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Aim to gradually increase the amount of weight you lift while using great technique. It might not seem like much, but if you stay consistent, you’ll notice a huge boost in your daily life. FOR MUSCLE GAIN. Want bigger biceps, glutes or shoulders?

Aim to increase how much weight you can lift while doing a moderate number of reps per set (8–12). Watch the quick video below for a few of our best tips for picking your weights for strength training. And keep in mind: The weights you choose this week might be different than the ones you pick up next week! What doesn’t challenge you won’t change you. And you are stronger than you know!! xxo, Kat.

How to Pick the Right Weights. If you aren’t able to use the right muscles with either body weight or light weight, the weight you choose to use won’t matter because regardless you will be limiting your results. If you are doing movements that allow you to use bodyweight, for example a squat, I highly suggest mastering this movement with bodyweight. 03 /5 ​Tips to choose the right weight Here are a few tips that might help: Choose the weight that can make you work for those last few repetitions without compromising your form.

If you think that you have chosen a heavyweight, it is absolutely alright to adjust it and pick up a lighter one. If you’re working on improving your maximum strength, Godso recommends using heavier weights with less reps (1-6). And if your training goal is to focus on conditioning or strength endurance, she. The weight you use should correspond to the strength of the muscles you’re working. With strength training, it’s important to figure out your optimal number of repetitions and sets, as variances affect strength, muscle growth, and endurance in different ways.

A lower number of reps, anywhere from 1-8 movements, will increase strength. To make sure that your heavy bag is the right size for your needs and provides enough resistance for proper training, take your personal body weight and divide by two. For example, if you weight 160 lb., your heavy bag should weigh roughly 80 lb.

You can round up to the nearest available bag weight if you are in-between sizes. Teardrop Bags. Your training goals will largely decide what size dumbbells to use and purchase, especially if you don’t want to buy several pairs. Consider the skill you’d like to hone: If you’re lifting for muscle strength and size, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggests doing 5 to 8 reps for 1 to 3 sets. In this case, you’ll want to err on the heavier dumbbell side.

Your goals dictate the range of reps you should perform, and for how many sets you should do them: To develop maximal strength, lifting incredibly heavy for 2–6 sets of 6 or fewer reps is idea.

List of related literature:

Specific recommendations for strength training are based on age, sex, body composition, and emotional/physical maturity (Zwolski et al., 2016).

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
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However, a prudent approach for the newcomer is to begin with 1 set of each exercise, progress to 2, and then perform 3 sets as strength develops.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
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If performing power training, strength training, and conditioning in the same session, perform them in that order.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
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ACSM’s Foundations of Strength Training and Conditioning.

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Third, we look at why strength training is beneficial for marathoners and how to incorporate it into your overall training program.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
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Either way, you will find provocative concepts that will affect your ideas on how to create and plan more challenging and specific strength training programs.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
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Ignore all ideas of specialized training for strength or for endurance until you have built a reasonable foundation to train from.

“Extreme Alpinism: Climbing Light, Fast, & High” by Mark Twight, James Martin
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Option 1 is discussed in the Strength Training Section in Part 9.

“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
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I encourage most of my clients to create strength-specific goals because it gives them something to come back to month after month.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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This book gives you direction in your training, but you need to start with your own unique goals to give this training a purpose.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
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  • I’ve seen nick and he’s not getting any bigger every body has a limit. I’ve only seen Scott once and he lifts very light weights and he has a hard time with that, as for that third guy I don’t watch because he does not look big at actually none of them have any muscle mass.

  • I’m not convinced that laying on a bench and pressing double my body weight is truly a “functional movement”, any more than doing a bunch of leg extensions is. We’re really pushing the definition of “functional” here. I mean sure, I guess a tree limb could fall on me while I’m camping or a gorilla could set on my chest and I’d have to press it off of me, but the chances are fairly remote if you ask me.

  • I know this is of the subject but I would love to hear you’re opinion on the 21 method for biceps mate!! Most world known pro bodybuilders and respectable natural trainers say they are great. However another respectable natural Scott Herman says they are waste of time!?…please I need to know you’re opinion!!!

  • I found a use for the heavy band after buying one and realizing its too thick to use what I wanted it for. Shoulder shrugs for traps. Hold your feet shoulder width apart and keep your arms shoulder with apart and make a square shape with the band. Really squeeze your traps at the top when you do a shrug.

  • Dedicated to all the haters,

    Get a life, shut up, and lift weight.

    To much bitching going on in the comments section. Unless you can go through a honest workout with these guys stfu

    Guys, appreciate all the advice, good video, lots of good info.

  • If anyone is looking for a good set of bands fast during COVID I got some from in 4 days and they haven’t snapped and broken my face so far ��

  • I feel both have to go hand in hand. A muscle wont get bigger till it adapts to stress and over comes it with strength in reps or weight numbers.

  • This is some awkward guy in middle with tiny shorts on and his little dong hanging out.. The tard to the right staring at camera like a water head.. And the fat guy on left that’s talking a bunch of nonsense..stfu

  • This is the first time actually seeing your Channel on YouTube & I must say incredibly informative & helpful really amazing work keep it up guys…. You’ve got yourself another follower!!!!

  • dont know if you realize this but 99% of fitness youtubers are either on steroids or sarms and most girls are on anavar and clen so duno why keep beating around the bush fans were stupid few years ago but now you have a better chance at making us belive santa is real then to make us belive any of you are natural lmao

  • Aesthetics is just the icing on the cake, strength and conditioning training holds so much more benefits both short term and the long term.

    And you get to do cool stuff even when you’re old ��.

    What are you’re thoughts on someone who uses plastic surgery to look to have a better/aesthetic body? I’ve heard news about a guy who wants himself to look ripped while all of the muscle mass he’s gained aren’t even his, it’s all plastic. Looking like a barbie doll altogether.

  • Zero speed training to make us quicker goalkeepers. Speed in crucial for a goalkeeper and these drills make u stronger but slower.

  • Amazing video. I’m only able to purchase two at the moment and thank goodness I stuck around until the end of your video. This is genuinely one of the best vids I’ve ever seen, especially since ever ones stuck at home right now.

  • Hey scott, could you make a video on how to gain body weight, more specifically on your arms or in certain regions!? This could really help alot of people 

  • It would be a shame if you did not build muscle & mass when these people do it so easily using Amazing Indibleir Muscle Mass Building (check it out on Google).?

  • Well, you said to curse you so here goes…
    This video was FUCKING awesome.
    I got a pull up bar and one dumbbell with interchangeable weights and I am looking to get bands next week and thought to look at instructions so I buy the right ones.
    DO these come in a standard set and can I use my doorway pullup bar for leverage like your massive bar. Nice little dojo you got there too!!
    I am living in the UK for 12 years after growing up in the states. I am learning KG compared to LBs so I am curious if the resistance will be the same.
    I also have a 60kg training bar but it is too hard for some of the back muscles. Like you I want to do an adequest set with a good a mount of reps.

  • I started lifting for strength because I didn’t want to be the 165lb lanky dweeb unable to handle heavier dumbbells. I certainly gained strength but didn’t gain size, which is useful in knowing that you don’t have to eat like a truck driver to gain strength. That egotistical mindset is extremely counterproductive though.

  • Recently just subscribed and you have really perfected your craft man. You have very helpful and practical information compared to 97% of fitness youtubers. No hype no fluff. Awesome stuff.

  • Would Power Cleans, Push Pressing, Squats and Deadlifts make me faster as an athlete or is there anything else I should focus on?

  • Dude you look awesome as always keep it going bro ( Scott), bro I’m working from 5 am to 6 pm and when get back home I’m so tired so i cant workout so what can i do to keep my self on the track and keep my body look good any thing i can do to help me with, any way dude thanks a lot 

  • This video is misleading especially for beginners, look just get as strong as you can until you hit your goal physique, this video just sounded more of bashing powerlifting, but what you are not telling your audience is we go to the gym to build strength not to demonstrate it, so for whatever goal anyone has at the end of the day you must have a strength base, you failed on this

  • 8-12 reps for strength? that’s hypertrophy range. You should stick to a 3-6 rep range. Also, the concentric phase must be performed as fast as possible (not compromising the form). And where are the barbell squats? The bread and butter of leg strength. But most importantly, there should be a periodization (if you’re in the offseason, it can range from 8 to 12 weeks, there are a lot of variations), start with higher volume (in terms of sets/week) and lower weights (70-80% of 1RM) and steadily progress towards lower volume and heavier weights (80-95% of 1RM). I can recommend you some books if you are interested in this subject.

  • Haha I’ve never seen so much hate on someone giving FREE advice. You guys are awesome keep up the videos. Scott was my first fitness trainer lol

  • My thought is that anyone getting started in a fitness capacity or returning after a multiple year layoff will benefit a lot from running an initial strength cycle to build a solid base. Following that, it is much easier to pursue other fitness goals you might have (aesthetics, endurance, sports that interest you, etc).

    Thanks for the solid vid Sean!

  • Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the video. Which goal are you personally focused on… strength, aesthetics or both? Let me know in the comments below. And if you aren’t already, make sure to follow me over on IG as well where I post daily informative content and other updates you’ll definitely find helpful:

    You can also take my physique quiz at to find the exact workout and nutrition strategy I recommend for you based on your specific body type, goals and experience level.

    Thanks for watching and see you in the next video coming up soon!

  • Unless you’re me������ great info, great comedy.
    I have the blue one, it’s really good for leg press exercises, i can’t go to a gym, never liked to.

  • Hello Mr Conor, when I dives on the artificial turf of our school’s football field I always get scratches on my waist and elbows. Should I wear protection gears on artificially turf? I’m considering it right now but I fear that I’ll develop a dependency on the gears if I use them.

  • I agree, people put way too much focus on flexibility, cardio, balance, and looks when they would probably get most of the benefits of those if they focused mostly on chasing big numbers and put only spend a small amount on the other ones

  • So how would one go about trainkng for overall goals in a year such as remaining lean year round and gaining decent functional strength and power woth an endurance boost. Is thay a possible situation to accomplish?

  • Many thanks, I have been researching “strength/mass gain workouts” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Fonmich Strength Smasher (search on google )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  • Powerlifting is a derivative of Olympic Style weightlifting… it’s to add strength in the Olympic lifts… Vasily alexeev could squat with 1200 lbs… he was the first man to clean a jerk 500 lbs!

  • I think that both have their upsides and downsides….but training purely for strength(correct me if I’m wrong?) is more useful for developing long-lasting, lifelong strength.
    Both help with developing functional strength though. Even with regular squats & deadlifts, they help with working on explosiveness, speed, and overall athleticism.

  • Endurance? 15 sets? Im 225, other day i was doin circles: 5 bench225, 5 chinups, 5 handstand pushups, 5 pullups, 5 dips, 5 neutralgrip pullup and thats one circle. Done 10 circles, what category is that?

  • I train mainly for aesthetics, the reason why I only train legs once a week. I don’t care what anyone says, the number 1 best way to get women is looks, period! I’ve been average looking to below average looking most my life. These past two years of consistent weight training I’ve never had so much female attention. It doesn’t mean you’ll get every job but you’ll get a lot more interviews.

  • Love how this guy puts everything in a very real context, since that could make him sell less, because most of the people out there is searching for magic pills. I’m glad to have found this channel.

  • i focus purely on 1 rep max strength,however every 2 weeks i run 8.5 km,i eat accordingly so i dn’t loose muscle.but i’ve noticed when i was lighter i ran faster (35 mins) now i am heavier i’ve slowed down (48 mins).i am ok with that,the intent is to run as fast as possible without it affecting my strength.thts my conditioning work.and it really helps with recovery in the gym along with other benefits.

  • I actually bought mine from amazon and I as t’il have em over 6 months now, they’re great. Here’s the link for you guys

  • Scott I’m trying to train just like you. I want to stay in the middle, be able to run fast, but still lift heavy weights, do pull ups. But its very hard way. I must admit it, many people dont understand this way of training. They contemn it. All in all I just wanted to say its cool to hear that I’m not alone, and If I give my best I will be able to achive my goals.

  • Scott I’ve been applying ur stuff in the “muscle growth'” videos, my body is really responding well to this, higher volume & negative repping. Can’t believe different in my shape #intensity just some things work for people. Toughest workouts I’ve puts my muscles through for muscle gain. #fightingthepain thnk u buddy

  • Training for strength is fun and feels “manly”. Pulling 600lbs off the floor after years of dedication is a thing of beauty. I don’t think you can compare it to the guy doing tricep pull downs and lat raises. The answer probably lies in the middle, the “powerbuilder” as its known.

  • Hi Scott! Love your videos and keep u the good work! Btw I just wanted to ask how do you get the middle line in the middle of the abs?

  • Train for aesthetics with a few days out of the month working on strength less reps like 3-4 reps and a little heavier than normal so your getting best of both worlds. even if someone trains for aesthetics they are still getting stronger overall. if your a power lifter i would understand being driven by strength

  • Great video! I love powerlifting but I hate “the big 3 are the only exercise’s that matter” attitude. You might have a big squat but you can’t do one pullup. Doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

  • great vid. Im a beginner and i was wondering how many sets in total should i do. 15 sets? Im trying to gain muscle  (bodybuilding)

  • I do jump rope 15-30 mins a day and don’t have much time for strength training so I would love to pick one upper body exercise and was wondering would doing only OHP twice a week with a focus on strength instead of bodybuilder rep ranges add significant size to my upper chest and delts

  • Hi mate!Do the biceps training is bad for goalkeepers because my coach said to me I mustn’t do any biceps exercises,hope you answer me

  • Anyone who has been disciplined in natural fitness for any length of time knows the eceleb physique everyone is after is only attainable with drugs and/or very rare genetics. It’s not worth the years of dedication and hard work to try to attain a physique only freaks and cheaters will ever have. You can still look better with strength training than 99% of dudes who sit on their ass playing vg and eating hot pockets.

  • This is honestly so so helpful!! Could you do a version of this with leg workouts and ab workouts without using any weights? one that people could do at home, will definitely be trying this workout sometime soon though!!

  • 6:32
    Just a suggestion/advice… align your head with your spine (for a test do a mouth breath-in with a head position like on 6:32, then align your head/neck parallel with a floor and spine, then do a breath-in trough mouth again, and you’ll feel a big difference). Basically more air flows through your mouth when the head is aligned with the spine. Nice workout though

  • At 6:08 you talk about how the person who has has a more moderate approach may end up with healthier joints and connective tissue later on. As someone with a connective tissue disorder, I’d love to hear more about this and whether you have any tips for training with that in mind. Building up the muscle around my joints has helped me, but it can come with a fairly heavy price in the short term and I do wonder about the long term effects too.

  • Bodybuilding does give big muscles and big muscles mean more strength, but it utilizes isolation exercises more than other styles of training. Their muscles are not as used to working together as someone who mainly focuses on compound movements such as a powerlifter or calisthenics athlete AKA strength training. That is why bodybuilding is not considered “functional”.

  • muscle screams…cool concept. i always thought of it as forcing my muscles to feel like jelly. that is the point where your last reps actually count.:p

  • a lot of blah blah and not very educational. you guys dont care about us: your viewers. expected less about you more info about exersizes

  • Love this video!Used to think that training for muscle is superficial but you change my perspective.As long as you don’t go extreme,every training goal should be respected.

  • Great video! Good info explaining different styles of training. I follow all 3 of u and just want to say thank u for delivering legit knowledge in many aspects of fitness!

  • Jason aren’t pro bodybuilders actually insanely strong? Wesley Vissers does multiple reps controlled beautifully clean bench press sets with 400 pounds. I think that’s more impressive than someone with toothpick arms just “moving the weight” with technique

  • Hey, new subscriber from the Philippines here! I’m probably one of those girls who still gets intimidated by the gym (you might prob thinking why I have chosen to follow you here though as I should have gone for the female fitness geeks I just find this content more honest and straightforward than what I have watched before). I was also about to get a band yesterday but held off. Good that I got to come across your channel. Thank you, this is very helpful! Continue to make educational stuffs with some funny sh*t. LOL. All the best!

  • Not sure if this will help anyone? But I recently bought a blue band and a purple. the blue band is alot ‘heavier’ than i realised. When last at the gym I was doing bent over rows with 100kg for sets of 12 10 10 10. each set to failure with 90-120 seconds rest in between sets.
    granted ive obviously lost some strength not lifting so heavy since the gyms closed but
    with the blue band same excercise the numbers were the exact same
    12 10 10 10, each set to failure. but the rest period was a little shorter and around 60 seconds.
    for alternate dumbbells curls GYM= 20kg dumbbells 4 sets of 10 (each set t failure)
    purple resistance band (each arm at a time same as bruce does in this vid with a purple band) = 4 sets of ten (to failure)
    Hopefully this helps give some people some perspective on the resistance ‘weight’ of the blue and purple bands at least in relation to your own numbers and what to go for when buying

  • Wooow broooo nick
    Ur arms are hugeee
    Any tips to get like your arms??
    My arms measure 14, 5 nearly 15
    At the age of 18 plzz doo replyy

  • I used to play a lot of rugby and kept up strength training as something of a hobby. Guys like this put me off even wanting to try. Vanity is a fucking ugly trait. 

  • At some point in your fitness journey, your body hits the point where it really won’t get much bigger without some help. If you stay natural, then aesthetics and maintenance is what it is about. For me anyway. I prefer to mix up my workouts with different equipment and tend to utilize full body routines with compound movements most often. Keep the workout fast moving and in the 30-45 minute range.

  • As a baseball coach, the second I add I can get a kid to start squatting and DL’ing, their 60yd dash time improves even with the added weight

  • Bodybuilding and strength training are two different sides of a coin… it’s not a good idea for most people… because you cannot Chase two rabbits at the same time!

  • Hi Conor I’m just wondering if these exercises should be done everyday or if you should allow for a day of recovery in between each session?

  • GREAT VID guys!!!.. keep up the great work.. and THANK YOU!!!!  and to all the  “lionofjudahs” out there..   god gave you two ears and  ONE mouth for a reason.. TRY listening more and talking LESS and ya might learn something  PEACE  and i’m OUT 

  • @ScottHermanFitness
    Bro, i have 1 question for you. How much do u rest between EXERCISES during the maximum growth trainings. I know that this is not right video for this question,but it is the latest i hope that you are checking for comments.

  • Did this whole workout yesterday and today I feel strong and ready for training later with all my muscles and core fired up ready. Fantastic video

  • I was watching a movie of Bobby called Heavy Deadlifts. And i saw a big difference in form with you scott. Mostly because of wide foot stand and holding the bar between his legs… What’s the differed there about it?

  • Hey Scott, awesome video man. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to choose a gym. Things that I might not think of, but is actually important.

  • From 0 to 0:34 finally someone gets it. I thought you were going to go with “noOoooo like a baby get stronger” blah blah blah yada yada yada. I still still this day wouldn’t be as wide if I didn’t do high reps I just wouldn’t.

    Anyone up for the challenge to prove me wrong? Go ahead next time do high reps, high volume, and low rest periods.

    Fuck presses for front go for front raises all kinds of different variation.

    For sides. Drop the ego, sit your ass on a bench, grab 10s and work up to 30 reps then point the dumbbells in and another 30 reps. Do this until you go up to weights. Your last set of dumbbell increase should push you to barely make it to 20 reps. I use all the aide delt machines they have do the same and take your hands of the handle keep them down while lifting your elbows but use your side delts which is only used when the weight isn’t too much.

    Rear delts same thing high reps the machines suck, prefer slow controlled and half rep cable rear crossovers remember smart ones your rear delt is a small muscle so full range of motion activates the whole upper back which is stupid. The lowest for this is 12 reps since you are going half reps this time.

    Do this anyone reading and tell me your shoulders don’t look round as a sphere.

  • I guess it depends on your body type. I’m older now 55 and been lifting since 78. I’m smaller/smaller boned person and whenever I tried lifting heavy my bone structure just couldn’t handle it. So I kind of meet halfway with the weight I can handle/heavy at a descent rep range. I never do one-rep max’s and I never go lower than 6 reps.

  • Isn’t talk of 15 sets extreme/low weights? Last night I did 3 sets of 8 (slow negative ones but cheating after 4, 2 & 4 reps by helping lift with the other arm). My arms are aching Today from it.

  • Sean, u gotta change your intro. Instead of saying “If you find this info helpful”, you should say “You WILL find this info extremely helpful and it will save your life cause iam the bible of fitness” cause DAMN bro… u sumtin else.

  • Getting a beautiful woman is my goal… What do girls prefer? Strength or aesthetics? Does it even matter at all? My personality sucks, so if I can increase my chances in any other way, I will try to! The stupidest thing is that I want to find someone to love and be loved by…but I barely even believe in our human “love”. Love isn’t selfish… ;'(

  • Does anyone else works with resistance bands?

    I keep on losing the hair of my legs every time I use it, but looks like someone found a solution, have found this website with a new product:

  • Go for both i do.go heavy for strenght,last couple sets go for the pump.change routines and can have both,strong and jacked.��✌

  • Recently just subscribed and you have really perfected your craft man. You have very helpful and practical information compared to 97% of fitness youtubers. No hype no fluff. Awesome stuff.