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Why Listening To Music Will Make Your Workout Better

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It turns out that your favorite gym-time jams may act as natural pain relievers and help you to move faster without you even realizing it. Listening to music while exercising can release feel-good chemicals in the brain — such as dopamine and opioids — that may boost your mood, dull pain and make you less tired, scientists say. Well, there’s good news: You can crank up the tunes because the right kind of music can take your fitness training to the next level. In fact, science suggests it can actually boost your athletic endurance and performance while helping you enjoy your training.

For example, in a Canadian study, researchers discovered choosing your own music can actually boost your performance and enjoyment while doing a tough HIIT workout. It can impact your autonomic nervous system – according to the research, using the correct music can generate “faster recovery and a reduction in cardiac stress after exercise.” It turns out music can make a big difference in your fitness. Now, here’s how you can put all this information together!

So, there’s one thing to consider: When it comes to your. Music and Exercise: How Music Affects Exercise Motivation 1. Music reduces feelings of fatigue. Research indicates that music keeps us from focusing on the physical sensations of 2. Music increases mental arousal. “Altering the mind’s arousal state with music will result in an increased. This study doesn’t close the book on music selection while training, but it does make some interesting conclusions.

Selecting your own music won’t necessarily increase your results on any given training day, but it will alter your mood and cause a little more speed on the bar. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. The pulses influence the brain, which then translates to the body’s movement.

Music with a fast beat subconsciously travels through your brain down to your fingers which allows them to tap to the rhythm. Pay attention next time you’re listening to music at your desk. Notice how your body moves without any thought. Music affects our bodies and minds in multiple ways: Music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic.

Blasting music on your iPod during a workout may lead to slight pressure, ringing in your ears, and temporary hearing loss. In most cases, hearing. Music stimulates the part of your brain that controls movement.

It helps your muscles continually move, and it helps them move more efficiently. Thus, you maximize your workout, and this in turn can increase your health and life expectancy. 1 Specifically, upbeat music can: Increase your heart rate; Reduce your blood pressure. Music has a tendency to distract you from your workout.

And this is a good thing because distractions are known to Your brain can actually synchronize with the beat of the song. This is awesome because it can help you perform Chemicals such as dopamine and opioids are released when listening.

List of related literature:

For it to have the best chance at learning your preferences, it will need not only some information about your musical taste but also some recognition of the nature of the activity you are doing (jogging, commuting to work, relaxing over dinner) and your general mood.

“Affective Computing” by Rosalind W. Picard
from Affective Computing
by Rosalind W. Picard
Random House, 2000

to my songs helped me maintain the same ease, control and power that I’d found in the exercise.

“Singing for the Stars: A Complete Program for Training Your Voice” by Seth Riggs, John D. Carratello
from Singing for the Stars: A Complete Program for Training Your Voice
by Seth Riggs, John D. Carratello
Alfred Pub., 1992

Some music drives toward goals, creating desire for points of climax and resolution.

“The Cultural Study of Music: A Critical Introduction” by Martin Clayton, Trevor Herbert, Richard Middleton
from The Cultural Study of Music: A Critical Introduction
by Martin Clayton, Trevor Herbert, Richard Middleton
Taylor & Francis, 2012

A dedicated music player allows us to maintain our focus on the workout.

“Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World” by Mike Brooks, Jon Lasser
from Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World
by Mike Brooks, Jon Lasser
Oxford University Press, 2018

First, this hypothesis applies only to the passive listening of music.

“Music and Manipulation: On the Social Uses and Social Control of Music” by Steven Brown, Ulrik Volgsten
from Music and Manipulation: On the Social Uses and Social Control of Music
by Steven Brown, Ulrik Volgsten
Berghahn Books, 2005

Studies with restricted music choices also show that the perceived appropriateness of the music for the exercise affects liking (North and Hargreaves 1996), and over the long term this might affect independent choices made in reallife settings.

“Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology” by Susan Hallam, Ian Cross, Michael Thaut
from Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology
by Susan Hallam, Ian Cross, Michael Thaut
OUP Oxford, 2011

This is the issue in which the oldest accusation against music has its root: That it enervates us, makes us flabby, causes us to languish.4 Where music is administered as a stimulant to unspecified emotions or as nourishment for the feelings in themselves, that accusation becomes all too true.

“On the Musically Beautiful: A Contribution Towards the Revision of the Aesthetics of Music” by Eduard Hanslick, Geoffrey Payzant
from On the Musically Beautiful: A Contribution Towards the Revision of the Aesthetics of Music
by Eduard Hanslick, Geoffrey Payzant
Hackett Publishing Company, 1986

This is also a great way to motivate and set goals for your music to make some serious progress.

“Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the New Music Business: (2020 edition)” by Jesse Cannon, Todd Thomas
from Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the New Music Business: (2020 edition)
by Jesse Cannon, Todd Thomas
Musformation, 2012

Some rely on music to get them through the morning commute, while others turn up a favorite playlist to stay pumped during a workout.

“Essential English for Competitive Examinations 2nd Edition” by Dr. Rashmi Singh
from Essential English for Competitive Examinations 2nd Edition
by Dr. Rashmi Singh
Disha Publications, 2019

But music does more than make your individual workouts more enjoyable.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books,

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  • Did we inspire you to get out there and get healthy? Do you already have a workout playlist that you love? Do you find music helps you when you’re breaking a sweat or is it too distracting? Why not let us know in the comments section below all your favourite workout songs, so you and your fellow bestie viewers can have the best gym playlist ever! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • Music motivates me to workout. I love listening to calypso’s because it drives that energy up my body helping me to have a more intense workout

  • I always listen to my favorite Bollywood dance/party music. And some of my Christian/Jewish party/dance music that I workout to. But I don’t go to the gym. I do all of my working out at home on my computerized treadmill. Or watch some workout videos. Btw some of my favorite workout songs are:

    Paul Wilbur:

    Shouts Of Joy
    Let God Arise
    Zealous Over Zion


    Chak De India
    Sheila Ki Jawani
    Laila Main Laila
    Party On My Mind
    Where’s The Party Tonight
    Party All Night
    Tees Maar Khan
    Kuke Kuke Koyaliya
    and some others

  • Slower tempo music works great when your implementing time under tension. You are so right when youre maxing effort when lifting you don’t have the resources left.

  • Music is imperative �� music elevates heart rate and adrenaline… but this study is absolutely not exact because every individual is different thus each body has different reactions to rhythmic sound waves.

  • Great video! Music is so understudied and undervalued. As a musician and musicologist I can vouch that specific sounds (jimbe vs strings), melodies(repetitive A chords), and rhythms (bass drum at 120 BPM) boost my immune system, workout performance, cardiovascular health, and mental health.

  • I listen to a lot of Danheim lately. Pantera’s a necessity too for kicking up a storm to get the deed done. Other than that, can’t dance without a rythm, everything else is side step, walking & running. I do have tunes so imprinted in my brain that I can hear them without the actual music. I can still groove to them that way.

  • Also, if you can’t hear yourself grunting and such, you will work out harder because you usually try to be quiet working out because, conscience. I’m like that anyways. I try heavier weights and / or one more rep when you think you are finished.

  • my gym blares awful nightclub, pop, rap music; then management bitches because people don’t re-rack their weights, smh. Look at who your marketing too?

  • When doing my heavier lifts such as squats, bench, ohp etc. I turn the music off to totally concentrate on the lift. Otherwise it’s blasting! Great video!Thanks

  • So much gratitude for your videos. My go to channel for morning nutritional knowledge and overall health. I have dropped 32lbs and leaned up with discipline and watching your vids. Thanks for what you do.

  • I never work out in the gym with music. I do run sometimes with music and sometimes without. Music is a motivator for me so, on days where I am not raring to go, I put music on. Same with doing housework. I have up-tempo music as it motivates me to move at that pace— done in no time! Relaxing in the evening is a different story. Slower, calming music slows my heart rate and breathing so I can sleep better. This is not new stuff. But during workouts I actually like to concentrate on the feedback my body is giving me, and respond accordingly, without being pushed or distracted by music. And if I want to compete in sprints I can’t have music as an aid so I don’t want to rely on it for performance enhancement. Great video though. There is a lot we can learn about music and rhythm for healing, too:)

  • I stopped listening to music, I got to where i thought i had to have certain songs on for certain lifts to psych myself up and get adrenaline going. it is easy to use music as a crutch to lift better, certain songs etc. Now i listen to no music and actually feel like my workouts are better and more predictable. To the people who say they have to have music on when they lift..if your ever in emergency situation where you need your strength, you probably won’t have time to cue music or put your wrist wraps on….

  • I use music especially for my cardio. The beat and tempo really does make a difference. As an old vet, I use the mil drum cadence for my inclined marches. A march isn’t about speed or distance, it’s about endurance. I can’t post a direct link because it’d get my comment held, but just look up “Military drumming cadence A” on youtube. It’s an hour long and can be looped. On a treadmill, just keep increasing your incline till you can’t go anymore. You’re welcome.

  • I use music especially for my cardio. The beat and tempo really does make a difference. As an old vet, I use the mil drum cadence for my inclined marches. A march isn’t about speed or distance, it’s about endurance. I can’t post a direct link because it’d get my comment held, but just look up “Military drumming cadence A” on youtube. It’s an hour long and can be looped. On a treadmill, just keep increasing your incline till you can’t go anymore. You’re welcome.

  • When I workout to music, I notice my movements start falling into sych with the music, so faster paced music does influence me to move faster.

  • Has there been studies evaluating different types of media when working out? Im an avid podcast listener throughout the day, including working out. Podcasts eliminate the variable of a constant beat, typically no music. I wonder what effect, if any, this has on workout performance.

  • Thomas what should a person do that has sore tendons or tennis / golfers elbow. I know taking some time off helps but was told 4-6 weeks. Any way to help it heal faster so I wont have so much down time from lifting? Like any science you can teach me/us?

  • Hey Thomas, great video. It would be cool if you shared some of the music you listen to while you work out. Maybe if you have Spotify share the Spotify lists you use?

  • That’s such a nice subject, i have always observed that when ever I feel like not working out, just putting on my go to music makes me work harder than I wanted to..

  • If you listen to Amon Amarth, itll turn you into a berserker in the gym just sayin ��. I really think it depends on the music and the individual.

  • Speed Metal is where it’s at, especially toward the end of the workout. Midway into the workout you need Hatebreed Perseverance
    followed by Hatebreed I Will be Heard
    If you’re feeling exhausted and just have to push for 5 more minutes, weights or cardio, put on Sworn Enemy Sworn Enemy.
    These 3 songs definitely took my workout to a new level. These songs make me think i’m Brock Lesnar.

  • Im a Hip Hop head and Heavy Metal is my go to when im lifting weights. Im going through pain lifting i dont want to hear happy shit lol

  • Oh, and recently I got an iPod that I can use while swimming. Game Changer for me! I could swim for hours with tunes playing that I can actually hear!

  • Interesting. I blast it when on the stationary bike, even at the highest intensity (maybe especially), but I turn it off when I lift weights. I do single-set-to-failure, so I’m concentrating pretty heavily.

  • The neuroscientist in the video, Daniel Levitin is the author of a really cool book called ‘This is your brain on music” Prior to becoming a neuroscientist he studied music at Berklee College of Music and went on to record some of histories great musicians like Stevie Wonder. Truly an amazing dude. He was a prof at Mcgill in Montreal years ago.

  • Oh yeah the right music get me through my black belt work out to push my body well beyond its limits! Cant move hardly the next day but no pain no gain. Lol

  • Lifting weights…I prefer background music. In ear music while lifting bugs me. I also prefer no mirrors. For cardio steady state or intervalsI like music in ear.

  • Actually you need to look at the thymus gland and the left and right brain hemispheres. Music that balances the left and right hemispheres like a symphony will strengthen the entire body through the thymus gland. This can be proved through muscle testing. Ask a person to walk across the room..if they cross walk ie. Right arm forward left leg forward their brain is in sync between the hemispheres. If they zombie walk ie arms hang straight as they walk their hemispheres are not in sync..usually people into hard rock heavy metal will zombie walk..they get stronger from discordant music but not as strong as with complex harmonic music in someone who’s mind is literally “balanced. This is from the science of Behavioral Kinesthesiology or B.K.

  • Just depends on my mood & what type of workout I’m doing on the day. Calisthenics puch, pull or Skill work or mobility/flexibility routine. Sounds definitely help But I’ll try out your therapy. ✌��������������������

  • Good video. FYI (about wifi, bluetooth frequencies and effects on health):

  • Hi Tom, another interesting video. As a researcher and a physician i have some hesitation about the assertions here, there is also concern about replicability and generisability of psychology papers, and the very small sample size of exercise duration in listening to music when working out. The neuroendocrine and neurophysiological changes during exercise has well been documented and now intersecting that to the effects of music seems a little abstract. Has there been more rigorous studies that studied a neuropharmacological battery when listening to music, both at rest and exercising. Whilst i take your point about the effects of music on physiological variables, but thus is not an isolated system and even factors such as breathing can have an effect on HR. A more rigorous methodology may have been to look at heart rate variability, micro circulatory changes, cerebral oxygenation [ie music = increased exercise = increased global cerebral metabolism]. Whilst i like how you lined the effects to certain neurotransmitters but that’s missing the elephant in the room, the neuroendocrine axis and the powerful effects of adrenaline, glucagon and other counter regulatory stress hormones.

  • For me, listening to podcasts while working out takes too much focus. I would tune out a whole sentence becuse I’m focusing on doing an exercise correctly and get frustrated that I missed the sentence. Music is better because even though I like to savor every part of my favorite songs I don’t get frustrated if I wasn’t focused on a part, also music is aesthetically pleasing. I think music is in a sense less distracting despite more going on because it engages you in a more automatic and natural way, while podcasts require more active focus. Music naturally takes away your attention from exercising when exercising gets boring and tideous while podcasts demand your focus on their own terms.

    I don’t listen to music for the rhythm, the rhythm to me is actually more disruptive then helpful, but even so listening to music is better as it keeps me a bit more occupied solely exercising feels bland, boring and tideous and I can’t focus on it because of that. I need something to distract me just a little bit so that if I get distracted my mind goes to that thing but not in a way to make me stop exercising. Music helps me continue exercising. My mind bounces carefree between the exercise and the music, or enjoys both at the same time without struggle.

  • I just got from the gym, where I have a habit of listening to my current audiobook. I think sure, for some (probably most) people, music is better, but I’d like to know if that study conducted with audiobooks let the participants choose their own audiobooks, and whether the people actually liked books or not, because I’m pretty sure that would influence the effectiveness of the audiobook. For me, I’ve always preferred books over any other entertainment, and music just gets me kind of irritated (yes, I’m one of those weird people). I get my best exercise done when I’m lost in a good book, and like today, I set a new record while spinning cause I was at an especially exciting part of the book and I just forgot myself.
    But great video, loved it! Will consider your book for my next gym session:D

  • I’ve heard music is also good for labour! I’m due in 8weeks and my midwives and friends who’ve just have babies advised me to pick out a playlist to take to the hospital. Kinda feels weird but I’m thinking of it.

  • I wonder if a similar effect can aid the deaf, if rhythmic deep base sounds are played loud enough to feel the vibrations. (I’ve been to loud rock concerts where I couldn’t help but notice the vibrations.)

  • Bass makes you feel powerful??? So is that why I spent almost an hour one time watching Default Dance (Fortnite) earrape over and over.

  • Yeah not to be confused with popular music or anything with lyrics, in fact ive noticed this has the opposite effect on the brain. Robs your focus and is dopamine addictive. Its stimulating in the negative way where as pure music played from an instrument has a positive uplifting effect. Good video

  • Hm in my gym the music thats running is just trash, i couldnt workout to that. Im in a constant fear of my headset running out of charge.

  • So does that mean people who can’t feel rhythm (can’t remember the term and google is giving my arrhythmia, which is something different) don’t get the same benefits?

  • If your neurons and body sync to the beat of music like you said, does that mean there could be music which is optimal performance? And could this differ for different tasks?

  • This is actually rather educational
    “Your body can handle anything”
    “It’s your mind that you need to focus on”
    Even with bad music do not falter. Never give up never surrender, Thanks katie.

  • Does this mean it’s better to have a playlist with songs with similar BPMs so that neurons and the body don’t have to change rhythm so drastically?

  • I challenge anyone to listen to At Doom’s Gate by Mick Gordon from the Doom 2016 soundtrack before a heavy set of squats or deadlifts. The buildup of the song is just long enough to set up the lift, then you drop your hips or begin pulling when the beat kicks in. When the set is complete the song is over and you stand proud and undefeated. Do it!

  • I dont listen to anything when I work out. I am my best cheerleader and my worst critic, and the music doesnt come with you out in the wilderness.

  • I think it has to do with the flow state. When time flies by your in flow. When your daily routine or workout seemed like it went by fast your doing it right. Keep doing whatever gets you to that state of being. It’s very similar to when your having alot of fun and the day is over before you know it but your getting stuff done. Scishow should make a video in “flow state”. It’s a mix of certain brain waves, they have done studies on it I’m pretty sure. It’s really interesting I think and everyone has experienced it in someway at some point in life.

  • Mmm. David Goggins would disagree. That guy is super intense though. He says if you need music to exercise or to help you push through then your doing it wrong. He said what about the hard times you can’t listen to music? Then what’s going to push you. He said that you can train yourself into bad habits and weaken your drive that you get from inside yourself. To need an external source of motivation might make you weaker.. I can completely understand that thought procces to be honest.. if you can’t workout without hearing your favorite music then maybe take a break from the music and dig deep to go d your own true source of motivation. I get it. BUT I SAY to each their own. If music makes you move and make you exercise just a little bit longer then I say go for it. It’s all good however you get that workout in. As long as you do, imo.

  • And this is why, before the industrial revolution, and all work had to be done with human muscle power, there were crew members on sailing ships with the dedicated job of singing work chanteys.

  • When running I don’t think much about my pace until I notice that every step is following either the bass or drums of the song playing at the moment

  • I freaking knew it!
    Ill even get a burst of adrenalin and have my hairs stand up when a good song plays and im running. Side stiches have up and left. A beat that matches my natural stride works, expecialy one that gets momentarily harder/faster making me alter my pase/intensity. Then in between songs it just feels like i get heavier. I really wish they had more research in this with military application. Cadence is one thing but can only go so far.

  • if loud, fast, and bassy are the prime attributes for workout music, why don’t we see more athletes listening to genres like DnB or speedcore?

  • If music makes the performance (O2 consumption, etc. ) of exercise easer. How does it affect the benefits of that exercise? The increased ability to handle O2 depletion etc. For instance I’ve heard several times that concentrating on what you’re doing, for instance a “Rep” in weightraining will advance your strength faster as control of that muscle is as important as the mass of that muscle. Wouldn’t the music defeat that?

  • Yes i agree but up beats make it harder at least for me to focus on workout when i hear someone is desacrating good music like a “sweet dreams” remix or dubstep version of “every breath you take” and the list just goes on. The way i look at this is that no mater what music you use for anything it just has to fit the situation in your opinion, that is why i take my phone to gym and silently for ppl around listening to things that makes me feel better during workout. Most of the time it’s just metal but sometimes “maneater” works or others such as “I am a stone”. Takeing that human behavior can be changed and we are verry adaptive it is just reasonable to conclude that one can feel empowered by someting calm and it just works enough(ppl are masochists too so there has to be a % of them that likes when it is harder to make progress). Love the show, it is entertaining while beeing informative.

  • I recently started playing motivational speech mixes during workout. And well what can I say, hearing someone pretty much yell only losers give up has helped me quite a bit. ��

  • The audiobook thing is true. Same for netflix. I can go over an hour on the elliptical with my gym music but I suffer if I use netflix or audible:/

  • Noticed that riding my motorcycle listening to AC/DC or Beastie Boys Sabotage just makes me want to open the throttles and more aggressive on track days.

  • Awesome! is there also a specific tempo range that works better than others? And what would that depend on (heart rate, the type of exercise etc.)?

  • Too bad not many gyms in Germany play HEAVY METAL, because it isn’t most people’s favorite music. I could live with dub step, because Deadpool, but nooooooo it has to be charts…

  • I think it’s a individual issue. When I train without music I’m more focus and don’t take so much time each set but with music I push more harder.

  • I just saw a crash course episode where the speaker said we overuse “literally”. People do assimilate to language practices. Love your stuff Hank, just a friendly observation.

  • Question: Am I the only one that doesn’t really like music? Unless I am listening to something intently, music is just noise and puts my nerves on edge. Even music that I do like when I am paying attention, when I am doing something as menial as laundry, it turns to annoying noise. Is there a science reason for this?

  • I recently started playing the piano and naturally I got curious how the music affects our brains. This video is the result of that curiosity. Hope you enjoy!

  • Music is actually great. To tell ya guys im a student and ive experienced depression and sad things in life but when I listen to music, it makes me motivated and
    itll help me to find my true potential…
    music is just some sort of wave length. Then even things like light is also wave like (Emr)
    SO when you add emotions to THAT particular wavelengths you’ll feel energetic and motivated…

    hence emotion is important.

    MOROVER music make me feel great about me. I’ll know the better me as much as I understand the music….

    just my opinion…..

  • i think music corrupt our mind when your sad you play music sad or happy it will only give you short feeling as long the music is on and also it takes away your concentration from the real problem but if you are sad you have to concentrate and find the problem is there a problem with the people or is there a problem with you there were time where one man believe that earth was round and there were millions who believe that was flat not so you should not follow people you should follow the reality. reality is more powerful than the billions believe so find yourself find who you are i promise to you people that once you find who you are than you will 100 percent find the reality without reality you will never find yourself so think big if you are a strong man or woman you will find the big reality.I believe that music is big deception of our time it does not give you the ultimate peace that you will find with the ultimate reality.look at the musician like lady gaga and many more and find out about them who much they are intelligent

  • Thank you so much for this information. For years I played the flute, piano and guitar but after certain life events, I drifted away from them. I recently started violin lessons and your post has made me even more excited that I’m returning to music. Thanks again!!! Great info!��

  • I can’t listen to music because of the side effects of depakote and I can’t feel emotion and have thoughts and my gaba is damaged so sleeping medicine don’t affect me or make me sleep and I probably need surgery

  • Why is your hand in the animation?
    It’s obviously digitally animated
    You even reuse drawings
    The hand just feels out of place and dishonest

  • I agree with that. Although I thought it was the left hand side of the brain that was creative.. either way.. I agree with the fact that emotionally it can allow a person to feel and identify what they need to and work through the particular issue.. so long as not dwelling in that place too long if it’s sadness or anger. Though it makes me question what the connection is with someone like Hannibal and classical.. unless it’s a way to calm the nerves or keep him focused.. maybe it’s even like a stabilising affect.. helping to do abnormal things with normality.. who knows. Just a thought. The other thing I am curious about though is if we have a subconcious preference for certain beats or rythyms.. maybe pitch or tone. I know for myself I do prefer to listen to male musicians as an average.. but that came back to the way i listened to music with my dad. I always prefered depth whether in the content or in the voice and music. So I do enjoy deeper voices or bass. Whether that’s the kind of seeking what I perceive as masculine.. is quite possible. It wasn’t ever really intentional but an observation of myself in reflection. My own dad had a deeper voice and was rugged so that is what I consider masculine as a father is said to be a daughters first love or exampleship of a male. I never really felt very comfortable around the refined gentleman.. it’s so foreign.. but there are exceptions with the characters of such a Hannibal played by sir Anthony Hopkins.. although older men are more acceptable to me for some reason as more refined than a younger man. Why.. not sure. But rugged or rough around the edges doesn’t mean a person is evil or a bad influence.. I just find more reality with such a person. Maybe because it’s what I know.. I’m not sure. But it wouldn’t be much different to the high society feeling more comfortable in their own classes.. people who speak their language and understand their societal norms or rules.

  • When I started watching the video, I didn’t like your English.. but I realized after then that you have something much more important than language you want to share.. so thank you..

  • I am a musical soul from India. And this video made me re-analyse the presence of music in my life.
    I have shared my first video on my channel singing one of Devdas songs in Indian exotic appearance. Please go over and check it out.

  • music is bad for mental health. I dont care what you say but I dont like the fact that music changes everything in your brain. It literally makes you lose yourself. You dont get to control yourself because the music type you listen to dictates you.

  • rockabilly,blues, motown, rock n roll, punk rock and heavy metal are my favorites sounds…but I can listen to almost any kind of music thank God! I dont like mellachollic music.

  • first video the guy talked waaay too fast in an unattractive voice. this voice is normal speed but…doesn’t work at all for me. couldn’t listen to the end.

  • I love the info and follow the science on music and brain as a clinical musician. The sex illustration though is weird a giant dildo spermand very male.

  • you make a dope video and a lot of people watch it but you only get 335 likes. i just don’t get it you need to have like 10.000 like at least

  • As a teenager my handball team had one one music cd we listened to before every game… now everytime i hear the songs i get into the Tournament and fighting mode. i now use it not only before games also everything else i need energy and adrenaline

  • What’s your guys’ favorite genre and sub-genres? My favorite genre is hip-hop, and my favorite sub-genres are jazz rap and alternative hip-hop.

  • I wish they told us how powerful music is when you add a person’s favorite celebrity and a video combined with the music. I wonder do they practically worship that person.

  • I always listen to sad songs and heavy metal. I am kind of scared if listening to those songs changes my personality. Is there an effect of how you think listening to certain kinds of music?

  • Sometimes when I hear an old song. All these memories come rushing back like time is frozen and I’ll remember the most bizarre things, music is something special its the only thing that can transport me back into the past so much so that I even feel the emotion of what that track ment to me at that time. And Ohhh the memories someone old must have when they hear really old music. It’s the best

  • Felt my hair stand on end immediately when they played Gimme Shelter and I heard those high notes. Comfortably Numb is another song that always wakes my senses. And more recently Miranda Lambert’s Tin Man.

  • This video jumped around too much for my liking, between playing and listening to music. I would have rather seen two videos, with one focus on each. But nice video.

  • Wait if music releases opioids that means it can get us high, that means it can be a great decoy for the masses. Please take a note Mr. Rotschilsd, wait who owns most of the contemporary record labels????

  • When can you guys stop being so excited about something changing the structure of the brain. Everything changes the structure of the brain with repetition. It’s called neuroplasticity and is probably the most basic property of the brain.

  • If you’re intrigued by this video, check out my theory on unlocking the piano, it brings music and improvisation into perspective.

  • I’m interested in what playing an instrument in a more casual way does to one’s brain. Most of the musicians shown in these types of videos are amazing classically trained musicians who have what I would consider a deep understanding of not only how to play, but how the music works (for example, musicians who are able to get “into the zone” like jazz musicians). But what does this mean for a casual player, like a beginner guitarist, say one like myself who is very early on in my journey and relies mostly on simple chords. Would playing music have the same effect on my brain as someone who could be considered more in tune with what they are doing (someone with a deeper understanding, rather than someone like myself who feels as if they are simply going through simple motions)? Interesting thought.

  • Thank you WIRED for creating my dream video, I’m currently trying to look forward with my goals in neuroscience and my bottomless pit for creativity and music

  • Favourite video I’ve watched in a while. I’m so surprised when I meet people who say they’re not to music… You are not my people ��

  • 10:30 that explains why I go zombiemode freestyling on a guitar
    I can’t talk with a person when i’m doing this
    I can’t hear what your saying
    I have no space to think
    and I always look in the same corner of my eye doing this, anyone else?

  • Finally a counter argument that i can use to say to my friend why i buy expensive audio gear (its kinda budget for you guys but kinda wasteful in this place)why headphones under 100€ are worth it and my friend said your just listening to music and that got me triggered with him just saying 2.50€ earphones have good bass √•_•√ why bother with this guy

  • music is a vibration also universe is in vibration if our woking vibration is distorted by the music vibration changes the brain or body parts vibration

  • The part where it talks about the Congresswoman has parallels to other things too. People who stutter often struggle much less when they sing.

  • ive been listening to just chillstep and ambient for the past 7 years. It’s perfect for pretty much any activity i do, whether its programming during work, trying to go to sleep, or working out. It’s really amazing.

  • Music is probably the most powerful thing that exists on earth. It can change your mood, it can bring up some old memories you’ve forgot it can bring people together.
    Personally I can’t imagine my life without music, it’s the best thing I can have.

  • Music can help people to take a serious decision in their life.

    Not Stated
    The songs affect the brain chemistry.

    Listening to Mozart’s music can make people more intelligent.

    Not Stated
    Music causes the same chemical reaction as when people fall in love.

    The children who had musical practice performed worse skills in various fields than those who didn’t.


    это правильные ответы

  • Ok that’s obviously far from the scientific point of view.
    You should have pointed to its bad sides as well
    It can be ultimately DANGEROUS and some suffer from addiction (yes the one that requires a therapy) you gotta say the whole information though:)

  • Music doesn’t only make your brain release dopamine. It can also make your brain release ocytocin.
    It’s the very same hormone your brain releases when you have an orgasm. No joke:P

  • Everyone in the comments section are jamming to kpop whilst I’m still here enjoying Queen, P!ATD, Marina and The Diamonds, Tupac, And Melanie lol

  • listening to music is good, but listening to songs are never good, even my voice is good but i have left singing and listening to songs, because it affects disturbances to our work life.

  • remember… the connection began a long time ago… its not just about now… and everything and all of it has meaning… it has very deep meaning for me.. especially now

  • Music has so many ill effects on human brain and soul. It also reduce healing power of human body. Its true for short term it gives us dopamine boost but wen u dont listen it makes u feel empty and anxious. Basically, its an dopamine abuse as other addictions

  • (sees the crowd of KPOP comments and shyly raises hand)

    “Classical Music, anyone?”
    (bolts away)

    To be fair, I am also fond of KPOP lmao. BTS, EXO or BlackPink when I’m jacked up on caffeine.

    I’m in love with many of Day6’s songs, also Red Velvet and some of Seventeen’s titles. I enjoy a little AKMU on the side too.

    BTOB’s songs, perfs and such, especially ballads or BTOB-BLUE’s (vocal-line sub-unit) stages which are phenomenal are dear to my heart as I get those chills and goosebumps very rarely, and they make me experience it.

  • “how has music affected my life?” any music instrument make me feel great especially bass guitar. Thanks to my dr.dre headphone.:)

  • the music I have is usually linked to memories. so I listen to certain songs to remember good times or some experience I had and want to remember. some songs I have even remind me of a book series I read!

  • id love to actually dance through this if i did Jazzercise, it would be different and fun, plus i actually like the weirdness of dancing to thise songs untraditionally

  • Just gonna go say I think Katie takes her job too seriously and makes working with her not fun from what it looks like on like btf stuff on dropout. Also haven’t watched a single one of her vids that I actually laughed at just my opinion but im very disappointed with the dropout thing and college humor as a whole. Used to be funny af… sad

  • the only sound I need is the clanking of weights and grunts of those who workout seriously.
    this is a conspiracy by the music industry.
    these athletes were probably paid to say they listen to music for results.

  • Holy shit. I’ve been trying to remember that song for 15 years. The first song Katie plays, some one help, what is it called??????

  • I miss when Katie was actually funny instead of just fucking annoying in a way that’s supposed to be ironic but is really just fucking annoying

  • As a veteran Jazzerciser I feel compelled to let you know that Big Jazzercise picks the all music and choreographs the routines so no matter who your teacher is you are guaranteed a fun, engaging, and energetic workout so it would have been more accurate to call this a Zumba class. Thank you for your time long live Jazzercise

  • Man its sad to think this is Katie’s last sketch, she was of my top favourites of the cast. I hope she finds more stuff to do soon, shes really talented, I was always a fan of her sketches!

    Hat’s off to you Katie!