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With your right leg, reach back as far as you can while sitting into your left hip. Keep your shoulders pulled back and imagine crushing your right armpit. Go down as far as you can while maintaining the natural arch in your lower back.

Perform all your reps and switch sides. People who do strengthening and toning exercises in an effort to trim fat from a certain area thighs, hips, stomach, or arms have the wrong idea. Although these exercises can help firm.

When you can’t squeeze in a 30-minute workout, build mini fitness sessions through your day, she says. but most people do them wrong, putting the bulk of the weight on the front of the feet. Try exercises that actually force you to use correct form and muscles. Feb 4, 2019 Want to ensure you’re using good technique?

Try exercises that actually force you to use correct form and muscles. Feb 4, 2019 Want to ensure you’re using good technique? Try exercises that actually force you to use correct form and muscles.

2 days ago · Per Bernal The Best Lower-Body Exercise for Back Pain: Zercher Squat Why it’s good: If you can’t imagine life without barbell squats, the Zercher squat is a front-loaded variation that allows. “Compound low-impact movements are the best exercises for weight loss as these movements involve multiple major muscle groups, resulting in max calorie burn and. “Most people,” Gentilcore explains, “do nothing but bench presses, lat pulldowns, curls, and crunches in the gym” — all exercises that further force us into that curled-forward, semifetal position.

The Best (and Worst) Diets of 2020, According to Experts One reason people perform standard exercises wrong has to do with their musculature. For example, super strong quads can. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

You don’t have to lift great big heavy weights – just do what feels best or most comfortable for you, and I guarantee you that those feelgood. When it comes to the worst ab exercises, there are so many that you should absolutely avoid. The sad part is that these worst abdominal exercises are the often the very same moves that you see in popular workout programs and on TV infomercials..

Now, before I reveal the 10 worst ab exercises that waste your time and kill your spine, let me quickly tell you 2 big reasons why you should avoid.

List of related literature:

Below are my own favorite exercises.

“3 AM Epiphany” by Brian Kiteley
from 3 AM Epiphany
by Brian Kiteley
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

All the exercises are tried and true, truly the best stuff on earth.

“Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies” by Patrick Pfeiffer
from Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies
by Patrick Pfeiffer
Wiley, 2010

There are many good exercises.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2001

If one does them properly these are probably the best exercises for one’s active knowledge too.

“The Art and Science of Learning Languages” by Amorey Gethin, Erik V. Gunnemark
from The Art and Science of Learning Languages
by Amorey Gethin, Erik V. Gunnemark
Intellect, Limited, 1997

Each of those exercises falls into one of the five aforementioned basic human movement patterns, which are: the squat (bending at your knees and hips), hip hinge (bending at your hips), push (pushing something away from you), pull (pulling something toward you), and plank (keeping your torso stiff).

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
from Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit
by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2018

You can do most of the exercises in any order.

“DITA for Print” by Leigh W. White
from DITA for Print
by Leigh W. White
XML Press, 2017

The exercises I’ve mentioned above are by no means the only ones.

“Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars” by Richard K. Bernstein
from Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars
by Richard K. Bernstein
Little, Brown, 2011

There were no exercises we were doing that I could not do alone.

“No Laughing Matter” by Joseph Heller, Speed Vogel
from No Laughing Matter
by Joseph Heller, Speed Vogel
Simon & Schuster, 2004

You can align your body correctly and understand the goals of an exercise.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • For professionnal acrobats, we do a lot of forward flexion with rotational movement, not the same exercises though. For example, crunches with legs extended to the ceiling, reaching contralateral hand to foot, or hanging from a bar with arms over head (hands anatomically, palms forward) and doing toe touches to the bar lateral our hands (on each side of the pinky, not inbetween the thumbs). What is your stance on some of the extreme movements we have to condition as acrobats? Although, I can say confidently that I have not done the vast majority of these workouts and the ones I have done, I do not do anymore.

  • There isn’t alternative exercise for each of em but some can be replaced like
    1. Instead of Sit ups Doing knee raises or leg raises with a hollow body position or on the bar
    2. Bench dips can be done with a adjustment in hand position
    Watch this
    3. Quad extension can be replaced by Body weight leg extensions
    4. Twist can be replaced with Bicycle crunches or oblique raises
    I’m no expert but hope this helps feel free to suggest or correct ��

  • Can you guys recommend a physical therapy table? �� i have been searching like crazy to no avail, they either are poorly made or WAY too expensive
    Being home during covid has made me realize what a great investment one would be while i work on my P.T

  • Absolutely right. Most of people doing gym have shoulder impingement (including me) and will suffer back pain sciatica or disc at a certain point…

  • What about the stance the snooker player adopt during the game. They bend over with shoulders about 45% to the pelvis and bend 90% from their hips with the head tilted back the furthest they could go.

  • I blew out two discs doing those sit-ups on a weight bench with my feet wrapped under the leg lift contraption. Been suffering bc of it for twenty years. Wish I’d had this advice back then.

  • I’d have to disagree on the sit ups
    I only do 15 to 3o sit ups a day
    And push ups,side bends, leg lifts
    As long as I don’t kill it, just do a handful
    No problem

  • Not the best advice. Your body is very receptive to adapting to exercise and can handle loads efficiently. In fact, people like these individuals laying on the narrative that if you do certain exercises, you will have pain, is exactly why people are afraid of moving which leads to inactivity and weakness. It’s nearly impossible to prove that a certain exercise will lead to pain or injury, rather it’s more of an issue of proper loading.

  • A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy:

  • A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy:

  • this may be the beast youtube video i have EVER seen. thank you for your time and your life’s work dedicated to improving people’s fitness and mobility.

  • A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy:

  • A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy:

  • A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy:

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • The quads one I actually do it by putting weights on my ankles and lift my leg starting at 45°. It honestly fixed my pathellofemoral syndrome. The triceps one I can confirm it’s very likely it caused the shoulder pains I have now

  • Thank you! I’ve done Russian Twists periodically, but will rethink that, now. What are your thougths on: 1) TRX standing side flexions (similar to the standing side bends)? and 2) Side crunches laying on the BOSU with feet staggered against wall, then small side crunch with no twist? Thanks!

  • Thanks Bob and Brad!!! Can you create an owner’s manual for human beings that will explain how our bodies work, that everyone gets when they are born?

  • As most of the new generation does not do sports, this problem will solve itself. ok, other problems will replace the inactivity……..

  • Crunches I would say are absolutely safe and theraputic. I will agree, however, that rotational movement are detremental. Not only rotation, but unilateral movements and unilateral isometric contractions using weights are a huge no.

  • wtf i just stumbled onto this channel and after hearing your intro song I was HOOKED you two are def my favorite physical therapists on the internet xD

  • Most of this I knew already but good video overall. BTW, don’t appreciate the slam of OTs. Keep it civil within the therapy community plz!


  • I am 47 years old and i like kitesurfing.What is your opinion about this exercise?The sport is new and we don’t know nothing about the reactios on our body!

  • People always neglect scientists and they get injured then they run to them for medical help, then they get better then they hurt themselves again and the cycle repeat, i do resistance training everyday but whatever scientists say i support

  • A guided meditation for illumination of the energy body and the meridians

  • Seeing that first exercise reminds me of the modern golf swing that restricts hip movement. This video proves that the modern restricted hip movement golf swing is bad for the back. Let the hips move with the spine you will hit it longer and safer.

  • I really don’t know what doctors with more knowledge say about all this as these folks are just as youtuber as others. What about people who live in other parts of the world, what about stress, and other issues, what about reviews of other people on YouTube videos regarding exercises, what about gyms all over the United States and their reputation. Confining health issues by focusing only on the physical motions is not a complete science. Their opinions are based on one segment of medical science, and top of that rigidly discarding other fields and calling them fakers and wrong doers looks fishy to me. Now what other YouTubers say about my comments, we’ll see!

  • I learned these were horrible exercises, after years of AAU and collegiate hurdles. I had a hernia repair, at 32. All from overtraining and wrongful exercises

  • It’s 2020, let’s get that 15 alternatives and if it’s already made, put it in the description of this video. You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

  • My husband is an old school weight lifter. I have told him some of his techniques are outdated! I have shared with him. Thanks for great video!

  • In school these were the common PE class exercises…it been many years since then…probably had a LOT to do with why my back is so frucked up now.
    Very saaaad!

  • I agree with mostly all of this except for military press. My shoulders have never felt better since I started military pressing more frequently. Your shoulders were designed to be able to press overhead.

  • I damaged my knee putting weights, just the way you are explaining…I am really bad, now what I can do to reverse the damage,..please answer me, I am in pain because of it. Thanks

  • So what do you do instead? Haha I literally woke up with level 4 pain in my lower back and thinking its sciatica (L5 is a cracked tailbone I had or stitches on the arch of my foot). Would swimming be a good alternative? Like breastroke? I’m an absolute beginner at exercises except for 7 yrs as a child gymnast Im sure my core strength will be a killer again After my foot injury my podiatrist was surprised my core was so strong even after 15yrs haha

  • A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy:

  • What a joke! Your body is build for movments in different positions. If you workout correctly, these excersises are not bad for you! Sure there is other “better” excersises you can do if you got isssues. It sound like Bob and Brad are 100 years old. By this logic you should live your life like a robot, never bend your back and be as stiff as you can..

  • Hi, I’m a Physical Medicine & Rehab/Pain doc in LA and I love your videos (and your theme song!). I wish there was more content on the internet like what you’re creating: good, basic, universally entertaining physical and medical knowledge. I’d love to collaborate on a “15 Alternatives” video and have you guys fact check some of the exercises I prescribe to pretty much all of my patients. Also I would love any advice you have about starting a channel about function from a medical perspective. I hope you reach out to me, and keep up the great work!

  • I can vouch for the damage sit ups can cause….I ended up with a herniated disc in 1986 after going to the gym to ‘get fit’….took years to get right.

  • Basically all twist exercise and internal shoulder rotation exercises are bad and half the stuff you do in the gym, I think this is only if you do it for a long period of time with heavy weights though. thoughts?

  • Aw dang I thought windmills felt so good while doing them, but I’m glad not to do any of the other things ever again. If they feel uncomfortable, it’s most likely bad. And twisting is alway explained to be detoxing your body, but it’s actually harming your spine. What are your guys’ thoughts on mini trampoline workouts?

  • Oh.My.God. Thank goodness I’m a lazy weight lifter!! I am fairly safe with core stuff (opera singer so can’t overdo), but I’ve done the shoulder twisting and the windmills. I’ll go looking for exercises I should do to keep strong, but not stiff!

  • A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy:

  • you have a good body and some good knowledge but the good coach doesn’t say don’t do this or that…. any good coach (trainer ) knows that for each person works differently and a good trainer doesn’t say DONT! says avoid! and there is big difference between 2

  • Whoaaaa…!!
    7:35… Wtf was that…!! Seriously..??!!
    I cant even imagine somebody could rape that exercise in such a brutal manner…

  • Just can’t have enough of your videos. Real knowledge No ads No bullshit. Just pure knowledge. And by the way I used to do almost all of them when I used to hit the gym. So this was really an eye opener. Thank you so much

  • about the dumbbell side bends…they say that they also work your inner obliques so can you give us some innner oblique exercises to replace it with?

  • You had me at the intro. Best. Ever. �� �� And brought it all home with killer info. THANK YOU for laying it all out so clearly for us! ����������������
    I immediately swapped out a bunch of components in my workout routine, and added in new ones, as per your recommendation. ✔️

  • Would have been nice to know how much damage our FBall coaches and strength staff were doing to our shoulders with the back press.

  • I wish people would read comments and realize the comment they make trying to be funny has been done about 30k times already….we get it Jeff says you’re doing (insert random thing) wrong, (insert random thing) is killing your gains, and omg he has a leg extension machine in his gym….hilarious

  • concentration curls have a 98% EMG study in your bicep meaning it’s the best bicep curl you can do. Leg extensions also are an amazing exercise no one says it isn’t it has amazing isolation. Everything else I agree on

  • Jeff: don’t do these unsupported flyes
    me: *previous video watched was Arnold Schwarzenegger doing those flyes*: “holy shit, Arnold was wrong!!??” ��

  • Late to the party here with a question about the behind the neck press and how it somewhat relates to a similar, therapeutic movement you’ve mentioned/shown in other videos where you stand, back to the wall, and keep the arms and hands against the wall pushing them upward. I’ve been doing this with lightweight dumbbells (think 10 or 15 pounds here) and it feels amazing. It seems like a very natural motion that gives that bit of stretch mixed with resistance that feels so good when doing certain exercises.
    Don’t want to be doing anything wrong here… just checking to see if dumbbells out to the side, in line with the head and shoulders (or maybe just a hair behind them), is closer to being therapeutic like the back against the wall technique, or closer to being an injury risk like the barbell fully behind the head press.

  • Trying to make your bioscience look legit with graphs and diagrams ���� what shit is this? Ever wonder why there are so many videos on YouTube telling you that you’re always doing exercises wrong? This is the only fact you can believe… one person may not get the same muscle activation as someone else performing the same exercise. (We are all different do what you feel is best for you, just dont snap your body up)

  • I am 65 and started working out at 18 years of age. I am convinced you are the right individual to take all of us towards an injury free workout Thank you

  • Holy guacamole! I admit it’s been a while since I’ve been on your channel, but last time I was here you were just celebrating 4mil subscribers… now you’re up and over 10!! Congratulations!!!

  • Thank you so much for these improvements. Since COVID I’ve been limited with equipment and weights. Swapping out these exercises and doing slower reps with the lower weight I have available I can definitely notice the difference! Loving the content, definitely subscribing.

  • Dumbell fly on bench is suggested as one of the best exercise by ARNOLD in one of his don’t give that fucking advice from your sulcking girly figure

  • Love the knowledge and applying it my self. Seeing results. And love that New NEW Intro! Hahahahahaha. Thanks Jeff and team for years of great service.

  • Bang on! You got the info right. It’s good to rehash the bad stuff. As a trainer I help folks with their rehab from lack of knowledge at the gym. Thanks. ��

  • There is no way that you put that much weight and tension on your hips like you do with the hip abduction machines?? You clearly don’t train in Jiu Jitsu.

  • Leg extension?.hamstring curl…?..I don’t know about those one but I have been doing them for a long time now, should I quit right now?

  • I can attest to the hip machines….. I threw it in my workout for shits and giggles and my lower back spasmed so hard it caused my hamstrings to freeze as well. I couldn’t get up. Had to go to the er and get an x ray and some serious shots to relax the muscles. Luckily O recovered.

  • I just finished watching this video. Some of the things he mentioned, I concur with, I,e, Behind The Neck Press. Though, In my opinion, you do need to incorporate some Machine Weights. Considering that I do have a Bad Lower Back (Not from weight lifting), I stay away from The Lunges and some of The Free weight exercises that would involve The Back. Regardless of what Routine you might do, it still comes down to form and safety.

  • Hi I just subscribed yesterday your videos are very informative I was wondering I’m a big guy I’ve heard all I gotta do is run jog or walk to lose weight yes I know diet to but what’s your suggestion about this I don’t want to harden my abs because the fat won’t leave am I wrong I know my English is not good I’m not from here please help

  • For beginner, it’s better to use the locked out machines over free weight since most beginner doesn’t have enough muscles for stability, resulting in incorrect workout forms. Bad form results in potential injury and decrease in efficiency.

  • 30 years ago I was taught about stabilizer muscles and since then only use free weights. I don’t understand why those complicated machines still exist.

  • Most of these exercises are harmless if done properly, the problem you have with them is the way people do the exercises not the exercises them selfs, like the hip abduction machine is really useful accessory exercise if done safely. And any exercise can be dangerous even the natural ones if done with bad form/too much weight/high frequency

  • Yeah, do clean and presses and snatches…everyone has the time and dedication to build up a healthy range of motion at all of their joints and neural pathways for a VERY complex set of compact exercises just to work out their traps, right…right?! Also useless and bad for you,not the same thing. People do a lot of these things because they are EFFECTIVE and yes leg raises and curls,speaking from personal experience,do translate into squats and deadlifts. They won’t magically make you squat if you can’t already do it but they can make you stronger when there is a strength imbalance that limits your PR. Are there are other ways do achieve the same results. Yes. But sometimes you need a quick fix. Anyway…all good advice, if you’re an 8yo Chinese kid off to a sport university,but a lot of people start in their mid to late 20s and guess what, their myoskeletal system, not the picture of health. They can still get better and A LOT stronger but they don’t have 10 years and youth on their side to do it.

  • Most physiotherapists will tell you to avoid ANY type of crunches and/or sit-ups, full stop. The pressures that crunches cause on lower discs were measured in several studies, and can go as high as thousands of Newtons. By doing this repeatedly anyone would significantly increase the risk of a disc herniation. Guaranteed? No, but you’d just be playing Russian roulette with your spine, whereby perhaps 40% might lose the gamble and eventually run into serious back problems over time. There’s no way to know in advance if you’re in the lucky 60%. Why even take the risk if there are so many alternatives exercise options which do not carry same potential for permanent, irreversible lumbar spine damage?

  • But the crunch machine is the only thing that develops my abs….. Nothing else works….. I’m officialy ruined after watching this����

  • I’m 50. Still training… all this information is smack on. AVOID all these exercises. And throw in L-Flys (light) for your Rotator cuffs. Especially if you Bench Press. This is a brilliant YouTube channel.

  • Overall I like the video (didn’t know about those adductor machines being bad) but I kinda disagree on the Smith machine.

    I think they can be useful, especially when learning or working out without a spotter. I learned squats on them, with a trainer making sure my form was right, and he says I have great form. I just watched a video I took from Saturday and it looks good to me. Surely better than that horrible vertical form the guy was doing in the video.

    That being said I’m looking forward to doing them with a regular barbell soon.

  • Isn’t the upright row integral part of the movement of clean? What is the difference? Why suggest clean and press in the end when you have to make an upright row in the process?

  • Those ab machines, I started doing them for the first time, within the first couple weeks of doing them my abs started cramping so bad… after that any time I tried to work out abs at all they would cramp so painfully it would end my workout. It took me a year to fully recover and only now am I able to work out my abs but I still am a little nervous about that lock up.

  • Due to lack of knowledge, I was doing all these bad exercises and I got 2 herniated discs and another worst injury called “spondylolysis”. Please listen to this guy to avoid any injuries like me!

  • 100% true bro. I have experienced most of these stupid workouts, and has done the damage in my body. Making U r body to move in a way that its not meant to move is harmful. Its simple sense.

  • Luckily I dont really use machines, I’ll use the smith machine occasionally but the machines I typically stay away from. I hurt my lower back once and I am not sure which machine it was but I am pretty sure it was the leg press.

  • What do I do for weights then? I’m a beginner? A chick though. I don’t trust fake ass PT and especially those ones who also sell MLMs

  • What is the best product or brand to lost crazy amounts of fat? I read loads of great opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a ton of fat. Has anybody tested out this popular lose weight secrets?

  • Is Custokebon Secrets effective to lost crazy amounts of weight? I have read many good stuff about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • I’m down with all of this except for the abductor / adductor, which I have started using in an attempt to stop my knees wobbling inwards (even if just a little bit) during squats. But perhaps bands would be better, or maybe the lying side leg raises.

  • What are some ways to lost a ton of weight? I read lots of good opinions on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost lots of weight. Has anybody tried this popular fat burn diet plan?

  • dude my mouth drop when i saw the exercise at 6:54 lower back injuries “serious damage he saids” that girl legs are really working out

  • Hey hey.. I recommend you guys to buy his mobility program.. Its very well structured program that allow beginners like me to get some mobility to do other calisthenic training.. Awesome!!

  • I used to do only sit-ups for my abs. Now I’m 15 with a fracture in my lower spine, called spondilolisis. I’m not sure if it was directly caused by sit-ups, but I would definitely recommend listening to this guy.

  • Heh, I’ve been doing atleast 50 situps 6 days per week for roughly 3 years now, increasing the amount slowly. Two months ago I started doing 200 per day. How nice to learn that I essentially did my body more harm than good.

  • So on all martial arts people do sit ups and ive never seen someone to have spine problems, also you said you cant feel good abs activation… I feel the most ab activation from sit ups and thankfully to sit ups i had six packs.

  • Thanks for tuning in, hope you guys enjoy the video. One mistake that I do want to correct in this video is with skull crushers. You can in fact go behind the head with this exercise as long as you’re doing it in a controlled way without using the momentum from your lats. The same points still apply though, make sure you keep your elbows tight and dont swing with the shoulders. Also as far as excessively arching on the bench press i meant to have khalid lift his hips off the bench. That would be considered excessive. As long as your hips stay on the bench you should be alright.

  • What about clap pushups? They’re more controlled than the flailing ones but still have the explosiveness. The normal releasing one’s just aren’t cutting it for me.

  • 7:10 3 years ago I used to do 3 sets of 100 situps 100 crunches 100 heel touches one set in the morning,two pm, afternoon without rest days to get abs all I got is a long term spine/back pain even now I still get that pain in some places. So yeah don’t do that

  • So it’s not so much that the exercise is wrong, but the way it’s done and if our body is not prepared for it, that will cause injury

  • It seems the common themes are 1) concentrate of proper form, not excessive weight, 2) vary exercises to prevent muscular imbalances, 3) focuse on breathing properly, 4) improve flexibility, equilibrium, and range of motion, and 5) increase core strength to avoid lower back injury.

  • Huge thanks to You… I have been Doing Sit Ups Wrong from past one week and felt the Pain In lower Back.
    But After Viewing Your Video I found my flaw. I will Surely Go for Crunches from today only. ��������

  • Repetitive flexion of the spine seen as a problem is a BIG DEBATE in the scientific community
    As is hip flexors thigthness linked to low back pain

    I love your videos! Like the professional aspect of it
    but don’t like this kinesiophobic belief, just, spread here

    Take care!
    and If you would like to talk about it,
    with pleasure

  • 2:43 “Especially face pulls are great because here you work your rotator cuff and shoulder mobility and stability IN A SAFE WAY”
    In a safe way…
    In a safe way..

  • 6:30 just need to carefully regulate your range of motion at the bottom of the triceps dip. don’t let your elbows bend more than 90 degrees and then the angle of the shoulders at the torso can be just as reasonable as with the chest dip. depends on your mobility of course. Even going chest all the way down to the floor in a standard push-up can truly challenge the shoulder’s range of motion….

  • Yo so recently I got a workout bench and it had a pull thingy and I pull handles and it lifts the chair forwards, but my hands go behind my back. Is that bad?

  • I saw those flying pushups on tik tik and I thought I can do it. But as I am on this fitness I am hopping I mater the flight in six months. Smart1one2020

  • What about the exercise “swiss army Knife”?
    like shown here:
    Is this bad for your spine too?

  • THANK YOU!!! I have always felt I was incorporating to much of my calfs in leg curls. Now I know why and how to solve that problem.

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    लच्छा प्याज़ onion ring salad

    Cheese burst pizza,pizza sauce,cheese spread

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  • Great video Jeremy, thank you so much. I’m working out at 60 and it’s so important to prevent injury because it can take a long time to heal. ��❤️ Let me give you a tip….be careful with those blue tooth devices in your ears. The concern is how these frequencies will affect the brain long term. They have not been out long enough and no long term studies have been done to ensure their safety. Big corporations would never compromise our safety for profit would they?

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    Was watching 0:34 sec, before I was outta here.

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    Mike Kirwan Kenmore, WA

  • I’d say about 30% to 50% of 20-30 yr olds do their excercises wrong, going to about at the very least 50-75% or more doing excercises wrong zhen you’re 40-60 yrs old cuz you all either wanna be able to lift more than you can handle and your fragile masculinity cant handle less weight.

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  • He’s wrong about the skull crushers. Watch some videos from someone who actually has a degree and knows what he’s talking about. Jeff Cavaliere from AthleanX.

  • With skull crushers, Athlean X says to go all the way behind your head down toward the floor. What do you think about that? He says to not go to your head..

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  • 11:10 Jeff Nippard pointed out that shoulder impingement with lateral raises and the pinky up cue are a problem in theory, but he’s been using the cue for years without issue.

    What would I do? Standard lateral raises, or Max variation with slight forward lean. I love Jeff, but I’ll err on the side of caution.

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  • 8:37 Your footwear also makes a difference. Running sneakers are bad for doing squats. Ideal sneakers are flat footed. Ex. Wrestling/ boxing shoes, special weight lifting shoes, even barefooted is better than running shoes which throw your balance off.

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