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My Favorite Fitness Equipment of 2019!

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There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of types of fitness equipment to use at the gym, it’s hard to know where to start. We asked the trainers of Under Armour’s training team to uncover their favorites. DUMBBELLS. Dumbbells are one of the most — if not the most — versatile equipment choice because we’re not restricted for any movement.

They are multi-joint, multi-directional and can. We asked members of Under Armour’s training team to clue us in to their favorites. My personal pick is the TRX lunge. Stand facing away from the anchor point, with the TRX at mid-calf height, and place your left toe into the foot cradles.

Begin in a half-kneeling position with your back knee one foot behind your front heel. 9 Trainers Share Their Favorite Exercises of All Time More There’s a time and place for bicep curls, calf raises and leg extensions, but the bedrock of every workout should be big moves. Here is the favorite exercise equipment used by in home personal trainers. TRX suspension trainer system The TRX system is the most used piece of equipment used by personal trainers in the home. Personal trainers love using this because it is light and you can work out every body part with low risk of injury.

Sandbags & Bulgarian Bags. Check Price. Sandbags or Bulgarian bags are another great bit of training gear to develop functional fitness. Squatting with a sandbag is going to feel different than squatting with a bar so works muscles from a different angl. Equipment: TRX Rip Trainer **SHANA’S TOP TOOL** “The TRX Rip Trainer is my new favorite training tool, not only because of its high-intensity metabolic and weight-loss benefits, but because of its functionality in sport and life.

There is little we do in sports (or life) that doesn’t involve control or production of rotation. Favorite gym equipment? De La Rue: “My CLX band, you can take it anywhere.

It’s light, it’s portable, there’s no excuse, it has handles so you can change the resistance. The recumbent bike is the best fitness equipment that offers a back support and a wonderful way boost heart rate without jarring the aging joints. Moreover, there is almost no risk of injury in this best fitness equipment because it is done seated. Both elliptical and arc best fitness equipment are also a favorite by seniors.

The best training tool for trainers who want to create courses, manage users, and track the performance of their online training and learners is an LMS (Learning Management System). Trainers should not only know how to use an LMS. They should know how to make the best. Trainers’ Favorite Equipment.

Philip Posillipo May 24, 2011. Share. Stretching Mat “If you can teach someone something as simple as ‘how to stretch,’ it will improve the quality of their life.

I want people to feel good about themselves above all else.”.

List of related literature:

One Suspension Trainer: An essential piece of travel equipment for me.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
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“Dictionary of Occupational Titles: Definitions of titles” by United States Employment Service
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A trainer gave me a tour of the equipment.

“Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design” by Michael Bierut
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Once you choose a trainer, make sure that you have certain ground rules.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
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Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

As you’ve discovered by now, your “equipment” as a trainer won’t always be big, heavy pieces of workout equipment!

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
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Me, a trainer?

“Joey: How a Blind Rescue Horse Helped Others Learn to See” by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley
from Joey: How a Blind Rescue Horse Helped Others Learn to See
by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2018

The demands of being a good trainer are endless.

“The Black Lights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing” by Thomas Hauser
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sonal trainer, and purchasing exercise gear.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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Basic equipment for weight training and conditioning includes gymnastics mats and weights, either handheld or machine weights.

“Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education” by Dorothy Zakrajsek, Lois Carnes, Frank E. Pettigrew
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Inside, a trainer watches over a line of treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes.

“The Best American Food Writing 2019” by Samin Nosrat, Silvia Killingsworth
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  • Can you suggest more fitness books to read? I am having trouble finding good ones. I really want to see what a researcher would choose to read since they are so knowledgeable.

  • Love your videos. Could you do a gym build for a low ceiling room. I have a mobile home room that I’m trying to use, and having problems with rack options because of low ceiling space. I’m sure people using low ceiling basements or apartment rooms are having similar issues

  • I had the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2 for around 2yrs but found the noise to loud and the power profile shocking. Purchased a second hand tacx Neo 1 for $500 and wouldn’t go back to a roll on turbo trainer. Smart direct drive all the way……

  • Found this channel out of necessity trying to build a home gym because of the Rona. I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted and what fit my budget/space. Thank you. ✊��

  • Thanks for the video. I road (and am buying again) the Sirus CycleOps. I road it hard 5 days a week, it developed a tic, contacted the company and they sent me a new one I was training on the next week! Also, the prices is very reasonable. I would encourage any cyclist interested in a good, dependable trainer and cmpany that backs it with a life time warranty to check it out online! Cheers.

  • @ 13:21 are we sure that’s a Rep AB-5200? That one looks totally different on Reps website. The one in the video looks like the Rep AB-3100. Looking for some clarification before I purchase.

  • Noob biker here. I have an $800 Specialized hybrid bike and am looking for a quiet bike trainer so I can bike while watching movies (don’t care about Zwift). I heard the Wahoo was super quiet, but for that kind of money I could buy 2 stationary bikes… Any advice on a quiet yet inexpensive trainer?

  • This is my new Favorite channel… Lots of good info on Helping me decide on the right equipment as I’m building my garage gym. I’m Ultra picky on buying the best equipment that will last, so its nice to have an unbiased opinion of equipment, especially nowadays when people are paid for fake reviews on Amazon etc. Keep up the honest reviews, They are much appreciated… ������

  • Hey coach I’m 13 and I pitch a lot I’m on a 14 year old majors team and my shoulder just keeps hurting no matter what I do to help it I’ve had a shoulder injury in football and had to go to physical therapy for 2 months and I’m a good pitcher but how many pitches should I pitch in a week because right now I average 90-110 pitches every game I pitch sometimes it’s around 80 but how do I get rid of the pain

  • Lodge is the way to go! Thats what I use when I’m in the forrest power lifting Redwoods. Between the Rogue Anvil and the Percussion Messager my old lady never leaves the garage gym. ���� LOL! Good video ya big tease! LOL!

  • I bought avineapparel legging and bra, I bought the white color ones. But the legging is horrible, it is see through!! I asked for refund from the company and they replied only once, then I don’t hear from them anymore. If you guys want to buy avineapparel leggings please think twice, the price is ridiculous compare to the quality. The Bra insert is hard and not comfortable.

  • For several years now I’ve been riding an Elite Fluid Trainer, the one with the red rubberized contact surface. It is quiet, and the power curve is a known value on Zwift, so along with my Wahoo Tickr, Cadence, and Speed sensors I get consistent watt readings. I won’t say they’re accurate, because I’m not sure they are, but they are consistent, so as I’ve seem my FTP rise, my ability has improved as well. I think it was around $125 when I purchased it some 10 years ago, and it has served me very well for getting a descent workout in on days it’s just not my cup of tea outside weather-wise.

  • Everytime I see a garage with no gym equipment in it,I’m saying to myself “Pff this guy doesn’t lift!”; and I’m like “hum, enough space for a rack here, air bike on the corner over there, low ceiling so no box jump only box step up…”.

  • Coop I was thinking about getting one of those indispensable Rep Rackable Curl bars but had a couple questions for you first. How do you like the spin, are the needle bearings too much? How do you like the width of the cambers? Lastly I was wanting it for bent over rows so have you used yours for that and are they even any better than using a straight bar? I apologize for all the questions but I would really appreciate your input Thanks

  • Guns for pull-ups, for real? That’s a new way to say that you’ll be training your guns.
    Love the eye-ring on the cadilac bar. I’ve been looking for a press bar with multiple grips like that for my home gym might look it up.

  • Hi Stephanie, I’am a fan of yours and Jeff, but I have realized that you are not helping people to improve their over all health. You are a very attractive person and obviously you have the capacity to persuade people. Seeing you binge eating sugary and fatty food is really encouraging, combination of cream, sugar and oil is extremely addictive, you’re a scientist and for sure you know that. It is like a form advertisement, persuading people that they can have body like yours by indulging once a week and I guess it’s not for everyone, unless they have a job like yours. I hope that you will focus on educating people on how they can improve their overall health and the things that you do to have that sizzling hot body, suggesting effective workout videos without equipment and I love watching your videos but you made me fat again. I’m still a fan and I will continue watching your videos and Jeff’s videos.

  • Still can barely hear you man. Might want to talk to your editor. At least compared to other YT videos, I gotta turn my volume waaaay up for this.

  • Such a tease!!!! I can take that Prime Fitness rack from ur hands and store at my garage so you have more room for new equipment to review ������������

  • I am a cross country rider, I like climbs and drops, trails, stones, roots )) but damn it when I started training with tacx neo 2t, i became like these homeworkouts fanatics)))
    don’t buy smart trainers if you do not want to stay at home )))

  • I know this is an older video, but I am new to the channel. I love this video, been looking for some weightlifting shoes. Greatly appreciate this recommendation!

  • a bit more indept on the power data they provide would have been nice. I personally use a Elite Direto since 1.5 years now and its great.

  • Not sure if you’ll read this! but for workout leggings from lulu, try the fast and free leggings! they come in the 25 inch as well and they are pretty much like the align leggings but in luxtreme, so better for working out, won’t pill (unlike the aligns) and have zoned compression! I work there and swear by them, so if you get a chance.. please please invest in a pair of those and let me know what you think!

  • I have a Powerstation Pro. Basically a self supported climbing wall. It’s amazing! There’s a mount for a beastmaker (I have a 1000) on the front I have olympic rings also. Have just stripped the whole thing, time for a reset (while my arm is in a cast!).

  • It’s a very difficult decision to choose between Elite or Wahoo. I wanna buy wahoo but Elite looks very attractive. Which should I choose having budget for Wahoo?

  • 9:40 I believe Intek was one of the first to offer an open trap bar. Intek has since come out with an updated version (ModF Bar $600+), and now Vulcan (OX Bar $479+), Prime Fitness (Trap Bar $775+), Eleiko (Oppen Trap Bar $796+), MB PowerCenter (TNT Bar $749+) and Kabuki Strength (Trap Bar HD $650+) all now offer an open-design trap bar.

  • Have you tried the white fudge covered oreos?!

  • Riding The Suito. Out of the box with the hub loose and made a heck of a lot of noise. Snaps and pop’s and it was awful. Was really downhearted. Took the cassette away (the cassete came with the trainer and already assembled, you didnt mention it in the video, and that ups the value for money… 😉 ) and noticed that the hub was completelly loose. Screwed the nut on tightened it (too much actually, it is really soft Alum. and almost stripped it. Works great, only noise comes from the bike. Great buy, apart from the initial hickup…

  • My absolute favorite natural deodorant by far. I’ve tried a handful of popular ones, but this one has the nicest smell and feeling going on. Very smooth.

  • High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants under $8


    Made in USA

    Get it on Amazon:-

  • Girl Lush has hands down THE best natural deodorant! It’s called Teo

  • I’m so happy I found your page! Your very inspiring! Just curious what is your view on getting your boobs done?
    I know this is the only thing you can’t build in the gym so I’m wondering what your view is?

  • Ive tried the natural deodorant at lush and I like that. I have the package free one but I think I am going to switch to it in the bottle because its kind of messy and takes more time to use.

  • I know this is weird, but I use sanitizer spray instead of deodorant. Odor is caused by bacteria, sanitizer spray is an antibacterial. I use the Honest brand from target and I found it in the baby section. (Its a small spray) $2. Haven’t used deodorant for months and I have no issue with odor ��

  • Great video!! I think I win for the most primitive (and cheap) set-up. I have a 1978 10-speed Raleigh SuperCourse on a “dumb” Kinetic fluid trainer made “smart enough” by adding their inRide 3 Power Sensor accessory. Since finances are tight, I’m taking advantage of the generosity of RGT Cycling and using their premium service for free. Kudos to RGT! One area I have not skimped on is I am using the 4K Apple TV. It has much more robus hardware than the previous non-4K version and the graphics are far superior to that earlier version (I have the earlier version. It works, but the graphics are in quite underwhelming). Crank on!!!

  • If you’re an Oreo cookie lover, I highly recommend Back to Nature peanut butter chocolate cookies found at Whole Foods (heard they won best Oreo cookie on Bon Appetit)!!!!

  • Hey coach it’s me again I just sent a comment and I throw only a 4 Seam and and 2 seam fastball with a really good curve and my shoulder just keeps bothering me please tell me what to do I have the shoulder tube and thinking about getting all of those other items to help me please tell me what to do

  • Having owned two Tacx machines and encountered their shoddy customer service I won’t be giving them any more of my money. But knowing what to choose next is never straight forward.

  • You need to try the Lume deodorant because you won’t have to apply everyday. That sounds weird but wow my life was changed! No more stick after 4 hours!!

  • Love this video. I have a question into PE Science already but thought maybe you could answer. Is there yeast in the gormet vanilla protein powder?

  • hi stephanie.. i have a question about squat shoes eg. that legacy lifters. This pair is VERY expensive in my local currency, and it is also not available locally so I need to buy online, so I need to be very sure of my decision…

    you mentioned that these shoes are great for squats and hipthrusts. Is it okay to use them for my whole workout or only during squats/hip thrusts? can I use them as my regular gym shoes for all days? or it would not be good doing lunges, deadlifts, RDL, overhead press, standing upper body workouts etc?

    can they be used as regular shoes walking around? since i can’t test a pair before buying, I really gotta make sure first

    thank you

  • I’m wondering what you could say about Follicular Phase intense training and how Cortisol delays Ovulation? I practice the Sympto-thermal contraception method, and when I do HIIT and other intense workouts, my Ovulation gets pushed by 2 weeks further. Any tips, research, experience that you could share?

  • 2nd season on a Kinetic Road Machine. Love it except the smart cadence reading gets spotty so I use a dedicated cadence sensor instead. Have been looking at the Elite Suito/Kickr Core and the Flux S for some Hill Resistance feel in Zwift.

  • I just saw this deodorant in Target today. Didn’t know it existed. I use Primal Pit Paste in the lavender scent and the stick not the paste. It’s in Target and Walmart and online on their website.

  • OOPS! Looks like there’s no love for the original Kickr. It’s the only one that you can use with the E-flex platform. That alone makes it the best pick of the bunch.

  • Fuck trainers. Spend the money on winter gear, and studs if you must. It has the feeling of momentum, great feel of the road, fresh air. Trainers are for pussies!

  • We are just impressed you remembered we are in South Dakota instead of North Dakota. And if you insist on CURLING IN ME, would you at least take me out to dinner first?

  • I’ve been on the Suito since November (previously on KK road machine ‘dumb’-trainer) and it has been excellent. Erg-mode has taken awhile to get used to, but it is quiet and works great with Zwift, Trainerroad, Sufferfest, etc.

  • I have the Eleiko trap bar that I bought after seeing your review. I absolutely love it. And it’s by far my favorite purchase in 2019.

  • stephanie if you want to do another food challenge or a cheat day or something chili’s has a burger called the boss burger and it’s 2,070 calories.

  • Garbage rambling unorganized video. Also used the equipment. I hope you aren’t buying any of the equipment. Your body doesn’t reflect it

  • Is the Rep Fitness SS EX bar heat-treated on the shaft? Looks darker than the sleeves in this video despite it all being stainless steel, and despite pictures I see of the bar elsewhere online. Wonder if that’s different from the SS V2.

  • Looks like the TACX with the correct setup and profiles could be ideal to simulate mountain biking better (from the ice slippage example it just seems like it could simulate technical climbing on all kinds of surfaces and riding varied terrain?. coupled with decent courses it could be really cool for MTB if the software outputs the info to dynamically control the trainer vs trail conditions )

  • Really wanted to get myself an Elite Direto OTS-X but you simply CANNOT get a Turbo ANYWHERE in the UK right now. I even looked for the TacX NEO 2T Sold out. If those are sold out, anything below that is sold out. Honestly, Halfords, Wiggle, CR, Lakeland Leisure, Merlin, Sigma, Winstanleys etc. etc. etc. All sold out. I seriously suspect purchased by a bunch of people with 15 year old MTB’s that they found in the garage, complete with nobbly tyres the lot. You watch, after Lockdown/Quarantine, EBAY is going to be rammed with Turbo’s haha. I do have Cycleops JetFluid Pro which is great but really need a Smart/Interactive one to benefit properly from Zwift etc. Bah. I’ll just keep checking the web sites:)

  • Spending a cool 28 dollars on a roller from Aldi,why not spending the same amount on a self to build soundproof box to put around that roller so you can ride for miles in almost complete silence..Problem with your family and neighbors solved..Spray it shiny piano black so it looks professionally done,tell your visitors it’s a 1000+ dollar costing machine and they will be amazed..Hopefully it will not crack down while you’re showing all your talent while they are in awe..But hey,just buy 2 new ones if such can’t be fixed..The soundproof box can be used again,if you’re tired of cycling..Build a speaker(s) inside,re-using the box.Maybe the music coming out will be amazing.A new idea to sell..Yo can’t do such? Ask a friend,or a friend of a friend..

  • Quite informative video, thank you! I am deciding between a purchasing a trainer for my cannodale synapse for use in my home gym, or purchasing a spin bike instead, and leave the cannondale for road racing only. I’d rather not put wear and tear on my road bike so I’m leaning toward purchasing a spin bike, especially since I can get one for the same cost of a trainer. Any thoughts on using a trainer versus a spin bike for indoor home gym use? And is to possible for you to post a video comparing spin bikes?

  • Nice test, is the “nero” can do specific training we can find like on “Zwift” I mean, the magnetic resistance is enougth for this?

  • I have an ancient CycleOps Fluid Pro that’s had sporadic use and has sat in a shed for much of its life. I didn’t really have anywhere to use it. I now have a studio in my back garden so I have deployed it there with my equally ancient Giant MTB, fitted with a road tyre, where it won’t bother the household or the neighbours with the mechanical noise, which I drown out anyway as I cruise along to Spotify channelled through some nifty Edifier bluetooth speakers. While we’re Covid-confined it’s a great exercise option and it means that if you get tired and want to stop you’re not 27 miles from home. You also can’t get nailed by an inattentive or inconsiderate car driver. (My preference has always been for off-road anyway, partly for the safety reason.)
    I’ve just discovered Bike The World and set up a spare 23 in. monitor in front of the bike, connected to my laptop. Yesterday I took a nice waterside ride in NZ and then did a short stretch alongside an alpine river in France. The day before I set out on a climb of the lower slopes of Mt Fuji, buzzed by too-close tourist coaches. There is nothing smart in my setup but it’s remarkable how what your eyes see of incline have a psychological effect that affects how hard you pedal and use the gears and how it motivates you to work. It’s a great workout and you get to see parts of the world you wouldn’t otherwise see. I have a home projector on order so I can’t wait till I get that set up in there…
    Thanks for the vid; I’m not a regular here or, indeed, a serious cyclist, but it was interesting to see what’s on the trainer market these days compared to what was there when I bought mine in the days before apps and Zwift and Peloton and bluetooth…

  • Nobody…. NOBODY! should ever suggest to go buy, throw away and go buy another one….. money is not the only expense… all our tips were great this one is the reason our planet doesn’t go that well… too many people think like you! Over consume, fill the trash

  • I was really truly hoping to see the Rogue Donkey GHD/reverse hyper in this video. I’ve seen it nowhere. The price though is the major pitfall. $2000. Ouch

  • The BeastMaker is a great Board but saying that it is Handmade is far from the truth. It may be HANDFINISHED but those shapes and holds are very high quality and the angles are perfectly executed… with a CNC router. Please advertise the truth!

  • Got a question coach, I’m 13 and I throw 55 Fastball and a few other pitches. I throw 60-70 pitches a game and after every game I have elbow pain, but I don’t throw curves or sliders! I don’t know how to get rid of the pain after the game! I’m in need of your help!

  • During this time of the coronavirus, we must stay in shape indoors. And my knee surgery has been delayed. So with my old 10 speed bike, I would like to hook it up to one of these until the gyms open and I can get back in shape with my recliner bikes. What do you recommend?

  • The dog: I want to chase you but you are not going anywhere…;P looking at the Kickr core($899) or the Elite suito($800) thanks. If I get the suito, then I will have a little extra money to buy the Elite Sterzo steering block too..

  • I’d absolutely love to see a video dedicated to no hang devices, just ordered a Problemsolver Triangle from EpicTV shop. It’d be great to maybe see more of the range of options in use, or some ideas on how to train with them.

  • excited for the video on that frankenstein Rogue Rhino! If it’s what I think it is then it’s something I’ve wanted to build for a while but will have to wait until I have the space and the funds.

  • Crazy thought…at any time you look on zwift and theres up to 12k people riding not counting people on Peloton. What if all these “watts” were somehow used for something other than winning a virtual bike race or bragging about a KOM in Watopia? Could it be possible to tap into all these generated watts and use them to power real everyday electrical needs?

  • I really do love your informative videos! I actually got the high volume, protein, prolific along with vitamins to help me out in my workouts. Thank you always for sharing and caring about us ladies out there 😉

  • Nice, Bobby! Interesting overview.

    E-Motion Rollers (especially with Smart Resistance) are of course our favorite. We’re also huge fans of the Wahoo Kickr though. So much so that we created the E-Flex motion system which brings it to a completely other level:

  • I found a Cycleops H1 a few months ago for $600 new from a reputable retailer. Best deal ever. Not the quietest out there but certainly quieter than most. Using it with Rouvy and have had no issues and the reality / feel is quite good. Would not hesitate to buy again, best “bang for the buck”.

  • I wish you had mentioned reliability. I’ve been reading for months, and it seems that every model, from every manufacturer, has issues. I’m not sure why trainers costing upwards of $1500 have such issues; why can’t a manufacturer (any one of them), produce a product that is not hit or miss in reliability.

  • I recently bought the coconut and vanilla native deodorant and I love it! Reminds me of banana boat spf lol

    Great video! Gotta buy a few of these things ��

  • I was able to get the new saris Hammer 3 for $825 and it is excellent. I would take it over all of the units you tested in your video. Easy setup, whisper quiet and a realistic feel with its 20lb flywheel.

  • Great reviews, do you have access to the Elite Zumo in the US? Very similar to the Suito features but available for just £399 in the UK, the lowest priced direct drive trainer, loving mine

  • I’m using a Cycleops M2, I love it. Smooth, easy set up, Rouvy is a nice. I haven’t tried Zwift yet. The wattage and % climb become humbling very quickly. Various Rouvy rides may have 5000 logged rides and only the top 20 % are over 2.2 watts/Kg of weight. They keep you honest.

  • Hello my loves!! I wanted to put together all of my fitness favorites into one video so you can always come back to it if you are ever on the hunt for any leggings, lifting gear or supplements! Make sure to check out the description box for ALL THE DEETS, I list everything I mention! I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you’d like to see a beauty or lifestyle favorites video! ��xoxo

  • BodyCraft’s new Dual Speed + Cadence Sensor is equipped with Bluetooth/ANT+ which allows it to be connected with any style of BodyCraft bike you choose, whether it be indoor cycle, upright, or recumbent. This allows applications to access, sync, and process data from your bike (speed/cadence). Each app uses this data to create an entertaining user experience and can track, save, and share each workout to third party apps. Our EXP-Series open-platform, entertainment bikes are the only bikes on the market that empower you to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized workout experience, using your own personal device to connect to the app of your choice. Learn more at @t

  • Hey Matt!I just built a 40 degree bouldering wall at home with beastmaker 2000, a little campus board, and pull up bar with slings:D

  • If you want to learn how to build your business… hands down, I recommend Stu at I took his e-class and he is the real deal. It’s some of the best information I’ve gotten on marketing, lead generating, how to approach new clients and how to keep clients so you don’t have a lot of turnover. He talks about getting started as a trainer at ground zero too and it would have been really helpful if I was just starting out.

    Stu also has a lot of free articles that are extremely (like extremely extremely) helpful… but I would do his e-class if he still offers it.

  • My Suito has been perfect out of the box, fyi, and there was a firmware update that came out recently (no noticeable difference for me) as well. I believe the very earliest units had some issues, but by the time they reached the USA for sale, I understand those were worked out already. I’ve put just under 500 miles and have reached Level 12 on my Suito in Zwift since I bought it. Nice and quiet, and the feel is fantastic. Had a Kinetic fluid trainer before this since about 2009. This is leaps and bounds better.

  • Excuse me. Whats the point of wooden planks with just 1 or 2 types of holding? Why people don’t make these by themselves?

    Upd. Wow, so expensive. Everything is expensive for my country. I understand those, who climb barefoot.

  • “You guys know I am sponsored by PEScience, but that does not mean that my opinion about these products are swayed in any way.” That may be one of the most disingenuous comments I’ve ever heard on the internets, especially considering PEScience isn’t a great protein powder. Lol

  • Hey Stephanie, I have seen you taking those PE science GI-support pills in one of your videos before you ate. I am also taking it because I seem to have a slow metabolism and gain weight very easily. But I am not using it for diet nor try to lose weight, I just want to keep my weight stable while eating healthy and exercise regularly. You didn’t recommend it in this video, so I am wondering whether you still recommend it and whether I should keep taking it. Thank you!❤️

  • Hey Matt great video as always!
    Although u noticed that you did not include Antworks (reason being that its probably not sold in the epictv shop) which in my opinion gets a lot of stuff right, especially in the departement of adaptable hangboard as their hangboard gives you the option do add other training equipment on top of it without having to drill any more holes!
    anyways as i said awesome video but maybe consider adding them to the shop

  • i was wondrring does taking whey protein haveanything to do with anwanted facial hair? when i started laser treatment for my chin they told me that i shoukd never again have protein shakes cause some ingredient enhance this unwanted feauture..what do you think?

  • I’ve got nearly 700 miles on my Neo 2T and have to say I really love it. I’m new to trainers and paid more for the simplicity of calibration (there isn’t any) and loudness (can’t hear it over my bike gears).

    Didn’t realize I’d get momentum if I plugged it in! That’s a great tip!

  • I have rings, a hangboard (I don’t know the model, it is off kijiji), free weights, and some bands.

    That is all I need for the antagonist workouts which I do at home. My gym has a decent training area for climbing specific training.

  • so im fat, but i love biking. Wanted to get a trainer to lose weight with in the house. Whats a good trainer thatll hold my large body? I’m quite large at around 370lbs

  • Stephanie! I love, love your channel. I am crazy for American Provance deodorant. ( It is 100% natural AND works. I have tried at least 20 companies from different countries. But this one tops them all and smells amazing. <3

  • I tried friction labs for months, hated it
    Other than the cool branding I dont see why anyone would keep using them over better and more affordable options

  • I picked up a finger board that has the screws angled in a way that doesn’t quite cooperate with the studs in my apartment wall. When setting up a board it might be good to have a mounting plan for not only that board but future holds as well. I went with two 3/4in plywood sheets to mount the finger board to which also leaves me a lot of room to add holds or other things. Definitely recommend planning out your mounting strategy and not just your training tools:)