Use Healthy Competition to attain fat loss-Loss Win


Preventing Childhood Obesity – Eating Better, Moving More

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Explaining Weight Loss Goal Achievement Using Bowling Scoring System!!

Video taken from the channel: Randy Santel

Step 1. Scouting: Think about who you want to compete against—friends, coworkers, and family. Step 2. Choose a type of competition: What will you be measuring? Step 3. Select a competition format—head-to-head, teams, or eliminations. Decide on a buy-in amount (and/or tentative Step 4. Set a. Use the same scale at each weigh-in.

Scales can vary depending on make and model. In order to ensure accuracy when calculating a weight-loss competition, use the same scale at each weigh in. Each person should use the same scale and be wearing the same amount of clothing. Calculate the weight loss by percentage lost, not by pounds lost.

The competition can be won or lost based on the initial weigh-in. The last thing you want to do is minimize your weight and measures. About three days before the weigh-in, you need to start loading up on the water. You want a fully hydrated system.

Losing 0.5% to 1% a week is healthy but weight loss is not accurately reflected in your scales window. Usually fat is the thing that people want to get rid of and scales will measure mass. Usually fat is the thing that people want to get rid of and scales will measure mass.

If everyone has a similar amount of weight to lose, judging the competition based on pounds lost is an easy way to compare efforts. Simply measure each individual’s starting weight, then measure again each week. At the end of the contest, whoever has lost the most pounds wins the competition. You can eat a high-carb, low-calorie diet, and not get leaner because your body can’t burn fat when insulin levels are high.

Finally, when someone starts their contest by eating a very low-calorie diet, they typically lose weight for two to three weeks, and then the weight loss stops. Your metabolism quickly adjusts to a low-calorie diet. Get Motivated By Contests, the Chance to Win Money, and Other People’s Weight Loss Successes.

If you’re motivated by contests, (friendly) competition, and the chance to win money, then it’s even more important to take your “Before” photos. HealthyWage offers wellness challenges with big prize money for the workplace teams that can score the biggest weight loss or achieve certain metrics established by a company’s corporate wellness. I do like the 3rd method however the obese guy in our team can never win and based on last months figures was bottom of the table every week despite loosing the most.

And in terms of straight weight loss, I don’t actually want to loose weight at all, I want to loose fat and gain muscle. Consume a high-carb, high-protein meal along with plenty of water and a sports drink after your weigh-in. You need energy to compete, so make sure you refuel properly.

A meal of rice, salmon and.

List of related literature:

Team competition style worksite wellness program helps employees achieve meaningful weight loss.

“Health Care Ethics and the Law” by Donna K. Hammaker, Thomas M. Knadig
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Effects of matched weight loss from calorie restriction, exercise, or both on cardiovascular disease risk factors: a randomized intervention trial.

“Understanding Pathophysiology 3e Australia New Zealand” by Judy Craft, Christopher Gordon, Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance, Valentina L. Brashers
from Understanding Pathophysiology 3e Australia New Zealand
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What if there are existing norms that create resistance to the new weight-loss behavior?

“How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions” by Damon Centola
from How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions
by Damon Centola
Princeton University Press, 2020

Chapman et al. point out that the results confirm the findings of other studies: For many adolescent females, the attraction of competitive sports is the possibility of losing weight.

“Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches” by H. Russell Bernard, Harvey Russell Bernard
from Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
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In order to gain a performance edge on their competitors, athletes may try to lose weight, gain weight, or modify their body composition.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
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This provides motivation and promotes healthy competition.

“Wiley CIA Exam Review 2020, Part 2: Practice of Internal Auditing” by S. Rao Vallabhaneni
from Wiley CIA Exam Review 2020, Part 2: Practice of Internal Auditing
by S. Rao Vallabhaneni
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So when she decided to try a diet she obtained from the NYC Board of Health, she decided to try a new approach: She invited a few friends who were also fighting their weight to meet each week and check on each other.

“The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals” by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, Jim Huling
from The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals
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Healthy competitions can help provide motivation.

“Complete Book of Framing: An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction” by Scot Simpson
from Complete Book of Framing: An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction
by Scot Simpson
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For example, Wing and Jeffery (1999) showed that subjects who were recruited and participated with their friends in a weight loss program were more likely to complete the program and lose more weight than those who were recruited and participated individually.

“Handbook of Causal Analysis for Social Research” by Stephen L. Morgan
from Handbook of Causal Analysis for Social Research
by Stephen L. Morgan
Springer Netherlands, 2013

A university of utrecht study in the Netherlands found that in their sample of obese subjects in a weight loss programme, those who at the start perceived themselves better able to control their weight and eating behaviour lost significantly more weight than the others.

“Principles and Practice of Social Marketing: An International Perspective” by Rob Donovan, Nadine Henley
from Principles and Practice of Social Marketing: An International Perspective
by Rob Donovan, Nadine Henley
Cambridge University Press, 2010

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • How should prospective medical students do differently when choosing medical schools now, due to the USMLE 1 being pass and fail? Should we aim for MD programs over DO, research heavy programs over non-research heavy, etc? I am currently applying to medical schools, and am wondering what to do now with this changed climate? Could you make a video on this as well? Thanks a ton?

  • Randddddyy brroooooo…. 80 percent diet 20 percent workout…common brother eat no carbs for a month and your fat ass will be jacked again. I know i sound harsh but do it and ull thank me

  • I understand the scoring of bowling and I see what you created in your calendar. What is in the top section? I see 1s and 2s. What do those represent?

  • Randy, you got fat af. This lifestyle can’t last forever, you need to find a better gig for your long term health. Surely, you got more skills than just eating.

  • Love your videos. You always eat with so much class despite the speed and portions of the food. Very inspirational and the food always looks so delicious.

    As with your other fans, hope you’ll take care of your health and carry on making these awesome videos!

  • I have severe depression and body dysmorphia. Ive been working out for 10+ years and never been satisfied. Now im overweight and ashamed of it. But what the hell? Lets get motivated again.
    Love you Randy.

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  • When you are focussed on your goal and let nothing, absolutely nothing, get in your way, you will achieve it. Thus, I do not doubt if you’ll succeed: I just know it ����

  • hi randy,really enjoyed this vid,two thumbs up,im getting back into my training aswell and i just know we are going to see the real randy soon,go for it big guy

  • Gonna get Brandon Clark working out with you?.. Good luck sheding those pounds, no worries your going to do it! Plus youve got 700plus sweet tshirts you need to fit back into!…Ps…prayers and thoughts to Brandon on his recovery from a nasty house fire!

  • I nearly went into a panic attack when I heard that it was going to change to pass/fail. I am a black immigrant IMG. There is no way I could have gotten into the US without a scoring system. The system is already biased how it is because people are biased. There needs to be some level of objectively and that is why I like exams

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  • Randy seems like one of those dudes who does everything the exact same every day does not like change. Very ocd. Bro change up the hat and tee shirts it’s been like 5 years and your wearing the same shit

  • Great to hear randy you truly are an inspiration you have my support we have your back randy we love you all the way from ireland hope you reach all your goals for 2020

  • hey randy myself and my girlfirend watch your videos religiously for years. im choosing to start my own journy tommrorow. ive done somewhat successful weight loss in the past but iv hit an all time low recently. on your tough days when the motivation just isnt hitting lol what do you do to cope. my will power is my issue. any advice?

  • Keep being an inspiration ever thought about Bowling and if you do bowl let us know how you do Thanks for being an role model for the current and generations to come.

  • Randy you should be doing or have been doing a “Supersize Me” style documentary about your weight and health at the beginning, and how you feel after every challenge you try/complete, with a tally of all of the challenges attempt vs completed. It would be a perfect time to start documenting as much video as possible… your starting weight and health to where you get to with your weight loss and improved health, to where you end up after 6 months of challenges. See what it does to the human body and how it can recover.

  • Glad you are trying to lose weight again Randy. I’ve been watching your vids for a few years and was silently noticing your weight gain and starting to get worried. Glad your taking charge. The 100 oz steak looked not challenging for your eating capacity but the red in your face looked challenging of your health. Be safe.

  • Hey Randy, good luck ��How many calories do you eat each day when you’re on a diet? And what is the %’s of protein, carbs and fat? ��

  • The Piccolotti v Outlaw fight was fire! Thanks, Bellator, for the free content. And could you let Michael C. Williams know we like the changes����

  • Yooo Randy! Getting some grey creeping in there, you silver fox you! Sounds like 2019 was a big year buddy, congrats on your achievements! Don’t worry Randy, pretty sure the majority of your fans know you sexify.

    Pretty keen to see your shred cycle, though I’ve got a good idea how you’re gonna go about it. IF, intake diet, exercise varying cardio and bulk lifting.

  • Interesting way to lose weight, definitely different with the “bowling scores”. Whatever works for you is always best & this is what works for you. ��

  • Reducing stress and depression rates could be best achieved by lowering the costs for the exam and NBMEs as well as allowing for more attempts. Turning the exam into pass/fail system is far from solving this issue, but it better demands IMGs into spending more weeks and months in the US to get LORs and do researches, which means more dollars into the national pocket. It can be explained financially.

  • As part of your weight loss program big boy maybe you should restrict yourself to inhaling salad bars instead of gi-normas pizzas and burritos…. try 10 lb of romaine lettuce with broccoli and carrot Spears. No croutons no creamy salad dressings I’m talking vinegar with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Spread it thin baby!.First stop…Lookout Sweet Tomato”s!!!

  • Making videos about controversial topics like these is not always easy, but I think it’s so important. What do you think about USMLE Step 1 being Pass/Fail? I think this is a very important conversation to be had.

  • Making USMLE Step 1 pass/fail assures that Asians will be less competitive when applying for choice residencies. The residency directors can choose their candidates based on “crucial” criteria like “personality,” “ability to relate to other WHITES,” etc. It’s bullshit. Harvard University has made soft criteria standard in their admissions process, so I call this, “the Harvardization of residency programs” in order to keep the residencies tilted towards less competitive white candidates. It sounds very Trumpian to me. I don’t trust it and neither should anyone reading this. It’s pure unadulterated bullshit. Why? Because of the reason given above and there’s another reason: if you’re not Mr. or Ms. kiss-ass, good bull-shitter, blah, blah, you get a bad clinical score no matter how much shit you know or how you demonstrate it. Shit happens in training. You team up with a narcissist attending or resident, etc. You’re screwed.

  • I agree that if Step 2 CK became the new step 1, yes, you would have the same issues..EXCEPT step 1 is so focused on minutia and bullshit (example what chromosome is tuberous sclerosis type 2 located on? Is the cystic fibrosis channel ion gated or ATP gated? Which cast in your urine is associated with the “Maltese cross” sign? or Tamm-Horsfall mucoproteins?) can anyone truly say these answering these questions make you a better doctor? Whereas step 2 is MUCH more clinically focused and a better exam to differentiate students in my opinion

  • this video wants to make me say it all out. actually i was not so good at school but i was able to bypass my spill over. this russian dude was recommended to me wow he is really good. he got this done for me last year. contact his instagram; josephhank2 or whatsapp;+13184790559. i had to recommend him out.

  • Dude you sound like a infomercial trying to convince us you will be successful. Don’t try to sell us. Sell it to yourself dude. Either do it or don’t. No one cares.

  • I just want to say that… many medical schools here in Canada are becoming EVERYTHING pass/fail (every single exam), and students now report a significantly lower stress level. Yes it’s still competitive, you have to get life and research experience outside of school… but isn’t it a good thing? Without the stress of getting perfect grades, it’s now easier to find the time to do that. I think those experiences probably ultimately make them better doctors. I think you should consider looking at what is done elsewhere & see for yourself if it works!

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  • As an M4 DO student, I am lucky I will be matching before this change takes place. Like Dr. Jubbal said, it was a way for me to level the playing field against my competitors, particularly important as I will be participating in the first ACGME single match. Without Step 1. Step 2 will be the new metric by which things are filtered. I think it is not a stretch to guess that step 2 will move to pass/fail in the more distant future. Residencies will still have to sort through ridiculous amounts of applications. No score? Well then it will be research projects, school prestige, and LORs

  • I totally agree. I would go further. Step 1 is an easy exam that tests fundamental knowledge. Changing the test to a pass/fail grading system will have a lot of unintended consequences in a climate where medicine has become protocol based. I think it will degrade the overall quality of physicians who enter residency.

  • Wow….The CEO’s really do have to use an irritatingly condescending tone to address us don’t they? This makes things so much worse. Especially for IMG’s. I don’t think the CEO’s are qualified to give a statement for the bs that they’ve pulled with this one. Bravo. Excellent video as always Dr. Jubbal.

  • I like P/F. How you interact in the world around you matters more than your ability to sit down and take an exam. Now more than ever, MCAT/Step 1/Step2 scores keep increasing. Most schools won’t even consider an applicant with an average MCAT or step 1 score. Becoming a physician is about team work, and networking among your peers. Knowing particular specialist as a general physician to recommend you patients to is as important as a diagnoses. Diagnoses come from clinical experience. Simply ask nurses, they are by far the most knowledgeable in the entire hospital when It comes to diagnosing. They didn’t need to take the mcat or step 1 to differentiate themselves. This was all learned on the job. Why should an exam have to be the way you “prove yourself?” What about experiences, who you interact with, and the way you communicate with those around you. After all, this was always the role of a physician. The ability to diagnose (gained through experience), communicate effectively, and knowing others to come to a proper diagnoses will always be more beneficial than what you got on your Step 1 or MCAT score. Life isn’t an exam you can prepare for.

  • Everyone who is against this change in step 1 grading:
    PLEASE sign and share this petition to have this change reversed!!

  • As someone who came from a public medical school and got into a top residency program with good scores and an overall good cv, I would never have gotten into my residency WITHOUT my scores, the spot would have gone to someone who went to more private prestigious $$$ Med schools that are unaffordable for many. This policy will greatly benefit the for-profit private medical schools!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how this policy changed! Follow the money!

  • I really like the points you make in this video. I wonder how this is now going to play out. Many DO students, like me, are taking both COMLEX and USMLE (step 1 and 2] because not all residency programs accept COMLEX scores. Even though the COMLEX has been declared as an equitable examination in comparison, who is to say that program directors will adopt this same mentality? Superficially, it seems like this will be more of a detriment than a benefit when trying to compare residency candidates, unless they can really do a good job in categorizing effective measurements.

  • I start med school this July and I would love to hear your updated thoughts and suggestions on this now that it will be official. I will be in the first class to take Step 1 as pass/fail. It’s a big topic amongst my peers, but we don’t know how to prep for residency now. Would love some advice for my class and beyond.

  • With all this ridiculous requirements, dont help the graduates medical professionals, to complete the career. Then they are with a big loans, that cant pay.


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  • First off I love this material and have been a fan of my guy for about 3 years or so i think he is dope….but now for jokes the irony of my guy working out in the kitchen is deliciously hilarious!

    Much love fam and keep up the good work/material

  • Great take Kevin, education needs more investment to figure out solutions to these real problems you outlined, which we now face. Relevant stakeholders PDs, chairs, and students need to be involved in these decision-making processes. Seems we now have to figure out the fall-out in the next match and pick up the pieces to see where they fit.

  • For IMG it’s better this way cz we don’t have to pay more than 1000$ just for an exam because compared to our currency, the US $ is off the roof

    So instead of shouting “it’s short sighted” be inclusive of us too and see the bigger picture next time

  • I have a speculation that with this change to a pass/ fail system one of the objectives is to further lessen the number of applicants to specialties.
    I am not sure how much truth would be in such speculation, but with news of shortage of doctors in primary care specialities in recent years, I would not be surprised that this is a move to make things harder for students to specialize and thus have no other option but to remain in primary health care.

  • Like you said high step score=\ smart. It doesn’t show how compassionate, charismatic or team player you are. You can be a book smart but still be a bad doctor. The point of making it p/f is that it shows you’re competent. You wouldn’t say a dermatologist is more knowledgeable or competent that a family medicine doctor right??? Once you’re done with residency and employed NO ONE cares for your step score, all they care is that you have your license and are board certified. I think that by making step p/f it goes back to its roots of providing physicians with licensing, regardless of grade. Idk how it will play out. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • its simple. Step 2 will become the new step 1. Over time people will complain and eventually step 2 will become pass/fail too lmaoo

  • As an IMG i was so motivated to one day do this a was carving a 280 or more I’m doing everything along with my courses, kaplans, every textbook and every resource for usmle for all subjects. This is so devastating.

  • i would like to know what this means for those of us planning to take it when it will still be scored. by the time we apply the pass/fail will be implemented… what does this mean for those of us in the unknown?

  • Can’t agree with you more Dr. Juppal! As a current 4th year who just underwent the stress of residency interviews, I was shocked when I heard the news. I don’t believe students who come from a second tier school like me will have the same chances for good programs under this new policy. Having high step1 score is the only way to prove that you are as smart as the ones from famous schools. Without it will make the whole residency application more not less stressful.

  • i totally agree with some comments below with making the step 1 “retakeable” the main reason for my anxiety around the exam was not the stress of trying to get the highest score possible otherwise i’ll be shunned for life (which is a stress in itself), but also the fact that i have only one chance. either I slay it or I bomb it and there goes my entire future down the drain.

    instead they’ve reduced the number of attempts you can give. but even with the 6 attempt policy that was there earlier, culture is that if you retake the step 1, you’ll be shunned, programs won’t even look at your application because omg god forbid you had one bad day which caused a problem in your performance so that makes you a terrible future doctor. it’s ridiculous.

    we should have the chance to do the exam as many times as we want. and trust me if we fail the exam 3 or 4 times we ourselves will make the judgement that medicine make just not be for us… we’re smart enough to understand our strengths and weaknesses.

    they can also change the content of the exam.. let’s be real, knowing the mechanism of mutation for this particular code on this particular gene is irrelevant when clinically examining a patient

  • Hey everyone thanks for watching this first video pertaining to my Sexification 2020!! My 12-week break is off to a great start, and there will be more update videos posting on all the upcoming Fridays through the 2nd week April 2020. As mentioned in the video, if you don’t already understand bowling’s scoring system, here is one to watch:

  • I completely disagree! Why should one take ownership of a low step 1 score? Most students who do not score well started studying for the exam a lot later than they should have or started to study only during their school’s dedicated period. They chose to focus on the school curriculum and lectures and it back fired. Everyone knows that getting a high score on step 1 increases linearly with time and the exam is heavily reliant on memorization of discrete details rather than clinical reasoning. You say, “learn from the experience and do step 2 better” but its not applicable for step 2 as you are already studying earlier for step 2 when your taking your shelf exams. Shelf exams and thorough content review over 1.5 years is needed for step 2 but beyond that more time does not equal a higher score because it is dependent on clinical reasoning rather than memorization and anki drilling.

  • How will this impact current first years at medical schools (class of 2023)? There are some schools who take step during 3rd year and there are some who take it 2nd year…so with the change class of 2023 will have applicants with both p/f and scores? So how would they report numerical scores then?

  • Watching this the day it got passed….. good thing I’m an incoming med student who will be the first year to deal with the pass-fail:-)

  • Randy, I swear me and you are brothers from another mother. Like, for real. I’m 40, 6′ 5″ and 373lbs. Difference is, I’m black (LOL)I’m just starting my routine to weight lose too!!! Good luck my brotha and may we BOTH get to our goal. My goal is to lose about 110lbs. So it may take about 9 12 months for me. STAY STRONG, STAY FOCUSED, AND STAY MOTIVATED! ����‍♂️����

  • With all due respect, but wouldn’t it ultimately be in the best interest of patients, if instead of a test which is on the somewhat preclinical side compared to Step2CK/CS/3 and clerkships those more clinical and patient-centred scores would determine the chances of a med student when it comes to residency? After all, a physician has got to be as mentioned mainly a team-player from a scientific background who treats patients well.

  • Why is Mike Goldberg still employed? He’s fucking unbearable…You have Josh Thompson and John Mccarthy who are absolutely awesome to listen to but i cant enjoy it with Goldberg’s silly cadence and cringey comments. i have to mute it…

  • Ese goyito cada vez esta más PENDEJO, ya qué se de cuenta que no esta hecho para las MMA, como comentarista le veo futuro pero para los putazos es una mierda con patas

  • These timestamps will start you at the tale of the tape:
    8:00 Lucas Brennan vs Will Smith
    27:26 Vladimir Tokov vs Chris Gonzalez
    53:22 Vladyslav Parubchenko vs John de Jesus
    1:18:06 Weber Almeida vs Salim Mukhidinov
    1:28:59 Erik Perez vs Josh Hill
    1:53:21 Adam Piccolotti vs Sidney Outlaw
    2:18:44 Yaroslav Amosov vs Mark Lemminger

    That’s it everyone, enjoy!

  • Everything other than standardized exams is completely subjective. I’m not a fan of subjective measures determining career options

  • I knew this would happen, if you look at some of Ryans losses, when he’s bullied he folds. The Jon Jones and Rubble Johnson fights showed that. Phil Davis had all the athleticism but, he was too timid against Ryan.

  • Yeahhh.. wow Randy…
    I know one day u will do this too..
    A good start for me too….
    Would love to know ur healthy eating habit and your workout plans…
    All the best for your “Sexcification 2020”

  • Do the people who implement these changes actually look into the pros and cons of these decisions and attempt to investigate whether a change is actually going to work better than the status quo, or what people in the field think will work better because they’ve seen how the system can advantage and disadvantage people. Sometimes it feels like these choices to change things have a good intention but miss the mark.

  • Cant wait for the transformation. I like that bowling scoring system concept. I will put that to practise. I’ll be following your journey.
    P.s found you on YouTube and have been watching you on this platform since.

  • Hey Dr. J,

    How important are medical school letter grades now? I’m considering two medical schools that I got into: one that does pass/fail classes, and the other that gives letter grades. Not sure how to interpret this now that Step 1 has gone pass/fail. Thanks!

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