Triple Berry Blueberry Smoothie Recipe – How you can Satisfy a Sweet Tooth Healthily


Triple Berry Smoothie Easy Quick Vegan

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Triple Berry Kefer Smoothie

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Simple banana, triple berry smoothie!

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Triple Berry Banana Smoothie 5

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Triple Berry Banana Smoothie Recipe How to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth Healthily

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Use a small amount of the milk of your choice to cover the blades of your blender. Add your banana and blend until smooth. Next, toss in your frozen fruit, along with any other flavors or spices you might like to add, and blend again. Just like that, you’ve made yourself a whole foods smoothie. Lots of easy & healthy smoothie recipes @ Get fit, strong, fast, lose 16-24 pounds, become more flexible and healthier in 8 weeks with our 8 source.

Triple Berry Banana Smoothie Recipe Triple Berry Banana Smoothie, a simple vegan smoothie recipe made with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries and plant-based protein and protein powder. Only 5-ingredients and 5 minutes for this simple snack or. 8 ounces frozen mixed berries. 2 small bananas, peeled, cut into 2-inch pieces, and frozen. 6 ounces vanilla yogurt, preferably whole milk.

1 cup whole milk. 1 to 2. If you don’t want to use bananas in your smoothie recipe, don’t worry!

There’s a way to make an ultra-creamy, delicious, flavorful smoothie without using banana as a base. We will be using non-dairy, unflavored yogurt as a base (I used Forager’s cashew yogurt). This is a key ingredient to make our smoothie creamy. Frozen banana, almond butter and almond milk add the perfect amount of creaminess with a zest of nutty flavor to my family-adored triple berry smoothie. Spruce things up by adding granola and/or fresh fruit at the top and then dive in with a spoon.

This banana smoothie is one of my easiest smoothie recipes. It’s made with simple ingredients that I always have in my kitchen, so I can make it anytime I need a quick breakfast. This easy smoothie is also a healthy snack for kids.

This banana smoothie is best made with frozen bananas, but you can use unfrozen ripe bananas in a pinch. 2. Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Simple and sweet, this thick and creamy smoothie is delicious any time of day and is loaded with nutrients. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups ice ; 1 cup plain Greek yogurt ; 2 bananas; 1 1/2 cups strawberries; 1 teaspoon honey; Directions Blend all ingredients in the Oster Pro® 1200 Plus blender.

Pour into a glass and enjoy. Directions Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend on high until well-mixed. Pour mixture in a bowl and top with sliced banana, granola, chia seeds, walnuts or cacao nibs.

One medium banana contains about 34g of magnesium, a mineral that relieves soreness and induces calm. Fun Fact: Brown spots on the banana peel indicate prime sweetness, because as bananas ripen, their starch is broken down into natural, healthy sugar. We find the Almond Butter and Jelly and Tahini Banana Split Smoothies especially appealing!

List of related literature:

For variations on this recipe, add a few blueberries along with the banana to make a mixed smoothie, or, omit the banana and use four fresh strawberries that have been washed and hulled, or, omit the banana and use a ripe mango cheek.

“Food Babies Love” by Emily Dupuche
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For a sugar-free morning fill-up, lose the sweetener and mix in half a mashed banana.

“What Can I Bring?: Southern Food for Any Occasion Life Serves Up” by Elizabeth Heiskell
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To make your smoothie lower in fructose, try lower-glycemic fruits, such as berries; use just enough fruit for sweetness; replace some of the fruit with protein and good fats; or try no fruit at all.

“Pamela Salzman's Quicker Than Quick: 140 Crave-Worthy Recipes for Healthy Comfort Foods in 30 Minutes or Less” by Pamela Salzman
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If you have a very sweet tooth, you might want to add a teaspoon or two of powdered sugar per pint of berries.

“Lidia's Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Great Italian Cook: A Cookbook” by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, Tanya Bastianich Manuali
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A blend of sweet pear, fragrant vanilla, and refreshing mint, this smoothie is energizing and restorative at the same time.

“Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes: A Cookbook” by Angela Liddon
from Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes: A Cookbook
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Put 1⁄2 cup of blueberries or blackberries in plain low-fat or no-fat yogurt, sprinkle them on hot wholegrain cereal, put them in fruit salad, or use them to flavor a protein shake.

“The Better Brain Book” by David Perlmutter, Carol Colman
from The Better Brain Book
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With nutty almond milk and creamy almond butter, this raspberry smoothie will blast off your day with healthy fat, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

“Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health” by Dr. Mark Hyman
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You may add more than 1 cup of fruit and 1 cup of sugar at one time, just be sure to add equal proportions of each.

“The Gasparilla Cookbook” by The Junior League of Tampa
from The Gasparilla Cookbook
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2 Add the banana, honey, and ice cubes and blend until smooth.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
from The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
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If a juice or smoothie seems to lack the sweetness you crave, feel free to add a little more fruit, sweeter root veggies, or another date (in the case of smoothies).

“Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health” by Kris Carr
from Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health
by Kris Carr
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  • I used frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with some milk because I don’t have Greek yogurt. Tastes really nice, like a sour yogurt.

  • I do almost the same smoothie after I finish your videos!:) I add a cup of kale to mine for the vitamin A and K, and you can’t taste it because of all the sweet fruits. I also add a scoop of yogurt or protein powder. Perked me right up after day 3 of your 5 day plan. Brutal workout! Thanks for all the good advice guys!

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  • My condolences go to you and your family. Please take your time. You give us so much and we support you in this hard time. Blessings.

  • Tip: if you want to tell us about nutrition facts and stuff say you’ll put it in the description, I mean the odd fact or 2 is fine but not to many

  • Is it okay if I use a food processor instead of a blender if the smoothie doesn’t include Ice? Because I have just a food processor.

  • anyone here lactose intolarant and their family just wont have it for non-lactose products cause they taste too bland….just me ok��

  • Thanks for the recipe. Any ideas on a replacement for the bananas? I really do not like bananas in my smoothies.
    I usually do a spinach, orange, strawberries, flax seed and ice water one in the mornings. Very refreshing in the summer.

  • Thanks for sharing Kelli.  Here is my favorite smoothie recipe.

    For 2 smoothies:

    10 12 ice cubes
    8 ounces of orange juice or apple juice (you can user water if you don’t want the sugar)
    1 banana
    1 teaspoon of flaxseed
    1 teaspoon of lecithin granules
    1 scoop of Whey vanilla protein


  • My condolences go out to your family. Please take your time and be with family and comfort each other. We will be here when you get back, Be blessed.

  • Having at least 2 smoothies a day one for a meal replacement and one for a snack will that cause weight gain? I guess I didnt think it could until you mentioned it. Plmk!:)

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  • We love the option of being able to freeze the berries. It helps them last longer and as you said can take the place of ice, which is great!

    Thanks for watching!

  • Could you do more cooking series? I need to learn how to cook healthy foods lol but I’ve been trying to work out with you guys since March of this year! Always love it and always motivated! Thank you so much:)

  • Don’t mind this comment I’m just writing down the ingredients for personal preference: half cup of Greek yogurt, half a cup of blueberries, raspberries, quarter cup of blackberries, chia seeds, honey. I’m using chia seeds instead of flax seeds and I’m not adding ice because I’m using frozen berries just in case you were wondering how i changed the recipe.

  • me and my mum made it and it didnt blend then we added a bitwater it still didnt blend so we took some ice out it started to blend but then it stopped again. so me and my mum ate and then came back and we blended it again and it fixed, and then the worse happened. my mum put so much pressure on the thing to get it back to pour some for us and it exploded LOL then 1 hour of me and my mum cleaning the floor and walls. we still managed to get a tiny sip and it was water downed EPIC FAIL! LOL but me and my mum are making another one for the morning tomorow so im exited

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  • Your video is awesome I do berries smoothie every morning and I post it on Facebook, but I always get a negative feedback
    Not sure why when it’s very healthy for you x

  • Question about the blackberries and raspberries all the frozen ones I have FOUND contains the seeds in which I do not care for are there ones out there I can by that have that seed removed? 

  • I´m sorry to hear about your loss, family always comes first, so you should take all the time you need. On a lighter note, I really love these recipe videos:)
    Take care guys!

  • I just made this, I used frozen berries mix so I didn’t need the ice and I used coconut water no honey or sugar and a vanilla yogurt and it was delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  • I had bananas and triple berry blend too, but I added hemp seeds, some greens and raw carob powder. But of course, the base of Lemon Ginger Kevita