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Think You’re Ready For Weight Loss? You Might Not Be! 2. Are you really ready to lose weight?

This might seem like a rhetorical question to anyone who has thought about trying to shed unwanted pounds but it is one that I ask all of my nutrition and training clients before we start working together. If you’re working out and changed your diet to lose weight, but the scale isn’t budging, you might not be sleeping well. Amanda Capritto Aug. 17, 2020 1:50 p.m. PT.

Losing weight can be rough. Even when you think you’re doing everything right, sometimes the scale refuses to budge. You might be tempted to fall for fad diets or weight-loss products that promise quick, miraculous results. But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Or, at the very least, it’s unsustainable and unhealthy. Even if you feel completely ready for weight loss, there may be some barriers in your life that could prevent you from being successful. Barriers to change are things in your life that can stop, stall or prevent you from realizing a goal (in this case, weight loss). In general, everyone has some barriers. Long-term weight loss takes time and effort — and a long-term commitment.

While you don’t want to put off weight loss indefinitely, you should make sure you’re ready to make permanent changes to eating and activity habits. Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine your readines. 3. You’re exercising to lose weight.

A mere 5% of adults are participating in exercise for 30 minutes a day, so any exercise deserves props. Physical activity is. 9 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss.

The battle for a slimmer you is often won or lost in your head. Before you start a diet, psych yourself up for a lifestyle change with these prep steps. You Don’t Drink Enough Water. Between 2 and 6 cups of clear, plain water each day can help you lose extra pounds.

Water has no calories at all, so it satisfies your thirst without adding weight. Weight Loss Newsletter (or at least think it) when you’re overwrought and ready to snap. But what is a nervous breakdown, exactly? “Maybe you’re not eating, or conversely, you might be. You may run or cycle faster with the same effort, for example, because you’re carrying less weight.

Health Markers Are Improved With Weight Loss If you were overweight to begin with, blood pressure and blood cholesterol numbers tend to improve when you lose just 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight.

List of related literature:

I even feel lighter as the fat is melting off of me…letting go of excess baggage I’ve been carrying.

“Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open” by Forbes Robbins Blair
from Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open
by Forbes Robbins Blair
Sourcebooks, 2004

I am dedicated to continuing Phase 1 until I lose another ten pounds and then I am ready to keep it all off this time around.

“The Spice Diet: Use Powerhouse Flavor to Fight Cravings and Win the Weight-Loss Battle” by Judson Todd Allen
from The Spice Diet: Use Powerhouse Flavor to Fight Cravings and Win the Weight-Loss Battle
by Judson Todd Allen
Grand Central Publishing, 2018

I probably am, but I am determined to lose the most weight at home.

“The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Start Living the Biggest Loser Lifestyle Today!” by Cheryl Forberg, Melissa Roberson, Lisa Wheeler, Biggest Loser Experts and Cast
from The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Start Living the Biggest Loser Lifestyle Today!
by Cheryl Forberg, Melissa Roberson, et. al.
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2009

Still, this goal of losing the last ten pounds (which are like the last fifty pounds or hundred pounds as far as I’m concerned) will only be met when I fully commit to:

“The Natural Superwoman: The Scientifically Backed Program for Feeling Great, Looking Younger, and Enjoying Amazing Energy at Any Age” by Uzzi Reiss, Uzzi Reiss, M. D., OB/GYN, Yfat Reiss Gendell
from The Natural Superwoman: The Scientifically Backed Program for Feeling Great, Looking Younger, and Enjoying Amazing Energy at Any Age
by Uzzi Reiss, Uzzi Reiss, M. D., OB/GYN, Yfat Reiss Gendell
Penguin Publishing Group, 2008

But more important than weight loss at this stage, is the sense of well-being and empowerment that begins to take place.

“Intuitive Eating, 2nd Edition: A Revolutionary Program That Works” by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A.
from Intuitive Eating, 2nd Edition: A Revolutionary Program That Works
by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A.
St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2007

I hope I will lose the pounds, but I’m not betting on it.

“Sweater Design in Plain English” by Maggie Righetti
from Sweater Design in Plain English
by Maggie Righetti
St. Martin’s Press, 1990

I will drop this weight and I will drop my doubt.

“You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!” by Ilana Muhlstein
from You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!
by Ilana Muhlstein
Galvanized Media, 2020

On top of that, I’ve lost over 50 lbs almost without trying.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez, 2016

That said, I recognize that I’m probably not the best person to address the mental and emotional side of weight loss.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
from Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health
by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
Hay House, 2020

As the weight started to come off, I started to realize my fears had been unfounded.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
from The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted
by Kayla Cox
Kayla Cox, 2018

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • We’ve done something similar to the hot/cold showers since I was a child. Where I’m from it’s traditional to sauna year round. In the summer, we would go from a hot sauna right into the lake and then back into the sauna. In the winter, we would go from the hot sauna straight outside and have competitions as to who could stay outside the longest.

  • Question:  Why do I have a hard time standing or walking for a short/long time?  I get muscular fatigue in my legs that makes walking a challenge right now.  But this fatigue comes and goes. Is this my diabetes or my weight or both?


  • I’m about to have my surgery this Tuesday the 4th of August.  I”m plant based, where can I check what type of food I should be having?

  • I think Ray is on a fasting high. I’ve been there after 72 hours of fasting which I think is one of the reasons he talks so much and doesn’t allow Rhonda to speak very much! Good informative video. Thanks to you both!

  • You know as a person who suffers from PVCs and constipation and then menopause and lack of sleep and just an overall feeling of blah. I’m going to try this intermittent fasting thing and see if I can’t lose about 50 lb that I’ve gained since I’ve hit menopause. I love cookies and I sometimes crave lime and chips. I am really digging all the interviews that I’m watching that you’ve done dr. Rhonda. Chronologically I’m probably a 71 year old in a 57 year old body. How’s stinking sad is that! I’m about to get on the bandwagon and start taking charge of my health.

  • Does something like a basic 15-hour intermittent fasting, with a 9 hour eating window, actually induce autophagy? Can you get rid of senescent cells this way or do you have to fast for several days??

  • I have no probs going to sleep. Keep room cool body warm and asleep in a couple of mins. I get body cool before bed but warm in bed.

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick thank you!  
    One thing: It’s amazing how informed someone can be (s.a. Ray Cronise), whilst making an ignorant comment: “everyone thinks if you don’t eat, you’ll have an eating disorder, or be Anorexic.” Here’s the thing, I don’t think it’s that black and white, but I do have a particular perspective that has influenced my opinion on this matter. I’ve known DOZENS of people in their 20’s and teens to die of Anorexia and other eating disorder related illnesses.  
    We need to be aware that a true eating disorder is not just a mental condition, it is a physical illness (partly genetic). Just as some people may be able to drink alcohol socially, there is a percentage of people whose brain will be triggered (many confounding factors incl. genetics) and they will be susceptible to alcoholism. The same idea goes for how Anorexia ruins and takes the lives of so many young (and elder) people -who, mind you, started off in innocent desire to better their health (oftentimes). 
    Though it is an outlier, there are those that find themselves coping with situations by not eating. For many, this is (mostly) innocent, but for a percentage of people, the physical (genetic)/psychological illness associated with Anorexia (as well as other eating disorders) is triggered and as a particular pathway in the brain is reinforced over time, and the reward circuitry of the brain is hindered. Now, a genetic illness has been triggered with a psychological component with many comparisons to that of an addiction. We talk so much about dieting in the US, but there’s an entire cohort of individuals struggling to eat. Eating disorders are the most lethal of all mental illnesses (and i’d as well as others categorize it as a physical illness as well).
    So, in response to Mr. Cronises’ comment about how if some people fast or do not eat for lengthy periods of time, that we do not need to worry about developing Anorexia, well, He is only “50%” correct.
    There is a middle ground, though we need to be aware of both sides of the coin, because no-one that actually deals with anorexia or faces a loved one dying of it had expected it in the beginning.
    I hope this made sense.
    I appreciate the alternate perspectives and thank you for all the wonderful info!

  • cant believe idiots are still suggesting eating more fiber and plants and LESS meat and fat, exactly the reverse of what is actually healthy. Try it and see for yourself.

  • This video absolutely amazing!!! So grateful!!! I’m really interested in changing from keto to more fruit basedback and forthto switch the burning mechanisms. The cold therapy is amazing info! Ty!!!!!

  • I am 63 years old, female, bi polar under good control, senosis of the spine and cannot exercise, is this a good choice for me? I did not gain the weight until I went on the meds for bipolar.

  • Where would a ballet class fit into the “Type of exercise” classification?
    I’m having a VSG in a month and I don’t want to drop my ballet training (part of the reason I’m having the surgery, since right now I’m too heavy to dance without harming my body).

    I have Ballet class four days a week for a total of 8 hours a week.
    Also, since you didn’t talk about swimming, could you perhaps tell me where that one would fit?

    I really enjoy Ballet, Swimming and TaeKwonDo, and even though I’m willing to try new things, I’d like to also do those I like. I’m just wondering just how useful they would be.

  • Ray Cronise scammed $88,271.00 out of “investors” on gofundme…in 2015.If you go to the comments thread there you will see they never received any refunds and Gofundme doesnt care..

  • 00:00:12 Ray Cronise shares how he feels on his 23rd day of fasting.
    00:01:40 Through a combination of fasting and cold stress, Cronise was able to lose weight and eliminate his type 2 diabetes.
    00:05:55 After 21 days of water fasting, all of Cronise’s blood panels returned normal.
    00:09:07 Cronise reconsiders our perspective of meeting daily nutritional to a longer timeframe.
    00:14:04 The paradigm of being simultaneously overnourished and malnourished.
    00:20:40 Inflammation, But Not Telomere Length, Predicts Successful Ageing at Extreme Old Age: A Longitudinal Study of Semi-supercentenarians.
    00:22:34 Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of you.
    00:26:25 With Cronise’s diet, one loses 0.6 to 0.8 lbs of fat per a day.
    00:27:23 What is metabolism and how do we measure it?
    00:30:50 We use to eat to support our activity, and today we are active to support our eating
    00:38:40 Meal timing to match nutritional needs and optimize health.
    00:44:17 Caloric restriction vs Intermittent fasting.
    00:48:30 Can food addiction be mistaken for hunger?
    00:59:48 Ray Cronise argues that we should not talk about protein, carbs, and fat but instead whole foods.
    01:08:44 Ray Cronise and Wim Hof’s cold experience.
    01:15:22 Temperature contrast therapy may help one stay awake during the day and sleep better at night.
    01:23:40 Cronise surprisingly did not lose lean muscle mass during his fasts.
    01:28:42 Ray compares the similarities of cold stress and exercise.
    01:39:00 Physical activity delays hippocampal neurodegeneration and rescues memory deficits in an Alzheimer disease mouse model
    01:39:00 Impairment of Rat Spatial Learning and Memory in a New Model of Cold Water-Induced Chronic Hypothermia: Implication for Alzheimer’s Disease
    01:41:25 Tips to using cold stress to get off the glycogen treadmill and increase fat oxidation.
    01:50:00 Anecdotes and fun facts about melatonin.

  • In fact, nutrition is spread out over the seasons, because various foods are only available in their season, except if dried or fermented. One meal a day should be enough for an adult ® as for hydroponics, the nutritional value depends entirely on the plantfood used. ¢ waiting for a more appropriate time to eat is an excellent idea. @ WHM since 2016.

  • I get that the format of this is a clinical conversation, and admittedly I’m probably just not learned enough, but I’m having trouble turning any of this into a basic plan of action. I get that its not ‘bro fitness’ or a diet plan per se. I’m just wondering if there’s a bulleted list for those of us who are struggling through the latin. It’s an honest question, I’m not poking fun at smart people. I’m glad Rhonda Patrick quests as dutifully as she does to avail others of scientific understanding. I have learned many things I didn’t know previously. I just need a bit of help with summary, again, not asking to dumb it down. Just looking for the take-aways.

  • Hey Dr. Weiner, thank you for the video. I am pretty close to 200 lbs, 5’4, and my bmi is 31. I want gastric bypass surgery but I am concerned about loose skin. Do you think that will really be an issue since I’m not over 200lbs?

  • He is mistaken the human body’s limits that allows us to live 30+ days without food IF WE HAVE TO,,, as a way to say “see food isn’t important as we thought”

  • As always, incredible interview Dr. Patrick! The depth of knowledge, with the addition of notes/explanations, beat any educational video on the net. Thank you for the incredible work!

  • I cant take advice from a guy who sits the way this guy does…hes like a child who got molested and is at the psychiatrist office

  • I’m at 3 weeks plateau right now but did have severe allergies and was taking antibiotics. Hopefully I can breakthrough this plateau. Does Claritin also cause plateaus?

  • I’ve been on keto/carnivore for 2 months and never have gotten past the intial water loss, which for me was 15 lbs because I tend to carry water. I logged macros for most of that time and know portions, etc. No other changes she mentions. My meter doesn’t show ketosis and stays about.2. So now what?

  • Thought she would have better info that this, pretty bad. It’s not hard to break a stall. My free 7 day keto challenge works every single time.

  • Based on Dr David Sinclair seminar, most good genes don’t work after mid age. So need nmn or nr( as fuel), to make these genes response to exercise, or cold.

  • I love listening to these smart nutrition longevity nerds geek out on all of these open minded, out of the box health and wellness concepts. I fell like I’m slowly becoming one of them. ��

  • I did not understand how come he did not think of eating sushi would increase his blood sugars due to all of the rice. and how come he did not realize that he should eat sashimi instead of sushi (only raw fish cuts without the rice)?!?

  • I am a fan of your Dr. Patrick, and I am an intermittent faster, so was very keen for this episode. I must say this guest is very poor. He seems to not be able to provide answers to your actual questions, I think his comment that “sushi brings my diabetes back” is ridiculous, and I didn’t get much out of his “eating from the right side of the food pyramid” description. It is especially poor how he stated at the beginning of the interview that he isn’t interested in debating eating animal products versus plants, but then goes on to consistently promote eating plants. It would also have been interesting to push back against the idea that fiber is always good all the time, as I certainly don’t think it is, and quite a few other people do not as well.

  • I wish you would talk more about cold therapy as well as saunas. A Iong time ago I lived by a river where I could jump into cold water year round, even while snow was on the ground. I’d just jump in and thrash frantically till my body started warming up to meet the cold, and then I’d get out after a minute or so. Then I could walk around in my wet bathing suit in 25 degree weather and not feel cold at all, rather I felt strong and energized. I said to myself way back then, “If I could do this every day for the rest of my life, I’d live to a hundred easy.” Anyway, a video documentary was just put up on Youtube called “Swimming In Miracles” about a man with leukemia who decided to swim the entire length of the WIllamette River in Oregon (189 miles) to raise money for cancer. It took him 22 days, and the doctor tested him afterward and found the leukemia had disappeared. The documentary is all about the spiritual experience of learning how to flow like water and being grateful for every moment and so on, and that surely was a factor in his healing, but just briefly in passing it mentioned that, even in a wet suit, he was getting hypothermia. Several times a day, IIRC, he had to get out of the river and warm up in the sun to get out of the hypothermia. In other words, in addition to his spiritual lessons, he was getting short-term hypothermia every day multiple times a day for over three weeks. (My own river jumping didn’t give me hypothermia, I was out too fast.) I just had to report this to you, so I looked for one of your videos that mention cold, there aren’t many. I am surprised that not more research is done on it. In all the research on saunas, do they ever look for the difference between just taking a sauna and jumping from sauna or sweat lodge into a cold river? Anyway, if you are interested in the case do a Youtube search on “Swimming in Miracles.”

  • Can OMAD cause a Plateau? Iam in Ketosis since December 2019. I lost 25kg but have still 15kg to go. Since i start with Keto, 9 weeke ago, i have not lost any weight? Cant OMAD cause my Plateau?

  • Dr. I had surgery almost 6 weeks ago and the largest incision hasn’t healed completely. In your opinion, can I start exercising and if so what can I start with?

  • Hi Dr. Weiner. Wow I have learned a great deal from your videos already but I am wondering if you have a video about PCOS and Insulin in relation to weight loss surgery. I am a 53 yr old Lady currently at 226lbs at 5’2″ BMI is 42. My GP just sent in a referral for surgery. My A1C is 5.1, GTT2H 6.9 and yet my Insulin is 154.1 <120.0 (pmol/L) Hoping you can help us PCOS'ers.

  • I’ve morning fast till 12 noon for the second day and found a reduction in shoulder and back inflammation and didn’t have any hunger at all.Ate at 12 because I felt I should fasted for over 17 hours amazing stuff

  • Is there a comprehensive list of the food these people eat with maybe the nutrients they are eating them for? Searching on my own has not been very efficient and like Ray says everything that is easy to find is centered around fat carbs and calories. Rhonda has some great videos but they are all just a part of the big picture.

  • In your book, is there a list or recipes that we should eat after surgery(specifically when it’s safe to eat anything)? I heard you say we should eat fruits,veggies, and less animal protein. I love sweets! I also enjoy fruits and veggies. My surgery is set up for the month of October. I’m trying to gain as much knowledge as possible before I have this surgery. Thanks for making this channel. When I watch your videos, I feel like I owe you a $20 copayment. ��

  • Imagine the amount of reduction of resources we’d be preserving from not having to nourish the growing live stock supply to match the demand… plus the reduction of animal suffering, land usage, and total greenhouse gases. I’m never gonna give up a good steak dinner but fasting like this can have more of an impact than your personal improvements of health.

  • Oh my word.  Thank you so much for this video.  I have been struggling on whether or not to go through with the surgery.  I am over 400 pounds and I know that I need to do something soon… but my head keeps telling me… why can’t you just do this on your own?  This is the first time I have ever heard someone say that someone who is obese can have a good diet and still not be able to loose weight.  That is me!  I cook everything from scratch.  I have eliminated salt from my diet.  I don’t eat processed foods.  I never buy snack food.  Two years ago I eliminated all breads, potatoes, pasta and rice from my diet.  I eat only fruits and veggies and lean meats and have done this for over 6 years.  Me and my family spent a week at my mom’s house on vacation this past year.  I did all the cooking and we all ate the same thing. As usual, I ate less than everyone else.  My mom loved it because she gets to eat healthy while I do all the work…lol.  My mom lost 12 lbs during these 2 weeks.  I gained 18 pounds.  For the past year my sister has done all my shopping for me (I sustained a knee injury last year).  After a year of shopping she says to me… “oh my goodness.  I cannot believe how healthy you guys eat.  Why are you over 400 pounds?  I would be the skinniest person on this planet if I ate like this.”  Anyway, thank you.  This video helps me to see that I am not crazy and that I need some help.   

  • Cc Mail1 second agoHad VSG 2018 and I really would not say I had  success even though I was compliant with all instructions.  I was BMI of 39, I lost 11 # 3 months out from surgery,, and I had to pay out of pocket because WLS was excluded from my BC/BS.  I regret going through this surgery with Orlando Health’s Dr. Teixeira.  And the doctor and his office did not respond to my calls or emails.  He cancelled my follow up appointment with him!  My health is not any better, actually worse. Just make sure that you are ready to accept this possibility if you do go through with this surgery

  • Rhonda.. let Ray rock.. nothing like researching with ‘skin in the game’, health not profit, global not obsessive specificity in learning. Great video. #language mattes.

  • Similar to how there’s instant natural-gas hot water heaters for the shower (ex. Marey).. does anything like an instant ice-cold water chillers for the shower exist? I’m looking into remodeling and have found several interesting products.. for example, Scott McGee’s Ice Bath Set up.. and the PIONEER Air Conditioner Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump Minisplit Inverter, 9000 BTU-110/120 V! BTW, another way to do a cold water therapy tank, without the use of ice bags, is to use a (hydroponic / aquarium?) water chiller.. for example, Penguin has a 1.5Hp R134a, 15k BTU water chillers that can go close to 5C!

  • thank you, very interesting. i just wonder in regards to inflammation-aging correlated, do we have any evidence to causality? because for instance reverse causality seems to also be quite reasonable an explanation, doesn’t it?

  • Im so confused about IGF-1. Some say fasting increases it; others say it decreases it. Some say an increase is a positive; others say it negatively impacts health.

    Also, will having tea with lemon and stevia put me in a “fed” state?

  • That video was super helpful. I really like all your videos! I think I am someone who would benefit quite a bit from WLS (have family history of obesity, have made dietary changes in the past, eat a fairly healthy diet already, & keep gaining and losing the same 20 lbs). I’m excited for the idea that I can get help with this weight loss battle but the main, #1 thing I struggle with is the permanency of this procedure. I’m sure I wouldn’t regret it in the short term, but wonder about the data many, many years out (15, 20, 25+). I’m still in my 30’s and wonder if having changed my anatomy if sometime in the distant future that will prove to be a disadvantage. I’ve tried researching long term data on health (not just weight loss) for sleeve patients and maybe I’m not researching well, because I’m not finding anything helpful. In the short term though this seems like a great option to help me finally achieve more weight loss than I’ve been able to do on my own in the last 10 years.

  • I went on a 40-day water fast when I was 61. I could have gone longer but that was my target. The last week I was like a 9-monts pregnant woman: I just wanted to get it over. Two years later I am the healthiest person I know.

  • I would hug you if I could.  Your videos are so supportive and informative.   My RNY was in Texas  053014  for diabetes and weight.  I have watched your videos several times to get better understanding so here I am again  watching and decided to leave a thank you note!!  ps  I am following my md orders but I like to hear your reasoning and the reinforcement of the change necessary to be healthy.  Thanks again!

  • With regards to the study mentioned at 1:39:57, it’s fascinating why the protective effects occurred only in subjects that were exposed to cold stress in their early life (how early?) and those that did in midlife could not reap any such effects from exposure. It blows my mind.

  • Hi Dr. Matthew Weiner, I am considering gastric sleeve surgery and wanted to comment on your diagram at 11 minutes. What about the people who are “likely to require surgery” for weight loss that have obesity in their family, were overweight as a child, find it difficult to lose more than 10-15 lbs but who also struggle with their diet and struggle with eating the wrong foods? That is the situation that I am in, and I’m very interested in hearing more about your eating plan and want to read the resource that you mentioned, “A Pound of Cure.” Just want to say that I am so thankful to have found your videos they have been a huge help for me. Thank you so much! I’m really going to heed your advice and make sure that I use my one opportunity the first 6 months to relearn my eating habits.

  • Hi Doc.
    First, I love your videos, they are so informative and especially this one because it explains really well the “set points “ and what I am going through for years now.
    I am somebody that eats very healthy, clean, I do not drink alcool/soda and refined sugar/processed food And I am overweight. I am currently at 225 for 5.7 and back in 2011 I lost 80 pounds on weight watchers. It was really easy and I lost about 10 pounds a months by eating even more that I ever have before.
    I got a back injury 2 years ago and gained it all back.
    I suscribed to weight watchers again.. after 3 months of the scale not moving not even 1 pound I got discouraged and tried the keto diet… as A vegetarian… I didn’t have too much choice and seeing no results whatsoever I TRIED something else….not results either.
    I could literally go days without eating and I wouldn’t loose 1 pounds.
    Everything that seems to be working for somebody does not seem to work for me and this is what scares me about the sleeve.
    I am considering having it as my last resort but very scared I wont see results as I am already eating very well and small portions and it doesn’t change anything in my weight.
    I suspected pcos.. got an echo and everything was fine. Got my cortisol level checked… everything is fine aswell… I am now in pre op diet for the sleeve and where everybody sheds like crazy.. The scale haven’t moved at all. I havent cheated once.
    I am very discouraged and starting doubting my choice of getting the sleeve as I think It could be a total waste of money in my case. The nutritionist doesn’t understand how I am not loosing while everybody else is. I would have to loose 13 pounds in less than 2 weeks… or else the surgery would get canceled. Please help… what would be your advices?

  • Great Information Doc, 2 Questions Doc, am Post Op 3 Weeks, in 4th week now but the weight but having weight stahl for almost 9 Days, wondering why?, 2. Question: what if someone starts Jogging or epileptical earlier I mean in my stage 3-4 weeks post op in order to avoid the stahl is it ok?

  • Thank you so much for this! I have been going around and around with the scale moving it has not moved since September BUT starting i wore 5-6x and now i can wear 2-3x. But i have been so focused on the scale even though im getting smaller! And looking at physical fitness for strength and not weightloss is gold thank you so much for these videos i have a great bariactric team but when i need an answer late night or weekends i can always count on you! You rock

  • I’m only just now finding your videos, I’m considering getting wls, would having a heart condition prevent me from getting bariatric surgery?

  • I feel a little discouraged after watching this. I already eat a very healthy diet, but am not losing as readily as I feel I should be. I have a family history of obesity on both sides of my family, and was overweight/obese as a child, so does that mean that surgery isn’t likely to work for me?

  • I started gaing weight when I was 10 years old. My familiy has many people that are overweight + and also some of them did take a gastric bypass. I am getting help from the hospital and I have a meal plan. Have been working out and eating healty since 2014 and still I cant lose more then 5-10kg. Even tho i eat good stuff it always goes up again. I’m overweight now and I don’t like my body at all. I’m so Sad, have been trying everything! So I am going to ask my doctor at the hospital if I can get a sleeve og bypass surgery. I know so so much about it and I feel like its my only way out. I do my workout, and I do never eat more than 1500kcal in one day! I am 160cm long and my weight os 104kg it was 106..�� My BMI are going from 42-39 and yeah I don’t know what to do anymore. If they say no.. I’ll cry! I hate eating alot of food. I also eat small amounts and I only drink water. Almost never eat candy… And still i’m trying my best to lose the weight, but It’s not working.

  • Another excellent discussion; thank you both. I think it would have taken an 800 pound Gorilla interviewer to keep Ray on task…….

  • luv ur vids doc very informative. im considering bariatric surgery for the moment im on a wholefoods plant based low fat lifestyle. im cycling long distances cant lose a pound my skin is great joints much better dexpite d lack of weight loss. hopefully my body will release d weight in d next few months.

  • You’re skipping over the ugly truth. People AREN’T eating the wrong foods. The fact is, there are VERY FEW foods in the average supermarket. The majority of items are processed textures infused with addictive chemicals designed to yield the manufacturers high profits at the consumer’s expense. America only LOOKS affluent. The supermarkets offer an IMPOVERISHED selection of food.

  • Dr. Matthew Weiner I am a 19 year old, native american female who currently weighs in 241lbs with a 5’3 frame. I have been overweight since 6 years old and my whole life I have been in and out of gymnastics and dance. My family has a slight problem with being obese. I have had a few relatives die from problems that stemmed from their weight. I have always been active, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, even girls on the run. My family eats organically and tries very hard to stay away from gluten. Noe that I am on my own I continue to walk about 2 miles every morming with my husky and I am thinking about biking again. I’ve tried many different diets, from liquid to no carbs to all protein and I still have not been able to get the weight off. Do you have any suggestions for me? My mother and I have been talking about Bariatric surgey but I’m scared and have tried everything to keep myself from thinking and resorting to it. Though these past few years it’s felt like a lost cause and we’ve been doing more research.

  • I am so happy I found your videos! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make these extremely informative and valuable videos! I am planning to have gastric bypass surgery! your videos are so helpful

  • It could also be that you have leaky gut and need to heal that and fast long and hard to give the gut that healing time and also cut out many inflammatory foods. Great reminders.

  • Hi Doctor Weiner,
    I am looking into either a VSG or a DS on the public system here in New Zealand.
    I have Bipolar type 1. However I am unmedicated and have maintained wellness for several years now.
    My last hospital admission was in March 2011 so 6 years now.
    I stopped medication in 2013 will be 4 years in October.
    I noticed you mentioned that patients with bipolar don’t tend to do as well.
    I was wondering if you had any suggestions to help make the very best of this tool.
    I have been through cognitive behavioral therapy and I do yoga weekly (sometimes a few times a week).
    I am really enjoying your videos in the lead up to meeting with the team.
    thank you for making them.

  • Hello Dr. Weiner! I am 257 pounds and have a BMI of 45.5. I’m 5’3″. I also have PCOS, no fall bladder, anxiety and depression. Would I be a good candidate?

  • So after a year on keto, losing 56 lbs in first 4 months and then nothing for 8 months would be considered a serious plateau? Or should I keep calm and keto on? I’m so sick of dieting for nothing! Oh sorry, I mean this “way of life”! Other diets had the same results, lose 1/3 of excess weight, then beat my head against a wall trying to lose the last 2/3rds. Which never happens!
    I might be more inclined to maintain a lifelong “diet” if it were at least successful!

  • Hi Dr Matthew, thank you so much for these videos. There’s so much information out there that it’s difficult to find a single source as informative as yours. I. Have a question, I am getting surgery in Colombia and the only thing that I am nervous about is that you are discharge the same day…should I be concerned? I actually live in MI but my insurance won’t cover it.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  • I don’t know what to do.. I am thinking about the surgery not a fan of exercising a lot, try to eat a little better, more portion control not over eating.. I’ve cut back in Coca Cola drink it once in awhile if I crave I drink a little then continue with water a little juice so forth anyways very depress while with my ex 18 yrs we are no longer together it’s been 2 yrs when we broke up I was at 298 now I’m at 238 I need to lose 105 lbs want to be at 135 I’m 5’5 43 yro.. Don’t know what to do I do know I hate having this weight on me.. I do want to eat healthier for sure I see ice-cream I’m not as tempted anymore I’m working on cutting back anything sugar somewhat carbs.. Don’t know Doctor.. Pls your advice would be truly welcomed and I appreciate it greatly.. Also afraid of getting so much extra skin��

  • Bought a meter and found out that I am not in ketosis! I just don’t get how I can be eating only 15-20 carbs a day max and after six months, not only am I NOT in ketosis but I haven’t lost a pound. I’ve tried doing it at lower calories versus higher calories and it doesn’t seem to change anything. And all the keto calculators tell me I should be eating roughly 1800 cal a day for my weight, height and age. I do follow the advice of several popular keto doctors and understand the whole calorie setpoint thing. But it just doesn’t seem to matter whether I eat lower calories or higher calories… I just go back-and-forth within a pound or two and always end up back at my starting point. I’m frustrated and shocked. I actually gained back the 6 pounds in water weight that I lost the first week, so I’m back up to the weight I started at. I’m even drinking 60 ounces of purified water a day, making sure to take my supplements and electrolytes. I’m lightly active…like walking the dog and housework. I know it’s not a lot, compared to other people but I have a broken vertebrae in my lower back, so I have chronic pain that keeps me from getting more physical exercise than I would like. My Fitbit tells me that I walk anywhere between 1.5 3 miles a day. I generally get in anywhere from 2,000-4,500 steps a day depending on how far I walk the dog. Although exercise should not be a huge factor, as I’ve seen hundreds of stories of people losing 50-75 pounds on this diet with very little exercise. But I guess I’m severely insulin resistant. Or could there be something else wrong with me. I had my thyroid checked last year and it was fine. Anyone have any thoughts? Have you heard stories like mine where people are literally measuring and weighing and documenting everything and being extremely strict and still not losing? I do have some Erythritol/Monk fruit sweetener in some of the recipes and fat bombs that I make but it’s not excessive. However, I have read that some people are super sensitive to even the keto sweeteners and it can keep my insulin levels up. Maybe that’s the problem? I’ve cut out almost all dairy and that hasn’t changed anything. Regardless, I’m not giving up. I’ve come too far!! I’m going to figure this out if it takes me another two years!!

  • Hi Dr. Weiner! After doing research, I’ve come to see that a majority of people had Gallbladder surgery, or issues with their gallbladder in both short & long term after VSG. This really discourages me, and I wanted to get your advice and ask, is it possible to undergo the procedure and have absolutely NO gallbladder issues within the lifetime?
    Also can leaks occur in the extreme long term later on in life? (15+ years later) I would be happy to hear from you!

  • just don’t give him any money for one of his projects. he will just spend it and not do the project. i would say got the t shirt but didn’t even get that…

  • I am thinking of having the sleeve surgery. I am 40yr old, white female. I weigh 230, 5’7. I have been dx with predibetic, PCOS, hypothyroidism, depression. I have family hx of obesity, DM, heart disease, high lipids.
    I have been dealing with my wt for yrs. Am I a good candidate for the sleeve surgery?

  • I am thinking abt having the weight loss surgery but unsure which is right for me I’m 40 years old and weigh 275 pounds. everytime I lose weight I gain it back quickly and more than what I loss

  • am thinking of doing bypass, my weight always a problem but I did make it work but now that am gaining weight too fast and it affecting my blood pressure and my asthma keep acting up now every other day…I get tired was fast 24 and feel like am Goin down a spiral if I continue like this..mind u am on a diet everyday I no myself and I will lose 5 lbs n nothing more. am 5’11 and 260, am at that stage I’m feeling sick everyday bec of my weight now..I will wake up feeling more tired then I went to so strick with my calories I count everything I eat

  • Can i be a candidate for bariatric surgery? Im 18 (male) 5’11 around 285lbs. I’ve been considering a gastric sleeve for along time now since I’ve had a lot of trouble loosing weight on my own I’ve been obese for over 5/6 years and I’ve convince my parents to let me go under the surgery because Im at risk of having diabetes type 2.

  • Sixty eight and a half years old, sixty nine in January. After a 2 week plateau, I just went from 230 last week down to 225 this morning. Lost 50 lbs since December 2018. Yea! 225 going 180! Down from 300+ lbs since last year. Good bye sinus congestion. Good by sleep apnea and snoring. Good bye back ache pain. I F is working. I FEEL GREAT TODAY. If you get fat instead of feeling this good in the keto diet you certainly don’t have to! Stick with it! VIVA KETO!

  • Franziska Iannitti, Glad you enjoyed the video.  I’ve got a video on artificial sweeteners that points out that Stevia is no better than any of the other artificial sweeteners, particularly in liquids.

    I’m not a fan of the mini gastric bypass and favor the full gastric bypass instead, particularly for patients converting from a lap band.

    Best of luck.

  • Hi Dr Weiner…. I weigh 120 kilos. They say my bmi is to high to have bariactric surgery. I am on dialysis and said I could have the sleeve. When I went to the cardiologist, she said her patients were turned away because of having a pacemaker and on Cumadin. Without a large stomach there is no place for the Cumadin to be digested. I have a wonderful son who wants to donate his kidney to me, but now I don’t know about the bariactric surgery. They won’t just do the kidney transplant without loosing 30-35 Should I push for the sleeve surgery. Do you have a patients on dialysis, with a pacemaker on Cumadin and other medications? I see patients having surgery that are way bigger than me! Finally, I need to have kidney transplant and get off dialysis. One dialysis they say not to drink to much and on this program sleeve. You drink your every calorie? Can it be done?

  • I’ve always, since I was around 20, tried eating foods very high in nutrients… i.e., basing my meals around so-called superfoods. For the past 1.5 years I’ve been doing a lot of fasting. Most weeks I do a 60 hour fast. I’ve also done some 5 day fasts. My gut level feeling is that we should balance out a diet VERY high in micronutrients (on our feasting days) with periods of fasting. I know this is subjective, but I can feel good things happening in my body when I fast for 60 hours, then resume eating, and eat the best foods in the world at that point…. very high nutrient superfoods like sardines, onions, garlic, mushrooms, pastured eggs, salmon, grass-fed beef, salads, fermented foods, and broccoli and other greens.

  • Poly Seeker no videos on PCOS, but I may make one on insulin resistance (which is a major factor in PCOS).  Thanks for the suggestion.

  • It occurs to me they are both espousing eating to live whereas I find food is part of our social make up. The analysis is very sterile and critical for us to further the science and better understand what humans should consume to live longer and healthier. There are also 2 discussions that are confused in this discussion: dieting (eating to lose weight) versus just establish a healthy diet. Fascinating resource for own search for eating better but I also wonder, “do these people ever go out and have a good time?”

  • Thank you for talking about metabolic flexibility. I’ve been slowly gaining weight and fat, can’t sleep for the life of me, always cold, etc etc. so I have been watching many videos and wondering if I indeed have been eating too few calories for way too long or just thinking it could be the reason for no weight loss. I more recently started working out more and cut the calories even lower(like many people I though that is what I have to do), but instead I gained weight. And I’m eating quite healthy. I weigh 170 now and I think I was aiming for like 1000-1500 calories max a day for a long long time.

  • How does such a lengthy fast affect gut enzymes that have been built up thru saturation? I’ve seen the rather stupid method of checking whether or not somebody is gluten tolerant by abstaining from gluten based foods for 30 days. Sure enough most people have a reaction when they reintroduce gluten foods. So does fasting for that length of time create dietary intolerances? And regarding blending and “drinking” your food are you not taking out the amount of saliva you’d normally produce if you were chewing those foods?

  • Hello Dr. Weiner. I was recently approved for weightloss surgery. I am starting to have second thought. It’s like a 50/50 mental struggle. I have a bmi of 35 with prediabetes,htn, and severe sleep apnea. Do you find that alot of patients are able to keep it off without surgery? If they are able to change their diets. I really want the surgery, but fear is starting to set in.

  • I have recently being doing 13 to 14 hour fasts, from evening to late morning, and heard Rhonda say drinking coffee switches on the metabolic enzymatic processes. I dont drink coffee but my morning drink, i have warm mineral water with half a tea spoon of Celtic grey mineral sea salt and wondered if this would switch on the enzymatic processes that negate fasting?

  • Another good video. I’m eating Carnivore at the moment and all my energy needs above what I eat comes easily from my Fat. Haven’t touched sugar, soda or carbs in 4 weeks. Loving this lifestyle.

  • Dr.Matthew, I have been overweight since childhood, dont drink sodas, dont eat ff, eat processed foods minimally and seldom, my sugar intake mosytly comes from natural sugars or that already in purchased foods. I make my own bread and try to keep added “bad ingredients” as low as possible. I eat a low sodium diet and only use healthy very minimal oils and butter.

    I am disabled and unable to excercise amd never been an over eater but I have reduced my portions anyway due to my slow metabloic issues and morbid obesity. I suffer from a comrpomised immune system and a myriad of health issues and vitamim deficiencys. Though I want to lose weight I am not convinced the surgery is for me. Especially after hearing some of your points in the video.

    Can I ask if you were in my shoes would you have the gastic sleeve surgery or no? Knowing you cannot exercise before ir after surgery and I have at least 3 pills larger than an m&m I take daily along with many others. I am not diabetic, no heart issues.

  • yes! diet breaks are so important. Our bodies are sustainability machine and if reduce calories overtime our body will start burning less calories. I did that intuitively for year and just now I am learning all the science behind it!

  • Just a precision. Catabolism isn’t just the breakdown of muscle amino acids as people are often led to believe. Catabolism is the metabolic process where large molecules are broken down into small ones for energy production ( ATP ). Fat burning is catabolism. Glucose burning is catabolism. Digestion is catabolism. Nothing against you it’s just a general statement

  • For me the less food I eat especially carbs the better I feel mentally and physically I sometimes have to force myself to eat bc Keto or being in Ketosis takes my appetite away and could go days without eating!!!! I will go a few months and not lose a pound but will lose another inch in my stomach ��. I only weigh to make sure I haven’t gained…….. I absolutely ❤️ this way of living!!!!

  • Dr. Weiner, I am scheduled to have VSG on July 16th 2015, but not for weight loss.  I was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal stromal tumor last oct and it sits at the top of my stomach.  Will all the guidelines of the “normal” VSG apply to me? And I do need to loose about 60lbs.

  • Hello Dr. Weiner,

    Since April 16th 2018 I’ve been hitting the gym everyday and eating right. Friday June 22nd I got a call and an appointment was set for my first consultation for Bariatric Surgery. So my question is, can I achieve muscle mass post Op? I enjoy working out so much that I’m planning on making a career out of my new found passion. My concern is that with the limited amount of food I’ll be able to have I will not be able to fuel my body enough to get the results I want. I’m 40 years old and my start weight was 484. My current weight it’s 457. I’m feeling better then ever and I’m okay with the weight coming off at the rate it is. I’m gaining muscle mass and can already see and feel the difference. Ty for the video

  • What are some ways to lost a lot of fat? I read many superb reviews on the net about how Fenoboci Diet Plan can help you lost tons of fat. Has anyone tested out this popular lose weight secrets?

  • This is great. I have been at 203 pounds for six weeks. I’ve been eating right and exercising, but the low impact cardio stuff is maintaining my weight, but I’m not losing. I’m going to try not working out for a week, eating right and seeing if I can get the scale to move.

  • I get so confused about working out. If it’s not for weight loss is it just for gaining muscle and maintaining weight? Not walking, but clothes changing working out.

  • I’m at a plateau now. I have issues with my thyroid and on meds. My recent TSH level is within range. So I’m not sure what else to do. I’m consuming about 1200 calories a day, drinking water all day, fasting and exercising. I feel a bit discouraged. But I’m going to keep going. We’ll see what happens. I made a commitment to myself to change my life style and I’m going to do this! I am worth it!

  • Really helpful, thank you so much! I’ve had a sleeve done almost 8-9 months ago. I feel great and have dropped all my excess weight, but would love to start building muscle mass. My dilemma comes from (perhaps an incorrect) understanding that to build muscle you need calories (mostly protein), but if I can’t fit in the “recommended” amount of calories (or grams of protein per day) due to surgery, how can I possibly build mass. Am I looking at this with a wrong lens? please advise. Thank you!

  • I have started to watch your videos like what l’m hearing from you it’s very clear for me to understand and l’m now doing my test and l don’t have my date just yet but my doctors Said it will. be in the New Year he said January of 2020 so as of now l’m just trying to get all my tests done.
    I have high blood pressure but it’s under control l am a diabetic l just started taking insulin to help get my A-1 C down faster before Surgery.
    l have Osteoarthritis in both Hips and knees but it’s. Not bad it’s not to we’re l need surgery on them and in my lower spine but l do need to have both hips Replaced..
    And also have Neuropathy in my feet so yes everything is wrong with me my weight has always been up and down.!
    I was 240 l went down to 212 my weight has come up some and Now l’m at 219 220 so this has been my life and also now that l’m a little older l notice it’s hard for the belly fat to really go down l can’t really do any real exercise because of my Osteoarthritis in my hips n back lots of pain there and my Neuropathy so it’s difficult but l hope and pray with the change in life style and sleeve surgery and my hip surgery’s l my life.can be Whole again l’m middle age so this for me has been such a challenge for me the Arthritis started about age 47 or 48 then l
    Had pain and was given pain pills but then it went into Osteoarthritis in my body.
    Do you think the sleeve will help along with the must have hip replacements.?
    Thanks for any information you can give to help
    with my condition.
    Thanks ����

  • Hi Dr. Weiner, I am five months post VSG and have been walking 4-5 miles for about a month. I am getting faster and trying to work up to running. I now feel ready to begin weight lifting now, but am worried about making sure I am getting enough calories in. There are days in which I don’t eat enough (don’t feel hungry) after walking, and get very weak and lightheaded. If I go several days in a row my joints ache and I feel cold and lethargic. I worry that maybe I went too far. I want to push the envelope as far as I can to reach my goal, but don’t want to put my body into starvation mode. I can get an idea of how many calories I’m burning while walking/running and adjust my food intake, but I have no idea how to do this with weight lifting. I read online that 5 months post-op 900-1000 calories a day are normal. I assume I need to eat more if I’m exercising? Can you please advise?

  • I actually enjoyed this video even though my question wasn’t answered I still got some very valuable information that will assist me on my weightloss journey.

  • Actually cico works, problem is long term. Class 3 obese here. Lost 220 lbs. MD is right. I should have let them cut my stomach out. Now, I guess I just need to regain 100lbs, slowly as i deal with chronic hunger, and have a vsg or rygb. Is what it is.

  • Thank u. I wasnt sure what I was suppose to be doing right now I know I cant workout right now Ive just been going for 30 min walks Im 3 weeks post gastric bypass.

  • Dr.W, I just want to update you on my results. I am around an 80lb Weight loss. My whole life has changed. Thanks for the videos. Now I am running everyday and hiking up mountains and I LOVE it. I feel like regular girl with my friends. Started at 240lbs, 5’7.

  • Dr Weiner You say the sleeve should considered if there has been previous abdominal surgery. What type of surgery would this include. I want the bypass and I’ve had 5 inches of my sigmoid colon removed due to cancer 4 years ago. Is this low enought not to hinder the bypass surgery?

  • Dr.Weiner, you have been so informative and encouraging. i am 22yrs old and just had the surgery. watching these videos keep me motivated and understand the whole process a lot better. Thank-you for taking the time and energy to make these videos.

  • Plants actually CAN yield significant amounts of healthy fats if they are in high nutrition with good soil and no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in the system. See the “plant health pyramid”. I get my exercise from farming… it is a great way to stay in shape and grow healthy food.:)

  • Dr. Weiner, I know that you list walking as low to moderate in intensity, but for someone like me who has started this journey at almost 400 pounds, walking briskly is quite the workout for me! Could I consider brisk walking that causes me to sweat and my heart rate to increase quite a bit as weight-reducing? I do have pain in my knees and hips, so I dont’ know if I could ever jog…or at least not yet.

  • I have a question… if you are fasting would drinking something such as diet tonic with a splash of Pom juice result in the fast not doing what it needs to do?

  • I wonder if long water fasts crank the adrenals so that the person seems like they’re on speed. I don’t think Ray blinked once in the video. I wonder if his IGF bounced the way it did because of his diabetes. Interesting n=1 discussion

  • I have fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and a mycoplasma co-infection and all of the miriade of sub issues under each of those categories. I am unable to do any excercise whatsoever. I also have quite a few vitamin decificencys that i take perscription supplements for already.

    My family is all obese and I generally eat healthy but not 100% of time. I love fruits and vegetables and only eat out on very rare occassions.

    I have never had an over eating issue but ive suffered from obesity all my life. Would this surgery be a good idea for someone like me? I feel like im in a catch 22. I have a real concern about being able to take my daily meds as there are so many and if this surgery would make me even more deficient than i am already.

  • I’ve been waiting for another video. I’ve seen them all and will be seeing you in January after my insurance changes. I’m currently in the program at UofM and after I saw your videos I wanted you to do the surgery. My goal is to eat a vegan diet after surgery.

  • I absolutely must Implement fasting into my lifestyle. I feel both an emotional dependence on food but also insulin resistance physiologically wrecks my body and mental state. Ironically, I feel most alive when I don’t eat for about 36 hours.

  • what a shame Ray Cronise ripped off over $88.000 from followers in kickstarter for a book he never delivered. I guess he is too busy, writing recipe books and doing podcasts.

  • Don’t listen to this quack! He’s just a hawk out there to make money and trying to lure people to have a surgery by spreading fat logic like the false set point theory and “processed foods” chemophobia, though there are some pearls to be found in his steaming pile of bullshit. I was obese from childhood on, and hovered at a BMI of 40-50 most of my life, almost 50 in later years. I have a BMI of 23 now, one year after adopting nearly EVERYTHING he mentions as “unsuccessful diet” at 04:00. Calories in < Calories out, decreasing portion size, home trainer, prepackaged food, tons of diet coke, you name it. And though I learned to eat more healthy stuff, I don't discriminate between "junk" and "healthy food", I never cut out any food groups and had my fair share (note "fair" -> kitchen scale) of chocolate and ice cream. If I had seen this video before, I would have been convinced I was hopeless, since I always had been fat, have a fat family, and thus “bad genes” and a high “set point”, and would have pushed to have that surgery, earning people like him at least 10 K bucks But I researched PROPER nutrition, and it really boils down to what he calls “starvation”. I adopted those behaviors, and not only did I heal myself from lifelong obesity in a year, the diet and surgery industry has earned ZERO bucks from me, which is why I don’t expect this post to be upvoted. Think of all the money at stake, of course those people want you to think that exercise and calorie restriction don’t work and make you think you have bad genes or a high “set point”, so you will earn them a lot of bucks for a surgery.

  • What if I’m already intermittent fasting 12-8, I’m 6’2″ 285 I’m at 1800 calories, my protein is around 110 fats 140. I’ve lost around 20lbs but now 2 weeks no weight loss. I sleep 8 hours no stress. The exercise is my only issue. Most gyms are closed and I don’t live in a ok to walk around neighborhood. Can anyone give me advice or pointers. I don’t do processed all home cooked, except the cheese of course. I test daily and my ketones are high to moderate every day

  • The lady in purple talking for the whole 5 mins and the other lady just a few seconds, why was she even on the video ��������������

  • I’m on carnivore first month I lost 14 pounds, I’m now at a point my weight will not move. Folk keep saying have less calories. I’m a 41 year old male. My calories are at 1200 max. I fear I can go too low on cals I also run 3 times a week. It’s a tough one.

  • I noticed you mentioned in a few times, mid age mice, got none benefits from workout, or cold. But can still get benefits from fasting.

  • 2 lbs in 4 mo..LCHF diet..loss of 26 pounds and 2 pant sizes..yeh im at a plateau now..slow! Thanks for explaining your presentations��

  • thanks for covering this. so helpful! I had the sleeve done 3 weeks ago and I struggle with major fatigue. I walk as much as I can daily but it’s not much. My weightloss is slow. like 2 pounds each week. I feel like a failure. my doc says it could take another month for my energy to come back. good to have a new perspective on exercise when I am able to get out there and do it.

  • 5 months stalled.. 75% Fat… 20% protein… 0-3g of carbs……. eggs bacon butter an cheese… 1600 calories.. gonna drop to 1400 and start working out. the only time i lose fat… is when i do a 48 hour fast

  • I lost 20 pounds with a bunch of cheat days and next to no exercise on keto in just a few months. I was 170 ish and now I’m 150 ish. Five six male. Hoping to drop another 20 in a few months. Since I don’t look too bad with clothes on and I’m unmarried I’m taking it slow and easy. The real issue is making sure I never gain the fat back again once Godwilling I’m nicely cut ��

  • Dear Doctor Weiner,
    I am very happy that I have finally fund a doctor that is so whiling to explain exactly what’s going on in an Obese body. That doesn’t think that too many information would hurt our “little heads”!

    I tried all kind of diets, Dukan did work but I gained all the weight back very very easily. I am very active, dance Latin American and play volleyball.
    Finally after this video I can say that I am in the second group of people, I am 38 therefore I was an obese child 30 years ago. Sure been Italian I suppose it’s easier for us to gain weight, but I do not have thyroids issues, so I can’t give the fault to my hormones either and I don’t have family history either. Also in another of your videos, the one about the type of surgery to choose, I have discovered that I am that 1/3 of people for whom the gastric bandage doesn’t work. I did the surgery 10 years ago and I am still the same weight.

    I am looking forward to get your book that I have just ordered, but I have already started to eliminate the sweeteners, I don’t drink anymore diet coke, I am changing to stevia and I started to do shakes, I eat when I am hungry and I will not let myself starve anymore etc.

    I will have a mini gastric by-pass on the 28 of October and if before I was a little scared that nothing will change after this surgery as well, I am now sure that I will succeed this time because the surgery will be the first step but your guidance and your advices will be what I will follow for the rest of my life.

    I am very sad that I live in Ireland and not in USA, otherwise I would have loved to come to one of your seminars.
    Thanks again for all your help.

  • I’m on a keto diet and ran into trouble twice because of eating too little calories. My appetite is basically non existent on a zero carb diet, and when you just don’t get hungry you’re in the danger zone. I know more people lost their appetite on a zero carb diet and for them it is important to track that you get enough calories.

  • Hi Dr. Weiner, 
    Your videos have helped me so much.  I live in Missouri and I am starting the process of weight loss surgery.  Watching your videos have answered a lot my questions and eased some of my fears.  Thank You

  • I was at my mother’s yesterday and she pestered me until I ate her pot roast that had a potato. I’m visibly fatter today. People don’t understand how strict you have to be

  • Thank you for the encouragement! I am in a plateau.:( I have been doing KETO (80% fat), fasting, (20-24 hours), and exercising sometimes before, during, OR after fast: (5 mile bike, swim). I began at 207+ and am at 185-186. My lbs of fat, BMI, and weight have all decreased.

    I sleep plenty and well. No carb creep. No medical conditions. (unless you count belly fat) And I am 5’9. I’m shooting for about 150-155. I began on June 24.

    I think I might have extra cortisol from exercise is that possible? When I stopped exercising for 3 days I lost another.8 lb.

    Any suggestions?

  • I just had my VSG and I have been binge watching your videos. I have done cross fit in the past and I’m excited to restart this type of training again and including yoga ��‍♀️ thanks so much for the information!!

  • No answer to the question here. Don’t wast your time. Just a whole lot of different ways to explain why the plateau seems to be happening. No strategies to end the plateau.

  • This was so incredible. Dr. Rhonda love your approach this was riveting from beginning to end. Thought it would have been hilarious if you both busted out big macs like mid discussion just for shock value.

  • I am stalling at the moment. for 2 mts now. I use a carb manager and fit bit. I lost 40 lbs at the start. my hair has started to fall out and my skin is dry I food except salad. my calories are really low and I did IF.

  • The woman in the Purple did all the talking. Why even let the other woman in your video. God never saw anything like it. What a blabbermouth. Your so smart your stupid/