These 5 At-Home Butt Exercises Assist In Preventing Knee Discomfort


TOP 7 �� GLUTE Exercises for BAD Knees NO MORE SQUATS!

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The Best Butt Exercises for Bad Knees

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Knee Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches Ask Doctor Jo

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Having a strong butt is really, really important. That’s because knee pain is often traced back to weak hips and glutes. So targeting these areas and focusing on strengthening your hips, thighs, and butt can help prevent pains. Plus your glutes are involved in almost every athletic activity from running and jumping to plié-ing, dancing, and. Lie on back with knees bent, feet flat on floor with heels a few inches away from butt.

Cross right ankle over left knee and spread arms in a low “V” next to body with palms facing up. Press through left heel to lift hips a few inches off mat. Pause, then slowly return hips to mat. Do two sets of 10 reps on each side. Strengthening these muscles can help prevent and treat pain in the hips and knees.

As this exercise gets easier to do, you can add a 5-pound ankle weight and. Lie on back with knees curved, feet flat on floor with heels a couple of inches away from butt. Cross best ankle joint over left knee as well as spread arms in a reduced “V” alongside body with palms dealing with up.

Press via left heel to raise hips a few inches off floor. So while it might not seem like working these muscles would help with knee pain, the body has a sneaky way of using this strength to its advantage. 5 Exercises for Knee Pain Relief.

Whether you are a seasoned exerciser, a beginner, or just want to get rid of your chronic knee pain, do these five things to strengthen your knees and get solve the real problems causing your knee pain. 1. Hip Exercises. “Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present Fix Your Knee PainDo These 5 Exercises At Home.

Make sure to like Bob and Brad on FaceBoo. Keep your knee joints healthy and pain-free with these exercises that strengthen the surrounding muscles. top 5 exercises that’ll help keep your knees pain-free as you age. your butt. 5 Exercises That Prevent Knee Pain As You Age. Pacheco shares his top 5 exercises that’ll help keep your knees pain-free as you age.

A 20-Minute Abs Workout You Can Do At Home. Warm Up First. You can ride a stationary bike for about 5 minutes, take a brisk 2-minute walk while pumping your arms, or do 15-20 wall push-ups followed by the same number of calf raises.

List of related literature:

Exercise 2: Seated upright, with the feet out in front, flat on the floor, hold a soft ball or rolled towel between the knees.

“Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book” by Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow, Glenn Hymel
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Answer: 1, 6 Rationale: ROM exercises should put each joint through as full a range of motion as possible without causing discomfort.

“Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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I added a few one-legged, half-knee bends a while back and the next day my butt was so sore I could not sit down without pain.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
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A common complaint of the squat exercise is that it can cause knee discomfort, which can occur if the knees move forward before the hips move backward during the lowering phase of the exercise.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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This exercise is beneficial for sciatica pain and knees.

“Yog Its Philosophy & Practice” by Swami Ramdev
from Yog Its Philosophy & Practice
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Proper positioning for sitting and sleeping should be reviewed, with the routine use of the prone position crucial to keep hip and knee flexors loose and to relieve pressure on the buttocks.

“Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book” by Suzanne Tink Martin, Mary Kessler
from Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book
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Teach the patient to do the following exercises 10 to 15 times hourly: • To strengthen quadriceps muscles, push the knee down against the mattress while raising the heel of the foot off the bed; maintain the contraction for a count of five and relax for a count of five.

“Adult Health Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
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Increased hip adduction and internal rotation during the single-leg squat suggest poor hip muscular control and greater reliance on quadriceps activity for knee control [57].

“ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete: Causes, Impacts, and Conditioning Programs” by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
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Activities such as deep squatting, kneeling, and stair climbing that increase the patellofemoral joint reaction forces (PFJRFs) increase pain.

“Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation E-Book: An Evidence-Based Approach Expert Consult” by S. Brent Brotzman, Robert C. Manske
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11) and avoid high-force exercises that involve deep knee flexion angles (i.e., deep squatting, kneeling past 50°, and extensive stair climbing).

“Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance” by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
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  • I have bakers cyst or whatever now from all these butt exercises and stuff (I’ve been ignoring the knee pain for like a month) so this video is very relieving someone let me know if this works

  • I’ve had muscle atrophy in my knees and things, due to a chronic medical condition. These exercises will be really helpful. Also, where do you get your cool tshirts?

  • thanks so much! I am recovering from two knee sprains, and well…lets just say I need all the help I could get! These exercises do no harm on my knees and are really effective. Thanks again!


  • After suffering with osteoporosis for years to to the depo injection this is literally the only workout that doesn’t strain my knees and we’re I can actually feel the burn!! Thank you so much ��������

  • Thank you for all of this informative advice! I want to walk the Camino Santiago in a couple of years and so I’m starting my training now. I am 58 years old and in pretty good shape but I have some knee injuries. I plan on doing the entire pilgrimage when I start out and so hopefully my body will be prepared❣️������

  • o my God, mam you r also martial artist, in another video i realize that u r also a psychiatrist but in this video u give martial artist tip too. u solve my confusion about horse stance. i think u got my point.

  • Thanks for this video guys! But I have a major question. What is the concept of strong muscles? Why “weak” muscles can cause pain in the joints? I mean, I see a lot of bodybuilders that have massive back muscle and have tons of back pain, I see rugbyman that have big VOM muscles and still alhave issues with patella. And why stretching is useful as the muscles don’t become longer using the stretching? This is some questions I have guys. Thanks!

  • Hi doctor jo. I m hving osteotomy on my right leg due to a fracture on tibial plateu. I m able to do all excercises just except the knee extention sitting on a chair or something like that. It is too much painful for me. What can i do? Its being 5 months running of my injury. My dctr suggested me an opeartion but after my knee bending and extention completed. Please help me.

  • Hello Doc, the exercises shown by you are very helpful in regaining motion. Thanks for being so clear in your speech. I’m trying to do knee extensions while sitting on the chair but I have stabbing pain in my inner side and upper side of the knee which makes it difficult to stretch out the leg completely. What to do in that case?
    Thanks in advance!

  • When I lunge and put my right knee down my toes feel restricted in movement like stiff.
    I guess it should settle.
    Lunges is my weakest

  • Hard if your just starting out, find it overwhelming, when your carrying excess weight, you need time in between each move to get into position but Peanut and the greenery in the back ground made it bearable. Think this is too advanced for me. When Im fitter, lighter in body weight and more flexible I may come back. Thank you both and yes peanut has GREEAT little glutes ��

  • I’ve strained my knee from overdoing the squats and lunges from working out 6 days a week for months, doing HiiT cardio and strength �� the pain can be outside of the knee or middle to left and can radiate slightly up the leg. Been using cold spray, ibuprofen gel and warm baths with muscle soak but not feeling much improvement although it’s only been 4 days. I have not completely rested, not easy, and just been doing ab work and upper body exercises mainly. Any ideas what I might have done to the knee and how long it might take to recover? Anything else I could try like a foam roller maybe?����

  • My father has Knees Osteoarthritis for a few years. We had reached to a stage where pain killers were not helpful. He watched these tips and started doing these exercises. It worked for him amazingly. He is back to normal functioning. He stopped doing exercising at one stage but had to start as developed pain again. Thank you very much for solving this issue for my Dad and for me as well as he was constantly looking for help and medical advice. God bless you.

  • Hey Dr Jo I have a pain on kneecap for 2 days now Will this help? And can I continue my dance routine or should I stop it for few days My pain’s not that severe My pain just takes place when my leg is stretched at same way as 1:57

  • Doctor jo, I do have a recurring front and rear left knee pain, giving me quite hard time. However much I exercise, I am not getting rid of it.

  • I’ve been doing home squats and stretching, but it always hurt my knee in a way (even though I did right way). Thank you so much for sharing this exercise and showing your cute dog. LOL

  • Mam nice your video i ask you something i had accident my knee fracture now 2 month fnish now i do some execise not imporment in my knee.. Tell me madam

  • I cycled almost everyday for 6 months and my knees started to hurt I just cycled through it, in hindsight that was definitely not a positive thing to do, quite stupid actually. They eventually cracked under the pressure (not literally). I couldn’t bend them for 2 months and into the 3rd month now they are still tight and are sore when I climb stairs or even walk sometimes. I am 18, so very young to have this sort of pain and I don’t think I will ever be able to cycle again. It is my favourite hobby and now I cannot even cycle 20 meters.

  • Hi Doctor Jo! I been getting mild knee pain from doing basic exercising (1 hour, 3x a week) and daily walking. How often do you recommend doing those knee stretches and exercises? Thanks!

  • Hi Doctor Jo, im a 40 year old roofer and had knee pain for a while,i have been doing your exercises for a few weeks and my knee pain has very nearly gone im sure in a few more weeks i will be fine. Many Thanks

  • Looked at a lot of sites. Dr.Jo has helped me a lot. Had surgery on both knees and helping with strengthening my hips to help with my knees is a life saver. When i did the others there was no hip strengthing. Thank you. Looking at her sites to take care of the other parts of the body.

  • Hi, i have back and knee pain because I am obese, please tell me exercise that can help loosing weight without any pain in knee and back.

  • My knee hurts over the top of the kneecap when I bend my leg more acutely than 90%. My doctor said it was weak quads/hamstrings, but it doesn’t seem to improve at all with these exercises or the stretch he advised. Should I just keep going, or try to get him to refer me for an X-ray or mri when regular doctor visits are a thing again?

  • i’ve seen son goku train with the same ankle bracelets, so i’ll not only fix my FAI but reach super sayajin status? i am about to get ALL the reps in

  • I never thought for a second in life that I would search for this video at the age of 20���� #I can’t imagine my life at old age ��

  • Hoping you can help, and hopefully I can describe my issue accurately. When I stand, my left foot points straight. My right foot points out about 45 degrees. If I try to point the right foot forward, I feel a tightness in my right knee and my torso will rotate a few degrees to the left. If I try to stretch my right hamstring, I get a cramp in my upper thigh. When I pull my left knee up to my chest and then put it down, I feel a “clunk” in my lower left back/hip. Don’t know if it matters but I’m a right handed golfer. I’ve had this issue for many years. Just looking for some possible ideas on how to fix. Thanks.

  • great video.unfortunately,my thigh is larger than a you recommend a different brand of brace that might be a little bigger?

  • Hi hope you can help, I’ve just started getting knee pain and it feels like a tight band across my knee cap,I walk a lot and have possibly over done it. Is there any exercise I can do to try to release this. Appreciate any help. Have just started today your stretch from this video

  • I am 80 years old and I exercised and bike a little too vigorously yesterday and started having knee pain on the inside of my knee when I was walking. I tried the first exercise in this video, the knee pain disappeared. I am now pain-free. This could put a lot of doctors out of work. Thank you Jo.

  • Lots of distractions here at my house, I have 5 kittens running around, climbing on me, trying to catch my toes…hihi…
    Like this workout, my glutes are burning:)

  • Thank you for these exercises to strengthen my Arthritic Knee pain. *Question*: Is it OK to do these exercises while having Water on the Knee?
    I go to Dr. next month to get it drained & Cortisone Steroid shot.

  • Dr Joe,Thank you for posting this knee pain stretching videos.I over worked my knee 5 days ago and it was swollen.I have been doing your stretching exercises,what a difference,getting my mobility back and pain is almost gone.If it wasn’t for you I would be still sitting on the couch icing it. Thank you so much.

  • Hi Dr. Jo. I love this video, but unlike some of your other videos you do not mention number of reps or duration of holding a position. Does your printable worksheet for this specific video contain that information. I am a subscriber.

  • Great video, thank you �� You mustn’t tilt the pelvis sideways when doing single leg bridges and donkey kicks, it must be kept level.

  • Hi Doctor Jo, I have bilateral Chondromalacia and degenerative meniscial degeneration. Are all these exercises safe for me? I am 37

  • Thanks Dr. Jo. I just started the exercises and I really do not have any issues doing the exercises routines. I truly believe I am on my way to recovery in my knees. I will keep you posted on my progress. You are God sent to us!����

  • Thank-you, very informative video. Wondering, what is the name of the purple head pillow? Does anyone know where it can be purchased? Thanks

  • Awesome, man. The attention to feeling the movement even if the movement looks correct hits home for me. Been following upright health and been an FAI fixer for three years now. Tons of progress made and lots owed to you guys along with Shane.

  • I don’t know dra.if I have a arthritis, it was happen 3weeks ago. from my left leg up to my knees going to my left butt I feel to much pain.

  • Thank you. These are great!
    I had overextended my right knee 2 months ago and from then on I have popliteal fossa pain in my right knee when bending it or putting the foot on my left shin. It used to be quite a strong pain at first, now it has stabilized and it’s only an annoyance. The X-ray also showed joint space narrowing in both knees (just a bit, not too much) and the orthopedist diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. I do not have any pain in my left knee. I am doubting this diagnosis, but I can’t believe the posterior knee pain in the popliteal in due to that. I have all the typical symptoms of a popliteal injury. Any thoughts?

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Knee Arthritis Exercises in this video here:
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  • I injured my right knee during playing basketball. I can do normal walking without any pain but it’s very painful when I go upstairs. I have been fellow the video knee workouts For 2 weeks. I feel much better right now. Thank you for sharing your amazing knee training video!

  • Thank you �� I hurt my knees, i don’t know what happened but my muscles are very weak, it’s because of that. Shall i do these exercises or wait until go to doctor after corona? ��

  • As someone with bad knees you’d have to pick and choose among these exercises because I know some of them would hurt my knees for sure. I guess concentrate on the couple you can do.

  • Thanks a lot. Ive only been doing this for 3-4 days but I’m already relieved of this terrible knee pain for months. Thank you! I’ll keep doing this for another week before I start with strengthening exercises.

  • Going to try these. Had TKR 2 1/2 yrs ago. Developed tendinitis by doing deep knee bends 6 months ago. Seemed to recover but it came back after starting to exercise walk again. I’m nervous about the squats and lunges starting it again. I’m three weeks into rest and ice and pain is gone. Would all of these exercises be good to get going again?

  • Hi Dr Jo, I experience a creaking sound at my knee area especially when I get up to walk after sitting for sometime.
    Is this a cause of concern?
    Any exercise that can be done to minimise this?

  • Hello Dr. Jo
    I been getting knee pain for a while but goes on and off. Recently is becoming more of a problem but with this whole pandemic I cannot go see a Dr. been watching your videos and stretching in the morning. Thank you, it has been very helpful to get me started doing something about it before seeing a specialist.

  • thank you Jo.these exercises are very useful.just i had a doubt,i am having pain in right knee.i have to exercise both legs.please clarify.

  • So glad I found this video. I have early onset osteoarthritis, so exercises can be very painful, especially for my left knee. So tired of being this out of shape at only 26! I hope I’ll be able to continue these and maybe experience my youth again instead of feeling like an old lady.

  • Great video. Could you do a video about an exercise like this that can be done standing, especially at a track or soccer field? This looks like a great warm up for running but I definitely don’t want to lie down in these places. Thanks.

  • Excellent video. Very helpful. Great instruction and photos. I have painful hip abduction, so I can only raise so far without pain. I found the progressions most helpful. Seems like the leg is slightly internally rotated thru-out.

  • Hello Dr. I started to do these knee pain exercises 2-3 days back and feeling cramps in my thigh portion. Should I continue with this exercise?

  • The excercise demonstrated are excellent �� Want to know how many reps are advisable for 50 and above age groups. I have subscribed your channel ��

  • I can tell my balance is seriously off on my right leg.  And the right hip finds every exercise much harder to do.  I went the whole way through the session and it was a good workout for my whole lower body.  I’ve been told my Psoas is very tight, but its quite difficult to stretch it.  Also only on the right side.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • I love training but I have knees that rotate inward and various pronation problems that cause me pain to the inside of the knees every time I train.
    Now every time that the pain becomes more persistent I rest for a day and then for a week at least I follow these videos and they are really helpful to me, beacause I can stay fit without overload my knees.
    Thanks @jessicasmithtv

  • Did this one as an add-on for #FITIN15. It was intense and amazingly effective for a routine that’s so easy on the knee joints. Thanks so much!

  • My knees were the best thing about me then my gym closed and I had to start (yuck) gardening for exercise. One morning my left knee hurt so much that I was limping. One viewing and acting as advised in this video and I’m cured. I’m now jiggling my knee caps, squatting and stretching as per Dr. Jo. AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!

  • Dr Jo, Many thanks for making these wonderful videos, they are very helpful. I have knee bursitis, I am avoiding doing squats and lunges. Do you recommend these exercises for those of us with knee bursitis?

  • I just subscribed to your channel. I have very weak left hip and glutes that have caused terrible pain all the way to my outer ankle( nerve pain) especially sitting. I have viewed several videos of yours and your teaching method is just excellent. Showing the right and wrong way is so helpful. Just wanted to give you a big thank you

  • Is there a way to strengthen glute med without separating the legs beyond a hips width apart (because it revs up my SI joint pain)?

  • Vincent this a really great exercise, hopefully it will help with my lower back pain. How many reps/sets would you recommend? Thanks..

  • I suffer a lot of pain in my knee joint from last 1 month.. please give me suggestions how I cure whole muscles stretched from knee joint it’s very painful..I need ur some tips

  • When I do this exercise (or other booty exercises) my other hip always hurts. For instance when I’m doing this exercise and lying on my left hip and moving my right leg, my left hip hurts. Do you know how to resolve this?

  • Thanks a lot Ma’am for your great work. One question only, i’m experiencing knee pain in my knee only when i’m sitting and toes are slightly raised (While driving for prolong hours with my foot on the accelerator). What exercise will you suggest?

  • Thanks! Can you please make a video for Quads and especially how can we train the Vastus Medialis muscle with a knee/patella issue…I really want to get that teardrop showing up!

  • Hello, I have a pain behind my knee when I kneel down, the pain radiates out from my knee to the top of my leg to the back of my ankle. Would this exercise work for me?

  • Thanks Doctor for this information..I am from India. My tibia was fractured on 8th Jan2020 and operated on 10th Jan2020 with one plate & 8 screw. But currently i want to send you my latest X Ray of Tibia for walking suggesation..because my doctor said to me i can walk…but in X Ray i am looking crack in tibia….So please help me for better suggesation…Thank you..

  • Hey Jessica, this is a great workout for the legs and butt I did it with ankle weights. Thank you for always making good and very pleasant videos. 5/30/18

  • For some reason glute bridges really hurt my knees. Yet people always say this is a knee friendly exercise. Can someone explain this?

  • I love the description of common mistakes and this video overall. My main questions is how many reps is best? Keep these great videos coming! Thank you

  • Can we do these exercises with normal pillow? And does using a pillow or not using a pillow make a difference as my physiologist told me to do the exercises without a pillow and I don’t like it

  • Hellow
    I am 28 years old and have a child. I have alot of pain in all my joints espacially in backbone,knees and hips.kindly tell me about its solution.

  • why did no physio on the planet explain how to do it properly, can finely get the glute to work properly now. The main tip is to keep the foot above the knee level.

  • I am suffering recently from knee joint relating issues for last 3 days. I will try it and if get good result, I will subscribe and write, as well as, will also write if it not helpful for me dear.

  • Really? There is heavy duty knee action in most of these. I especially laughed at the exercise while on your knees for people with bad knees. What are you thinking?

  • Good day! The back of my knees hurts.. everytime i bent it while sitting. I mean i like indian sit position. That’s the only time it will hurt. I don’t know what’s the cause of this.. can you please tell me.

  • Great exercise for my knees. I’m relatively limber, so have been doing some yoga asanas for balance and flexibility, just have to compensate for the Rt. knee and some cannot do at all. But your PT stretches are perfect for my chronically painful post surgery Rt. knee. So glad I found you. THanks

  • I realized from this video that I’ve been stretching wrong my entire life. I would always tense up the leg, even with a strap. Letting my leg hang relaxed and using the band to get into the IT band and especially the hamstrings is just night and day. Thank you for making these

  • Thank you so much i found your video which is good for my knee. I am 67 years old and i have an osteoarthritis in my knee. the hardest one to do is no.6 i could hardly straighten my body because my knee really hurt.

  • Thank you for sharing. I tried this before bed and the next morning I was feeling it in my glute area. The second morning my hips felt the best they have felt in over a year. The third morning I can do a proper lunge I have never been able to do a lunge before. I have never felt my glutes before this exercise I assume they needed to be woke up. Thank you again.

  • Thank you so very very much for sharing this. It’s going to be my butts saving grace. Didn’t think it was possible with bad knees. Ty!

  • Can’t remember if I asked this before so sorry if I have. On the back of your knee there are two big tendons one on the left and the other on the right. You can really feel them if you are sitting and you tighten your hamstring. What are they called? More specifically looking for the name of the one closer to the outer part of your leg? Every website calls them something different.

  • Absolute best set of exercises! Did it 2x in alternate days and I already feel my legs stronger and my knees feel better. Thank you so much, Dr Jo!

  • Love ALL your exercises Jo���� I am 66 & have lots of arthritis, joint pain, lower back pain, etc. I love to walk on my treadmill every day for at least 30 min but sometimes my pain is too much to even do that�� Your exercises have really helped me out�� thanks so much

  • girl you are awesome I have trouble with both my knees and I couldn’t exercise at all but now that I found your videos I’m trying to work out daily!! Please keep on creating such useful videos thank you!!!

  • This was a great workout, Jessica!  My left knee seems to be getting weaker the older I get, to the point that getting up from a complete “froggie” squat requires that I put my hands down on the floor to assist me getting up.  This workout felt good, and I felt all my leg muscles stretching and working.  It’s definitely better doing this workout in bare feet, because you are much more aware of the muscles in your feet.  Great way to start the week, thanks, Jessica!

  • Hi dr. Jo, when a person like me with a lot of pain in the knees is impossible to lay down on the floor, I have osteoarthritis on both knees, but seating down on a chair Is good, thanks ��

  • My grandma is having a knee pain and want to help her but she can’t do some movement on ur exercise but I want to help her can u show me some simple move where she can do please ��

  • I have a problem with my knees.. doctor’s said that the cartilagpe gone and my leg bones getting crash together… I’m grateful could you please tell me that can I do these exercises in my situation doc…

  • Thank you for all your information,just completed my first day and everything was pretty good but my lunges are definitely my weak spot, I was hanging on to the chair for dear life. Tomorrow I will be a little stronger ������

  • Thank you Doctor Jo
    Some of your exercises worked for my knee pain. Thank you for explaining the muscle system too. I now have a better understanding about it ��

  • Greetings of the day.i am keenly following your videos. They are educative and inspiring.
    I am 45 years old and having pain in both the knees. I am not obase and overweight person.but I am not able to sit on the floor and not able to stand on my own(even in the chair). what can I do mam.suggest me please.

  • Great video. How can you get the piriformis to not take over? While doing the exercise on both sides my right piriformis won’t let up.

  • These exercises have really helped me! I would like to know where I can get a floor mat like your. All I can find is the small yoga mats.

  • Thank you Dr Jio
    Your all videos are v nice
    Scientific exercise
    and your innovative exercise.
    Thanks and regards
    Vinod Kumar Sharma

  • Hi jo,
    I am having neck pain which is passing through my right hand and numb ness in my wrist and fist, can you help me out with a best exercise, i work in a restaurant as cook. Some times i do your neck exercise which gives me relief.

  • Thank you very much for this video Dr Jo!��..I have problem/pain on my right knee…I paused the video and performed each exercise as demonstrated..When I did the clamshell, I can hear cracking sound on my right knee..Is this normal? Or should I do this gradually until the healing takes place. These are great exercises for me to do regularly and religiously..good for my hips, knees and legs since they are affected because of my knee injury.. Again, thank you very much Dr Jo.. Looking forward for a more flexible me������

  • Awesome as always! Huge thanks!
    You gave me a shorter workout that I am planning to do later using 3 different video workouts! You guys are telepathic like WOW!

  • Thank you so much whenever i have shoulder pain or rhomboid pain i always check this channel for stretches and exercises. Thanks for sharing the knowledge for Free.

  • I’m only 12 but I play basketball for a travel league and I have been feeling pain in my knee for a while you think you can tell me what it would be?

  • Hi Dr Jo. I am Yusri from Malaysia. I have been experiencing sharp pain above my knee cap (both legs) whenever I want to stand up and to sit down on the chair. It started with one leg, now both legs are painful there. Should I start with the exercise or take a lot of rest for a while. I also feel the pain in those areas whenever I walk up and down the stairs. I also discovered that if I rest a lot for one day, the pain would be much less the next day. Currently I also rub cold pads around my knee caps 2-3 times a day. I also elevate my knees whevener I lie down. Probably you can advise me. Thank you so much.

  • Thank u! Madam! AskDoctor Jo.
    I am Rev.B.Mark. for all of ur exercises more helping for my leftside leg problem.May God bless u madam.TQ

  • Thank you Doctor jo, your videos are really helpful. The stretches and exercises in your videos have brought relief to the pain in my glutes and lower back.

  • Hi, great video.. I’m suffering with weak knee bone at the moment.. It doesn’t necessarily hurt but it feels weak in one leg compared to the other and I sometimes hear and feel clicking coming it. I’m just wondering how long and often do I do each of these exersises?

  • Thank you Dr. Jo. I have been wanting to try these exercises for a while and I finally did this morning and they are great. I attend a spin class 3x a week and I am beginning to experience knee pain in my right knee. I just read other comments and I see these exercises should be done daily. I will keep you posted on my progress.

  • WOAH my butt is BURNING! Plus, using this workout my knee doesn’t click which bothers me loads. Best work out video! Thanks much!

  • Thank you, have a question. I have bad knees becuse I have bad ACLs and I opt for no Surgery so I have to deal with it when dealing with this type of exercise. Are this exercises safe for me to do?��

  • I’ve seen girls hold a dumbbell in the back of their knee during the first exercise at the gym. Would it be okay to do this? Or would it stress the knees too much. I’m used to doing heavy squats and lunges and its killing me i wanna add some resistance somehow!! (Recovering from knee injury)

  • Last year I had both my knees replaced 8 weeks apart I completed my PT visits for both knees. My first knee they had me doing these exercises, when I had my 2nd knee done, they didn’t have me doing these exercises they said they were trying to catch it up to my right knee. I have been having trouble with the left knee. The more I used my left knee the worse it got. Been to the Dr. a couple of times with no help. I said it would be that way for awhile after 6 months of exercising with the more advanced exercises it got to the point that I could barely walk. And was in pain all the time while walking I knew it was my muscles because it only hurt while standing and walking. I have been doing these exercises for a week and a half now. I am seeing a huge improvement in my mobility. I am able to get up and start walking with light pain now. Thanks for reminding me about these exercises. That PT skipped. Its making a difference in my life.

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  • So thorough, excellent job! Question: hydrants always end-up aggravating my piriformis issues. Which mistake do you think applies to me?

  • i love your explanations of each exercise. I’ve been trying many of the exercises as i have major stiff knee after two meniscus surgeries. i can’t even come close to straightening the knee (at least 11-12 degrees off) so i’ m trying everything i can because after 6 mos of formal PT last year where i used an ‘extensionator’, it’s back to where i started. Anyway, THANKS AGAIN! i subscribed to your channel! Question re: the knee cap mobilization up/down, and left/ right… i forgot about that one from yrs ago… and have been doing it twice a day all week; still very little movement. How many times a day can i do it and for a super stiff knee is there hope that will help? assume i need that to get better to help w/ straightening leg and strengthening quad which has atrophied.

  • Safe on knees? With the exception of exercise 1,6,&7, all of these exercises require a great deal of flexion through the knee. I have arthritis and I know all of those exercises cause my knee to snap, crack, n burn.

  • Suffering with knee ailments for last 10 years. You have given best strectches. I feel great in two days. How many reps we need to do for these exercises?

  • WOW! I was thinking the other day what were those glute excercises I did. Before I decided to take six weeks off.
    SHAZAM! You guys have got a sixth sense, you delivered. Awesome!