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Some national parks attract millions of visitors annually. Others are more off the beaten track, leaving the ancient pueblos to the lucky few who wander in. The best way to leave the masses behind in a national park is simply to take a stroll with your family.

Try these 10 great national park hikes for starters. From spring through fall, the perfect weather of Utah’s red rock country lures families from all over the world to experience what will surely become among their top ten hikes of all time. With so many destinations, and so many trails, it can be difficult to decide where to begin in Utah’s Mighty 5® national parks. Here are ten hikes, two per national park, you cannot miss.

Also, if you haven’t ever invested in an annual pass to all the national parks, 2018 might be the best year to start doing it. With the proposed fee hike to get into some of these parks, it’s actually now more economical to pay the $90 annual pass rather than the $70 one-time access fee. The Best Family Friendly Hikes in U.S.

National Parks. January 28, One of the best hikes for able-bodied families is the Beehive Loop Trail. This hike features multiple ladders on the side of a mountain and ends with a spectacular view of Sand Beach and Frenchman Bay.

RELATED: 9 Must-Visit Dinosaur Themed Parks Across the U.S. Black Bear Wilderness Area Trail is full of wildlife. Photo by Crystal Osborn.

Family-Friendly Hikes in the South. 8. Black Bear Wilderness Area Trail – Sanford, Florida Moderate 2-mile (or 7-mile) loop with 45 feet in elevation gain Family-friendly amenities: Benches Parking fee. The U.S. is loaded with amazing hiking trails. Thanks in large part to our extensive National Park system, there are still plenty of places out there where you can surround yourself with the beauty and majesty of natureand challenge your stamina and courage.

I am positive you will find Glacier National Parks top day hike, the Highline. Some of the absolute best hiking trails found anywhere in the U.S. are inside America’s national parks, These iconic destinations, spread out across the country, often have miles of trail to wander, giving hikers a brag-worthy experience to share with friends and family.But with so many trails to choose from, it can be difficult to pick which ones are worth your time and effort. We’ve compiled the top 10 family-friendly hikes all under 5 miles— sure to keep your whole family smiling. Arches National Park, Utah — Windows Trail (1 mile) If you want to see the beauty of Arches National Park in an hour or less, then this is the trail for you. Top Eight Family-Friendly Hikes in U.S.

National Parks Explore // Out There // Tips Nation­al Park Week is this week and the per­fect time to start think­ing about how to enjoy the parks with more than just your­self. #4 in Best U.S. National Parks The Grand Canyon is so magnificent that even the highest quality photos don’t do the park’s beauty justice – you just have to see it in person.

List of related literature:

At the top are the crown jewels (Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon), below them are the other “nature parks” (Everglades, Zion, Sequoia, and Badlands), and below those are the cultural parks (Independence Hall, Antietam battlefield, and historic sites such as Carl Sandburg’s home).

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The only one of its kind, this complex unites three park units: North Cascades National Park (North and South Units), Ross Lake National Recreation Area (NRA), and Lake Chelan NRA.

“Your Guide to the National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 59 National Parks” by Michael Joseph Oswald, Derek Pankratz
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| Rocky Mountain National Park | Trailhead: at Bear Lake, off Bear Lake Rd., 8 miles southwest of the Moraine Park Visitor Center.

“Fodor's The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West” by Fodor's Travel Guides
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• National Parks: Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, Lassen National Park, Crater Lake National Park, and North Cascades National Park.

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In addition to the parks already mentioned, some well-known parks in the United States include Acadia, Crater Lake, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton (Figure 7.23), Great Smoky Mountains, Isle Royale, Natchez Trace, Joshua Tree, Olympic, and Shenandoah.

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Among the fifty-four national parks, only urbanized Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas) has shorter average visits.

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These areas include most of the major national parks, such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Zion Park.

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Xanterra Parks & Resorts at Bryce Canyon National Park, Crater Lake National Park, Death Valley National Park, South Rim Grand Canyon National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Painted Desert at Petrified Forest National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Zion National Park.

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Table 7.2 gives an overview of conducted studies relating to visitors’ affinity to national parks.

“Visitor Management in Tourist Destinations” by Julia N Albrecht
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A vigorous publicity campaign followed, encouraging visitors to travel, by car or by train, to such stunning and unspoiled destinations as Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming), Yosemite National Park (California), Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona), and Glacier National Park (Montana).

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  • Iceberg lake was great! We saw 2 Bears at different times, fortunately they did not pay us any attention, the granite chalet in Glacier is also amazing.

  • I did it 2014. Was 55, pretty much age of most who died. I hate heights,but holding a chain seemed to be all I needed. I almost never let go of it.

  • I’m the only one to complete the worlds longest trail. The Great Trail in Canada. It’s 21,000km long which is the equivalent of walking around the world or walking from New York to LA 3:times

  • I sort of disagree
    I’ve done the Torres Del Paine, Inca Trail AND Huayuash ( Huarez, Peru) and the last one was by far the most beautiful i’ve done

  • Being afraid of heights means your brain is functioning properly…being able to do this hike means something is dreadfully wrong with you!

    thank you very much

  • I brought my non-hiking wife up the Precipice many year ago. We bought some freshly steam lobsters at the docks. We wrapped them in newspaper and hiked up the trail. We ate our lobsters at the top of the trail as we were looking over the view. Great memories.

  • Kinda a crowded one but not nearly as much as Angels Lansing but Observation Point in Teton National park is a Great Lake view. Also the narrows which I’m sure you did if you went to Zion

  • There are at least two worries I have about doing this hike. The first is being cognizant about not looking down while hiking until another hiker says look at the beautiful view-and I look and go uh-oh. The other is that as I would be hiking down carefully and probably slowly, some hikers behind me tell me to move faster, and I say that’s okay, I’ll just move to the side and let you pass. And then they tell me there is no side. And I would say, now you tell me as I’m falling off the cliff!

  • Absolutely beautiful scenery! If i ever head back over to the US i’ll need to check out at least one of them, Iceberg lake looks like my favourite! Love the Rockies! Thanks. ��

  • Did this hike to catch a sunrise in April of last year. It was amazing! 
    It was INSANELY crowded by 9 or 10 AM! There were hundreds of hikers/families on their way to the top on our way down. If you have the slightest desire to do it, don’t hesitate! I suggest doing the hike early to beat the crowds.

  • They missed ABC and Tse -Phoksundo!!!
    Looks like the editor has not actually traveled anywhere!!
    Try to watch recommendation from the travelers, They are the authentic blogger.

  • My wife and I have hiked Angels Landing and Gros Morne Summit.  We have hiked in Glacier N.P. and Arches N.P. but we didn’t do the trails you did.  Trails that we have done that I highly recommend.   Longs Peak (Rocky Mt N.P. Colorado), Lakeshore Trail (Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan), Kalalau Trail (Kauai Hawaii), The Crack (Killarney Provincial Park Ontario), Crypt Lake Trail (Waterton N.P. Alberta), The Subway (Zion N.P. Utah

  • Why is the Appalachian trail on here but not the Pacific Crest trail or the John muir trail. If you ask me, the jmt should be close to number 1.

  • Acadia is the only national park I’ve been to and it was a brief trip so I loved how short & rewarding the hikes were. I’m from the Adirondacks in NY so most of my top hikes are there, Whiteface Mtn probably the most well known.

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  • The best hikes in BC are from Diamond Head to Black Tusk in Garibaldi Park (7 days) Beautiful mountain meadows in between the peaks. The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island (6 days and you need a reservation), which is very arduous but rewarding, and the Kootenay trail, in the Columbia district, which ties with the PCT.

  • OMG. My and my family did that hike when I was 10 and my brother was 9. I do t remember it being that dangerous! Geez my parents are crazy! All I remember is we went in November in the morning so holding on to the freezing cold chains really hurt

  • I’ve been to Zion once and it was absolutely gorgeous. There’s no way I go to this section of the park. People must have a strong death wish to do this. I don’t get it.

  • Beautiful! Not in a National Park but if you find yourselves near Mt.Baker in Western Washington, the hike to Lake Anne is probably the most gorgeous I’ve been on. You do have to go in late summer or early fall though when the pass is clear of snow and watch out for heavy rain cause part of the hike takes you through a valley.

  • Hi Mak and Owen. I gave you a list of hikes that you might be interested in a while ago. I finally got around to making my own video. A little overlap with yours (Gros Morne)

  • I hiked it twice as an 11 yo (I’m 12) it was fun and we got to feed chipmunks at the top with almonds also 17 people have died on it:( it was hard

  • A few years ago I watched two kids ride unicycles all the way up and all the way down, never getting off to walk. And that includes the chain area.

  • Hiked this about 5 years back. It was one of the most amazing hiking experiences I’ve had. It’s listed as one of the hikes you have to do before you die, so get out there and do it!

  • Being a Utah native, and having done this hike multiple times… The scariest part is the amount of people on the hike and trying to squeeze around them.

    The hike itself is not as terrifying as it looks. In my opinion, it’s one of the best trails in the state.

  • why don’t you kept all USA and Europe trails

    there is enough trail in Nepal which can challenge this list trails
    -Annapurna circuit(ABC)
    -Manaslu trek
    -Ghorepani Poon Hill
    -Upper Mustang
    -Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
    -Gokyo Ri Trek
    -Upper Dolpa
    -Makalu Base Camp
    Every mountain trail in Nepal are fresh and endless
    this list of nepal is just a sample, there are many

    Plz 1st visit/travel and then make a list

  • It would be impossible to list all of the best hikes, in the world, but I would include the Berg Lake Trail (BC, Canada), the PCT, and the John Muir Trail

  • The appalachian trail is not the longest hiking trail, the pacific crest trail Mexico/US border to the US/Canada border, and the continental divide trail which starts also Mexico/US border and ends again at the US/Canada border.

  • Sorry to hear you with many countries but without Pakistan how can you make your video. Bcoz Pakistan has world top 5 highest peaks.and 2nd highest mountain K2.����

  • Yeah, Gros Morne made it to your Top 5 list! That’s pretty impressive knowing all the places you guys have been. Of course, I’m from Newfoundland, as you probably guessed.

  • I’ve done the first four, two are in my Top 20 (A.L. & Iceberg) and I put The Precipice and Fiery Furnace in a separate ‘Mini-Hikes’ category. In that category, they are certainly in my Top 10.

  • The AT is the longest foot trail in the world??
    I get it when WatchMojo is pop heavy when it comes to movies. But nature??
    Checkout the CDT and the PCT

  • Love your video.. My brother is in British Columbia and goes on some epic hikes just like you.. Here is a short one of his.

  • I visited Zion last year but never got to do this hike. I’m hoping within the next year or so, I can return and hopefully I’ll be physically strong enough to make it! I love heights, and this video made me just that much more excited.

  • Great video! Awesome pictures. Good to know the best places for hiking.

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    you soon.

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  • Very cool! I will definitely try and check these hikes out!! Franklin falls is one of my favorites! Such a nice view of the waterfall with such a short distance and elevation gain.

  • Im from utah and i did this last year im afraid of heights but my uncle convinced me to do it im very glad i did it was a beautiful view

  • As someone who lives is Georgia. I HATE THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL. I much more recommend the TMB, Or pretty much anywhere in western US

  • Harding ice field pass hike in Seward, AK is very majestic. Had to clap at a brown bear for it to leave the trail and up in the alpine region there were mountian goats within rock throwing distance. I got a pic of a goat with seeing veins in its nose. The ice field is literally 100s of square miles large and you are beside exit glacier the whole walk up. It’s a pretty epic hike.
    I’ve been to 3 of your hikes. Great choices. Cheers

  • Wow, this brings back memories, one of the best hikes ever… I hiked this trail 13 years ago with my late hubby. At first I was too scared and decided to sit out at Scout Lookout and waited for him to go up and come back. But pride kicked in and I started climbing up too. Once I was on the trail following the chain, it was not that scary anymore, except for 1 section at 0:40 0:50 in the video. This part of the trail narrows to less than 2 feet in width, with sheer vertical drops on either sides so you feel very exposed walking across it!

  • On my first visit to Zion many years ago, my good friend tried to get me and his wife to go on this trail. We both said no way! If you don’t want to take the risks associated with this trail. do the Canyon Overlook Trail instead. It’s much shorter, less strenuous and less treacherous, but you get spectacular views similar to if not better than from the vantage points on Angel’s Landing. Plus, the Angel’s Landing trail is very crowded usually-especially during the summer months when the park is at its peak visitation.

  • good one.. but you do have chains.. living near ZNP you can fine many other exposed trails… and no holds, no chains.. those are the next level. ie Padre canyon

  • Hey Guys, really enjoying your channel. My wife and I frequent the Bruce Trail in Ontario, Canada. In total it’s around 900 kms (not typo) long and offers a variety of terrain and gorgeous views. In particular I recommend the sections in the Bruce Peninsula, the views over Georgian Bay are incredible.

  • The hike requires crossing a narrow sandstone ridge with support chains and, later, a steep staircase made of stone. It’s slippery, and eight people have died on the trail since 2004

  • Hi everyone! If you guys have a minute please check out my store We have a limited time only FREE mosquito repellant patches, just pay shipping!

  • A guy running on this… oh Lord! I stood at the beginning of this hike many years ago, looked up at the trail and knew there was no way I could do it. But it was fun to watch everyone else.

  • “On a Saturday morning…”??? Hike any one of the ten mentioned on a Saturday and you wont be greeted only by mountain views, intimate creeks and lush forests, you’ll have the population of the entire state as a welcoming party.

  • if you really want to get away from absolutely everyone and everything. go out into 100 mile wilderness in Maine. I love it. its about 2-3 hours from my town in southern ME. Dont go out alone unless you’re very experienced and a veteran hiker/climber. bring 1/3 extra the essential supplies you’ll need for your length out there. (trust me it is very unforgiving and unpredictable, much more so depending the time of year you go) have others go with you. and always tell someone where you are going, how long you will be gone, and your final destination spot on the date planned. Yes it is Maine, we dont have many animals that would really bother you, but it is very dense forest and huge. and getting lost is easier than anything. stay on trails.

  • great video! Some thoughts/questions:
    I would so love to dive into that glacial water!
    What kind of sandals are you wearing?
    I admit itI have a big crush on one of you and it ain’t Owan 😉

  • Awesome Video! I appreciate how you present everything and narrate as well. I love how beautiful Washington is, which I think you capture perfectly!

    Have you ever done Crystal Lakes, Kelly Butte and granite Mountain? Those are spectacular hikes!

  • I’d say there are two good contenders for the most “scary” hike: Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, but equally or more terrifying are the cables on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. I haven’t done Half Dome, but I have gotten just to the start of the cables on Angel’s Landing. If you want to, you could reply to me saying which you think is more horrifying, I’m curious to see what other people think.

  • Great video with some beautiful shots! Our favorite is the 2200ish mile WWT, which goes from NV through ID, into MT and down into WY.

  • Certainly one of the best top 10 hiking lists I have seen. Always so subjective. I’ve done 5 of these hikes, but my all time favourite would have to be the Annapurna Circuit…

  • If anyone wants other ideas for amazing overnight hikes in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, just check my channel. I have hiked almost every trail in Banff, Jasper and Kananaskis over the last 28 years.

  • Beautiful!!! I likely would have been game for that hike in my 20’s with a friend, but I couldn’t make it happen now. Thank GOD for the beautiful sights and for those who installed the grab chain.