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Outdoor exercise burns more calories than indoor exercise, according to outdoor fitness expert Jimmy Minardi of Minardi Training. It’s not the fresh air by itself that torches calories, it’s the ground and wind, he says. “Your body has to fight to stay stable on uneven ground and maintain its temperature in all kinds of weather,” he says. Theoretically, running on a treadmill should burn the same amount of calories as running outside if you’re running at the same speed. However, you might burn fewer calories running on a treadmill for the same reason that running on indoor tracks burns fewer calories than running on. 2. You breathe better air outside.

There is no doubt that fresh air outside is superior to the recycled air you breathe inside of a building. Fresh air will even give you more energy. Just 20 minutes of working out outside is equivalent to drinking one cup of coffee in terms of its energy-boosting effects. The following slides are ranked by calories burned per hour, which were calculated for 160-, 200-, and 240-pound subjects. Read on to see just how fast one needs to run to burn more 1,000 calories in 60 minutes, which of the highest-burning exercises can actually be done from a seated position, and which require little to no equipment at all.

(2) These two studies suggest that working out in moderate to warm temperature is best for burning fat and exercising longer, so more calories are burned overall. Cold weather doesn’t increase caloric expenditure unless, however, the body starts to shiver. Running burns the most calories per hour, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only exercise with a high calorie burn. Things like swimming, HIIT workouts, and jumping rope are all good options, too.

No matter what your workout goals are, you probably want to maximize the efficiency of your workout, particularly by increasing the calories you burn. Turning up the heat by wearing sweat pants can help you burn a few extra calories, but the difference is a negligible one. Running is a great form of exercise.

It comes with benefits both mental and physical. I’m personally a huge fan.If you’re trying to burn lots of calories with your workouts, running is a pretty. Though your BMR is genetic, it’s not set in stone, meaning you can burn more calories with a few changes. (Try these simple tricks to burn more calories throughout the day.) Make some muscle: At rest, muscle burns more calories than fat tissue.

Regular strength training can boost your metabolism 7 to 10 percent-about 100 calories a day. A strong headwind can help you burn more calories, as you have to work harder to overcome the resistance. A good tailwind can help you move a little faster, which activates the larger type II muscle fibers responsible for strength and definition.

3. Exercising outdoors is.

List of related literature:

Avoiding exercise during the coldest and driest part of the day, or exercising indoors in a more controlled environment with fewer allergens or pollutants, may also reduce the risk of EIB.

“The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Vaughan Kippers, Laurel T. Mackinnon, Marcus G. Pandy
from The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement
by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2005

For me, that meant finding an activity that burns hundreds of calories and gets me outside.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
Hay House, 2011

The participation of the children in the sports and games activities increases their total energy expenditure (burning of the calories) for helping them to lose weight and get rid of the accumulated extra fats on the body.

PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., 2019

Your environment: If you live in a geographical area that’s very cold or very hot, you naturally require more calories to normalize your body temperature, just like your house furnace or air conditioning has to use energy to bring the temperature in your home to a comfortable level.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
from The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
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Severe weather may prevent people from going outside to jog or walk.

“The Bible Diet: 40 Days to Cleanliness” by Rosemary Sue Ellis
from The Bible Diet: 40 Days to Cleanliness
by Rosemary Sue Ellis
Elijah Publishing Company, 2003

Of course, attention should be given to exercising in safe areas, e.g., community parks, gyms, pools, health clubs, an area of the home perhaps outfitted with a stationary bicycle or a treadmill.

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
from Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications
by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
CRC Press, 2003

• Outdoor exercise in nature, with fresh air and sunshine, is ideal (e.g. brisk walking, light jogging, cycling, swimming, stretching, resistance or weight-bearing exercises).

“A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine” by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
from A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine
by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2011

Some People Expend Less Energy in Physical Activity Activity burns calories; this is true whether the activity is planned exercise or NEAt (nonexercise activity thermogenesis) activities such as housework, walking between classes, fidgeting, and moving to maintain posture.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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Or in summer, exercise in an air—conditioned room or gym, or wait until the early evening to exercise outside when the sun is less intense,” she says.

“The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast” by Editors of Prevention
from The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast
by Editors of Prevention
Rodale Books, 2010

Other purposeful activities include gardening, mowing or raking the lawn, shoveling snow, playing with kids and grandkids, exercising with friends, or hiking, running, or biking outside on a beautiful day (versus exercising indoors).

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
Human Kinetics, 2013

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  • this reminds me one of my friend; she also thought that if body sweat more workout effecting more! lol so she wears jacket while do workouts and suggest me to wear two funny

  • Hello Ms. Jessica, what should i wear when running on the cold a sweater and sweatpants or short and shirt, because you said we might shiver?

  • I’ve finally settled on alternating biking a day and running a day (6 days then rest) and it’s been great. I don’t get burned out on either activity, I’m losing weight and I’m avoiding running injuries that plague me if I run every day. Helpful to know the difference which I largely offset by riding for more time than I run.

  • I have a question. I just recently heard of “hot pants” and “sauna belts” that are suppose to make you sweat more by increasing your body temperature. Is this also not a permeant way of losing weight?

  • That’s dissapointing. I’ve heard of loosing lots of weight from sweating, something athletets do to get into lower weight categories. Shame it’s not permament:\

  • Fact…When you run your body burns Glycogen,when that is depleted then it burns fat..So if your maximim heart rate is let’s say 185 bpm then your target heart rate would be inbetween 93–157 bpm,here is where you will burn Glycogen(Glucose)stored in the muscles..Now if you run under 93bpm or better still Power walk,your body will burn fat not Glycogen..

  • Omg jessica you are amazing i discovered your videos now im working out more at home and i dont have to drive all the way to the gym. you inspired me and i loooooove the way you expres yourself. sure im a new suscriber and u have all my support!!! go girl!!!!

  • Thanks for providing a another simple answer to a physiological question, Jessica. I know it’s not easy to explain to those who don’t understand the interplay of the various processes going on at the same time in our bodies. It’s what I spent a lifetime doing!

  • Hi Jessica, what do you think of heart rate monitors? Should you always be ‘in the zone’ for an effective workout? Sometimes I feel I am working out really hard but my heart rate doesn’t appear to reflect this especially when doing high reps weights exercises. Thanks for all your videos and DVDs!

  • I’ve gained the “covid 15” except I got 5 more pounds. I’m getting back on my bike here in Jacksonville NC for weight loss. My only issue is that I’ve ridden a bike since childhood causing my cycling endurance to build fast whenever I start after a lazy period, so I don’t know if I will have the same result as the average person.

  • There was a Mexican guy on the island I used to live on that would go for a run every day in sweats, a hoody, and a toboggan, all black. 95 degrees with 90% humidity that man is still out there in the full gear

  • Wow that’s interesting to known so does that mean are fat is still crying cause I know I feel great after a sweaty workout like I definitely have my fat fried! Thanks for advice!

  • So funny how folks come up with all these “theories” without any data. Ex; if you don’t sweat you’re not working hard enough.. if you’re not sore after a workout you didn’t work hard enough.. blah.. blah.. so glad that I read what “experts” have to say to stay informed and not the peanut gallery.

  • Thank you Jessica,  you did asnswer a question I always wanted to ask to someone whom I could trust….   Keep on doing this great job!!

  • Thanks for touching on this subject. I never sweat much during my workouts, even when doing HIIT, and I always wondered if that affected my calorie burn. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  • Honestly, I never had problems with my weight. I could eat whatever I wanted and still maintain normal weight, but a lot of junk food really affected my health. Diet plan from NextLevelDiet contains delicious and nutritionally rich foods your body, brain and heart will love. It’s definitely worth trying.

  • Great episode! It really helped me. I don’t sweat a lot and sometimes felt guilty about that, I thoughtI was not pushing myself very hard. Thank you Jessica!

  • Jessica; and MY question, I rarely sweat anymore when I workout.  Does that mean I am not working hard enough?  Or does it mean my body is just more efficient at cooling?

  • So interesting! I wondered that about those Wraps, but concluded that it must be a gimmick. 
    So would this new trend of Hot Yoga also be a gimmick? I’ve never tried it, but yoga in the heat doesn’t appeal to me anyway.

  • I can go cycling for 3 hours and lose 2000 cals but if I ran I’m only getting up too 500 max. maybe just my body type but that’s just how I feel

  • Jessica; I had a “fit friend” ask me this question, maybe you could help.  If you are not sore after your workout, does that mean you didn’t work hard enough or get a good workout?  I’d love your thoughts.:)

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  • Lucy, I want to get fit and not that easily out of breath anymore. But I don’t want to lose more than 4/5 kg. How can I do this? Often people work out because they want to lose weight but for me it is to get fit and especially for my mental health (get easily stressed out so it helps me relax and feel good)

  • I like running and walking as well, especially to loss weight faster, however sometimes I need to change the routine for to relief the stress on my joints so I prefer to cycle. Also, after eating too much cycling is better to sustain doing sports

  • Thanks for the great information. I am not a big sweater myself, even when pushing hard so this was very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. Great instructor with great advice!

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  • Lucy, I watched this video this morning and then headed out on my walk.  What a difference!  I never realized that I was just briskly walking instead of power walking, and I also never realized that my elbows were flailing out to the side-not a lot, but still not straight back.  In order to get them to move straight back, I had to lift my shoulders and almost squeeze my shoulder blades together = instantly better posture!  Now it’s time for your Sept challenge.  Love love love your workouts!!#Lucyssquad!!

  • I have lost 42kg in a little over half a year by cycling. Running whood be impossible it whood destroy my knees. But I was surprised by the difference between cycling and running, that little 200cal was suprising. I can to 1.5hrs to 2.5hrs of cycling and maybe 10min of running

  • I have currently employed this particular guide for a number of days by now as well as the results are amazing. I still have the vitality I would like without curbing the appetite without having making me feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my diet weight and I still find a way to lose my excess weight to 7 lbs. Google should help you to discover it. Program’s name is below.
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  • A lot of missing information in this video, but good for someone who doesnt have a basic understanding of chemistry (elementary school children).

  • “depending how hard you work out” is mentioned for sweat not tears.
    And, it’s not that we need to breathe to lose weight, he said “the mass of your fat goes after it’s burned in your body by exhaled it”. So we need to burn it first

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tested every fat loss program that was available, however eventually not one of them made it easier for me to lose and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets simply because my friend who told me unbelivable things about it and so far to date I’ve successfully lost 15 lbs within 4 weeks!

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  • Its surprising how people have not heard of Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • has helped my friend so much with his weight loss. He also used to workout 3-4 days a week and follow lean diet. I have never seen him so happy and confident.

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of naturekindness .com Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • I do both. I’ve done both for decades. I love both. You burn more calories faster while running, and running is less of a PITA (doesn’t require maintaining a bicycle). If you want to get in a more full body workout more quickly, go for a run. I run during the week and save cycling for the weekend when I don’t have to rush off to work.

  • My girl used for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

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  • Anyone tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? I have heard many amazing things about this popular weight loss methods.

  • Right now I’m sick as heck. I started sweating this one night and idk how much I sweat that night but it must’ve been a lot to loose freaking 6 pounds. I ate little food that day so I slept and sweat a lot. It’s crazy. I lost one pound today since I didn’t sweat too much but dang. It’s sweat.

  • Hey! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you thought about Custokebon Secrets? I have heard some incredible things about it and my buddy lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

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  • Hi Jessica, I have a question for you. It’s regarding a woman’s cycle. I have found and read that our cycle gives us high energy weeks and low (almost dead) energy weeks, and mine feels like the extreme. Is there any way to break out of this? That low energy week always breaks my exercise routine and I canNOT seem to snap out of this vicious cycle. It’s not just low energy, I completely lose motivation as well. Any tips/suggestions?

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  • Does Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google) help me lost a lot of fat? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • I recently decided to lose some extra wieght and never knew fat burning was so easy. Neat little article I found. Is it Truth or Myth?

  • But it happens the basic principles of chemistry are not always fundamental laws. Mass is not always conserved. It happens in your metabolism it (approximately) does.

  • This video has good information, but I’m not sure about the best diet plan which i need to use, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard several people refer to incredible things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • made my day, my friends always point i don’t sweat when i work out, or if i do very little no matter the weather. thought i wasn’t get enough of a burn.

  • Join the Weight Loss revolution and start promoting the First Metabolism Fueling System That Heightens Thermogenesis Even While You Sleep.

  • If one kilo of fat (or anything else) were converted to energy then the amount of energy released would be 1 x the speed of light squared or 9 x 10^16 joules. That is comparable to the energy released by the 2004 Indian earthquake or the amount of solar energy the earth receives per second.

  • Like this video. Definitely applies to me. Never assumed it burned more calories but living in florida all the gyms have the ac cranked up high making it possible for me to actually sweat. I enjoy the feeling of sweat it makes me feel like im doing something right. Some days during my workouts and i dont wear long sleeves to keep me warm i feel sluggish and cold and that its hard to stay motivated.

    I am originally from the north and i moved away because being cold 75% of the year made me miserable.

    I guess wearing sweats or long sleeves is more of a mental thing

  • I’ve lost 22 pounds in 1 month 1/2 all I did was burn 600 calories in the running thing and had a banana milkshake in the morning salad for lunch 2 boiled eggs and half an alvocado for dinner I did eat chips as a snack because I couldn’t control

  • Jesus! These fitness “experts” out here thinking that pounds of fat someone burns just is converted to pure energy ��

    That could sustain like 1.21 gigawatts!!!!

  • Love power walking. Walk as fast as i can every other day for 1hr (days in between i do body weight exercises) Usually drenched in sweat after first 20mins of fast walking. Walk so fast i mostly have to concentrate on my form and ground ahead so as not to trip/ bump into people. Clears the head. Burns fat. Best of all i get a natural “high” from it, usually around 5-10 mins after finishing. High can last for hours. Everyone who has functioning legs should do this according to their ability. You’ll improve quickly. So natural. Throughout most of our history humans have had to walk long distances regularly. Its only in the modern era that we’ve been able to be sedentary for prolonged periods. Which is very detrimental to health. The benefits of walking and especially fast walking are astonishing both physically and mentally. As opposed to running there’s way less risk of acute/chronic injury and if you walk long enough its as beneficial possibly even more so than running. Not anti running at all, but i suffered knee injuries from it and turned to walking. Never looked back.

  • Thank you. I’m 59 and out of shape but I have a goal of returning to Europe in a yr. Can’t backpack when your out of shape. I will make it and this will help me reach my goal.

  • The cues you give while doing workouts helps me tremendously (especially “tuck in your tummy” reminders). Having all these tips in one place is wonderful! Thank you! <3

  • I walk around my local golf course daily. I do between 5-8 miles a day before my nightshift, I do the arm stretches and leg stretches on my walks. I was getting so fed up with idiot people leaving all their rubbish on the floors around the lively golf course apposite my flat. I’ve dedicated 1 of my walking days to ‘rubbish walks’. I bought myself a litter picker so I’m getting exercise and making my lovely walking area cleaner. It’s disgusting why people decide to throw litter on the floor in such a beautiful area

  • Went for a hike with my boyfriend and we added a HIIT power walk / jog / recovery element. Those four minutes were so tough but soooo rewarding. Will add different elements every time now. ������

  • A lot of people today are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that can work for you is hard to find. A very important factor you want to comprehend is that a diet that works for one person might not operate for another. And that means you have to know what your getting into before you begin one of these diets. This may give you enough info to learn if this is something that is suitable to your needs. Read more here

  • Hi Lucy. I’ve recently taken up walking 6 days a week and I’m loving it. Most days I do 8k and I’m loving how toned and fit I’m feeling. I even done 16k one day! Been going strong for over 3 weeks and lost 6lbs. And the best thing is my arthritis hasn’t flared up like it does with other exercises!

  • For me walking is a great way to have a peaceful mind, think about things, and worries, and to feel balanced and happy! Everything else comes along naturally.:)

  • These tips are very useful..I was an avid speed walker..I speed walked for minimum 4 hours daily some days were 6plus hours…I hope everyone watching this video will apply these tips..I know first hand they are effective and work!!.I love that @ Lucywyndhamread explains every move and why it’s so important to achieve maximum results..our bodies are machines…keep them moving..��������❤️

  • I was wondering about that a while ago. After working really hard I didn’t sweat too much and then it can feel like you didn’t burn anything, so thanks for this info!:)

  • Since my bunion bothers me while running and it doesn’t while cycling, I prefer biking. Running is more stressful, and cycling is more enjoyable (e.g. coasting down hills). While it’s cumbersome to run with a water bottle, phone, and headphones, it’s easy to carry these things while cycling.

  • A hippopotamus can run faster than you and swim faster than you, So cycling is the only way you are going to beat a hippo in a triathlon.

  • We run in a park everyday and I can say Running is the safest way of exercise.
    And Running is mother of all games,
    For every game we need to train with running.

  • i have a question…is the air resistance effect been put in the equation? cause the drag from cycling is higher than running as the speed from cycling is faster. Maybe it will require the extra effort to overcome the drag therefore more caloric expenditure?

  • If you’re offering sports lab data as an added value of the video because the title’s question is quite simple/obvious, then you might want to have the numbers right. Hint: 1156 994 is not 212. Cheers

  • I rather bike, the speed is what get me. Also my strides suck so I’m more like running in place and not going any faster. Bike. I can spin 100 cadence and be pumping out 23mph on a certain gear on a 10 speed

  • What’s the point of this? Cheers to everyone with an eating disorder out there, this one is for you! Please make video’s about becoming fitter instead of telling me how to lose more bodymass, because those are not thesame.

  • Here’s a question for you Ms. Jessica! I start my day with one of your workouts thank you for all you do with Youtube and the great DVDs you have! On to my question: if I do at least a half hour a day of vigorous exercise five or six days a week. What should I strive for the rest of the day when wearing my pedometer? I like to set goals for myself to make sure my desk job doesn’t get the best of me but I want to be realistic if I set the bar too high, I will feel defeated if I can’t hit that magic number. If I set the bar too low, I won’t be doing my body any good. I know on those days when I don’t work out, I can strive for a solid 10,000 steps but what’s a good step number to strive for outside of a half hour work out? Thank you Jessica!!

  • Running is an exercise. Cycling is an experience. I know which one I choose. It’s the one that can swiftly get me out of the congested, polluted city I live in and allow me to enjoy a thorough workout in the countryside.

  • I’m 16 and recently started cycling. I had a meniscal repair, and so my leg is a little weaker then it should be. I tried running about 7-8 months after my surgery, but because my leg was weaker then it should I was compensating by using my hip to absorb the shock, and messed up my hip. Sooo now I’m cycling to try and build up leg muscle and start running again

  • Fat becomes co2 and water, and you need water for that reaction too, so no, sweating more dont burn more fat, moving more and using energy does.

  • Good info. I was just thinking about this topic. How do you feel about the fads of using sweat belts or saran wrap with abolene while exercising to “lose belly fat”?

  • Wouldn’t cycling at high intensity levels be quite a bit more dangerous considering the speed at which you would need to go? Unless you find an upward sloping route?

  • I consider my self a cyclist, but due to lack of time during my university years at first and then work, i turned to running, which is more efficient in many ways, far more less equipment (just put on your shoes and go) and you can do it anytime during the day or the night and for less time

    So, i am a weekend cyclist and a daily runner!

  • Always preferred running, you can do a 45 minute run and burn a decent amount of calories whereas it would take longer to burn the same doing a cycle

  • Thanks for posting this. When I head to the gym, I actually try to keep covered to be able to sweat more and avoid the fans on the ceilings that cool me off. After watching your video, I see it’s actually better if the fans are cooling me off. Thanks!

  • If you move your sport to higher level, running will be always better.. Simply you are able to do very good quality training in one, one and half hour.. but for cycling you won’t be able to get mileage in one and half hour….

  • A friend of mine exposed her technique to me about how exactly she got to losed her fat by using this weightloss process. So far it’s been working wonderful. I have been attempting to cut at least 3 lbs for a time by now nevertheless it is occurring now. I am so satisfied with the things i accomplished. Find a right guide is not easy, you can research by Google. Program’s name is under.
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  • They probably burn similar calories at maximum but you just go faster on the bike. E.g. running 15 mph and cycling 30 mph are the same vigorous effort. Though cycling 15 mph and jogging at 5-6 mph are quite similar too. I’m not a big fan of running. I tend to lumber along like an overweight cat, plus I don’t get to whiz downhill without the dreaded foot-slap hammer. Mind you I hate the sore perineum from cycling, and the ££££ of a recumbent trike.

  • Since last year started in october I’ve run 5k come home drink some water and then 20 mins later jump on my bike do 15 to 20 miles come home then eat I always train on an empty stomach started at 21 stone fast forward I’m now 12.4 I’ve always struggled with weight the excersise helped don’t get me wrong but intermittent fasting changed my life I’m 31 when I was fat I’d wake up at 10 am eat 8 slices of toast 1pm McDonald’s 6 double cheese burgers 5pm 1 large kebab all sauces with chips then 7pm some pasta with cheese now I eat 1 to 2 meals a day all clean and I’ve never felt or looked better and even got abs

  • Many years ago I borrowed my mother’s Chalene Prickett It Figures tape and she (Chalene mot mom) said that sweat was not  sign of your workout but a sign of heat. I always remember when I am not sweating buckets.

  • Reasons Running Is SO Much Better Than Bicycling
    1. Your butt doesn’t hurt after a run.

    2….plus all that sitting is terrible for you.
    3. You can actually hold stuff in your hands.
    4. And if you need to stop for a second, you don’t have to worry about toppling over because your foot is stuck to a pedal.
    5. Bad weather? Not a problem. You can run even in the rain and snow.
    6. Top shelf running gear won’t eat your paycheck—how much does that “Look 795 Aerolight eTap” cost again?
    7. Running clothes aren’t made to be eight sizes too small. (Seriously, you have to paint that stuff on.)
    8. You can walk around like a normal human being in a pair of running shoes.
    9. You get a much better workout in a shorter amount of time.
    10. Runners are better lovers. This is a scientifically proven fact.
    11. Runners don’t try to run in the middle of traffic. We very sensibly keep to the left side of the road, so we can see (and avoid) cars easier. Smart!
    12. If you fall while running, you aren’t falling off of anything or tangling your body up in a hunk of metal.
    13. Runners are generally much more attractive and financially independent. Also a scientific fact.
    14. We don’t give beginning runners condescending nicknames, like “Fred,” or use silly words for our gear, like calling clothes “kits.”
    15. Ever hear of a cyclist’s high? NOPE.
    16. You don’t have to re-inflate your shoes before starting a run, now do you?
    17….and you won’t get stranded in the middle of a long run because that shoe went flat.
    18….or because the chain fell off, or any one of hundreds of other mechanical errors.
    19. You can bring your dog on a run (and still get a workout).
    20. Bicyclists need their own lanes so they don’t interfere with traffic. Runners need… shoes.
    21. Running is a key component in nearly every major sport. Cycling is a key component in… cycling. (Boxing, Football, Basketball, MMA, Soccer, Rugby etc.)
    22. Collarbones aren’t “made to be broken” in running.
    23. Two words: helmet hair.
    24. I mean, you burn like pretty much zero calories biking. What’s even the point?
    25. You can socialize a lot more during a run—without getting bugs down your throat.
    26. In fact, smiling, waving, and saying hello are actually welcome among runners!
    27. Traveling? You can pack your gear into a backpack and go running anywhere in the world.
    28. Bicyclists have bad breath.:D
    29. You don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your running shoes.
    30. Those cycling tan lines look ridiculous, to say nothing of those little hats.
    31. And why are they called “clipless pedals” when you have to clip into the pedals? This makes no sense!
    32. Ever notice how triathlons save the best event for last?
    33. And finally: You don’t need training wheels to learn how to run. Anyone can do it!

  • This doesn’t mean you should go do an intense workout when it’s cold outside to loose more weight because cold air can be harmful to your respiratory system when working out, as you breathe more and take deeper breaths. So be careful!

    P.S.: I’m not a doctor and I’m not claiming to know as much information as they do, I’m just repeating what I’ve been told.

  • I used to run for many miles when I wrestled in high school. After an injury while playing soccer and during a grappling session I injured my knee and ankle and started cycling… I do both but cycling is much quicker to recover from in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though. The first time I rode my bike for 4 hours for the first time my quads and hamstrings hurt so much at night I couldn’t sleep. Lol I didn’t understand why.

  • You can’t compare riding on a stationary bike to riding an actual bike. You are working so much more of the body when you are balancing and getting out of your seat etc.

  • They conclude that running burns more than cycling. Some say swimming even better. I say it is up to which you’re capable of doing. If you afford to buy a bike then go for it. If you own a swimming pool or got nearby pool then go. Only have shoes? Go for a run then. The only problem is the way you motivate yourself in order to consistently perform those workouts. Peace ✌

  • Yeah see, this was a test of cycling on a stationary bike vs running. Actual cycling in the real world requires more effort.

    For instance, you would never need to balance your body weight and the bike weight when taking a turn in your bike. I think in this case REAL cycling might inch out on top of running.

  • My girl used naturekindness .com for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • Cycling burns more calories because you recover easier, you can do it for longer, it’s nicer to explore huge areas over long distances. Sometimes when running your stomach goes up and down causing discomfort especially if you ate a lot before. My opinion.

  • Also if youre training in hot tempretures your workouts are going to sufferfrom being tired/drained from the exccessive heat instead of the actual workout.

  • This has got to be the stupidest question on the sideshow I have ever seen you go poop and you know maybe if they would call it going poop instead of burning calories people would understand what they actually have to do to lose weight poop

  • I’ve never understood this concept, especially from a comfortability standpoint. Wearing incredibly wet sweatclothes while working out is awful.

  • Can you speak to calories burned from walking? I started law school a couple of weeks ago and am now doing a lot more walking. For reference, before i averaged 7000 steps per day and since starting school i average 14-15k steps per day, however, my garmin device says i am burning the same amount of active calories per day as walking doesnt significantly elevate my heart rate. Yet, i have also dropped over 2 lbs bringing below what my normal set point is. What gives? How do i accurately measure calorie expenditure?

  • i walk ten min on the treadmill. I look like somsone threw water on me. I’m not winded or tired. IS that Normal?? After a 45 min workout. I have to change my shirt and shorts. I’m soaked!! Like someone who just swam in a pool.. My calories Burned is normally 1000 to 1200 cals an hour. I dont remember sweating like that when i was a kid.

  • Thanks for the videos on the weekend can’t wait to see them, likewise can’t be easy having something else to do in addition to what you normally do during a weekend. Much appreciated

  • You on;y dispelled ONE myth. Sauna Suits and doing nothing burns less calories and expels more water TRUE, but what about Sauna Suit during exercise, while hydrating? Studies have shown that this burns more calories AND makes you lose more weight AND increases your cardiovascular VO2 AND decreases your mortality rate!!

  • My girl used for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 30-40mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  • I do both. Efforts on a bike can be sustained much longer. Running is definitely harder.
    Good thing with riding is you go faster and you can enjoy the landscape.

  • Well, that somewhat answers a question I had wondered. I work in a factory working smelting furnaces and the temps there reaches well over 120 in the summer. I wondered if I lose more calories while doing manual labor in this environment. Obviously I drink a TON of water but wondered if I needed to bump calories slightly so I don’t lean down too quickly while cutting. I’ve just paid attention to the scale and my general look and feel and bumped them a little (cutting 500 daily to 250) just cause my energy was low. Thanks for the information guys. Well done and great informative channel. I’ve learned a lot.

  • I spent the first half of this video, doing an intense workout, at the end I could barely breath, yet I barely broke a sweat. meanwhile when I do my much simpler ab exercise. I’m sweating like crazy by the end. yet I’m sure over the same amount of time, they’d burn similar amounts of calories. sweat means nothing

  • Hey, Jessica! Great information that I was wondering about. I thought I was doing pretty good when I took a hot bath and came out sweaty, because I thought I’d be burning calories, but I guess not, LOL. Anyway, I also had a question that I thought you could tackle at some point. Should you eat fewer than 1,200 calories per day? I’ve read many conflicting articles about this topic. Most say that if you do eat fewer than 1200 calories, your body goes into “starvation mode” and it could be more damaging. The reason I ask is that the food/activity tracker I use has placed me at 1189 calories for each day and I was worried that I would stop losing weight as consistently as I have been. Thanks for all your great informative videos and workouts!!

  • I actually started my last workout with dry lips and when I was done working out I had gained 1,2kgs, just by getting hydrated throughout working out. I worked out for two hours though, first strenght, then cardio, then a little strenght again. interestingly I found the cardio (boxing bag) got me energized enough to pump some extra volume on some exercises although ive previously had completely exhausted my arms, which had felt like made of wood really, stiff af.

  • i guess people believe they are sweating fat but in fact the overheating will make the body spend more calories to control its temperature i wouldn’t bother despairing that much just for a few extra calories i dont believe that people have to make fat loss more disgusting than it already is…consistency in the nutrition will always outshine any desperate measure and for anyone in that path consistency will always be a lot harder than melt while exercising

  • Anyone tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? I have heard several awesome things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • The guys on mind pump talk about the benefit of sauna on muscle stimulation on non lifting days. Sweating also releases toxins build up in the body which will allow your body to workout more efficiently without the build up of muscle and fascia tightness

  • I confess that I already thought that the fat goes out trough the sweat. But I read in another place that the fat actually evaporate and goes out trough the breathing.

    Is that correct? Because it’s make sense. For some place it’s have to go out, no?

  • I just love everything about this channel, the content is amazingly funny and informative. Very entertaining and helping to make the workouts more fun and to look forward to. This is just mind blowing. I love it ��..