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It’s OK to Blame Genetics for Your Abs and a Few Other Spots. chevron_left PREV: It’s OK to Blame Genetics for Your Abs and a Few Other Spots. by Julia Malacoff. January 17, 2018. That’s because “achieving six-pack abs, like achieving other aesthetic ideals, involves targeted training, general fitness and regulation of body. Blame your genes? That’s a good way to salve your conscience if you develop melanoma, hypertension, or colon cancer.

Although the risk of all of these diseases is greater if you get sunburned, or. You can’t blame your genes if you don’t lose weight, study finds Date: September 21, 2016 Source: Newcastle University Summary: You might be able to blame your genes for weighing more and. Although some people think gene therapy is monkeying around with nature, researchers in Ohio and California have shown that it may be possible to correct some genetic. Yes, your abs are genetic. However, everybody is capable of having abs.

Never use genetics as an excuse for not being able to get abs. There are two main things which will come into play when looking at the genetics of your ab. In fact, some of this genetic manipulation is already possible and happening in the year 2006. For around $12,400, a couple can use in vitro fertilization.

If you’re not seeing results in the gym, there are a lot of things you can tweak: your diet, your exercise schedule, and the types of workouts you do, to name a few. But genetics is also a big. Start studying ABS-Genetics. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Uneven skin tone: Rather than a few specific spots, this involves larger areas of pigmentation that make your skin look darker in some areas, lighter in others.

Start studying Biology Heredity And Genetics. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. symptoms: black urine, black spots on eyes, cartilage damage in spine, darkened patches of skim Interaction between alleles in which one allele hides the affects of the other allele. Sex Determination.


List of related literature:

Boyer’s lack of ab development was genetic and not due to incorrect or lax training.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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It may be interesting to learn that our bodies contain alien genes, but it is even more important to understand how ABs have influenced our intellectual and psychological development.

“Lost Race of the Giants: The Mystery of Their Culture, Influence, and Decline throughout the World” by Patrick Chouinard, Paul Von Ward
from Lost Race of the Giants: The Mystery of Their Culture, Influence, and Decline throughout the World
by Patrick Chouinard, Paul Von Ward
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Genetics are framed as something that should not get in the way (e.g., genetics is “no excuse”), as diet, exercise, and the right attitude should overcome all other influences.

“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness” by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
from Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness
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Therefore, you can affect your genetics —positively or negatively—by working on your fascia or choosing to ignore them.

“Every Day Is Game Day: Train Like the Pros With a No-Holds-Barred Exercise and Nutrition Plan for Peak Performance” by Mark Verstegen, Peter Williams
from Every Day Is Game Day: Train Like the Pros With a No-Holds-Barred Exercise and Nutrition Plan for Peak Performance
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Indeed, not everyone has the genetics to create a “six pack”; some will develop four packs, some eight packs, others (those with less muscle fiber density in their abdominal muscles) won’t develop any “packs” at all, but will simply have a flatter abdomen with no discernable ridges.

“The Time-Saver's Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results” by John Little
from The Time-Saver’s Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results
by John Little
Skyhorse, 2019

Of course, how easily your eight-pack emerges has to do with genetics, not just diligent effort.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

However, you have to understand that if it’s in your genes to store fat… above your rectus abdominis muscle, the six­pack won’t show, no matter how much you train or how less you eat.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

But with a few simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, your upper and middle abs can be revealed, giving you a healthy, sustainable four-pack.

“The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight and Keep It Off” by Chael Sonnen, Ryan Parsons
from The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight and Keep It Off
by Chael Sonnen, Ryan Parsons
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It is apparent that very small changes in genes affecting early, basic structural development can cause major changes in body plans.

“Evolution Vs. Creationism: An Introduction” by Eugenie C. Scott
from Evolution Vs. Creationism: An Introduction
by Eugenie C. Scott
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Other genes involved in the process of muscle building, though, are emerging as critically important to understanding why some people get sculpted when they pump iron while others struggle toward buffness in vain.

“The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance” by David Epstein
from The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance
by David Epstein
Penguin Publishing Group, 2013

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  • hey Vox people have sleep disorders: narcolepsy(neuro-degenerative autoimmune disease), sleep apnea (potentially lethal), and others that late sleepers should be screened for.

  • Mnnn… I’m gonna keep trying to wake up early, today I woke up at the 8:04am yesterday around 9:11am, the before yesterday at the 10:11am.

  • I used to wake up at 4am every day it didn’t feel very nice but I had to do it for a month to get work done. My average sleeping times is anywhere between 12-2 am to 9-11 am

  • But like WHY are certain people like this? Are there any theories? Are there certain ethnic groups who are like this? Did my ancestors all work the graveyard shift? Anyone who is also like this (specifically who actually have this “gene” especially) please reply with your ethnicity. I am 100% northwestern European — English, Scottish, Irish, Scandinavian and German.

  • I animate (and draw) and i’ve have multiple people tell me I’m a bad person because I sleep in late, when I’ve actually been awake until 6:00 am doing work, and animating. I’ve actually been given the nick name “nocturnal Nick” by some of my friends, so this video is me.

  • The idea that we are born as a white page with the same potential is a superstition and against evolutionary science. Not until these facts are accepted social unrest will continue.

  • my school starts at 7:45, i go to sleep around 12 am on school days (1-3 am on free days) and each time i wake up, i stop my alarm and go back to sleep again cause school starts way too early. for my age, im supposed to get around 9-10 hours of sleep. i would get around that number of hours if my school started at 8:00 9:00. during the mornings, im very groggy, sleepy, grumpy and rude. after i eat lunch, i feel amazing. but i can’t feel amazing in the morning because my school starts at 7:45 and i never have time to eat lunch. i blame my school and genes for all this.

  • The modern schooling system is designed for passive early bird (lark) farmers who can rise early, and sit 8 hours a day in a windowless room reading a black and white textbook. The aggressive night owl hunters, who in days of old fought battles and protected tribes, are caged birds in this environment.

  • My eyes and mouth: exist
    Immune system: yeah so I’m just gonna attack those. And I’ll make you really tired and sore while I’m at it.

  • its a curse in this world. since childhood my time to sleep is 4:30 am. im permanently sleepy except on the weekend. and all i get is “go to bed earlier”. wow, thanks! great advise.

  • Oh my gosh finally I feel understood! <3 I never get tired before 4am which seems to be an particularly extreme deviation from the norm. I've been trying to solve this issue with discipline for years but it never really worked.

  • I personally said to the principal to start at the afternoon to 6 or 7. Since most of the students are night owls. He was gonna go for it but the teachers said NO. So yeah my principal was cool enough to listen to a student but end up falling back to lameness

  • What if you have no schedule? What if you have circadian sleep rhythm disorder? It’s in my genes to take a pill the rest of my life just to keep a schedule and be able to function in the modern world. Damn.

  • So this explains why I want to take on the world at 11pm. If I fall asleep at 7, 8, or 9, I will wake up 11 energized ready to go. My sleep clock is all sorts of messed up. I can’t fall asleep early without medication. And when I use medication, I sleep way too long.

  • No one wants to admit it, but the genetics thing is true more than anything.
    I’m a prime example of genetics working “negative” towards me.

  • I know some may thing this is bs and people are just lazy. But I have that delayed sleep syndrome. If I go to bed early, which I still try now and then, I won’t fall asleep, I will lie in bed for hours and I won’t fall asleep. Even if I then wake up early after sleeping only a few hours which makes you feel very sleepy, I will only fall asleep at 3am again that day and not earlier.

    It’s a horrible disorder and it’s real. You’re always depressed because you haven’t slept much and there’s nothing you can do about it, because you have to get up early. If you skip sleep entirely, sometimes you can fall asleep, but even if you sleep long enough, you will feel like you haven’t slept, it’s horrible. Simply going to sleep at 3am and sleeping til 10-11 solves the problem of feeling sleepy.

    I have tried skipping sleep, which works best, but after a few weeks, you’re back at 3am. Each day you fall asleep half an hour later, the next day half an hour later, then again, and then you’re back at your perfect 3am. And all that time, while you do get sleep, you feel very weak and sleepy all the time.

    There’s a possible solution, and it’s to eat meat only diet (there’s a video on that from Jordan Peterson), but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m not sure it’s possible for me to switch to a meat only diet.

  • I’m am naturally nocturnal…always have been, my uncle was the same and so is my daughter, I’m ready to sleep from 3-5 am, rise at 10am-12 midday 1-2% of the population have this sleep pattern, we are natures way of keeping a watch over the group at night for safety, as social animals…meercats do the same (1-2% of population). if we weren’t around you’d all be eaten in sleep by predators. If i try to conform to normal day time hours I feel like I’m constantly jet lagged. I love the night. I have good night vision and bright days hurt my eyes. I’ve met a few other genuine night owls who feel the same. I’d love to know if you are also a genuine night owl. Its a very little researched subject.

  • Watching at 4:35am �� I’ve been this way since I was a kid, it’s definitely genetic. Some days I stay awake 24-30 hours to try an re-organise my sleep

  • Ok so you talk to fast. My husband has MS and I really try to learn what I can, but crap you go so fast it’s hard to get what your saying. Will have to watch more than a few times. I’m no idiot but really man come on slow down.

  • I wonder how nonbinary people fit into this scheme. I also wonder how much stress plays a part. We know women and trans people get the short end of the stick a lot of times. A trans male who used to have the struggles for presenting female switches that with being discriminated for being trans. A trans woman gets a double whammy of suddenly having to deal with sexism and transphobia.

    In that vein I wonder how other discriminated groups fare? Like ethical and religious minorities, neurodiverse folks and the like.

    Personally being autistic, non binary and severely traumatised by my exparents abuse… I find my autoimmune condition mimics the rejection and toxic thought patterns I’ve been brainwashed into. All this psychological stress surely can’t improve my bodies health.

  • 75-90% of women have retrograde menstruation, meaning some of their periods go up into the fallopian tubes and into the body!!! And then our immune systems have to deal with the blood in the body where it isn’t supposed to be, which could cause inflammation. Also, a lot of us deal with semen, sometimes permanently absorbing the DNA, and who knows what that does to our immune systems. Also, being pregnant with a boy effects our immune systems and makes us more likely to have auto immune disorders!!! Also, just wearing high heels can cause inflammation. And hormones.. jeez. We are a mess and it’s not fair!!

  • Lmao it’s 1 am rn I took a nap earlier but like I’m always awake for a couple hours from around 1-5 am, like I fall asleep then wake back up and am wayyy more energized, then go back to sleep and get tired again

  • It doesn’t sound so bad per head IF you keep increasing the population numbers of humans, alternatively you could TRY and reduce the population and the total emissions as the CCP did.

  • I sleep at 4 am as that’s only time I can game with other friends online, and get up at 9 and go to work by 10 and come home at 8 and rinse and repeat, i just don’t want to waste time sleeping.

  • They didn’t mention that on “workdays” i’m still unable to sleep early though. My comfortable bedtime is 2am and i can mayybee push it to 12:30 if im absolutely exhausted, if i sleep any earlier than that I’m guaranteed to wake up in the night and struggle to get back to sleep. Made school miserable, thankfully i now start work at 5:30pm and I get a full 8 hours everynight

  • Ugh, my mind either wants to go to bed at 7:00 and wake up at 4:30 (much more useful for a farmer who has to make breakfast, but hard to achieve after making dinner) or go to bed at 12:00 and wake up at 10:00 (makes me feel depressed and sleepy). It’ll be interesting to see how my sleep changes when I change time zones and move to Wales…

  • So many things other than your genes (such as exercise, exposure to blue light, etc) affect your internal clock. How do you think people travel? They adapt their internal clocks. It’s not that hard, come on.

  • can’t go to bed early because my most productive time mentally is from 9:00pm- 2:00am, but I also need to be up by 6:00 for work, but I also need 8 hours of sleep, but I can’t justify going to bed early or else I cannot be productive for that day, but if I don’t go to bed early I’ll suffer tomorrow… it’s a vicious cycle where there is literally no way to win

  • Everyone on my husband’s side from his mom, to both brothers, his sister, his self. Down to his nieces and nephews, all have auto immune diseases. And I mean everyone. Even some friends that worked in fields as kids that aren’t related by blood. I fear now my kids too might have auto immune diseases yet Dr wont listen to me. Even though my daughter is clearly showing signs. Farmers would fly over spraying while they continued to work as migrants. Paget’s, Crones, MS, super rare cancer, and other ones I cant remember the names of so rare. There’s a map of the country with the types of cases. Washington has high case of MS. While as New York and Cali have certain cancers. I hope you guys take a look into these things. I’d love to see more scientific thoughts that aren’t held back from society.

  • I struggled with this my whole life until I started working third shift. Now I’m never going back. I’m a productive beast at night. Not lazy. Sleeping at the very end of my work day and having my free time before work when the sun is actually up is awesome.

  • I go to sleep at 2am on weekends and wake up at 2pm on weekends and on school days i go to school at normal time but go to sleep at 1130pm

  • Idk if I have a 16, 14, 12, or 10 pack since My genetics adds more fat around my lower abdomen. Can’t wait to see how far my genetics will get me after I’m done healing from distal femoral osteotomy.

  • the reason why climate change still exist is beacuse people today just have to record everything on a phone or a camera they don’t actually they just record it hoping to get rich or famous

  • As he said, this test is useless if you have too much bodyfat. Even at 20% bodyfat you can’t get a good estimate of how many abs you have. Best you can see at 20% is a two pack under ideal lighting. Try more like 15% and below. Everybody underestimates their bodyfat percentage. What people think is 15% is closer to 20%, what people think 10% is closer to 15%, etc.

  • It’s all about bone structure guys, the v shape, shoulders-waist ratio, no one cares about ur packs if u still look like a spaghet:)

  • Thanks I have a 8 pack……I am 5.8 and I weighted 74 kg in may 1 2020 and now it’s July 10 2020 and I weight 64. Now I have started to see my packs I am hoping to get visible pack in 4 weeks now….should I make a video?

  • I’m going to put this out there:

    I’m a Chinese woman, which means I have many advantages:
    1. Chinese parents who both have university degrees.
    2. Their genes, which made it incredibly easy to both memorize and reason. I’m good at languages, then math, then science, then music, and even art.
    3. As a millenial, there is a flood of encouragement for me to go into the STEM field because of all the guilt society feels for the last generations of sexism.
    4. I find that the school system is better built for girls, who want to please and like to follow rules. Of course, not every girl does, but I did, very eagerly because they were rules that I’d reasoned were good for me (like alternating between subjects so you don’t get tired of one, or being forced to go outside for recess because being outdoors is healthy).

    Of course, I had a tonne (yeah, I’m Canadian) of disadvantages as well, but I honestly can’t complain. My gifts in this life are intelligence, being female in a feminist culture, and being born with a desire to please.

  • My friend said he saw kylo ren take his shirt off in the shower and that that kylo ren had an 8 pack. He said that kylo ren was shredded.

  • I have a natural line forming on my skin where you think an 8 pack would be, and the center line of my abs goes down pretty far, but I don’t feel another ridge so idk…

  • I’m so happy to notice that i have an 8 pack, i didn’t noticed because i only saw 6, but now i’ll kill my abs and reduce the bodyfat to the minimum so i can see those beautiful packs behind the fat

  • So a layer of abs under the belly button is an 8 pack? I have them but I’m not gonna try to celebrate early I’m just gonna bulk first

  • Due to body fat I can’t fell the band but pressing middle line of abs (abs crack) I found I have a eight pack genetic.I don’t how many man around the world with 10/8 packs with beer bellies man!!

  • Hey I do have another band but I tend to deposit quite a bit of fat in my lower core. I have around 12-15 percent bodyfat and weigh around76 kg. I already have quite a strong core and I was at one point not anymore because of corona training 5-6 times a week. Are their any exercises i could use to put more pressure on my lower core as I’d like to get them to be more visible. Currently I still do have visible abs but they don’t look nearly as defined as they used to due to lockdown making it far harder for me to train and stay motivated

  • This video was sponsored by Fasthosts. Fasthosts are giving UK viewers the chance to win tickets, flight, and accommodation to SXSW 2020 by answering my Techie Test question:

  • The thing is I really need less sleep than some people and also I stand up at 5 am even though I could just stand up an hour later and still get things done easily (I leave my house at 6:40am) I want to get up at 5am. My average time of sleep is 5-3 hours. But I only do this because my inner clock gets disturbed easily. By sleeping longer I can’t fall asleep in the evening.

  • This reminds me about how autism seemingly appears more in men but it’s incredibly under studied in women (and often presents very differently in women so it’s either missed or, in the past, has not been seen as autism)

  • Stress is the cause and since women are usually more sensitive and are the emotional support of the family, they are more susceptible

  • I have an autoimmune disorder called Acute Flaccid Myelitis from C3-T4 (cervical vertebrae 3-thoracic vertebrae 4) and it is caused me to have a life long disability. I still have the scar tissie on my spine and it has been 11 years. When I am 30 in the next 4 years I will spend half of my life disabled.

  • mainly men studying something that affects mainly women’s solution, PREGNANCY!
    Do we need anymore evidence that representation is necessary?

  • it may be really hard to sort this out, but might autoimmunity be stimulated in part by the sexual transmission of a reactivated endogenous retrovirus?

  • I LOVE his word choice in this video! “Those who identify as women, ” “People with uteruses,” instead of just saying “women.” This is so important.

  • You have missed the connections with adrenal fatigue issues and psychological abuse such as covert narcissistic abuse which puts the adrenals in overdrive. They are noted but I do not know if there are any completed studies on this. This helps explain why mostly women are impacted, they are often un-able to leave an abusive relationship because of financial abuse. To have adrenaline constantly running through your body is not normal or healthy, but what happens to a woman in abuse. I would love to hear you research this and re-do this video.

  • This just gives people the excuse to be lazy. Myself included as a “night owl.” If you work by night, well there is work for that but not all workplaces will offer it. I don’t think there’s been enough research to support this “clock gene.” There has been research that helps you become as early bird and ones that prove how people are happier. I mean, it should be common sense that socialization is needed and it doesn’t matter who you are. Most people not being awake during late hours will and is depressing. I say this as someone who stays up late and wishes I had a more “normal” schedule. I also say this as someone who studied psychology and just graduated this June so I’m not just saying this to put anyone down. (Someone is bound to get offended though.)

  • “Using the bad examples of yesterday as an excuse” is a powerful statement that applies to more problems than just climate change!

  • Everything is determined by genetics. Racists are genetically predisposed for racism. Idiots are predisposed for idiocy. Mentally unstable individuals are predisposed for mental instability. The only thing the environment does is trigger factors of those predispositions or further those factors. That simple. Who you are physically and mentally is determined by genetics. That’s why, if you are a piece of shit person, I feel sorry for you.

  • I have always been a strong believer in the idea that an A in math class, doesn’t really represent how good you are at math, but how able you are to get by. Some people can get an A through cheating, some through blowjobs, and some through genuine hard work.

    The fact that you were able to get an A says SOMETHING, whether we like it or not. It shows your ability to ultimately utilize or interact with the system. 

    idk just my two cents

  • I can tell you right now I’d be suspicious of any doctor who said that having a baby would cure a condition. I’ve got probable endometriosis, and I still think its monsterous that “have a baby” was a cure for so long and not getting a laproscopy to check on and possibly remove the damaged scar tissue. then again insurance wants easy answers and “have a baby” is an easy one because then it becomes less of an issue for them, unless of course your chosen hospital inflates the prices of stays and procedures to do with pregnancy and childbirth just because it has to do with pregnancy and childbirth.

  • This was very interesting! Thank you!

    The question this raised for me relates to Type 1 Diabetes, which is autoimmune. Historically Type 1 almost always occurred in children and with fast onset, which is why it used to be called Juvenile Diabetes. Only recently have doctors found cases of Type 1 occurring at older ages, and sometimes with long delayed onset. I was diagnosed at age 19, though I had fast onset. My mother is also Type 1 and her mother had Lupus, so clearly a genetic component. Also we both have thyroid conditions. I’m not coming up positive for thyroid antibodies that will eventually cause Hashimoto’s, which is more common among Type 1s, but that didn’t show up until I was almost 30. But I find it interesting to discuss the pregnancy angle, because that somewhat goes against the fact that T1 usually hits early in childhood. If it was lack of pregnancy causing the increase wouldn’t we expect T1 to be more common in adults over the pubescent age?

  • I was dIagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome by the same doctor who refused to do any thyroid tests (after I’ve shown multiple symptoms for thyroid issues). The solution? If you thought she put me on cortisol blocking/balancing drugs, you’d be wrong. She told me to “lower stress levels” and “relax more”.
    Uh, thanks. I’ll just make my anxiety and unavoidable triggers go away.

  • Sex chromsomes arent even about biological sex only 4 perecnt do so the rest is for body function no such thing as male or sex chromsomes lmao

  • If trans women have higher rates of autoimmunity pre-transition, then I suspect it’s due to something that Dr. Will Powers discovered. About 1/3 (he’s now estimating upwards of 1/2) of his MtF patients had a disorder which caused the over-conversion of estradiol into estrone. This is likely responsible for both the transsexual identity and also the poor outcomes of transition.

    This seems to indicate that transsexualism is a borderline intersex condition.

  • This makes me curious about how often transgender men experience autoimmune conditions. If sex hormones do play a role, and altering them could be protective or even therapeutic, then we should see a smaller percent of transgender men experiencing autoimmune disorders as compared to cisgender women.

  • Great video! I think it’s interesting that we talked about pregnancy but not how birth control affects women’s health. The consensus overall is that it is positive, but birth control is a big reason why women are not pregnant—but it also puts the body in a hormonal state (as I understand it) mimics pregnancy. I think it’s interesting that progesterone hasn’t been included in the study of hormones that affect autoimmune conditions. It does have the increased risk of increasing C-reactive protein in the body, which has been linked as a risk for heart disease. C-reactive protein is also an inflammatory marker. People with autoimmune conditions often have higher inflammatory markers when their conditions are untreated.

  • After elemtary school my mom went to HAVO, but had to go to VMBO after 2 years because her grades weren’t good enough (she strongly disliked school). She did one year of MBO after that and decided to just get a job instead. My dad finished his HAVO but joined the army and after that he finished MBO at home (not right after, years after), but because of his PTSD and many other issues he doesn’t work. I have finished VWO and am now doing WO. For the ones who don’t know anything about the Dutch system and don’t want to google it: VMBO is the lowest form of secondary education, than comes HAVO and VWO is the highest. WO (university) is the highest form of higher education. MBO isn’t even considered higher education. So yeah I guess grades/education haven’t that much to do with genetics. My parents are intelligent people, they both have an above average IQ. My dad and I even higher than my mom. But we’re all different people going through different things. My mom hated school. She preferred working and back then you could easily get a job without MBO, HBO, WO. My dad had very strict parents and he went back and forth to wanting to screw up to piss them off and having to do well or else. So he finished HAVO and had to join the army after that because conscription was a thing back then. When he got back from the army, completely messed up, he didn’t want to go back to school. It wasn’t until he met my mom that he wanted to become a pedagogical worker. But my dad was to traumatized to actually work, so he gets money form the government for years now. And I… I don’t know. Times have changed. Most people without an education don’t reach that much nowdays. I don’t mind school that much anyway. I like learning, I find it easy, I have an immense fear of failure, so I’m just going to finish university. Intelligence is genetic. What you do with it is not. 

  • I’m a woman with an autoimmune disease! Psoriasis, I take Enbrel and thankful it’s being managed! I do not miss the days when 70% of my body was covered!

  • Great video, though I wish that childbearing as a potential cause of autoimmune diseases was further explored. I personally know more women with that problem than the other way around.

  • You’re not just “born with intelligence.” I think we are way over simplifying human intelligence. We just love to link behaviours to genes, probably to satisfy some social \political ideology’s.

  • HAHAHAH lol i got shocked i thought i only have 8 pack abss then last night i exercise my abs my lower abs then i feel my muscle on the lower abs then i was shock because theres a muscle i swear its a 10 pack abs BRUHH!

  • Seriously people with uteruses is that what women called now…. wow… when you are talking about genetic female specific traits are we at the point when we cannot say the words “biological woman” anymore!??? Just wow… didnt expect this from a scientific channel…

  • Interesting video.

    I don’t buy the pregnancy thing. Lots of people without children do not have autoimmunity. Lots of people with autoimmunity have children. Women fund relief during pregnancy and then have severe flair-up after giving birth, so seems more hormone related.

    I think there is a link with trama. Like we unintentionally manifeste self destruction. Video mentions stress making a change to X chromosome. Maybe the stress is childhood trama.

    Was disappointed that environmental toxins were not talked about. Maybe they change the X chromosomes…What about all of the known endocrine disruptors in women’s hygiene, beauty products, fragrance and cleaners? Those change hormones and the immune system and we can not say that they are not also messing with our DNA.

    What about viruses?

    What about the microbiome, where most of our immune system is, and how endocrine disruptors, antibiotics and pesticides are causing damage to it?

    Our bodies tissues are so saturated in toxins today. I have been told by NDs that there is a possibility that our immune system is not actually attacking our tissues intentionally, but it is trying to kill the toxins in the tissue. Unsuccessfully because the toxins are not alive. In this process it damages the surrounding tissues.. Or developes antibodies to those tissues mistaking them as harmful.

    Viruses hide in different parts of the body like the thyroid. The attack could be aimed at the viruses inthe thyroid at first. Then the immune system makes antibodies for those tissues.

    For anyone really suffering right now ready to give up. See an ND. I wouldn’t be alive if MDs were my only option. Most states have an insurance option that covers them. Or move to a state that does or has a ND school where you can get $0-45 visits depending on income Some even offer free supplements.

  • I have the epigenetic autimmune condition Lupus and I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that not only 90% of people suffering from an illness that has the immune system attacking the body are women, but women of color such as myself are WAY more susceptible, with black women leading the way and white women on the tail end. My untested theory is that history, socioeconomics and environment intersect with biology here. ESPECIALLY, when you consider that not everyone who inherits the genetics associated with Lupus develop it.

  • I would like to think that nature gives us a baseline yet doesn’t limit our potential but I can’t quite shake my belief that genetics ultimately dictate our boundaries in life. 

    This is in regards to the upper echelon of human performance, though. 

  • Along with standard genetics I think sex linked inheritance plays a huge role. If you have a smart father it’s likely his daughters will end up being smart. Likewise an intelligent mother will pass it on to her sons.

  • Grades don’t account to all forms of intelligence, it just accounts how well you can acquire information and regurgitate it, most of the information is forgotten as it doesn’t apply to the individuals life, it’s a sad statement to claim your smart with good grades as this is what the government and corporations want you to think so you can be another coal stone in their fueling economy

  • That could also explain why women with autoimmune diseases have less if any relapses while pregnant.
    I have both lupus and multiple sclerosis. Plus type 1 diabetes which is considered an autoimmune disease. I really hope that the scientists continue their research into this. It would help so many of us lead better more fulfilling lives.
    Thank you to all of you scientists who have worked so hard for people like me.

  • I wonder if Hank hosted this one because he has UC, which as far as I know, is an Autoimmune disease. (I got UP, so you’re in good company, Hank!)

  • My mom has Lupus and she said after having my brother (her first born (now 24)) A lot of the symptoms toned down. Like her raynauds which is a symptom of Lupus and turns usually her fingers or toes completely white and numb. She said it hasn’t affected her in years, until now (I’m her youngest and am 16) Those symptoms have come back a lot more frequent, I’d never seen it in action until last year in the fall. So perhaps the pregnancy thing is true, but doesn’t last? Also she’s finished going through menopause so maybe that’s a factor? idk just things I’ve noticed. Also me and my brother have different dad’s I’m not sure if that’s important or not, but yeah. Also I have a lot of the same symptoms as her, but apparently I can’t be properly tested/diagnosed until I’m older. Also I am female.

  • I usually wake up at like 8 when I don’t have to go to school but why do people that wake up late consider lazy? Waking up too early is also unhealthy:/ During the summer I wake up at 10 everyday and my niece called me lazy but like it summer, do you expect to wake up at 5 every morning ��

  • Total number of pregnancies per person has decreased over time, while over that same time span, expected lifetime has increased. Tough to say which plays a bigger role…fewer pregnancies or longer time for autoimmune diseases to show up.

  • I have IBS, after a nasty stress-induced bout of colitis some years ago. I also have 5 kids and am now past menopause, which leads me to believe than any auto-immune problem I have currently is probably stress related than hormonal. Maybe the cause is different for each issue. Good informative video, thanks, Hank:)

  • For me I have a tendency to get up later and later because ideally I’m comfortable being asleep for 10 hours and being awake for 16, that doesn’t add up to 24 hours in a day, that adds up to 26, so if I keep sleeping for 10 hours and being awake for 16, and repeat, I’ll gradually get up later and later. Also I’m not lazy, I’m tired. I have a connective tissue disorder that effects my whole body, it’s understandable why I’m always tired no matter what.

  • Epstein-Barr at 11: “Let’s get rid of that.”
    Okay, so far.
    NEVER STOP FIGHTING. Quick, take out that thyroid! (Hashimotos). Quick, take out that nervous system! (fibromyalgia) Chronic Fatique, yes! (CFS-ME).
    30 years later: Me: FFS, please stop. Just let me get the flu or something. I’ll be fine. Everything hurts now.
    Point: I have 6 kids. 5 are sons. This is NOT “lack of pregnancy”, FFS, and I note that researchers that note this are often blokes. Women have had these autoimmune diseases for a LONG time-centuries. (Is arthritis and gout and early sudden deaths of women from “no-apparent symptom heart failure” (probably thyroid collapse) new? I have some medieval and Classic mss I’d like you to read. Spoiler: nope, they’re not) It is simply that no one would ever listen. There is, however, some evidence that women who have sons end up with [this is not the scientific term; brain fog]: “bits” of Ys in their brains. If the Y affects the autoimmune response-that’s worth looking at.

  • So basically if you have the more X you got, the higher is the chances of your immune system doing a coup… Like women didn’t have enough problems with an uterus trying to self destruct every month because no baby yet and the rollercoaster of hormones that goes with it affecting skin, humor, appetite and other things.

  • Not only hearing you say “people who identify as women” but also acknowledging trans and intersex people just made me feel ridiculously warm inside, thank you.

  • Yeah I don’t think it’s about testosterone I have super high testosterone born female and I have MS rheumatoid arthritis degenerative joint disease and whole slew of other autoimmune diseases and I pretty much have had most of those since young childhood and masses develop from serve an accident and family history but is a bad combo things that made me get it much younger than the rest of my family lupus is the possibility still to their kind of up in arms about why some of the symptoms don’t match so they believe he might have both which should be really fun but yeah. But I don’t think it’s a testosterone thing cuz if it was I’d be doing great but I’m not. So I wouldn’t think it’s directly testosterone. Unless of course I’m just a fluke or a sort of the anomaly which actually wouldn’t surprise me my mom and I have both always been survey typical people and we don’t typically fit into certain categories and so it tends to get overlooked yeah these categories keep cropping up like for example most 12 year olds aren’t diagnosed with r a. It happens I’ve met a couple people who’ve had it since childhood to degenerative joint disease same thing my joints were like the fusing from a young age really on I think I was 14 when my first vertebrae had completely fused because my disk had Lake gotten injured and the the mule gooey stuff in the middle was just completely gone and they believe that you Journal joint disease actually made it worse my knees the same thing but the knee thing is a family trait for my dad’s side everybody on my dad’s I just had knee replacement surgery by the time they’re twenty-five every single one of them my grandpa my father my brother I’m the only one who has my original NY but I’ve just gotten shots for years we have basically just kind of putting a Band-Aid over a bad bad wound for so long and that’s because my insurance doesn’t cover it

  • I think hormones may trigger the autoimmunity, which might better explain why many of those condition occur later in life, rather than early enough for a person to decide not to have kids and potentially pass the disease on to offspring. I have many different types of autoimmunity that run in my family but none of them occurred in me until I grew a huge ovarian cyst that had to be surgically removed. It was after all that when I developed many of the autoimmune diseases that run in my family. The immune systems of women do have to be somewhat different in order to be able to carry a fetus and not kill it since it is a clump of foreign cells, which might explain why more men are dying of COVID-19 than women are. As far as these diseases appearing to occur more often now, I don’t know that we can really say that for sure because, like you said in the beginning of the video, medical professionals didn’t believe some of these symptoms women were coming to them for and so it is probably more likely that these disease simply were mostly ignored in the past. The other thing is that people didn’t live as long as we do now because they were unable to effectively treat and/or cure many of the diseases that aren’t as big a deal for us now. I imagine I would have died pretty young had there not been antibiotics.

  • “Identify as women”? You mean “born as women”. Trans-women dont get these conditions when they decide to start identifying as females and trans men dont stop having them when they stop identifying as female.

  • I think i have good genetics that or its just cuz im 16 but i have a simmetric six pack and they are visible out side but not that much but i have a friend that cant get wide like with sholders but his abs are just mean

  • Derek actually you can change the symmetry of your abdominals.there are exercises to bring the abdominals closer and change the symmetry. it is the same problem that effect some women after childbirth you can just Google it

  • I think 80% of Humans are sadly incapable of change. Its proven 1000 times. Luckily im like westworld livin in my own bubble. Where grass is Green and water taste like wine Hehe

  • i know that you have to get lean to see abs. The problem is no one mentions when you have underdeveloped abs were they dont really exist.mine are just flat with little lines even when i got super sickly lean. After i started training them directly they have grown and i can see abs now there not block y yet but progress has been made. You have mention it in your video but i fill like my situation is allwase pushed to the side or never talked about. it is probably very uncommon situation so i can see why its not talked of much i guess but there are people out there like me.

  • I’m actually really upset about this as my family is relying on good exam results and the fact that My intelligence relies on my genes means that no matter how hard I study, i can’t achieve the grades I want. I just pray to GOD that some miracle occurs and I’m able to somehow achieve incredible results despite my genes saying otherwise.

  • Check out the Sources here:
    Also, since this seems to be relevant in the current climate here is a medium post on how Kurzgesagt handles sponsorships:

  • Chronic eczema runs in my family and I got it. My eczema is weird because it is only on my right middle finger. It may be a message.

  • A great way to save the enviorment for free is ecosia. Ecosia is a 100% free browser that doesent store your searches after 7 days, every 45 searches it plants a tree.

  • I have this since as long I can remember. Horrible mornings an countless hours staring at the ceiling. I have met over 5 doctors so far an they never understood anything. I am meeting with a neurologist in 2 weeks, what tests can be done? What treatments are there? What tests should i demand? I would be very happy if I could get a reply before my doctors appointment. Thanks, you can reply to [email protected] if you want. I appreciate anything by now. thanks again.

  • its sad that no matter how influential this is… People wont change. Countries wont start focusing on Eco friendly things and sharing them… it just doesnt happen.

  • In the name of development We the human beings are so busy that we even don’t know on what dangered the world has reached by our activities.we have forgotten that this is the home of other creatures, animals.we are not developing this world we are only just destroying and making a garbage can. We need to understand all these matter and should think upon this issue,

  • This is all misleading information. China may cause a lot of Co2 but 85% of their Co2 is from factories owned by other countries operating in China. For example, in 2012, 40% of China’s Emissions came directly from American Factories, producing American Goods, that will only be sold in America. Yet this Co2 was counted as Chinese Co2?

  • Honestly it wont change we will keep pumping till there wont be nothing left, ban cars, make licenses harder to get, limit 1 car per family, make alternative move viable, wishful thinking eh, nothing will change we are greedy bastards we want to care about the environment but we don’t do nothing for it and we all gonna die

  • Your key message is that Asia needs to fix the mess Europeans initiated in the past. China is responsible for about 29% of the CO2 emissions, Asia (4.54 billion people, 60% of the world population) in all emitted 17Mt of CO2 in 2019, Europe (742million people, 10%) 4Mt, and the North America (363million people, 5%) 5.99 Mt of CO2. North America is seen as a developed continent, and still it is incapable to at least keep up with Europe’s progress. The lifestyle of 5% of the world’s inhabitants are responsible for 17% of all the CO2 emissions (if not more % of other gaz). That’s at least not proportionate or fair and should be mentioned and not ignored.

  • According to this experiment which I had subsequently done before watching this video, I have a 12 or even maybe a 14 pack. Very long torso and can feel deep separation way below my belly button. Might as well follow me now before I blow up. I’ll start uploading videos when the time is right.
    Take care Be safe ��

  • Heh, i would gladly laugh at this since the whole world send their trash to my country, Malaysia

    On the news source, the country that has the most trash is United States of America.

  • My abs only showed when I got strung out on coke and meth I was nasty lean shredded but a nasty shredded all mass was gone skinny fat with no fat literally if I ate for a couple days abs gone smoke out and bam right back I felt like I looked hella good now I go back and look at pictures I was never meant to be 142lbs 170lbs is a healthy weight for me and if I do it right I can get the abs at that weight

  • “The hard reality is that those countries contribute least to the problem that stand to lose the most from rapid climate change.”
    Yes, that’s actually so sad and unfair.

  • It isn’t one or the other (ie Nature vs Nurture) it is both and; it is also a matter of which one is actively happening more (ie not always 50/50).

  • No wonder each pregnancy felt like rebooting my body to a healthier period of my life.

    Can we have another video with a deeper dive into how nutrition comes into play with these different theories?

  • Is it possible that humans can increase their intelligence by artificial means how much smarter we can be in future generations and want kind of Technology can boost our intelligence

  • At 4:06 they said “India’s contribution” and they had Iran’s flag. Why. That’s a big big mistake right there. Always know the fact that when you are about to comment on an entire nation you need your facts right. And especially this time it was a nation with over 1.38 billion people. A huge disappointment. ����

  • Everyone is dying, biodiversity is getting lower and lower, fires are spreading, glaciers are melting, cities are growing fast and the population is increasing. DO WE REALLY NEED TO BOTHER QUESTIONING WHO TO BLAME BEFORE SOLVING THE PROBLEM?

  • Shows how much none of you know about climate change. Forget the political bullshit, look at the data taken from the ice around the world, look at what geologists have put out there. The world heats up and cools down for an unknown amount of reasons. Thinking that we are a major contributing factor to climate change is one of the weirdest and most ignorant common knowledge that’s out there. We do contribute, but it’s so minuscule that it hasn’t made any significant changes in the worlds climate. The world is heating up, but we have yet to settle the debate on the major contributing factor.

  • Uh well iceland is a boss when it comes to renewable energy, i think they use like 90% thermal heat as energy source, but i am not sure about the percentage tbh

  • Global warming Climate change seems another great funding mechanism for the rich elites which the masses pay for, just ask Al Gore he´s laughing all the way to the bank, they dont give a damn about was it ´Global change or is it ´Climate change´ & as for sea levels rising they dont care, they will still try to get the free funds but hey your free to think what you like scare mongering very similar to that flu-virus thing from the king of Lies

  • Once i will be the pm of india i will solve all of these problems….. With nepal,bangladesh,srilanka,afghanistan,israel and japan…i will make sure that we either use 30 percent of global carbon emission as energy or reduce the emission caused by 30 percent…..i will fix poverty and will the people of my country electric tools that will benefit humanity and earth the most….but it will take some 4-5 yrs bcoz its not an easy thing….india would be a superpower both economically and physically as well….and a county whose focus is on eliminating global warming and helping in asteroid mining….through mining asteroids poverty would be reduced by 60 percent in india… And the rest of the people would make our country and the world cleaner and greener…..

  • Sad, like brasilian, i probally will die at 2050 because 3 things who can happen:

    Ditadura (On the google translator ��)
    Emissions of CO2 if dont be stopped
    And one thing very provável, a civil war.

  • THE EUROPEAN UNION, RUSSIA, CHINA and USA be like (We’ve grown and got rich burning the hell out of fossil fuel and not giving a fuck about the environment
    Now it’s time for a change we will force poor country’s to do a sudden full change while we do it slowly so we won’t lose much money IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE)
    I know it’s not happening right now but it will iam sure

  • The climate change is caused by humanity’s rejection of God and too much sins committed against Him according to Our Lord’s messages given to Luz de Maria (available in her website). After Antichrist is thrown into Hell, the earth will be renewed followed by the second coming of Christ Our Lord and era of peace before the end of the world and the final judgment.

  • Yes.. everyone has a hi iq that im related to immediate and otherwise (uncles etc).. even in different branches of relations.. like a 2nd cousin was valedictorian of everything.. another cousin was ib honors etc emphasis on the etc.. my great great aunt received honors from her school and thr medal she received was passed down to me. and then of course, im the smartest one of all lol… so, it certainly is genetic

  • I’ll tell you who’s to blame… Whoever controls the ionospheric heaters, HAARP wether modification geo engineering and chemtrails programs…

    Opps I forgot dumb people ain’t ready for this ��������

  • then explain why my parents meet in medical school…. and I got expelled. Thats right, its not genes its work ethic, Im lazy and prefer causing problems rather than solving them… simple.

  • Have these studies in the field of Behavioural genetics taken into account the highly chaotic nature of emotions or neuroplasticity that have been shown to affect decision making and cognition in many many studies? So, even if large marco-factors were to be accounted for such as caring parents, good schooling, three meals a day and all, what about the studies which show that one’s mood depending on whether one has recent consumed enough glucose recently or had lunch recently, or even going through depression lately has time and again been shown, in the fields of Neuroscience and Neurology to affect cognition. There are studies shown clearly that Judges in courts of law, tend to he far more lenient in the mornings and more cranky as time passes and then goes back to being lenient immediately after lunch. And especially, what about the very field of Behavioural genetics pointing to low heritability of some occurrences such as depression, that again, have been shown to highly affect the ability to think clearly at a given moment when one has depression. Empirical data and studies done in other fields clearly have shown that under activation or over activation of some parts of the brain during depression and other mental states of beings or recent nutrition affect test scores at any given moment by quite a margin. Thus, the variations that is attributable to genetics may in fact be a wrong extrapolation or misattribution due to logistical difficulties. Please add to or give a critique whenever convenient.

  • I don’t want to hate on China so much since I know the information they have is severely controlled by their own government.

    Still, I don’t think China will be making any changes any time soon since they are still trying to take over parts of the Philippines and other countries bit by bit.

    If their people can somehow be more aware then maybe there is a chance things might start to change for the better.

  • We all need to stop pointing fingers at each other! Everyone is responsible! We All have to save our Earth and stop fighting, If we don’t stop fighting we ain’t gonna solve this problem, Lets protect our Earth as much as possible since there will be no second earth we can go to, And if there is, there is not enough time and resources to go there. At the end humanity is doomed by humanity itself.

  • And America & Europe blaming Indonesia’s palm oil for Climate Change. They’re using deforestation issues to hiding what they’ve been doing.
    How ironic we should clean their mess.

  • How many of you in this thread have actually make an effort to reduce your carbon footprint? So many of us don’t realize the first step to the solution is to reduce. People end up not doing this in their personal lives because it won’t make a sizable impact. And honestly, it won’t, not directly. But reduction does something else important, it helps reshape mentalities and lifestyles. The first step is to live a life in which we show we care, in which in our day to day lives we demonstrate the value of caring about the world we live in.

    This is as simple as driving a little less, eating less meat, not cranking the AC to its limits constantly, turning off all electronics when not in use, and purchasing items based on how much plastic waste they generate. These are just several examples; there are many more. But these actions are easy and won’t greatly affect your lifestyle. It’s just a slight modification to it.

    This is where we begin.

  • How can genes define the intelligence? Genetic pattern is for bodily traits. I strongly feel, memory, intelligence, attitude, confidence defined by our consciousness.

  • This is not true. Genetics doesn’t influence your intelligence. Apparently ramanujan the greatest mathematician had no intelligent relative or ancestors. How did he then become the epitome of a God level genius???


  • SO if in U.S mostly people with
    genes are more likely to drop out from school.. does it also mean that Arthur de Gobineau and Nietzsche were right?

  • People should accept that intellectual ability is mostly genetic so we can start solving problems that arise from this fact sooner

  • Don’t tell me what to think. If it’s called the gcse I’ll call that sucker the gcse. I don’t need any more U.S.-centric bullshit floating through my head, I’m up to my eyes in U.S.-isms. Carry on…..

  • About the big blocky abs. They r like every other muscle group, if they get big and blocky, don’t train that muscle for a while and it will reduce in size

  • Environment has a take on it too. If your surrounded with distractions at home such as video games, Netflix, not doing things that keeps you socially active and finding new skills then you’re not going to learn anything and you show zero interest in doing so. Adding parental neglect causes it too.

  • I don’t want to hate on China so much since I know the information they have is severely controlled by their own government.

    Still, I don’t think China will be making any changes any time soon since they are still trying to take over parts of the Philippines and other countries bit by bit.

    If their people can somehow be more aware then maybe there is a chance things might start to change for the better.

  • It’s true folks. At least 70% of our intelligence is determined by our genes. It’s not a popular or pc-approved notion to advertise that fact these days, but your intelligence is genetic. Sorry to disappoint those low IQ parents who want to believe they can “nurture” their child into becoming a doctor, but it’s just not possible. But perhaps they can still be nurtured into becoming productive citizens of society and still have a good life with some measure of success in a career path more conducive to their level of intelligence.

  • This is not a good indicator for Gene’s and intelligence. It’ sounds like a epidemiological study which gives a lot of false positives especially because it sounds like a fishing expedition study where they are doing multiple comparisons which leads to false positives. Also using the same twins in the same household does nothing to show environmental influence. Maybe twins that were separated at birth and grew up in two different socioeconomic situations.

  • jeff: dont obsessed with the number
    jesse: has an 8 pack

    jeff: alright get out of here u son of a beach. i cant believe he has an 8 pack and i dont


  • You might have a case if you are being challenged beyond your cognative limits.

    Success in education is a combination of innate ability and effort.

    The average IQ of an American high school graduate is 99.

    The average IQ of a graduate with an Associates degree is 103.

    Blacks in America have average IQs of 85.

    The average IQ of a prison inmate is between 80 and 90.

    Notice a pattern here?

  • I will say that your environment can influence what happens to your life but your iq or intelligence will be what will allow you to adapt to your circumstances.. so those circumstances can be severe, and you may survive them because of your intellect

  • ACTUALLY renewables contribute WAY more to climate change than nuclear power plants, and they’re also safer wether you like it or not

  • Meh I know a student who made deans list 3 times but is dumb as hell!! Her parents work in the med field so I don’t know what to believe. I must admit she’s artsy as she can sing and draw and there is artistic intellect yet I have met artsy folks who aren’t as clueless as her. Better grades in school is not a good basis to compare intellect yet this person is an anomaly.

  • Thanks so much for doing this! I have ms and still don’t know as much as I’d like, but this is both fascinating and explains why my medication suppresses b cells. Now I have even more reasons to like your videos.

  • “What do you think” I thought this was a science channel.. there is the right understanding and the wrong understanding, what we “think” doesn’t change what is true.

  • Since autoimmunity can be triggered by (viral, bacterial) infection through molecular mimicry, I wonder if that could be a factor as well if those infections are more likely or play out differently in females. Also, don’t forget to get enough vitamin D, everybody.:)

  • I usually sleep from 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekends, which I know is a problem. My family nags me for being lazy, tired, and staying up late, but I don’t get tired at night. In addition to that, I get lethargic and sleepy in the daytime, no matter what amount sleep I get. I usually get 12 to 13 hours of sleep, which I’m working on decreasing since twelve year olds should be getting 10 instead.

  • how about we wait for a virus called coronavirus too put us into quarantine and make us stop. wait that was already done? Wait it’s happening now? n i c e.

  • The question is not whether or not genetics sets baselines, or sets limits, the question is whether or not most people actually reach their ultimate limit or not. Genes can only be blamed if you know you are operating at your ultimate limit. But are you? What’s the evidence on that one?

  • I can blame my genes for my lousy performance in school, it`s a shame that my parents never understood that it was their fault that I was a dunce thanks to their genes.

  • Me before watching this Video: I hate Kids and I don’t plan on having any.

    Me after watching this Video: Actually Kids aren’t that bad.

  • The discrimination connected to racism and sexism is almost nothing compared to the discrimination of late chronotypes. Our schools and workplaces actually bring us down so we have insanely huge difficulties with achieving success.

    (don’t misunderstand I know racism is bad okay thanks)

  • Yes intelligence is genetic! As some races have some genetic characteristics such is also reflected in say height, bone structure and intelligence. Sorry I disagree with you, that genetics does not determine how far you go, it does. My genetics designed me to be 5”8′ no matter how hard I work at it I can NEVER be a pro-basket ball player, or say football player. It’s much more then individual genetics because if you are born with genetics that make it hard for you learn it’s most probable your parents have the same limitation, so they could not provide a appropriate atmosphere for you to succeed in school to begin with, that coupled up with your own genetic limitation for scholastic success works overwhelmingly against you succeeding. The reverse is true for good genetics! Your parents had good genetics so went to harvard and succeeded, so they provided you with good schools, intelligent conversation, examples of good work ethic. Indians realized this long ago hence to protect the inferior stands they created the caste system, everyone had a role appropriate to their intelligence level. While this is not a perfect system it has logical merit.

  • Genetics has nothing to do with intelligence. If you study and read and research on your own, then DNA doesn’t matter. 2+2 is 4 and 5+5 is 10 and 4500×3÷1.567….I don’t know since cleaning offices for $28.50 an hour doesn’t require algebra.

  • If genetics does play a BIG role in intelligence, then natural selection would already eliminate the lower intelligence few generations ago.

  • She had to quality everything about this video by saying “nature does not dictate how far we can go.” Really? So essentially she’s saying a kid born with an IQ of 60 can win a nobel prize in physics? Good luck with that. Nature does dictate how far one can go. What it doesn’t dictate how far you to do. As a society we need to get out of using this tired cliché by telling kids they can be anything they want to be. Some of them just can’t, for a lot of them being a very good plumber is probably their best chance at success. And even then you’re assuming they’re smart enough to put pipes together or smart enough to run a business.

  • So one could say. Genetics determine if you can easily score a B in an exam. With little effort you get an A+.
    But they also determine wheter you can only get a D without effor, and with effort you can score a C+.
    The interesting thing is, how will this change our view of education?

    The first conclusion would be, that only a small fraction of the population is able to
    suceed in education with reasonable effort. No amount of tutoring etc. can change this fact. One other less gifted part can suceed but with an incredible amount of effort.
    The last part does not have any means to suceed in education, no amount of effort can change this.

    So we should just do tests on genetics and this determines the whole life of a person.
    If you’re lucky with good genetics society will welcome you, and
    invest in you in every way possible.
    If not you have bad luck, you will have to life as an outcast for the rest of your life. No one will give a damn about you.

    Like in Sparta. The argument that one can get ahead with better education is then for most of the people a wrong assumption. Because genes pretty much determine if you can suceed in education.
    This will of course shatter the american dream, “if you work hard you can make it!”.
    It will be more like “you can work as hard as you like, without geneticts, you’ll never make it!!”

    So we’re back to middle ages. Your destiny in our society is then pretty much determined by your parents and their relative genetic advantage. The dumb will die the smart survive.

  • If intelligence were hereditary, then I should be a genius at math. My dad got a perfect math act and sat score,top of his math class, and is an engineer…but I’m not a genius at math, I mean my average grade in math is A/B, but I’m not as good in math as he is:(

  • I think the fact that epigenetic studies prove ones environment can change the way genes are expressed undermines any study that states a persons educational achievements are purely gene based. Also there are studies that show that the older sibling is usually smarter (or shall we say simply does better in school) than his/her younger siblings. You truly cant control for how a child is treated in his/her home. Lets say one twinn is more out going or hyper than the other-this would effect how the twin ingages in educational activities. Something such as the environmental effects on a persons psyche shouldn’t even be questioned at this point & iq being an aspect of ones cognitive ability which in its self is an aspect of ones psychological/mental make up is as subject to environment as anyother behavioral traits. There may be aspects in ones genetic makeup that lend to higher learning ability but the way genes are expressed are a result of environment. Its arrogant for any researcher to feel they’ve successfully controlled for home,school,neighborhood environments & the affects of peer interaction.

  • When i thought I wanted to be a doctor, I got a 4.1 gpa. When I realized I didn’t care.. I got a 3.3. Studying for the SATs makes a huge difference as well. I dont think SATs are a good measure of intelligence. Reading slowly or having ADHD could majorly hinder your score, but both of these don’t affect intelligence. 

  • Well, we all know how mother nature work, if you are not bringing offspring it´s gonna get rid of you, most animals reproduce as if not their species but also their life depends on it. And it appears that choosing to not have babies have consequences. The same goes for us men when we stop humping we get prostate cancer. Basically reproducing is the assignment that mother nature gave us, and if we don´t do it we get punished for that.

  • I honestly don’t get why schools shove things down our throat like the plotline of a story and highly advanced math instead of how to apply for a job, how to rent a apartment, or how to file taxes. School is also more about grades then learning. Also the American education system is based off some Prussian thing in the 19th century.

  • I’m kinda lucky because i have a reading and learning problem, so i get help on stuff. But its not all that fun, because when ever your having to read this thing in a class and your not in to it, It is going to be super hard to remeber what you just read and when ever you do read it, its going to be at a higher reading skill then what you are at. So there are down sizes to that. I just wish i could finally read like other kid in 8th grade when ever i’m at a 4th grade reading leavel.

  • America: China did

    China: we need to do it

    The people:just do it? Who won’t you?

    The government: umm I don’t know control and money?

    the people: your money won’t have any value if we’re dead

    The government: your lives won’t make any value if we kill you all

    The people: then your not a government to begin with, your job was to keep people happy and make people not do bad stuff
    Not to find more power and more control over things that make you more powerful.

    The government: that sign can’t stop me because I can’t re-

    Mother Nature: CHOO CHOO motherfucker

  • Do scientists or sociologists ever consider that maybe the stress of being a woman (sexism) increases the incidence of auto-immune disease in women (and indeed, women in general not just people assigned female at birth)? This reminds me of ideas around the social determinants of health.

  • There is one safe way of knowing if you are intelligent or not. If you think you are intelligent then you most certainly are not. If you think you are dumb then that means you are still learning. if you ever stop asking questions because you think you know everything then you are a moron. BUT if you know how to ask the right questions, then you are a genius!

  • Fraternal twins only share 50% of their genetic composition with each other but 60% with a fruit fly?  I would like to see more DNews about this!

  • Team Nature vs. Team Nurture is the dumbest possible argument you can make. Obviously both play a role, or identical twins would act the same as well as look the same.

  • Myopia (near-sightedness) is typically a heritable trait, and can have an effect on a child’s educational achievements if they do not have access to corrective eyeglasses.  A socioeconomic system incapable of accommodating all near-sighted children would be effectively broken, but by the implications of this study we should blame the child’s genes rather than the inequities of the educational and socioeconomic systems. 

    The true measure of a quality education system is based on its capacity to educate any and all students, rather than merely some “ideal student” who is already familiar with the material they are about to be taught. 

  • I studied genetics and I remember somewhere in our textbook 47% of our intelligence was dictated by genetic variance. Meaning any factors that contribute to our genetic expression whether through heredity and so on. Imo, 47% is a lot. It’s almost 50%, while the other 63% is due to environmental variance such as parenting, not starving, living comfortably, etc. You might not think this is an issue, but it is in terms of inequality between the wealthy and poor.

    For the wealthy, they have access to more resources and are generally living in a healthier household environment compared to the poor. Thus, a poor child is already at a disadvantage at birth, but you don’t need genetics to prove that. I honestly think certain tests or exams should have different measuring standards for different neighborhoods or a bracket of household incomes. How can a poor child that is not getting enough to eat at home, have families that can’t afford yearly school supplies for them, and so on compete with someone born into wealth in the same field?

  • Well, I knew a lad at school who was without doubt a moron.  I’m serious, if you met him and spent some time with him you’d realise how thick he was.  But when it came to remembering rules, such as mathematics or grammatical structure, he was very adept.  He was well able to perform high level mathematical problems without actually understanding the process yet he knew the rules by heart, if you understand me.  He went to University studying Mathematics.  And these days he’s a refuse collector.

  • Pregnancy theory sounds a bit sexist. I’d like to suggest the possiblity that something women are ingesting is interacting with the mechanics of their body. Men may be eating, or drinking, or breathing the same substance (s), but with different, or no noticeable outcomes. Wonder what problems have been on the rise for men? There could be common culprit at work. Some of the things that have been allowed to be put in food, meant for mass human consumption, are toxic.

  • I disagree. Your performance in school is a function of your dedication. Anyone can do great, provided they put forth a genuine and constant effort. Neuroplasticity tell us that the brain adapts to what we do most often. If you study often, regardless of your intelligence you will be able to mold your brain into whatever you want it to be. This is especially true of mathematics. Do you want to do great in math? study math often.