не линивая жопа труда любивый человек каждый день делает видео с отличным монтажом респект titans voleyball