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How Your Phone Is Killing Your Posture. by Galina and Roland Denzel. December 28, 2016. 2 Comments. But now you have to remember to do it, so set a reminder on your phone or computer to check your neck position every few hours.

Try this for a week, and notice how much easier it is to hold the healthier position. Tags changing habits. How Looking at Your Phone Kills Your Posture. Your body is well-designed to bear the weight of your head when you maintain good posture – but tilting your head down to look at your phone is not good posture.

In fact, for every inch you move angle your head downward, you double the pressure on your spine. Looking at your phone can put an extra ten or twenty pounds of pressure on your neck. Set an alarm to go off a few more times during your work day for ‘phone time.’ That way, you’ll never over-do screen time, or fail to ‘unplug.’ By designating certain times of the day to check your messages, you’re giving your body a much-needed break from. How Looking at Your Phone Kills Your Posture. Your body is well-designed to bear the weight of your head when you maintain good posture – but tilting your head down to look at your phone is not good posture.

In fact, for every inch you move angle your head downward, you double the pressure on your spine. Looking at your phone can put an extra ten or twenty pounds of pressure on your neck. That. How Your Phone Is Killing Your Posture. by Eric 02/04/2017. written by Eric 02/04/2017.

But now you have to remember to do it, so set a reminder on your phone or computer to check your neck position every few hours. Try this for a week, and notice how much easier it is to hold the healthier position. 0.

Instead, try bringing your phone closer to you eyes. 2. Reverse your posture frequently throughout the day. Probably the most important strategy is to reverse your posture frequently throughout the day.

The body adapts to the positions you place it in and needs to reminded to not to lose your normal posture. Use a headset or earphones: When talking on the phone, try to use a headset instead of holding your phone between your ear and neck. This position puts tension and pressure on the muscles around your neck and shoulders, which may cause pain.

By using a headset, you can maintain your upright posture and continue talking on the phone. Good posture is not only good for the health of your spine; it is good for your over-all health and mood as well as, Dr. Hansraj noted. Other researchers have found that standing straight elevates testosterone and serotonin levels and decreases cortisol levels, hormones that affect your mood, he reported.

This can save your neck! Taking breaks from using your phone can help you reduce the stress your slouched position causes to your neck and shoulders. Go for a walk without your phone, and see how your neck will not hurt as much as it always does. And lastly, invest in the latest smart wearable tech to help you with your posture.

Keep your head up and shoulders back when looking at your phone, even if that means holding it at eye level. You can also try stretching and massaging the two muscle groups that are involved in.

List of related literature:

By pasting a sensor on your back, your smartphone will help you control your posture.

“Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids: Selection, Fitting, and Verification” by Todd A. Ricketts, Ruth Bentler, H. Gustav Mueller
from Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids: Selection, Fitting, and Verification
by Todd A. Ricketts, Ruth Bentler, H. Gustav Mueller
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A majority of issues related to kyphosis (or hunchback posture) occur as a result of sitting for hours, staring at your phone or computer, and allowing the shoulders to round forward.

“Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way” by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
from Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way
by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

Wedging my phone between my ear and my shoulder, I stand up to stretch my back and rearrange some client folders behind my desk.

“The Hookup Handbook” by Kendall Ryan
from The Hookup Handbook
by Kendall Ryan
Dream Press, 2019

Another study out of India found overuse of smartphones in teenagers is associated with slouching [65].

“Technology and Adolescent Mental Health” by Megan A. Moreno, Ana Radovic
from Technology and Adolescent Mental Health
by Megan A. Moreno, Ana Radovic
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Sitting at a desk and stretching the neck forward while speaking on the phone is a milder version of that first posture you just assumed.

“How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening” by Julian Treasure
from How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening
by Julian Treasure
Mango Media, 2017

Hunching over your phone also tends to round your shoulders and move your head forward.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Even less vigorous activities such as sitting at a desk and rotating frequently to one side to work on a computer or to answer the phone can also contribute to the thoracic spine becoming rotated.

“Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines E-Book” by Shirley Sahrmann
from Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines E-Book
by Shirley Sahrmann
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Hunching all day at a keyboard, tilting our heads over our phones, commuting long hours, and slouching on the couch all promote poor posture and aggravate poor breathing patterns.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Neck issues arise from cradling phones on our shoulders or slumping and dropping our head when we use a keyboard or play a game.

“Integrating Technology in Nursing Education: Tools for the Knowledge Era” by Kathleen Mastrian, Dee McGonigle, Wendy Mahan, Brett Bixler
from Integrating Technology in Nursing Education: Tools for the Knowledge Era
by Kathleen Mastrian, Dee McGonigle, et. al.
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The tendency to hold the phone between the neck and the shoulder forces the vertebrae in the opposite direction.

“For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment” by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
from For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment
by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
Seven Stories Press, 2001

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  • This is so fake its telling gaming and phone bad its for parend or old people lol if using phone is bad for eye than sunlight should be dangerest and how can you become fat using phone you liar

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  • Me: Breath
    Me Again In My Mind:
    Wow Breathing Is BEC of the phone?
    Mom: wait for 50 years to use the phone again
    Me in my mind:
    I think mom have some fun with me is it funny when someone take your phone from u without a reason?
    Me: Crying ������ Why That always happens with me waaaahwaaaahwaaah

  • the most important thing just don’t bend your body while playing with your phone I never bend my phone while using the phone bec I always sleeps on the bed and using the phone

  • I wish i lived in the days phones and the internet was not invented so i can go outside and do stuff and have REAL interactions with people and talk to them every second without touching the phone

  • you can use my video content to stop your children addiction on cellphone.. just watch and subscribe to my channel.. see you there guys��

  • this is perfect if you guys want to get a new phone. Pretend you’re doing something normal and then tip out this wallpaper. You can thank me later.

  • Me: Coughs
    Mom: Its that Dang phone!

    Me: stomach hurts
    Mom: Its that dang phone!

    Me: Trips
    Mom: its that dang phone!
    Me: i wasnt even looking at my phone ;-;

  • People bend down to:
    Read a book
    See short people
    See small hamsters
    Find something on the ground

    And also read a book about how bad phones are because your constantly looking down

  • Smartphone Addiction Worried about your phone or Internet use? These tips can help you break free of the habit and better balance your life, online and off.

  • 1) leaving a situation you dislike -> believing you can find something better for yourself
    2) focus on feeling good rather than practicing right before a “challenge”
    3) realize that you dont need the things your obsessing over (that job, that person)
    4) don’t downtalk yourself before right before a “challenge”
    5) stop saying “i dont care” to things. look inside yourself to find what you really want and voice it (leadership)

  • Another problem with sitting on “western-style” toilets is that it can impede the blood flow into your legs if you sit too long, which can result in your legs going numb and “falling asleep”. This can make getting off the toilet difficult and even dangerous as you could fall while attempting to stand and end up injuring yourself.

  • Watching this made me reflect on my past relationship, when I always let my ex decide what to do, where to eat, where to go, I thought it will make our relationship strong, to make my ex happy, then I realized how low my confidence had plummeted, and how better I felt bout myself now I’m standing lone and strong, I thought my new strength was because of being single, turn out to be what I watched here. Thanks Charlie for making me realizing this.

  • It’s scary how the world feels like Black Mirror was a dystopia goal rather than a warning ⚠️ of the harmful end inevitable consequences of our ever connected world. If you live for approval of apps then you need to re-evaluate yourself.

    Charlie Brooker warned us now we must regress to progress technologically.

    I don’t care if this comment gets a single like or comment


  • You had me at point number 1. I quit my well paying job in 2017 because I was done feeling like a fraud. The future is uncertain but my confidence is back.. well it took 2 years for it to stabilize as I’d enter every situation with the baggage of how my innermost attitude was at my previous workplace.

  • The radiation is being confused by my mind. It’s reacting to it like it’s light and stopping it from producing melatonin and resulting in my cancer.

  • Me: starts watching video

    Video: bending over your phone while watching this video is the equivalent of an 8-year old sitting on your shoulders

    Me: subconsciously straightens back

  • Im in my 20’s
    Fine I’ll try to change
    Though i had this posture before technology
    I read in this posture
    Write in this posture
    I was the one who always kept their head down to be aware of my surroundings and feet

  • My biggest fear when clicking on this video is that it would not understand what electromagnetic radiation is and make misinformed points. And the. My fears where confirmed on 3:25. Do phones emit Electromagnetic radiation, yes. You know what else is? Tv’s, radios, celestial bodies in space, radio towers, that light coming out of your window, all light sources, all things that emit heat(including you), etc. If this radiation is deadly then we would all be dead by now. Or maybe there is a lot more to it. You see all this confusion can be answered by understand the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is a scale used to measure the different types of electromagnetic radiation, or more commonly called, electromagnetic waves. The further the type of wave is on the spectrum, the more “deadly” it is. However, even the top three most “deadly” waves(ultraviolet,x-rays, and gamma rays) can be harmless if the wave is not that intense and/or there is barley any exposer to it. Phones do not emit anything close to the three most dangerous electromagnetic waves. Phones emit radio waves witch are all the way at the bottom of the spectrum, so it is very unlikely that anyone would have any bad reactions to radio waves. The radio waves emitted by phones have a very low intensity, making it even less likely that anything bad would happen. However, we do have a lot of exposer to radio waves, however, we are constantly being bombarded by radio waves from a lot of other sources so not sleeping with your phone would not make much of a difference. Furthermore, the human race has been bombarded by radio waves for a long time. Many things in space emit radio waves, so if a large amount of radio waves did not kill all of are ancestors, I doubt they would kill all of us today. Pls do your research next time.

  • I slept with my phone because I was watching YouTube but I fell asleep and thank God that it didn’t fall because it was a new phone

  • I was asking my self why i cant sleep those past days and i found randomly this bc i look at yours videos i am going to try tonight to put my phone away and go to sleep after those 30 min 😉

  • Well i do the same thing but i usually i use my phone to listen to music for sleeping and set my phones brightness level to the lowest and turn the screen upside down and then look up at the ceiling. Close my eyes. Relax. And then… i wake in the morning feeling well rested.

  • I leave my phone in my side and goes in my stomach and I dont have notification dont have nothing important but I rather sleep for eternity and have dreams I like sleeping and seeing a wall relaxes me

  • When I was at MVC pallasa guest house my cosin roanne is playing gadget and watching
    barbie while at bedtime
    sleeping with your phone is slowly but surley killing you! ����������������

  • Please suggest me a classy phone arun…samsung or iphone? I haven’t been a fan of iphone neither have i used one…
    Kindly suggest a phone plss…
    My range is upto 70-80k

  • I was all into the video until I saw “Just Some Guy Without A Mustache” in the comments! I literally see him everywhere in other videos that I watch!!!!

  • This is one of those videos where I feel like it was uploaded 2 years ago and not 2 months. I swear I’ve seen this vid in my recommended for waaaay more than 2 months

  • In order to recreate the problem, you would need to render the pixel naturally since referencing the color of the pixel in a program wouldn’t create the value needed to be sustain through the render process. Hence no one being able to recreate it even knowing the RGB values because presumably any program couldn’t input fractional RGB values. But, that’s just a wild guess…hopefully someone tries it tho ;D
    1. Create a line swatch with all the possible colors within the range
    2. set the preview to full screen
    3. take photos as you adjust your monitor settings of brightness ensuring to use a camera that has a back-side illuminated (BSI) FX-format full-frame CMOS image sensor with 45.7 megapixels and no optical low-pass filter
    4. Test each photo taken on your least favorite android device
    5. viola?
    GL HF

  • “I lost my data not backed up”(or something like that) I mean for someone that uses 7k$ on a single smartphone, he could test in a new Samsung S20 Ultra, or at least back up all his data on the phone that he was going to test it right?

  • I have oppo rino pro and it takes 24 hours to get 50% charged. why beacause there is a trick only on that phone so i will upload it on 2030.

  • I don’t understand the whole rounding error. How then does Google process any white pixel (255,255,255) without this happening? (255,255,243) isn’t even as bad as the former. So why doesn’t that also round to a 256 average?

  • I installed a wallpaper app from the google play store and when I opened it and left accidentally it chanaged the app look to the Chrome picture and name to Chrome so I un installed

  • Check out my portfolio, I’m trying to grow my channel and my pocket come let me know what your doing and I’ll let you know what I’m doing

  • The correct way to round numbers is to add.5 and ignoring everything after the decimal point. This error should not be possible if numbers are rounded correctly.

  • Don’t use developer mode on phone if you have any app and you always close it and you turn on developer mode and the your any app closes automatically

  • I love this vedio you reminds me of my mom when i had hunched back she would slap my back i would sit straight then the fear made my posture look better than ever

  • at the age of let’s say 42 or little younger is scientifically proven that the spine starts to hurt because the evolution of standing up

  • Nah… I do the wrong position but move very actively…

    My mouse is the worst and i like to throw that little sh** through the room.

  • Hmmm…….

    Now am starting to think for school where we used to stay sitting with our head forward because we needed to write the lessons����

    you know what it means don’t wait for me to say it

  • I used to live in japan and some of the old folks I would come across would have this really bad like they couldnt possibly stand up straight.

  • “Avoid software updates”. Does anyone know about the SQL slammer virus that took place in 2003? It completely broke the whole internet and caused 1.2 billion dollars in damage.

    The virus used a bug that had actually been fixed in an update released 6 months before, but as many hadn’t update their pc yet, it still got the chance to make such huge damage.

    These software updates not only contain new features, but also fixes bugs and make the phone safer to use with implements of things that prevents these kinds of exploits.

  • “keep the phone far away from water” IPhone 11 pro max:oh your approching me,instead of running away like the coward you are your approaching ME

  • i was about to type a comments but i forgot what is was going to type bc it was talking abt typing during nighttime, but it’s technically morning soooo

  • I’ve not watched this whole video yet, but I’m watching this while playing on the living room floor. So I dont think I’m sitting wrong at least

  • I’m just a random guy on the internet, I have to mention, I was getting lower back issues from bad posture. Then I started practicing better posture, and it got better, for a while. I was getting up often, but the issues came back. Then I got a chair that was very very easily adjustable, and instead of sitting in a constantly, flat as a board ideal posture, I’m changing positions in my chair constantly. I probably look almost like I’m fidgeting, but it’s been five years now with no issue. I question if there’s no studies on this because it’s hard to quantify the practice of “fidgeting” while in one’s chair, but holy cow, it seemed to save my back more than the stiff suggestions I’ve always seen.

  • Phone owner: that’s a cool wallpaper
    Phone owner: applies wallpaper
    Phone: dies
    The 1 tiny pixel: muahahhahahaha ur phone is gone now say goodbye i killed it.

  • So I should not update my phone initially released with iOS 12 to iOS 14? Or just till 14 and not update to15? I have the xs max updated to iOS 14 beta 5 and it is fast.

  • Kids, What have we learned here? That’s right
    -dont pick up your phone
    -dont use your phone while charging
    -dont unplug your phone
    -dont take your phone outside
    -dont download apps on your phone
    -no fun background
    no bright screens
    -Don’t charge your phone
    -Don’t put your phone in your pocket

  • How about the manufacturer actually actively warns people about how limited battery life can be, in ads, the owner’s manual, etc.?

  • My advice: Buy a rocking chair, I know it may not seem like much but you can lean back into a rocking chair without breaking the base of the chair; Trust me, the simplistic design allows for the most comfortable experience possible and your back will thank you.

  • Bright Side: Take Of Your Case
    Me: Take Off The Case

    Bright Side: Dont Make Your Phone Temperature Get Cold
    Me: Back Of My Phone Gets Cold
    Me Again: Put Back The Case

  • 5:20 number 6
    Although this is true, in some countries (especially parts of Sweden) the electric cables are underground and the risk is extremely low in most cases, so dont stress a lot if you forgot that router running when youre on vacation or whatevr:>

  • So if you only charge to 80% how many years battery life do you expect? I charged my iPhone battery from almost zero% to 100 daily and it lasted for 3 years (in fact longer really). My Samsung battery lasted the same.

  • I found No.5 out myself, whenever something like that happens I take the lead and the decision is made 10x faster. It makes me feel like a true leader.

  • Hey, I was curious about where you found out that the alpha-waves go up during a phone call. I clicked troughs your references, but I couldn‘t find where it stands. Could you help out?

  • I’ve been guilty of these bad habits, I’m happy to say there are a few I had already figured out through books and my personal experience. Thanks for making me recall the ways to build confidence and self esteem.

  • A sixth common habit I would say that destroys confidence is comparison with others.
    I’ve learned over the years to not worry about what I don’t have that others might have.
    Doing this has made me a much happier and fulfilled person.
    I have taken on limitless opportunities as a result of thinking this way.
    My level of creativity has separated me from the competition.
    ‘ comparison is the thief of joy ‘. Teddy Roosevelt
    ‘ be yourself. everyone else is taken ‘. Oscar Wilde
    ‘ whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right ‘. Henry Ford

  • That interview analogy bit really hit me. I remember when I was first applying to jobs, I had no experience and so the only experience I could draw from was school exams. I studied every single question, planned out every single answer and studied every aspect of the company I could. Two things happened, either I forgot one line of my planned answer and panicked and went off the rails because I took it like an exam or I remembered every single sentence like a script and spoke like a robot. After a few failed interview my confidence began to increase surprisingly as I was not as scared of the process anymore because I have experience now. I only remember the main reasons of why I applied and want the job nothing more, the rest was all me and lo and behold I got a job because they saw “me”.

  • I relate to the first one so much. I really don’t fit into the school I’m in and really dislike it. I’m entering my senior year and my confidence is literally nonexistent:/

  • I’m slightly confused by the first tip wouldn’t leaving situations that make you anxious (for example) just reinforce avoidance instead of developing confidence to deal with these situations in the long-term?

  • 1. Staying in a situation that you dislike
    2. Their intense focus on practice
    3. The belief that a certain person’s approval will make you happy

  • The negitive comments are so obviously written by insecure & immature humans! ������Try meditation people!!
    He’s an intelligent,wise beyond his years you man with an open mind & heart!!! I dig his black shirt vibe✌����������

  • A Simple Neural Hack to end Distraction
    Distraction is hard to resist because it is an affective state, as it is embodied by increases in dopamine levels due to the novel outcomes implicit in distraction. Dopamine adds transitory utility or value to moment to moment decisions and is harmful to decision making when it is not aligned with long term goals, as we well know by succumbing daily to social media, emails, and other distractors. The best way to eliminate distraction is to pursue activities that have more significant affective outcomes, or to artificially engineer them due to the unique ways incentive motivation works in the human brain. To demonstrate this latter point here is an easy procedure to manage motivation and eliminate distraction.
    Simply follow a simple resting protocol (mindfulness procedure is best for this), and simultaneously pursue or anticipate pursuing meaningful behavior (e.g. cleaning house, writing poetry, exercise, etc.). Do this continuously for standard sessions of a least a half hour and chart your progress. As a result, you will be more pleasurably alert, engaged, and incented to continue being productive and resist distraction. Neurologically, this is due to ‘opioid-dopamine’ interactions, or the fact that rest is pleasurable due to the induction of opioid activity in the brain. Meaningful activity on the other hand induces dopaminergic activity, which is felt as a state of alert arousal but NOT pleasure. Opioid and dopamine neurons are located adjacently in the midbrain, and when both are simultaneously activated will also co-stimulate each other, resulting in enhanced feelings of arousal and pleasure. Indeed, when rest is accompanied by highly meaningful behaviors (creating art, athletic achievement), pleasure and alertness are highly accentuated, resulting in ‘peak’ or ‘flow’ experiences. So there is my procedure to increase productivity and reduce distraction, and all without inspirational screeds, lectures, books, or seminars, with the added benefit that you can prove or falsify my hypothesis for yourself, give or take an hour!

    This interpretation is based on the work of the distinguished neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, a preeminent researcher on dopamine and motivation, who was kind to vet the work for accuracy and endorse the finished manuscript.
    Berridge’s Site

    I offer a more detailed theoretical explanation in pp. 47-52, and pp 82-86 of my open source book on the neuroscience of resting states, ‘The Book of Rest’, linked below.

    Meditation and Rest
    from the International Journal of Stress Management, by this author

  • I was a teacher for many, many years until I knew that it was killing me. I live in a third world country and there are a lot of things about the system that I couldn’t agree with. Yet after leaving, I found myself jumping from one job to another because nothing ever gave me the same fulfillment… And this cycle too, is killing me. I have strong desire to create something of my own. To start an educational program. To write a book. To help. But I’m trapped in this mindset that I would need a whole lot of money to do that and be able to support my family too. I’m actually thinking of working abroad as a factory worker just to be able to earn more money and buy myself “freedom.” I just feel trapped. Would you consider creating a video about… Starting something? About taking a chance at yourself?

  • So, I HATE talking to strangers, and I HATE small talk, but I watched just a few videos of Charisma on Command, and I honestly became SO GOOD talking to people i don’t know. I just had a cenversation with somebody i never met and it went WAY better than how I expected! Charisma on Command is AMAZING and so helpful! Thank you so much!!!


  • I was so disconnect to my true desires that when i reached a point of feeling numb, like my brain was ruminating at a high speed and insomnia, but i was tired of feeling it to the point of feeling numb, that i just cut off my friends completely, stopped pleasing my family, and stopped trying to things to feel worthy etc, then i felt peace and at that moment i thought desires was poison, then little by little i understood i was actually disconnected from my true desires… Now I AM FREE

  • I’ve been getting the phone everyday and I can’t sleep but one day I have a panick you know what I got and it was horrible I think it has nothing to do with it but I still can’t get off the phone

  • Everyone worrying about what happens to them if they stay to much in the phone but nobody cares what happens to the phone when u stay to much on it..

  • I must say I like the way you do the sponsored message. You give me a relevant reason to care about what they offer when you recommend the book unlike most other channels.

  • Hey, Charlie. I’m following this channel for some time. But only recently it all make sense to me. I was at AMAZING eye and mind-opening event two weeks ago (Millionaire Mind Intensive), and it totally unlocked my confidence, self esteem and craving for more knowledge (I’m going to learn italian and stock exchange this year, simply because I want to). I feel like myself finally. Your content now is building more on the upgrade I got at that event. THANK YOU!

  • Wow! It just made click why I am having so much trouble in finding out, what I really want. Looking back now it makes absolutely sense. Is kind of sad though, that I didn’t know this earlier…however I will make the best use of it from now on. Much better than not knowing/understanding at all.
    BTW: I was guilty of point four a Long Time,too. It is becoming better since I stopped apologizing for literally everything I did or didn’t possibly do wrong. I wonder if the person, that made me stop will every realize what a huge favor he did for me when prohibiting excuses…

  • I was watching this other vid on bad habbits and this guys head was poking up from the buttom of my phone lol looked silly but he has better videos so I clicked. Funny.

  • Habits that kill confidence
    1. Stay in a situation you dislike instead have an exit plan
    2. intense focus on practice instead build an internal state of confidence and energized before the actually performance and have fun
    3. believing approval from another is important there are other people who will approve you
    4. disqualifying self verbally before doing something “I haven’t spent much time, don’t expect much” just say nothing
    5. “i don’t care” of the thing you are about to do show some leadership and give even a little direction in your desire

  • Thank you, stumbled upon your channel and stuck here <3. At first I dont trust you (because you are so young) but seeing the views I decided to try watching one video and now I binge watching your channel. Thank you so much for brief but so helpful videos <3.