Top Ten Indications of a poor Trainer – 10 Points to consider When Selecting an individual Trainer


Warning Signs When Choosing a Personal Trainer or Online Coach | FitnessKensho

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How to choose a good personal trainer. Separating the good ones from the bad.

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5 Reasons Your Personal Trainer Sucks

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5 Signs That Your Personal Trainer Sucks

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5 Things I HATE about Personal Trainers

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How To Choose a Personal Trainer

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Top 10 Signs of a Bad Personal Trainer. 1. Selling or Suggesting Supplements Selling or suggesting the use of supplements is the biggest and most glaring issue I have with trainers and I know that I will probably get a bunch of angry personal trainers taking issues with this but I don’t care. Personal trainers can be a huge help in reaching your fitness goals. Read more about how to pick a good personal trainer and what you should look out for @ h.

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Trainer 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer. Deefef Reerdesa. Takip et. 5 yıl önce Factors-companies-must-consider-while-choosing-signs. Thea Kosode.

1:20. Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer. PersonalInjuryLawyerLA. 1:12.

Warning Signs That You’ve Picked A Bad Personal Trainer Leave a Comment / Fitness and Exercises, General Fitness / By Dave C. Like with all professions, there are some expert personal trainers out there, but there are also some just plain bad personal trainers. These are the 10 Signs I’m a BAD Personal Trainer, and I have to admit to every single one. Top 10 Signs of a Bad Trainer 10 Things to Consider When Choosing CELEBRITY TRAINER ANSWERS. When I first started working with a personal trainer, I had no idea what to expect. As a naïve college student, I got suckered into a contract through a big box gym (it was a pickle to get out of, let me tell ya) and got assigned to a trainer with very little experience.

He had only a high school degree and no fitness-related certifications. If your personal trainer can’t show you where you’ve come from, they have no hope of taking you where you want to go. If there are no measurements, they’re not worth your time. 19.

They Never Take Courses. If your personal trainer isn’t invested in their own development, they suck. Top 10 Signs of a Bad Trainer – 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer 0. To help you navigate through your options I have put together a list of ten signs that a trainer is one you need to consider. 10 Reasons You Need To Do Squats 0.

Credentials. No ifs, ands or butts, a trainer should be able to show you a fitness certification in their particular area of expertise. To become certified, personal trainers must pass an exam through accredited organizations such as The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Top 10 Signs of a Bad Trainer 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer Duration: 15:55. FitnessBlender 72,651 views.

15:55. How to Design a Personal Training Program for ANY Client Duration: 11:49. Criticalbench 126,086 views. 11:49.

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List of related literature:

You will be surprised at how much you learn by observing another trainer.

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The report is titled, “5 Mistakes MOST People Make When Hiring a Personal Trainer.”

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I’ve never had a personal trainer in my life and I never will.

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The answers to all of these questions and others may influence the personal trainer’s advice to the client.

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Clients not only relied on their trainers to get fit, lose weight, and train regularly, but they also wanted to broaden the conversation to include advice on business, relationships, nutrition, and lifestyle.

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“And experience is the best trainer.

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The trainer should talk to you about your goals, about your lifestyle, and only then make a programme.

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7 How can a trainer facilitate transfer of training?

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Annette has agreed to speak to me about her experiences as a trainer.

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As a personal trainer, you need to take the time to discover how each of your clients learns.

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  • Your videos are great. Packed with content! No fluff.
    For me personally, I have never given a free session. However, I don’t do Consultations. Every meeting is a training. However, my program is very very unique.
    I charge $50/session.
    I never do measurements or weighing. Ever. It embarrasses those that are overweight. I let my clients tell ME how much they’re losing and how much better their clothes fit. Again, my training system is totally different than anybody else’s, so that accounts for how and why I things differently. And I work my ASS off during each and every session, so there is no way I could charge less than $50, unfortunately.
    Keep up your great videos. They are the best of all the other personal training channels that I’ve come across, which are all complete filler crap if you ask me. Kudos!

  • Thank you so much Johnthan! I started Personal Trainer around a year and half ago and I’m so glad I watched your videos before I started you helped me a lot and I’m currently at Assistant Fitness Manger of a big box gym. When I get a chance I will get the dumbbells to dollars course.

  • I’m just getting into personal training now, (although I’d say I’m fairly knowledgeable in terms or exercise programming and exercise science) and I learn so much about the business and social side of Personal training from you. Thank you so much, Jonathan! I appreciate your help!

  • I just want to say I got love for u feels like your videos is the only thing going right right now u keep me focused as well thank you Jay

  • Here’s a couple other tips:

    Find someone who will respond to calls/emails quickly if you have questions.

    Find someone who tailors training and diet to your needs. This is a two way road, the client has to be completely honest about diet and excersize. The trainer has to be understanding and adapt to the clients situation. They should not place blame but should hold you accountable.

    It is not a good sign if you have been given the same diet and workout routine as all the other clients.

    The trainer should give the same amount of attention to all clients whether they are a professional athlete or your average Joe. Unless they are paying for additional services of course.

    Be cautious of evaluating a trainer purely on his credentials. Anyone can past an exam, the real challenge is applying their knowledge to actual people.

    Finally, make sure you choose a trainer who can help you achieve YOUR goals. There is a huge difference between training someone for a MMA match, a Mens Bodybuilding contest, a Womens Bodybuilding contest and someone getting in shape for the summer.

  • Damn I wouldn’t have realized he had any muscle at all if u didn’t show a body shot. He really should try to thicken up his neck and traps a little bit because I honestly thought he was a skinny guy. Not being mean at all just saying

  • Also the ones that dont use progressive overload not teach the basics of how proper training goes… or use terms like “toning” and make their clients rely on only machines etc

  • Thanks for the shout out homie, I couldnt agree more, so many trainers cant apply their concepts on their own bodies, how are they supposed to help others.
    Also the people who push supps, whether they are sponsored by them or not its still silly to me. I dont mind coaches suggesting the amounts of grams of supplements and the timing of the usages, but the brands shouldn’t matter, its all subjective as hell anyways.
    And the point about the coaches being able to relate to the client’s goals is so impotent, If somebody has no experience with fat loss clients for example, then why take them as clients, gotta focus on the things that you are comfortable and knowledgeable with.
    Great video my man!

  • This video only applies IF you can’t give yourself enough motivation to do the research and get on with the workouts in the gym yourself. This channel features interviews with people who give incredible insights into their mindsets towards accomplishing all sorts of things, if you live what they say you won’t need to rely on a PT working out properly isn’t any more complicated than cooking a good meal

  • GREAT Video. Thank you so much, your tips are what I feel comes naturally from the heart. I am into fitness and I those points are GREAT points for any person looking to enter or stay afloat in the personal training industry; thank you,again.

  • I’m a personal trainer who has looked at some of the workouts other personal trainers have set for my clients because I work at LA Fitness, and LA Fitness as a very high turnover rate for personal trainers. I don’t even know how or why these people even came up with these programs, but most of them do not involve the essential lifts, and the exercises aren’t done to a high enough intensity. I can get carried away, and I can push a little too hard at times, albeit, but I do make sure to push hard without going too overboard. I’m not perfect, but I at least try

  • I want to thank you for creating a spectacular course for such a affordable and helpful product. I bought the course 5 years ago and I’m still using it to review and modify my programs.

    Thanks once again for you continual support

  • Number one on your list is a non sequitur. Being over weight or unhealthy does not equate to being a “bad trainer”. You make the flip side of that argument in the beginning of your video “Being fit doesn’t make you a good personal trainer”

    “Not standing up straight makes you bad trainer” is a non sequitur. You admit that it is your personal subjective opinion “This is a huge pet peeve of mine”.

    Rep counter: That critique is solid.

    Every profession is a means to an end. Dedication, for what? Process, towards what? Every action a human performs is a means to an end.

  • If those pt are struggling then yup they might be depressed and turn to vices just means is this what they really want and is this for them

  • Dude I found you through a friend and I am glad he did…really gold content. I like your mentality as I see myself in the same way. Definitely your course is something that I will do sooner or later. Thanks a lot for your help man

  • this video is goals!!! im literally anorexic. 210 subscribers dayummmm. how long did it take u to film? just subbed hope we can support eachother!!:):) ):