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But if your shakes are limited to your workout sessions, rest assured there are three common — and perfectly normal — causes for them. One of the most common reasons for muscle shakes is fatigue. To understand how fatigue plays a role, we first need to look at what goes on inside your body when your muscles contract. Muscles shake during intense exercise due to fatigue as you push your body during a workout.

Dehydration and low blood sugar may also cause or increase the risk of muscle shaking. Symptoms of Muscle Shaking Shaking muscles during exercise can vary from a mild tremor to extreme shaking. Another factor that may add an extra twitch (or 20) is fatigue. If you’re on your third set of minute-long planks, it makes sense that you’d be feeling wobbly. “When the muscles get really tired and heavy that’s often due to an accumulation of hydrogen ions, making muscles more acidic,” Rappa says. Too new, too much, too soon.

If you try a new fitness class or jump into a new routine, at some point during your workouts you may feel your body start to wobble because working different muscles than you’re used to may be too much, too soon. Stay hydrated – Dehydration may also contribute to muscle shaking during exercise so be sure to monitor your fluid intake before and during exercise. Keep exercising – As you build strength your muscles will be better able to meet the demands of vigorous exercise. According to Michelle Bridges, shaking muscles can be caused by a number of things, including dehydration and tiredness. “However, in most cases shaking in the muscles is usually just a symptom of working hard,” she says. “It indicates that you are working at your maximum level.”.

Shaking muscles can be a sign that your body needs more fuel, after all part of the reason for working out is to burn calories. Try eating a small smack half an hour before the gym and another. Muscle fatigue and hypoglycemia are probably the most common causes of shaking after exercise, but other factors can either contribute to or cause the problem.

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, alcohol withdrawal, caffeine or certain medications can lead to trembling and shaking, as can stress and anxiety. When those muscles start shaking mid-exercise, research suggests a few things could be to blame, ranging from fatigue to dehydration Muscle fatigue: what, why and how it influences muscle function. “First of all, you could be dehydrated.

Dehydration affects all of your body systems, and you will fatigue faster when you are dehydrated,” says Keaira Lashae, trainer for and a former dancer. “Second, maybe your muscle hasn’t has.

List of related literature:

Shaking is effective when the muscles seem extremely tight because motor tone has increased.

“Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book” by Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow, Glenn Hymel
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All of these tasks require a significant amount of energy and concentration, and you must be able to move into action quickly with no time to warm up your muscles as athletes do before an event.

“Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills” by David Schottke, National Fire Protection Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs
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As fatigue sets in, the body parts being used the most begin to shake.

“Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets” by Nancy L. Caroline, Bob Elling, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mike Smith
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The last three were then progressively slower due to that fatigue and lactic acid buildup.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
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It meant having complete communication with the muscles, always feeling what was happening to my muscles the day after a workout.

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A third reason may be the effect of training with low levels of muscle glycogen.

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This process fills the muscles with glycogen, causing them to appear full and pumped.

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Slightest effort to move causes retching and cold clammy sweat, < lifting.

“Scholar's Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica” by Azad Rai
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You must be able to move into action quickly with no time to warm up your muscles as athletes do before an event.

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Several factors contribute to muscle fatigue, including insufficient oxygen, low glycogen levels, accumulation of lactic acid or a failure in neurotransmitter release.

“Nurses! Test Yourself in Anatomy and Physiology” by Katherine Rogers
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  • Can you help someone who is going through benzodiazapine withdrawal, which automatically puts the brain in fight or flight. I have been trying to taper off for almost 4 years, but the anxiety is so debilitating that I have to “hold” constantly. I finally tapered off Klonopin, but I still have 3 mg of Valium to taper off and I have been in FFF since corona virus. Thank you so much for your videos!

  • Occupational medical physician advised not to overtrain as it will decrease your immune system which pretty much everything you need to battle the corona

  • I’m struggling so much with this right now, I sometimes gag when I’m anxious and whenever that feeling comes I just freeze, out of fear of triggering it. I’m so scared of gagging and it’s so debilitating

  • This is me for like years, decades. Literally gave me muscular tension disphonia (permanently stressed vocal cords impacting my voice)….

  • Yeah, but DONT allow them to get attached to ANY of the trauma. One of the reasons why Western psychology doesn’t suit me. Over the years I saw therapists taking mental disorders out of the DSM-R, which is sick and perverted in and of itself. Feel all the sick shit, even the immoral deprivation which is an unintended consequence of most dysfunctional family systems.

  • I had my very first experience of feeling safe when I was in my mid fifties and staying in a suicide respite centre. The lovely people there changed my life.

  • Yes. Body work is essential to trauma treatment! I finally figured this out & got into dancing and breath work. And I’m learning self-defense in a few weeks! I have dealt with freeze response for about 13 years. It was hard because no one understood that I physically could not defend myself even thought I wanted to. Of course I wanted to speak up & tell people not to disrespect/mistreat me but I physically couldn’t. My body would lock up, my nervous system would go haywire, I would start to disassociate a little. I appreciate your work. ✨

  • I often freeze in therapy (I’ve been in therapy now for 3 years), but almost every time I freeze, I’m frozen. I can’t move or speak. So How can I pat my legs or stomp my feet if I literally can’t move? Also, Holy shit if someone came into my session I would be a mess for weeks after….Last year at therapy this happened: The door to my therapist’s office is stained glass and one day someone who was waiting in the office for another therapist came right up to the door and started touching it and talking to a therapist about it and I lost my shit….I was in freeze so bad after that and the next few weeks. I was so mad at that person. Thank god I have a good therapist who helped!

  • Anyone have extreme feeling of internal waves, like fluid is moving… water or your blood.? I dont even want to move. Tingling more on one side of body, face, arm, leg and internal buzzing, vibration feeling, head tremors??

  • I was very ill 18mths ago and nearly died. My family basically didn’t care. It changed me and now I have no interest in people. Everything seems superficial. Would any type of therapy help with this? I’m worried that no one will understand, even a therapist.

  • Wow I’ve had this all my life..not good because I’ve had things stolen at home and work. Kick myself for not being able to stick up for myself. Panic and denial that it happened. Especially because I don’t lie and steal. Not in my nature but people take advantage. Love this video. I watch a lot of videos and no one has brought this up. All makes sense.

  • thank you…essential, basic life hack,…we usually forget about, still great reminder for how much it is important that what ever state of trauma where are in we should allways try, and try, try to keep on taking care of ourselfs, in those times…sometimes maybe it can be minimal of care but it is worth it…but still, i have to say, if haven’t been in the faith, i would never make it up, i could never have strenght to struggle those bettles, in which i am still, that there was no faith in God, in Jesus Christ, in Mother Marry, in all the saints, and angels…We should never forget how actually amazing is this form of existence in this dimension is…the acctuall reason why we are here…our beautiful soul journey…our constant growth, and voyage through different worlds, and universums…it is not easy,in this realm, it is very hard school, but we should never fail in that, we can never fail in that…Great Universe is taking care of us, as much as we are choosing to be in force of light, and love,…we have to be thankful, we should appreciate all of that amazing Life gifts, Life force that is eternal… thank you people,…we can do it,…God bless…

  • Wow I feel like I´ve been stuck on freeze mode for about two years now and it started happening gradually for some reason manifesting the most through my eyes. Like my vision l i t e r a l l y goes like blurry and I can tell that people can see that in my eyes and I´ve been wondering why my vision goes blurry like that but it´s like a freeze response because I am unable to think and my body freezes up as well. Thank you for this video, it appeared in the recommendations and I didn´t know anyone actually went into how to get out of freeze response:)

  • Thank you so much for this video! My first therapist told me my early childhood sexual abuse was my fault because I froze. I’ve always struggled with it since. This was so helpful to hear and makes so much sense.

  • When you are used to freezing you tend to live life going thru the motions. A sibling used to attack me verbally and emotionally. From a young age and long into adulthood. Targeted me among the siblings. Depression squeezed the life out of me and then in my 40s antidepressants which I’m still on, helped immeasurably. I can see how yoga and dancing and swimming could really help. I have a great sense of humor and am verbally clever so that helped me embrace a lighter side. I slept a lot but never succumbed to drugs or alcohol. Had a carb addiction but got a handle on it when I understood emotional eating and faced the reality of narcissistic abuse. I could understand why I was shame based because I had been the family scapegoat. Once I realized that I wasn’t intrinsically bad or wrong It just felt good to have the weight come off and be able to move easier and look better. Didn’t have the money for therapy but I read so much about healing from family trauma. And I stood up to my siblings, got a bit passive aggressive bc I wanted to feel what it was like to turn the tables, owned my past and my truth. I didn’t have the money for therapy but I researched and discussed with friends and watched YouTube on family trauma. I have undertaken my own healing and gained strength thru it. I didn’t go no contact but stood up to bullying. They knew that the bs had to end if they wanted me to stay with the family. They still talk about me behind my back as a “problem child”. I don’t care anymore. I’m a lot stronger than them and I realize the truth of the dysfunction. I wish for everyone going thru this, much love, light and success in finding your way through the pain and frustration to a happier place.

  • I go into freeze response when I am in an intimacy situation, due to a rape that happened 30 years ago. No amount of therapy has helped me feel comfortable again in these situations. I have decided to give up on having a partner. Every time, it’s like being raped again.

  • EMDR helped me to get over the freeze response but it will still crop up from time to time. I had it sooooo bad. I was practically frozen all the time. I wouldn’t be able to talk or move or even breath sometimes if someone confronted me or sometimes just someone trying to interact with me. I would be screaming at myself in my head but couldn’t even move my eyes to look at the person. it was so frustrating.

  • Oh my God finally Found someone who understands what I’m going through this has been a huge relief I thought I was the only person on this planet who had this I didn’t even know what it was called, thanks for this video!

  • This is so normal-yet when I would tell people that I could not process information because I was pretty much in panic mode 24/7, they look at me like I’m speaking gibberish.

  • I believe I have lived my whole life in freeze ( and fawn) ‘disability’ from child abuse survival mode. I have a lot of grief about my ‘wasted’ life living gripped in fear. I’d love to access this type of therapy and recovery

  • I don’t think she’s advertising the information if u know what i mean 😉 OO…

    Looking for people to sign her up as a personal trainer/coach/instructor etc… The physical structure and fitness level, gives an impression she can run 3-5miles without losing breadth… and she’s complaining about fatigue?

  • “….and you should thank your brain for saving your life”

    it almost ended my life, it happened to kick in during a time i had to defend my family and it was humiliating

  • A lot of these gyms that are closed are allowing their employees and friends of the manager to come in and train while closed to the public.

  • Oh my! So glad you shared what the therapist next door to violate your space and interrupt your session. Sad that knowledge wasn’t there for that therapist.

  • I watch your channel daily. Love from India; God bless you for such a useful channel and for free help to those like me who struggle with anxiety.

  • good to see someone not exaggerating the weights they use..
    tbh for me personally muscle shaking was what I looked for but at the very end of a WO as a sign that I’d done enough and would pretty much end it there that’s the only time I’ve experienced this and I suffer badly from fatigue generally..

  • Scott, it’s gonna be way more than a month. We are 2 weeks behind Italy and it’s a complete disaster there. Things are predicted to normalize around September if people don’t spread the disease and there’s a vaccine.

    Possibly, could do you a video where you recommend cheap equipment to hit the essentials? ��

  • Pretty crazy to advise people to train extra hard now when we know overtraining causes issues with the immune system. I would advise to drop the load and time down, and slightly increase steady state cardio.

  • I just wanna say for a second… Thanks so much for making these!
    I am in therapy myself right now (CBT for anxiety), but I WISH MY THERAPIST HAD TOLD ME THESE THINGS. Imean… really.
    Tbh I kinda felt not understood and CONFUSED cause she kept telling me to “asses the thoughts” and then “do the thing”, while I was like “H O W do I DO THE THING when I am more frozen solid than a block of ice?”
    Your approach and explanations feel very to the point, yet thorough, and compassionate.

  • Thank you for bringing up the Called Video Stuck in Freezer Response???? Five GOLDEN STARS ����������. High Five ���������� Top of the Class ���������� 10 out of 10 Fantastic Score �������������� ������������������ Thank you ��������

  • This is my plan untill gyms reopen (probably 2-3 months atleast)

    Day 1


    100 Push-ups between chairs (sets till failure)

    6 sets till failure of chest flies dumbell or rubber band


    60 head standing legs on the wall push-ups (sets till failure)

    4 sets till failure of lateral flies dumbell or rubber band

    4 sets till failure of reverse flies dumbell or rubber band


    100 dips between chairs (sets till failure)

    6 sets till failure of tricep extensions dumbell, rubberband

    Day 2


    60 bar pull-ups (sets till failure) or 100 pull-ups with home trx (sets till failure)

    6 sets till failure of rows (dumbell row, rubber band row)


    10 sets of Curls (dumbell, bar or rubber band sets till failure)

    6 sets of concentrated Curls (dumbell, ruber band or home trx)


    100 Crunches (sets till failure)

    100 leg raises (sets till failure)

    Day 3


    100 Squats (sets till failure)

    4 sets of alternating lunges walk (till failure)

    100 calves raises (sets till failure)


    200 Oblique extensions (rubber band, dumbell sets till failure)

    200 Wood choppers rubber band (sets till failure)

    Day 4 rest, or start again with Day 1:D

  • This was very VERY informative and i learned more with this than moST videos on HOW anxiety works in the brain and body and just so much your very good with ur explaining of the connection or correlation between mind brain and body movement and function…where do u practice??

  • You can also change the angle on these exercises, lowering or raising the angle of the shake weight to change the angle of the muscle attacked.

  • my biggest freeze is when I have IBS flare,pain traumatizes me SOOOOOO much,never realize how much until a a couple of years ago,had IBS since I was a child,it causes severe anxiety to me and than eventually it caused depression.

  • We are still fighting tigers.
    Tigers with guns.
    Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? I have. Many times. “They are supernatural attacks”
    UPENN Professor Emeritus David Hufford…

  • Thank you…you have helped so much. Since I have been following your vids and others, I now have actual words for these things I have experienced.

  • Oh my god I was stuck for an hour and tried moving myself around like in this vid, and the instant that I snapped out of it I started crying and couldn’t stop. Then I froze again, and instantly stopped crying, moved myself around, started crying again. What the fuck is wrong with me

  • Wow I did not know I had a freeze response I use fawning behaviour very easily to get out of situations, I didn’t associate that with freezing because I have an easy fight response too, now a lot of things make sense and why I feel trapped sometimes! This is great, thank you for highlighting it Emma. I’m probably overcompensating with fight response and blame, for the times I freeze somewhere else.

  • shake weight workout stomach six pack coronation street Chesney and Tyrone EastEnders sharon and kauna Cameron Mathison stomach Six pack *Abs speaker Bush Disco party My Birthday Sunday 31 May �� center visiting family and friends

  • I’ve been walking around in full freeze mode for almost 2 years. No emotion, no joy, no anxiety, just being extremely dissociated from reality and my body, numb to feeling everything. My body feels stuff and locked up. I can’t break free from this and I can’t get help. I try to relax my body, I exercise, I try living life as normal but it never lifts.

  • This made me realize that I have a freezing problem in some situations and what I can do about them. I didn’t realize what had been happening. Very helpful. Thanks.

  • Hey! Your channel is so underrated; it will shine bright if you don’t give up.. so why did you give up on your YouTube channel? It’s so great!! 3 years no uploads!? Please don’t stop:(

  • my gym closed on the 18th of March

    I was making so much progress and I’ve been feeling really depressed since it happened

    thank you, I needed this

  • I was watching/listening to this while on the hip abductor machine and the moment you talked about thick blood I immediately got off and went to the fountain to chug water….. I’m frustrated with this low energy BS I’ve been dealing with lately��

  • How do u stop the state of alarm in your body I’ve had childhood abuse then onto a partner I had kids with he modelled daily abuse and taught them to hate me for no reason only I was there mother today I finding it hard to breathe deeply in my chest from the overwhelming damage both my X and.parent did to me what else could I do to heal and not feel so terrified

  • What do you do when you don’t feel safe at home or when you start moving your body, you want to punch a hole in the wall or transition to an inappropriate display of anger.

  • Ive done this workout everyday for a month. And i do 100 pushups,squats,situps and 2 km in my threadmill. Its effective for me maybe because I added a different workout.i lost all my belly fat and my abs came out well my upper got toned as well.

  • Don’t mock the workout guys! It really helped me with my bat arm issue, so i’d recommend it.
    But seriously, my shake weight doesn’t make these dick-noises….��

  • This video finally got an million veiws been doing the shake weight off and on since it came out yes it made a huge difference in my life my back blew up and my muscles got in shape too I’m a pretty big guy been doing the thing more than weights I know it’s 2020 but the trick is do it once a day in the morning for three days take 2 days off drink a lot of water see a lot of ppl take shit but in 7 months of regular use you start work muscle looking like a wrestler. it’s like working out for a year so on so forth any ways I’m not a steroid fanatic so I’m ok looking more natural while ppl emphasize working different muscles and can look unnatural I’m Not here to prove if it does it what does work.I’m here to say my friend who is a bodybuilder my wife says he looks disgusting he is big and rip but looks weird because his arms are bigger than his small frame Trust me you’re never going to get shoulders like this guy or six pack nowhere near it but you’ll get a wider back and separation of your arms to me I’d rather do this than one hour doing a full body workout which is tiring I’m OK the way I look doing it so I’m great I know this comment is going to get a lot of thumbs down but that’s OK do you everyone is different We on the other hand I don’t want my heart to explode so I’m Gucci

  • Ok so I just discovered this is what has been affecting me for a very long time. Problem is, I don’t feel that any words I hear or read will make me turn it off. The object of my fear is currently my job, but the same happened to me in the past when I was in university. This has been affecting me for years. I wonder why literally never, ever any of the multiple therapists I’ve seen have told me about this possibility.

  • No worries Scott! I’ve been using your skills to my at home workout for years and have you to thank for it bud! I can still work out haaaaaaard on my Bowflex after doing the Scott Herman ripped AB routine on my matt.

  • I just found your channel and cannot stop watching your videos! I just did your free course on Teachable and it was fantastic! What is the difference between that course and the Coping Skills one? I am tempted to pay as you are amazing!:)

  • Thank you so much for this YouTube video! I just did the work out with you and I can feel the burn! Thank you! I will probably do this every single day until my arms tone. Subscribed ��.

  • I know it is a funny type of equipment but it really does get your arms and chest and stomach strong with fast results and very noticeable muscle tone when looking in the mirror in first week.

  • Seriously work guys, because of joke that society make, this stuff not popular because of shit joke, this thing is not a joke, it’s real

  • I had to like this, because this made me laugh for six minutes.
    All the oiling up, the never breaking eye contact, the ” yes, nice, shake it as hard as you can, tighten those muscles ” xD

  • “You came here for a workout, right? C’mon! Shake as hard as you can, keep it away from your face! You should feel it all over your upper body! Almost there! C’mon a little bit harder! Good work! Got it! C’mon keep on shaking!” I’m fucking dead

  • Goddamn, I feel like his shake weight has no actual weight to it, he does it so easily. I’m fukin dying over here����my arms are killing me

  • Damn!! He is trying so hard not to laugh������I can tell he’s strong thoo…..even I can’t stand the humor. I simply exploded just by looking at his face

  • I like his video than that slender woman’s video. Her video is too weak of a work out for me, but it’s good for instructions of how to use it though. I feel more the burn on this one than the other one.

  • Will all you immature gutter mind assholes get your heads out of your perverted asses this workout is no joke I got real results with theese shake weight workouts I’m now a tank and I feel so much better about myself if you fat ass losers can manage to pull your heads out of your asses and try it maybe just maybe you cant get some real results to you can sit there and make gay jokes and laugh like little school girls all you want but that wont get you results working out will God I’m concerned for the future of this country with the mindset of people in society nowadays

  • Now is not the time to panic and the last thing you want to do is start making spontaneous decisions about your training and diet. It’s not as bad as you think guys and if anything this will be a learning lesson for a lot of you to the REAL benefits of REST & RECOVERY. I promise you will not lose your gains overnight and as long as you stay active you can maintain your muscle mass with home workouts and proper dieting!

    ( 2:50)Full Body Program
    ( 5:07)Nuclei Overload (BICEPS)
    ( 7:10)60 AT HOME WORKOUTS
    ( 7:18)Dumbbell Home Program

  • It’s not a great idea to overload your body as much as you can when there’s a virus doing the rounds that’ll knock fit string men on their ass

  • Thanks ill try this, my problem is when im doing dumbbells my legs shake after my hands get tired, they could be fine but after i do 15+ my legs shake, basically when i start to struggle, i do have skinny legs so i believe thats the reason so i came to YouTube for like a exercise that could help, ill try doing that work out to see if it helps thx again ������

  • How much beta-lactoglobulin is there in whey concentrate? I saw a doctor speaking this being a very very common cause of intolerances, allergies and autoimmunity diseases.

  • I practically live in fight-or-flight response throughout the whole day. Knowing that it is possible for me to actively turn it off and be able to deal with it makes my anxiety go away. Also, it is really soothing/relaxing listening to your voice. Thanks for the great help and I’ll be sure to check out your courses. ��

  • Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I am glad the gym closed. I was forced to use dumb bells and follow your you tube videos. They are hard af and pushed my limits. I probably worked harder with your videos that at the gym. And target was sold out of dumb bells. Crazy. All I could get was a pair of 8 lbs.

  • I’ve been lifting 5 days a week for over 10 years. I’m loving the forced break. Does anyone really think a month or two is the end of the world? I use bands and do bw movements. I ride my bike and bought roller skates for cardio. Right now just focus on maintaining. My husband is freaking out and thinking about spending 2k on a cable machine. So silly. Just do more reps and sets until you go to failure. Stay away from the junk food!!! Frozen fruits and vegetables!!! Seriously people it’s not brain surgery.

  • Bros, it’s been nearly 3 months since gyms got closed in China. Don’t get your hopes too high to prevent disappointment. Get your hands on any home equipment you can such as resistance bands, dumbbell kits and others, and get ready to make some changes to your training, try out some new things, experiment, as Scott said. Most importantly, keep training!

  • i suffer from anxiety in various forms and i experience the freeze response a lot, and have been since i was a young teen but I can’t pinpoint the cause to a specific traumatic event. I can think of one but I was experiencing a lot of anxiety before that happened does anxiety have to come from trauma?

  • Any advice for those of us who have diseases and dysfunction of our Central Nervous Systems? I struggle with CRPS Type 1 (sometimes referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) and I find myself permanently locked in freeze mode. I’ve been in freeze mode solidly for about 2 years now. Being wheelchair bound and in pain all the time makes it hard to physically move around, and I find that often enhances the cognitive dissonance and freeze response even more!! Knowing I have an incurable disease just doesn’t let me let go of that response; and the fact that it is a disease of the nervous system means there are legitimate physiological responses happening that I can never have control over, because there is no cure… my disease is the “large, unbeatable threat” that permanently locks me in.

  • If you haven’t noticed there isn’t a ton of food on the shelves….. how we supposed to maintain muscle mass without the muscle fuel (food)

  • Also the thing about lifting at home kinda sucks bc I have no motivation when I lift at home but when I go to the gym I’m all pumped up n everything and the weights get lighter when I lift at home for some reason but it’s just not the same as going to the gym

  • off topic: how about those damn spring breakers at those beaches? are they going home to spread the virus to their family and friends?

  • This may not be a popular message. But many of the things going on in the world today, which there are way too many to stated in one post, are a clear sign are the soon coming of the Lord Jesus. If you have not believed in him now is the time he’s the only way to God salvation is through faith in him alone there’s nothing you can do to earn it. First you need to look within yourself in recognize that you are a sinner and that you are far from God then confess your sins to him and believe that Jesus who is the second person of the trinity became flesh and died on the cross for your sins to be forgiven and then rose again 3 days later. If you do this and ask for his forgiveness you will be born again. Born again means that after you have believed and repented the spirit of God himself will live inside of you and will give you a new mind and heart so that you will desire to live for God and you will escape God’s Wrath and an eternity in hell and you will have a right relationship with God. After that get water baptized as a sign of your new relationship with him. Bless everyone here be safe.

  • Interesting that every Thursday I end up watching your videos without subscribing, you just come up all the time when i write random sad things that I feel very late at night. Well not really random. I can’t do my work anymore, i feel a mixture of both fear and extreme sadness, i feel like crying but it just doesn’t happen so I don’t even get that relief. I feel like we live in the dark ages of mental health or maybe my country does I’ve beeen going to therapy for years yet I don’t feel real progress, it ends up being an update of the events in the week and the same all feel good, ineffective words time and time again. And medication never helped me either, Tic Tacs and M&Ms have a far more noticeable effect in my mood than Zoloft or anything else I have been prescribed. honestly I don’t know where I’m going to end up, maybe turning to religion or joining a cult, anything that gives me some peace of mind

  • My gym is open but as I’m living with my mum and I want to take more precautions I think I can just work out at home. I have a few weights. Might just do a full body circuit with one set of dumbbells. Because unlike dumbbells which are already set up, to increase weight each set I’d have to unscrew and screw more plates on which makes it really annoying and time consuming! So I think I’ll just use one set of dumbbells and use a full body circuit like:

    Dumbbell curlsTricep extensionsShoulder pressLateral raisesSquatsBulgarian split squatsPush upsOne arm real delt flyes
    Although I could just go full on Bodyweight for a while! I got a pretty decent chest just by doing 50 pushups each day from when I was 14!

  • I’ve had such bad anxiety and trauma over an aspiration/choking incident that happened around spring 2018. At first I didn’t eat for almost a day or drink anything, but then that following night I ate.

    It’s not resurfaced though. Its been difficult for me to eat and drink fluids. Sometimes I freeze up while drinking water as one of the responses and I aspirate a little bit. I catch myself having my hands shake as well. When I tell myself that this shouldn’t be happening to me or that it should go away faster it makes it worse.

    When I talk to my self and think of the successes I’ve had it helps a bit. When I think that oh a little water? I’ll wheeze a bit for air sure and then cough it up. It lasts a few seconds. But the trauma comes from the incident in 2018. The person I was with I asked recently how long it lasted for, the spasm with my vocal cords/choking. She said about a minute. To me it lasted about 10 minutes. But it was still serious. I think I’ve given up so much power to this fear that keeps me safe.

    Some things I do now to get through the day knowing I have to face this fear everyday to survive (if I don’t drink water I die):
    Think about successful things I’ve done
    If I get terrified its ok, I walk outside or look outside and try to relax
    I try to take a deep breath and not focus on breathing water but focus on relaxing (If while taking deep breaths I focus on the negative then I gasp for air out of fear while drinking water and it causes issues)
    I try to think of what’s on the other side of the road, like if I’m here and there’s a mountain in the middle, do I focus on what’s on the other side or how steep, and scary the mountain (fear) is?
    I tell myself I am responsible
    I tell myself it was ok to mess up as when I aspirated in 2018 I tried chugging what I thought was a few drops of kombucha left and little did I realize it was a lot actually and I didn’t know what to do so I tried swallowing it but I think in the process breathed a little while gasping and having the rest go down
    I’m also starting to meditate a bit more and focus on other things I’ve read somewhere that a purpose and self determined living helps
    Also reading inspiring quotes
    Gradual exposure even if it means sipping water

    All in all I think for me its been about reclaiming trust in myself and taking power back from fear and its a struggle I don’t know how long will last

  • It works best if you get down on your knees for maximum muscle isolation and use two shake weights. One in each hand. Bowww chickachicka bowww wowww

  • I’m using this time to nuclei overload my bi’s and tri’s with my dumbells and hone my pullups. I already miss the heavy compounds tho

  • yes but I noticed that you have some equipment back there and most of us dont have gym equipment at home. So I think you are quite cheating on us, no offense.

  • If there’s a fit trail near you you can also train there too that’s what I’m doing and i also got weights at home and I’m making the best of it in till we get through the storm thank God for good genetics����������������

  • Hey man thanks. This will help a lot. I bookmarked this page and will use your recommendations. My gym closed yesterday at 1 PM and won’t reopen till April 1 at earliest. My last did home workouts were in summer 2014 after my previous gym closed. Current gym is tops I miss it. I’m a 1-man business, 6 days a week, and the gym workout breaks up the day and gives me a change of scenery. Still, I can handle the “social distancing” and isolation no big deal. I don’t use workout partners anyway.