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Avoid elevators and escalators, walk to lunch or between floors in your building, do chores more enthusiastically at home and park further away in the parking lot. Just standing up more can make a difference. These things add minuscule amounts of time to.

To Avoid Weight Gain, Little Things Do Matter Published October 20, 2015 | By DoDASHDiet Awareness and careful attention when you are doing less physical activity, and how this will affect the calories you need each day, is really important. To avoid weight gain, experts recommend adding 2,000 steps a day to your routine, doing strength training two to three times a week, and shaving 100 calories from your diet each day. Avoiding weight gain is not as simple as cutting calories or exercising.

It is a matter of establishing a healthier lifestyle overall. There are no quick fixes to avoiding weight gain long-term, but with lifestyle changes you can maintain a healthy weight. Method 1. If you notice your weight creeping up, consider intermittent fasting (aka time-restricted eating). For instance, you can limit your eating to 8 hours during the day, such as between 10 a.m. and 6.

Also, if you’re getting wrapped up in the little things (yes, I would call weight gain a little thing) try to remember to take things one day at a time. Think of something positive that happened today. Do something that helps you de-stress, whether that’s doing some online yoga or having a glass of wine. (Find out 10 little things connected couples do.) “The findings suggest marital distress may be an important risk factor for weight gain,” says study author Lisa Jaremka, PhD, an assistant.

To avoid overdoing it, “hold yourself to no more than five to seven drinks a week,” says Brooke Alpert, R.D.N., the founder of the nutrition practice B Nutritious in New York City. And choose lower-calorie drinks like wine, light beer, and vodka with club soda. If you do decide to adopt a vegan diet, be sure to keep the ‘treats’ to a minimum and plan balanced meals (we love ‘Domestic Vegan’ Diva Jessica Olson’s tips for “going veg”). “Aim to get about 10 to 20 percent of your calories from protein (or about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight), replacing animal protein with healthy plant proteins, like those found in beans, legumes, eggs, nuts. No matter the caloric content, foods and beverages all weigh something.

Drinking an 8-ounce glass of water will add weight to your body because it has.

List of related literature:

Avoid excess maternal weight gain, which could result in unnecessary postpartum weight retention Evidence demonstrates a positive relationship between maternal weight gain and infant birthweight.

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Although restraint over food intake is reduced during pregnancy, increases in food intake appear too small to account for the magnitude of weight gain (Clapp 1989.

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However, as prepregnancy weight increases, the importance of maternal weight gain diminishes.”

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Furthermore, weight gain in pregnancy is due not only to increased caloric intake and fat deposition but also to fluid retention.

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Most people with AN restrict their intake in some form: They believe that eating smaller portions, skipping meals, or avoiding foods that could make them gain weight or are unhealthy will prevent weight gain despite evidence indicating they are highly unlikely to gain weight.

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When asked a series of behavioral questions about changes in food intake during pregnancy consuming “a lot less food” was related to weight gain below IOM guidelines whereas maintaining usual diet was associated with an appropriate gestational weight gain.

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The weight that you gain (assuming it’s gained on the right types of food) is there for a very important purpose: to nourish your baby and ensure optimum growth in the womb.There will be plenty of time after pregnancy to shed any leftover pounds.

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  • This type of surgery is a massive help…but it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever u want..that isn’t possible. You gotta keep away from junk food. It’s all in the mind. We need to change the way we eat. I’ve had surgery myself..and ive lost 110pounds and still need to lost another 50 pounds. I had my surgery 3 years ago. We only get one chance with this surgery. We can’t afford to stuff it up..

  • I wouldn’t mind to try a real ketogenic lifestyle for a while, a month for example. I can stick on less than 50gr of net carbs for a few days but then it’s so easy to go over…. a little bowl of whole rice or a little milk in my coffee or a kiwi in my whole plain yogurt and…. it goes something like 70/80 gr… always low carb and not too bad but certainly not enough to feel the ketogenic benefits…

  • He never explains why the KETO dieters gain weight. Are they still KETO? I would think the u shape curves need input from the subjects. I also think that pushing past some personal weight threshold is possible under KETO but your body needs some protective lower bound mechanism.

  • I’m 20 week 5days pregnant and has gained 5 kg so far.��
    My belly is way more bigger than what 20 weeks would look like. I’m worried about my weight. ��
    I add up 2 kg every month I go for monthly check up. ��

  • I started off at 19% body fat, muscular and eating right. But now that I’m pregnant I’m struggling to eat the foods I normally would. Nausea has been a big struggle. Like even seeing a skinless chicken breast makes me nauseous. I still eat lots of fruits and veggies but eating a lot lean protein from animals is hard for me.

  • I’m not sure if I’ll get a response, but I just have a question… so I’m still dieting and plan to until I reach my goal, as I’ve been seeing I’m only eating around 700-1000 calories a day. So if I were to start reverse dieting after I reach my goal, the best way to do this without gaining weight is to add 20-30 calories per week??

  • I’ve just watched a bunch of your videos related to reverse dieting and they have been so valuable! In an attempt to lose fat and create a huge deficit, I cut my calorie intake significantly to approximately 1200 calories a day, which has allowed for significant weight loss (only been doing this for a few weeks). However, I understand that this is not sustainable and that this weight loss will not be consistent, and the weight I am losing probably isn’t the fat that I intended to lose in the first place. Going forward, I will gradually increase my calorie intake to a reasonable amount whilst also increasing the cardio/resistance training that I do to create the deficit that I require. So grateful I found these videos so early in my weight-loss journey, thank you!

  • What constitutes a metabolic reset diet? I had gastric bypass in 2004, exercise vigorously each day, eat 75% vegtables,20% grain and the rest protein but still have had 30# weight gain.

  • I’m eating healthy, and walking a lot, but my body seems to gain too mugh weight than normal I’m in my 24week and I already have gained 10 kilos. I’m struggling so much because I don’t see myself much fatter I just have my belly, my legs and arms are pretty much the same witch is pretty weird. Anyone have any tips?

  • As a Carnivore, I’m glad I don’t have this issue. Hi �� to all zero and low carbers. No such thing as an essential dietary carb. Dogmatic? No! Passionate advocate? Yes! ��

  • What if you are craving bread? I was on keto and lost 16 pounds so far but I got pregnant. I don’t want to have complications in my pregnancy because I am still in the high weight of 204 lb. I was hoping to be a lot lighter but I am extremely happy to be pregnant cause I had lost three early chemical pregnancies before and I have been trying for 2.5 years for this baby. I just want to keep my weight where it is as much as possible and have no issues such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. I am not craving bread yet although I had a sandwich of bred mayo and Tomatoes in between. That is something I craved and it was my first bread since April this year. What to do if I want to make that sandwich again?

  • Hi Colin, been reverse dieting and not gained any weight, brought cals up very slowly from 1600 to 2100 and want to keep going.
    Now I’m having surgery in a few days and won’t be able to exercise for over a month, I usually lift weights 3 times per week and walk an hour every day.
    Should I lower my cals with not being able to exercise or stay put?
    Thank you.

  • How can you eat only what benefits the baby when your cravings are all over the place and when you don’t have time to cook your own cookies?! Unreal for some women! I never craved sweet before getting pregnant and now I can’t start my day without a donut or an apple turnover with my coffee. It pisses me off! )) I’m already like 5 pounds heavier than I’m supposed to be following the link you shared. I’m not getting big anywhere except my belly tho so we’ll see in a couple of months.

  • I am getting so tired of hearing that fasting or eating less often increases energy expenditure. I had to stop the video there and write this.

    This is either the worst case of cherry picking, not reading the whole study, or just plain incompetence.

    The increase in energy expenditure is temporary, short lived and transient.

    Long term this does not happen. Long term metabolism slows just like caloric restriction. Every time.

    Dr. Fungus uses a study on alternate day fasting for 22 days to show it doesn’t lower metabolism.

    Except it absolutely shows that their metabolism dropped over the 22 days. Why doesn’t he see this?

    He looks at the day to day only. On the day the BMR drops during the fast but returns when feeding. But does it return all the way? No. It has an ever so slight drop. Looking at the day it is insignificant. Look at the whole 22 days and there is a drop of 82 calories in 22 days. That is significant.

    He compared this to the biggest loser study where they lost an average of 610 calories on their BMR and he so brilliantly says “They lost 610 calories while the fasting people lost very little. Amazing!”

    Well isn’t that a little short sighted. Yes compared to 610 calories 82 is not bad but look at the time frame.

    Biggest loser timeframe of loss of metabolic rate 210 days of contest plus 6 years of caloric restriction.

    Study time frame 22 days.

    What is worse? I say losing 82 calories in 22 days is far worse.

    Look at it on a daily level:

    Biggest loser (210 days) 2.9 calories per day lost

    Fasting study (22 days) 3.72 calories per day

    Look at that. Fasting 11 days out of 22 days had a much worse effect than calorie restricting.

    Looking at the short term is short sighted and causes this type of shit info to propagate.

    Read the whole study. Look at the big picture. Do the math. It helps.

  • At around the 4:45 mark you say “hunger can harpoon any good diet”. I would argue that if one is getting hungry then it isn’t a good diet. Sure, a little hungry, a little discomfort, but not really hungry/starving. It is possible to eat enough, not be hungry, and be insulin sensitive(not carry body fat). And of course we know the answer, no sugar, low carb, high fat, high veggie, fasting. Its not a diet, it is a way of eating, and it works.

  • I lost 220 lbs in 9 months after surgery. I went to India in March 2018. Paranoid about getting sick. So hardly ate. Survived on almonds, slim jims, Protien bars and water. Eating 800 cals a day. I come home, lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks in India.. Since then I have gained 20 lbs and I am struggling to get my eating back into control. It’s as if I am stuck in the feast cycle after a period of self inflicted famine. Is this a normal response to extreme caloric restrictions?

  • Thanks for sharing! I wish more doctors talked about stuff like this. I have PCOS and started my pregnancy at 195, ended up losing 13 lbs because I got sick in the first trimester. Im now 30wks and haven’t gained weight yet, but I am conscious of what I eat. I follow a low GI diet and it’s been so helpful. I don’t have a lot of the symptoms I did with my first pregnancy and that’s a huge plus in my book!

  • Dr. Weiner I love your videos and I follow you to the T! I have learned a lot about eating healthy and I am planning to buy your book real soon. Having said that, I had the gastric bypass on November 13, 2019, it is going to be 4 months ago on March 13; and I have lost 43 pounds so far from my original weight of 229 pounds when I had the surgery. I intent to go down to 140 pounds which is my goal. I am 68 years old and I am feeling GREAT!!! I eat vegetables, fruits, my proteins, etc. all FRESH not canned. I walk everyday in a fast way so I can burn calories. Since my surgery, I don’t need to take the medications I used to take before, thank God to this surgery which which was a life saving for me. My question to you would be this: because of my age, would I be able to lose more weight to reach my goal??? Thank you very much! I appreciate your help in answering my question! As I said, never I had felt this great �� It is an awesome feeling. Happy in NJ.

  • Love that you acknowledge yoga as a stress reducer, so many benefits from yoga! Thank you for this video, even 5 years later, good info!

  • I missed you! �� one of the last videos of yours I watched was back in ‘18 I want to say before I gave birth to my daughter Elina. I’m now almost 6 months pregnant again with our son! Love your content and a believer of the Paleo approach ����

  • Context matters as well. Are the subjects Metabolically ill or IR when starting the study? Also, do insulin levels track directly with metabolic rate.

  • Dr I’m ashamed to say I weighed 325 before gastric bypass and only loss 85lbs. Now I have gained back over 40lbs. I’ve been to ashamed to go back to Dr who did surgery last appt I could or felt I could see and feel the disappointment and that was before I put weight back on but I was losing so slow. What can I do? I’m walking everyday plan on joining YWCA tomorrow. Never had any problems eating after surgery. My friend had same surgery and is too small. I feel like a failure EVERYTIME I’m around her. I plan on going to nutionist and therapist cause I finally am able to ask for help. I have sleep apnea HTN back pain hip and knee pain. I don’t want to die so I’ve gotten serious even though my mind is telling me its too late. I wish I had this motivation 5 yrs ago.what can I do.

  • My best friend is in a very bad place. She is eating a about 800 calories and I’m trying to get her to do this because she can’t lose more weight (she’s kind of on keto right now) ( and her metabolism is clearly damaged because of all of the disordered eating she goes through), and she’s afraid to go over 1000 calories. And terrified completely to gain weight. So if she adds about 50 calories per week from protein you say she is not gaining weight? I really want her to understand it doesn’t matter if she gains some but she would be destroyed if she did, somebody please help me

  • It’s amazing that doctors still recommend low fat, high carb diets for weight loss, it’s hard to believe! Low-carb diets have long proved themselves superior.

  • So, if I understand well, after a period of LCHF diet where you can eat Unlimited, you should continue with LCHF but introducing less fat and calories.
    As I answered to another YouTube user, My speculation, indeed, is that weight regain, is due to poor food quality despite being on keto, wrong omega ratio, seed oil usage etc… So, once again, keto alone means nothing, margarine and chicken breast not equal to butter and t-bone steak

  • Hey girl! Thanks so much for this video! That chart is amazing!! I always fear that I may be gaining too much weight but my mind’s at ease now �� love the tips! Xoxo,

  • I have type 2 diabetes and an insulin dependent…can you give some tips on how to navigate lo carb with intermittent fasting. I adjust short acting based on sliding scale with long acting adjusted accordingly. (If 6 units of short then 12 long acting). Still having crashes and high in the morning.

  • im figuring life out for myself.. keto for months now, stable energy no dips, its just that my social groups won’t understand and are out there eating junk, I get called a ‘health freak’ if I mention anything. but I just love videos like yours and finding evidence, but I still try and look at it from different sides where others believe a high carb diet is the way to go, just to see where ideas have originated while connecting the dots and identifying myths and misinformation.

  • So if I fast for 30 days, then eat only 800 calories for the next 60 days I will be at this point without going bald, or heading toward early dementia as side effects of this surgery?

  • Thank you for answering all my questions. Prevention, prevention, prevention and being realistic all bases covered. Think in long-term, make healthy choices and, don’t beat yourself up! Rather live life. Thank you, valueable much-needed information, and keeping it real. I had the removal of lap band 2yrs ago a positive outcome, I converted to Vegetarian, going 4yrs. Totally agree, in food and physical choices, Quality over Quantity.P.S My surgery coming, next week 9th of October! Cheers from Australia

  • hi! i’ve been eating around 1100-1200 calories for about 2-3 months(estimate since i don’t count), i lost weight fairly normal (was 120 in may 24th, i am 106 now august 5th) i have still been losing weight so my metabolism hasn’t been ruined and i don’t want it to so i’m gonna start reverse dieting, also to add, i am a teenager and due to eating too many little calories caused me some health problems which i am now taking care off! but i want to better my health and still maintain my weight! could adding 50 calories per week be considered a good amount? ( i am starting at 1200):)

  • This doctor’s failure to reveal all the facts is disingenuous, dishonest and dangerous for multiple reasons. Reason 1 He fails to distinguish the kinds of carbs. All carbs are not equal and different carbs have a different impact on metabolism. 2 He fails to address hyperinsulinemia which is a dysfunction of the pancreas 3 He omits any mention of seed oils which cause a Derangement of sugar metabolism resulting in Diabesity

  • I went ketogenic 3months later went from 231lb to 180 lbs 31% fat to 18% fat that’s the only study I care about! Also REVERSED MY TYPE 2 diabetes!

  • I’m just now seeing this video, and I have a slightly different question regarding stomach capacity following gastric sleeve surgery.  I understand your chart regarding projected eating capacity in time increments following surgery, however, if a person is intentionally trying to increase the capacity of their sleeve, is it possible to achieve pre-surgery capacity?

  • I started keto 2 weeks before shoulder surgery(cuff, labrum and bicep tendon-June 17, 2019). I lost 50 pounds during 18 weeks of total recovery with 9 of those weeks of living on a recliner. I did nothing in the form of physical activity. Started at 265 pounds and now a nice 185 and maintaining. Was pre diabetic along with high bp but that’s now a thing of the past and those just scratch the surface. Put it in the bank, book it and etch it in stone, that’s my personal study of how keto works. Thanks Doc.

  • Ugh! I have been following a low carb diet for 12 weeks and have only lost 16 pounds. Also, my blood sugar is still high EVERY morning, ranging from 150 to 190 eventhough I eat less than 20 grams of carbs each day. I also walk for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day. I cannot manage more walking bad back and knees, both from injuries. What do I need to change? I take metformin 500 mg 2 times daily and if I take glimepiride in the a.m., by 4 p.m. my blood sugar is crashing. My PCP is also at a loss. Suggestions, anyone?

  • I am seven years post gastric sleeve. I lost 77 pounds and got down to 156 pounds. I am now 171 pounds but have found this very interesting. It has renewed my interest in healthier eating. Thank you.

  • I have lost 10 pounds during covid because I am able to focus on me while sheltering in place. I am a massage therapist and usually spend my days helping other people.

  • Nicely explained, I have been saying this for Years. It’s not just hormones or calories.
    It’s both!:) my keto program has a 95% success rate because of it:)

    I lost 90 lbs and have maintained it now for 3 years and counting:)

  • on low carb i loose my weight over night be logging this with night and morning weigh ins for 4 months i have been following LCHF dropping from 86kg to 74 kg over this time I am 72 and feeling great

  • Great information! I gained 5 lbs during the first 3 months. I blame it to the fact of Teaching online. Being in front of the computer all day…. All night…. While sitting. The normal patterns of walking around the classroom and the school was gone! Thats, when I realized I need a standing desk or even better a standing desk in front of a treadmill, like dear Dr. Gregor!

  • Well look at the chemical food we have to eat.! Pestazides sprays on our food. Hormones and antibiotics in our meat
    Hybrid apples and hybrid veggies and fruit. The food is junk enen the food that is not junk food. Only choose is low carb and fasting to change your body inslulin resistant
    Font agree with this guy complely

  • nice lecture but sadly it does not resolve the initial problem that you showed at the beginning. my weight loss curve looks exactly like that. i lost 25kg in the first year of keto. the second year the weight stagnated and now in the last 7 month the weight kreeped up 1kg per month.
    i am still on keto but my metabolism is down. the only way out that i see now is getting some levithyroxine from a doctor to speed up my metabolism with thyroid medication. and maybe also supplement with some good 5-htp.

  • I started reverse dieting and eating 1580 after eating 1200 or undereating with inconsistent and I was still hungry. I just increased my calories by 50 calories on my 2nd week and I noticed a 1-2 lb weight gain….

  • I loved this! I am on my fourth pregnancy, 16 weeks now. Eating healthy, and treats in moderation, so so important! I think its great to encourage women to keep up healthy eating habits as they are able. I once heard someone say that during pregnancy is when we should be eating our very best.:) good luck everyone!

  • Double-labelled water is a longstanding, well validated way of estimating energy expenditure in ‘free’ test populations (ie not shut up in a metabolic lab). Just shows that even otherwise sensible scientists will throw smoke screens if their own conclusions are challenged.

  • Hi I’ve been eating less than 800 cals everyday along with cardio and at the first two months I lost around 30 lbs and now on my third month my weight completely stopped decreasing so I’m trying reverse dieting. I’m on my second day and I’m sad because I gained a pound. Should I eat 1800 cals everyday or should I slowly up my calories? I don’t really know what to do cause my metabolism’s damaged

  • Im 7 weeks
    3 pregnancy.
    In my others pregnancy i didn’t care about food and my body and i gained 39 pounds and with the second I was continued fat cause I was got pregnant in the year so with the second i gained 27 pounds.

    And now just gained 4 pounds with 7 weeks but when I had my first appointment last Friday I have 4 more because I was finished to have breakfast, they put me in the scale with clothes and shoes not fair right lol. But I control my weight at home in my scale.
    I remember in my 2 pregnancy in the weeks 7 the belly and my body was big,but now I still skinny.
    I do exercises at home,dumbells, cardio,upper body, full body workouts, bike, dance and do keep busy at home.
    Im not look fat not yet.
    I got 3 year training and I lost 33 pounds. But now I’m pregnant lol.
    I’m trying to continue eating healthy and I have some symptoms like nauseas,heartburn,dizzying.
    I continue eating healthy
    like:meat,salads,veggies, natural juice like green juice made at home,fruits, protein and healthy fat.
    I don’t like to eat sweet,bread and White flour
    for now ������ this the worst for get fat.
    So mommy’s do exercises or walk and remember eat healthy she is right ✅ ������.

  • I am currently about 16 weeks pregnant with my first healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage 2 years ago when I was 21 years old. I regulary exercise, even when I wasn’t pregnant. I just hope exercise will keep my immunity healthy cause I really fear germs.

  • I was dieting for 3 months and was eating 1500-1600 cal a day and i lost 22 lbs with HIIT. But now I joined gym and i do weight training 5 times a week now with high intensity so to build muscle I started taking more calories upto 2100 and my weight is the same for the week so should I continue eating or eat less?!

  • interesting presentation but although title for the presentation mentions lipedema I did not hear Dr. Gerber make any reference whatsoever to lipedema so I was a bit disappointed.

  • i started on keto and doing fasting, and lost about 35-40kg, then some life happenned and i had to go on an anti anxiety drug called olanzapine, and even though i was on keto, i started putting weight on again becasue i was hungry all the time, eating loads of steak and basically drinking more than a litre of cream a day, probably around 4-5000 calories total per day. just couldn’t handle the hunger, so i know it’s not just carbs that make you gain weight, they’re just a crazy accelerant for gaining weight.

  • Thank you Dr. Gerber! I have seen this in my own journey. Although my carbs were extremely low, my weight loss was stalled. Once I started tracking calories, and lowered them, I started losing weight once again. Since I stayed LCHF, I didn’t experience “starvation” as I have in the past on a normal calorie diet.

  • Can someone please help me understand this: I’ve been dieting for about 6 months went from 132 to 125 (took long because I would binge and stay the same weight) but anyways to lose weight I would eat about 1350 and now to maintain my weight I’ve added on 200 calories (1550) but in addition I’m also adding another 2 hours of walking on top of the 2 hrs I was doing while losing the weight so my question is can I do this and not gain weight and addition can I add more calories weekly and not gain weight

  • My pregnancy experiences have been this so far: Ive had 2 babies and am presently pregnant with my 3rd little girl. All my pregnancies I ate nutritionally dense foods. I didnt gain any weight until about 20 weeks and then 1 pound per week after. My first i developed preeclampsia and ended up gaining 35 pounds13 of that in 2 weeks. I was induced early. After all the water and swelling went down i was down 4 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight. I always kept my muscle and my absmy core was very strong so my bump was tiny and i didnt show till 7 months and even then still had abs till the last month. After birth my abs came back immediately. I gained 25 pounds with my 2nd this time a normal healthy pregnancy and delivered naturally at 41 weeks. Again i walked out in my prepregnancy clothes with a flat stomach. I never had to work out or try to lose weight after birth because i gained only the pregnancy weight and maintained my fitness throughout. I always focused on getting nutrition in my diet, limitting or avoiding sugar and simple carbs. If i ate carbs it was whole grain unprocessed and only ate that as filler AFTER i satisfied myself with the nutrient dense foods meat, dairy, vegetables, healthy fats etc. I also hiked often, went swimming and would do simple bodyweight workouts once a week like planks and squats pushups and leg lifts. I mostly just tried to stay active and avoid being sedentary. Also I made sure to keep my core strength the TVA muscle strong. It helped with birth making pushing fast and keeping at bay exhaustion. Having a strong core also prevents the back pain from having a big belly. The utetus has a tendon in the back that is attatched to your spine and if you let your belly hang out to much it will put alot of strain on your spine and cause alot of back pain.

  • I’ve lost 250lbs and 16″ off my waist with Keto/IF eating during a small window and eating until I’m full. Worked great for my Type-2 reversal. Now helping family do the same.

  • I am a retainer l had a RNY in 2004 l initially lost 100kgs but have gained back 30kgs. I have had lots of surgeries to my stomach because of perforated ulcers, gallbladder removal, bile duct stones, had to have a massive hernia repaired twice. I suffer chronic reflux and can’t eat anything solid so slider foods never make me feel full. I have sadly come to a place where l don’t see much in my future and am just waiting to die.

  • My weight problems were definitely caused by prednisone through my teenage years into my early 20’s. I was naturally skinny and could not gain weight prior to cortisone. It completely wrecked my body.

  • I hear lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • That is very interesting. Never thought about it like that. I add extra fat to ensure ketosis, but notice over time my protein content increases. Carbs only ever about 10gm. My problem was I was losing way too much weight and had to put back on 5kg, which inevitably was fat. So now I am a bit confused about my diet mix. But I gather if I keep my Carbs and Protein constant I use fat content as the accelerator/break to manage weight. So I will give this hypothesis a try. But the end target I think is to find a standard way of eating where you don’t have to think out each meal.

  • Hello! I’m a teenager and lately I’ve been eating about 900-1000 calories per day for the past month or so. Before that, I haven’t counted but it must’ve been less than 900 since I remember increasing my intake. If I were to add about 100 calories every two weeks would I gain weight? Please respond.

  • New subscriber! I’m pregnant too❤️ 22 weeks with #5 (highschool sweethearts and teen parents)! You are literally gorgeous�� We have a channel too!

  • 1tb ground psyllium husk, 2 tb activated charcoal, drip warm water while kneading. Smear mixture on gauze and then tape to body part needing attention whether a bee sting, inflammation, over the liver ect. Leave on no longer than 8 hrs. Melts swelling and edema away!

  • Pregnant with #4. Started overweight and I’m already up 20 lbs and 25 weeks. I usually gain 60 per kid… sigh sigh sigh. Hoping this time I won’t gain so much so I can focus on losing the excess weight I never lost with the others.

  • I had RNY 8-15-17 and I found myself having a lot of questions even though I’ve done my research prior to getting this procedure. I happened to come across your videos here on YouTube and they are so informative so educational to those looking to get bariatric surgery it’s very informative before and after the fact you are amazing, I just ur videos and advice! thank u for taking time out to educate us.

  • I got my fasting insulin levels all the way down to 3.6 but I still could not break thru the 190 lb. barrier which is still overweight for someone at about 5-11 height.

  • I’m down 150 lbs since September 16th I’m been walking and doing better with eating.. this video is very helpful ty doctor.. please subscribe to my channel liliny23

  • If I’m adjusting my calories do I adjust them based on net calories? I run half marathons very often and I am trying to make sure I’m starting this right. Thanks!

  • During the stay at home I panicked. When I went to the store and saw shelves empty I went into survival mode and bought crap that I don’t eat. I ended up donating that food to a food bank when I came to my senses.

  • Yes, calories matter, from my experience. Keto for about 8 years. But darn, I love the food. A lot of butter and thick cream, I had it in my head that I’d stay slim no matter what I ate on account of the idea that it’s raised insulin that generates fat creation. Turns out, that’s not the only pathway. Spotted my reflection in a shop window at the beach, was surprised at the paunch.

    Years ago I’d noticed I had no appetite for breakfast, like a lot of low-carbers, and I had just started noticing that I had no appetite for lunch either. Leptin I expect, who cares? So, easy solution, skip lunch too.

    Now I’m OMAD (one meal a day), for the past five months. Lost about 8kg, I think, paunch all but gone. I don’t weigh or measure, I do a once-a-month check taking a video of myself in a swimming costume, the picture tells the story, and I’m looking lean, probably about two months to go and I’ll have to worry about under-eating.

    (I’ve figured out that my lunch used to be about 1200kcals pd. One thing I’ve learned, don’t compensate with bigger suppers. My problem is that I enjoy food too much. Speaking of which, I can’t understand the argument that keto is unsustainable I enjoy food more on keto than before.)

    MORAL OF THE STORY: 1. Calories matter. 2. But low carb makes calorie management easy (probably impossible on high carb). 3. Low carb makes Intermittent Fasting easy (23/1 every day in my case) for those who buy the IF story (not including me, I surmise that IF works because it reduces carb effects). 4. On low carb, appetite reduces this creates problems because it can be tricky to know if you’re overor undereating, in my case I had to alter living habits and check with monthly video selfies.

  • After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I refused to be treated by the doctor. I caalled my sister to take all the food from my cabinets and freezer i began educating my self on the net. 3 months later I was 60 lbs lighter now 80lbs lighter. I give success all to the diet. The diet and eating times are all sustainable. My life was changed through this discipline. The discipline is just the way I live. More energy, sharper focus, and no need for snacks satiated from on meal to the next. No desire to go back……….. sorry I talk too much!
    Please forgive thee picture……… I just got out of bed ( 😉

  • I had the sleeve 7/29/16. Processed foods taste nasty now. I lost my weight in 7 months but I was not happy with my body. I started hiking 4/14/17 and went from a size 10 to a size 4 in 7 months.I hike 3-4 miles at least 4 times a week. My weight regulates itself and I don’t worry about the scale. One MUST exersize AND diet….there is NO way around it. Milk and soda is a no-no for me. Surgery is not the magic bullet but it is a most excellent tool

  • I cant believe how little people blog about this, its such a big thing. Its simple really if you pig out and let yourself go in pregnancy you’ll have it to lose once the baby is here. On top of sleep deprivation and all the rest its a massive task to start losing weight, whereas keeping it real and not overindulging does help you after birth. With my first i went back to the exact same i was before, hopefully this pregnancy will be the same.

  • I had my gastric sleeve done September 26, 2018 and I have lost 30 pounds in 30 days so far. Looking forward to losing more. Eating healthy making sure my portion control is small making sure I don’t gain weight. drinking plenty of water.

  • I have always loved adding salt to my food. 5 years ago I acquired a permanent ileostomy as a result of colon cancer and was told to keep up my salt intake (which highly delighted me!) because with no colon, one loses electrolytes and I also have to drink a lot to prevent dehydration. I make up an electrolyte/rehydration drink daily which includes lemon juice, salt (pink Himalayan rock), maple syrup, kombucha and coconut water, topped up to 1 litre with filtered water I drink this quantity every day.

    Over the past year I have been gradually transitioning to a whole-food plant-based diet and within the last month have finally arrived, having ditched the dairy, discovering that I can make very good yoghurt and other things with home-made soya milk. I have noticed that I now no longer need to reach for the salt cellar as my food is mega-tasty without. I am hoping the teaspoon of salt in the electrolyte drink is sufficient for my needs.

    My hubby has joined me in eating whole-food plant-based since the lockdown he was told by our doctor to join a slimming club which advocates low calorie density to a certain degree (they do not count calories), but they still include meat, dairy and eggs I keep a record of his meals which he gives to the leader of the group and she is very impressed with what I am doing and has even asked for some recipes! We have seen the weight fall off my hubby and for the first time ever, he seems engaged with the process. However, I cannot get him to engage fully and look at the science behind what we are doing he refused point blank to watch “Forks Over Knives:” for instance, but I do drop nuggets of information into the conversation! I think if I wasn’t around to feed him, he would quickly revert to his bad old habits. I would love him to learn and understand the reasoning behind this change of lifestyle, based on science and decades of reliable research but his is not interested. Our friends and family know we are now eating what they call “vegan” (I put them right about the details if I get the opportunity) but so far nobody has followed suit. They are seeing the results in my hubby’s weight loss and how well we are both looking, despite my various ongoing health issues.

    I continue to educate myself via YouTube, and thank you Chef AJ for introducing me to whole-food plant-based in the first place!

  • I had my surgery 8 months ago lost 60 pounds, but never lost any weight in 2 full months. I need another 40lbs off to reach target, not eating that much and I’m on the treadmill everyday for 40 mins. I think my under active thyroid is slowing me down. I drink kale, cucumber, celery, apple, green juice everyday 500mls. Just don’t understand my body how it’s not losing anymore. Stuck at 12 stone 11 lbs, I need to get to 10 stone

  • When considering eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to check out Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Curious if mitochondria will change the number of pumps on their cell membrane in the face of different fuels? I.E. if you eat low carb high fat for a year will your mitochondria have many more fat pumps on them than glucose or is the ratio of glucose and fat pumps fixed?

  • This was a great video. I am out about five or six years with 25 pounds gained. I was thinking of another surgery but will now look at my nutrition and habits. Thank you for the video.

  • I feel like women should stop being so obsessed with weight gain/weight loss, especially during pregnancy. Focus on growing your baby and nourishing your body. I’m a naturally very petit and thin woman and I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted while I was pregnant, and I didn’t focus on something so trivial and honestly superficial. It’s just so sad how this is all majority of people care about these days. I gained over 70 lbs while pregnant and I’m 7 months post partum and lost it all by not doing much. No regrets here, I actually enjoyed my life and didn’t hyper focus on trying to be skinny while pregnant.

  • I would love to know how many positive Covid 19 cases were plant based. Just a thought. Thank you Chef AJ, you are inspiring and educational.

  • Yes, I found working from home during COVID extremely helpful in being able to eat more healthy foods that were available to me. So I LOST the COVID 19 instead of GAINING them.

  • Join Dr. V daily weight loss group! I’ve lost over 100 pounds! Enrollment only open thru June 30th.

  • Dr. Weiner, I am 2 Years Post Op after Gastric bypass surgery.
    In November 2019, I had to have emergency surgery on a Twisted Bowel? I believe it was called Peterson’s Syndrome? Not sure?
    I was very sick and in the Hospital for a week. Since that 2nd Surgery, I’ve noticed an increase in my Appetite because I’m having Diarrhea every time I eat, I have very bad gas and bloating. The Gas has become an embarrassing issue.
    My Dr here has suggested over the counter Imodium pills to start. I don’t think it’s helping very much. I may have to go on something that he prescribes next.
    Any suggestions or anything you can help or educate? I’d appreciate…
    I’ve lost more weight since that Bowel Surgery and it’s because of the Diarrhea….yet I eat like a horse and have cravings all the time.

  • Is it possible to have the surgery and not have it calibrated right. If you have a huge stomach? I met a nurse who said they didn’t remove enough of her stomach and she didn’t lose hardly any weight.

  • I just bought your book! Thanks so much for these videos, i was sleeved 3/5/18 and I felt so lost! My surgeon’s office has no nutritionist or dietician and I am trying to find some guidance.

  • Hello! I live in Missouri and I had the RNY 3.7.19. HW 341 CW 191. I am so happy to be active and moving on my own and not riding in scooters or unable to tie or buckle my shoes.

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • There is one more trigger. Something is messing up the endocrine system from birth.
    Vaccines, Not Diet, Are Causing Epidemic Of Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes According To New Paper From Classen Immunotherapies Inc.

  • I can’t help but notice that all of these charts just say weight regain and not fat regain in the “check mark” so this doesn’t account for the idea that people, once they get to a weight they are happy with could easily be commencing to gain weight in muscle. It’s also a relatively small gain over a somewhat long period of time which could be accounted for by people dialing in the weight they’re happy with maintaining. There doesn’t seem to be any indication whether compliance might be becoming lax towards the end because it’s much easier to be swayed to eat just one small piece of cake when you’re 150 pounds and think you can now get away with it than when you were 215 pounds and determined to play the game to the letter. Also, I might be dense but it seems like he is saying consume less calories at a point when you’re potentially getting less energy from fat stores so doesn’t that suggest upping the calories (from external fat sources) in order to keep up with the metabolic demands of the body and not cutting them because of some notion that keeping calories low is somehow vital maintaining weight when they didn’t matter as much on the way down while LCHF?

  • I am a muscular person and I have eaten “paleo” my whole life, without even knowing it. (Lean meats, grown veggies.) I’m grateful for it because it has helped me immensely, and right now I’m trying to get ready to carry twins for my first pregnancy. (2nd pregnancy technically bc I lost the first one) Thank you for making this video

  • Thank you Dr Gerber for doing something which is seldom done in the low carb community. You have come up with an amicable comprise that acknowledges the validity of both the calorie hypothesis and the hormonal hypothesis of weight management. From a personal perspective, I can vouch that the most effective means to achieve fat loss, and most importantly, maintain that weight loss for the long run is to be mindful of both the macronutrient composition of food and the calorie content of said food. Far from being diametrically opposing ideas, the former facilitates adherence to the latter. A diet comprised of a low carb approach tends to satiate the body to such an extent that it makes achieving caloric restriction achievable for the long term. However, if one simply thinks that low carb, even with its established metabolic advantage, gives one carte blanche to indulge in food to hedonistic excess to the point of significantly exceeding ones caloric needs, then you are destined to never reach your weight loss goals or maintain them in the long run.

  • To be fair, Dr. Gerber’s talk focused on why weight loss plateaus. In his conclusion, he does seem to point to reduction of fat intake (thus reducing total caloric intake) will increase BMR and jump start weight loss again. Not sure why he wasn’t more purposeful with this point?

  • Doctor I have the sleeve surgery 5 years ago, and I lost a lot a weight,but now I got back weight I was a size 32 in pant now am 36 what I can do

  • Wow good good info! I started walking everyday, about 2 weeks before lockdown. So I have been able to lose 3 pounds haha, but I have now learned a new habit of walking everyday!

  • Looking at your food chart it has a lot of veggies and fruit, not so much meat. I was told meat, fish and protein first and foremost. I am 10 month post RNY, down 100 pounds. I have trouble with the meat (mostly chicken) and fish so I put it and veggies in soup. I still do protein shakes but not like I used to because, truth is they are mostly sweet and I hate sweets. I do like UnJury chicken soup protein mix. I had to have my stoma stretched, via 5 endoscopies, because for the first 6 months nothing was going down, I spent my life throwing up. Great for weight loss, not for health. I still have weight to lose, and it is slowly coming off. But your food chart has me confused. Veggies and fruit, or protein?

  • Ok, so you’ve decided on WLS because you have a food addiction. You have the operation & then find you can eat JUST AS MUCH as before the op (without feelings of nausea, unease,dumping etc) even if your surgery is less than 2 weeks ago. What do you do then?

  • My first reverse diet i went from eating 1300-2400 and lost 3lbs. I would say start at 1400, weighed myself everyday and take the weekly average. If I increased weight I would stay at 1400 next week. If I stayed the same or lost weight, I would go to 1500. That was in 2017.

    I have been cutting since Jan 6th after gaining weight because of PA school. I wanted to keep cutting until beginning of May but because of this pandemic, I had dropped my calories low again (1200-1300) and not seeing much change because of course gyms are closed so I may just start my reverse. I have only lost 6-7lbs in that time and I’m only 10lbs from my goal, but I feel like trying to reverse slowly will be the best currently. Also I was planning on reversing always beginning of May because my birthday is June 20 and I wanted to be at higher calories

  • Doctor i wanna talk with u pls help me i hv already went under weight loss gastric sleeve surgery 2 yrs back but now m feeling hungry n m eating in betweens. Pls talk with me in personal help me i hv some doubts to be clear. Help

  • My medications make me feel like my weight loss surgery may be pointless. I’m also at a time in my life 68 years old, that being as physically active as you are in your 30-40 range, even 50 is for me impossible.

  • There are several solid LC advocates out there (eg Ted Naiman) who correctly state that HF will make you fat or at least prevent weight loss. keto was first used to help children with epilepsy. That extra fat may have helped them in some way, but it’s not beneficial for most of us.

  • I️ started off with a normal BMI and at 22 weeks I had gained 3 lbs in 3 weeks in between appointments and my OB told me I️ gained too much weight and a pound a week is too much even though multiple sources online say otherwise ��‍♀️

  • As far as I can see, counting “calories” on a LCHF eating regime, will result in absolute failure. This doctor seems a nice guy, but too ‘book hungry’ for me.

  • Wow, what an utterly incredible video. I’m currently deciding if I want to get surgery and this gave me MUCH more realistic expectations and already gave me a healthy perspective on issues I was inaccurately honing in on (like the stomach stretching out). THANK YOU!

  • Hi Dr. Weiner, I had Bariatric sleeve surgery October 4th 2017. I have not been able to keep any food down. I’m supposed to be on pureed foods by now, can’t do it. Everything makes me nauseous and most things make me throw up. My start weight was 164 lbs. Now I’m 139.5 lbs. I now have GERD and throw up with any solid food. My surgeon put me back in the hospital to put me on steroids and fluids. When I got home I continued to throw up. I might be taking inb200 calories a day and I’m worried about that. My surgeon makes me feel like I’m bothering him at this point so I’ve basically given up on him. I try to do at least one Premier protein shake a day and soup but how long should this continue? Thanks in advance.

  • I am getting ready for surgery. For two months I have reduced my daily caloric intake to 800 to 1000 calories per day and have only lost about 7 pounds. I am afraid surgery will not work for me. Even before this I am generally a good eater lots of fruits, veggies and lean meat. Could I have messed myself up with so much dieting and restriction?

  • Hi doctor I’m so scared of doing the surgery
    But I have to do it for health reasons I absolutely do not want to get the gastric bypass I want to get the sleeve but I do have a little bit of heartburn actually quite moderate But people keep telling me I probably have some type of ulcer or I don’t know what it’s called in my esophagus and that can be fixed during the gastric sleeve surgery please Dr. can you help me figure out what I should do

  • So im 15 weeks and have gave into my craving, I was anorexic and I was aneristic because I hated my body. After not eating for so long when i got pregnant the weight came like that im almost 200 pounds. I’m a d cup and have a ass but I feel like a cow and I want to go back to locking myself in my room and not eating. My fiance is supportive and saids im not fat and that im perfect uk all that shit but he has never been with a big girl and he barely touches me and does not come around as much. I just got happeness again and I feel like im losing it just from gaining weight so I truly hope this helps

  • Thanks Doc…You have enlightened me. I am 18months post Gastric Sleeve and have gained 20lbs back. I am now encouraged, thanks to you.

  • Your videos are so helpful. I sure wish I had found them sooner. I had lap band in 2011; now I wish I’d had the sleeve. I lost 67 lbs but have gained it all back, and more. I’m considering a revision to the sleeve, and I’m going to get your book so I can learn more about post op eating. I ate wrong after my band. The weight came off so fast at first that it was easy for me to fall into the pizza scenario you gave. At this point, I still eat 1/2 of what I ate pre-band and in spite of dietary changes, I still can’t get more than 10-20 pounds off. I’m so discouraged.

  • It’s so true about medication. I was always skinny then put on regular prednisone as a teenager and started gaining weight. The specialist said it doesn’t permanently affect metabolism but I have now had a lifetime of gaining weight really quickly. I have not had prednisone since my early 20’s and am now 46yrs. Scheduled for a VSG in May. I am positive the medication changed my bodies reaction to food.

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your every day nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to check out Custokebon Secrets on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I wish I had this information at 6 months after surgery. I hit a plateau and stayed the same for several years. Now I am almost 4 years out and have regained 50 of a 65 pound loss. At 67 years of age, I am trying to get it off, but it is slow going. Where can I find your Metabolic Reset diet. Your video is great and should be required viewing for all bariatric surgery patients. Keep up the good work.

  • i know i’m late, however, I have had two Csections so there is distention of my abdomen. Will eating strickly vegan allow me to also lose all the weight the same as you have or do I need to have surgery to correct the abdominal disorder?

  • I’m 5’3, 135 pre pregnancy and now 34+2 weeks and I weigh 200…I passed my gestational diabetes test, and we’re both healthy, I am active and try to eat healthy but have no idea why I keep gaining so rapidly…help? The doctors say it’s my eating habit but even if I diet I still gain so rapidly!

  • Thank youthat is exactly how I lost the weightmake protein, limit carbsand brought down the fat macro as I lost the weight. Lost 80 lbs the first year, another 10 the second year, another 5 this yearand I am near my goal weight. Great lecture!!

  • my surgery is in a couple of hours…your videos has made me ready for this day, i thank you very much. I want to be committed to a healthy lifestyle and stick to home cooked healthy foods and proper exercise. However,
    i do believe that once in a while you could reward yourself with a treat and try to balance it with exercice or eating less throughout the day. I am definitely buying your book. Also i would like to know how is it possible to have skype consultations with you?
    Thank you Dr. Weiner.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been on steroids (Diprosalic, prednisolone etc) most of my life due to eczema. I didn’t realise that they contribute to weight gain. Certainly stopping them now.

  • excellent presentation but then he misses its purpose. He starts why people regain weight after a year despite following the same diet. And he doesn’t really conclude on his initial question. He vaguely suggest reason maybe too few calories intake… and slowed down metabolism?

  • Hello Dr. Weiner,
    I was wondering if you have a video or if you can make a video about what happens to skin after the surgery. How to not let the skin get loose? What surgeries are there to remove the skin? Specially the thighs. Thank you

  • I got a sleeve 3 weeks ago and I can already eat more than what is normal, this makes me worry so much, I feel as if my stomach isn’t as small as I would have wanted it to be….. I have a very slow thyroid issue and have meds for that but I sure hope I will start losing weight cause 6 pounds after 3 weeks isn’t alot!! I wish I could see how much they took away from my stomache, cause usually it’s about 80% but I feel it’s alot less by mine….Don’t feel my doc is telling the truth cause why can I eat so much and don’t feel any discomfort when I eat it?? I gained 6 pounds in 3 days and I am losing hope so fast…..It scares me….

  • Make sure you don’t fall for these common reverse dieting mistakes

  • You kinda sound like Simon & Garfunkel… “If you’ll be my bodyguard I can be your long lost pal. I can call you Betty and Betty when you call me you call me out.. call me out……”

  • Hi I’m trying to register for Dr Oliviera’s free webinar tomorrow but the link goes to the Bite Size Plan signup instead.
    Is there another link, please?

  • Nutrient dense foods are the best during pregnancy. I always thought of nutrients and protein as the building blocks the baby needs for complete quality development. So you fill up on nutrient dense foods first before you eat anything else.

  • needs more attention to IF and Extended Fasts to maintain a healthy weight with out a weight regain. Lecture was a little confusing!

  • I am 7 years out from Band to Sleeve revision with zero weight loss, my doctor NEVER discussed any of this with me. I do eat pretty healthy and work out daily. My hormones and Genetics are horrible…..Thank you for sharing this information

  • Hi, hopefully I can get a reply back. So before quarantine I was about 117 eating 1870 calories doing a reverse diet, but then gyms closed and I stopped lifting therefore I was worried about weight gain and started lowering calories to 1630 doing cardio 4x a week. I am currently eating 1630, but have started lifting again 3x a week and cardio 1 time a week. I want to increase my calories again and continue lifting, but am worried about gaining weight. What should I do?

  • Nice discussion. This is news to me. Thanks for the info. Losing weight to live and not living to lose weight….Nice!:-) Take care!

  • Dr. Weiner, I have a question, an important one: my sister had the gastric sleeve and lost 50 pounds to gained it back again. She has Hashimoto and it is very difficult for her to lose weight. She eats very healthy but still it is a huge struggle to lose the weight even when she walks daily. Would she be able to lose more weight in the future? Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. I appreciate it.

  • I’m 3 weeks post sleeve, I have lost 13 lbs, which I think is fantastic (I am currently 256lbs down from 303 at my highest I lost about 35 lbs in 4 months on my own, then just stayed there for a year.) best decision ever!

  • I wish the medical industry would focus on Body Fat percentage, instead of BMI. Following BMI is unrealistic for people who lift weights regularly.

  • This is a very realistic, compassionate and human way of explaining how to keep the weight off at the 3 year post surgery mark. Thank you.

  • Nice attempt at “reaching across the aisle” in the low carb / carnivore types and the traditional dieter types. Good luck with that.

  • What’s your opinion on Various types of fasting 24 hour fasts, 1 week fast. 8 hour eating window etc. For post gastric bypass. 16 months after.

  • Hopefully I can get a reply Thanks alot for the video. I have a question
    I started my low calorie diet two months ago I eat 1000-1200 per day
    I went from 154 pound to 137 pounds. My goal weight is 120pounds. My question is should I wait till I hit my weight goal to do a reverse diet or should I start now? Thank you so much

  • Well done! Perhaps the reason for the “checkmark” phenomenon with weight regain over time is a sign we need to follow the examples of our ancestors and insert fasting days to maintain our healthy weight indefinitely and mimic the periods of food scarcity in the midst of our abundance.

  • After seeing your channel I’ve started to reverse diet. I started 18months ago at 280lbs, and did a calorie deficit and weight lifting to get down to 189. I’ve been stuck around there for a 4 months so I kept lowering my calories. I got down to 1500 and it started to mess with my workouts and mood, so I have been upping my calories by 30 to 50 per week for about 6 weeks now. I’m currently at 1870 calories and still stayed the same weigh till this week, the scale moved down 2lbs on average. Why is this? And should I keep upping my calories? My workouts are better than have been in a long time. If I keep upping them when do i stop?

  • hello there! i hope i can get a reply. for the past few weeks i was eating around 900-1000 calories and i was slowly losing weight. Now im eating about 1,300-1,400 calories but im slowly gaining a little weight which makes me think that i increase to many calories or i did it to fast. it also makes me think that my metabolism might be slow because of the under eating. im a very tiny human which means i dont burn that many calories through out the day. i still really want to maintaing my weight and lose a little fat. i also want to be able to eat more while i maintain my weight, so how should i start? should i stary back at 1000 cals and make my way up?

  • Thanks for your thoughts, Colin. Really good info and nice to hear from someone with experience that remaining strict with the process can have positive results when transitioning from a cut to a reverse. You mentioned a minimum of an hour of cardio a week, which is kind of general physician advice for everyone to get your heart rate up for 20 minutes at least three times per week. It is a nice idea to get cardio down for a reverse but we all still have to take care of our hearts.

  • Hit the nail on the head. I maintained my weight when I was diligent to the plan. It went bad quickly when I was not. That is on me. Lesson learned!