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Drink plenty of water in order to help avoid bloating and puffiness, which will conceal toned stomach muscles. Even if you have eaten too much sodium, the water you drink can help flush it out faster. Hinge at the hips to tuck your knees into your chest while likewise raising your shoulders off the ground, reaching forward with your arms. Extend your legs straight out and hold in position. The 10-Second Trick For How to get a Toned Stomach: 5 Steps to Toning your Stomach TipHero When you believe about the most difficult fat to get rid of on your body, many people’s minds would most.

The transverse abdominis muscle is the deepest muscle in your stomach and is responsible for holding your stomach in. Identify the muscle by standing up and placing your hands flat on your stomach. Take a breath, and let your stomach all the way out. Now, exhale and pull your stomach toward your spine.

Getting toned abs doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym. Learn how to get a strong stomach with these easy ab exercises that you can do at home in just 15 minutes. Rotating the kinds of crunches you do tones different parts of your stomach.

The classic situp and its variations, in which you raise and lower your torso, engages the upper part of your stomach. Doing crunches in which both your torso and legs are raised and lowered will yield toned abs in your lower section. Make water number one. You always need to drink water, but it can be especially important if you’re trying to flatten your stomach. When you drink water, you help your body maintain proper fluid balance, stop water retention (a major cause of bloated bellies) and feel full so you’re inclined to eat less overall.

Eat smaller meals more frequently so food digests with greater efficiency. Avoid common gas-producing foods including onions, broccoli, beans, lactose in dairy and, for some people, wheat. Avoid carbonated beverages or drinking through straws, both of which cause you to swallow air and further contributes to bloating. Just 20 minutes per session is enough to achieve this and help you get tighter abdominal muscles. Strength training exercises such as trunk rotations, barbell deadlifts, squats and hay bailers will.

Place your hands on the floor slightly wider than your shoulders and extend your legs behind you resting on the balls of your feet. Bring your right knee into your chest and return to push up position and then repeat with your left knee. Repeat this.

List of related literature:

The toning exercises I cover in this section help to strengthen your core, or abdominal muscles.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
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Sit-ups are popular, supposedly for stomach toning.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
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Skip Sit­ups!: People always think they will get a toned midsection with any sit­up type movement.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
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Spot reducing through toning exercise is a fantasy.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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Sit-ups, for example, are an excellent exercise for toning the abdomen.

“The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way” by Daniel Reid
from The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way
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For women, combination workouts included mostly lower body workouts with abdominals with a few upper body toning moves.

“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness” by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
from Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness
by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
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To get rid of a bulging stomach and to decrease the size of your arms, chest and back, it’s important to devote at least half your workout to aerobic exercise.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

Do a few sit-ups in whatever way you can.

“Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body's Own Wisdom” by Don Stapleton
from Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body’s Own Wisdom
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Abdominal exercises—to tighten, tone and muscularize the waist and improve the posture.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
Simon & Schuster, 1977

Abdominal work is key to any healthy yoga practice because strong abs take unnecessary pressure off your lower back.

“Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga” by Baron Baptiste
from Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga
by Baron Baptiste
Atria Books, 2011

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  • okay i’m 13 i weight ab 43kg my waist is 33 inches nd i’m healthy nd fit bit i have a LOAD of belly fat from quarantine nd school starts sep 8th so let’s go
    Day 1:✅ might workout later again
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    ( 2L water per day)

  • Great exercise. You should do more vidoes for women. We’d like more exercising and toning vidoes. Whether it’s upper, lower-body, legs anything

  • I have stubborn belly fat but a small waist. Do you think this workout will help get rid of the belly fat so I can finally get those lines on my stomach?

  • I have stubborn belly fat but a small waist. Do you think this workout will help get rid of the belly fat so I can finally get those lines on my stomach?

  • Vou fazer durante uma semana, e volto com as atualizações
    Dia 1: acabei de fazer os exercícios, obviamente nenhuma diferença mas eu sinto queimando as gorduras kkkkkj
    Dia 2: terminei e sinto as gorduras queimando de novo, não sei se estou doida mas já vejo meu abs quase aparecendo

  • gonna do this for a week!
    Day one: not too hard but can still feel the burn (COMPLETE)
    Day two: for some reason this was easier than yesterday? (COMPLETE)
    Day three: I can already see results! (COMPLETE)
    Day four: ate a lot today oof (COMPLETE)
    Day five: my body felt so weird today but still good (COMPLETE)
    Day six: this went by so quickly bro (COMPLETE)
    Day seven: DONE!! Okay this is like my favorite workout I’ve tried this summer-it really works and I lost about an inch and a half on both my hips and waist! (TOTALLY RECOMMEND) now, onto something new:) [COMPLETE]

  • Now I’m at day 1 this exercise was easy and did do some Burn I’ll be updating each day for a month Day2: only did half way due to the lack of time

  • I am gonna update
    Day1: Completed,not very hard.
    Day2: Done ✅ but no any change.
    Day3: ✅
    Day4: getting toned definitely
    Day6: I didnt do it
    Day7: difference seen
    Day:8 happy with the results
    I will be doing it continously.

  • omg WOW! this is such a great motivation my biggest is 209 I have lost 5 pounds but I keep gaining and losing and I want to get on a strict diet and seeing someone who weighed more then i did to get to where you are now like WAY TO GO GIRL!! I really want to get there.

  • I dance wildly every single place i go but my tummy ����������maybe cuz i dont do it properly…….i look like a wet chicken dancing so yaa

  • In 2:42, whenever I breathe in our out, I make a wheezing noise. Is that normal or do I have asthma or something? It’s only this particular excersice.

  • i don’t have a lot of fat on my legs and arms but i have a lot on my stomach. And i want to lose it but i also don’t want to lose my legs and arms, any advice i could get from anyone?

  • My progress!

    Day 1: I only really did half as I felt like working out but the next morning I saw a difference so decided to carry on with it!

    Day 2: I did the full thing! Definitely harder then day 1 as my abs were sore!

    Day 3: I could feel it getting easier and saw results already! I was definitely toning! I decided to do it twice that day one in the morning and one at night!

    Day 4: I could definitely feel my abs getting stronger! I really am enjoying the challenge!
    Comeback for daily updates!

    Day 5: you can see the toned abs!

    Day 6: you can feel your abs getting stronger, very pleased with the results. I could also feel the workout getting easier.

    Disclaimer! I already have a flat stomach, there fore it is easier for me to see results quicker!

  • Because i trained so hard with ur intense abs workout in one week video, i find this set of routines easier to do now. I think my strength and stability improved a lot. I can see a very big physical improvement on my body, but the impact of doing strong workouts to ur overall physique is just so facsinating. Thank u Holly!

  • Please for the flat tummy tea you got sponsored this is not an honest review you’re just saying that so you can get money and you’re not even being honest about the fact that you got sponsored when you got to the link you can get 10% off that’s obviously because you got sponsored for this product what a crook and a liar do not use people’s desperation to get money how disgusting

  • me:does what it says to do
    me 10 minutes later:mommy lets order some taco bell
    me:doin the challenge the second time:ma i swear you gotta buy more these cookies

  • I’ve been doing these workouts for a few weeks now and I see that my abs have become slightly toned but not as much as I would like. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but if I could get a few tips I would really appreciate it. I’m eating clean, not any junk food. =]

  • Day 1……✔��
    Day 2…..✔��
    Day 3……✔��
    Day 4…… Rest day
    Day 5……
    Day 6……..
    Day 7………
    Day 8…….
    Day 9……
    Day 10……

  • Day 1130
    (Im gonna be on vacation for 3 days after this so i will record again once I am back since i wont be exercising there)
    Day 2-
    Day 3-
    Day 4-
    Day 5-
    Day 6-
    Day 7-

  • i’ll be updating when i can!
    weight: 99 pounds
    day one: directly after the workout, my stomach looked slightly more toned, i worked out twice on day one.

  • okay i’m going to be doing this everyday and like ‘blogging’ my results idk (ps: i’m drinking loadsssss of water throughout the day) oh and by the way my stomach before wasn’t fat but like wasn’t flat at the same time you know? but yeah. day one: actually wayyy easier than i thought, i’m suprised if it actually going to work. (nothing different yet obviously) day two: wow still wasn’t that bad and i can definitely start to see lines!!

  • day 1: i felt tired but not necessarily exhausted, felt pretty good after i did the workout ( i only did it twice like the video)

    day 2: i could see a very small difference and felt very good after i had done it (im getting used to it now) this time i did my own small workout and the same as day 1

    day 3: didnt do the workout today cause i had a friend over and didnt feel like doing it. i had a bit of a cheat day today and wasnt very up to doing the workout

    day 4: did this workout 4 times and added and extra 10 pushups, 100 jumping jacks and 2 minute plank hold, starting to see a difference kinda not really though:)

    day 5: did the normal workout aka 9 minutes and added a 3.5km run and a small workout afterwards:)

  • I was just wondering, where do we find the free detox recipe? Also, are we allowed to eat a whole food diet while detoxing or should we fast? Thank you so much. ♥️❌♥️❌

  • Hi I’m back again. I started this yesterday 18 June 2020
    Holly your exercises are short and effective thank you:)

    Waist 61cm
    Hips 92cm

    Results Waist 60cm
    Hips 90cm -2cm

    I’m happy with the results:) I want to lose another 2cm on my hips so I will do Holly’s intense flat stomach next:)

    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4 ✅
    Day 5 ✅
    Day 6 ✅
    Day 7 ✅

  • Omg, I can’t believe it! I did this for only one day and after I did the workout I noticed my wait looked smaller and now it’s half an inch less! Before it was 25 inches and now it 24.5 inches! I’m going to keep doing this workout and I’ll try to remember to update!

    Day 1: Some of the workouts were harder than others, but pushed through (waist after workout: 24.5 inches)
    Day 2: Workouts seemed easier than yesterday (waist after workout: about 24.3) It was hard to say where, but it was less than 24.5 inches!
    Day 3: Workouts were very easy ( lost my tape measure so I will say what my waist is when I find it)
    Day 4: Workouts were really easy and I can see a little of the abs (Still haven’t found the tape measure)

    Ok so I have been forgetting to do the workout some days, so like every other day, and my waist is 24 inches and my stomach is a little toned! 100% recommend doing

  • I came across this channel and ive been binging all your videos, Im obese and desperatly want to learn about health & fitness. it helps keep me motivated to continue to strength train (hormonal problems, food sensetivities and im just plain lazy lmao)

  • Please can u show workout for reducing hips for females.please please help��I really love ur workout and its really helpful.keep up with ur work

  • awesome video bro, also can u make a video on as to what is required to climb mountain or a trek, coz we often get tired after climbing a little and we start breathing very fast, how to get & built that stamina to sustain all that?

  • Hi, i loved the video! Thankyou!!! I’ll let ya know when i start to notice the changes.
    Also thanks for replying to my dm, it really surprised me and me and my friend totally fangirled over your message☺️
    Have a good day,

  • Hey Vince….. Can you help with getting rid of bingo arms? As I’m getting older my arms are more flabby and I’m having a hard time toning them.

  • I like the workouts you showed in the video. I was starting to plateau with my ab exercises, and needed to find different types to incorporate. Can’t wait to try these. Always love the vids ��

  • Thanks for the valuable tips:) I have a pcos and insulin resistance and most of the exercises are difficult for me and do not bring the effects I expect. But your exercises and tips were very useful to me. Thanks. Greetings from Poland:)

  • Hi. V. I really like your videos because you are telling and showing in very detail and all your exercises are really helping. Thanks man.��������

  • Ohh. Vincent at last you HV uploaded the tummy tucking exercises which I shall be capable of following all of them & they seems to HV spot reduction effect on upper abdomen which I was requesting for. Again thanx fr specialized work outs fr Ladies. Oh! Vincent yr hairstyle is very attractive today. Stay blessed, stay happy dear.

  • I really appreciate you because I have absolutely modified my body type since watching your videos. And I would say that I fell for you:)))))

  • Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I notice many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im not sure if it’s good enough to lost lots of weight.

  • Hi…I’m weighing 63 kgs nd my belly s too saggy nd big..with love handles nd fat accumulated over back side of hip..ll these help to reduce my tummy?? Also how long?

  • I’m 16 nearly 17 I really want to change my body I fort wow a program for me but then I learned that I have to pay for it I don’t have the money I’ll have to look for another option

  • Basically I am slim enough according to my age I’m 20… I only want abs because I think my stomach looks ugly…. what should I do??

  • This video is definitely great! It helps me remember of times when my wife used Custokebon Secrets to get rid of 17 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us want to lose fat, however we also require to remain healthy, which is what exactly Custokebon Secrets gifted.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping through weight loss plan to others as well, I think that I must have tested every fat loss method that was available, but in the end not one of them made it easier for me to shed and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets simply because my buddy who told me unbelivable things about it and so far to date I’ve successfully lost 16 pounds within 3 weeks!

  • Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this popular fat burn secrets.

  • Lol somehow i managed to completely forget for a good number of years that I have organs in my stomach ���� I wish me 5 yrs ago could have seen this video, it resonated so hard with me. I love your videos and your approach to health and fitness, keep doing what you do xx

  • Im really struggling. Im tempted to give up but Ik im going to regret it if i do so im hoping i can do this. Im scared because of past failed attempts. Like im not going to make it. Yet again. Im not really a motivated person like Janielle wright and her amazing weight loss journey. Also how long did it take you to lose all this??
    Im so confused on what to eat and calories. I get obsessed really easily. Im going to try again but hopefully i can do it

  • Ксения Ковалевская
    I really need to get better abs and I try so hard with my diet I’m trying to stick to my plan, but geez there’s always something that gets in the way. I just need to control myself and my urges to stop eating Funyuns and McDonald’s fries.

  • Holly, I have a question. Do you think that cardio is better before or after the toning workout? Thank’s, I love your videos. ������❤

  • Excersices:
    Wide toe touches
    10, 3 sets
    Full twisting crunches
    30, 2 sets
    Starfish crunches
    10, 3 sets
    10 onward
    Through crunches
    30, 2 sets
    Alternating crunches
    10, 3 sets
    Heel touches
    30, 2 sets

  • Hi Holly! I recently found your videos and started doing the workouts which I love! I took your quiz and it told me I need to eat 500 calories a day? Pretty sure that’s not healthy… maybe work on the quiz to make sure it won’t send people down an eating disorder path…

  • I almost do all especially no alcohol is the easiest for me the hardest decrease sugar but I am on a good road on all steps lost 3 kilos in 3 weeks so far taking a depression pill which makes it hard to lose weight but I will succeed no matter how long it takes

  • thank you so much I’m 5 ft 90 lbs but i look more.ive be trying to get a flat stomach FOREVER I’ve been doing workouts but this helped me realized that this won’t just gained a subscriber (:

  • I like how your tips don’t feel like punishing rules. It’s easier to try and stay under 25 gms of sugar instead of someone telling me zero sugar bc that just enrages my sweet tooth and then it’s all I want. So less sugar and more protein during the day are what I’m going to focus on. I have a lot to lose, but want to go slowly and healthily as to not end up w saggy skin and regaining it like a lot of quick fixes cause.

  • I don’t eat any sweets or candy but I do eat a lot of fruits and get my sugar from them, usually it’s around 60 90 grams, is it ok because it’s from fruits or should I cut my fruit intake below 20 grams of sugar?

  • I dont’t know why, but I thought you are vegan. Now I’m really disappointed, that you promote the consumption of animal products. Eating animal products is cruelty and unnecessary. You can get enough protein from plants and you do not have to kill and exploit animals.

  • Hi, Holly! If I’m trying to lose fat and extra weight, can I do ab workouts along with cardio exercises? Or will the ab workouts slow down my progress of losing fat? Thanks!

  • Great ���� I do it lots of eggs and spinach for breakfast �� as well. Good to know that I am going on the right track! Thanks sweetie!

  • Hey can someone Tell me if its True when u Doing ab exercises that your stomach wont Be Flatter it Will Be bigger because of the muscels growing. So what really helps to a Flatter stomach?

  • Hey Holly, I’ve been doing your abs and legs videos for over a week now and I can already see a difference. I am so happy and excited to continue to do them. It is really easy to keep up and really enjoyable, so happy to have found your channel!
    Love you and your amazing work! ��

  • Good.afternoon..gorgeous��

  • Love ya Holly!❤ Already started cutting out carbs and sweets, and piling on more protein two weeks ago. Thanks so much for your help!


  • I’m the type of person that will eat a donut if I’m craving it. But of course I’ll workout even harder, I just don’t like the fact that you have to eat certain things to look a certain way and not whatever you want

  • I eat so healthy and workout have a little abs but barely someone said I need to track calories! But I don’t know how and I don’t really want to lose weight what can I do? So lost.. I don’t want to go below my current weight

  • “not everyone has time to exercise every day”
    If y’all got time to scroll on Instagram for hours every day then yes you have time to exercise. Don’t be lazy go get your dream body

  • is sugar from fruit counted towards the 25 grams of sugar or is it just added sugar or both bc I only consume sugar through fruits and vegetables

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
    The FOOD BABY is real!! The press has done that to every female celeb..” So and so’s BABY BUMP!!” So and so says ” No…just had something called LUNCH!!” Great video it’s really refreshing to hear some real talk about the belly! ☺️ Ty!

  • So I have started this exercise from today ( 16.07.2020 ) and I am gonna tell you about this..
    Day 1: ✔️ But it was very hard to do it, some of the exercise I can even do it properly

  • Would you recommend a holistic practitioner or more of a nutritionist? I have always had extra fat in my midsection, but my hormones have always been normal even per labs. Perhaps I need more lab work? Still watching this video but please let me know your thoughts. I def am not as active as I should be, but that is changing now!

  • With this covie-19 and all the gym are shut down these videos. that you made became so usefull and the program is awesome as well I have that too
    I just wanna let you that I’m so thankful for what you do in all of your video’s they’re effective and they get done fast only 20 minutes and by the end of it i the sweat all over me and all my mucle were hidden perfectly. I might of spell some words wrong so exuae that I’m not American��!

  • i am kind of skinny fat and i struggle a lot with my thighs i want to make them smaller but i dont want to exercise them a lot because i dont want them to become bigger D: what do i doo

  • one thing that i’d really love to hear from you (as one of the more educated and rational fitness youtubers:P) is whether or not (and if yes, then how) it is possible to build muscle without having to lift a ton of weights, if you can’t do so for health reasons. i.e. if lifting anything heavy if not an option due to gynaecological reasons and squatting with weights is a no-no due to crappy knees and an ongoing effort to fix flat feet, which add to the knee issues. it might also be useful for those who exercise at home and don’t have access to gym equipment.

  • Something i struggle with is progressive overload, it takes me MONTHS to up my weights even a tiny bit:( It’s really disheartening

  • Hi MissFitandNerdy… Ok here I go I’m a healthy 52 year old woman, I work out 3-4 days a week 45min to an hour.. 10-15 min Cardio one then I work with bands or weights. I can not loose body fat or weight. I try to eat good. Not on a particular diet. Help! Any advice?!

  • Thnaks! Dealing with hormone imbalances and post partum organs rearranged… As well as chronic bloating… Doctors have been generally useless with the hormone issues. You didn’t mention how poor posture can cause a potbelly, I have that too… �� �� �� ��

  • Intermittent fasting helps too. I find compressing the window that I eat/drink makes a big difference.

    Also learning to engage the abs and have good posture.

  • Your comments about a tanked metabolism are where I’m at right now, I have spent most of this month lifting “heavy” 6 days a week and eating maintenance/very slight surplus. I realized back in January that I was maintaining at 1100 cal/day at 5’11” and 190lbs. I fell off the fitness wagon an gained some fat and lost some muscle gains. My lifts now are better than they were back in dec/jan now, and I can feel progress in my body even though it’s not visible. Picking up my kids, running up stairs, energy for long walks, are all improved ��

  • Hey Marisa:) Ive got a question and i really hope you can answer it. So I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder and decided that I need to stop counting calories. So I am eating intuitive right now and it is going great. I feel like my calories are roughly at maintenance. But sometimes I feel demotivated because I think I’m not getting anywhere with my physique because for losing fat i need to cut and for bulking i need to be in a surplus. I know getting my mental health in the right play is #1 priority but is my physique going to change even if I’m not cutting/bulking? Or is my body staying at the same place when I am at maintenance?
    Greetings and love from Germany:)

  • Hi, Marissa, my issue: I pull my thigh muscles very easily so I have to spend so long warming up my legs that I can never do a quick, regular workout, it always takes up too much time. You can guess what happens; I skip working out! Squats and lunges in particular pull my muscles. This has been going on for years, I’m not overweight, average fitness and my legs are strong. I have to be so careful. Why won’t this issue go away? X x

  • I used to have a very flat tummy! and you know what? my hormones were fucked. i was cold all the time. my hair was falling out. my body got hairier. my limbs were constantly falling asleep. sex drive nonexistent.

    so yeah, ten to twelve pounds later, my stomach is not as flat. but also, I’m not cold! i can enjoy sex, I have a bajillion baby hairs because my hair has been growing back since recovering, woo. i guess it’s worth it!:-)

  • It’s hard being someone with a chronic illness and always being told it doesn’t matter how you look, focus on your health. While that’s true, my health is way more valuable to me than my looks, the end of the day we all want to feel like a person. with an chronic illness it doesn’t always feel that way.

  • This can’t be said enough. We are all unique and special. It is unreasonable to think we can all attain perfectly flat abs, and that is perfectly fine.

  • If you must use salt. Use Himalayan salt! It has plenty of minerals and it’s healthier than table salt. Also limit butter intake and switch out your cooking oils for olive or coconut oil

  • Do natural popular weight loss diet plan like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have heard numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • i have a flat stomach and barely fat but my abs are not toned at all. if i want my abs to become more toned, should i continue just doing this workout or should i add another workout video along with this?

  • love love love you and all of your tips. I have always had a stomach pooch, even when I was barely 100lbs (I’m 5’7″ for reference). it’s because of my intestines pushing against my abdominal wall. I have implemented intermittent fasting on top of avoiding carbs and sugar, and I’ve lost so much fat around my ribs, but barely anything from my tummy, and I’m super okay with that! I have almost a 10″ difference between my natural waist and my hips. hourglass shape for the win hahaha

  • I have a very child-like body in the fact that I hold more muscle in my core and my waist doesn’t have a lot of definition. I am fairly lean and healthy, I just look 12 lol �� This was a real struggle for me to deal with at first in my fitness journey, but now I have learned to work within the limits of my own body and it has transformed my mindset and progress.

  • Thank you for showing the before and after pictures. I hate videos that show skinny girls that were probably never even fat and they show us exercises. This video was helpful, thanks!

  • My bf maintains his 6 pack year round. There might be a little extra skin and when he complains about it, I tell him it’s called his intestines and I don’t want his intestines hanging out.

    He did a cut for the summer and though he likes the “look” he is absolutely not happy. Life is too short for that, imho. To each their own.

    Fat is our body’s bank. I am just wealthier than some others. ������ People forget that midsection fat exists because it is the safest place to store fat to ensure our survival.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for talking about internal organs being a factor in not having a completely flat abdomin.
    I have a low, protruding cervix and it is impossible for my tummy to ever be completely flat. This has caused me to have such a bad body image and for years I struggled with eating and working out because I never saw this little bit of my lower abdomin being as flat as my upper abdomin.
    I have just recently begun to accept that this is my body and I can’t change that aspect of it. I’m finally beginning to love my body as I work hard and I need to be happy with what I am gaining/changing and not what I can not change. ☺️

  • I have always had a pooch and remember hating it as early as 7 years old. 22 years later and same story �� by normal standards I’m considered “in shape” but I’ve always been unhappy with my stomach. I’ve kind of learned to just love my shape and give up the dream of having an actual flat stomach because if I haven’t been able to get rid of it for over two decades I doubt I’ll be able to.

  • I’ve watched your videos for a while and I have to say you say the truth and your personal opinions and both of those things has helped me. If I had to quote the one thing that has seriously helped me get healthier it would be “You don’t NEED to do cardio to lose weight and look lean.” I have two kids under 3 and trying to talk myself into some cardio was just impossible but now I know lifting is the best thing to do and it helps me way more than cardio ever has lol. Thanks for the awesome non bias content!!!

  • Hi! If you workout to build muscle and cut a small number of calories (say 1800 —> 1500 cal a day) at once, would that be effective at all?

    or should we hands down just alternate?

  • ” internal body organ reconstructive surgery don’t recommend that”….. omg you made my day with this ��
    I often see people who are thinking that if they are built narrow, they ‘should’ have a flat stomach. In fact, I realized it’s actually most of the time the opposite. Narrow built people (from the front) tend to be a little ‘wider’ from the side. That’s kinda normal xD

  • i remember wanting to loose weight… restricted too much-got skinny fat. So ive been bulking since march now. I look a lot leaner and i ENJOY food so much right now!

    By the way thank you for saying that your organs might push out a bit because some people don’t think about that (including mebut it does make sense haha)

  • Let’s show Marisa how much we love her and please subscribe to her YouTube channel and continue climbing to 100k we love you so much Marisa you cat queen:3

  • One thing I didn’t like about this video is that most of the demonstrations are in stop motion. You can’t actually see how to do it. I didn’t understand the 2nd exercise very well but I’ll still give it a try

  • I have a flat belly but when I sit it’s almost like the thumbnail I see no results but my family members say I got skinny and my brothers got big

  • It works, 100%! Everyone HAS to try this! ��

    Don’t forget to incorporate some planks, cardio, running, weight lifting!

    Stay strong! ��

  • Bahut tough hai insb ko krna…. 3 din huye hein mujhe in sbko krte pr body pain bhi hota hai…. Result to bol nhi skti ku ki mera weight perfect hai meri hight k according

  • I don’t eat dinner anymore I don’t even snack I don’t eat too much on lunch I worked out for like 2 months now and I only see a small difference I’m thinking of giving up please help me. What’s wrong with me?

  • Why does bicycle crunches cause me a neck pain every time I do it????????

    Can someone tell me how not to hurt my neck while doing bicycle crunches??

  • People say I have flat tummy but I keep doubting myself. I don’t know if I should continue the workout. I feel so insecure about my body ��

  • You know whats so annoying? I’m a skinny person; skinny legs, skinny arms, flat ass and chest…. but my stomach can never seem to get flat no matter how much I exercise and eat a clean diet at a calorie deficient. I have no serious health problems.There’s always that stupid lower pooch that looks even worse on my body because of how thin I am everywhere else. Anyone else have the same problem?:(

  • Who Else is trying to get snatched during quarantine and look great in bikinis without worrying if you look pudgey
    Like if u agree:-):-)

  • If you are doing this exercise daily, then you have no need of any other exercise???,
    Doing this, eating healthy diet, in a week only can anybody get a smart figure or flat tummy?????

  • I’m on day 4 three more days and honestly I’ve been seeing toning my stomach area I’m drinking vy& tea also and eating better I have before pictures and now and let me tell you I see a difference.

  • Since my school starts in a few months I will be doing this twice a day and see if I get abs and a flat stomach for 4 months

    My belly today June 18 2020: top 33 middle:32 bottem:32 chest:33 and one half

  • The title should be Lazy Girl secret to Tan skin. Most Americans are so obsessed with tan skin while most Asians are so obsessed with white skin

  • The title should be Lazy Girl secret to Tan skin. Most Americans are so obsessed with tan skin while most Asians are so obsessed with white skin

  • I could only DREAM of the stomach of the first one. I’m thinking of eating once a day and doing intense exercises. I’ve always been really chubby and I am really uncomfortable in swimsuits and any not super loose clothes

  • I got y’all okay so drink ice cold water throughout the day don’t drink more than 32oz of water an hour or else you’ll get bloated try to drink ice cold water before or after eating dinner, lunch, breakfast this kinda helped me

  • Its 4mins gone into the video and I am telling you that I am ending this video after this comment. Becos the comments here are true, #tan��? I am lost here….what was in expecting?

  • Here are my secrets for my flat stomach to really look, sound, and feel its very best inside and out; nightly study, daily practice, bathe, shower, spa, body massage, food guide pyramids, the hunger and thirst scale, 9 months of pregnancy and breast feeding, balancing 7 types of hunger and thirst, growing and shrinking, burping after eating and drinking, farting out pees and poops in restrooms, belly laughing deep breaths, belly dancing, tossing and turning onto my back, sides, and tummy, listening for my tummy to sound forte, mezzo, piano, and quiet when it feels empty,

  • So I’m confused. I have a decent amount of muscle but I also have some fat on my thighs and my lower belly and my belly really bothers me. I have had a flat tummy before but I honestly don’t know What happened. Any suggestions?

  • heres my personal advice, before getting ur stomach flat, these things won’t get it right away. You need exercise first, and these things will help you maintain it

  • You have a thyroid just choose the best thing
    drink cold water and you’ll be skinny after 10 days and
    feed your thyroid the correct food and healthy food
    so you don’t need to use those brands you can just feed your
    thyroid which makes your belly and yourself lose weight
    overnight try it!

  • lol i used to have a flat belly until i started eating a damn lot of junk foods and chocolates. now i’m a bit fat (just my tummy tho)

  • How to have a flat tummy
    Step 1: be skinny already
    Step 2:Have a flat tummy already ����
    how does bronzing and makeup help you have a flat tummy?

  • Hi! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard some great things about it and my work buddy lost tons of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • idc if this was 3 years ago but look at the thumbnail the first pic, her body looked good asf, no homo, but im just saying why would u wanna be “SkiNnY” over thicc?

  • Just completed her 2 week challenge! I saw a huge difference in my stomach and I had ab definition! Thanks Chloe! For those of you asking about diet, I started to eat healthy and I took gluten and dairy out of my food regimen. I found this youtube channel that provides vegan and allergy-friendly recipes. They post every week. Here is the link:

  • Thanks so much for sharing! <3 how long did it take you to lose the last 10 lbs and really get that definition? I'm currently at that state right now but just can't seem to get it!

  • I lost a few pounds but definitely looking to flatten the pouch. This specifics may be the last push I need especially when you stated about losing that last 10 pounds was when the tummy really went down. Thanks Queen!!

  • I am so glad you mentioned organs. I have had so many women complain about their stomaches and my usual response is “you do realize you have a whole other organ in there that men don’t have?” Low stomach pooch= uterus.

  • Im very very late but I just hope you see this Bc I just wanted to say that this is very inspirational and you were very straight forward with this and I you explaining made me feel more motivated ���� thank you

  • Hey here’s my progress!
    About me: I am a 15 year old girl, 1m67/5″6 and 53kg/119lbs.
    Goals: flat stomach/ toned abs.
    Videos used: so I’ve actually tried Chloe Ting’s “2 week shred program” last week, but I could only manage to do 8 days of it, i was so exhausted by it:( but I am continuing her 2 week ab video from that program along with this video, Holly Doke’s “intense abs 7 days”challenge and Lilly Sabri’s “lose belly fat in 7 days” video.
    I am not following any strict diet but I am trying to eat in smaller proportions, drink lots and lots of water and eat fruits n veggies!

    (I’m currently on day 5 but I will share my experiences of day 1-4 as well)
    Day 1: I struggled to engage my core and suck my naval to my spine for a few exercises so I wasn’t satisfied with the workouts
    Day 2: I was able to engage my core throughout most exercises
    Day 3: Very motivated today, I tried my best with all 4 videos and felt great afterwards.
    Day 4: after watching a few videos on how to engage my core (I recommend watching Life Full of Vest’s video) I was finally able to get the most out of each exercise by engaging my core.
    As of results, I definitely lost some belly fat, and I can see some abs getting toned!! I also noticed a faint “11 ab” line down the middle!
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • I used to eat an omelet every morning back when I was in better shape than I am now. I eat fairly healthy, have hit a bit of a plateau, so I’m looking forward to jumping into everything you’ve mentioned here. Some things I knew, but needed to hear them again, reinforced by someone who’s in the shape I’d like to be in, lol. Have been working out to your videos for the past two weeks, love them. I was good and sore for a couple of days after one of your leg work outs. Thank you!

  • I don’t Like junk food anymore ���������� I like good food now �������� i lost 2 pounds i was 189 pounds now i am 187 pounds ☺☺☺������������ so watching your video’s really help so i thank you ������������

  • If you guys wanna lose weight just do it you don’t need likes because once u get like I bet y’all don’t even do it. Losing weight is simple, just eat healthy search up healthy food to make and workout everyday.

  • Thank you for sharing your story… this helps and motivates me a lot… please continue to give us update and keep doing s good job����

  • I just got done feeding my Bdy all what you just said lol and i now feel some type of way.Cause i am bloated so let get my lemon an pepper water

  • The thing is. I can’t diet. I really can’t. I’m 14 almost 15 and live with my parents who only keep unhealthy foods in the house because healthy foods is too expensive. (And no I don’t get allowance for things I do around the house) so I really have no option but to eat what we have. I always try to go to the healthiest thing but that’s not always easy. I’m a pretty good weight and I’m not fat or anything I just got a lil chubb in the stomach and it’s not even bad. But I still wanna lose what I have or its gonna drive me crazy. It just sucks that a lot of people have the option to eat healthy and I don’t. I’ve tried talking to my parents but for some odd reason they get mad or something and all I’m trying to do is live a healthier life. So exercise is my only option

  • Don’t you just love listening to youtubers chat..about themselves…me,, myself and nothing in-between…that’s 10:20 wasted believed l was going to see more evidence than chat

  • I love that this is someone who actually been big before. And shes showing us her results. She looks amazing. I cant even tell she had weight on her before ��

  • how do I get a flat stomach by summer (I’m going to Disney in the last week in May and it is currently February 18) without a diet? I physically cannot really go on a diet. My school serves all of those foods that people take off of their diet and I don’t have time to pack a lunch for school. I can order out, but it’s all from either a pizza place or a Chinese food restaurant so it’s really difficult to go on a diet:( I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, but are there exercises I can do at home that will help me????

  • I am so happy for you! I just had my second child and am now about 2.5 months post partum. I’m 25. I went from 110 to 180 with him. I suffer from a long long history of eating disorders. So when I got pregnant my body just went crazy getting all that food. I’m now down to 127 and not big on how I look. Starting my cardio and toning exercises and very excited. Hopefully back to 110 in a healthy way but with a nice toned body with it this time. Again so happy for yiu

  • i will never find a video….

    to lose weight without diet, exercise or any magical drinks… i cant start a diet… i can rarely exercise… i never will get things for magic drinks

  • I took that tea for like 2 weeks and it send me to the hospital!! I had intesten inflammation!!!! but girl!!!!! once I got over it my stomach problems looked so fucking good!!!!!!

  • I <3 that you aren't following some fad diet... I love food too and watching your videos has really motivated me to not get so worked up by"vegan"or "keto" but to just eat the right food and exercise (HIIT)! Thank you for this!

  • I have a low body fat percentage because I do lift weights and have worked for it but the leaner I get everywhere except where I store fat as saddlebags �� it’s really annoying! I was wondering if you could talk about whether it’s possible to eventually slim down this area or not?

  • One of my friends is stuggling with her stomach and this is the second workout i do from u (other one was the flat stomach and i did it for about 3wks!) and im gonna recomend hollys workouts to all of my friends who want to glow up bcz they are rly effective and not exhausting at all (but im an athlete so maybe thats why) but thank u sm holly for these amazing workouts i love them sooo much <3

  • is this a sponsored video?? i was super into what u were saying until u brought up the tea. we see enough of that on ig. just curious

  • How many times a week should I incorporate cardio into my workouts? I always warm up on the elliptical or treadmill, but is that enough?