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The story goes like this: You are at a party or social gathering. While mingling from group to group and making small talk, the topic of hobbies and pastimes comes up. Someone mentions that they enjoy running and the floodgates open. “I hate running.”. Running can help you with all these things. And as I’ve said twice already in this post: you DO NOT have to be good at running, or fit.

Those things will come in time, but right now they shouldn’t be your focus. If you want to try running, then do it. Don’t wait to get the perfect pair of trainers, or the latest fashionable shorts or leggings. Sprint up a hill.

Try completely random running workouts and see what makes you happy. Maybe you will realize that you like the calm, meditative feel of slow runs. Or the adrenaline of all-out sprints. For inspiration, check out these free slow running and HIIT running training plans.

Or these combinations of running and strength training in one!7 Easy Things That Have Helped Me Stop Hate Running and Actually Kind of Enjoy It I decided to actually give running a solid try. resigned to the fact that they may never be the best at it. An hour later, we met up and ran five miles at the slowest pace I’ve ever run, and we’ve run virtually every weekend since then.

I’ve been a runner for seven or eight different periods of my. Lead Try These 5 Ways to Test Your Limits Every Day You’ll never dislike yourself for failing, but, on your deathbed, you’ll hate yourself for not trying things. These uncomfortable feelings are telling you that your body is out of shape. But once you get into a regular running habit – even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes a day – you’ll feel your body adjusting to the activity and running will become easier. [Jason’s note: this is SO true. Do you swear that running’s just not for you?

So did these three men, all one-time run haters, who nonetheless find themselves outdoors gutting out the miles—and actually enjoying themselves. Here’s how they all got there: To Hate Running Less: Run with Friends It worked for: Ross McCammon, MH special projects editor About two years. From my running journey, here are the tips I can offer if you’re new and trying to learn to enjoy it. Try it with an open mind. A lot of people have asked me for running tips only to say, “I just hate running.” Or “My body wasn’t meant for it.” If you keep saying those things — internally or externally — you’ll never like running.

-10 Things No one Tells You About Running-1. Your feet will never be pretty again. There’s no way around it; if you run, and you run a lot your feet will get beat up.

Pedicurists will cringe at your blisters and callouses, and you’ll pretend like it’s nothing new while you turn your head the other way and wait for them to paint your mangled.

List of related literature:

As a former long distance runner, despite my love for running, there was not a day that I ran (which was nearly daily) that I didn’t hate the first 15 minutes.

“Macrobiotics For Dummies” by Verne Varona
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I hated running.

“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body” by Courtney E. Martin
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Are these seven different senses of the word run?

“Semantics” by John I. Saeed
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I don’t have access to jogging trails, swimming pools, bike paths, etc. 3 2 1

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
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I enjoyed running rather than walking but never more than a few yards.

“BIG DICK, little dick” by R Broughton, Stephen Broughton
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Many, many people tell me that they tried running once and hated it.

“The Incomplete Book of Running” by Peter Sagal
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Run 10 I did, using the 100/100 challenge to motivate my training for more than a year, a very enjoyable year as I ran marathons from Memphis, Tennessee; to Hamilton, Bermuda; to Seaside, Oregon.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
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Fully in love with my running group, I wanted to do my long runs with them.

“Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running With My Dog Brought Me Back From the Brink” by Nita Sweeney
from Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running With My Dog Brought Me Back From the Brink
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I no longer thought of running as being enjoyable, and I went through several long spells where I could no longer honestly consider myself a runner at all.

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
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I ran because I grew to love other runners.

“Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness” by Scott Jurek, Steve Friedman
from Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Guys I have my Intramurals tommorow and I have 3 sports: 50M 60M 70M please pray for me its been a long time ever since i ran and my parents will be watching so i wanna make them proud and stuff and i didnt have a sport at first then when the teacher said who doesnt have a sport then i stood up and then she signed me up for all running sports which is bad because i only wanted 60M and 70M and i think there is no break in between so yeah please pray for me and i spent 5 mins writing this so dont just say “ok”

  • When people know how decent a person is their perceptions change. Chase always comes across and nothing but honest and honorable, remember folks for some it’s their living. Keep up the good work. And Change no matter what is always for the better. ��

  • I love my parkrun PB 29.02, especially when its seconds is not far off the minutes. (URGH!!!!!! 2 seconds!) (love your channel and still haven’t beaten it yet and it’s the run when I say I’m not going for a PB!)

  • This isn’t running, but…
    When I was a teen, occasionally we’d have early ice hockey games at 8am in the morning. We’d quickly stop at a mcdonald’s beforehand, and eat breakfast. We then do warmups and gear up an hour before the game. But I always felt breakfast in my stomach and when I sweated during the games, I swear I smelled like a hashbrown (and felt like one lol) We didn’t do this often, but it happened enough haha

  • we have a race here thats 7 laps of a 4 mile loop with a lot of elevation and between each lap you have to drink a “fizzy drink” or soda. man it really wants to come out the first 5 minutes after drinking

  • There’s a lot to be said about completing a task and I think we’re all guilty of this. There’s a good book on this subject called Micro Mastery by Robert Twigger.. check it out

  • 0:20 Is she really eating the burger or only acting like she is eating…. I think she is only acting… Who all thinks the same..

  • Great stuff. Much wiser than I was at 27. “Work on your job.. you can make a living. Work on yourself… and you can make a fortune.” Jim Rohn

  • Eating Camembert sandwich before a hard sport session (was not running but swimming), horrible experience. Sorry but not the best video you’ve made (neither funny or useful)… but keep going on the channel

  • Excuse moi de te déranger, mais je partage ma nouvelle vidéo, et je t’invite à aller la voir en cliquant sur le lien

  • My worst story is that I ate sushi immediately before a run. That is 5 miles I will never forget. That said, eating before your run can really boost your tolerance for stomaching gels on race day, there are just certain things you avoid (like sushi lol)

  • Worst thing you shouldnt do, dont ever skip your toilet visit before the run. Its not nice when you have to p** in the middle of a solid good run you are going through

  • Had my first half marathon last October had a family gathering the night before couldn’t resist a curry and a pint unfortunately I couldn’t get it out of me the morning before the race didn’t make it any better by having a coffee just before the run either ended up having to make a toilet stop for a #1 after 3 miles and thought i’d hold out for the number #2. My body had other ideas and after not seeing a portaloo for miles there was one at the mile 12 marker and I just had to get it out of me! Moral of the story don’t have a curry and beer the night before!

  • “I don’t feel like doing intervals today”. “The treadmill is so much easier”. “I’m not going to run this morning, the Tour de France is on”. “I don’t NEED to warm up, I don’t have that problem”. “I always eat high fiber cereal before running and NEVER have any stomach issues”.

  • I’ve been curious on why Chase are hated. One time I tried asking people at /r/seo and they just “Just leave him dude” and kept me wondering.

  • Recently found out that the best way to keep a hangover at bay was to go out for a run the morning after! Not too sure that’ll last past my student days though! ��


    hi guys, i love your channel. I love actually the whole cycling network channels. i am a cyclist myself and write about my experiences on a blog. following are my cycling and adventure experiences. It will mean a lot to me if you take some time out and read these.

  • Hello friends I am a teacher and have teaching experience more than 20 years I have opened my new channel for OCM.. plz support me by subscribing channel ��.
    This is the link for my channel plz support

  • The “i think i am going to run that hill again” and “my injury is going to make me a better runner” cracked me up:D and then came “the chafing is just a nice tickle” ahahahah

  • “Na, id rather not discuss how much i love running and what i get out of it and how therapeutic and meditative and satisfying it is…id rather keep my love for running to myself…”

  • I disagree with the point about short shorts. Personally I think they’re quite fashionable and really once you run in them once, there’s no going back to knee length.

  • I once drank orange juice about an hour before running, as you may guess resulting was regrettable. In my defense this happened as a teenager.

  • Whenever I feel like I’m about to keel over and die, I take 5 really slow deep breaths and it sort of brings your focus back and gives you a second wind. Especially good if your running uphill.
    Great video btw x

  • You have reminded me of this which I am definitely going to have put on a running top

  • Could actually see hin getting better throughout the match lol, but that mord ult by inhib I knew he had it if he kept auto kiting, and especially since he had flash

  • No consumption of dairy products 2hrs before a run. I have some bad memories about it. Best pre run snack Banana bread with peanut butter. Works wonders!

  • Very good video young man. I whole heatedly agree that you are what your circumstances made you. Your basically the master of your own univers, u got a new subscriber. I will binge watch your videos sometime next week. Oh, and what type of an audio setup do you have? Very crisp and clear. I want to do this for my talking on my videos, so if you let me know what microphone you are using for your audio that would be great.

  • Strange how the lighting is reflecting off your glasses lens and causing your pupil to look massive, like you have a cyborg eye and it’s glitching lol.

  • Hehe, done all of them except for the e-mail one:-) One occasion with cereal and 0.7 dl of milk was exceptionally discomforting:-D

  • Just discovered your channel. Great tips. I started running in feb and managed to work myself up from 3k every night to then 5k and 7k then to finally doing a 10k.

    It is all about perseverance. I will be using these tips to help me further.

  • Once again thank you for uploading these types of videos there is so much to learn and we get to watch what you upload for free ♥️

  • I do 2 of those things before every morning training session, Drink a can of sugarfree mother (Fizzy and 159mg of caffeine) I can think of it ever being an issue

  • Dude you should start with simpler videos like: “I teach an Iron player how to move their fingers”, they gotta learn the basics first:P

    İnstagram: hack.kolik

  • Fantastic video… very interesting to hear his assessment of what amateurs call easy runs and hard runs.. they are so very close in reality where the elites are well spaced… Saying that I still find it incredible that people run that fast anyway…

  • SMILE! Enjoy running again, run somewhere fun, leave the GPS at home, say hello to people, running is a luxury that can only be experienced by the relatively healthy. ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN! Awesome

  • Literally 99% of you won’t see this but if you do: Be safe and May God bless you whole Family ❤️ Thanks and also have wonderful day aa

  • When Ian talks, I listen. A top bloke. Even his assistant coaches are world class (Zach and Ellie). With a great sense of humor ( 14:41) I believe he holds many of the fastest “Elvis” marathon records!

  • When she rubbed her dirty hand on the page of her book I was like..” that’s a book not paper napkin “!

    Who all felt the same? Book lovers like!

  • There’s a little confusion in this comment thread between things runners would never say, and things runners always say but they’re lying through their teeth…Former: “I love running in the heat!” Latter: “I’ll be running this weekend’s parkrun just for the enjoyment.”

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  • 1). Posture, avoid rolled shoulders. Helps with oxygen flow.
    2). Relax. Avoid unnecessary energy spent on being tense in first, etc..
    3). Keep short strides.
    4). Forward movement, use forward lean. Avoid side movement.
    5). Enjoy what you doing, smile. Wave to the people you pass.

  • Hey NEACE just wanna say these coaching videos you’re doing are sick, i feel like i learn a lot even when coaching irons, great to get inside your head as to how you would play these situations

  • Love this! Found through counselling that I was punishing myself with running by forcing myself to get out there and smash out miles hut now I work on enjoying the process, the feeling of my heart pounding and always make the effort to say morning to people I run passed and smile at them if I can’t breathe haha great tips!

  • Literally 99% of you won’t see this but if you do: Be safe and May God bless you whole Family ❤️ Thanks and also have wonderful day

  • Just to let you know. I like your videos. Keep doing more of them. They are very infomative and motivational about running. I used to watch your videos, and somehow they stopped being recommended to me.

  • Damn it. Well, two days ago, I swam, then ran, then played 9holes of golf while drinking 3 beers. Then that evening did an 20min threshold test on the bike trainer. Oops

  • Hi. Good video, thanks. I also saw the Part 1 video first. Re: your third tip here, with respect to a tip in the part 1 video, where you mention cadence and aiming for the holy grail of 180 strides per minute, and the range of 160 180 spm. Yes, 180 spm is a really fast pace and as you get older, that drops off towards 160 and 150 spm. But here you talk about stride length and you say keep them short, probably so that you can keep the cadence up? I have to challenge you on that. A lot of people do not concentrate on their stride length, and this is the biggest ruiner of performance. When you consider that speed is the product of cadence and stride length, then if you can do little about your cadence, then stride length becomes a significant factor in your performance. This means that you need to be very conscious of it. I don’t mean that you should be focussed on over striding though but you should be monitoring yourself to ensure you are not taking strides which are too short, which is what a lot of people do as they start to tire. Maintaining your stride during a performance run at 110% of your casual run can knock several seconds off your mile split times. So for example, I myself have a casual stride length of approx 100cm, and 161 spm for a 10 minute mile. But focussing on increasing my stride length to maintain 110cm, brings my mile time down to just 9:05! That is a massive difference, and it only involves concentrating and not allowing your stride length to slip to pigeon steps. How do I do it? Simple paving slabs! The paving slabs in my area are 500mm wide. So a stride over every other paving slab is one metre! My goal is to never let my stride slip to be less than this.

  • The most important thing he said…”Make the hard days hard and the easy days easy” I did that last year and got a 5K PR three times. I was training for a marathon in September then I ran three 5Ks the rest of the year. Each 5K earned me a new PR. Then I ran a course PR for my first race, a half marathon, in January. It really works.

  • Totally awesome to see you back!!!! those explanations are so practical and make so much sense and can apply to everyone (like me:) thank you keep em coming!!

  • The 1/20 yasuo that couldn’t even complete 1 item in 30 mins or get 100 cs, classic. Remember that this yasuo is the type of guy to go on reddit and complain about his team while “forgetting” games like these. Remember that he’s also going to be the player you’re playing against, and you need to be able to make him go 1/20 just like the enemy bot did this game. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed about low elo players is that they either play super passive or super aggro, like in the first game the morde absolutely refused to back and died twice because of it and there was also this time the urgot killed kaisa and then panth ran at him and died too. If people are going to throw you free kills you need to take them

  • My strides naturally became shorter once I worked on my cadence but I’ve noticed that it also has the unfortunate side effect of making my extension smaller too. I need to work on my hip extension. Should I just do sprints? I’ve noticed running faster increases my hip extension since I’m forced to take the longer strides which in turn increases the hip extension.

  • for long runs I like to incorporate meditation. so I’ll just stare straight down the road, clear my mind and enjoy the moment.
    it’s much better than looking down at my watch every 10 seconds to make sure I’m staying on pace and obsessing over the data or my expected outcome or getting kudos on strava.:) that can be a track stuck on repeat in your head while running!!

  • Thanks guys, bit late to the party, oh well… This is mainly common sense though �� I would say as a casual runner, I do actually perform better running having a pint of lagar (just 1) the night before it actually improves my performance, who knew.

  • It’s great that my father in law who got me to run marathons and do triathlons told me most of this advice. Always welcome his advice and seconded by a pro

  • Any tips on foot soreness? I also run in fivefingers. Road and trails. I find, I end up stopping from my feet being sore more so than me being tired. The other day by mile 5 my feet were starting to hurt, by mile 10 I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  • So much great advice in this video! Well worth viewing from beginning to end. Pacing during any race is so important, it’s what makes the difference. Pacing is also just as important during workouts as well. I always say you should start out hard and finish harder during a workout because it prepares you for race day when it is going to feel just like that.

  • adaptive would’ve been a much better 2nd item in game 1. morde doesn’t do damage after adaptive and it gimps kaisa, too. DD isn’t amazing on urgot; its prevalence is moreso that there’s usually not a better item to build

  • good to see you back. another tip, variety. if you run roads do the occasional trail. if you are a distance runner do the odd fast short run…etc etc! but yes, do it smiling

  • Literally 99% of you won’t see this but if you do: Be safe and May God bless you whole Family ❤️ Thanks and also have wonderful day

  • nasus and urgot are called susan by me as yi otp and are usually my bitches. urgot not as much as nasus. nasus is easy to deal with because his wither is pointless aggainst you and you cant outdamage a yi as nasus. urgot has the chance to execute yi if he drops low but once he gets his first sustain item hell def fu you up as he wont be dropping low anymore in a duel or 2-3v1. in teamfights urgot will still have a edge because yi just cant do what hes best at. sustain burst then kill can just execute him once hes low enough in that scenario so he needs engage to soak up that cc or burst for him even if that engage dies asap BUTTTTT aggainst darius running phaserush and flash ghost im absolutely fucked. if he plays smart you wont be able to outplay him. you can use your q for gap closing instead of dodging but that will set you up for his r and his ghost phase rush combo will kite out the highlander. once its gone youre a freekill. i hate facing darius in this configuration. if hes running conq flash tp im fine and can easily kill him anytime and im not the only yi main that feels like that. theres literaly not much you can do about phase rush darius as yi. you build tanky sure but you rely on your sustain by aa people instead of going for max hp like real tanks. so you build resistances but not the hp required to make use of that unless you benefit from all your healing. if you cant attack with lategame yi youre screwed and phaserush flash tp darius prevents exactly that.

    other than darius what i fear most is sustained damage like a good phaserush cassio or a tryndamere. you cant skip wits or bork after rageblade. you can build dd early but it wont do much aggainst those big crits. so you need randuins to counter and it takes a long time to get that. a tryndamere is at least as bad for yi as the phaserush darius setup as you dont have the max hp needed to survive his damage even when you w for the ult duration or try to dodge as many aa as you possibly can.
    yi getting fed at low elo is a thing but remember that the yi NEEDS to go razor rageblade then either wits (most likely) bork or maybe dd if really really needed. after that youre free to go full def but you can abuse this fact pretty hard as hell need to reach more items than you do. so unless hes 10 0 in 6mins you should stomp yi with darius or tryn maybe even urgot if you get a dd early to sustain the fight long enough for him to drop low for the execute. if he gets wits before you get the sustain needed to balance the fight out its over though

  • 0:08
    Who the f u c k actually eats burgers like that. You can feel it coming out. Why. Wth.
    W h y are you looking at it like that. I actually can’t understand…
    Okay, so now we spill our shit u p s i d e d o w n. I will never understand this show
    w h a t i n t h e f r e s h h e l l
    Or eat it like a g o d d a m n human being and stop being m e s s y
    I am going to murder somebody. Give me patience, because if you give me strength I will smack her head off.
    Who actually does the shit that gets these people in these situations?

  • Ive started running again so helpful stuff mate. Ran a whole into my vibrams though so need a new pair for sure lol. Shit tonne of likes. Peace.

  • Urgod in the making. I hope the player getting coached rise above the ranks.
    Thanks for making these caoching vids available to us. it’s free and it feels like we are getting coached ourselves. Whatever information i can grasp on these vids i apply it to my own game.
    Hope to see more

  • he 100% should’ve went adaptive after the rightous glory, he had tabis for yone and kaisa, and adaptive is really good against kaisa and morde as well, he also already had a ton of armor. I would’ve even gone it before the glory tbh.

    Edit: A case could’ve been made for visage instead of adaptive help as well since he had conq and DD

  • That was a really ugly early lane phase. Key misses to abilities and lack of aggro when it should have been there. He should have been able to stomp that easily.

  • The 2nd game and that tower dive with rift, blue side jungle, jax, and Warwick all died littering bodies around that tower with rift just dinking away at it. Pure comedy

  • Top tips. Linked to your point about shoulders I’ve found that avoiding too much arm swing really helps. Swinging your arms like pendulums creates masses of shoulder tension. I realised that my hands are really like weights on the end of a long lever so controlling that is wasting energy. Keeping my hands close to my body and thinking about my elbows not my hands moving backwards and forwards helps reduce tension and increase cadence.

  • Neace i don’t know if you’ll read this but i really appreciate these kinds of video’s.
    Could you please also do this more for silver, gold and platinum?

  • “I actually think injury prevention through stretching, strength training and foam rolling is the best part of the running experience”

  • Man Neace i really commend you for not flaming his ass off after that dragon TP. I‘m not even that good of a player and my head hurt after that.

    Really really nice coaching. I think youre probably the best coach out there it’s very easy to understand the concepts youre trying to employ

  • It’s so cliche but true nonetheless. To get what you want you must first give others what they want. Give value to others with nothing more than an attempt to help them in some way and value will find its way to you.

  • Sure his champ pool doesnt require much skill, but he is definitely better than iron. His mechanics doesn’t absolutely suck like you’d expect in iron. I’d probably say medium bronze, but i guess he’s playing against bronze/silvers cuz riot games sucks.

  • I run a 50K in the mountains every year. What does he know that I don’t? A lot, as it turns out. Ian Sharman comes across as very likable, and all his advice makes perfect sense. He offers exactly what a lot of us need and may not have realized it: strategies that make sense & advice that one would obviously be a fool not to follow in training & on race day:

    What are the biggest mistakes ultramarathoners make in training?
    > Not realizing what the specifics of the race are. Mountains? Technical trails? Need to train for that.
    > Heat or altitude? Need to adapt before the race.
    > Is the race at a higher altitude than you’re used to? Show up a week in advance.
    > Don’t run when injured.

    What mistakes are they making during the race?
    > Don’t start out too fast. If you go too slow at the start, you lose a little time. If you burn out in the start, you lose hours.
    > Not eating enough in training runs. People run 20 miles and barely eat anything. Then in a 100-mile run they have to eat, but their body is not used to digesting and running. Their stomach is not used to it, their gut bacteria aren’t used to it. They’re not used to having to force themselves to eat to get through a race. Also have enough variation in it. Gels may work in a marathon, but can you do just gels for 100 miles? You need different tastes & textures over the longer time: sweet, savory, salty, hard food, race food, different drinks that work for you.  
    > Know who the sponsors are, so you’ll know what will be at the aid stations and can test that and either adjust to that or use crew or drop bags.  
    > You may get by on 100 calories/hr. or need 600 calories/hr. You need to know this and what your stomach can handle in advance.
    > Test all your equipment. Headlamp (bulb, batteries, etc.), clothes that fit & don’t chafe, backpack that offers easy access.
    > Improve your decision-making on the trail? (But how do you do that?!)

    What about recovery?
    > Don’t resume running too soon. Allow your body to dictate how much and how soon to run. At least 2 weeks of low running. Walk, bicycle, swim. Not pushing it, but getting the blood flowing around the muscles. Good nutrition. Not having the next race be too soon.

    Most important advice?
    > Make the easy days easier and the harder days harder. Need harder to improve and easier to recover. Running hard creates the stimulus for recovery and growth. Then you need to let that happen. 20% hard, 80% easy. If you run 5 days a week, that would be 1 hard, 4 easy.

  • I haven’t done a tri yet but in cycling as well most of these apply, I have thrown up in one of my first races due to eating, love your guys segment on breakfast or fasting, but after that throw up I have been a faster, and that caffeine bit is no joke, here on big island Hawaii last thing you want is to be racing in the kona heat with 5k in to a race and now you got bubble guts….

  • they so slow to listen for advice. ik it’s hard to focus when being couched. but still, if chall say u can do it means u can do it:D

  • Love the London Marathon ballot one! The drink spray was classic. Been trying for 5 yrs and no luck yet. (& it wont be next year as missed the ballot cutoff!!!) Come on 2021!:-)

  • Hey chase, I heavily follow you and am looking to break loose of the 9-5. I did black hat years ago and got destroyed by updates. Now I’m heavily into YouTube but.. I need to get into some better niches and maybe local or affiliate.. I’m going to start streaming in your space soon with your help

  • Hello, could you do a video on how to AVOID losing weight when taking up running? The world is obsessed with being thin and I can’t find a video anywhere for those of us who.. Shock horror….. Want to do excersize but aren’t motivated by losing weight (controversial, I know). I realise it’s a bit niche but you’ll be the only vid on Internet covering this so might get a niche audience. Many thanks

  • Back in Jan 2017 we spoke and even back then you said your end goal was always to help and motivate people, it’s been a rough ride at times but this video shows you’re pretty much there. ☺️