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Getting in a workout doesn’t have to break the bank – or cost anything at all. Check out these six ways to get in a workout on the cheap. 1. Just Move Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour long class or cost you a dime. You can take a short (or long) walk or. How to Get More Bang for Your Buck in Fitness.

By Genevieve Cunningham. In America, we’re all about getting more for less. We want more product, more entertainment, more results but we don’t want to spend more money. While this doesn’t always work, there are definitely ways that we can save money while still working toward our ultimate goals. So sticking with the same example, if you used $10,000 out of your 529 plan for your freshman year, the $10,000 left in your account would count for $564 toward your EFC when you fill out.

More Bang for Your Buck: combined to spend more than $5.3 billion a year to represent more than four million (such as work product or goals accomplished).12 In some situations, the idea of second-best instructs the principal to pay based on the agent’s inputs, but, in other situations it will be better to pay based on the. The less money to spend on repairs, the more money you can pocket but remember, somebody still needs to buy it so it’s important to make it look good. To minimize costs, do as much work on the home as you can by yourself, and hire affordable contractors online to do the more intensive jobs. The more you can do with your own hands, the less.

How to get bang for your wellbeing buck. In the long run this will work out to be more budget friendly as it will be less likely for employees to be off on long term sick leave and there can be reduced presenteeism.” Whilst the advice of Fujitsu’s Kelly Metcalf is very much valid, you need to spend on groundwork before you can build. Now I price-match chicken when it’s on sale for $1.70/lb or less.

Then I put each fresh chicken breast in it’s own ziplock sandwich bag and freeze it. Ends up being much cheaper most of the time!) String cheese – I freeze most of it, and pull a few out of the freezer at. This week’s message contains tips on how to get more “bang for your buck.” With Open Enrollment now in progress, consumers are shopping for a 2016 health insurance policy. Many of them are trying to get the “best deal” possible which translates as “cheapest” for many, however, the cheapest may or may not be the best fit for you.

For example, if your post-reload firing grip is a bit off, you can work on this much more efficiently by focusing on it individually instead of the reload as whole: begin with the slide locked to the rear. Release the slide, reacquire your grip, and press the gun out to. 3. The leading source of happiness is pleasant social interaction.

Use money to get more of it – and make your interaction more pleasant. If you have to spend hours preparing for and cleaning up for any gathering, you probably won’t enjoy it much. So cut down on both preparation and clean-up using #1 and #2.


List of related literature:

Of course it’s hard to spend less, but this exercise will only work if you’re ready to commit to putting limits on your unnecessary spending.

“Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties” by Beth Kobliner
from Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties
by Beth Kobliner
Touchstone, 2009

Doing so enables you to see how much you could be saving on a weekly and an annual basis if you were buying only things that were more necessary rather than less.

“To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop” by April Benson
from To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop
by April Benson
Shambhala, 2008

By documenting what you spend, you’ll fall into a healthy spending pattern.

“Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School” by Andrew Hallam
from Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School
by Andrew Hallam
Wiley, 2017

In the following sections, you will find strategies for saving money while you spend it.

“The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers and College Students” by Tamsen Butler
from The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers and College Students
by Tamsen Butler
Atlantic Publishing Group, Incorporated, 2016

Or if you are saving for a new set of golf clubs or a new purse, you’ll have to budget to cover those purchases, which means you’ll have less money for other things you might want to do.

“Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want” by Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Press
from Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want
by Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Press
Ramsey Press, The Lampo Group, 2016

On the other hand, if you make smart decisions with your income, spend only what you need for expenses, limit impulse purchases to only what you can afford, pay off your credit cards every month, and place any extra income in a savings account, you will end up with a surplus of money.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

When you’re starting out, assume you’re going to spend this budget every day and select an amount you’re comfortable spending.

“The Facebook Marketing Book” by Dan Zarrella, Alison Zarrella
from The Facebook Marketing Book
by Dan Zarrella, Alison Zarrella
O’Reilly Media, 2010

If you can’t save money, or can’t save as much as you hope to, or even if you save but find the whole exercise boring, you’re not approaching things the right way.

“Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for Life: Get Rich, Stay Rich (Make Your Kids Even Richer)” by James J. Cramer, Cliff Mason
from Jim Cramer’s Stay Mad for Life: Get Rich, Stay Rich (Make Your Kids Even Richer)
by James J. Cramer, Cliff Mason
Simon & Schuster, 2017

If the reason you’re exceeding your budget is that you’ve failing to control your discretionary spending in certain areas, you should take the time to review your financial goals, evaluate your progress toward meeting them, and carefully weigh the benefits and costs of the purchases that are interfering with your plan.

“Personal Finance” by Vickie L. Bajtelsmit
from Personal Finance
by Vickie L. Bajtelsmit
Wiley, 2019

The rest of this book is dedicated to helping you save money on various expenses, so don’t give up hope if you find you need to drastically cut your spending in order to stick to your budget and live within your means.

“Frugal Living For Dummies” by Deborah Taylor-Hough
from Frugal Living For Dummies
by Deborah Taylor-Hough
Wiley, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • love no repeats, however I do have to admit I sub Russian twists for every toe tap exercise. They seem like I am doing nothing, rather skip em.

  • So I kinda got off track today. It happens, so I decided that since I did my punishment is this. I saved all the workouts for every facet of my body so if I ever get off track, I will do a HITT workout. Will I suffer yeah, but I will thank myself later.

  • “What are you trying to tell me? That I can spend 30 minutes warming up to reduce injury?”
    “No Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.”

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  • So if i do the $300 starting rig, I can upgrade that rig over time right? I’m a console gamer, but I’m going to school for CIT, and I want to build a gaming desktop to also use for school. I like the idea of building a PC that I can watch evolve over time, like how in Animal Crossing, your house starts out small and unfurnished, but over time with small upgrades it can look cooler and cooler. Kind of like that. Is that a realistic thing I could do with that build set up? Just build it with these parts and I can add to or take away from it overtime, but its like the same computer? I’m new to this, I have never built a PC before.

  • I absolutely LOVE your guys’ workout videos! Thank you so much for all your guys’ efforts ��
    I do have a question about the supine plank, would it mess up the entire routine if I changed the knees from straight to bent? For some reason I feel like my knees are gonna dislocate if I keep them straight with that much weight on them. Thank you so much!

  • the 20:00 min exercice is just imposible!! my goal is to sucess this one before to try an other video now haha but am I the only one? ^^

  • You’ve helped me lose 17 pounds over the past 35 days ���� love these workout (even though my rest times are almost twice as long ��)

  • How to fix khypotic and lordosis, because no one has made a tutorial as clear as Jeremy, can you help us, I’m sure it’s not just me, up

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? it looks like a great program to help people weight loss. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way. I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • Good content. However, one thing the so called “fad diets” achieves that was not mentioned in the video is that diets like Healthy Keto, Intermittent fasting e.t.c leads to INSULIN SENSITIVITY. This means you do not have constantly high insulin levels. Basically, when Insulin is “ON”, fat burning is switched “OFF”.

    Also, the video seems to suggest that “a calorie is a calorie” regardless of the source. This is not so. For example if you consume protein that is meant to give you 100 calories. Your body will use up some of those just in breaking down the protein you just consumed. Same idea for fat.

    Stay active. Eat healthy. Stay safe. Peace.

  • I wonder when the straight power 11’s will be available for purchase in the south us. I pre-ordered one but I don’t know when the seller will get them back in stock. No way to really tell I suppose.

  • idk what just happened i did this but i didn¸’t felt anything my abs wasn’t on fire my cores wasn’t on fire idk i’m deff doing something wrong cuz i’m not that fit

  • So it is 1st january 2019, and I am starting my day with this workout.. I am excited☺️�� also I hate core workouts. They kill me everytime.

  • I’m pretty young to want abs.. But in gym class everyone else does almost 50 sit-ups and push-ups! I can’t even do one! Everyone expect me to do well since I’m skinny but I have no muscle or extra goddamn fat to help me. I’m healthy, yes, I don’t starve myself but I don’t eat myself to sleep (only on weekends).. I want to look at myself in the mirror to see abs and muscles.. Lose my baby fat and face fat! first day

  • Yet another awesome work out by Fitness Blender. Not for newbies though. I would suggest the 10min abs first and then graduating to this.

  • At the end of the video near the 8:55 mark Jeff says he cannot stand people who devote 20 to 30 minutes warming up, as it is unnecessary. But this routine takes approx 20 minutes. ��

  • I can now do supine plank + raises. Remember attempting these in the middle of one of your workouts about a year ago and failed miserably. Shows that doing your hiit workouts four times a week does wonders for my overall core, something I never had as a rugby player! Cheers guys ��������

  • Why does a PC need cable management? Is it just for looks, or are there tangible benefits? I have run systems in the past with wires hanging out all over the place. So long as all cables are plugged in, do I really need to cable manage my PC?

  • I have quite weak ankles and wrists, if anybody is like me I suggest not doing the supline leg lifts as it really didn’t feel good, love this workout though

  • I love it when all the exercises are different. That really helps. I don’t know how Kelli manages to talk while she works out, but it actually is such a good motivator for me. I find her words very encouraging. Thank you so much!!

  • First of all thanks for the video and the investment in it.
    Second, I very much miss the neat listing of your short program here for dynamic heating.
    It is not stated in each exercise how much to do or for how long to do. It is true that in some exercises it is said how many repetitions to do and even for how long to wait (only in one exercise to the best of my recollection). In short, if it is possible to organize a listing here it would be great.
    Excellent and smart channel thank you

  • This is the first workout that flew by for me! Knowing that I didn’t have to repeat the hard ones really helped! Thank you so much

  • Do you know how much it feels getting exercise with the whole situation going on but I’m still able to work from home and earn profit?

  • Nice video and I appreciate you talked without setting plant based vs carnivoresgood job. As a SOS free whole food plant based person, the low calorie density life style is simple and very effective for weight and fat loss.��

  • Would love to see more workouts,strengthening, and preventative care for young female athletes ( preferably pitchers) because it really does take a toll on their body…

  • Your explanation basically makes most of PSUs a good buy. You omit few very important features, which are often not even well advertised in any product description:
    1) Safety features (so OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, etc) that what stops failing PSU from killing rest of your PC components. Some shitty brands skip on those (especially Bronze and lower)
    2) What capacitors are used. You can get even Gold rated PSU which still has absolutely shitty Chinese Capacitors. This is worst point, because it’s not stated in any product description, yet it tells most about PSU quality and reliability
    3) DC-DC coverters which assure best voltage stability and more reliable power delivery. Direct AC to each DC rail (3.3V, 5V, 12V) coversion is less precise and there may be more voltage ripple.

    In other words that’s why one 550W 80+ Gold PSU can be very good and other 550W 80+ Gold PSU may be near trash tier (aka relatively unsafe to use). Differences are even worse with Bronze PSUs which are extremely popular in budget builds. So based on tips from the video you can still very easily buy an utter garbage. I know Corsair CX same model PSUs were being sold with different quality capacitors depending purely on batch of parts. Easiest way for casual person is simply to google for PSU tier list and buy only from specific models that are at least placed mid tier. Very same BeQuiet has some very shitty PSUs out there ( one of better lists that covers also less known brands, based on this tier system, get at least B tier or better)

  • Jeff says it’s safe when it’s called “ankle breakers,” like uncoordinated people everywhere aren’t going to snap their ankles like twigs ��

  • I would like some advice on my build. I am currently running on a GTX 980 with a Intel i5-8400 CPU, and 16gigs of RGB DDR4 Ram. My current PSU is a Corsair 650w. But here’s the question, I am planning on buying an RTX 3080 or 3080Ti when it launches in September. Is my PSU enough to handle the new card? or should I upgrade? I was considering getting an 850w.

  • What I like about this guide is it’s in line with how most of us have to buy our computers. Bang for buck, sensible sized and not covered in ridiculous RGB or water pipes.

  • y’all making memes on Jeff’s introduction but its perfect advertisement. Nobody thinks: Jeff cavaliere? No, we’re all thinking: Jeff Cavaliere, We know his company, thats so valuable for him. Your jokes are his bread fam, keep laughing. Jeff is the best out here, I watch his video’s every fucking day, every day he amazes me with his knowledge and the fact he is able to give me advice and help my general health without seeking consults or paying someone. He’s the GOAT of this game.

  • I have a HX750I Corsair with a 10 year warranty. The maximum system power draw is about 500watts (usually less 430watt).
    I had this PSU in my PC for the last 6 years without a hiccup, but if the PSU just dies, will it damage my PC? Ie, motherboards, graphics cards, ram etc? That’s the only thing I’m worried about as letting it run for 10 years, really? Any ideas? Is it safe to keep on using despite being 6 years old?

  • Inchworm ( 0:34 ) 10 reps
    90/90 Stretch ( 1:08 ) 5 sec, 5 reps
    Rolling Cruzifix ( 2:00 ) 5 reps
    Table Twist ( 2:42 ) 5 reps
    3 way Lunge and Reach( 3:30 ) 5 reps
    Hamstring Pulses ( 4:23 ) 5 reps
    Hamstring Reach ( 5:21 ) 5 reps
    Can Opener ( 5:53 ) 10 reps
    Dead Shoulder circles ( 6:50 ) 10 reps
    Ankle breakers ( 7:25 ) 10 reps

  • can you help me man?

    i want to build an eGPU for my old laptop to enhance performance for gaming. and i have trouble finding a right PSU wattage for my project. my laptop totals wattage of about 504 watts. sooo, what power suply do i NEED to buy? and size doesnt matter to me i can build my own case.

  • Man you were right about your knees…. they sound like a door hinge needing oil.. I can hear it at 5.02” when doing the ham pulses! At least I’m not alone! ����

  • Loved the so called (PRE-workout) so far but I seemed to have quite a lot of trouble with the “ankle breaker” exercise. Would love to have my ankles have that mobility and range of motion however both of my ankles have had quite a lot of past traumas and am just curious would that affect my ability on doing the ankle breaker exercises and if there are alternative exercises. Cheers!

  • Some guy in this commentsection mentioned jeff is the fitness jesus. I think the big difference he is missing is, that you can’t see anything jesus did for you. Gains you can see. Hopefully plenty of’em. (No offense bearded one)

  • So Jeff, even though it’s a total body warm-up, you still recommend that people do it even before training only certain body parts? Also, I heard one fitness group on YouTube say that one of the biggest warm-up mistakes being made is that people aren’t stimulating their nervous system. I’m guessing this mobility flow would do that, too? (e.g., would it stimulate the nervous system well enough before doing your “perfect home workout” that you released a few weeks ago?)

  • HI Jeff! thanks for sharing your knowledge. Do you also recommend doing warmup sets before each prescribed set of an excercise (lightweight bench press, lightweigh shoulder press, bicep curl, etc) even after doing a mobility pre workout routine like this one? or is it either or (so you could Skip mobility pre workout routine but make a light set before each excercise)????

  • Corsair uses shit ���� my psu 850w silver certified burst in fireworks after one year and i never used more than 50% of this psu capacity �� do not buy corsair

  • This is an awesome warmup routine! Thank you I will be using it with my group. I love your videos, they are always very educational.

  • Love this routine…already making a difference in my workouts after 3 weeks.
    What would you suggest for quads? I have terrible knee pain from many years of basketball.
    old guys searches the channel, finds great info. #facepalm

  • As mentioned in the video, you can download your free copy of the fat loss meal plan here: Let me know how you like it!

  • Highly disappointed in Jeff and programs without taking any details and the type of exercises are given for the day any beginner will either fail or damage something for sure, no instruction given what we are getting into no idea will there be video’s or PDF or app

    I bought for 70+ $ turns of not a single exercise possible on day 1

  • The move #5 where you do the 3 day lunge & reach goes against the video “Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors! (HERE’S WHY)”. I’m confused now. Am I missing something?

  • I know a dude with a GTX 970 and i5 that has a 1200 watt…
    I think I’ve convinced him it’s silly but it makes him happy so more power to him, pun intended.

  • I don’t agree with this video, i’ve found a ton of studies that say that some keto diets has extra benefits to body compostion and weight loss, of which is SCIENCE backed, and not just to manage your hunger or some other bullshit. The more i have read up on health and all the best diets out there, the more i see the bad parts about the other diets and the good about keto, there’s several reasons why it’s so popular atm, but i truly believe that you need to read more about keto and low carb, high fat diets overall to understand WHY they are more effective than just eating correctly overall. The low carb intake that regulates the bloodsugar is quite important honestly, and comes with a ton of benefits.. and burning fat as fuel instead of using carbs is another key thing to make it JUST a bit more effective than any other diet i have looked at. as for it keeping you full, fat and protein does that:) So yea.. the hunger thing matters, but that’s NOT why keto is good. If you don’t wanna read more studies about it, then i totally understand, however i’m just gonna state that i disagree strongly with you on this.

  • At 4:43 after two motions. I hear a grinding sound. Is that his knee? Is that really a good idea to be doing that.

    He’s the expert here, but sometimes we get at least 1 thing wrong.

  • Notes:

    You wanna start with something that gets the posterior chain loose

    1. Desmonstration 1:00. After 10 repititions, see demonstration at 1:15, do this for 5 seconds and then do another repition. Do this for each side

    2. Demonstration at 2:00. Do 10 repititions on each side.

    3. Demonstration at 2:50. Do 10 repitions on each side.

    4. Demonstration at 3:30. Do 5 repitions on each leg

    5. Demonstration at 4:30. Do 5 repitions on each leg

    6. Demonstration at 5:30. Do 5 repitions on each leg

    7. Demonstration at 6:00. Do 10 repitions on each side.

    8. Demonstration at 7:00. Do 10 big circles on each hand

    9. Demonstration at 7:30. Do 5 repitions on each leg

  • In the 90/90 position at stretch, I just can’t twist my torso as my “inners” hurt while I do so… anybody else feels the same? and I’m not overweight…

  • Obviously almost nobody is going to remember all of these so just do this pre workout at 19:24

  • It might just be because I have all the grace and balance of a drunken trex but I have trouble making the stretches flow into eachother.

  • I have some problem when doing the ‘ankle breaker’�� it’s like I even can’t bend my ankle like that and step forward. So is my ankle too tight for doing this exercise?

  • The biggest hassle in cutting is counting kcalories. I don’t mind going a month on a serious deficit, but having to count calories to maintain a diet optimal for fat loss while retaining muscle… It’s a drag.

  • Man i have a question
    Can i do so easy exercises like wall pushup, romboid pulls, Australian pullups/bodo rows with feet deirectly under the bar; in count of 100 or 300 reps

  • Thank you Jeremy for the vid but I have found a lot of misleading information here. 1) Intermittent fasting is not a diet but schedule to eat. 2) Lowering your insulin level, which Intermittent fasting does, has a lot of health benefits especially for people with insulin resistance, which most people overweight are. 3) KETO is not a zero carbs diet but a low carb diet (carbs intake can be between 20 to 50g). It is actually advice in KETO to eat a lot of vegetable with low Glycemic Index (GI).

  • Commenters below need to put this video in the context of ‘fat loss’ for trained individuals, vs. weight loss in the context of obesity. Big difference.

    If you lost 65 lbs on keto/IF, good job. I think those protocols are legit harder to follow when you’re say, 15% bodyfat dropping to 10%, and don’t have years worth of accumulated fat for energy. Just my 2c.

  • Years ago, i had a PSU taking out almost my entire system. So i went for a “no compromise” solution and went with a Seasonic Prime Ultra 750w Titanium, hoping it will last a looong time for that price though lol. But damn, it’s a nice unit

  • As you said, the common thread across all the diets that you mentioned fail long term is they find a way to manage hunger so you stay in a calorie deficit. You also mention they fail because they aren’t sustainable? How is this one different? What guarantees it is more sustainable than the others?

    I see it a bit differently, what’s common in dieting is calorie restriction. Calorie restriction as a fat loss method is flawed. The body adapts its metabolism/energy requirements hence weight loss plateaus. This requires even deeper calorie cuts that the body will adapt until you give up and reset hence gaining all the weight back. Perhaps look into the impact of what you eat on your sugar control/fat access/satiety hormones which will give you a different perspective on why eating certain foods is recommended and is sustainable because it has no detrimental impact on your metabolism.

  • I’ve been building for 11 years now. Obviously I learned nothing new from this but with Anthony, it’s just so satisfying to watch. One thing I disagree on is the ripoff known as the anti static band.

  • I need help understanding why this happened in my PC. Soo here’s what happened and I’d like to know why it happened. I had an 850 watt psu from EVGA i upgraded to a 1000 watt of the exact same brand and model just with a higher wattage… I re-ran OC Scanner on MSI Afterburner.. And my overclocked went up literally 100 mhz on average over the curve. My system is an i9-9900k, atx MB, 1x 2080 ti (Asus strix), CPU is water cooled on a 360 rad… Nothing but the power supply changed. Why did the overclock scanner find such a higher oc…? I ran this test in the exact same everything and I deleted and reran it several times and it was higher every time than the 850 watt psu. I can’t imagine 1x 9900k at 4.8 GHz and 1x 2080 ti pulls close to 850 watts…. So what’s happening here?? Because this phenomenon actually increased my fps by about 5-10 fps over previous overclock with the higher wattage psu.

  • I like the “invest” mentality versus the “deprive” approach to nutrition. Another great video with excellent use of graphics and meaningful comparisons. Keep it up!

  • Do you know that carrying excess weight, especially around the belly, can lead to serious health problems? Here’s how to burn belly fat fast without going on a diet or exercise. or

  • My diet consists of a whole food diet which would be considered “calorie dense foods.” I’m not trying to lose weight I’m just broke lol

  • I love your content Jeremy, but *not* all calories are equal! Insulin spikes are important! What are your thoughts on The Obesity Code by Dr Fung?

  • a calorie is not calorie, different macro nutrients affect your body in different ways, carbs spike your blood sugars and there for your hormone insulin, which is your fat storing hormone

  • Does anybody know if the $300 is vr ready if not which build are and do you mind linking prebuilds and pieces to build one im on a long search to get a pc:D and thank you Ltt

  • I am that kind of person, who tries to lose fat whit fitness, but never worka out, my metabolism is very slow and I couldn t make it work, until I tried this out.For metabolism acceleration you have to try this

  • This is so great! Thank you, Jeremy!! At least I’ve come half way through now for no. 2 and 3. Will try out more low density food! The fact is so fascinating. I love the idea that we keep ourselves full with better choices without starving ourselves.

  • Awesome vids straightforward, simple, and informative. Huge request can you do a video on elevation masks? How effective are they? Most importantly, if worn during weight training exercises do they add benefit of getting some cardio/endurance to the weightlifting or do they negatively impact the benefits of weight training exercises by decreased 02 making people tire faster and lift less effectively?

  • newsflash some people have to look for nutrition value, how much calories do i get for my money. i cant spend all my coins to buy stuff that does not feed me.

  • This is an amazing Channel and it has helped me with implementing healthy changes in my life style, however, A keto diet is amazing. Cutting out junk and giving the body time to replenish and disperse all the elements at its most efficiency, does wonders for the body. But as long as you eat the right foods, plenty of vegetables, little bit of fruit and if you want to have some organic farmers meats/fish as well and you are consistent, you will see results. Peace

  • glad this video is here. My EVGA 650W gold supernnova popped on me. it smells burnt.

    and my computer was off when this happened along with rain in the morning.

    dunno how this happened….. need a new psu for sure…

  • Kelly and Fitness blender has been the best workout help for my entire family. We use your videos for workout for the past 30 months and they have been inspirational, balanced and a variety to choose from. The good thing about these workouts are they are practically free and do not need any equipments. Keep up the good work.

  • I think it depends on the person. Ive been on carnivore diet for 7 months and due to feeling satiated after a couple lbs of meat it kind of naturally promotes intermittent fasting. I no longer have energy crashes, I’ve lost 50lbs, and feel healthier than ever. Inflammation is completely gone and my muscles have never grown this fast while also trying to lose weight. People need to figure out their body. Also I hated calorie counting and always feeling bloated

  • Totally makes sense. I was doing some of this stuff but didn’t know what part od it was effective. Now I get it. Thanks Jeremy!

  • This video is perfect! It frustrates me when people with zero results preach these fad diets. Caloric deficit and high protein is the key to lose fat.

  • Fasted cardio and keto, helped me lose around 100lbs of body fat over a 1 year period, while visibly gaining muscle. I was pretty obese so maybe that had an effect on my end results. I have been able to retain my new wight over the years.

  • You don’t have to eat weird foods (but do try new things, variety is key). Just control your portions and eat lots of good food. Measure your food if you need to learn portion control. Rather than replacing pasta with zucchini noodles, just eat half or a third of the pasta you would normally eat and add the zucchini (grilled maybe) as a side dish to add more volume. Something like zucchini noodles are tasty but don’t leave me full for more than an hour. Having some pasta helps a lot. Just eat more veggies, fruit and healthy meat than pasta. The biggest portions on your plate should be veggies and meat and the smallest portions should be carbs like pasta and bread.

  • For me the biggest issue I have is finding the right foods. Having a take with a proper breakdown of each foods stats would b ideal but unfortunately that is not provided on vegetables and fruits. It’s always only provided on the processed stuff.

  • 1:02 $<300

    2:12 $<300 speclist

    2:27 $500

    3:50 $500 speclist

    4:00 $1000

    5:54 $1000 speclist

    6:17 $2000

    7:48 $2000 speclist

    8:02 $3000

    9:21 $3000 speclist

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    माइक्रोवेव व कुकर में भुट्टा उबालें

    आमरस mango puree ����

    ice-cream sundae ��

    blue tea नीली चाय buterfly pea flwr tea

    सांबर वड़ा चटनी

    masala khichia papad

    eggless pav recipe पाव रेसिपी

    पावभाजी की भाजी bhaji for pav bhaji

    चना जो़र गरम / चपटे चने flattened chane

    boondi raita बूंदी रायता

    लच्छा प्याज़ onion ring salad

  • How to fix khypotic and lordosis, because no one has made a tutorial as clear as Jeremy, can you help us, I’m sure it’s not just me, up

  • this is the best youtube channel seriously there is noooooone like you guys! you are amazing and I’m so thankful for you guys! Please never stop making videos

  • How to fix khypotic and lordosis, because no one has made a tutorial as clear as Jeremy, can you help us, I’m sure it’s not just me, up

  • How to fix khypotic and lordosis, because no one has made a tutorial as clear as Jeremy, can you help us, I’m sure it’s not just me, up

  • I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks to keep me full. Eating high volume but low calories do the trick for me. Always include fiber, high protein, low carbs. Do refeed day once a week to reset your mind about strict diet. I lost 27kg already.

  • Hi Kelli, your workouts are great and i could see the difference within a month of starting your workouts.Just one bit of confusion do we need to do ab workouts daily along with other body parts? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • I disagree, IF paired with Keto has SO many benefits outside of weight loss. Even for muscle gain, when people say that you need a lot of carbs to build muscle, it’s not true. You don’t need any carbs, BUT a small amount like 40-60 is very good for muscle growth, and if you go high carb, you’re going to be insulin resistant. And also, there are many thing also important for muscle growth, like potassium, go research about it. IF and Exercising increases growth hormone by 2000% and makes you more insulin sensitive. So if you train fasted and consume protein and and a bit of carbs, like a shake with some strawberries and on the on the side, keto high protein pancakes with ice cream, most of the carbs will go to your muscles and you probably won’t get kicked out of keto. Also and advantage is that when IF you will usually have 2 (3 if you’re having Lower carbs) meals, imagine having to spread out your calories in 2-3 meals instead of 5, your meals with be ENORMOUS and you can eat as much peanut butter as you like lol. Also, if you know how to get creative with your meals, it’s as if you’re not on a diet, eg: Cauliflower rice, pizza, mashed potatoes, almond flour bread (literally taste just like bread), ice cream (Tastes just like ice cream, make a high fat smoothie, freeze into ice cubes, blend and freeze again, super creamy and taste and texture is an actual Ben and Jerry’s ice cream) and many other. Can you make a video on the best diet for body recomp, AND health.

  • ‘2019 is a great year for-‘

    title: early 2020 buyers guide

    yeah no 2020 everyone is dying you really jinxed us all this is YOUR fault!

  • Such an awful title, can’t believe people buy into this guy’s information overload and over-analysis. There is NO SUCH thing as “SINGLE BEST” for anything as we are all different.

  • This guy really knows what he’s talking about… i haven’t seen any other of these people talk sense before. You have helped me loose weight!

  • Yes, you have to be in calory deficit, but you have not mentioned: insulin, glucagon, leptin, inflamation, keton bodies, liver activities and so on. Ketogenic diet an IF is so much more, I know, I have lost 30kg and my bloodwork improved, including cholesterol. I don’t mean to start a religious war, all I say you may want to go deeper in the topic.

  • For me I’ve literally been having a granola bar, apple sauce, and a protein shake for breakfast. Then for lunch usually a PB&J with green beans. And dinner i just eat normal whether it be Burgers, Pizza salad etc. I don’t drink soda, just water, milk, and Powerade. I dont have candy or junk food much ever. I have healthy snacks like dried fruit. I weigh 260 lbs and have lost 5 lbs so far this month

  • Absulotely love the content! Though the main point of why keto works is insulin control, especially for those who are insulin resistant ��
    All in all kick-ass video, thank you for your efforts!

  • I slightly disagree with you as any diet or strategy doesn’t work if your under a lot of stress. The best diet you can do is to reduce the amount of stress your under, mabe with yoga, meditation, exercise and the way you think. Obviously strenuous exercises such as heavy lifting will increase the adrenaline levels which can increase stress, so therefore manageable weights are perfect, but I do agree on eating nutritional low calories foods which also helps in stress reduction.

  • Jeremy, is it safe for me to take pre workout? I am about to turn 15. I play hockey 3,4,5 times a week along with workouts either on off days, or before/ after hockey. On some days I feel like I need a little extra boost to perform well, especially since I have tryouts coming up.

  • Thank you so much for the video! I was trying to get into home exercise a few times before but I never got through… then a friend suggested FitnessBlender and I actually made it on the first try! It’s GREAT

  • Pro tip from random guy in the comments:

    Don’t buy the cheapest case you can find. You don’t need a full tempered glass 100lb behemoth of a case. But I would reserve around $50-70 for the case. It will save you so much time, just see the video.

  • Built my PC months ago, but just come back now and again to relax and chill out with the awesome vibes this vid brings. Anthony is a gem to this channel! Please give us more Anthony!

  • I would like some advice on my build. I am currently running on a GTX 980 with a Intel i5-8400 CPU, and 16gigs of RGB DDR4 Ram. My current PSU is a Corsair 650w. But here’s the question, I am planning on buying an RTX 3080 or 3080Ti when it launches in September. Is my PSU enough to handle the new card? or should I upgrade? I was considering getting an 850w.

  • I love not repeating the exercises. Not only do I not get bored but I don’t dread any of the rounds because I have no idea what’s coming up next, haha! There’s no time to complain haha!

  • Honest question, what’s the difference between a grounding bracelet and rubber gloves you’d use to wash the dishes. Fresh from the pack, never used, completely dry of course. The gloves are non-conductive and a whole lot cheaper. Downside… swamp hands when you take them off. I wouldn’t recommend those clear latex/latex-free gloves, though. Not durable and may conduct.

  • This is gonna be somewhat mean, and I could end up having 1000 dislike, but I would loooooove linux tech tips, without linus. At least in front of the camera. For once, this was peacefull, clear, nice. Nice video

  • Dennis is basically LTT’s Jian-Yang and I love it. He needs to feature in more vids doing funny random stuff, and treating Linus the way Jian-Yang treats Erlich!

  • I don’t even remember doing this workout a year ago until I strolled thru the comment section and see my own comment�� Thanks again for the great workouts, I love working out with fitness blender every day❤️

  • I get why they didn’t install the power supply flat, but why didn’t they install it with the case upside down? It’s easier and i can’t think of a reason not to do it.

  • Hey Athlean-X could you by any chance make this a follow along video like some of your other exercises se that people can copy the moves. I just started trying to work out again after a few years. So I need all the visual support I can get from your channel.

  • That case was taking “bang for the buck” to the extreme. The extra $35 would have got you an nzxt h500 with grouped front io, preinstalled risers with a middle post, and so much more. Would have saved you money in the end.

  • is this cad or usd because im canadian, i swear i cant find a good pc for under 1000$ canadian, if he uses usd the entry level pc (the first one) would be about 700$ for me

  • Linus, what website would you recommend for someone looking to build a $1000 pc, to order from. i’d personally rather it be you. but idk if you have your own website to build and sell computers or not, so if not. i’d like to see whom you trust and where they are so i can get on that.

  • This was very helpful. I feel loose and good. My only complaint is you had to pause the videos to do the recommended stretches, but they definitely work! Thanks.

  • My estimated wattage is 415 on all components would I be good with a 700b 80+ or benefit from a 600b 80+? My graphics card is at 46 walts and my processor is at 105 walts trying to think what would benefit best for me

  • Ryzen 3200g + rx 570…is it a big mistake or ok so so.. bought it last week.. cant get anything better coz shipping is blocked and this is about the only thing i can find without digging to my wallet too deep.

  • Hi I doubt someone actually gonna see this comment but the power supply unit for the under £300 built is now discontinued and I can’t find one so if someone can actually tell be a good replacement power supply I would appreciate it.

  • My new build spec is going based on GTA and elites dangerous. The only two games that will ever get played besides league of legends.

  • alright. im dumb as a brick but. if i get the <300 pc build am i able to slap on a graphics card and still work? or is the build too weak to add one? i dont know anything about pcs plz help cause im saving up and i dont have much money so id like help knowing what i need for a good gaming pc to play r6, csgo, valorant, and most importantly, tarkov but i need something that can handle tarkov cause i heard its a demanding game, so should i just go for the 500$ build? and if so can i replace the processer for a amd one since i have a free sync monitor? or will it get messed up

  • I was doing low carb for so long and after I got some testing done with a dietician I found out that I actually need carbs. My lowest number is protein I was dumbfounded. I’m doing intuitive eating. If I’m hungry in the morning then I’ll eat breakfast if not I skip breakfast. I’ve realized that I’ve always eaten that way and have been able to keep weight off it was only when I started hopping on bandwagons that I started gaining and couldn’t keep it off.

  • So can this be done on rest days as active recovery? And in such case it should be static and not dynamic i.e. hold stretch for longer?

  • people who know pc’s, can someone put into perspective for a non pc person how much a difference between the 1000$ and 2000$ pc there is ( I know there is a big difference I just don’t really now how big)

  • Linus! Please do a video about building a PC for school. Nowadays laptops just don’t hold up, and a lot of people don’t have $1000+ to spend. Everyone is at home because of COVID 19, and I think a lot of people would find some useful knowledge from you on what to look for. Also, a lot of people (kids) want to play games on there console, so they settle for their phone or a cheap laptop. That won’t work whenever they need a computer to do all of their school work. Plus all of the kids are hyped for the new Xbox and PlayStation, and buying both will break the parent’s bank. Thanks for the informative videos, they helped me buy and build my first PC.

  • GIGABYTE B550 AORUS MASTER AM4 AMD B550 ATX Motherboard with Triple M.2, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.2 Gen 2, WIFI 6, 2.5 GbE LAN, PCIe 4.0
    AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core 3.8 GHz (4.6 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 105W 100-100000023BOX Desktop Processor
    CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Desktop Memory Model CMK64GX4M2D3000C16
    Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 Internal SSD Maximum Performance Solid State Drive (SB-ROCKET-NVMe4-1TB) x3
    Thermaltake Toughpower Grand DPS G RGB Titanium PS-TPG-1000DPCTUS-T 1000W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS TITANIUM Certified Full Modular Active PFC Power Supply
    XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT DirectX 12 RX-57XT83LD8 8GB 256-Bit GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 ATX Video Card
    Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB CC-9011098-WW Steel / Tempered Glass ATX Mid Tower Case

    All for $2,577.31 at Newegg
    The CPU is 4 cores less but i thinks better for a Game & More

  • witch one off these will run pugb on ultra 60-70fps. im getting insane over numbers, i just want copy paste setup if i go to store “gaming store” ill pay 4000$

  • I’ve always been an Xbox gamer and I’m really wanting to get into pc gaming but I’m just wondering, does anyone know if the pc that’s under $300 will run the new modern warfare and if not what will I need to be able to (decently)?

  • So im thinking of getting the “Just Game” build and i was wondering, is it still worth the cost today? Also would i be able to upgrade some components on it if i need to?

  • I’m working from home and didn’t realize how much going to the office contributed to staying at a caloric deficit. I didn’t stop working out these last few months but I still gained 7 kgs!

  • Thanks for the support! And just a PSA: we’ll be uploading consistently on Mondays and Fridays. Live streams on Saturdays. Keep a lookout:-)

  • Dude I feel Anthonys pain, my friend wanted me to assemble his pc for him and he ordered one of the cheap mid towers from NZXT, it was the H510, and I just could not work with that case. I got cuts and buries from trying to connect pinned connectors in the case while at the same time not being able to see them cause my hand was in the way, truly a frustrating experience.

  • can i ask. why my pc always restart when open game.? i use gtx 660.. 8 gb ram. power supply 650W and i5 2400.. help me please:(

  • Sir, may I ask a question? I know UPS is the easiest answer for my question but is it okay to plug �� the power supply into the wall outlet or surge protection power strip? Or do I need an AVR? I am using 750W 80+ Bronze

    Also, does modern rated PSU comes up with AVR function?? (I am so dumb forgive me)

    Thank you in advance.

    *I am still waiting for my UPS though, I am just afraid to use it because it is new and I am not sure if it is safe.

  • I don’t know man. I have a R5 3600 and RTX 2070. According to this math I need 540w. I’m using a wattage on the wall and I get 290W peak when I’m running Superposition and AIDA extreme together. If you consider 90% efficiency, I only need 290*.09=261W, since 290W is the wall draw. I think you are overstating by a lot.
    For my setup:
    My stress test = 261W
    PCPartPicker = 322W
    Outervision = Load 372W, recommended 422W
    Greg’s Math = 540W
    I’m going SFF and thinking of getting a 450W EVGA GM for my build…

  • I really enjoyed every video I saw with Anthony �� and this one where he has most of it for himself it’s just great! And he is totally the guy I would trust building the best bang for buck system available ✔️

  • on some models be quit changed the fan grill to something weird designed and not removable. Why have the done this? Every year at least two time i open the dust shield on my PSU and suck the big dust clouds out with a special thin adapter for the vacuum cleaner. But for this i must remove the dust grill on the fan. But sadly on these be quit models it’s not possible because you can not remove the grill. A PSU in a gaming PC, which has a lot of fans, will suck much dust, this dust forms clouds around the components and make them dysfunction over time or destroy them totally. Not to mention the high inflammatory of this dust clouds. So to design something which will not allow the customer to clean at least the fan area properly could be counted as some kind of marketing strategy for selling more units. Be quit should consider changing the design back on the standard fan shield, like used on almost any fan.

  • I never heard of their power calculator but i used it and it recommended a 850w lol good thing i bought a 850w by them a while ago xD i got the platinum one and have to say its the nicest psu ive ever purchased.

  • I have a suggestion for a video! I am seeing a physiotherapist and doing my exercises every second day for about 1,5 hours. My goal is not to show off my muscles and my well-trained body next summer, but to work out for health purposes and build strength in my tendons and muscles so I could walk without pain and they could provide support for my joints. These exercises are not THAT hard, I mean, I am not drowning in sweat all the time, but I still feel that I am working out and my pulse gets up. Some of them are really, really hard that I can barely do all of the sets I am supposed to. Some of them are meant to train my feet. I have to use some weights, but I am definitely not a heavy lifter. I am really working mainly on my ankle stability and core strength for my back etc. So my questionif I am more concerned about my Achilles tendon, my feet balance (I am really proud that I can see how trained my feet become, hence less pain) and my core strength for scoliosis support rather than getting a six-packmaybe there is a different diet to follow along? I definitely don’t have to eat similar amounts of protein like a heavy lifter, but I need to eat enough to support and regenerate my achy feet tendons and muscles! I also don’t burn a ton of calories in a day, my main cardio is walking ( 10 000 steps a day). Should I start pumping collagen? Are post-workout shakes still valid if I am not drowning in sweat? Are protein bars still valid if I am not pushing to my limits every time I work out? As much as I am interested in gaining strength in my body I also do not want to gain weight from eating inadequate amounts of protein. Maybe there are also people who do physiotherapy? What are your diet experiences for better results?

  • Hello, My cpu and grap[hics card alone is 420, so 420 x 1.5 is 630. So a 750 w power supply would be fine, right? In the video, you only took into account the cpu and graphics card. But what about every other part? Pcpartpicker says that my estimated wattage is 489 (including all of the parts) so 489 x 1.5 = 733. So the 750 power supply would work any more?

  • Do I need to multiplie with 1.5 when using pcpartpicker estimated wattage?
    + my wattage is 488(732 when multiplied), can I safely use be quiet! Straight Power 11
    ATX 80+ Platinum 850 W or should I go with be quiet! Straight Power 11
    ATX 80+ Platinum 1200 W for future cpu and gpu upgrade?

  • Hello I would really appreciate if you can help me. My mother board supports 4 pci express but my power supply supports 2 will it still be able to work? Thank you

  • I strongly recommend seasonic. I bought one of their entry level PSUs 8 years ago and it’s still going strong. Will be buying seasonic next time around too

  • Can someone help me I’m desperate I bought RADEON 7 and my my pc it’s a Dell 5680 with a psu of 460w and I’m looking for 700w but what im feeling it’s that I don’t know which psu will fit I’m stressed bcause I ordered yesterday and it’s already on the way I want to be prepared

  • Hello,
    Thank you for the information you shared, that was really beneficial.
    My question is, what is the best power supply for my Dell 9020?

  • Is it me or is it harder to find partial modular SFX 500 to 550W PSUs? Be quiet! Had, or has one but cant find on-line, just the newer, fully modular ones, at or over $100! Thanks Greg ��
    A 450W might be enough, but would rather have a bit extra for later upgrades!

  • Does the liquid calorie study and related criteria include something like oatmeal? Whenever I make oatmeal I feel like it’s a dessert, even when it has no added sugar or substitutes and I feel very hungry much sooner than other meals.

  • Hey, I have a question!!
    If I in my case, I buy the pc component, later other, etc…
    The next componentes I buy the PSU, with this I can on the fans with only the PSU or I need the mother board???

  • 3:43 i have question regarding this.

    so, i tried to build my system with pc part picker. it says estimated wattage is 424, so i use seasonic 520W and it says no issues.
    and then, i tried to calculate with 3:43 formula, it come up to 630W and that is not compatible with seasonic 520W.

    btw, this is the system that i tried to build, and i dont have upgrade plan for the future. maybe:)

  • Ah man, please don’t diss some of these diets. The reason people can’t stick on these diets is because they’re addicted to carbs. Keto with IF is the way forward.

  • I don’t know any casual gamer who would spend 409.99 on a SSD when you can get a windows 256 ssd for 40 and 2TB HDD for 54, Even better is the upgrade for another HDD is 54.

    54×8= 432
    Thats 16TB of Storage for the price of 2

    Most people do not have any need for a huge nvme pcie gen 4 ssd, Linus you even made a video proving people can’t tell the difference easily between HDD/SATA SSD/ and NVME SSD.

    I think it would benefit more for gamers to have more storage DUE to the massive increase in game size capacity. Call of Duty Modern Bloatware and Microsoft Bloat Simulator are my prime examples.

    But it’s your money and you do with it what you want, I just give my two sense:D! Love you Linus

  • My pc (workstation) has total 475w power supply……but it gives only ipto 75 watt power supply to x16 pcl-e slot… so do i need buy new power supply or do i need to to just use pcl-e power supply cable separately?

  • Done! It was fun and wasn’t really hard great workout for lazy days when you don’t feel to do brutal HIIT or strength training with dumbbells.

  • HELP please. is a 700w EVGA enough for this build or should it be higher? thank you

    NZXT H710i (Black)




    Intel Core i9-9900K 8-Core 3.6 GHz


    NZXT Kraken X72




    G. Skill Trident Z Royal RGB 16GB 3600MHz


    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1.0 TB


    EVGA 700W GD Gold

  • Let‘s say you need for all of your parts 350 Watts. Can you buy like a 600 Watt Powersupply? So if you have MORE Watt nothing happens so these watts are just useless but nothing happens? Answer is appreciated����

  • Hello smart people of the internet! I am in need of your assistance! Soooo… I am going to put together my 1st Mini ITX PC and I have pretty much decided on which parts I am going to buy except for how much WATT the PSU should have since (as far as I’ve read) having too much lowers your systems efficiency. Here is a list of the parts:

    ⦁ GPU: PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil, 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP (AXRX 5700XT 8GBD6-3DHE/OC)
    ⦁ CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 6x 3.60GHz, boxed (100-100000031BOX)
    ⦁ MOBO: Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WIFI
    ⦁ RAM: G.Skill Trident Z Royal silber DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR4-3200, CL14-14-14-34 (F4-3200C14D-16GTRS)
    ⦁ SSD: Samsung 970 Pro NVME M.2 512 GB
    ⦁ Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
    ⦁ CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9a-AM4
    ⦁ CPU Cooler Fan: Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPro PE-P, 92mm
    ⦁ Keyboard: Logitech G19 Wired Standard Keyboard
    ⦁ Mouse: Razer Naga Molten

    According to the estimated wattage would be 379W.
    According to under the specifications of the PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil the Minimum System Power requirement (W) is 700W (I’m guessing to be on the safe side of things).

    So my question is which of the following PSUs would be the most appropriate to add to this build? (Keep in mind that no overclocking will be done):

    ⦁ Corsair SF450 80 PLUS Platinum 450W SFX12V
    ⦁ Corsair SF600 80 PLUS Platinum 600W SFX12V
    ⦁ Corsair SF750 80 PLUS Platinum 750W SFX12V

    Thank you in advance!

  • I really didn’t want to work out today but I’ve been working out consistently for two weeks now so I didn’t want to bail out on the third one! Thank you for cheering me up with your happy attitude Kelli, I genuinely love you so much ❤️

  • I just bought a Cooler Master MWE 550w 80 white because I got tired of looking for a decent PSU that isn’t twice the price that it should be and that actually is available.

  • Aight, so I am building my first pc and think I got the wrong psu. I am using a ryzen 7 3700x with a RTX 2060 super amp extreme. I got a 550watt power supply already cause pcpartpicker told me 339 on watt usage.

  • Hey dude im buying a rtx 2080 super in a month which i will overclock i have a i7 9700k overclocked to 5 ghz my motherboard is a Z390 UD i have a 650w 80 plus Smart power supply do you think my system will be ok being calculated specifically because i really dont want to buy a new power supply

  • But what about when the manufacturer stablishes a minimum power output from the PSU? The graphics card manufacturer I will buy my GPU from sets it at 700W.

  • fitness blender is such a wholesome channel, nothing but honest advice and helpful routines…i feel like i could trust kelly and daniel with my life. i mean, i suppose i’m already sort-of trusting them with my health.

  • Hello guys,
    Please I need help.
    I bought a z170 intending to upgrade my editing PC so I can use my apple thunderbolt2 monitor. My problem is after fitting everything, connect power, some lights on the motherboard comes on but I won’t start.
    I bought another motherboard thinking I had got a dead one, got a new prime z270 a, but still the same.
    My brain is like may be psu! I have a corsair 350w. Is that the problem?
    Please help anyone please.

  • I’d love another routine like this! Core work is my least favorite (would rather do strength training any day!), but this routine is so dynamic! I love how I’m not just laying on my back doing “abs” for 30 minutes. The quick tastes of cardio are awesome, I feel so energized, and yet thoroughly worked haha. Love this routine!

  • Got a 630W Thermaltake PSU that fried by 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD & 2TB HDD ��‍♂️ all my work all gone. Luckily they were secondary storage. In the end I got a Corsair RM650X and it’s sexy ��

  • Personally I just go to Outervision, they have PSU calculator, throw in stuff, look at consumption, round it up to 00 or 50 and add 100 to it. Generally I never saw issue with it. As far as rating goes, it depends on the build, for cheaper builds bronze is fine, gold is great, but it really depends if budget is there. Though brand wise, I used to use tier list on LTT forums, but that is not updating lately. Otherwise I know JohnyGuru has great reviews.

    As for the video, nice, but I would love to see more brand commentary, which is impossible when this kind of video gets sponsored by PSU brand, hence you can’t really freely talk anything bad about it or anything good about other brands. Nothing against beQuiet, but there are other good brands too, except video couldn’t mention that. Just saying…

  • This is all but science…. how can you make a video about “how to pick a Power Supply” while you base your pick about some dark formulas

  • HI
    I needed to ask u i m going to pick a gpu that is GTX 750 ti for my system and i don’t know if my psu can support the system
    i have 320 watt supply
    can u guide me plz
    Intel Core i5 3330 3.30 ghz
    8 GB Ram
    7200 RPM HDD
    is 320 watt enough
    i m waiting for reply plz

  • After the video, Linus said “I did what you ask. Now Can I have my socks and sandals please. You can keep my parents but just give me my sandals and socks back.”

  • Can’t like this clip. Collaborating with Corsair for this video. Today i had the nice verdict of… we can’t fix your psu. And you will get money… more than €100 less than i bought it. I’m done with Corsair now!
    Corsair AX1200i broke after 2 to 3 months. Now 2y later again broke for an PSU of €400+
    Now i’m using my spare AX860… geuss what. Gonna send it back because of fucking LOUD cap whine!

  • I just talked to my dad cuz I can’t game with my pc sounding like a jet engine and thanks to this guide Ik which psu to buy. Thanks linus

  • I was using Corsairs TX650 Gold Certified PSU. INR9500 /-
    I heard a huge blast while I work. It just 4 months old. Lost trust in this brand.

  • Hey if you buy a 600w psu for a 500w system and if the psu delivers that much,
    you know what happens
    Components draw power
    It varies upon the usage

  • Bought a cx600m and after 4 years it gave up on me. By the looks the 600 was made of poor quality and it should have given up on me a while back.

  • I like this workout it was nice. The only hard part for me was recovering from a leg day and wanting to do an ab workout. So instead of the lateral and jumping squats I did mountain climbers instead while you were doing those. The split jumps killed me and I couldn’t do anymore legs tonight. I did your brutal butt and thigh 2 days ago haha. Still hurts.

  • Hi…
    i need an advise.
    Im planning to upgrade my gpu to RX 580 8GB

    my current CPU is ryzen 5 2400g
    16gb ram

    but my PSU is seasonic eco plus 500w. (80gold)

    can my PSU handle the upgrade by adding RX 580 8gb?

  • Tried it. Not bad. The ankle breaker stretch doesn’t feel particularly helpful. I do like the baseball pitch stretch. Use it all the time.

  • Hate hate hate hate hate hate how much your plugging your brand withour telling me a damn thing. I want to buy anything but a corsair now, wtf

  • and that’s why i don’t like corsair ->> they think if they show dickhead gaynus we gone run bye the psu they like ->>> wrong we don’t like re-brads

  • My friend thinks having a power supply thats too good or too many watts will break your other components because it will overload them with electricity. Someone prove him wrong

  • Don’t bother with the CV Series for Corsair. Sound like a Chainsaw when the GPU starts cranking up. Replaced it with Be Quiet! Much much better

  • How’s about calling this “Power supplies How to make the right choiceBUY CORSAIR!!!!” I mean, I don’t mind a sponsor segment, but this is a 5 minute commercial. It should be labelled as such.