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Low Impact Home HIIT Workout (Easy On The Knees) | The Body Coach

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HIIT Workout Safe For The Knees (No Jump) | MFit

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Here’s a quick rundown of what you might see: Fitness Gloves: This specific type of glove is designed to increase upper-body strength without injuring the shoulder Resistance Dumbbells: Super lightweight and soft, the resistance dumbbell increases the effectiveness of your upper-body Aquatic. High-Intensity, Low-Impact Training Will Burn Calories and Protect Your Joints Bent-Over Dumbbell Row. Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand by sides. With knees slightly Split Squat. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

Take a step forward with left foot, and a large. Though there are literally hundreds of joint mobility exercises you can try, here are just a few (demonstration videos for each of these can be found online): Arm circles Leg extension Lunges Seated row Shoulder press Step-ups Squats. Bend your elbows to lower down and push back up to a tall plank position.

Walk your hands back to your feet and roll up to stand. That completes one rep. Repeat for 10 reps. Squat to Calf Rais. No matter which joints are giving you daily trouble, swimming is the perfect low-impact exercise.

Easy on everything from your knees to your shoulders, swimming still provides a type of light resistance training as you scull through the water. Protect your joints with these workout tips from Everyday Health. have to be strenuous — there are plenty of low-impact exercises that are just as beneficial. The most important thing is to.

Cycling—indoors or out—is non-weight bearing and low impact, so you can work up a sweat without stressing your joints. One of the beauties of cycling outdoors is. Walking is one of the most popular low-impact exercises you can choose, says the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

It doesn’t cost a thing to start a walking program, although you might want to invest in a sturdy pair of walking shoes. Step training can also be low impact, as long as you keep one foot on the bench or ground at all times. The Bottom Line. Now you know why you need to exercise if you have arthritis and the best forms of low-impact exercise to get the job done.

Go slow at first, and if you feel pain or discomfort, stop. Want to torch more calories—while keeping tender knees and joints intact? Get low.

The key to having the best of both worlds is keeping your workout impact low while bumping up intensity, says.

List of related literature:

Through stretching and strengthening, my TMs individually target each physiological component that supports the joint.

“3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief” by Joseph Weisberg, Heidi Shink
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Isolated joint exercises are probably the most popular form of elastic resistance exercise.

“Strength Band Training” by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
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I Use the strongest joints available for an activity.

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Water exercises are an especially good alternative because of the lack of stress to the joints.

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These will increase your range of motion, while cleansing and improving the function of your joints.

“The Hallelujah Diet” by George H. Malkmus, Peter Shockey, Stowe Shockey
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The ACSM recommends both multiand single-joint exercises [92].

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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These exercises help you maintain or increase your range of motion — the amount of movement your joints allow in various directions.

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Therefore, it’s important to include exercises that extend your joints through their full range of motion and in all planes of motion—such as Pilates, walking lunges with rotation, pushups with rotation, and martial arts.

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■ Reduce stresses on joints.

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Most strength training exercises, especially those employing free weights, use the whole range of motion around major joints.

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  • Finished my 90 day SSS and then fell off the wagon hard! this is amazing to get started again as my legs get better and better. Thanks Joe!

  • I have a question for you Molly, but first I want to say I do love this workout. I’ve been doing it everyday for one month. I have a two finger gap stomach muscle seperation, I’ve had three boys. My question is, would this workout be safe for my stomach or could some of these exercises seperate my muscles more?

  • it seems like I was 24 yesterday with your body and poof! I’m now 44 30lbs heavier with bad knees:(
    Thank you so much for this workout! I did it today for the first time and it felt great!! Love your motivation throughout the whole video <3 <3

  • My husband does a lot of leg warm ups for his bad knees. It doesn’t take away the pain but it does keep his knees stronger to withstand. ����

  • Ok with a knee replacement 2 yrs ago and another one needed within the next 2 yrs, I was having difficulty finding appropriate workouts with no jumping. This was awesome! I saved this to favorites for my regular routine. Thank you for thinking of us who can’t jump.

  • Nice workout, simple moves. Will bring the weights next time! Thank you for sharing.
    Stay home, happy & healthy everyone ����‍♀️������

  • Great workoutI used cans instead of weights and still was sweating. Loved the low impact as I’ve been dealing with some knee pain. Thank you!

  • Thanks Joe, got a slight twinge in my Achilles from dancing in heels at a wedding so this was perfect workout to tick me over till it’s rested

  • I couldn’t do any press-ups at all when we started. I can now do 20 in 40 secs. I might try the monkey bars when the parks open ������. At 58 I really pleased. Thanks Jo. Jx

  • great workout at first you wonder and then a beautiful job building intensity, encouraging us to keep going, and and making me smile. Indeed, easy on knees, great job!

  • I’m in recovery from an ACL rupture and his was helpful, but I think a middle impact HIIT including squats and lunges could be good for my recovery (just can’t really jump or do similar actions like high knees)

  • I have weak right knee. First one my physio recommended as well to strengthen those muscle from hip to the back of my knee. Thank you for these set of exercise that I can follow without worrying to stressing my knee.��

  • I enjoyed this one. Any chance of more knee videos like this? I love your stuff but have to adapt quite a bit some days depending on what my knee is like.

  • Now I know it’s mostly water weight, but doing this 2x a day and cutting back on carbs, I’ve lost 9 pounds in 4 days. Don’t give up yall.

  • Just found this… brilliant but any chance of a workout that helps strengthen the muscles around the knee to help protect the knees

  • looks and feels great, and as I have a torn miniscus and am doing SYNVISC® hylan G-F 20 injections at the moment, I am just doing mostly upper body and low knee raises, so as to feel good. As a 64 year-old young lady who has always done weights and sport this is something I will work up to when I get the ok from the Ortho Surgeon. Thanks again

  • I’m gonna try this one. I did a hiit video 2 days ago that was too advanced for me this seems like a good fit to combine with my walking routine. Thanks Joe

  • Thankyou Joe, this is one of my favourite workouts. Not only is it low impact but it doesn’t involve lunges or squats which i struggle to do with my bad knees.

  • I love to train hard but just found out I have arthritis in my knee.. it has been a huge blow �� so after resting it a week I tried this out..���� perfectly fits what I need until I can get back to my regular routine…thank you

  • I am recovering from an accident in my right knee and your diversity and low impact of exercises are excellent for my healing. I love it, thank you very much!!

  • Hey Molly, I have no dumbells but all this time I´ve been doing this without because at my level it felt still very heavy. Now that i´m stronger it´s starting to feel a bit light, but for now I can´t buy dumbells, I would also have no idea what weight to get them.
    Do you have any suggestion of alternatives to make it heavier? I have mini-bands but I doubt they can be used like this.

  • I’m starting my new weight loss journey in a couple days and have destroyed knees which has made it so hard to exercise. I decided to look up HIIT safe for knees and although I may have to alter these slightly I am looking forward to starting. I’m going to update you on my progress because I want to see how far I can get with these videos! And you will get a real report on how a person does! I am 49 but still have a lot of muscle. I’m doing these in my living room and I will be done them 3x first week, 5x after that. I have about 19 weeks until my first vacation on my own since getting married and kids! I want to enjoy it! I will definitely be checking in to let you know how I do. See you on day one Tuesday 11/6/18 No weights for me.

  • Yeah great if you’re under 40!! Easy on the knees my arse!! Ten seconds in and my right knee gave out….. Great.. Thanks a lot…

  • Hi joe been doing beginners work out doing 3 time a week I have I have problems with my knees have you a upper body work out plus stomach work out I am 64

  • I’m seriously glad I ran into this video, I’m not unathletic but my knee is jacked I was trying to do a HIIT workout from fitness blender and my knees couldn’t take all the burpees and jumping. This was perfect! thank you

  • I recently started experiencing pain in both my knees. I didn’t want to completely stop workout out, so I was happy when I found your video. Thank you for creating a modified workout.

  • QOTD: Do you have knee pain? What exercises do you do?
    ✔ Free Live Lean Starter Guide:
    ✔ Live Lean Program Selector Quiz:

  • I would love more like this especially without squats or lunges. Some of your other “easy on the knees” workouts have squats and/or lunges, which unfortunately can be a problem for some people with knee issues.

  • I used this workout on a Saturday as a bit of a breather from your PE with Joe workouts. I can do the jumps and lunges, but I try not to overdo it because I do have joint problems. This workout was great! It got me sweating, I felt like I really engaged my arms, even without weights, and glute bridges are usually an easy exercise for me, but that speed and frequency made them challenging. Thanks!

  • oh my god you’re the best, thank god i found you
    my knees started hurting me and i did this one without any pains
    thank you, you were great also this was a really great workout, i will definitely go back to it again and again!!

  • has anybody try this Joint Supplement,? i want to buy but i want to get some infor

  • Also check your shoes! Even though they still look good after months or a year, the support may be gone. I just replaced mine and it helped tremendously. ����

  • Hi this was great, I injured my knee four months ago and have not been able to walk or exercise. I would say there were certain things though that I couldn´t do as made my knees painful. Can you please do a video with no use of the legs or movement on legs so that I can do it confidently. Thanks so much, you are amazing!!

  • Me and my husband just completed this. Husband dosent work out often, and wanted something low impact. �� It definitely made an impact ☺️ Nana and grandad appeal ��

  • I hurt my knee doing reruns of PE with Joe… he didnt let me down, knew he’d have a workout for me in the back catalogue which would be easy on the knees. Thanks Joe, ��

  • Been doing your hiit for 6 weeks 5 times a week already but suffered a knee injury perfect for keeping me moving whilst having physio!

  • I get up, drink some ginger tea and do this video every morning. I’m 51 and a bit fat with injury related arthritis in my knee and this is the only exercise I’ve really ever stuck to! Easy on the knees and over quick… doing it for a month and already noticing some firmage on my thighs:) Thank you for being a positive part of my morning!

  • I have been looking for something like this. Need to lose weight but my knee hurts so much when I try to work out. Will give it a try tomorrow.

  • Hiya Joe I really want to try your low impact on the knees workout. I have problems with the Meniscus Disks in both knees the right knee is worse of the 2. Could you recommend any kind of supports I could use whilst doing your workouts?

  • Thanks Joe, that was great. Still out of breath but great for my knackered knee! Love the way you encourage us during the sessions. Hope your arm is improving!

  • Great work out. Usually do higher intensity, but my knee has been a bit sore the last couple of days so didn’t want to risk doing damage. An update/longer easy on the kneesy would be great, as would some training for people with back problems. I couldn’t train for about 4 months last year as I did something to my back! Love all your work outs, so easy to fit in to my day. My children love them too. Thank you.

  • I have dodgy knees and really liked this work out didn’t hurt but broke out a sweat. I’m going to re-use this video for a while and can see you have others but love variety so would love any more HIIT that are either for low impact or have low impact options. Also tips for how to lose weight that’s always welcome! I like to do cardio and weight training for balance but wonder if I should do more cardio (in conjunction to just trying to eat less:P ) for weight loss. Thanks for the videos!

  • I currently have shin splints but still want to be able to work out what exercises do you recommend. I do like your low impact exercises because they have no jumping or running which i cannot do at the moment.

  • Joe I’ve just had knee surgery, into my 4th week now and no exercise is driving me crazy. This was perfect. I have to say, you have come a long way since this with your timer �� and you had me giggling whilst doing the bridgehumping ��

  • Hi Joe. I’ve just done this and was surprised at how much I was able to do. Other HIIT workouts are way too much for my joints but this was fab. I struggled alot with the last exercise move so might just do on knees press ups instead. Will u be doing any more of these low impact HIIT sessions? Its my first joe wicks session too! ����

  • Thank you so much! I am so glad i found this video, I have arthritis and pcos so when ever I visit a doctor I’m told to lose weight, and when ever I workout my knees swell up! But this really helped, also using tiger balm on my knees after working out helps the swelling.

  • found this one quite repetitive and too many punching moves which i dont find to be much of a workout or do much for me. Would love a video for people with ankle sprains/muscle strain which is what I have, but figured a low impact HIIT for knees would also do the trick

  • i just discovered this workout and it is the only one i’ve been able to find that leaves me feeling like i’ve worked hard without causing any pain to my knee! thank you!!

  • I love this workout so much, especially now that I’m recovering for an injured knee, this video is so helpful! You are a great instructor, very encouraging and motivating. Keep doing videos and thank you!

  • Hi Joe, I absolutely LOVE your workouts! I have an old knee injury that flares up every now and then and would love it if you had more and longer (like 20min) ‘easy on the knees’ HIIT workouts from you. I think I’m done every Low-impact one on your channel, and this one I have done many time already.

  • Hi Joe, first time for me trying to follow guided exercises at home because of the cornavirus lockdown here in Scotland. Really great, thanks! I smashed my knee playing football (soccer) almost 40 years ago two bones almost went through the cartilage, which was in three parts. So I’ve been without a cartilage in one knee for that long. Your programme was just about perfect for me, Cheers.

  • Hi Joe. Good exercises, thanks. Could you show us something for quads, please. Due to arthritic knees, my quads are very weak.

  • I am a very big woman, and I struggled, but her cute litrle voice, telling me I could do it… I finished the whole dam thing!!! I LOVE her.

  • really easy for the knee, i feel very nice after it got some sweat and feelin good. Thank you for your motivation it really helps me alot. I hope i can lose my weight finally. <3

  • thank you for these. My knee cap was shattered in a car accident and I have to be careful when working out because it is no where near as sturdy as it used to be!

  • Dear Molly! My left knee has gone through 3 surgeries and it’s really hard to find cardio/tabata excercises which I’m able to do and are making me sweat. I loved this, thanksthankthanks!! <3

  • This has to be one of my faves. Living in a top floor flat its perfect and my heart rate maxes out as I hold weights for the punches…

  • I did this to the T would you happen to know about how many calories this burns so that i can put it in my fitness tracker. I used 2 lb weights.

  • So demanding man!! I got to lose 56 pounds so I will make this my morning routine to start (long time without excercise), thank you!!!

  • Thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this! I have chondromalacia in both knees and it’s impossible to do the high impact work outs, but this helps a lot! So thank you.

  • Joe, I cannot kneel, the arthritis in my knees is too bad. Getting on the floor and up is not a good option for me. Can’t there be a HIIT workout that does not hurt my arthritic knees? My mobility is good except I can’t kneel so on/off floor is difficult. Thank you!

  • This is great. I had stopped doing hiit workouts cuz I injured myself a lot with it. This is perfect for a morning routine with my Pilates:)

  • you save my life! my knee injury is back and I had to quit all of my fitness classes. I was devastated:( but with you and some another yt workouts I can still exercise at a high level. thank you for that!

  • This was so helpful Joe! I struggle with the IBT band in my left leg and often need physio for my knee. I’ve been working out hard for the last 2 weeks and now it’s playing up. Been really good to find a workout that’s easy on the knees but still gets my heart rate up and burns a lot of calories!

  • Don’t be fooled by the no jumps. This is a killer workout and what do you know, it did not hurt my knees. Thank you for brings us this workout.

  • Did this workout for the first time today. Thanks for showing a workout that gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat without worrying about my bad knee. Love it, this is now my primary workout.

  • This video is pretty much the only reason I work out. It’s fun, quick and easy enough to be motivated even after a long day. I do some other workouts for arms and abs and whatnot but this one is what keeps me motivated. I always tell myself ‘come on you can do 20mins of cardio’ and end up doing all my other workouts as well:D

  • thanks alot for the safe workout. The only thing you should not do is the front kick. it should be substituted by raising the leg upwards.Thanks again

  • Thank you Joe Wicks decided to start PE with Joe to improve my mental and physical well being but was finding it tough on my knees due to collapsed arches in my feet and posture I am so pleased to have found this work out more easy on knees would be fantastic. Can’t thank you enough for this.

  • Hi, can you suggest some HIIT exercises that someone with a lot of arthritis can do. I have it in both knees, one quite bad with reduced mobility, quite severe in my mid foot, shoulder with very reduced mobility, thumb joints and I have already had a hip replacement 3 years ago. I found this work out a bit hard going and a lot of the stuff I really struggled with. This has all happened in the last 5 years and I was always pretty fit and regularly worked out. I’m really struggling with my weight now and my fitness levels are awful….coming up to my 50th birthday and very worried about my health for the future. Thanks!

  • THANK YOU! this was absolutely amazing. I’ve lost 100lbs and a work injury has been preventing me from reaching my goals. Patellofemoral Syndrome sucks and this was the first workout I’ve found that I can do pain free!! More knee friendly videos! ������������

  • Hi Joe, I have been doing your kids PE workouts everyday along with the rest of my grown up family & tiny grandchildren, we all join up for PE via FaceTime and do it together. However this morning there was only me who could take part, so I decided to look for a workout that was easier of the knees as mine ache all the time. This was just right, could we have more like this so that I don’t need to repeat the same sessions each time. Many thanks for motivating us all to keep fit in these difficult times. Best wishes Tricia Watters

  • Thanks this was great! I am recovering from a knee ligament injury and I could do all of these except the last one. Could you incorporate some side leg lifts into one I have to do these for physio. 😉

  • I just found this and I love it, gonna try it tomorrow! As someone said most safe for knees HITT videos actually aren’t but this really looks like it!! Thank you!

  • Thanks so much me and my bad knees enjoyed this! Keep them coming please. Am fit otherwise so high cardio, low knee impact please.

  • Really dull workout if you are intermediate… even if low impact…. turned it off after 5 mins as didn’t feel like a HiiT workout at all.

  • Thanks for uploading another awesome video (such great tips and advice) and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! You guys are the best! ���� ❤️

  • I have really bad knees. Yesterday I did another one of your HIIT videos, but today my knees were killing me. I did this one and did great with it, except the last exercise. I ran with high knees instead.