The Very Best 10-Minute Warm-up for just about any Workout


My 10 Minute Joint Mobility Warm-Up!

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10 MINUTE ACTIVE STRETCH No equipment, full body, warm up or cool down | Dr. LA Thoma Gustin

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10 Minute Warm Up for At Home Workouts

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Popsugar Fitness: 10 Min Ultimate Warmup

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Quick 10 Minute VOCAL WORKOUT! Vocal Exercise (subtitles)

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Video taken from the channel: Emi Wong

Rotate the upper body toward the support leg. Facing forward, bend to the opposite side of the support leg. Switch your support leg and repeat. Repeat 5 times on each side.

Tags 10-minute warm-up functional warm-up how to warm up effectively most effective warm-up warm up before any workout. The Most Effective 10-Minute Warm-up for Any Workout | MapMyRun If your usual warm-up is five minutes at an easy pace on a cardio machine, a slower-paced jog or walk before you start a run or fitness walk, or—worse—nothing at all, stop doing all of these. What you need is a functional warm-up. A good warmup jumpstarts your central nervous system, priming your muscles to play sports and to handle more weight so you can accomplish more in less time. And a great warmup.

Place a foam roller under your bottom leg halfway between your hip and knee. Slide your leg up and down along the foam roller, moving it from the top of the knee to the base of the hip. Try to work over the more tender areas as you can tolerate.

Repeat in 30-second to 2-minute intervals. A 10to 15-minute dynamic warm-up is also a great way to work on the movement patterns you will perform during your strength training. If you will be doing heavy Squats, it’s a good idea. It’s also a 10 minute workout routine so you can be done quickly and get on with your day!

You will love this workout! Remember to warm up and cool down (I have some videos for this on my channel). For each circuit in this 10-minute workout, you have 2 minutes to complete the following moves. Use the remaining time left over for rest until the 2 minutes are up, and then do the circuit over. The 5or 10-Minute Fat-Burner 10 Burpees 20 Pushups 30 Alternating Lunges 40 Jumping Jacks 50 Situps 40 Mountain Climbers 30 Alternating Lunges 20 Pushups 10 Burpees.

Ready to fire up your abs?“Um, your warm-up is tougher than my actual workout!” The dynamic warm-up above is designed for people who are doing serious training. If you are doing heavy deadlifts and squats and overhead presses, a proper warm-up could keep you out of a career-ending injury. This 10-minute video prepares you for any workout, helping to prevent injury and post-workout soreness.

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List of related literature:

The purpose of this type of warm-up is to allow the body to gradually adjust to the changing physiological demands of the exercise session without undue fatigue.

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The first 5 to 10 minutes and the last 5 to 10 minutes of these workouts should be used to warm up and cool down.

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A good warm-up includes at least 5 minutes of an activity before the intensity is increased.

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The focus of this section is warm—up before an event, but the applications are similar for a warm—up before the main set of a workout.

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The warm-up helps you to get ready for your workout.

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This type of warm-up typically includes general calisthenics performed at a lower intensity than in the workout stimulus.

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Workout 2: Tabata Sets Perform a 10-to-15-minute warm-up, then complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, squats, treadmill running, cycling, rowing machine—you choose) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

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This general warmup should be followed by a specific warm-up that consists of performing some of the session’s exercises at a low intensity.

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Thus, general warm-up seems more appropriate than passive when the goal is preparing the body for demanding physical activity.

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Warm-up before the higher-intensity portions of workouts is assumed.

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  • hi LA, just stumbled upon your videos recently and was happy to learn that you are a PT. I’m currently an SPT at UCSF/SFSU. I hope you don’t mind, but I will definitely be using your videos as inspiration when I prescribe exercises to my future patients!

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  • I have never done a workout, but last Monday my class and I got an email from our gym teacher. He emailed us a link to a video on Facebook, but when I started watching it I knew that it wasn’t my level. Then I remembered that you do Instagram lives and then I thought let’s go on youtube and I saw that you did some beginner video’s and I thought let’s try it. After your workout, my legs felt like pudding. When I woke up yesterday, I had muscle ache in my thighs, so I guess it worked.
    It would be great if you could do a video or post something on Instagram with some healthy recipes!
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  • I’m going to start using this warm up everyday:))) thank you ���� I would also like to see if you have any breakfast,lunch, or dinner ideas/options for those who struggle with eating more healthy because I enjoy the recipes you cook on your instagram and would like to see more!

  • Thank you so much for these videos, I’m severely unfit and need to get in shape and this one in particular is really good for me to start small. I’ve been doing it everyday for a few days and today was the first day I didnt need to take a break half way through, so thank you!

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