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how to get a smaller waist | lose 10 pounds

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Top 9 Exercises For Smaller Waist

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Avoid THIS Exercise If You Want A Smaller WAIST!

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Small Waist Workout (10 Mins)

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How to get a SMALLER Waist with ONE exercise // The STOMACH VACUUM

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SMALLER WAIST and LOSE BELLY FAT in 14 Days | Home Workout

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Best exercises for a smaller waist: Jumping Oblique Twist – This is a great cardio move to help burn calories, minimize belly fat and tone the sides. Oblique moves like this one create muscles that pull your body inwards, creating the look that you’re after. This is also an effective method for how to get a smaller waist.

High-intensity interval training is a brief period in your workout where you suddenly kick it up. Running, a burst of speed in cycling, heavier weights, or even just fast-paced reps are all examples of high-intensity interval training. Sit on an exercise mat with your back straight and your legs stretched out (forming a 90-degree angle). Open your arms until they are straight at shoulder height. Turn your waist and lower until your right hand touches the tip of your left foot.

Return to the starting position and repeat the previous movement using the foot and the opposite hand. Now, whichever the case is, these 3 steps will help you get a smaller waist. However, note that depending on your body type, you may need less or more time to get a smaller waist. Plus, the results will vary depending on these factors too.

The mantra is to stay positive, be patient, never ever give up, and remember that all good things take time. A small waist primarily comes down to lower body fat levels. Strength training exercises for your core will help increase muscle in that area (think six pack abs), but that washboard stomach will never make an appearance if you have a larger-than-average layer of insulation over the top. Top Tips To Get A Smaller Waist Skipping.

There is no need to waste the whole day in brooding over ways to have a slimmer waistline. Spending hours after hours in gym is unnecessary as there are easier ways to achieve it. Just try skipping. Only 20 minutes of skipping for the whole day is enough to make one have a flatten stomach and an. So in creating your routine, remember the key to achieving bigger hips and a smaller waist is to target the right areas with the correct workout.

A good suggestion is high repetitions for your core routine targeting the entire midsection and low reps with weights for toning the butt and hips. Here are some exercises to work the core. How To Get a Smaller Waist Workout From Home, No Equipment Needed and Only 10 Minutes! ♡ DO THE QUIZ TO KNOW WHAT DIET AND TRAINING IS BES.

These simple daily diet, exercise, and sleep tips will teach you how to get a smaller waist without doing a million abs workouts. These small changes will take your ab definition to the next level. These simple daily diet, exercise, and sleep tips will teach you how to get a smaller waist without doing a million abs workouts. Waist training is when you use a waist trainer, cincher, or corset to gradually train your waist to be smaller.

They do so by helping you get rid of water weight, give you better posture, gradually pushing in your floating ribs, and helping you burn more calories (through sweating).

List of related literature:

Exercise in water 2 or 3 inches above the waist.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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One of the most effective ways to trim inches from your waist is to use a hula hoop or do a Salsacise workout.

“Rosemary Conley's Amazing Inch Loss Plan: Lose a Stone in a Month” by Rosemary Conley, Jan Bowmer
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“The Busy Mum's Guide to Weight Loss” by Rhian Allen
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Perform exercises that strengthen your entire core (abs, back, waist, and pelvis) so it can support you like an internal corset, giving your body strength and resilience as your belly grows.

“ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life” by Stacy T. Sims, Selene Yeager
from ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life
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corset compressed the waist into a circumference of a few inches.

“Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life” by Martin S. Remland
from Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life
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Use the tape to circle your waist (sort of like a belt would) at your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage.

“Fashion For Dummies” by Jill Martin, Pierre A. Lehu
from Fashion For Dummies
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Tighten the back and abdominal muscles, pull in the navel and maintain a natural curve in the spine.

“The Athletic Skills Model: Optimizing Talent Development Through Movement Education” by René Wormhoudt, Geert J.P. Savelsbergh, Jan Willem Teunissen, Keith Davids
from The Athletic Skills Model: Optimizing Talent Development Through Movement Education
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• Place both hands on the sides of the waist and work with the expansion of the belly first.

“Restoring Prana: A Therapeutic Guide to Pranayama and Healing Through the Breath for Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers, and Healthcare Practitioners” by Robin L. Rothenberg, Kirsteen Wright, Richard Miller
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Teach exercises in the early postpartum period to strengthen the abdominal muscles and firm the waist (Figure 20-6, pp. 450-451).

“Maternal-Child Nursing E-Book” by Emily Slone McKinney, Susan R. James, Sharon Smith Murray, Kristine Nelson, Jean Ashwill
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Do not suck in to make your waist smaller.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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  • waist =29 inches
    Day 1 = ✅ it was tough had to take a few breaks, my core was on fire. I could not hold the side planks for long my hand was trembling
    Day 2 = ✅ it was a little bit easier today, I could hold the side plank for longer than yesterday but I still took extra breaks after most exercises
    Day 3 =
    Day 4 =
    Day 5 =
    Day 6 =
    Day 7 =
    Day 8 =
    Day 9 =
    Day 10 =
    Day 11 =
    Day 12 =
    Day 13 =
    Day14 =
    The more likes the harder and more times i will do this workout thanks:)

  • Doing this with a Walmart 10 dollar waist band hurts like a butt cheek on a stick, and then when you take it off you can see all the sweat you lost ��

  • Hi!!! I have some questions �� so I wanted to start working out but first am kinda skinny and like I have an hourglass waist shape but I wanna work my abs but am affraid that buy doing example hourglass small waist workout I loose my shape could you give me some tips ���� IK this is an old video but haha

    hii so i’ve been doing this exercise for about 2 weeks but done it only 7 times(btw im not doimg any other waist workout)
    before: 63,4 cm
    -now:62,1 on good days 61,9����
    THE TIP:
    so the last exercise, instead of doing regular mountain climber like in the vodeo you can do the cross version which is basically you have to make your right knee touch your left arm ajd vice versa instead of your right knee to your right arm.
    so yeah thats it i will keep doing this workout but don’t promise any updates��

  • Hi @Vicky Justiz! Idk if you’ll see this but when I do this exercise my lower ribs hurt so I can’t do it. Is this common? Or am I doing something wrong? Sorry for my English I love the video!

  • Okay guys ‘ I am starting it from todayy ‘x no more procrastinating ‘ This is ittttt’I am starting it today and will update twice a week. But I am not sure how many repetitions should I do. I did 4 reps each for 10 seconds today. lets see now.
    Week 1
    Week 2
    Week 3
    Week 4

  • My lose weight get noticeable in a months, I do all of this plus with 2 other exercises that I add myself cuz I wanna lose my arm fat, I didn’t actually go on strict diet, but I do fasting (didn’t eat from 6 AM to 7 PM). I also do this exercises 2 times, in 6 PM and before going to bed everyday, it works for me and I hope for you guys too

  • I’m trying to get a slim waist cuz han Jisung waist has been confirmed to be around 26.4in and my waist is 29 in��
    So yea hope this works

  • my waist was 21 inches and now it’s 23-25. The fat has grown and I need to do this exercise. I swear I’m about to cry of the fat gain

  • Your before body is the same body type as me rn omg— also I’ve had an eating disorder and was 30kg for a long time and now I suffer from bad metabolism haha

  • guys this is such a great workout! i did this 2x a day for only 3 days and saw great results. but i lose weight around stomach area pretty easily whereas my thighs stay gigantic no matter what i do uff

  • i know for a fact that everyone came here so when quarantine would be over and corona would end and we would go back to school we would have a full body glow up dont lie to me ��

  • Doing this because I absolutely hate my belly it is my worst enemy it could’ve went to my thighs but it didn’t
    Start: 74cm:/
    Goal: 66cm

    ☑️ day 1: my metabolism is a turtle
    ☑️ day 2: first one was a burner
    ☑️ day 3: i hate side planks
    �� day 4: rest day

    I’m sorry!! I was too busy with school. I missed I think a week now or 2.

  • hey guys i will update everyday until day 3
    day 1: it’s was not that bad but it’s was not easy too,i just finished the workout but i’m going to do it again to see more results. so yea see you tmrw buddies

  • Everyone scream as loud as you cna into the camera screen and see is she hears us…


  • Gonna update with deatils after I finish
    DAY 1 ✅ (did it twice today)
    DAY 2 ✅ ( twice)
    DAY 3 ✅ I’ll update tmw morning if something changed i’m aware it takes longer but the vid said 3 days for results so im doing this for that ppl ❤️

  • this is very effective
    i do this twice to thrice in a day
    i found very change
    i suggest you also try
    i am sure you would be happy with your result

  • this is the first EVER how to lose weight video I have EVER sat and watched the full thing �� i think I just love your voice lmaoo! reminds me of a chill older sister ����

  • I love Lucy wyndhamread’s workout too. Lost 1 inch in a week overall. Those are much fun workouts, but super exhausting!
    You can try them after/before doing these workouts to lift up your spirit!

  • Day 1✅it was pretty hard
    Day 2✅still hard
    Day 3✅more easier,but my abs on fire��
    Day 4❌i was too busy
    Day 5✅
    Day 6✅
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13

  • Ok I am doing this workout. I will eat junk food because i plan to do the workout 4 3 times.

    day1 Workout really kicked my ass
    day2felt stronger (added chloe ting love handles workout)
    day3did the workout 4 times because i felt strong

    My waist is 2 inches smaller.
    TIPdo this workout 3-4 times a day and add another workout made especially for obliques.


  • Ever since quartine started I literally went up a size and a week ago I started working out and I’m back at my normal size! I’m trying to get abs by June and July so can you please make a video with tips for getting abs it’ll be so helpful �� also I love ur vids!

  • I’ve been working out at home. Invested in dumbells, a weighted vest, decline bench, ankle weights and a jump rope. I did a lot of cardio and reduced my calorie in take and I now see my abs are starting to shape up nicely but I’m noticing my booty shrinking because I’m eating less calories. The big question is HOW DO I ACHIEVE A SMALL WAIST AND A BIG BUM WHEN BOTH GOALS REQUIRE DIFFERENT PLANS OF ACTION?

  • Started doing this in like 2018 and in a month i had my dream body but i only did it for around a year and now i’m back with my bloated and disgusting body ��✌️

  • I’ll keep y’all updated for as long as it takes to get a hourglass shape and skinny waist!

    ♥️Day one I got a little bit of abb lining♥️( I did the workout one time )

  • I lowkey want to make a group chat on insta of girls my age so that we can motivate each other. To support each girl who wants to lose weight and just tell each other how amazing they are!!❤

  • I’ll tell ya right now, I did not enjoy this and my stomach is in BITS.
    But i will enjoy having a smaller waist so thank you �� and your voice over encouragement really helped ����

  • Your doing the bike crunches wrong you don’t hold and push your head that could damage your neck that’s why you just rest your finger tips behind your ears and your elbows go to the opposite knee not the same knee or it will give less if and effect

  • AHH i actually love this video so much first time I have straight up recommended something like this to a friend (ahaha not calling her fat we were just talking about stomach vacuums)

    Recommended it to her a while ago and she really likes it too x:3

  • I don’t know why people are complaining that she’s talking in the beginning if your doing a exercise wouldn’t you want to know exactly what’s going on inside of you to make the exercise work etc.

  • Could you do a full 5 mins of this as a follow on. I do workouts better when I am following with you so could you do like a 5-10 rep video of this. Thanks

  • [done 1/14] hello hello, I’m starting with my waist measurment about 67 cm and 59 kg and my goal is to have my waist more prominent, plus to have an invisible stomach from a side view. Generally to lose a bit visually without getting abs heh

    18/08/20. My attempt 0 to get used to the exercises. Feel like I do them wrong as they don’t force out flexing my muscles ;-( need to take one break during each side plank.
    19/08. Pretty good and muscles engaaaged. I’m additionally hovering my legs over the ground whenever I can. Shaky during side plank, I dont drop the hip, just stay.

    you gotta remember guys that you CAN lose weight by just being on DIET, but CAN’T by only EXERCISING.
    with that said I am on a calorie deficit and I’m trying to cut down on carbs (aaand trying to eat healthy en general)
    also doing 30 days of yoga with adriene.

  • Will there be result if I do this exercises one time daily in the morning… Since I have no time in the evening to do for the second time.. Sir plz reply

  • Hey Guys! Anyone else started doing the 21-day tiny waist challenge??
    I thought it would be nice to share results here and keep others motivated.
    Also thank you so much Vicky for sharing this amazing free challenge!!!
    I just finished the first week and till now
    Week 1: 144 lbs waist: 29″
    ( I also want to note that I started working out at the start of quarantine and dropped from 160 lbs to 144 lbs till now! sending all the encouragement to everyone trying to get healthier and fit. you can do it and just give it some time and effort!)
    Remind me to update please:D

  • I literally did this every day at school and it left me a permanent hourglass shape. I seriously thought I was the only one who did this.

  • I’m going to the beach in 12 days so yeah I’m going to do this twice a day and I will be watching my diet

    Day 1: kinda hurt my left side but I’m fine I fell skinnny but no actually different
    Day 2:Hard to do I notice a little difference but nothing drastic

  • I havent done exercizes all summer so now i need motivation to start again.. One like = one day of doing this workout for my lazy ass

  • Thanks a lot for this video! Been trying to nail this exercise and even though I understand It perfectly it is still hard to nail sometimes I feel I got it and sometimes I feel I don’t.��. Anyways you are one of the few who has really explained it the easiest way to understand. ✌️

  • I saw comment something like this so I’m going to try.the amount of likes on this comment in one week is the amount of days I’m going to do this workout and have healthy meals(I am going to try as hard as i can and chalange myself so yes)if i get any likes I’m going to write down my progress and some tips if there were any,literally everything is on you guys so yeah see you in one week at same time…byebye

  • There seem to be some people complaining about how much “talking i do in this video” and also about how it is “5 minutes of advertisements”… lol and I promoted a product from the 2 minute mark to the 3:10 minute mark… the rest of it is literally science about how the exercise works….and I’M SORRY, LAST TIME I CHECKED, all of you consume this FREE content on my channel, which i put HOURS into creating. So yeah I AM gonna have sponsors here because who’s gonna pay my bills?? how about a little bit of gratitude?? never realized people can be sooo entitled! wow
    / rant over

  • Tbh, i’ve tried so many workout videos but lilly’s hit different. She motivates me with her passion. Ugh, she deserve all of these blessings. Lovelots.

  • I’m watching ur video since past week
    N believe me u really motivated me n uh even inspired me a lot.
    Thanks a lot 4 all ur video
    I know uh take a lot of efforts for us.
    Love uh from India.

  • So no weights for core exercises especially not obliques). Can we train obliques once every 2 weeks or is that to little? And my last question was why don’t you try (if you workout your abs 3 times a week) 1\3 with light weights and the other 2 days without

  • I started today! Im skinny but have some belly fat.
    Day 1:☑️
    Day 2:☑️ (I got kinda tired but did it anyways)
    Day 3:☑️ (obviously i won’t get mega quick results for day 3 but i can see my small waist forming��)

  • No joke this works!! I recommend doing this regular day to day then doing 2x more when you’re more comfortable with the workout. I’ve been doing this for half a month, and I’m seeing so much results with low abs coming in. For dieting I’ve been doing 500 calories a day, and watching more what I eat. Remember when you dieting and losing wait keep in mind your stomach is gonna hurt more often when you eat junky foods or fast foods! Your body is changing so it takes time but it’s so worth it in the end. Hope y’all get good results, god bless ❤️

  • hey just a quick question:
    i’ve been trying to work on unevenness in my waist (one side is a lot tighter than the other) but this doesn’t feel like it’s working the looser side… any help? it honestly feels like i’m doing something wrong even though i’m making sure i have proper form…

  • Okay so I’m going to update this for a week and tell you guys the results! Day 1: not any difference was pretty easy. Day 2: felt good felt less bloated. Day3: i was sore today and seen a difference looked less bloated and saw a more toned look ( keep in mind I also juiced yesterday)

  • Omg so I’ve been doing this for a week now and fyi I did this and another video I don’t know the girls name and I lost 3 lbs no diet no joke guys do this it works! And not only that I’ve been loosing wait in my thighs too for some reason and it’s a good thing in my opinion bc I hate my thighs!! Imao anyways do it I promise you take my word for it you will be more beautiful then what you already are xx

  • I ll start doin that
    Day no 1
    Day no 2
    Day no 3
    Day no 4
    Day no 5
    Day no 6
    Day no 7
    Day no 8
    Day no 9
    Day no 10
    Day no 11
    Day no 12
    Day no 13
    Day no 14

  • Guys I really need help.
    I did Chloe Ting’s ab workout video for 3 whole weeks and I DID get results, my stomach were completely flat (37 to 33) but I notice my waist got wider:(((((
    Now I’m wondering if this’ll will work for me T.T

  • Hey guys
    My waist is 26
    Day 1 done: still 26
    Day 2 done: still 26
    Day 3 done: 25 half
    Day 4 done: 25 half
    Day 5 done: 25 half
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14

    Today is aug 17 2020
    11:04 pm
    I’ll be back to update again what is my waist line
    I always drink 8 glass of water or more
    2 cups of water before eat.

  • i promise i will update

    current: 27 inches
    goal: 24 inches
    age: 13-18
    (doing this 1-2 times, i also do pilates 2-3 times)

    day1: hard, had to rest longer, heavy breaths, did this twice noticed a line on my abs hehe
    day 2: did not do it lol
    day 3: did this twice, hard like the 1st time

  • Thanks for your self less efforts due to all your excise m enjoying every Day try new one m reduced in inches see results in 15days god bless you I pray for you n your family.

  • ok so I don’t have fat on my waist, so if I work the obliques will that make me look more boxy? so like will it do the opposite of a small waist???? pls answer

  • I never had bad habits like eating badly or having lots of sugar so I’ve been doing more workouts so I’m wondering what I should do to lose weight. I tried eating less but nothing’s really working:(

  • i’m gonna start doing this and keeping track of how many inches my waist is every week and how much i weight everyday because i don’t want to have to take a picture/look at my stomach since it makes me cry lol

    day 1: 30 inches // 113 lbs
    day 2: 112 lbs

  • I’m actually a pretty skinny/slim person but my waist isn’t that tiny so I’ll try to update this after like a week or a couple to see how it works out:))

  • I’m starting this for 2 Weeks. I’ll tell you the results. I lost 2 centimeters with Chloe with the 2 weeks summer shred. Let’s see how this works.
    70 centimeters waist today 19/08
    Day 1: learning the movements to make them right.
    Day 2: not too difficult. I did it better. My body was sore from yesterday, not because of the workout, but because I have to improve my movements.
    Day 3: I felt so sleepy today. I didn’t work out.

  • People I literally did this 2 times a day in the morning and sometime I the late afternoon and after 5 days I saw results got a thinner waist. Really no diet

  • So I started this 3 weeks ago, and guys it worked SO WELL OMG. My waist is so much smaller and I completely loved it. But an advice I give u is to cut sugar and all for a while and to rest at least a day

  • Today I did the Chloe ting 2 week abs challenge but I gave up so I’m gonna be doing this everyday,I might do it 2 times a so I can remember
    Day 1.did Chloe ting and gave up so did this workout but I feel good and motivated to workout,did only 1 time today.

  • okay, so i am going to do this for 14 days and drink lots of water!!
    my waist now; 72cm
    day 1: hell, lot’s of sweat and pain, my neck hurts
    day 2: i kinda feel my muscles from yesterday, but i can feel a small change so it’s good
    day 3: the exercises are not that difficult anymore and I am better at the side plank!!
    day 4
    day 5
    day 6
    day 7
    day 8
    day 9
    day 10
    day 11
    day 12
    day 13
    day 14

  • A lot of ab routines on youtube with bodyweight has exercises that work obliques, so is it all bad if I want a tiny waist or is it okay cause I’m only using bodyweight?

  • me finishes by doing it for my first time: i am dying

    me again: lets look in the mirror and see i got a skinnier waist:D

    me again: i think i got a skinnier waist

    me again: now let me eat chocolate

  • Guys tdy I’m gonna try this exercise let me start
    Day 1: with lots of pain finally completed
    Day 2;
    Day 3:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:

  • not gonna lie i was super doubtful cause my waist has always been big, but the results definitely shocked me. after only a couple days i already noticed a difference!! it’s been a month now and the exercises have gotten so much easier to do, and i actually have visible abs. thank you so much for this workout lilly����

  • Guys, never in your life, place your hands behind your head. It’s bad for your neck! Place your hands at the sides of your head, with your palm resting over the lower ear.

  • I’m on my 3rd day of doing this along with the love handle koboko fitness and I’m shook I do this every night every other day along with intermittent fasting every other day and omg I looked in the mirror before doing this and I had the flattest stomach I have seen in months! No joke. With that I’m just on my 3rd day ��. I totally recommend this and the koboko fitness I have tried many of the Chloe ting schedules and it did NOT work.

  • I always do this exercise early in the morning… And i lost 2 kg in a month… And also 15 min in evening it’s very effective… Thanku Robert’s gym…

  • I feel like I’m doing this wrong aha. I don’t really feel anything apart from when doing the knee to elbow crunches. I have a decently strong core, but should I be feeling more?

  • You are my inspiration…i am doing all exercises as you are doing and i felt the results..but u never pin my comment nor like ����

  • i absolutely HATE working out so i’m gonna try this waist exercise instead


    i’m on day 6. i started to do this twice a day since yesterday. my body still hurts but i noticed that every exercise is becoming a little easier everyday.

    day 9!! i think my waist reduced in size or maybe it just has a bit of shape now but my stomach is still bloated bc i eat a lot ��

  • i’m gonna post results
    1 day: it was pretty hard those side crunches got me there i do chloe tings too so wan’t crazy hard.
    2 day: it got kinda harder but i did it don’t see any results yet. i’m gonna update tomorrow.
    3 day:
    4 day:
    5 day:
    6 day:
    7 day:
    my thoughts:

  • Hello I will start the work out today and i will do it for a week or two so wish me luck +I will keep updating you guys like to remind me plz
    Day one: it was hard and I can’t feel my body��
    Day two: it was better then yesterday
    Day three: I skipped (period)

  • Did this workout staring today and I’ll share my progress:))))
    Day 1 = Everything was going well until I faced the last exercise, I could barely balance myself ��
    Day 2 = Same, I don’t have any difficulties in the exercises except the last lol
    Day3 = Lacked motivation today but still did it somehow:-) And I feel like doing this once is not enough but I don’t feel like doing it twice either ��
    Day4 = (forgot to update)
    I was planning on not doing it but mom supported me:) which she never did so I had to:l
    Day5 = Finally not doing it lol, my period came in so I was sleeping all day due to body cramps:'((((

  • I’m going to do this. My waist now is 63. I’m doing this with Chloe Ting’s workout.
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  • I was actually a bit sceptical at first because i don’t think this workout is that hard compared to other workouts targeting waist and abs but i have to say i do see a difference. I work out quite a lot anyway so didn’t need to lose much but this made my belly really flat and i’m sure i missed a couple of days too…but i think you do need to have a decent diet for it to work as well.

  • Guys follow my Instagram I’ll be posting more workout tips + booty & waist workouts soon

  • I’m trying this for 7 days. Waist is 27
    inches. I will comment my progress!
    day 1didnt really feel burn probabyl cause i dont really know how to corectly engage core.
    day2felt more of a burn

  • I don’t want to loose weight.. M already 47kgs…i just want to have slim tummy bcoz after my baby I don’t like my stomach… Would this be helpful to me roberta…

  • im doing a thigh slimming workout and this for 2 weeks! once a day maybe twice if im feeling extra motivated, eating a little less and healthier and also doing some cardioprobably 3-4 times a week.
    day1done! only once

  • The fact that she EXPLAINS and take a shit load of time to help us understand is AMAZING. You guys should be grateful, shes doing this for FREE and she probably takes HOURS editing. If you don’t like her explaining, you can find another video to watch instead. I can’t believe how entitled people can be smh����‍♀️

    Thank you Vicky��

  • I’m wachting this Beacuse I have a family dinner I have to go to and my mom wants me to wear a dress but I look horrible in shape and sometimes I just don’t love my self I fell ugly and useless.

  • I’m going to be doing this for 2 weeks so I’ll update you guys daily on my results:

    Day one��: the first four exercises were definitely challenging but I’m telling myself that’s because it working!��

    Day two��: I swear those first four exercises kill me, but I pulled through!

    Day three��: definitely getting easier, I’m pretty sore from yesterday because I did 4 of her other hips, and thighs workouts.

  • I am quite fat and have a big belly.i am surely going to try this exercise.ihope my stomach gets flatter and everybody stops calling me fat.i wanna feel good about myself

  • doing this everyday and updating!!!!!!!!!! (someone like this so i don’t lose it)

    day one: this workout was very do-able and i didn’t feel much of a burn. I did it three times along with a Holly Dolke flat stomach workout. I ate very unhealthy today but idc LMFAO

  • Hi so I am new at this workout and listen Day 1 was hard and fun but tiring at the same time but I did it five time on day 1 and I keep y’all updated.
    Day 2 it burns like day 1 but worth it and I did it three times so I can see results faster I will keep y’all updated bye

  • thank you.. you don’t have to listen to people who complain.. you can do what ever you want.for me, i was not interested in the product you promoted so I skipped it and enjoyed the rest of the video. It is not a problem nor a big deal


  • Always so bubbly and happy thank you for sharing your wisdom. Always enjoy your videos for both the science and your personality ���������� have a lovely day

  • yknow… no offense or anything in that matter, i just want to share an opinion… when i see people with that type of body, who look like absolute malnurished anorexic stickmen that think its healthy to have that kind of body and “abs” i just think to myself… i wonder how much kicks does it take to hit them in the mid section to make them fold like an omelette like it just doesnt look healthy at all, it just looks like a child’s stickman drawing come to life… but o dont know right, you do you i guess��

  • guyz I need motivate I will do this for 14 day I will eat much less no juice or sugar 2l of water +love handles exercices some push ups and this rutine like 2 times in the morning at 3 at night

  • Wait I’m so confused. I’ve been reading about things like heel touches and Russian twists and it says that they make your waist wider bc they are building muscle on the obliques. Yet everyone in the comment says this works and I’m like wait what.

  • I’m starting this from today(18.08.2020) for next 2 weeks.
    My waist right now is 92 cm.
    Day 1:it was tough, but i managed to do✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:-✅
    Day 4:-✅

  • I lowkey want to make a group chat on insta of girls my age so that we can motivate each other. To support each girl who wants to lose weight and just tell each other how amazing they are!!❤

  • Are u suposed to do this everyday cause it seems wired!����
    To build muscle you should only work out every second Day
    Otherwise u Will just destroy your body and the muscle u just build
    cause the body needs recovery and build Up time?????

  • Good day everyone.Pls Does this exercise make one loose weight?
    @Roberta’s gym I don’t want to loose weight cos am already slim but want to have a tinner waist.
    What do u advice please!

  • I’m gonna start doing this and I’ll keep you updated
    Measurements before workout 27.5 hips: 38 bust: 34
    Also I’m doing a tiny waist workout and a side booty workout

    Day 1:

  • Day 1: I can really feel my abs biting
    Day 2: i started seeing a little bit of results and I started eating less
    Day 3: I seeing results
    Day 4: it’s taking forever to actually see my stomach get flatter
    Day 5: my stomach is actually getting flatter periodt ������

    Diet: I ate the foods I usually eat except I portioned my meals and I ate less

  • So today is 20 august and imma make a lil journal trying this,the thing is that I kinda don t eat,let’s START:
    DAY 1:�� today I ate to just breakfast and that was all I begin the workout and let’s say I had to make some pause at the video. Imma update

  • Who else is secretly doing this in their room during quarantine but then forgot that your earphone is unplagged and the volume is in maximum? HI I’M MARIAH, AND MY LIFE… IS KINDA CRAZY.��

  • Ok so I’m shook! I did this and her other slim waist workout once in one day and my stomach got a lil Skinner and my waist barely improved but im shook it looks good! Definitely try this bc it works. I’m gonna repeat each one more time and do a few ab wons wish me luck!

  • Thx for the workout it helps, I didnt exercise for two days because I was very sore… (but that was on the fourth of july yesterday):3

  • Coming from someone with a degree in sport and exercise sciences, working on a masters for physiotherapy… let me make this completely clear, you can train and work out as hard as you want for 3 days. You will see no changes. Losing weight and toning up is a long process that requires patience. Not something you can achieve in under half a week. You could starve yourself and train in the gym 2 hours a day for a week and you would barely notice any difference at all. Added to the fact that you would be ill from starving your body. There is no shortcut for weight loss, so don’t listen to nonsense like this.

  • Im actually going to try this
    before (8-21-2020):
    waist 68cm/27in weight 55kg/123lbs
    after (9-3-2020):
    day one: done
    day two:
    day three:
    day four:
    day five:
    day six:
    day seven:
    day eight:
    day nine:
    day ten:
    day eleven:
    day twelve:
    day thirteen:
    day fourteen:

  • Try this!! this is effective! i tried it and it worked, I’ve done this for 1 month and a half i ain’t joking, where can i send my before and after?

  • Just did this for a week and I lost.5 an inch off my waist! I didn’t change my diet at all and I’m so happy! I’m going to continue to do these everyday thank you!!

  • I’m starting this workout tomorrow (Aug 21 2020), as well as a five minute cardio session lol. And I will also be doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting method. I’ll update! x

    Waist: 78 cm/30.5 inch
    Hip: 81 cm/31.5

    Day 1 I did all the exercises but I know that my posture was not great, so my abs did not feel like it was burning. However, I did feel a bit tired and heart was racing more than before. And I could not do the ones with sit ups properly, my legs would lift up while I tried to push myself up off the floor.

    Day 2 I am so sore from yesterday’s workout. And I felt a bit stronger in the core as I was able to do the sit ups better than yesterday’s ones.

  • what’s funny about this video is she is looking alot like me when i do exercises. lol i am always wondering why the hell every video i see of people showing us workouts make it look so easy. this girl has the real stuggle goin on. lol

  • i added 20 russian twists and did the whole thing 3 times every day and i lost 2 pounds and my waist looks slimmer after 3 days!!! loved this!

  • One way to get skinnier faster is when ur about to workout I recommend you to wear maybe long sleeves instead of T-shirts and you can wear some thick clothes too and wear long pants instead of short pants so that you will sweat more and when you sweat more you lose more weight!