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Samir Becic and the Health Fitness Revolution team have put together a list of the Top 10 Beaches in the U.S. Kahanamoku Beach Waikiki, Hawaii Thanks to the offshore reef, this location is ideal for families. The Beach is accessible by boat. This beach is named after the famous Olympic gold medalist Duke Kahanamoku, who made surfing popular.

The 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean 2020. More. a fitness center and a long stretch of beach in Ocho Rios where guests can take advantage of nonmotorized water sports equipment. Top Myrtle Beach Health/Fitness Clubs & Gyms: See reviews and photos of health/fitness clubs & gyms in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Tripadvisor. The Top Ten Best Beaches by index ranking.

Alpha Travel Insurance. Huck, Escapism, Real Travel, Discovery, Travel Ideas, Mashable, Timberland, Men’s Fitness and many more. Whether it’s. Waikiki gets all the people and press; the North Shore, the fame for big waves.

But locals head to Oahu’s little-trafficked windward coast. And even fewer make it to this neighborhood beach. Top Vero Beach Health/Fitness Clubs & Gyms: See reviews and photos of health/fitness clubs & gyms in Vero Beach, Florida on Tripadvisor. Surf’s up!

10 of the best beaches for beginners to catch waves. La Jolla Shores’ beach has a parking lot and adjacent parks with a playground (with numerous fitness classes being offered daily. But not all SoCal beaches are created equal, and with some 300 or so miles of coastline to choose from, selecting a beach destination for your trip can be daunting. No matter what kind of beach day you’re looking for, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the 10 best beaches in Southern California.

Near Santa Barbara… These are the 10 best beaches we found, along with our 10 runners-up. All that’s left for you to do: Dive into the most kid-friendly beaches under the sun. Fitness Magazine this link opens in.

Top 10 Fitness Holidays Kick-start your metabolism and take on a healthier lifestyle on one of our top 10 fitness holidays. Choose from a range of different fitness activities, including everything from outdoor sports, like hiking and mountain biking, to.

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Along with being one of the most beautiful stretches of Seven Mile Beach, Public Beach has cabanas, restroom facilities, freshwater showers, slides, swings and a climbing frame.

“The Resident 2015 (Cayman Islands)” by Acorn Publishing Co. Ltd.
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Sculpted around a few lagoon-style swimming pools, one with a sunken bar, this compact resort boasts its own private cove, a range of good restaurants, health centre, sauna, Jacuzzi and water-sports facilities.

“Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei” by Charles de Ledesma, Mark Lewis, Pauline Savage, Rough Guides (Firm)
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• Gandia beach has excellent physical and functional conditions.

“Handbook of Research on the Impacts, Challenges, and Policy Responses to Overtourism” by Ribeiro de Almeida, Cláudia, Quintano, Alfred, Simancas, Moisés, Huete, Raquel, Breda, Zélia
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Fitness centre with sauna, pool & solarium.

“Slovakia” by Lucy Mallows
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Major beaches include Labadi Beach, Coco Beach and Kokrobite, in Accra; Elmina Beach, Anomabo Beach, Winneba Beach, and Gumoa Fete located in the Central region; and Busua Pleasure Beach, Princess Town Beach, and Miami Beach in the Western region.

“Doing Business In Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities” by John E. Spillan, Domfeh Obed King
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Health & Leisure Facilities: Spa, Club Mina health club, tennis courts, five swimming pools, jacuzzi, aerobics studio, 400 metres of private beach, Penguin Kids’ Club and water sports.

“The Report: Dubai 2018”
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Health & Leisure Facilities:Spa Uluwatu (beauty salon), villa retreats in 3 self-contained villas, 6 pools, tennis courts, 24-hour fitness centre, Club House, bicycle and bodyboard rentals, complimentary yoga class, complimentary lesson on traditional Balinese music.

“The Report: Indonesia 2018” by Oliver Cornock
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Some of the famous tourism beaches in the world include Malibu Beach, Miami Beach, Waikiki Beach (all in the USA), Bondi Beach in Australia, Balneário Camboriú Beach in Brazil and Kuta Beach in Bali.

“The Encyclopedia of Sustainable Tourism” by Carl I Cater, Brian Garrod, Tiffany Low
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Seba Gentlemen’s Sports and Wellness has a gym, an indoor pool, two hydrotherapy suites, seven treatment suites, and tennis and squash courts.

“The Report: Saudi Arabia 2018”
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Faga Beach with some of the nicest swimming Many backpackers stay here (and most readers in Samoa.

“Moon Handbooks South Pacific” by David Stanley
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  • Those beaches can’t beat Indonesian branches 18.000.000 the most beautiful beaches in the world. For example Komodo island beach padar beach, WAkatobi Sulawesi, iblis island not island, Lombok, pantar island beach in Island Alor,, pantai Colbana in West Timor INDONESIA, And Raja Ampat Indonesia most the best Diversity in the world and if it i tell you all this beaches to will crying cause they ‘re most beautiful with pink coolers of sand beachech.INDONESIA ����������my favorite place on earth ������

  • Wow. Amazing place. We also travelled one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, the Palaui Island. Please watch in my YouTube Channel.

  • The Malaysian people of Malay Muslim said that Kuala Lumpur has a quite nice and very clean beach in South East Asia, I hope some of the arrogant people must be condemn straight away.

  • Portugueses beaches are definitly better and clener then the rest of the europe. Portugal has athlantic north, Spain, Greece,Italy and France its Mediterranen sea

  • could you be more incorrect about St Lucia?!? St Lucia is NOT in the Bahamas, it’s not even close. The 2 mountains that you see from sugar beach *aka gros piton and petite piton* are just that…MOUNTAINS. NOT VOLCANOES. There is a volcano on the island but what you are showing is not it.

  • guys relax, this was according to trip advisor, no wonder mostly of the beaches is crowded….well let’s suggest trip advisor reviewers to visit southeast asia especially the Philippines, one spot can beat all of these ten “top beaches”….

  • This list is like a frog speaking about the pond wher it lives, not at all aware of the presence of many rivers and oceans.
    How the hell in this world can u not mention
    1)anse lazio/anse source d argent Seychelles
    2) phillipines

  • Following on from this video could you do something like a ‘what I eat in a week’ or just meal ideas. I’m so uncreative when it comes to meals and it just leads to me making bad choices

  • Wow. Amazing place. We also travelled one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, the Palaui Island. Please watch in my YouTube Channel.

  • The title should be “beautiful beaches in America” or 10 common beaches that can be found in anywhere.

    This list is very debatable.. I mean there are beaches that are a hundred mile better that any of your list. I mean do you even know Maldives? Palau and the beaches of the Philippines like Boracay?

    You should travel a lot more..

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you!
    This message is so so important and I wish I could’ve seen this years ago when I suffered with an eating disorder. Now at nearly 27, i’m beginning to see just how detrimental that mindset is. I love this video so so much. And it’s brilliant. Thank you! X

  • Not the best picks and very disappointing IMO
    I’ve seen far better beaches in Maldives, Seychelles, South East Asia countries (Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia), Mauritius than the list in the video. And there are amazing beaches in French Polynesia. There are better beaches in Jamaica than the one in the video and there is no St Lucia as well. I agree with Turks and Caicos one though

  • Thank you so much for always giving amazing pieces of advice������ i do circuits and love them!! Also i did Zumba two years ago and was amazing!! For me at the moment is going to the gym at night!!

  • Mediterraneen beaches are the best, you can swim without any fear of sharks or anything. Plus, it’s has mountains all around, plus it’s warm water.

  • As long as there are no coconut trees to shade from the strong sun, it is not beautiful to me. The most time you can spend in an open beach with your umbrella is 2 hours, meaning to say the beaches in the tropics are the most beautiful in the world because you can spend 12 hours in the beach with your skin not cracking like…

  • Hahaha this is funny.go to the philippines you can see the real paradise. Philippines is the land of ophir the queen of sheeba. those beaches you shown here just like only a typical lake in the philippines to compare sorry bout that real talk.

  • it looks like this list was made before instagram and facebook came along. if you check instagram for what travellers say you would find a totally different list.

  • It’s practically impossible to make it through that loooong intro. And if you did, you’ll enjoy the views half-hidden behind those huuuge inscriptions. Also the voicing is toooo pretentious yet monotonous.

  • Aside from El Nido, there are tons of beautiful beaches and sandbar here out of our more than seven thousand islands with rich marine life here in the Philippines including the pink beach and luxury beach Amanpulo resort visited by royalties, Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

  • If Asia would be included I recommend any beaches in the Philippines! But Balos beach deserves more than just an honorable mention:

  • I recommend La Digue Anse Source d’argent and please have a look at the link below to see the real natural beauty

  • Beaches are my favorite places to be ��❤️❤️
    Subscribed ✔️ Liked ✔️ Shared ✔️

  • Just fucking say the list rather than a fat monologue at the start im a minute and a half in and you’re still busy telling me what you’re all about.

  • Cannes is overrated… I went to Cannes and it was the dirtiest beach I’ve seen with plastic bottle everywhere and even diapers in the water ��

  • Thx for great video from my parents country Croatia is truly PARADISE in many ways, Try to visit HVAR one of the TOP destination thx also for sharing video! Greetings from CANADA! �� ������������

  • Em great video girl I can’t wait to try these tips girl your my inspiration girl I feel like your videos help love and I feel like I can trust you ��������������������.

  • This is so badly misinformed. The mispronunciations are bad enough, but to recommend Piha Beach to non swimmers is a potentially fatal error! This is a dangerous beach if you are not a strong swimmer.

  • Fitness is very important:3 anyways let’s show Em Sheldon lots and lots of our love and support as her subscribers and fans and let’s show her how much we love her as a youtuber

  • I am not trying to be Bias towards my country but, how is Australia not on here.
    It has Bondi Beach.
    It may not have the NICEST, but it has a lot of very nice beaches!

  • Clearwater, Florida? Wtf over jamaica and Isla Mujeres. Someone needs to advise them that all the beaches in the world aren’t just in europe and the carribean.

  • have you tried visited beaches of the Philippines? my gosh! what you mention here is nothing compared to the beauty of the beaches in the philippines! will this vid. is nonsense! ��

  • Hi! Thank you! You have helped me get myself moving, it’s hard when you are older I need to move more than I do, so thanks for this vid ����

  • But ehhhh corona virus hiw we gonna vacation ehh il just put a screenn if a beach and a cahir so its like ehhhhhh idk ehh Corona virus

  • The most beautiful beach in the world according to tripadvisor is located in Fernando de Noronha Brazil.. So don’t know why it’s not even included in this list.. by the way, Copabana Brazil is just a regular beach don’t even know why it was included in the list.. That being said I would definitely include El Nido Palawan, Maya bay and Whitehaven in Australia the top 4 in this list… What about maldives? French Polinesya beaches??? It’s all wrong this list

  • Sorry to say but your making a video by your own opinion not from magazine,,,yeah we respect that,,,but the truth is have top best islands in the world in southeast asia also based on big seven travel,,,,you mentioned only is from west……

  • I think You´ve never visited Curacao, Aruba, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Barbados, Tobago, Grenada, St. Vicent, Dominica, St. Kitts, Antigua and least Honolulu. I DID!

  • Have you ever heard of Cancun Island Beach, Cancun, Mexico? It is a very beautiful ocean beach with a beautiful calming resort Krystal Grand Hotel and all the places on the island? It should be on the list.

  • I think the title of this video would have been the most beautiful beaches in western countries,there are more and more beautiful beaches in Africa than some that I have seen here.

  • Indonesia have many exotic beaches but we stay calm! U just know Bali. U need more many time to explore beautiful beach in Indonesia… 4 million km of country size are water.

  • Copacabana? You are having a laugh. Any beach in Mozambique or S Africa is much nicer than Copacabana, yet not 1 beach in mainland Africa made the list. Pemba Bay for example, in the indian ocean, in Mozambique, is a thousand times more beautiful than Copacabana.

  • i think mojo travels only travels in western countries…. and never had been to asia… how about maldives,philippines,bali,thailand? if you compare to your top 10 picks…and you will see top beaches of asia? you will know of what you are saying…

  • I do not trust this video presentation. How come the Philippines is not in your list? Come visit the Philippines before the world leaves behind you. Your fellow countrymen, friends and relatives are all enjoying here in Palawan. Do a full research to make this video accurate.!!!

  • Hello. I am 89 years of age, lovers of sun, beaches and tropical climates. I served for over 60 years and was stationed in Georgia, USA. After a life of struggle I want to finally put my feet up and forget about the cold weather. My question is: is it legal to go behind a tree and pee or worse? I want to visit those beaches but I can’t guarantee that I won’t leave a souvenir or two, I am old and you can’t blame me for not making it to the toilet on time. So I want to know if I’m allowed. Thank you

  • Man truck have got some beauties as well take a look at my motorhome in Australia search for: 4×4 motorhome slrv commander, and I am sure you will be impressed, thank you

  • For your information before you make the video you need to research first coz you don’t know about the beautiful beaches. I was shocked where’s the Philippines Palawan beach and BOracay. This video is thumbs down ��

  • You’re kidding Indonesia doesn’t come in?? Raja ampart,klingking beach,pingk beach,komodo island,tomini bay,nihiwatu beach,drawan beach,gili trawangan,gili meno,gili air,mandalika beach,ora beach,belitung beach,and there are still many who have not been exposed

  • I love Europe culter Europe country is the world no 1 most expensive and beautiful sweet very very nice I love Europe food I love Europe country

  • This is bullshit… piha is my local beach and like u say it being good for people who can’t swim or children… this is not true, piha is one of the most dangerous beaches in the world with extreme waves dangerous rips in the water and a surge that pulls you out to sea. There have also beach a few shark attacks

  • What I love about supporting you the most is that you’re always so honest and you never sugar coat things which is so amazing as we can all relate to you and trust what you say! I think you’re a wonderful person and when I see the nasty comments it makes me so sad as I think to myself why are they doing this to her! That’s so mean! Just remember Em that the people who are here for you will always be here and will support you in anything! I enjoy supporting you so much and that won’t change! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had body confidence issues but just remember that you’re perfect just the way you are and that it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside and you’re so lovely with the kindest heart and that’s what people like myself admire! I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better as positive Em is the best! Never change who you are to suit others because as long as you’re happy with who you are then that’s all that matters! I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve achieved! ��✨��✨

  • this is pink beach in indonesia at komodo park island and labuan bajo island and keliking beach at bali island in indonesia this beach the best no 2 in asia

  • You did forgot Croatia �� this country is one Of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen with beach that are not polluted and which look like paradise everywhere

  • This selection is just ridiculous. To start with, I don’t consider Cannes to be a beach, it’s more cement than beach. Portugal is an amazing country but the Atlantic beaches can’t compete with the Mediterranean beauty of Sardinia: they used the most ugly footage.

  • You produce great videos champ and present places in a different light that I wouldn’t expect. Rijeka and Rovinj were good examples for me.

  • Im in such a rut at the moment and really needed this video thank you so much. �������� I go on holiday 6 weeks today and feel like I won’t see results by then if I push myself now. ����

  • FILIPINOS please stop being insecure about everything. It is people’s opinions, so respect it jesus christ. They didn’t even put beaches from Thailands, Hawai, Croatia, Greece, and Vietnam. I am filipino saying this. I don’t get why you want people to coddle your insecure brains and think it makes a difference. There are actually more important issues like the shameful poverty and corruption and how our beautiful cities like Manila have been DISRESPECTED for years by our shithead politicians. Seriously it’s not a big deal that this video didn’t put the Philippines. Stop expecting to be praised and have this undeserved entitlement. People will love the Philippines. You don’t need the world to be flocking to us like they do with other countries.

  • im from the philippines which has 7,600 islands.. but a list for the most beautiful beaches in the world without the maldives in it is straight out ludicrous.

  • I’ve been to Nusa Penida in Indonesia, Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, Positano in Italy and Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka.
    I think there are better beaches in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Seychelles and Mauritius. I’ve been to Maldives 5 times but I never been to Cocoa Islands. Some of the Greek Islands are amazing and so is Madeira in Portugal

  • Bulgaria has one of the best beaches in europe (and probably the cheapest). I miss Sunny Beach from the lists like this. Maybe there should be another list which contains the best beaches for the price?

  • I don’t know how you cannot include La Concha Beach in Saint Sebastian, Spain, considered the best urban beach in Europe, second best city beach in the world and number 4th in the world. Also you should include Cies Islands ( Rodas Beach) considered one of the best beaches in the world.

  • Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia’s photo is wrong! The photo is from ”Praia da Macumba” (Macumba’s beach), not from Pontal do Atalaia. There’s near spot from Praia da Macumba that’s called ”Pontal”, but it isn’t Pontal do Atalaia

  • You used footage from Butterfly Valley instead of Ölüdeniz. Their location is really close but Ölüdeniz is much more beatiful and different than what you present in the video.

  • just remember that you dont need to look ripped like her to be ‘Healthy’ most women cant show abs until less than 18% body fat but many loose their period at 20% body fat. we need to change the sterotype that this figure is the only one that = strong.

  • I think East African beaches are the best in the world. #Watamu #Kiwayu #Dianibeach #Galukindondo #Bofabeach #Lamu #Kendwabeach #Pajebeach #Jambiani #Bazaruto #Vilanculos #Bilene #Tofobeach #Pontadoouro #Mogadishubeach

  • Thank u for this! It’s really helped me. I think my problem is I’m scared to go to he gym because of the way I look but I know if I don’t go I’m not going to get anywhere xx

  • Hey guys! Hope you’re well! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my fitness and diet so thought I’d put together a chatty but easy video with lots of things I’ve learnt along the way with fitness and health. As soon as I started to love my body for the fact that it keeps me alive rather than purely thinking of aesthetics, I was less hard on myself! If you look under the video I’ve also linked lots of blog posts, healthy recipes and more. I’m not a professional fitness trainer or nutritionist etc so obviously speak to a professional for advice first before making any big changes:) xxx


  • I disagree with the beaches listed in this video. Most of these beaches suck. I can’t believe they never mentioned Mexico or Aruba. And the beaches in NZ and Shri linka are awful.

  • What a joke. There are numerous beaches way better the ones mention here. Try beaches in the Gulf States and in Oman and don’t forget the Greek Islands.

  • Thank you for not including Asian Beaches. A blessing in disguise. Time to flock those beaches with tourists and reserve the beauty of Asian beaches just to few people! Never set foot here in Asia and bring your garbages elsewhere in the world!

  • La Concha San Sebastian should not be on this list that beach is ugly AF many other beaches in the Caribbean are far better and more beautiful

  • The only beaches worth mentioning on the list are the beaches from Jamaica, Aruba, Turks and Caicos, Cayman Island and maybe Mexico. How can people take these rankingssuch as Florida and Brazilseriously if some of these places are ranked as best in the world?

  • Hey Em! loved this video! these are the goals i’m trying to aim for. I’m also trying to stop counting my calories and eat more carbs so your advice really helped. Just wondering what your fave podcasts are? thank you! x