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This is what a Mensa IQ test looks like

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TRUE OR FALSE? 20 Question and answers |Test/Trivia/Quiz | BAZUM

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TRUE OR FALSE TEST YOUR WITS Part 2 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

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TRUE OR FALSE TEST YOUR WITS! (iPhone Gameplay Video)

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How High is my IQ? I did an Official Mensa IQ Test, the Score Might Surprise You.

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Can You Outsmart This Difficult True Or False Test?

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True Or False Quick Test

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False: The Centers for Disease Control recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity vigorous activity but it doesn’t matter if you log those minutes in one longer session or several shorter ones. In fact, personal trainer Jennifer Cohen, author of “Badass Body Goals,” believes there are benefits to getting your heart rate up more than once per day — and research supports that. There are no penalties for guessing.

The test consists of 30 true/false problems, mostly covering general knowledge and/or reasoning, and you have only 4 minutes to complete the test, so an average of 8 seconds per problem. It is important to move quickly through the test, and not spend too much time on any given problem. home / health & living center / exercise & fitness a-z list / quizzes a-z list / exercise and fitness quiz: test your iq. Exercise and Fitness Quiz: Test Your IQ.

Reviewed by Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD on April 26, 2012; True False The more you sweat during a workout, the more fat the body is burning. You are provided only 2 answer choices for each problem: True or False, or for some IQ tests, Fact or Fiction. Your Test Will NOT Be Saved! Our site can store all of your scores on the tests you complete as well as the answers you have entered. Try this awesome IQ test.

It is set up as a true or false test. 1. 1000+40+1000+30+1000+20+1000+10= 5000. True. Do you want to test your fitness IQ with a health and fitness quiz? I’ll get it started with a question for you.

Q: Does maintaining physical fitness require major lifestyle changes? True or False? A: False. Overall fitness can be achieved through small changes in your overall lifestyle.

By making changes in your eating habits and levels of. Test your Fitness IQ. Your Results: True or False: Your workouts don’t have to be continuous.

You can break them up throughout the day into smaller segments (at least 10 minutes each) and achieve the same benefits. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a different workout each time you hit the gym, try to change your exercise routine at. 157 rows · Apr 13, 2015 · ( true or false ) 54: I have gained a few pounds.

The exercise I am doing. Instructions for the IQ Test. You must work mentally.

Do not use pencil or paper or a calculator during this test. Be ready to determine whether the statements that follow are true or false. You will have to click either a true or a false button to indicate your response. The test is timed, so work quickly, but take enough time to consider each question seriously. Place your cursor in the boxes to fill out worksheet.

Remember to save your answers. Name Date Section Directions: Check True or False in space provided below for the following statements. False True 1. The length of necessary cardiovascular exercise time on a stepping machine is less than the necessary cardiovascular exercise time on treadmills or bicycles. ☐ ☐ 2.

List of related literature:

True-false responses are used for each item, and the replies indicating anxiety (shown in parentheses in the Exhibit) are counted, giving a score from 0 to 28 or 50.

“Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires” by Ian McDowell
from Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires
by Ian McDowell
Oxford University Press, 2006

Often in the quiz, Kyser required his true-false answers backward, contestants giving “false” answers to “true” statements.

“On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio” by John Dunning
from On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio
by John Dunning
Oxford University Press, USA, 1998

The IQ test result may correspond to the fitness score, G(F(t), v, where F is the true fitness, and v represents an element of randomness or some other relation with tº, and G is the score assigned by the algorithm.

“The Industrial Electronics Handbook” by J. David Irwin
from The Industrial Electronics Handbook
by J. David Irwin
Taylor & Francis, 1997

The following is a simple ADHD test, with only twenty “true/false” questions.

“Blue Genes” by Paul Meier, Todd Clements, Jean-Luc Bertrand, David Mandt, Sr.
from Blue Genes
by Paul Meier, Todd Clements, et. al.
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2012

Many of the scales mentioned are scored True/False or with some scale of relative frequency.

“Assessment in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: In Search of the Whole Person” by Philip J. Barker
from Assessment in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: In Search of the Whole Person
by Philip J. Barker
Nelson Thornes, 2004

This would not validly represent the full domain of exercise, just one specific type of physical activity.

“A Gentle Introduction to Stata” by Alan C. Acock
from A Gentle Introduction to Stata
by Alan C. Acock
Taylor & Francis, 2006

assess control belief strength, participants were asked to rate each control factor on a seven-point true–false scale (e.g., “I live near mountains”; true– false).

“Predicting and Changing Behavior: The Reasoned Action Approach” by Martin Fishbein, Icek Ajzen
from Predicting and Changing Behavior: The Reasoned Action Approach
by Martin Fishbein, Icek Ajzen
Taylor & Francis, 2011

The Cannot Say (CNS[?])scale consists of the total number of items that the individual fails to answer or answers both “true” and “false.”

“Handbook of Personality Assessment” by Irving B. Weiner, Roger L. Greene
from Handbook of Personality Assessment
by Irving B. Weiner, Roger L. Greene
Wiley, 2017

The scale includes 40 true-or-false questions on topics such as automatic thoughts, cognitive errors, schemas, thought recording, activity scheduling, and identifying cognitive distortions.

“Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide, Second Edition” by Jesse H. Wright, M.D., Ph.D., Gregory K. Brown, Ph.D., Michael E. Thase, M.D., Monica Ramirez Basco, Ph.D.
from Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide, Second Edition
by Jesse H. Wright, M.D., Ph.D., Gregory K. Brown, Ph.D., et. al.
American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2017

Conversely, it can be incorrect to assume that students who score high on fitness tests are active.

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
from Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children
by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • I qualified for MENSA based on my 10th grade SATs, 40 years ago, but when I called my local Sacramento chapter of MENSA and asked what they did, I was shocked. They are not allowed by MENSA rules to do any political activity, so they gather once a month at a local Mexican restaurant to play board games. Wow, what a waste of IQ.

  • i got an invitation to join mensa as a test subject for extrem retardation. i dont know exactly what this means but i hope we meet each other at mensa.

  • The following is from Julie Gurner who is a doctor of psychology who posted this on quora about the Mena IQ test

    “As someone who has given IQ tests in the past for courts, etc…the Mensa IQ tests are not considered the authority by any stretch, it is the WAIS which is offered by trained administrator only (usually a psychologist) and interpreted by one.

    As another commenter here mentioned…Mensa IQ tests are 100% reliable for what it was designed for entrance into Mensa.

    But as for real intelligence evaluation, it would never be any expert’s choice and wouldn’t be seen as any authority in court.

  • Like most such instruments, it tells one more about the test maker than about the test taker. “A man’s brain is stored powder. It cannot touch itself off. The fire must come from the outside.” Mark Twain.

  • I have sent an email to every MENSA member on MENSA’S contact page.

    It was written, thousands of years ago, that the human race would be illiterate until AFTER a certain cusp point in human history.

    It is also indicated that someone would be here to help mankind understand it along with the physical proof.

    So, you are familiar with the computer? I will ask you this one question. Is it possible, using only binary recursion, to produce a non-binary result? Now if you comprehend the significance of he answer, you would have to admit not only that there is not one correct grammar book on the planet, that every one is thinking and speaking gibberish by provable fact.

    As was written, my work would contain a number of demonstrations historically considered impossible. You will find that work on the Internet Archive under Universal Language, pdf portfolio The Art of Prophecy. It contains well over 11,000 pages of proof.

    I mention this because people with very high I.Q.s if they do indeed possess such, automatically know that they have a species obligation.

    What has Mensa ever done to help mankind over the cusp point of intelligence which is actually a base line for intelligence of a sapient species?

  • luv the dark eye brows with the blond contrast. hmmmm to me, this represents a mind, not at ease with ones position in life…..

  • At 13:00 it’s the realization of how high his IQ really is, and that doesn’t align with his earlier self in which he didn’t have an information about his IQ before.

  • i don;t understand the test result. I scored first 126 and the second time 131. What are these numbers? after the tests when the score was shown it said something about taking other tests

  • Lol that’s an iq test? Lol it’s all spacial relation and pattern recognition. What a poor way of judging intelligence. I guess every blind person is stupid.

  • Some patterns and questions of logic are doubtful. They can be interpreted in so many ways and so many answers in the test like the 11 questions. It’s doubtful and it’s like a trapped and I think the good answer is C.

  • Except clearly you suck at just about everything in life except some math that you spend all your time doing? IQ tests do not measure real intelligence. They measure test taking intelligence. It measures one aspect of intelligence. How many musical instruments do you play? languages do you speak? How many programming languages have you mastered? What about real life experiences?

    See, you might think you are intelligent and want to brag about it but whipdy do. I have about 150 IQ too but the difference between you and I is that besides having a phd in advanced mathematics I also play 10 musical instruments, know over 30 programming languages, and have done all kinds of work from cleaning toilets to building houses. I’ve also studied graduate level mathematics and electronics.

    One can easily improve their “IQ” by 10-20 points by simply studying the types of analytical problems that IQ tests give… does that mean that one’s intelligence actually jumps 10-20 points? Also, since IQ tests are relative, it just means you are more intelligent than average relative to IQ tests, but you could also be a extremely dumb fuck.

    Clearly someone that has a need to show how intelligent they are, chances are they are not that intelligent. I’ve met a lot of phd’s who were absolutely useless. Anyone can master anything if they spend their entire life doing it, but what is the point? Such people are useless at everything else. I know mathematicians who can’t change a car tire… or install dimms in to a MB, or write a line of lua, or fix a hole in the wall, or create a simple hbridge driver…. geniuses they say they are… yeah… in their own minds and with their pieces of paper.

  • I took the IQ test decades ago in a classroom.
    I was giving a time limit to solve each question.
    If you took it online you have all the time in the world to figure it out.

  • I don’t know what the hell my mind is, I am bad at maths, poor focus, great curiosity and almost a super power to influence people around me

  • Gutes Video! Ich hab vor drei Jahren denselben Test gemacht (klingt zumindest danach, waren halt auch 7 Kategorien á 12 Aufgaben; drei verbale, zwei mathematische, eine räumliche und ein Gedächtnistest) und hatte einen Prozentrang von 95 bzw. einen IQ von 125. Mit 145 bist du glaub ich schon an die Decke gestoßen, also höhere Werte kann der Test gar nicht messen, soweit ich weiß. Eventuell würdest du in Tests, die einen noch größeren Intelligenzbereich abdecken, noch besser abschneiden aber das ist von von Test zu Test unterschiedlich. Ich habe im Rahmen meines Studiums mittlerweile die Möglichkeit, ohne großen Aufwand einen Intelligenztest durchführen zu können und hatte in diesen Tests teilweise völlig andere Werte als in dem von Mensa. Es scheint wohl auch eine starke testspezifische Komponente zu exisitieren, die das eigene Abschneiden beeinflusst. Aber trotzdem: Überhaupt so einen hohen Wert wie 145 zu scoren spricht unabhängig von jedem testspezifischen Anteil für eine sehr, sehr hohe Intelligenz. Glückwunsch zu diesem außerordentlich guten Ergebnis!

  • This test is just an indicator, the real one is way harder. Only 10% of the people that score 100% on this one actually are able to get in

  • So the people that make these tests believe the moon has the face of a man on it? Or maybe they think it’s made of cheese? Pattern recognition is not something to be celibrated blindly, we are pattern recognizing animals to be sure, but it has gotten us all our biases and our disposition to “magical thinking” and superstition. If we look for patterns where there are some, it sure can be handy, but to look for one when there is none is to ask for trouble. Celebrating our capacity to see patterns is to be done critically, and intelligence is not at all limited by this ability. To be good at pattern recognition is to “imagine a lion in a ratteling bush” and run when it was just the wind. You might survive, but at a time when men rule the world, fearing the dark is only a lack of ability to fully understand ones situation given all available information. I think “reason” and critical thinking skills is a much more valid sign of intelligence as it shows the ability to think clearly and evaluate.

  • To be honest, I don’t think IQ really measures how “smart” someone is, it just measures how much experience someone has with logic. Of course you would expect people like mathematicians and philosophers to have higher IQ than say, farmers. One group does complex thinking more often than the other. However, if a farmer were to become a mathematician or philosopher, then I feel his IQ would rise as a result.

  • I easily got A’s in calculus 1 and 2, linear algebra, AP physics in high school and college, but those tests were entirely predictable and I could study for them ahead of time. I think most of my courses were like that. I don’t seem to do well with tests I have no way of studying or preparing for ahead of time. I had an IQ test years ago and it came back average. I think I have a relative that scored better than me on an IQ test, but would never be able to get a math degree like myself. Are there different types of intelligence? Predictable intelligence vs creative intelligence (new problems a test taker has never seen before). I was bad at sports which can be unpredictable, but in my prime was able to juggle 5 balls for 30 catches, which was entirely predictable.

  • I took several of the online game tests of intelligence found on my search engine, and I scored genius on Saturday Morning Cartoons from the 1970s and genius for knowing the famous movie stars of the 1970s and 1980s: Television did pay off.

  • Smart people have an easier time knowing just how much they don’t know (or how much is outside of their sphere of knowledge), so it’s common for them to think of themselves as less intelligent.

  • the fifa world cup takes place every 4 years next one in 2014 in brazil then in russia at 2018 and then qatar in 2022 1942 & 1946 world cups were cancelled beacause of world war 2

  • True or false? can survive without the sun

    2.Micheal Bay is a movie director

    3.Pokemon White is rated M.

    4.MediEvil is not a game

    5.A Tyrannosaurus rex has hyper senses



  • Hey congratulations dude. Yeah, you have to have a high natural aptitude for math to score in the 125+ range on IQ tests. But with a college-level education in math that score will almost definitely go up, I bet.:)

  • Congrats, that’s great! I’m also thinking about doing a Mensa IQ test, I did their free online test and scored maximum, which means my IQ is at least 125, they said. My father said when he was young he scored 130, I’m curious about mine.

  • IQ tests are one of the most rigorously tested and proven psychometric evaluations in existence, I would suggest you give them pretty heavy importance:0

  • Whoa I’m sad to hear you suffer from so many headaches, I hope they will find out the cause someday, I’m still just catching up in maths so I’d definitelyy score lower than you

  • “Fluff up youur ego”…. Why is it always evil or bad to test your IQ. It greatly helped me and changed my life decisions when I found that I had a rather good IQ. I scored 138 on this test and that helped me trust my own judgment which I always felt was different than other people. Putting the IQ together with my often different judgments made me realise that Im almost never wrong in my impressions and analysis of things. And I now lean heavily on that instead of constantly wondering why my assessments often differ from others.

  • 100 is average IQ, 128 is exceptional. You don’t know the statistic. Also 145 on the Mensa test means nothing as they clearly inflate numbers to acquire new members.

  • If the video was to your liking, please share it around and watch a big portion of the video to really support the channel! =)
    Other than that subscribe to Flammable Maths Two for way more maths content:3

  • “if you do poorly you can say “this is subjective how can you measure intelligence with a test”
    the thing is if you ask retarded questions like that you are automatically a bit of a dumbo, test or not.

  • It seems like the best thing to do is figure out the answer without looking at the A, B, C or D options. Once you have an idea what it should be then look at the options, to see if it’s there. I think looking at the possible answers before thinking costs time and might be confusing.

  • You have to get rid of inflammation.. it could be the sugar or flour, cocoa or additives in your food; something that you have never realized and lived with all your life. You should try intermittent fasting (the bulk being night time) and occasional full day fasting to clear your system. I used to have headaches much of the time fifteen years ago and it only went away with a better diet (better meaning cutting out the copious amounts of sugar and chocolates, otherwise the details are endless)

  • for Q:25 I spent a solid minute flipping my hands around and saying “mlehlp” before I settled on my answer.
    I also noticed I talk to myself and make lots of strange noises when I’m thinking.

  • Test starts at 2:26. I am not promoting Mensa here, I personally would not want to join the organisation. For many of these questions I could see multiple correct answers, but I’m showing the ones that Mensa recognises.

  • “I don’t care about this number. It really doesn’t say anything about me.” 
    Come on man, so why are you interested in making the IQ test if it doesn’t say anything to you? 145 is amazing score and it says A LOT.
    It says that you’re potentially capable of dealing with complex issues, to generate ideas and solve problems more easily than the largest part of the population.

    145 it’s A LOT A LOT and i tell you something more. It is very helpful because that’s a way to quantify how easily you can manage difficult problems in difficult working environments.

    Unless you have checked the answers randomly and you have been extremely lucky which i don’t think it’s the case 145 represents 25 points more than 120, with which a person can be proficient in many scientific skills and have a brilliant career.

    Seen in this way, maybe, 145 represents a burden and not a fake number because now you and those who know it will raise the expectations:-)
    I would honestly expect now that with this IQ, if you for instance work as mathematician at uni, produce outstanding math papers (not just good ones). I don’t know what you do in life, but i expect from you something at a very top level. It’s just up to you, you have the “engine”, you have to take over it.

  • People having iq=68: ” I am smarter than you! I cannot refute this and therefore it is true”. People having iq>130: “i feel myself a retard, this quantum phisics is making me sad”

    Fact#1. Chameleons change color to match their surroundings. 0:49
    Fact #2. Right-handed people live longer than left-handed people. 1:29
    Fact #3. Only female mosquitos bite humans. 2:34
    Fact #4. Keeping dogs as pets is banned in Iceland. 3:35
    Fact #5. At one point, Apple launched a clothing line. 4:35
    Fact #6. “Dog food taster” is an actual job. 5:21
    Fact #7. We, as humans, share 70% of our DNA with bananas. 6:05
    Fact #8. The Guinness World Record set for the “longest interval between the birth of twins” is 87 days. 6:50
    Fact #9. It rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn. 7:31
    Fact #10. You can marry a dead person in France. 8:15
    Fact #11. It’s illegal to be overweight in Japan. 9:19
    Fact #12. In the 1830s, ketchup was sold and used as medicine. 10:16
    Fact #13. Birds are related to dinosaurs. 11:15
    Fact #14. You can’t snore and dream at the same time. 12:12

  • George Washington wasn’t it was some guy, but the white house wasn’t built yet. we learned that in school. a lot of people don’t know that

  • Bruhh i took 1 of these in 4th grade my iq was 120 but then my dad got me an xbox and it started going downhill from there so my dad ruined my life

  • Allot of daft comments. IQ of 200 lol above the smartest person in the world then is it?? More importantly people what’s your eq???

  • I’m smarter than the test, because I don’t draw 4 potential answers in square formation and then just make a standard line formation multiple choice selection underneath that imagery.
    Got 5 wrong, not counting the one time (Q33) I clicked B, because it happened to be right below the right answer…
    What makes the test even more stupid is that appearantly, when I re-do the test, I’m a lot smarter all of a sudden, because I can answer correctly.
    Not to say I didn’t learn to pay more attention to all clues given, rather than rushing a bit to stay within 20 minutes, but IQ tests are flawed…

  • i think thats a 1/2 sized sample of questions as every iq test i have taken has been about 45 questions and definitely about 45 minutes alotted.

  • IQ tests is a lot of abstracing and pattern recognition. As a mathematichian, that is something you do all the time. Results shouldn’t suprise you, you are probably doing similar things this every day x)

  • I am a member of triple nine society and I know it is interesting to meet others with similar aptitude. I have yet to take the four sigma test… but now I am motivated to try it. The mensa test was the easiest one I remember taking.

  • I took one offical test given by a professional and got 135 or 136 i cant remember. but based on how the comments are speaking ima guess this guy who ive never watched before is like above 140 but not above 155. But lets be honest here iq doesnt matter. I make dumb decisions and idiots invent great things. Who cares

  • I can relate, chronic headaches and nosebleeds when I was younger. I don’t think it’s an excuse for low IQ though, mine for example is as you described above the tests range. Just accept that we are all different, IQ is not a substitute for hard work.

  • Wenn du das Video so nennst und so beginnst dann möchte ich das Ergebnis wissen und skip einfach bis es kommt bzw. Bis zum Ende und mehr schau ich mir dann nicht an. Wenn du willst das man das ganze Video schaut sag doch einfach am anfang weshalb man draufgeklickt hat dann kann man sich überlegen ob man den rest noch anschaut

  • I’m very fascinated and terrified of taking such an exam. My strong assumption is that I’m a 70-80 IQ? I’m not a happy person by nature which might be in conflict with that score range. However; after watching the video, I now know I would have failed many of those pattern tests driving down the score into the 69 and below range. extremely low. Despite the potential low test score( if I took it ); I’m still a productive person in the world and a value to others.

  • I think,with some practices on different logics applied to the questions, u will get an idea of how to think or approach the problems and scores would increase. Would that mean my iq increased?

  • i scored at the norway mensa test with a 140 iq. I am so dumb and don’t know what do to with this information. Do i have a good brain and how can i get this power into my school. The tests doesn’t say anything about clever and dumb

  • My experience with Mensans: The only thing that they achieved in life was the test score. No one of the ones I know had significant skills in mathematics, coding, social interaction, business, art or any form of creativity or “superskill” whatsoever. They were not stupid, yet they were not really smart or skilled. They were nerdy, but not in the smart way. Not the kind of nerds that come up with some cool invention and get famous. More the kind of nerds that have a mediocre boring job. They blame their fails on the society that doesn´t recognize their intellect. They are at most mediocre, but they are acting like they were superior to others. The IQ test result seems to be their weapon against the realization of beeing just normal. This club looks like a spam to me, an ego-booster for insecure, socially awkward guys.
    Maybe there is genius inside that club here and there, but from watching the people I met I´d doubt it. Example: If you are genious, you write a game like DooM instead of bragging about your score. We know people who brag about their scores, right? 😉

  • I think my iq is about 120 or something like that but I’m to lazy to go out and and do such a test. Is there a website i could check out?

  • I had tried one and only got a score of 13 which probably wasn’t very good at all, but they had the same test as you showed, and quite a few of them, I got the same correct answers, so I don’t feel like hiding under a box anymore. Thanks! 😉

  • 8:34 wouldn’t you rotate it the other way? the first pair has it rotated 135 degrees counterclockwise, so to undo the rotation you’d have to turn it 135 degrees clockwise making the original a straight up an down line with bent in tips on the right.

  • Looks at vid… aha so that is where I wen’t wrong. I couldn’t be arsed to write down what it should be so visualised things incorrectly a few times. Is it just me or was this practice test leagues easier than the aptitude tests from companies

  • 27/33, for refference, I got an IQ(Offically testet) of 136 (General) 146 (Math).
    I don’t know how much I trust IQ test, but IQ IS NOT ALL.
    In my life I saw a lot high IQ persons fail bigtime don’t think you never need to work with a high IQ.

  • The correct answer to question 11 is C and not D. So, you were correct on your own. This test is also used in European IQ Test. The correct answer is C in the results, you can google it.

    Btw, I scored 171 out of a possible 174 😉

  • How is 25 correct? You rotate the first one 135 anti clockwise to get the second one, that’s the rule. But in the second pair, you rotated the second one anticlockwise. That’s wrong! If you look at your complete set, the third (the?) rotated 135 anticlockwise should give the fourth. It doesn’t!

  • My problem with “IQ tests” is that there are several different types of IQ. There is mathematical IQ, dimensional IQ, spelling IQ, interpersonal relationship IQ, spacial IQ (which is what this test seems to focus on), etc. Measuring only 1 type of IQ seems insufficient to me.

  • I was a member of Mensa, IQ measured at 155. I joined some events, met a number of people, and had some fun. The people were welcoming, but eventually I left because I didn’t have anything in common with most of them other than having passed an IQ test. If Mensa intrigues you, I’d say why not join? It’ll cost you a few dollars and a few hours. If nothing else, even if you leave you’ll know you could have joined, it’s one less thing to feel a bit resentful about if you’re prone to getting that way. If someone brags about being a member you’ll be able to say aha! I’ve never met anyone who did though.

  • I didn’t go through entire thing and I’m not sure if you are pretending you got them all right easily but on patterns you are skipping last two questions on each and last two are always the hardest while first two are easiest….JS.

  • If interested you should look into the Dunning-Kruger effect. Competent people tend to underestimate their competency and vice versa for the incompetent. Interesting psychological phenomenon.

  • As far as the headaches are concerned, did you try to see an allergy doctor? You might also try to check if you have a deviated nose

  • As a child I was only learning to survive and take care of my self, I scored 78 and was put in learning disability and was the worst thing the school board could have done. Took the test 2 years ago as an adult and scored 132 I dont let it get to my ego but it was a boost in confidence.

  • I joined MENSA in the mid noughties really to access their dating platform.
    There weren’t many people on it that were local enough to be worth contacting at the time. I found the monthly meetings equally trite so only attended two and let my membership lapse.
    A discounted guided trip to Bristol zoo was the only useful experience I had.

  • THE SCHOOL TRICKED ME INTO TAKING AN IQ TEST IN 3RD GRADE WITHOUT TELLING ME. I scored really high though ngl so in the end I’m not too mad at them lol

  • Hello, my name is Grammar Nazi. As you can see in the sentence “The sun is shining”, you say that the sun is the object. But I say that the “sun” is the subject. The subject is the one being talked about while the object is the one that is receiving the action thus it’s the receiver. The verb is “is shining” and there is no object receiving the action. In the sentence “The kid is reading a book”, “reading” is the verb and the receiver is “a book” while “kid” is the subject. Bye, my name is Grammar Nazi.

  • You don’t have to take the Mensa test to qualify for joining. There are a couple of dozen standardized tests that Mensa will accept the scores from as evidence: GRE, LSAT, Stanford-Binet, some US military tests, SAT, GMAT, etc. Their site lists them and the scores needed for admission.
    Three things I found:
    There is a significant subset of members who believe that since they are very intelligent that their view must be the correct one. They ignore the fact that other Mensans-just as bright-may have a different opinion. This leads to much pedantry at conferences and meetings, and is referred to as ‘Mensans being Mensans’.
    There are a lot of members who just don’t get out very often-like stereotypes of comicon attendees. Their idea of a fun time is very, very suburban.
    It’s just not very interesting, although there are some special interest groups within it that are.

  • Smart enough to have an IQ in the top 1% of all people. All says: “I’m totally average, 125 max…” 115 is top 85%, or WELL above average, given what an average is in an approximately normal distribution. Don’t lie my dude, you were trying to sound humble.

  • Mensa is for people with low self-esteem. I scored high enough on Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test, which I took because I’m dyslexic, to get into Mensa but never seriously considered applying.

  • 100th percentile means you’re in the top 0%. Less than 0.2% to be specific. 145 IQ is normal (still amazing though) for mathematicians like you but very rare in the general population. High logical mathematical intelligence paired with sophisticated pattern recognition is a beast to have.

  • In 5th grade I received a score of 156 when the school I went to provided me an IQ test to place me into the gifted program. There I felt like a leader in the gifted program. Now though, I don’t necessarily believe I’m smarter or better than many people I know. I believe that I can extremely quickly learn to be great at things though. I have amazing pattern recognition. I learned to unassisted solve a Rubik’s cube and the f2L method in 8 hours in 6th grade. I created a pathfinding algorithm that is the most efficient solution in the world for the scaled 15 puzzle. I just envision these patterns and dream them. I would love to see my IQ now that I have developed some new skills and grew out of a few others.

  • I passed the test in Auckland, New Zealand, 15 years ago!
    There is more than one test available, I took the maths-based test because I couldn’t take the language-based test since I am not an English native. The test was called Advanced Progressive Matrix (APM), more commonly known as the Raven test. It looks similar to the one in the video. Great souvenir!

  • so for question number 10, i interpreted it as acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, and straight line, Still the same answer lol

  • it took you your whole life to create that joke you say? Well, i hate to bust your bubble, but….. Those flowers are Sunflowers. Not Daisys. sorreh =P

  • I dispute #11 the pattern is that the number of lines emerging from the center point is a series of primes. 2, 3, 5, the next in the sequence must be 7, so the answer is C, not D.
    If that’s not the answer, then the question is poorly constructed, since it has two equally justifiable answers, and the choice between them is arbitrary.
    This is more like a mechanical aptitude test, than an IQ test.

  • The Mensa test is subjective. Sort of like when my wife asked if her jeans made her butt look big. There is more than one true answer but only one correct answer. No, it makes the room look smaller was not a correct answer.

  • Question 11, I got that there was 1 line, then 3 lines, then 5 lines, so I chose the next odd number, being 7 lines. They say I’m wrong, but I disagree ;D