Three reasons to complete Weighted Stretches


Weight Training To GET Flexible!

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Weighted Stretches & Muscle Growth

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My Top 3: Loaded Mobility Exercises (with BONUS Exercise)

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Weighted Stretching / Strečink se závažím

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Instructional: Weighted Hamstring Stretch

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Weighted Stretching: For Drastic Muscle Growth, Hyperplasia and Mobility?

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3 Gentle Stretches to Reduce Shoulder Pain

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Here are three reasons weighted stretches can help you get stronger and more flexible: 1. STRETCH THE RIGHT MUSCLES Stretching is more complex than you think — not all stretches are created equal. Take the 2. STRETCH OVERLY STIFF MUSCLES Some muscles get so stiff it’s tough to stretch them by. Weighted Stretching Builds Muscle 5 Different Ways It flips the switch that triggers muscle building. Loaded stretching and accentuating the eccentric (two things you’re It creates an occlusion effect. Loaded stretching lasting 45-75 seconds will create an occlusion effect which will lead It.

All right, you all know how important stretching is so I thought i’d write down my stretching routine for you all, it’s not the greatest I takes some times but you can mess with the duration of the exercises but you can get it all done in 3-5 min if you do it back to back. Weighted stretching is similar to blood flow resistance training in that it may burn more while you are stretching than while you are performing your actual sets. It’s just mind over matter. If you are feeling like you should be getting more out of your workouts, try throwing in some weighted stretches in between your accessory work. Weighted stretching will help you build a ton more muscle mass but only if you learn how to do it properly and implement it properly.

Stretching With Weights Simply Does Something Special And Shocking To Your Body Weight Lifting Complete. 3 Reasons Step-Ups Are a Great Leg and Butt Exercise 3 Reasons to Love Step-Ups. September 17, 2011 by Susi May.

Strength Training Fitness Butt Exercises. Watch This! Around The.

3 – Calisthenics Diagnose and Fix Mobility Issues A lot of calisthenics exercises demand greater mobility than their weight room counterparts. A full range of motion barbell squat requires better-than-average mobility in the hamstrings and hips, but a one-legged pistol squat takes those attributes to the next level. Weights can be stacked to increase weight as the wearer’s scrotum loosens up and then begins to stretch. Wearing weights can also desensitize the testicles to pressure, allowing rougher play even without the weights on. To really emphasis the stretch you can hold the bottom position of each rep for a couple seconds while you do these exercises in your workouts.

Static Stretching. Static stretching is the more traditional form of stretching that most people are familiar with. For example, bending over and touching your toes is a good static stretch for the. Hip extension means you’re opening, or lengthening, the front of your hip.

These muscles are important because they help facilitate everyday movements, like getting up from a chair, walking, or.

List of related literature:

Dynamic stretching techniques should be introduced during the warm-up section of the class, while static stretches should be used later (e.g., after the aerobics component or during the cool-down) when the body is at its warmestand the muscles and joints are more receptive to being stretched.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults
by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
Human Kinetics, 2005

Prerun dynamic stretching increases blood circulation, improves joint mobility, and increases muscle power compared to static stretching or not stretching at all.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

It helps decrease stress and exercises cause muscles to tighten, so stretching major muscle groups after exercising will help maintain flexibility.

“Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Williams
from Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book
by Patricia A. Williams
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Efficacy of static stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretch on hamstrings length after a single session.

“Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery E-Book” by Kenneth W Hinchcliff, Andris J. Kaneps, Raymond J. Geor
from Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery E-Book
by Kenneth W Hinchcliff, Andris J. Kaneps, Raymond J. Geor
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

For example athletes who compete on a weekly basis may perform a greater volume of static stretching after competition and for the few days following in order to retain or improve flexibility, reduce soreness or muscle ache and potentially minimise injury risk during training.

“Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Integrating Medicine and Science for Performance Solutions” by David Joyce, Daniel Lewindon
from Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Integrating Medicine and Science for Performance Solutions
by David Joyce, Daniel Lewindon
Taylor & Francis, 2015

Dynamic stretching is less likely to cause the performance decrements that can arise from the other stretching methods— ballistic, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and static—described in chapter 1.

“Stretching Anatomy” by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
from Stretching Anatomy
by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
Human Kinetics, 2020

In addition to improving ROM, static stretching can be extremely relaxing.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Recent studies show that static stretching is most beneficial for athletes requiring flexibility in their sports.31 ◆ Drawbacks: Static stretching has a well­documented association with decreased maximal muscle per­formance for short periods following the stretch.

“Chapman's Comprehensive Orthopaedic Surgery: Five Volume Set” by Michael W Chapman, Michelle A James
from Chapman’s Comprehensive Orthopaedic Surgery: Five Volume Set
by Michael W Chapman, Michelle A James
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2019

Because most activities and movements are ballistic in nature, static stretching is not the optimal training technique.

“Science of Flexibility” by Michael J. Alter
from Science of Flexibility
by Michael J. Alter
Human Kinetics, 2004

A second reason is that this type of stretching may increase the risk of injury to the muscles and connective tissues, especially when there has been a previous injury (4, 30).

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

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  • Dumbbell flyes don’t actually stretch your pecs any more than dumbbell presses if you think about it. The only difference is your elbow is more straightened meaning more biceps involvement.

  • I just tried Ryujin’s Shoulder dance and came here..����

    But actually I have learnt it… This is just a joke.. I slept in a wrong position yesterday that’s why I am having a shoulder pain..

  • I would advise you to first take the supplements i suggested for three to four months. Before doing any exercises. Continue to ingest the supplements when training.

  • Just do muscle building with weights. Build muscles in your shoulders and take glucosamine and cod liver capsules. And incorporate creatine to keep joints covered with water retention. This will combat your pains.

  • Am I the only one really struggling to relax my arm for the first one? Like I’ll do the movement and my arm barely moves so I’m convinced I’m unable to relax them.

  • Sir I have a shoulder pain from 10 days cant sleep actually one ago I fell down from bike then stress on shoulder
    Dr advice therapy

  • Doing shoulder mobility before you work out can prevent a lot of injuries later. Poor form creates some problems on your shoulders, which are rotator cuff tendonitis, bicep tendonitis, and bursitis. In order to gain results, you should remove risks on your body.

    Since you sit and stand a lot, your shoulders are internally rotated and scapula is anteriorly rotated. It creates poor performance whatever you do. It means the better posture you have, the more performance you have. So, you should fix your posture on a regular basis.

    If you shrug and press, you can hurt rotator cuff tendonitis and have bursitis. You can correct it by putting your scapula together. Packing your scapula helps you to stabilize your body. If you shrug your shoulders and perform movements, some things have to move more to stabilize your body. This slows down your progress and injuries occur.

    So, If you hear pinching and popping, you should do some work. Maybe, you can change your bench press form or add more mobility training before you do shoulder movements.

    To heal shoulder pain, taking a break should be done to heal inflammation. And, doing mobility training should be helpful to make your posture better. If you have a coach and feel pain consistently. this is the time that you should find out new alternatives.

  • Marc, Thank you very much for this video. I have been putting up with shoulder pain for months and it was getting worse and seriously impacting my lifestyle. I have been a Coach driver, mostly manual for 20 years. The linkages have not been well serviced in the main and hence the gear changes can be stiff.
    I have only been doing the exercises you show in this video for a couple of days and already I am seeing a marked difference in pain reduction, and scope of arm movement.
    I am so grateful for your video and frankly I can’t believe the improvement

    Rereading this it sounds to me like a paid commercial. I can assure your subscribers it is not, even I can’t believe the improvement in just a couple of days.

    Best wishes and thanks again from Brisbane Queensland Australia.

  • I hurt my shoulders doing pull ups, has anyone experienced this before? If so, what did you do to reduce the pain or cure it completely? Thanks in advance!

  • ….

    It is common to have shoulder pain when you press especially bench press. You can have bursitis or rotator cuff tendon tear If your form is not correct or your posture is bad. To make your posture better, mobility work should be beneficial.

    Bursa is located between rotator cuff tendon and acromion. If you shrug and press a lot, bursitis can happen due to overuse. And also, bicep tendonitis and rotator cuff tendon tear occur due to incorrect form and poor posture. If you shrug your shoulder, your head of humerus isn’t at the center of your shoulder joints. So, you hear cracking and pinching sound.

    Shoulder pain happens even If you are an elite athlete. Because It has a lot of freedom. In order to prevent injuries, doing mobility work should be essential. There are a lot of shoulder mobility movements. You should find out what works for you and apply to your program.

    Some people have difficulty to bench. Many youtubers make complicated explanations. However, just taking a deep breath helps you to put your scapula down so that you can easily bench.

    If you don’t know what is your problem on your shoulder joints. Hiring an licensed physical therapist must be done to save your time and money rather than hiring a body builder. It is hard to sue a false trainer later.

  • i feel pain in my shoulder with 1st exersize…hope the exersize will help, shoulder is SOo complex. some times i feel NO pain and with other exersizes it hurts like hell…special when lifting arm above shoulder hight i get into trubble…( i have been operated and it was pretty good after that, but recently after i fall from bike its worse a bit again)

  • Really appreciate the fact you used the correct definition of mobility, it’s a term that is being used incorrectly so many times…. Well done

  • My father has a shoulder pain like he cant lift up his arms and shoulders and he said he feels like its a nerve that just got stucked. What am i gonna do im kinda scared.

  • Awesome Videos Dog! Just got to ask, should we do the weighted Jefferson curls on the same day we Lift or on an off day from the gym?

  • Absolutely helpful! Did the exercise once and my shoulder already relaxed. Will definitely do it over the next couple weeks. Thanks a lot!

  • I’m sheltering due to coronavirus as I have severe COPD but I’m in agony with Calcific tendinitis in my right shoulder, doctor recommended but I refuse to go to A & E during the covid 19 peak so will give a try alongside pain meds, thank you! ���� ��

  • at the one min. till the 1.30 mark in the video letting my shoulder hang, float back and forth, Helps me a lot. Weird. I tried a lot of different stretching moves and this is the one that helps me with my problem. I would never have guessed it without trying it. But My rotator cup feels so much better. The first time afterwards it felt bruised, then afterwards it just got better. Thanks a lot. I give you a 5 star.

  • Video and instructions well done. I was able to keep moving my shoulder without pain until the RA flare subsided. Thank you so much.

  • I moved into my appartment today and I had to care a few moving boxes filled to the brim with books (hella heavy) and now I feel like I may have overexerted my left arm a bit, literally the slightest movement hurts, kind of like a nagging pain. I know it’ll probably be over tomorrow, so me posting this comment probably won’t really get the answers I need in time, but I just wanted to complain a little and maybe receive some tips for the next I have this problem!

  • Thanks a lot for the video. I had a shoulder pain because I did some back levers during the weekend but after this workout I almost don’t feel the pain.

  • When I work out my shoulders my front and mid deltoid get very inflamed and have a sharp pain. Even when it’s with no weight. If I use my shoulder repeatedly it hurts and lasts for minutes sometimes up to 30 minutes. Any reason for why it’s like this and what can I do to help it? Any help is appreciated

  • I usually train pull ups without any problem. I got pretty much strenght, being able to pull 100 kilograms having 60
    But when it comes to 1 arm pull ups, I always have a pain in my working shoulders which lasts for a few seconds-minutes
    I dont know if this video is make for this, but, if someone knows the answer to my problem and how to get rid of the pain, can you tell me?

  • But basically any eccentric part of the movement with full range of motion is stretching with a load… Am I wrong?
    Maybe the thing that lack is a static hold in the most stretched portion, and we should do that.

  • Nice, this is exactly what Migan from Team3DAlpha is saying for years. He also has a lot of studies linked in his videos, check him out.

  • Weighted stretching definitely works for strenght and flexibility. I found out that flexibility is mainly about stenght in the end of the ROM.

  • I’m using the rack pulls above the knee and the stretch is unreal. I’m gaining muscle and my traps are popping out now..I’m also using the neck flex which is all stretch on the neck muscles..

  • Another under-utilized but crucial technique is negative reps. Assisting the concentric motion and training the eccentric motion increases the fiber tension 2-5x and uses significantly less energy. This is especially relevant in natural training where individuals need to find creative ways to develop difficult muscle groups.

  • TrapsRack Deadlift
    ChestWeighted Dips
    ShouldersBehind Neck Press or Behind Back Cable Laterals
    TricepsOverhead Extension
    BicepsIncline Curls
    LegsHeels Elevated Squats
    CalvesHold 20 seconds in stretch position after each rep, do 12 reps
    AbsHanging Leg Raises and GHD Situps, CrossFit style
    Rib Box ExpansionPullovers
    ForearmsFarmers Walk

  • if we do an isometric stretch for 30 seconds or more, will it not relax the muscle by spindle activity? i read some comments where people say they do 1-minute stretch after a set

  • OK, so you have talked about about the benefit of isometric exercise and are now talking about weighted stretches. Would you be able to get the same effect as weighted stretching with less chance of injury through isometric stretching instead? So for instance you could do a bunch of bicep curls and then just do a really hard flex while pulling on a bar that is much too heavy and pulling it as hard as you can?

  • I broke my right wrist in the 8th grade even though umm right handed that arm has lagged behind my left ever since. Started doing more chin ups and l always ignore my right side in the mirror. Looked today and it’s almost fully caught up with my left now

  • Meanwhile multiple studies have concluded that having your wallet & finances stretched to uncomfortable limit’s by girl friends or wife will cause your net worth to decrease dramatically.

  • You remind me of Mac from Always Sunny, but very proper and happy. Can you do a vid about cultivating mass or the importance of ocular patdowns while wearing a duster? xD

  • I would say it is an extremely effective way for creating those micro tears that build back up bigger and stronger. But at the end of the day it is progressive overload+metabolic fatigue that drive muscle hypertrophy.

  • I’m going to try this immediately! I need to increase my ROM in my left knee after surgery, and I need to get over a long-term shoulder injury by building ROM and structural stability. This seems to be exactly what I have been needing to break through my PT plateaus. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • can you make before after heavy stretching training on the triceps you know if hyprtplasia works if tendon number ijncreased which means a rounder elbow

  • The latest recommendations are that weighted stretches should be held for at least 90 seconds very painful but effective. I’m a hypertrophy researcher and have developed what I call ACTIVATED weighted stretching. In this you assume the stretch position this only works with cable machine stretches and then rock back and forth just an inch or two pulling then somewhat releasing tension on the exercise cable. This creates a pulsation in the stretched muscle. It works. Have been making incredible gains. Try it!

  • Dude am i right In thinking this method is a variation of an isometric? My understanding goes like this: you hold a stretched position of an exercise under load, i.e. with dumbbells, barbells, or even my own bodyweight with exercises such as dips. Then you simply lower the weight until you reach a position where the target muscles are stretched, when i reach that position, I would hold it so hard it becomes an isometric contraction. That’s my way of simplifying this method.

  • There is also a school of thought that stretching can mask muscle pain, and actually be bad for you, leading to injury. I have found both to be true either in combination or exclusively. Works great for calves, however straight legged dead lifts beyond typical range can be rather problematic a few days later. The bird study is horrific, and sadly entirely irrelevant.

  • I recall a video you did a few months ago discussing stretching a muscle at the end of a workout with a pump could be good. Like holding a relatively heavy dumbbell on an incline bicep curl to give the bicep a good stretch could be beneficial. But here it sounds like you’re saying its not. Could you explain the difference between this video and the other one?

  • loving your videos. migan at team 3d alpha. talks alot about the benefits of weighted stretching and studies on it. he’s got some really good videos on studies done and his own experiences. keep up the great work

  • This is why gymnasts have massive biceps as while they using straight arm strength in moves like the cross and maltese there biceps are in the most stretched position

  • Is there anything signifying that this is anything other than just using FROM which is commonly understood as important for myotrophy?

  • Yes, hold a leg stretch for over 1 mn and the fachia melts! Then move further into the stretch hold one minute. Move further. Ect. Once done pick up your legs with your hands and put them back in place. Carfuly walk to bed. And sleep. This is intense but it works fast.

  • You deserve many more subscribers given the quality of your videos and the depth of your analysis. Thanks for being such a useful resource.

  • Hi, great channel. Love all the Batman vids. Have you looked at tempo training? I’ve just stared to use it in my training and it feels like it stretches the muscles out. Terry

  • Great vid thanks, it would be good if you did one on Hangs, I have disc problems and would like to improve my grip strength, I’ve heard hangs,will help,thanks.

  • There is countless anecdotal evidence that weighted strecthing increases muscle size, exhibit A being gymnasts.

    Hyperplasia or hypertrophy we don’t really know but to the general population (like us) I’d argue it doesn’t matter. If the muscles got bigger than it worked so nice keep doing it lol

  • In PNF stretching should we contract the muscle stretched or the antagonist muscle? (Didn’t understand if you said both, they are the complete opposite. )

  • Hey man this is awesome is this why they say go full stretch on calf raises.

    Also great vid usual!!!!!!!!!

    Would it be possible or you to do a leg/lower leg bioneer vid in the future because may sound on but I love training legs but struggling to see growth in the lower legged area,maybe cuz I only weigh 75kg and work out at home, also only doing single legged calf raise exercises maybe limiting factors, not to sure. But would love your Advice cuz I would love I have big legs as they look awesome haha

  • The comparison with the birds is pointless because it’s not exactly streching. It’s like if you wear weight on your ankles. It’s only streching in one phase of the walking/running.

  • Stretching is all about isolating muscle groups like bodybuilding. That’s why it doesn’t necessarily improve mobility or flexibility for better performance or movement. For example, standing and bending over at the waist to stretch the hamstrings doesn’t actually work very well. You get some minimal stretching of the hamstrings,but you’re really contracting them in order to stabilize your body so you won’t fall. You are not actively contracting the quadriceps in order to reciprocally inhibit the hamstring muscles. PNF works with the two stretch reflexes ( the golgi tendon apparatus and the muscle spindles). It is the most effective approach to increasing flexibility, mobility, strength, and coordination of muscles involved in specific movement patterns.

  • OK so I keep re-injuring what I believe is a shoulder related injury. Every time I do lateral raises or go to jujitsu I get this pain that shoots down the back of my arm kind of passing through my tricep area is anybody have any idea what this might be?

  • Yeah do videos on Parkour and Martial arts! Also do Hanging and if it increases a 15 to 17 year old’s height. And till what age does the height still grow? I’ve heard its 25 for boys but i think thats a myth. Great video tho

  • Why is hyperplasia so important when we literally dont even know if it’s possible to trigger let alone important at all for muscle growth. We know inarguably volume and progressive overload are so I don’t understand the point of this video other than intentionally putting micro trauma in muscle and connective tissue

  • I’m happy about this video’s topic. I’ve been implementing some weighted stretching to my workouts thanks to Alphadestiny. It truly helps with with growth.

  • I think certain exercise that would benefit from this training will be based off your skeletal structure. Squats suck for me due to my hamstring kicking in. If you can hold a position and stay in that range then it will suit you better.

  • Awesome video man. You and alpha destiny are by far the best naturals on YouTube. Everything you say is based on actual evidence making it effective and useful.:)

  • A hangs video would be great. I do them at the end of work outs but I’m not really sure what their benefits are besides strecthing.

  • Bringing Arnold statements to the discussion doesnt provide any input to either side, in terms of whether its good or bad/useful-useless. He doesnt have academical background and as we know, he did do steroids. So empirical experience at most to back him up. BUT, im not saying he is a bad person. If we ignore previous facts and check his best lifts, he benched 240kg/530lbs. Doesnt matter if you do steroids or dumbbell flies. Road to benching that weight will grant you best pectoral muscles your genetics allow. With roids they will be bigger, fuller ofcourse.

    A note i want to add to discussion though, is that trapezius muscle responds well to stretch reflex ie rackpulls popularised by AlphaDestiny & farmerwalks. Coincidentally traps have more androgenic receptors in them, which makes them blow up when using steroids. Could it be that skeletal muscles that carry more receptors are more influenced by stretching? Most receptors are located on upper body (reason to why calves are hard to gain mass on). On the other hand super fat person will have gigantic calves because of the weight they have to carry. But suggesting wearing 2x bodyweight around 24h like they do for big calves, is not really rational idea for most of us. Nor eating yourself superfat and then dieting down.

    What makes it so difficult to measure muscle growing differences using different methods a viewer or reader might ask. As we know, every person is different. Some are genetically gifted in some muscle groups and some aren’t. Some have more fast twitch muscle fibers, others dont. BUT once again, if you can deadlift 600lbs/270kg (id say even 220kg will be fine for reps), rackpull 1000lbs or farmerwalk 2x your bodyweight for xperiod of time under tension YOU WILL develop big upper traps.

    And thats another thing, no1 who has developed huge musclegroups, have ever done them with small 1kg/1lbs pink dumbbells there has always been heavy ass weights. You can get results with just bodyweight training as well. Not bodybuilder results but decent to be seen as a person who works out (and your body has more resistance than small dumbbells).

  • Hey I really like your videos they help me with exercising. I’m planning on becoming a firefighter but I want a training program that’s going to help me with the job. But I don’t know what exercise to do for building the strength id need. I would need to be able to carry people and be able to lift equipment and drag objects. If you got any advice can you let me know?

  • About the chest flys: Athlean X made a video about improving the flys and made it safer (it’s basically chest flys on the floor):

  • Apparently there was a study a few months ago, where they only stretched one calf on a leg press and it grew significantly more than the other

  • Bob and Brad the youtube physical therapists say it is not goo to round your back especially under weighted load. It can cause your discs to bulge out when u round it that much.

  • I was given 2 of these exercises by my physio but may I ask what happens if both shoulders are doing the same things and you don’t have a good shoulder:( thanks

  • Tom, on the JFC is it normal / okay to have a bit of hip shift to the rear as you descend? I tend to as i’m curling downwards is all.

  • Is there a problem doing the Jefferson Curl to the sides (with dumbbells)? I mean bending over while twisting your body to the left or to the right. It strenghtens the Quadratus Lumborum mainly. Anything wrong with that exercise?

  • There are so many mobility drills and exercises, I get confused! Shoulder extensions, shoulder flexion, wrists, hips, hams, calves and back twists and bending, loaded mobility, ballistic mobility and what have you.
    One can easily lose focus �� this is not meant as a criticism of the wonderful content you put out, which I find excellent to say the least.
    I’m just not sure how to approach it, since I can simply use all my pastime just doing mobility, having barely any time to strength train. What are your thoughts about this?

  • ?is jefferson curl can cause damage to spine specially when i lift the bar
    also when i lift the bar in jeff. curl..can i bent my knee to avoid spine injuries

  • Thanks Tom, your content is great. As far as this topic I was surprised the loaded pancake stretch didn’t make the cut, I am a big fan of that one.

  • I feel nothing in the four figure lift, I do a lot of static hip stretches for BJJ, so maybe i’m just too flexible for that. Got a harder replacement, or a progression to make the exercise harder?

  • Great video brother! I am new and inexperienced to the whole movement culture. I have a lot of knowledge regarding progressions and different movements. But I always seem to be overwhelmed by it in terms of planning. As beginner you suck at every movement, but there’s no way you can work at each movement everyday. Should you for example focus on two movement patterns at time like the back bridge and handstand and later tackle on your other weak points like getting a pancake. I guess what I am asking is, how do I start and are there movements I should prioritize more.

  • One more commentkudos for the caution regarding connective tissue adaptations. It’s important to remember that muscle adapts (strengthens) a lot quick than connective tissue. I’ve frequently heard the quote “6-10 times slower than muscle”. However, I’m not aware of any direct measurement in physio journals. Great product, Tom. Thanks! IG @myk_khanr

  • Hey man, thanks as always appreciate the awesome content and production of the videos! Just wondering if you would mind if I throw a couple up on my blog? No worries if not tho-keep up the great work

  • We may never get the science for this, but what I will say is this. I’ve been training 6 months now. Definitely still a beginner. I have finally worked my way up to 5 hammer grip pullups and have been doing pullups everyday for a while so I decided to take a full week off and just do weighted stretches to let my lats rest and take advantage of some super compensation.

    5 sets of weighted hangs for 30 seconds and my lats were pumped just like I’d done a full back workout. This was a leg day so no other back exercises were done beyond the hangs. I was honestly shocked. I was hoping to improve grip strength and rest my lats, but instead I feel like my lats are getting an honest workout… So of course I’m super curious to see if this actually helps my pullups when I return to them next week.

  • This is exactly why proper sissy squats are better mass builders isometrically speaking. The full stretch position is what’s going to increase the size

  • OMG, the 1st thing I see is that terrible ad from V-Shreds. At least I can hit the skip button. Nonetheless, you gotta get rid of that V-Shreds ad where he mispronounced somatypes 3 times out of your videos. If you don’t know who V-Shreds is, please check Allen Roberts of Every Damn Day Fitness to find out and learn how V-Shreds was plagiarizing Athlean-X videos. Otherwise, another great informative video from you.:-)

  • Hello Jason! Just wanted to say thank you very much for your informative videos. I know you get some haters but I disagree with them. I’m a very small youtuber, not even a measly 50 subs but your knowledge will go towards my goals. Thanks dude.

  • Similar to Max’s question, what are your thoughts on using the RDL to improve hamstring mobility?

    I just did a few heavy sets of 15 over the weekend and my hamstrings were super duper sore for days. (With my limited hip flexion ROM, 15 reps with a weight close to my 10RM squat where my mobility is good wasn’t all that taxing.) Probably repeated bout effect would reduce the DOMS, but it seems counter-intuitive that an exercise that dramatically reduces the ROM in the days after you do it would increase ROM if I keep at it.

    I’m guessing if I want to use RDL specifically for improving hamstring mobility, I should use much lower weight, like 10-40% of 1RM.

  • Nice information. Your job is really good. You are the best coach on youtube. Please next video, talk about press to handstand straight vs bent arm.

  • Hi Tom, I know in some video you’ve might have already answered this, but how often do you train Flexibility and same question for mobility, I know you said in one video that you do loaded stretching maybe twice a week? I am just training to suss out my routine is all, so that way I can take your videos and put them in some type of order for myself. Thank you in advance

  • Hi Tom! Thank you very much for your videos. They are so helpful to me. At the beginning i followed them when i didn’t had time to go to the gym. Some months ago i went through a surgery and they helped me a lot to recover my legs flexibility. Now, during lockdown time, they help me to keep flexible and in shape. Thank you very much from Rome.

  • @Tom Merrick, is there any chance to put some POSTURE ROUTINE into your app? It would be great! I am missing that 😉 best regards!

  • ROM: use it or lose it. Involve higher ranges of motion in weight training. Be creative. Like in squate, lunges, shoulder flexion, lat pull over, lat machine pull.

  • I know it’s time consuming buuuuuuut after I strength train I do some mobility or flexibility yoga for about 20 mins. So thanks for making those follow alongs. I new on flexibility so I’ve been coming to your channel to get started.

  • Wow this is all so spot on. Your content is awesome and this pulls everything together from mobility, to stretching and lifting. Very well put together. Thank you.

  • I’ve got some youtube catching up to do… great video, Tom!
    I love incorporating mobility work into my strength training. Killing two birds with one stone.

  • Thanks for the video! Would you say there are any strong reasons a person should do elevated Romanian dead-lifts vs. a Jefferson curl? Or vice-versa?

  • I like emphatising the stretch on a pulldown when i moved up with weight by 25 lbs. From week to week it gets easier and i controle the weight further beyond the stretch. As soon as i do the weight while emphatizing the peack contraction i move up with the weight for the next workout. i feel like stretching and peack contraction work the opposite ends of an muscle. The end that does the peack contraction usualy sits furter in the center of the body while the end that works the stretch is further away from the body. By the way always contract in the strech dont relax.

  • How come these videos are not the “Home” page of the channel? From the Home page, it looks like the channel is dead, no new videos for over a year.

  • Hello! Great video super helpful I personally struggle a lot with my lack of mobility, from my experience exercicies like the ones you show in the video are more effective than traditional stretching. Could you please make another video with a few different exercises? Thank you so much

  • I was always taught knee going over toes in lunges is unsafe… Not sure why though. However this video you suggest going knee over toes…. Can you explain this to me? Thanks!

  • After watching the video I raised my hand like at school and I heard a loud ass pop then I started moving my arm and my shoulder didn’t hurt I’m confused as hell

  • Hi I love your videos and the explanations. I was wondering if you have any tips for strengthening and stabilizing the hips and pelvis during deadlift. I have a hard time “finding” and keeping the proper neutral position in the lumbar spine. I think due to over mobility in that area.

  • Very well done Tom! Completely agree with you! Depending on the exercises and the ROM that you use you can improve your range/mobility with weight training!

  • I’ve always been told to avoid knee over toe. I’m not sure why; I just assumed it had something to do with tendons or tension in the knee. Is this a myth?

  • Pro tip:
    Seated calf raises emphasizing the stretch at the bottom.
    Upgrade your ankle mobility for squatting and build ya calves in the process.

  • Hey! I’ve been doing some of your routines for a while now and I’m wondering how much time I need to recover. I assume my muscles are healed when they aren’t sore anymore, but since that can take about a week for me, I don’t get to do the routines as often as recommended (for instance the hamstring stretches for beginners video). What would you recommend doing differently?

  • It would be great to have a weight training program focused on gaining strenght whilst gaining range of motion. Including often neglected muscles that also contribute to everyday lige like triceps and forearm flexibility.

  • So if I sit for a living, does it make sense to work on hamstring and quad flexibility both or should I favor one more than the other to balance out hip issues? Or maybe abs need to be stronger?

  • You’re like a mad scientist in the gym… It’s like everyone else is doing the same boring moves and you’re over in the corner do some next level ‘ish. lol

  • Well said, as long as you train with a wide range of motion it doesn’t matter is it’s calisthenics or weights. Just depends what your goals are

  • Hmm learning from the mindful mover? I’ve been implemented these snd it helps a lot. Can you do one exercise tutorial for the pancake with weight?