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MY FAVOURITE ACTIVEWEAR | HONEST REVIEW Running shoes, bras & gym leggings

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Under Armour PROJECT ROCK Testing the Men’s AND Women’s Line!

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When it comes to workout gear, the choices seem endless, so we asked members of Under Armour’s trainer team to clue us into their favorites. While I love all of my UA gear, especially the UA Breathe Open Back long-sleeve shirt, for my own training, I’ve always been impressed by the high-quality gear for kids. READ MORE TRAINER’S FAVORITE > Under Armour Gear > Equipment > Exercises. Tags recovery technique tips training tips.

About the Author. Shana Verstegen. Shana, a member of the Under Armour Training Team, is a TRX and American Council on exercise master instructor and a six-time world champion lumberjack athlete. She holds a degree in Kinesiology. Skechers isn’t the only brand proving that you can get a good running shoe for less than $100.

Under Armour’s Bandit has been an affordable favorite since. Shana, a member of the Under Armour Training Team, is a TRX and American Council on exercise master instructor and a six-time world champion lumberjack athlete. She holds a degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a certified personal trainer through ACE, NASM and NFPT. Shana Verstegen. Shana, a member of the Under Armour Training Team, is a TRX and American Council on exercise master instructor and a six-time world champion lumberjack athlete.She holds a degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a certified personal trainer through ACE, NASM and NFPT.

With that mind, Under Armour has designed, and is launching this month, a series of revolutionary training shoes—the UA Proto Power Trainer, UA Proto Speed Trainer and UA Proto Evade Trainer. Find the newest Under Armour Baseball Trainers athletic shoes, workout clothes, & sports gear and discover how they will make you better. FREE SHIPPING available on all athletic shoes, workout clothes, & sports gear available in the USA. Under Armour Heat Gear Compression Tights. $39.99. Save 38%.

UNDER ARMOUR. Under Armour Jet Mid-Cut Court Shoes. $49.99 $29.99. Under Armour. Under Armour Yard Trainer Black/White Field Shoe. $79.99.

Under Armour. Under Armour Yard Trainer Black/Black/White Field Shoe. $79.99. Sold Out.

Under Armour. Under Armour Equipment Bag. $64.99. Fan Gear Stephen Curry Collection UA HOVR™ UA Recover UA RUSH™ Accessories.

Accessories; Backpacks & Bags Men’s UA Yard Trainer. $60.99 -$80.00 6 Colors Men’s UA Harper 4 Turf Baseball Cleats. $100.00 Under Armour Inc® seeks consent for itself and Under Armour Canada ULC. Contact us for more information. Team them with your trainers and a matching sports bra and head out for a PB.

For those who like a more laid-back look, check out Under Armour joggers. Breathable mesh and built-in tech keep you cool and branded waistbands are the detail to look out for if you live that logo life.

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Founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour is the originator of performance apparel—gear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry, and light throughout the course of a game, practice, or workout.

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Todd has twice been honored as Personal Trainer of the Year (IDEA and ACE), has received numerous other industry accolades, is the head of the Under Armour Performance Training Council, and is a consultant to Gatorade.

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“The little-known secret behind Under Armour geared for tough football players is that it’s the same material as women’s lingerie,” Plank said with a smile.

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How under Armour is linking fitness data with customer loyalty.

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football team, under Armour designs apparel and gear to help athletes feel and do their best in hot or cold weather, in sports arenas or on the track.

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The kind that was only technically armor, offering very little actual protection, barely concealing the chest and the area below the waist, yet inexplicably including shoulder pads.

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Invictus active trainer.

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Textile armours are by far the newest and most revolutionary materials in the body armour field today.

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  • I’m happy to see leggings and tights for men I picked up Nike and under armour leggings with the matching shirt. I absolutely love them I can’t believe I’ve been missing out they are so comfortable. Definitely buying more I thought sweatpants were comfortable but leggings are so much better.

  • Please review jolyn swimwear active line, their suits are absolutely amazing for competitive swimming and was wondering if their active wear is just as good

  • Please do more Dicks Sporting Goods hauls! I worked for the company for 3 years and will always have an affinity for that store. I live for good deals on Adidas and Under Armour.

  • I’m a leggings spandex king but women just look so hot in them!! Don’t know about us guys but hopefully yes to the ladies. The leggings he wore look better without shorts cause of the design

  • Wears men’s base layer pants that cost $50, hides under shorts. Wear the leggings, or the shorts not both. Women don’t practice modesty, I like leggings without shorts,it’s how they were meant to be worn I I like the alphalete girls leggings,Guzman would never tell me not to wear em if I like them

  • Tyler needs to do full reviews for the guys lol. I came hoping for more info about them. I got the guys compression leggings cuz of the video so thanks.

  • Under amour shoes are AMAZING. At least the ones I’ve bought. Only shows I’ve ever had that don’t give me blisters. I walk over 1 hour a day and run on the treadmill and workout in them and they’ve lasted me a year. Amazing amazing amazing and not even overpriced. HIGHLY recommend.

  • Those tennis shoes look super comfortable! I’m going to have to remember those next time I am ready to buy a new pair. The black and orange ones were my favorite.

  • Love your channel.❤️ You and your Husband are adorable but the main person in this video is Leo your fur baby what a beauty. ����❤️��

  • Under armour needs to make takedown models of their football/soccer boots like Nike because not everyone can afford their $350 boots

  • love seeing the family together. more videos with tyler because you two are just the cutest couple. #relationshipgoals. love ya girl.

  • What running shoes for women would you recommend? I overpronate with flat feet. I’m checking the Hoka One One Gaviota but wanted something lighter


    Thanks to “That One Texan” for being an absolute lad and telling me the song name! Posting it here for easier access for peoples! <3

    I’m going to go on a 4 mile run, while bench pressing a Mini Cooper, and punching puppies in the face while listening to this song LOL

  • I keep saying clothes are just becoming unisex.. thdh if you have the bod to rock it why not.. I wear leggings and completely get why ppl live in them now that I found better brands. The brand JOR has them and they are made well for men. Great vid!!!

  • I love your commercials starting from Michael Phelps “It’s what you do in the dark…”. Watching whis masterpiece i start feeling an itching to imidiately go for a nice&hard workout!
    Keep going

  • What shirt is that at 3:45 and 6:00 and what size are you wearing?:) Would be nice if you provided some links for the shown products.

  • Yep. Men discuss how high their heels should be. What next? Discussion of running skirt length? These are dark times for republicans.:)
    Nike is the best!

  • I’m been using Asics Nimbus since nimbus 12, I bought HVOR sonic 2 and find them good with less cushion than the nimbus but OK, I rum 7 miles a day, I’m going to try HVOR machina and see if what the reviews says really good.

  • Nike has some very nice runing and allAroundSport shoes, but after some time using them, they begin to squeak! I then tried adidas and they are simple, beautiful and quiet. So for me adidas is the best.

  • Really liked the men’s under armour… My guy loves under armour and he is crazy about socks! He actually goes through his and looks for the left and right ones to match up!

  • I’m going to be honest with you and I got pictures of what I’m talking about.i had a pair of shoes I got at waltmart for 5 dollars and they were very lite and I used to loved after hearing all about this shoes they got to my head and I got them,well guess what?this sonic bullshit is a lot heavier than my 5 dollars shoes.they are made just about the same only without the tracking chip. But man this shoe sucks for that price..its just not what I expected from all the fuzz they got going around about this bullshit shoes..

  • I noticed some inaccurate readings with my Phantoms when I was on the treadmill. Treadmill read that I ran 3miles but my Phantom (MapMyRun) only counted 1.8 miles. Time was on point but not distance. The energy return is really good and for the most part shoe is comfortable ����
    Im new to running and find it very pleasurable and was wondering What’s everybody using to track and what do you recommend? Fitness wrist tracker? Phone? Etc.

  • Is it just me or does Alex look like a superhero in some of this stuff:) I know what I’m adding to my christmas list (the clothes of course, not alex, he’s already on the list lol jk)

  • Hey guys, I have made a video about me how I woke up at 6 am to start a workout. It is a challenge called #6amchallenge. Come and check it out on my channel. Here is the link:
    Would be nice if you watch my video and also do the challenge! I nominate everyone who is reading this comment.

    Under Armour is making me better,


  • I like the fit and comfort-ability of Adidas and Nike myself. I haven’t tried UA shoes for running in a while though, so they may have made some “strides” in the right direction.

  • Recently subscribed and now just binging your videos �� love your content!! And thank you for helping me find CRZ yoga leggings wooooo! Never want to take them off ��

  • What’s your size for Reebok? I want to buy a sports bra from Reebok and my size is 32D and their size chart shows S size for 32 D… im just confused if S size is ok for 32 D cup

  • Ugh terrible. As someone who loves all things brand, this is just a lazy smash together of every cliche NIKE ad from the past 15 years. Lazy UA. (I know you’re reading this head of marketing..sorry not sorry)

  • I’ve really tried to give under armor several chances but they don’t make good shoes or boots! I’ve had issues with them either running, and work boots! Both either deteriorated less than a year or had issues with the overall product!
    The spine is horriblehas tongue issues and the laces continue to untie no matter how much you adjust it.
    The black work boot I think I paid about 175.00usd for them and they were used about 10 months but noticed the grip was lost quick. The heel area either warped to either side depending on your step! Stick with bates boots because I’ve had better stability with them.

  • I love Mizuno running shoes Wave Rider FTW. Side note, what’s the deal Under Armour? What runner would ever by an all white running shoe?

  • New colorways are coming also. I FB UA and they told me in the next few weeks. The colors they launched I didn’t like. You should have reviewed the Phantom for comparison! UA make great shoes at great price points. The Ultraboost and EPIC Flyknits are literally 30% more money than the HOVR. I will go with the UA.

  • Yessir Under Armour Is My Favorite Brand I Love This And We Got The Littest Players DK Metcalf, Stephen Curry And Tom Brady Go Under Armour

  • Is your shoe Half size Bigger? Because at 7.31 I can see you lift your toe and barely reach the end of the shoe. If i buy this shoe that fit my size my wide foot is aching. do you recommend me to go bigger size?

  • That’s a motivation! ���� pls checkout my channel too.. I started posting calisthenics, bodyweight workout. Let me know what you think and pls subscribe if you like it. ❤️❤️

  • hey Alex, you were not kidding when you said massive haul!! the clothes look amazing, and it would make anyone`s Christmas morning so much better!! my favorite shirt was the one you wore at 8:08, it wore you like a glove!! i loved how your chest was bursting out. clothes that wear a well muscled body, make that body look even better!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!!! hugs!!!

  • Watching this, thinking of all the training and studying I have to do that I bloody *LOATHE*. Studying I have done before that resulted in failure. Twice.

    Complaining doesn’t fix anything. The world doesn’t change for you.

    There isn’t a pleasant way through this. The only way is *THROUGH*.

  • You should try girlfriend collective recycled leggings, they are a sustainable brand and make the leggings out of recycled material!

  • Give ’em that fire. The only way is through. The commercial song is Original Music by Beacon Street Studios.

    Y’all need to release that shit.

  • You are so lucky, that is a lot of awesome gear. I only wear UA for workouts. Since you asked my favorite is the compression top, I own several of them. That rush long sleeve looked pretty sweet as well. Enjoy thanks for the great videos.

  • Under Armour! Song name PLEASE! I know you guys check these comments, you can’t ignore all of us!

    … Unless you do, then touche, well played.

  • Great review jeff. Best running shoes company for me is asics. But i like to try diffrent brand. I’m using brooks ghost 9 right now and it work very well in my feet. Maybe I’m gonna try Hoka One One fory next shoes. ��

  • Awesome video! If anyone is interested in watching, I have reviewed many items from the Project Rock Collection here ��

  • I’d love to see you review the Zyia active wear… it’s an MLM company so I’m not sure what reviews to believe �� and I only trust you lol

  • Grow through, what you are going through. Sometimes you end up in a dead end. Some try to go around it but the only way is through. #WeWill

  • Mizuno makes the best. I got a pair of the prophesy for $60 and they were so ugly I only used them for running but after blowing out my 3rd pair of Nike Air Max! Who cares. I am a Nike snob but only on the street Mizuno for the Win!

  • Try my bamboo leggings ladies!

  • I’ve been binge watching every single one of your videos since i found you out.!!! Anddddd idk why i want all these products…maybe because i have a crush on the rock idk ��

  • Why would the comment section fill with people stating what their favorite shoes brand is, did Rizknows had ask them and if not what is it that had triggered them to do so?

  • The commercial song is Original Music by Beacon Street Studios. This song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

  • Hello My Legging’s��. ��. Can you please make a video about UA Rush leggings. I’m using them for almost a month, and it seems they do what is promised. On the other hand it may a be a placebo effect. It will be great if you and your husband can do some tests about these clothes. Good night!

  • Thank you all so much for watching! Here’s a video breakdown:
    0:00 Me chatting crap and why I organise my drawers the way I do
    3:18 Leggings
    12:27 Sports bras
    17:14 Shoes
    IF YOU’RE WONDERING WHY TALA ISN’T IN HERE: I absolutely LOVE the brand but haven’t tested them whilst working out yet SO didn’t want to recommend (although of course I’d recommend both for style and the sustainability aspects). I think it’s a really amazing brand but am super careful about what I recommend esp for running because we all know running leggings have to be super particular! I’ll be testing them out soon and sharing on my instagram page:)

  • How do you feel about Nike given they’ve been known for using child labour yet you seem to be very pro-sustainable and ethics focused (and Nike are the opposite)??

  • I’ve always run with the Brooks Ghost series shoes. Ever since high school cross country and track and field. Eight years and still love them.

  • I really enjoyed the information you presented I work with mainly women and leggings seem to be the topic of conversation that I just can’t seem to avoid I’ve been told that cute booty are the business!!any Suggestions on sizes I think I’m gonna buy some for my girl

  • Great video!! Love following you on insta and YouTube.
    A note on fabletics, you don’t have to buy monthly leggings, you can skip months if you wish ��