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The good news is compassion is a greater motivator to change than criticism. Also our brains are considered to be quite malleable so we can change our habits if we change how we think about things. Try the tips below and you will be on your way to compassionate change: Breathe and learn to identify your negative thinking loops. The Surprisingly Powerful Motivator You’re Leaving Untapped by Carley Hauck, MA January 17, 2015 “Its odd,” Samantha said, “but whenever I am nervous about an upcoming event where I know I have to be on and present, my focus goes straight to the size of my belly.

The Surprisingly Powerful Motivator You’re Leaving Untapped | MyFitnessPal “Its odd,” Samantha said, “but whenever I am nervous about an upcoming event where I know I have to be on and present, my focus goes straight to the size of my belly. If you recognize a girl like that, you’re more likely to have more fire inside of you. A detailed goal also evokes the visual imagery part of your brain rather than keeping your imagination at bay. You want that detail to spark you into seeing how amazing achieving it would be.

This helps you stay on course and unearths untapped motivation. “Just start down the path and watch the necessary resources, knowledge, people and opportunities unfold before you.” From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences breakthrough, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential. Use the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique can help you power through unpleasant tasks by improving your focus and boosting your productivity.

To get started, set a timer and work for 25 minutes, then reward yourself with a five-minute break. After four 25-minute work sessions, give yourself a 25-minute break. Visualization is a powerful technique that can help you to focus, stay motivated and achieve your goals.

By creating a mental picture of yourself successfully completing a. Once relegated to MMA fighters, Crossfit crazies, and older weekend warriors, the Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is the best exercise you’re not doing. You took the time to learn how to properly deadlift, squat, bench, and power clean, but like an oil tower in There Will Be Blood, I still believe you’re leaving precious resources untapped.

Whether you’re dragging yourself to the gym or fighting the mental battle against procrastination at work, making a mental shift to reconnect to your source of motivation can give you the boost. Most of the time, others won’t need anything from you, but it’s always good to offer. Just letting the person know you’re there will help motivate them to start. And, who knows, maybe your skills can help.

7. Follow Up. Periodically, over the course of the next year, ask them how their goal is going.

List of related literature:

Where willpower comes in is when life presents challenges to that vision, like being asked by your office mates to go for a pizza just as you are leaving for your daily fitness walk.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

That’s what motivated me to wake up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and drive across town to my gym, and that’s what motivated me on that particular morning in the spring of 2001, as I stood in front of a mirror, checking my form and taming my will … which was begging me to call it a day and hit the showers.

“The Catholic Table: Finding Joy Where Food and Faith Meet” by Emily Stimpson Chapman
from The Catholic Table: Finding Joy Where Food and Faith Meet
by Emily Stimpson Chapman
Emmaus Road Publishing, 2016

And, when the external rewards, or the prospect of rewards, are withdrawn, motivation is also withdrawn.

“Applying Educational Psychology in Coaching Athletes” by Jeffrey J. Huber
from Applying Educational Psychology in Coaching Athletes
by Jeffrey J. Huber
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

As powerful as my motivation was, my willpower wasn’t just sitting around waiting for my call, ready at any moment to enforce my will on anything I wanted.

“The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
from The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
Bard Press, 2013

Thus motivation is a dynamic concept; it has to be understood in terms of changing needs, feelings, and circumstances.

“Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice: 2nd Edition” by Eda Goldstein, Professor Eda Goldstein, Dsw
from Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice: 2nd Edition
by Eda Goldstein, Professor Eda Goldstein, Dsw
Free Press, 1995

It is not necessarily that the meaning of exercising has disappeared, but the connection with this overarching and inexhaustible source of satisfaction is too weak in the moment.

“Mastering the Clinical Conversation: Language as Intervention” by Matthieu Villatte, Jennifer L. Villatte, Steven C. Hayes
from Mastering the Clinical Conversation: Language as Intervention
by Matthieu Villatte, Jennifer L. Villatte, Steven C. Hayes
Guilford Publications, 2019

This is called intrinsic motivation: that is, the rewards come from within.

“Different Minds: Gifted Children with AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome, and Other Learning Deficits” by Deirdre V Lovecky
from Different Minds: Gifted Children with AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome, and Other Learning Deficits
by Deirdre V Lovecky
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2003

You don’t need inspiration, you don’t need motivation, and you don’t need discipline; you’ve built a habit through associative learning.15 It’s just like brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, taking the dog for a walk, and what have you.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

And it cannot keep you from drifting off course when the motivator is gone.

“What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter
from What to Say When You Talk to Your Self
by Shad Helmstetter
Gallery Books, 2017

Motivation is strong at first, but often wanes as soon as weight plateaus.

“Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness” by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
from Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness
by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
Guilford Publications, 2016

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  • Guys, I know we all have very clever jokes which I read and they were indeed fucking clever and hilarious. But what he said at the end is very true. Let me give you guys a bit of insight as a composer my self. If you want to learn the piano and get better everyday by practice, then we can all get better everyday by practicing kindness and humility. Cheers everyone!

  • By proposing some initial negative notions and ending his speech by making the use of “unless” which also bears negative meaning, he is conveying a positive message that while we are capable to invent a great amount of reasons not to pursue our passion (great career), we are also capable to invent a great amount of reasons to pursue our passion.

  • Have got to be one of his best speeches. It’s so profound to realise this concept of things shining forth and to follow your intuition. It’s remarkable where it will take you! Been trying to pay attention and be aware of what merely seems meaningful lately, and it is precisely like Peterson is saying. You become more grounded in a sense och more secure as a person, you can handle almost whatever’s being tossed in your direction. SO COOL. Thank you.

  • I mean, its inspirational and all but this video is pretty pointless, I gained no new knowledge. I was hoping he actually talked about what steps he took, what and how he got his job specifically to become ceo.

  • Intersting: he’s talking about the transformation process and the eye opening cure, instead of remaining blind. But my thoughts led me to acknowledge the fact that our brains inhibit us to do certain things solely for body self-preservation. We can simply transcend that trhough conditioning, in some other words practice, building neural networks.

  • If he only knew how his life is about to blow up soon. I wonder if he ever wishes it never happened. He looks so good/healthy here.

  • That’s nice, but your thumbnail makes it sound like it happened overnight. Which it obviously did not. It would have been better to share where he talked about HOW he turned his life around! What steps he took. What struggles he face on that journey towards eventual success. That’s what I want to know.

  • I also grew up in a safe, protected, middle-class family with mom and dad… brothers and sisters. This structured family shattered when my mom left all of us due to emotional abuse and fighting with my father. My dad who was emotionally destroyed, sent all of us to live with separate paid-foster families… not real family. Life was never safe again, instead… fear, sadness, unhappiness, unsafe…. This has forever impacted all of us siblings for the rest of our lives, till this day.

  • everybody watch this video has a beautiful mind,
    but facing challenges,
    but hopeful for the future,
    looking for more energy to struggle challenges and negative thoughts
    you can
    and you will

  • Half the time. I have no idea what he is saying. His speech is always too confusing. But I love the guy for doing what he does. His message is just not easy to understand. He’s like a rain man (movie reference).

  • Hey Travis was up at your place this past week fishing with a few friends and family. We got a chance to chat with you. You might remember the one guy with the Ohio hat. Lol. That was not me much smarter than that joined the USMC. Had a great time loved what you did with the place. Thank you and Semper Fi!

  • emotion goes, I’m sad > sad > sad> desperate for the one to come back> really desperate> frustrated > tired on being frustrated > acceptance but still sad > still sad and realize need to back to life and live on…

  • Great video!those messages are very impressive and i love it so much =), i will share this video to my friends, motivational video is very important to all people to recharge their energy in order to keep going in their life

  • I could never put to words how listening to classical music made me feel or how it ‘talked’ to you, narrated a story that that was so similar yet so different for every listener. This gentleman does it with so much panache, its just unbelievable.

  • This is the best speech I’ve ever heard or seen hands down. Everyone should definitely check out Ajahn Brahm.. think that is how you spell it!

  • And some people are jelous of other people’s success which makes it ten times harder to do the job because you are doing the job right! Just know the difference and trust your selves.

  • You, Sir, are the most incredible, funny guy I have ever heard! Truly, the inspiration and hope that you give is incredible. Thank you ever so much for your service to our country. The price that is paid for us to live in freedom, is way beyond our imagination. It’s so refreshing, hearing so many parts of how your life is going. I applaud you, a thank you isn’t large enough to express the gratitude for all that so many take for granted. It is so nice to have your video come across my phone from you somehow, so that we can all learn from you. Gratitude and so much appreciation for your attitude and love of your wife and children brings tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for what love you have shared with us. Truly an honor to have listened about your life. Thank you. I’m a mom of 2 kids, both boys, that I raised by myself, to be truthful and loving for how fortunate they are to be where they are. Boh are in the Marine Corps.
    Thank you again for your sacrifice for all American’s

  • We all are special on our very own ways and can overcome literally every obstacle put in front of us. But we need GOD to do so. With his help nothing can keep nor bring you down. Give your problems to him and he will deliver you from them.

  • These are the great words, but I have a question, what has he changed from that times when that man said these words? I see a man who want to inspire people, but by his appearance I can say that he has not achieved something incredible.

  • u will lose that stress i no ur thinken hard about it u will change i no ur from the war i no who u guys are i always did thats y i found u u found me to u guys are the change for germany u will lose that soon its fading away that belief i wanted to bring u peace u guys neeeded this so bad sorry i left u so long suffering its not ur fualts u are forgiven u were tuat the wrong thing i wana lift the plaque from u i love u guys ur all bueatiful pple inside an brillient jus use ur skills for good itll leave u w a good soul an itll set u free i wana cry i finaly got to u i missed u guys so long u been pushing away but i never left u u have no trust u guys are scared to from ur past beliefs but they are maken u the way u are but its not ur thoughts originaly there others bad beliefs thanks for listening to wat i had to say means alot guys i hope we can meet some day i look forward to it ur my bigggest project i wanted to help u the most u can do this fight that stress an let go of old beleifs ull get any thing u want wen ur try pple repectt that more then gold

  • This is powerful, I love this channel so much.
    This channel has motivated me to open my own channel and I would love it if the family could take a look and tell me what the think of it.

  • The best Man whom ever inspired me before to this core……

    Love you alotttttttttttttttt Sir for showing the reality of life ��❣��……..

  • Love his personality. Hope he does more speaking or comedy..anything really. Respect to him and a big Thank You for keeping our country safe.

  • Facing a lot of dobouts right now
    Afraid I lose my mind, afraid i will not have a normal mind, afraid I would go crazy, Dont know what to do.
    please pray for me.


  • I think he makes the mistake of confusing passion with fulfillment and this is just misleading to people. He starts the talk with the right tone: there are simply not enought great carreers available. Even if all the people in the world had the right mindset that he speaks about, they would not all achieve it.
    If you dont end up doing what you love most, dont blame yourself, its not up to just you. Find things you love doing, there is not just one and you dont have to make a career out of it. If you manage to make a living out of it, better.

  • Fast forward to 2019 2020. Jordan Peterson is a game changer. There is a lot going on in this discussion. Pics up from 9 min and 15 minutes in. The learning transforms you and the nature of your goal. When your engaged in something, that’s worthwhile.

  • Sales. Any type of sales could be a good launchpad for those who want to rise up. Fast..!! It’s a game of skills that can be learnt, if one is willing to. It’s not about ones upbringing or education

  • Seems like a really nice guy.,,but everyone forgets that he lost his limbs because HE CHOSE to go into another country, with his “brave” brethren, and declare war and kills hundreds of thousands. How many “insurgents” (read: simple locals who don’t want to be conquered by the American war-lovers) lost their lives after he had his accident…,100? 1000? To me the takeaway from this guy’s story is: 1) NEVER join any army, 2) never kill anyone, and 3) if you do, you deserve whatever happens to you and so does your enemy.

  • Speaker: Canadian crowd surely!!
    Canadian in crowd: HAHAHAHAHA
    (laughs loudly to show he is Canadian)

    Awww humans you are all so cute❤️

  • You’re still great I hope you have a wonderful life and may God always help you in tough situations you really admire me love you bro ❤

  • Do you other Asian kids like me hear from parents;
    “You can pursue your passion once you’ve done having a stable career.”
    Isn’t it ridiculous?
    You already kill the passion and then ask for it to be reborn? Don’t you parents hate to ask that? You’re begging your children to become doctors and lawyers just so you can hold up that steady place you have in society. You can’t possibly imagine going around and saying your child has failed at something.
    It’s so weird.
    I respect my parents and all. But I wish they were brave enough to recognise that passion is something greater than a career.

  • Unless you do it despite the fear keeping you back.

    We sabotage ourselves more than anyone else can. That fear that locks and chains us to where we are is mostly more damaging that anything bad that comes from opportunities we could pursue. Every opportunity we reject comes back to haunt us.

    If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. (Right most of the time.)

  • On the plus side he can now cosplay as octane or any robot. Thats the problem with HAVING limbs is that you can have robotic legs.

  • Great, powerful message, I was homeless age 20,16 years ago. Depression took hold, but I kept a job and finally after 4 months on the street I got a bedsit. Now I’m nearly a store manager with an international supermarket. Married, own home, got my teeth sorted, got my driving licence!!! I really love watching these stories of nothing to sumthin, they hit me hard. NEVER GIVE UP

  • Wheel came off a semi-truck, landed on the roof of my boyfriend’s car, broke my leg in the hip socket, tore up my knee, broke my jaw, upper and lower… there was never a thought of doing anything but moving forward. But I was healed spiritually as well. If tragedy strikes, embrace the path.


  • Now THIS is a couple that I want to hang out with! The strength of a human being is magnified by someone who truly loves and supports them, thank God for his wife and their humor!

  • Say a prayer for me I’m 25 I use to be so self motivated and positive now I’m battling drug addiction and suicidal thoughts. I broke my foot and lost my job. I feel like a loser. Please pray for me brothers

  • Most scientists are under the conviction that they can be objective observers of physical phenomena, as separate from that phenomena. This is a perception only and cannot be proven or sustained.

  • I was once living in only a 3 bedroom house and could only save $100 a month. I said something has to change. So I quit my job started my own business and 5 years later I can say I never imagined I’d be here. I now live under a bridge in Albuquerque and havent seen my family in 2 years. Never been happier! Thanks nutrisystem!

  • I have seen Travis speak many times and NOT once have I seen or heard a single ounce of self-loathing or victim mentality. God bless you brother.

  • I don’t know how much I’m using my health as an excuse career wise, but I know for a fact that I’m not using it as an excuse for my hobbies and other passions. I had to quit my years of running, I couldn’t get past a yellow belt in karate, I kept trying different forms of dancing and was a fast learner, but couldn’t continue, I’m still doing qi gong, and my own modified yoga and I can still go for walks which I’m so grateful for because there was a period when I couldn’t.

  • You was 15 i was 10 years old an orphan kid making money for brothers and sisters mom all alone how should i feel than by the age of 12 brought my own car no one taught me how to drive all alone by the age of 14 addicted to drugs age 15 got girlfriend 16 lost everything my girlfriend got killed my car had accident destroyed my life started getting harder but still grateful for what ive been learned know different languages entrepreneur i was alone working 18 hours to get the best thing for my home how does that makes me feel than?

  • this needs to be translated into other languages..
    so more people can listen to him. Until now I really though i was tone deaf…..

  • The very first time I heard Chopin, was the very first moment I truly understood classical music. Instantly I could completely hear the tone, the mood, the story it told. I agree that anyone can be a classical music fan.

  • I just sat down at my computer desk. Turned my laptop on. sat there as all my programs opened and started i clicked on me chrome. Setting up to study. went to facebook. set MY SONS court papers next to me. My boyfriend was standing next to me. then a new tab open on it own to this video. it was everything i have had on my mind. everything every change i had been talking about talking about dreaming about working for. i sat there in shock I cried. Like God said your on the right path keep going. It was everything I needed.

  • There are lots of smart people in this comment section! Love reading the comments!
    Classical music is truly bright & entails lots of talent in listening & expressing.
    really helpful for personal development.

  • Man you are AWESOME!! If you can go on and be happy then WTH is wrong with me?? Lol. You’re one of my heroes now that I can look toward for motivation. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY!!

  • I have all four of my limbs and every woman I have ever known, in any capacity, for any length of time, has summarily kicked me to the curb. I want a woman like he has, regardless of any physical characteristics. Now, that”s all.

  • It is so great to listen to a person that is so passionate and knowledgeable like Jordan Peterson. His work and lectures are some of my favorites alongside the work of Alan Watts, Earl Nightingale, and Jamen Allen.

  • That got me in tears,beautiful history..I hope anyone going through what he went through can achieve they dream in life,can see life in a different perspective of joy, happiness and prosperity.

  • The goal of life is not to live forever. The goal of life is to create something that will. Do not let “average” be your legacy ��

  • It’s good to have passions and dreams, as long as your dreams aren’t an Ideal that commercials are creating for you to live up to so that you’ll buy their products or programs or an Ideal that no real relationship or career can live up to or be appreciated in it’s own right, or something that makes you ignore and miss all the little things in life which are important.

  • Your story is the greatest LEGACY that you will leave to your friends.
    Are you gonna be intentional about the LEGACY you’re leaving?!

  • This is the power of family. Power of having a society. The power of fatherhood. The need to live for the people out there waiting for us.

    But sadly it is dimnishing in an exponential speed.

  • Ur an inspiration to all of us!!!

    I’m actually trying to start a YouTube channel. It’s really hard but hopefully one day it will pay off

  • aaaand what if you don’t have a specific passion? what if you don’t have a dream? what if you don’t know what you really want to do with your life?

    ‘I could do anything, if only I knew what I want’

  • Honestly I have this hunger for success, but the one thing I lack has to be clarity of what I what. I do know I want to be someone some day. I’m honestly tired of blaming others for my mistakes. I’m tired of being a failure. I’m tired of being an ordinary man. I’m 22 and ppl tell me “ you’re still young don’t worry abt anything now “. You know what I think!? Bullshit. I may be young, but I have goals now that later on I don’t want to forget. I’m hungry now. Why wait till I’m older?

  • I stumbled on this video and I think I have now listened to it about 20 or so times in the last two weeks. I am still unpacking the concepts in this video. I have added “I don’t know what my name meant before I got here, but I know what it’s going to mean before I leave” to my daily affirmations/mantra.

  • Damnnnnn, I will leave a legacy aswell!!!! I made this channel to start my legacy would appreciate it if you guys check it out! ❤️

  • Amen. We are BLESSED & UNSTOPPABLE!! To God be the glory. It’s time to RISE and WAKE UP my fellow KINGS & QUEENS… we are ROYALTY!!

  • Sober for 2 years now and discontentment was absolutely the catalyst for change but it took 26 years to find my bottom and now I will find my peak!

  • I can’t imagine what would be this world without classical music
    Without the music of Chopen, Beethoven, Chaikovsky, Mozart and many many others…:'(


  • I may be nobody today or tl6o the maximums I may be somebody but I promised my self I won’t be leaving this earth without reaching the world I live in through my work through my thoughts and through MY NAME ❤️

  • Listening to this when I am absolutely broke but I don’t know what to fight for….fight to live with the same people who have lost humanity? Fight to live a life where there’s absolutely no1…not even your parents….I don’t know man…one thing is certain I will never bring a new life to this world…will never have a kid…

  • What an inspiration!when you try to find excuses you won’t get anything but when you focus on what you have you can conquer whatever you want.

  • to the people who says ” They are happy in their job “. I’m happy for you. but please check on yourself again. why did you come to visit this video in 1st place? please don’t miss the point between feeling great in ur own job. and feeling great in your comfort zone. don’t let your brain trick you.

  • I find this advice painfully naive, honestly. I pursued my “passion” for 5 years: it left me broke, depressed and my marriage teetering on the brink. If you want some real talk here it is:

    1. You don’t know what your “passion” is. That’s because passion doesn’t live in you without experience. If you’re “passionate” about being an actor but have never had an agent, attended those last-minute auditions, paid thousands of dollars for class after class and generally lived that life, you’re not passionate about being an actor, you’re passionate about the IDEA of being an actor.

    2. Interest is a much better guide than “passion”. This is not only because our passions are mirages as per point #1, but because you honestly don’t know yourself that well. A career is a multi-faceted thing. It is incredibly common that you can love certain aspects of a job but hate others. Maybe you want to be a biologist and absolutely love snakes, but to do the job you have to spend months in the rainforest which you find completely intolerable. In that case you will not have a great career in biology: you will either suffer your way through it or quit. Voluntary suffering in pursuit of attainment/meaning is important, but the reward has to be commensurate. Using interest as a guide rather than passion allows you to course-correct: you may not end up where you thought you might, but you should be continuing to move towards that which you find interesting/fulfilling, NOT some abstract, idealized dream.

    3. As much as we don’t want to admit it, society places some pretty steep hurdles in your way to carving out a niche for yourself, and not always for bad reasons. People will not just pay you to do what you love, and we only need so many artists. Advice like the above tells people to “go for it” without accepting that you can be ruined by the attempt through no fault of your own. The best musicians do not necessarily have hit records, computer programs that are years ahead of their time are supplanted in minutes… the market for labor and product is Darwinian. Yes, this is focusing on “success” rather than “passion”, but we are social animals and need feedback for our efforts. Without positive feedback our efforts feel wasted and passions are not maintained.

    4. Obsessive pursuit of career can destroy relationships something that Larry Smith is ignoring at his peril. Most people find greater satisfaction in their familial structures than careers, and having children is perhaps the greatest task in your life’s course. The highs of your career are short-lived… you complete something and immediately need to go and do the next thing. The hedonic treadmill continues apace. Families not only have innate, lasting value to us, but are alternative sources of our own growth and self-development. Learning to repair an old bike with your son can be so much more fulfilling than hitting first place on the NYT Bestseller’s List. Just ask some of the authors who’ve got there.

    None of this should be taken as a condemnation of people’s striving to have good careers: yes, a good work ethic and pursuit of excellence are commendable. But you’re probably not going to be the next Beethoven, just like 99.99999999999999999% of us. The best advice I can give to people who really feel “passionate” about creative/artistic endeavors is to get a job you are good at something stable, challenging and that gives you routine, some motivation and a good income then pursue your creative work in your own time. Write that novel for an hour every morning before work, paint on the weekends, take online classes in your spare time or make a film with people you know. If you’re passionate about those things you will continue with them for fun, and without the pressure to succeed (f not, they will fall away in time, and that’s OK too). Perhaps then they can turn into a career and you can “live your dream”, and not spend 5 years begging for table scraps like I did.

    Food for thought. I hope it’s helpful or, at least, more helpful than Larry.

  • I went from trying to commit sucide, to losing absolutely everthing, being homeless, to finding my happiness slowly, to making $3000 a month, change is possible just remeber to #nevergiveup

  • I wanna go for something related to arts but ik that i will be someone broke if i will finally be thrown into the real world.
    Im also unlucky with looks so i will die alone probably outside on a bench.

  • Unbelievable, Jordan Peterson never seas to impress. I was so engaged that I never bothered to ask why I was watching this which is exactly what he’s referring to.

  • Something I learned when I continued drawing the same thing daily for 100 days my mind just started exploring how to create more within that thing and I saw a vast improvement by the end. I think it’s so similar to what he was referring to at 3:00. Only his was more elegant heheh

  • It is a deadly serious topic he were speaking. I think those audiences laughed because they knew in the heart he was telling the truth but the idea is too brutal for them to comprehend and accept. I won’t blame them because it is indeed very brutal to accept the fact that you might have pursued the wrong career the whole life. Everyone is laughing but in the inside, their true self little kid is weeping ��

  • Other experts prepare a TED talk and are able to present a snapshot into a complicated, specialized field.

    Jordan Peterson prepares a TED talk and covers the entirety of mortal existence.

  • The risk of listening to JP is that he makes impression of a decent man, but in fact, he must go on defending the system, which exploits and kills majority of men in quite meaningless ways. He lacks a simple empathy for people, who are not women.

    So, boys and young men: be careful when listening to this new god a lot of what he say makes sense, but it is not for your good. His words is a hidden program to make you into a good worker of plantation. Not that men were in this plantation for hundreds of thousands of years. Just men used to have respect for feeding the masters. Not any more: the masters now spit on you and JP helps the masters to contain you. JP knows that betraying boys mean village burning. He is afraid of this to happen, so he plays along and hides those pieces of inconvenient truth, which would free those boys from their slavery.

  • I am.49, homeless and jobless. I have ptsd and depression, like you I grew up in a very abusive home. Is it possble for someone old as I am having a chance? I am slowly dying from depression.

  • You have my attention and have had it for a number of years Jordan. Thank you for finding your meaning. It has helped me find mine.

  • i love how he mentions, you shouldn’t hoard information to feel like you’ve won because when you can’t do things for others you lose.

  • This is motivating at its finest this speech spoke through the tough time we are going through. And what I’m personally going through this is what makes us matter this is what makes OUR legacy matter.

  • Lessons from this story:
    You’ve got to make a difference.
    You’ve got to change someone’s life to another corner.
    You don’t know how great POTENTIAL you have until you utilize them!

  • -> The academy to create artists. Learn to play professional music from Sir Bhola Ghosh. Talented musicians are created at Bhola Ghosh Music Academy through extensive and exhaustive hard work. Bhola Ghosh has over ‘4 decades’ of experience in creating professional music industry artists. He has produced an impressive number of notable artists in this field. His reputation for excellence precedes him.

  • Phoenix Rising from The ashes… skydiving March 30th 18,000ft. This is an external manifestation that I’ve endured, Overcame Fear of the Unknown, 38yrs of my life. I will Always Overcome. My time is Now… Time to Rise like the Phoenix ���� Lone wolf

  • “It’s not about having wealth or fame or power, it’s about how many shining eyes I have around me”

    Have you ever felt like your eyes have been opened by a divine being that answered one of your hardest questions?

  • Oooohhh yeah one of those speeches again! If you find yourself going for a run or a focused thought about your future…. Fly or die baby


  • Half of the time Jordan Peterson is saying great insightful things, and the other half he’s sounding like Alex Jones.
    “You don’t see people, you see shadows”
    There needs to be a game: Alex Jones or Jordan Peterson

  • Good pieces to get into classical music:
    Tchaikovsky violin concerto
    Sibelius violin concerto
    Rachmanioff piano concertos 2 and 3
    Chopin ballade 1
    Introduction and rondo capriccioso
    There’s lots more out there but these are my favorite violin and piano pieces as a violinist:)

  • u are so impressive im so glad u are growing so nice man ur guna do good things i no it i am jus learning still allow others to find there self u jus enjoy ur lives an teach others wat u no itll do the right thing wen ur true to wat u do it sets u free im proud of u tho
    iim happy now

  • “Next level is about purpose”. That’s all I need. Just turned 38 & I felt lost and hopeless until now. Next level of my life is about purpose. Ty God. Good luck everyone!

  • A brief summary of the main idea of the potential that Dr.J.P is trying to explain: You have to specialize in a very narrow domain, and that’s the only way you can become successful enough to bear the limitations of your existence. Work as hard as you at one thing and see what happens. the learning that you gain in the process of moving towards that goal transforms you into a very strong and durable person who can bear the adversity of life without corruption. It’s mandatory that you do that, that you set a goal for yourself that’s very specialized and that you start working on it. It makes you a competent human being. And the alternative is horrible, by having a goal you justify the suffering of your life by moving towards your goal, it’s like you’re paying the price of climbing that ladder, and it’s a very worthwhile price to pay for everyone, otherwise, if you don’t have a goal, you still, will suffer unbearably in life, and pointlessly. Because you’re not staying in stagnation by not having a goal, at least that what you think, but the world is moving forward, and nature is making get older and the world is moving forward and therefore you’re moving backwards in life, and if you stay in that phase enough! That’s enough to make you cynical and vengeful and mean and you will try relentlessly to make the world worse because you’re suffering pointlessly. Set a goal, work as hard as you can at one thing and see what happens. You will be amazed by how much easier life gets and how much control you gain over your life by time

  • It’s insulting that most ted talks are translated in almost 30 languages. This has auto-generated subtitles…
    This man deserves way, way better

  • I am so grateful for Jordan Peterson. He literally changed my life. Thankful to ever come across his works. I have so much love for him.

  • Its amazing what a positive person he is even though he was harmed so severly and came back from a war. He is a true inspiration for me.

  • What are you drawn to? What interests you most authentically? -> Understand why -> Move forward towards the interest framed as a goal.

  • U can lose your arms you can lose your. Legs but if u still got your mind. N e thing is possible im touch n im proud of this dude but he is verry smart n thats really what kept him motivated but again i thank him for what he did for r country n salute him for not giving up

  • “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:36. Apart from Jesus Christ, you are a child of wrath on the way to death, judgment and hell. Leaving a legacy will not save your soul from eternity in hell. We have all rebelled against our creator earning us nothing but death and hell. God in Jesus Christ came to earth to save sinners. Jesus Christ perfectly obeyed God in our place fulfilling all his laws in our place. Jesus Christ voluntarily went to the cross to die in our place for our sin. Jesus Christ absorbed the wrath of God we all deserve. Jesus Christ forever defeated sin and death when he rose from the dead. Jesus Christ abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day. Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life. He that believes in him though he was dead yet shall he live. What must we do to be saved and escape eternal judgment and wrath? Believe on the lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.

  • Wow, I’m only. 3 minutes in and this is already one of the best videos I’ve seen. I’ve seen too many videos put together that feel lame to me. I hope they help other people, but many motivational videos don’t do much for me. This video, however is some of the realest stuff I’ve heard online. Two things that don’t seem to matter very much to people these days is their name and their word. I was raised being told that a man is only as good as his word and his word and his name are all he’s got. I can’t believe how many people in the world give their word and never have any intentions of doing what they said. People don’t think anything about their name either. I want my name to stand out amongst the rest. This guy is also very right when he says that people borrow money from one rich name and give it to another just to show off. That is a disgusting fact at least in America. People all over buy shit they can’t afford and don’t even need just so they can feel validated by the opinions of a bunch of strangers. People who buy a house or a car or some other so called “status symbol” that they can’t afford just to show off, sure they want to impress their friends and family, but those people already know who that person really is and know that they can’t afford it and that person knows this deep down. That’s not really why they buy this expensive shit they can’t afford. They buy it because they are trying to impress a bunch of strangers and try to make those strangers think more highly of them. They want to get those looks from other people who are also caught up in the same bullshit and feel validated by a bunch of people who are also unable to think for themselves. The only reason people get so hung up in this so called “status symbol” war and bullshit is because the advertising and marketing campaigns of all these companies is better than the product they sell. Sure companies may make a quality product, but I wouldn’t drive a Rolls Royse if it was given to me for free. Unless it was from the 60’s maybe, but not a new one. It’s what the name and car represents. I do not want to give off the impression that I’m stuck in the same bullshit. I’m not saying this to be a dick. I’m saying it because far too many people are THAT concerned with what a bunch of strangers think about them. I knew someone who bought a luxory car he could not afford. He bought it and quit paying his rent because he couldn’t afford both. He moved in with his sister, her husband and their kids for a few years. I doubt he gave them any money at all. He didn’t give me any whe he had nowhere to go and my brother and I let him stay with us and it ended up being 6 months until he had caused enough shit between my brother and I that I had to tell him it was time to go. He’s always been arrogant, but this car he bought was 10 years old at the time, but looked decent as far as luxory cars are concerned. He barely has money to feed his kid. He barely drives the car anyways because if it’s not been sent back to Europe for repairs or in a shop for other expensive repairs he doesn’t want to put too many miles on it or whatever, so he barely drives it anyhow. He already knows that I, and anyone else who knows him knows full well he can’t afford it. We all know all the bad shit he’s done to people including ourselves so that car doesn’t make him any better in the eyes of those who know him. Yet, he still just has that look in his eye when he talks about it and mind you, it’s about 14 years old now. That is a prime example of someone who is far too concerned about what strangers think about him, though he’d never admit that of course and he doesn’t much care about what those who know him think which is evident based on how he’s fucked over just about anyone who knows him. That’s what advertising and this “make everyone think they’re better than everyone else or at least as many people as possible” bullshit is doing to our society. In the 60’s is was about WE, starting in the 70’s, it became all about ME. That’s the fuckin problem with America. We have about 250 super rich, super powerful people that run the world. We already have a one world government, most people just don’t realize it. The Bilderberg Group. Look into them. They are your masters whether you believe it or not. They found after sending out the National Guard to kill people at college campuses in the 60’s, they realized they won’t be able to hang onto their wealth and power if we keet standing up to them. They decided to give people what they want back then, within reason of course, and start attacking us from a new angle. They started a psychological war on the people and the future generations by making people only care about pointless shit and by making everyone hate everyone else. The Bilderberg Group owns all the major television and news networks. They steer the news in a way to constantly make all of us middle and lower class people, who are by far the masses, hate one another. It would be awful hard for us to ever work together to fight those who we should be fighting if they keep us fighting with each other over things like race. We are all the same. We are made the same way, we are constructed of the same material and we can all, die or survive the same way. Yet they constantly push race in the news because there’s no way we’ll ever get together to fight them because we can’t let our pointless differences go. It’s smart on the part of the powers that be. It’s workin awful fuckin well for them. There are roughly 325 million people in America. The middle and lower classes like us, make up about 300 million of those at least. Yet we just keep moving right along the path like a bunch of good little sheep like they want us to. Why? It’s because they don’t fight us physically, they fight us psychologically. That’s a much dirtier way to fight. It’s cheap, it’s unfair, it’s fucked up but it’s effective as we can all see. If we can’t let those things go there is no hope for us and we’re done already. Trust me, the whole zombie thing has already happened. I see them all day, every day. It just isn’t like you see in the movies. It’s not physical zombies, it’s psychological ones. Think about that. We need to do something and soon.

  • Can someone who’s disliked this video explain to me as to why that is, it bothers me to see something so inspirational to be disliked or hated.

  • for those who are at their lowest (i’ve been there): don’t blame, don’t feel pity but reevaluate what you’re capable of, you must understand that time and effort can transform anyone, including you!

  • Thanks for being there when I needed you. ��
    “You must know ahead of time; there will be setbacks. When they come, relax! This is the key to getting back on track quickly and stay on track longer.”
    You are welcome, I am glad you like it. ❣

  • We can’t account for consciousness? Here is what I can’t account for. How can anyone not recognize JP as the biggest fake intellectual of this century? There are other ways of looking at what is real, people are prone to pathology, a nihilistic hopelessness, nothing has any meaning. We came close to anihillation. If belief is pathological then real things have to be dealt with. Things that manifest themselves to you as meaningful are real. [I guess Peterson thinks that I see things that are real. Wow.] The view of things as objects, a cliff isn’t an object, your brain isn’t an inhibitory structure, children are wide eyed, a child takes care, we look at fire, if you love someone you see the future, you don’t see people… [I wonder if Peterson actually attempted to be more pointless if he actually could? I doubt it.]

  • The advertisement industry using these ideas like never before. They make you think that you actually found what you were looking for… It is a trap using your own perception and your own intelligence…

  • Damn this hit me hard. I suggest y’all to listen to the strangest secret by Earl Nightingale, available on YouTube and Spotify. Trust me, Larry Smith and Earl Nightingale together will change your life forever.:)

  • The Chopin piece has a problem if it’s wants people to crave the last e. Towards the end it climaxes with many impulses and all the soft playing barely made someone crave that e to begin with.

    I’m sure he is playing the piece properly but may be he should play the piece with that intention and reinterpret so people crave that e at the end

  • u guys will see me get back together quick wen u guys do ur part it helps me to get better an ur kids will have a good future they deserve it our first timee we will actualy be the united states never have we had peace

  • I had such goosebumps! It is videos like this that inspire me to give all that I have, to try and have an even bigger impact, to make videos and serve people with my own story.. Thanks for sharing this..

  • Summary: Potential: trying to reach it leads to a meaningful life, becoming a good person with strong enough values and beliefs that are close to reality that you cannot be corrupted by pathological ideologies (fascism, communism, cults, etc). When you are engaged with something you find interesting you don’t even think about what the meaning of life is.

  • Wonderful! Zander is not only a talented musician and conductor, but an excellent and funny presenter also. A trait he shares with Leonard Bernstein.

  • Good speech
    But please can someone answer one question
    Why do all these motivational speakers
    Go through some loss tragedy
    And from happy home to abusive drug and alcoholic
    I mean I am also here in search for motivation but somehow all these stand up guys speakers etc
    All have this same base line.
    It’s like it sounds good
    How much of it is true???

  • Whew! What a gift. This works on so many levels that words fail me now. Like any great resource, I hope he’s around a long while.

  • Jordan, though, is making the presupposition that the material is insufficiently complex to effectively inform one’s perception of meaning. He devalues it because he ostensibly sees a lack of evidence as evidence of absence re consciousness’s roots therein. He then conflates infinite knowledge with sufficient knowledge in an attempt to preemptively imbue the unknown with unfalsifiability, seemingly motivated by an attempt to make less predictable or measurable the phenomenon of potential. Whilst many conflate objective limitations with ‘limitations’ conveniently intuited to fit one’s anathematisation of responsibility, I feel some overkill here.

  • Am I the only one who has a hard time listening to any of his content for extended periods of time? Not because its not intersting. Its by far the most interesting content I have seen probably ever. But his speeches/thoughts are practically dripping with meaning. I find it almost exhausting to take that much information in in that small of a time frame..

  • I’m really having a tough time right now. It’s very hard having family members who brings you down, telling me i cant be successful in life. Now im starting my succulent and cactus plant business.

  • At the end of this video I teared up, wanting to scream my lungs out. I realized I’m tired of making everyone happy accept for myself. ITS ME TIME NOW!!! Move out of my way I’m coming for what’s mines!

  • Jordan Peterson speaks with such piercing focus, monumental intellect, and burning passion, one can’t help but be mesmerized by him. This man is like the burning flame of modern civilization a shining beacon for all those who are lost or buried under the weight of their own sadness and pain. I for one am very glad to have the opportunity to learn from his wisdom. He’s not the father we deserve, but the one many of us desperately need right now.

  • I just want to do comic books and character building, studying industrial engineering is great and all but sometimes it feels empty.

  • Am 17 years from Kenya in a slum called korogocho am football player where I earn 1500 Kenya shillings a week I have started an organization for street child saviour and so far I have took 10 of them to school and rehab bcoz most of them sniff glue and they are addicted please anyone who is willing to help can came and visit the organization and help me transforming this innocent and talented kids on the street

  • Why does he have to scream so loud? Imagine your math teacher, teaching you math screaming. HOW MUCH IS 3 * 2??? Seems that motivational videos should be called exciting videos. People should care more about the learning process to become a better person and that takes a lot of time, effort and dedication rather than be excited for some minutes because of one exciting speech and after that don’t know how to change the mindset that causes all the problems in life. How about some calm but effective philosophy?

  • I get up every morning at 3 am and training for cycling before i go to work every day. These videos are truly inspiring. Mornings that are tough to get out of bed and that little voice that creeps in and says just sleep in today it’s cold outside… NOPE!!! I put this on!! Put on my shoes and im gone..��‍♂️��

  • Did not make the promotion that I got 5 weeks ago. I failed. It is Time. Time to be filled with spirt and fail, fall forward, not only be  motivated but be inspired.  Fall forward with change that those around you have never seen before.

  • Have you ever felt that your love for helping others interfere with your daily life as seeing so much corruption that it makes you sick to your stomach and emotional because the wealth being of others causes you great pain and anguish?

  • Unless you make peace with your ego and the world. I’m amazed at the positive response to this. The solution is NOT to sacrifice everything in pursuit of a goal, because whatever the goal is, when you reach it, you will find something else to strive for, and feel unhappy for not having. First let go of your ego. Then you will do whatever flows naturally from you. It will also help you find whatever it is that you do enjoy for its own sake. It will never be a strain. I’m not a good example. There are many people I look up to and want to emulate, in all kinds of directions. So much so that what hurts me is that I am not them. Note that this is markedly different from feeling an urge to do what they are doing. It is simply a convoluted sense of guilt. I need to lose that before I can even contemplate what my passion might be.

  • This is what the 13th Doctor’s classes is like…

    Edit: I can just imagine him sharing this now. With the memory of the lost children in Gallifrey. And, how he saved them. Then continues to live on, doing what he does, for those “shining” eyes.

  • ❌ = no/I dont have it
    ✔ yes/ I have it
    ➖ = almost/mostly/partly

    What you need Checklist:

    Time ✔
    Strong mind➖
    Potential ✔

    So what about you?

  • The gentelman has a point. He discribed all fears that come with progression and you will over come them if you are really serious.

  • I’ve played classic music for my entire life and I listen to it daily. This man opened so many horizons for me with this 20 min video.

  • 7years later, I am watching this video…its amazing how consistency is a great tool to greatness. Jordan Peterson at this point never knew he would be a celebrity in this present day and Era 2020. Same way 7years from now whoever is reading this will be shocked to say this comment is so apt, therefore, i shouldn’t look down on myself. I’d keep on being consistent in my hardwork and dedication.

  • I’m not afraid. I’m 19 years old and I learned in ninth grade that you have to take ginormous risks and be judged by many people but i will not quit my passion.

  • I don’t know if he is still a professor at the Waterloo Uni in Canada, but I have a great regret something about him.

    Couple of years ago, I had a four-week journey by myself in North America and Ontario state was one of my destinations. I happened to be able to visit the university then.

    I had to have a courage to look for him to express my gratefulness and respect which wouldn’t take even 1 minute. Because his TED talk inspires me so much.

    Prof.Smith, No, I am not afraid to be seen weird. I dare to be different.

    I am not afraid to follow my passion. Thank you!!

  • If you want to start listening to classical music, here are a few great pieces to listen to.

    Dvorak Symphony no. 9 4th movement
    Beethoven Symphony no. 9
    Mozart Symphony no. 40
    Sibelius violin concerto
    Mahler Symphony no. 5
    Tchaikovsky Hungarian dance no. 5
    Bach Fugue in G minor
    Schubert Symphony no. 5
    Paganini Caprice no. 24
    Chopin Funeral March
    Mozartleck mich im arsch

  • This channel is the best creator for motivation I actually created my own channel called Jeric Chan to show even MORE Motivation highlights come check it out and I will always follow back.

  • My child will never be homeless because i cant afford children and i recignize that fact unlkke every1 else who sucks the benefite system dry. My children will not suffer be pushed around or be subjigated to any1’s perverted will.

  • Wonderful person! Thank you for this amazing presentation which awakens the possibilities and old forgotten dreams in our hearts <3

  • Can’t agree more: 17’25” “You see this played out. People know this. Everyone knows it. It’s just that our culture isn’t good at articulating it. We’ve lost a lot of this. We haven’t developed our knowledge about this as much as we’ve developed knowledge of the objective world. AND WE ARE PAYING FOR IT.” Jordan Peterson

  • Imagine if you were one of the soldiers or enemies who planted the bomb. Feel years later, published book and live stories on it, RIP. ☺️ ��

  • Every goalcast video just hits you hard. Intense music, stock videos that are reused, and a person talking about their life being hard and turning it around. Fukin love it ��������

  • I like philisophy, history, sociology…. but this man’s language is so strange. I feel like he is wasting his time and life. None of this makes since or relevance to modern life. I love Ted talks. I just don’t care for this man or his lectures/ teachings. I like Robert green much more so.

  • I feel that my life is so much better since I found Jordan Peterson on line. Now I devour everything I can find that he has put on line. He has helped me make sense of this crazy world we live in.

  • I just found this talk years later. This made me cry because I have felt so stuck for so long, so frustrated, gave up on dreaming after a failure trying to bridge into a new career. It didn’t work out for many reasons, but I have put my passion on hold out of fear. This talk helped me realize, the time is now! I have to dream again, I have to open up my possibilities.

  • I have spent over a decade attempting to find a profession that I had a consistent obsession and adherence to, but I failed to do so. Thus, according to this guy I have no passion. After all, from a psychological point of view passion is a mere emotion and is often driven by fluctuating emotional impulses that urge an individual towards a seemingly compelling career. It is often said that if you are experiencing emotions such as gratification, satisfaction and fulfillment during the practice of a profession then that position is not only an “interest” but it is a passion and is a career that you have a fundamental connection to. I think instead of claiming that people should follow their passion, we should instead assert that people should occupy professions that yield passion. Positions that are needed by society and when the worker directly realizes that indeed he/she is contributing to his/her society. This will permit the individual to develop strong adherence and commitment to the position. Also, I think more importantly people should occupy positions that they are competent and skilled at. This is mainly because a substantial amount of psychology research has shown that positive feedback, which is a result of success in the relevant field can prompt the individual to become eager to perform even better. I believe this avenue, in which an individual starts at an advantageous position and continues to progress with increasing motivation is the avenue that will contribute most to society and thus will be more rewarding for the individual. So, I don’t think that people should follow what they are “passionate about” because that is likely to change, which will lead an individual through multiple career shifts, which is neither practical nor convenient. I think we should assume a position that greatly contributes to our society’s circumstances and one that is most impactful because after all “service comes before self”.

  • Unless… unless you actually get off this site for entertainment purposes only. These videos are more educative than the millionth cat video that gives you a chuckle, but lost a minute that could’ve been an additional minute to reduce your buts and increase what your unlesses have you do.

  • How can someone dislike a motivational video?
    I honestly pity him.
    But,Logically if he disliked the only explanation could be he was looking for a demotivational video and he found the opposite.