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How to Learn Pull Ups for Beginners

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How To: Beginner Pull-Up Progressions

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Step By Step Pull-Ups (Proper Progression )

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How To Do Pull Ups For Beginners (Full Tutorial)

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HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST PULLUP | (Step By Step Progression)

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How To Start Calisthenics PULL UPS | THENX

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Nailing Pullups | Master the Move. by Brittany Risher. May 9, 2017. 1 Comment.

Share it: There’s nothing like banging out a pullup or 10 to let everyone in the gym know not to mess with you. Maybe that’s why so many of us want to learn how to conquer the notoriously intimidating exercise. How to Do Pull Ups for Beginners. Pull ups can be an excellent way to build upper body strength and work your core.

However, it takes time to build up to pull ups. If you want to learn pull ups, start with basic beginner’s moves. In this pull-up guide, we’ll provide tips on how to do more pull-ups, going from zero to one, from ten to 30, and beyond. Before we get into the expert tips, here’s how to do a pull-up. How To Do a Pull-Up.

Muscles Worked: latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii, brachialis, trapezius, teres major, infraspinatus. So In this video i’m going to show the step by step guide to perform proper pull up.You can perform this exercise at Home as well so don’t be confuse anymore and. this is the third video of my how to series in this video I am going to show you and tell you how to perform a pull up this is a very easy way for just beginners if you guys want to learn the. Beginners Guide to PULL UPS!! (step by step learn fast!) LYZABETH LOPEZ Fitness & Nutrition. Loading Unsubscribe from LYZABETH LOPEZ Fitness & Nutrition?

Cancel Unsubscribe. This article will take you through a step by step guide to finally master those pull-ups. Progression plan. Dead Hang. Hang in there: In order to become a master at pull-ups, you’ll first need to work on your grip strength.

One of the toughest parts of pull-ups comes from being able to keep your body hanging from the bar throughout the. The Best Damn Guide to Men’s T-Shirts on the Internet. 10 Things Your Father Should Have Taught You About Style. If/How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie.

8 Myths of Men’s Style How to Clean a Baseball Cap Here’s What Happened When I Wore a Tie to Work Every Day for a Year How to Make a Leather Belt Your First Style Steps: Beyond Jeans, T. The No-Bull Guide to Protein. March 30, 2020. Eat Carbs and Climb Harder.

March 05, 2020. A Step-By-Step Guide to Plateauing. April 23, 2020. See All. Shut Down.

What the research says about nailing the perfect pull-up and how to apply the takeaways to your own workout routine. A push-up is one of the best strength training exercises you can do for your body. Not only a push-up builds muscle and strength in your chest, shoulders and arms, but you also engage your core, glutes, and hamstrings -your entire body!

List of related literature:

The best place to start is with Staggered Pullups.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
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As best as I could, since I had just learned how to do them, I employed kipping pull-ups, then the push-ups and air squats, wincing through a first set.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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The standard routine is to give the subject 30 s first to insert pins with the right hand, then with the left hand, and finally with both hands.

“Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Methods in Clinical Pharmacology” by H.Gerhard Vogel, Jochen Maas, Alexander Gebauer
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To encourage a neutral pelvic position and help prevent defaulting into an overextended position, curl your free leg in tight to your body, keeping your foot on the mat, and lie back.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
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I hated pull­ups because they seemed impossible, but now it’s my favorite exercise.

“Essential: Essays by The Minimalists” by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
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You can find a complete list of all the exercises and techniques in the front of this book.

“How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit” by Amy B. Scher
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A patient with a leg amputation may perform push-ups, as ordered (in the sitting position, arms at his sides), or pullups on the overhead trapeze to strengthen his arms, shoulders, and back in preparation for using crutches.

“Lippincott's Nursing Procedures” by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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In step 3, press the arms down into the mat so the shoulder extensors aid with lifting the upper trunk.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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Other exercises are usually taught, including four specific exercises: climbing the wall, arm swinging, rope pulling, and elbow spreading.

“Mosby's Medical Dictionary E-Book” by Mosby
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Crumpling up newspaper pages with one hand, doing fingertip push-ups, pull-ups, and virtually any type of weightlifting involving a pulling type of motion are other approaches.

“The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Trends” by IFPO, Sandi J. Davies
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  • My favourite TV show is “Cuarto Milenio”, an abnormal events and parapsychology program issued in spanish television. Do you have blue eyes?

  • Awesome, just got the Buff Dudes Body weight workout in this week! Also trying to train for an obstacle race lots of hanging and climbing.

  • That seems like a great beginner progression honestly! StartBodyweight’s routine begins with leg-assisted pull ups which I found quite hard to begin with. I’ll begin instead with this progression.

  • dont cross your legs, its pointless and only hinders your balance/strength. when would you ever pull yourself up from something with your legs crossed behind your body unless youre a paraplegic?

  • I feel like I was living under a rock for last 3 years after warching this video 3years later…. I wish i found this video sooner… Regarless its never 2 late to start working out

  • This is me. I grab the bar, everyone looks, and I can’t do a legit pull up. I’m practicing, using bands, lots of lay pull downs, hangs….I guess I just need patience.

  • I’m a climber so it’s always really funny to me to see the grip strength part. It’s so wonderfully easy for me. But for some reason I still can’t do a pull up, which is absolutely something to be ashamed of as someone who is slowly leaving the beginner grades in climbing and getting to the intermediate ones.

  • Very informative! Thank you so much for posting!
    Sir, please let me know what kind of pull up bars those are and how those can be installed at home..

  • I did it! Skipped the rubber band part, just kept doing reverse pull ups by lowering myself slowly, after 3 weeks I could do 7 in a row, that’s when I tried a real pull up and succeeded! Second one was sloppy though, now one month later I can do 4 in a row and also 3 chin ups in a row, trying to reach 10 by Christmas:)

    Oh and I also did a ton of push ups, reverse push ups, dips and few more exercises while trying to do one pull up, it may have fastened the results a little.

  • If you’re feeling bad or that you might still not be able to do it, maybe you lack muscle or confidence or are too heavy. Do Pull Up Negatives! They’ll get you to pull ups in no time EVEN IF you’re weak or heavy. Trust me!

  • Those shoulder depressions are no friggin joke. I watched this thinking those were going to be easy but I’d do them anyway. I couldnt even do one. I’m so disappointed. I started doing them in the Australian pull up position and I’m going to work my way up from there. Turns out my shoulders are the weak link in doing pullups. I wouldve never thought they were this important, thanks for the help

  • Today I went on the park went to do a pull up and failed lol tomorrow I’m going back and every day till i can do it funny thing is I could do them 20 years ago

  • Any suggestions regarding those of us who have torn rotators? Left was done because of tennis (I serve fast) and the right was due to martial arts training (10+ years). I’d like to do these but don’t want to undo years of physio

  • For someone in its mid 40´s that has never done pull ups, how much time should it take to begin doing pull ups on his own if he practices daily????

  • Me:(sitting on the sofa) I’ll start doing these exercises right now.
    Chips:(And leave us alone!!)
    Me:I’ll be there and I’ll be there.
    And the rest is legend…

  • Great video. Very useful to break the goal down into different steps. And showing a Porcupine Tree album in the corner is a big plus!


  • Im 13 and try to do pull ups at home, ya know, tryna get some arm muscles, so exactly what muscles are used at a pull up, i guess bicep and tricep and that other third muscle at the upper arm, but is there anymore

  • Yeah, I was totally destroyed when I discovered I couldn’t do one pull up or one push up. Like, this is coming from a guy who would do this stuff almost limitless in my youth. Prone press-ups, one handed press-ups, no problem. Changing from 154lb to 190lb probably doesn’t help. Anyway, I’m getting back there, grip strength is pretty important. My aim ìs to do the Royal Marines minimum requirements, three pull ups I can probably manage, thirty push ups is a challenge. The swimming thing I can do standing on my head. Running, my knees are fucked. Have to give a by on that. I can walk forever though.

  • Hi Buff Brandon, a 70 y.o. here. Everyone always forgets to show the most obvious way to learn to do pullups without bands, and expensive gym machines; This of course follows after the hang for 30 seconds, and negative pullups. Just stand on a box or chair that’s high enough to allow your legs to do the assisted ascent up to the bar. Your brain will automatically tell how much assistance to make it challenging to get 2 or 5 or 8 good reps without being too easy. As you get stronger, your arms(&lats) will start pulling your feet right off the box. You also don’t need a rack or bar, or other equipment; a chin bar and a chair. I know this works. I did enjoy your video very much.

  • Thanks for the video! Still working on my first pull up. By the way, what brand of bands do you recommend? Looking for something reasonable $. Thanks guys, your videos are awesome!

  • Awesome explaination! As of now I cant do pull ups….. I am trying to do dead hanging drills, and reverse rows. But can’t yet hold myself up near bar for negative pull ups. Is resistance band pull ups always recommended?

  • Bro your a fkin legend mate, your insane workouts but with thorough explanation is something that I’m incredibly grateful. I’m currently in the process of filming 6 months of varied workouts and a lot are from yours. I’m in the first month and decided I need to implement chin ups and pull ups and this is the perfect video to enhance my skills and strength. Much love bro.


  • I’ve seen a few tutorials, even geared towards women, this is by far THE BEST one! Lots of small progressions, doable for a woman, doable at home. THANK YOU!

  • Great video and thank you for posting. Really enjoyed the breakdown of each of the individual steps and the path of progression. I will put it into practice and see how i go. Thanks again.

  • So you go through circuits, progressing down the pyramid. My curious question is it one perfect formed set of each exercise, or is it multiple sets??

  • It takes time, yes… So talking about time, what’s the time between progressions? How many reps/sets per day per progression? What about rest periods, should I do them every other day or every day or every two days? More details please, thanks!

  • Chris i love the way you talk to beginners exactly the same as everyone else! I see a lot of ‘coaches’ talking down to beginners alsmost as a hindrance. I t truly says a LOT about character. I can see you’re a genuine guy just by watching your channel. Peace Friend! Never change!

  • So if I’m getting into these exercises w Rings, should I be trying to use False Grip the whole time?
    I know this is an older vid, but I’m way down the rabbit hole waiting on my rings and parabars and stuff to show up in the mail…

  • I need advice Chris. So should I do Australian pull ups everyday to master them or should I do it like train one day, rest, train. I’m not sure. I Need ur advice.

  • Chris, I really hope you see this comment. I watched this video a few months ago and as a direct result of it grew 0 pull ups into 10, but I feel I’ve hit a plateau. How do I progress my pull-ups from here? Thanks

  • How long we stay one one stage level.
    Until we reach how many pull up.
    With accessories dips how many pull up we need to done to continue to the next adaptation pull up.
    Yes I agree with most of people is the first tutorial very deep I see on YouTube excellent.
    I m new subscriber of your channel, very good videos.
    Thks sir for your future reply to my questions.
    Best regards from France ����


  • 5:10 Really important part.. Watch the video when you do these pull ups and you’ll realise that what this guy said really made a difference.

  • Hi! I do the Australian Pull up 3 times per week. Each time I try do 3 set of 15 Reps. Is that enough? As I am trying to do pull up.Currently I am not able to do any pull ups at all. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  • I will not be caught dead pulling a bench under the bar at my gym hahah looking especially special. I’ll probably just buy a home one until I get good enough to take it to the gym.

  • This is hands down the most careful, kind and motivating explanation I have ever seen. No show, no cheap tricks, no animation crap, just a real trainer.

  • when you skip into the video “yeah do those Australians until you cant do them any more” me “oh shit im on that side of YouTube” haahaa na good channel tho “smile” “smile”

  • Hey Chris if you are reading this just wanted to say thank you so much for this video it really changed my life like it make pull ups easy before this I had struggles with pull ups but now thanks to this video I started from the beginning and build my way up to advanced exercises like the muscle up thank to you it’s easy for me to do now not only this video but also others you have not only changed my strength and stuff but also my whole life Chris thank you I can never repay the things you have done for me thank you thank you so much

  • I its alot easier with the band, then its probaly no the best way to do it, I suggest using nothing to help you but just do as many as you can even if its just one at a time, eventually your progression to be where u can do 10 pullups a set, once u can i suggest doing 50 pullups, 5 sets of 10

  • To do my first pull up and eventually sets of pull ups, I started with reverse row first, then negatives, finally with bands, then free pull ups; I was also doing other exercise that approximate upper back exercises. Was doing fairly decent of pull ups, it was my goal as well, then COVID happened:(!

  • I know I am late, but can you expand on the topic of how wide the grip should be? I have been active hanging for a while and my forearms seem to do most of work.

  • Need help with Pull-ups? Try Our FREE Training Programs To Take Your Pull-ups To The Next Level:
    For further tips, check out our ultimate guide to strict pull-ups:

  • For real, i could never do a pullup until college. I did a bunch of bent over rows and lat pull downs (among other things). One day i tried doing a pullup again and did 5 lol. A couple years later my max was around 30 @ 200#.
    Basically, do complimentary movements and it’ll come around.:)

  • I’ve been trying for years to get it, idk why i can’t… Mind block maybe. I do crossfit and lift a lot but this and other gymnastic moves i just can’t do.

    THENX Iphone App:
    ANDROID App:
    Thenx Blog about this workout

  • Great video. All of these exercises are a must do.
    To me personally, the game changer was band assisted pull ups. Negatives, dumbell exercises and holds helped me to get to my first pull up, but band assisted ones helped me to achieve 4 in a reasonably short amount of time.

  • Thanks for putting this together. Trying to get back into shape and appreciated having both Brandon as the pro and McKayla(sp?) as the beginner working through the examples. I took notes and will be getting to work.

  • 4:55 3 gears to pull up technique
    9:40 activating scapula
    10:24 jump pull ups
    12:23 jump negative pull ups
    13:20 expander pull ups
    14:40 first pull up

  • I’ve always struggled with pull ups. I just couldn’t do them! But this breakdown is awesome!! Thank you DLB for sharing these tips!!! ��

  • You seem so genuine to me. How tall are you? I know, weird question, but although I have minimal muscles you are the first person I’ve seen that has a similar body type as me (kind of, except I’m old and flabby and you’re young and muscular).

  • dana, can you tell me why i feel my backmuscles more and better when i do assistent pullups on a machine then when i´m doing cable pulldowns on a machine???

  • Are we need to practice pull up first before we practice beginner calisthenics? Because I already practice your beginner calisthenics for 3 months but my pull up progress is so slow, its only for 5 to 6 pull up.

  • I started doing pull ups seriously like 4 months ago when I couldn’t do even 1 and then stopped and started them and stopped and now the past 7 days my pull ups are getting better and better. Such a struggle

  • I don’t remember having a hard time doing a pull up. Even as a kid I never had a real problem working out. It just came to me naturally.

  • You are just amazing, Love the way you help all of us,, and explain everything and show us in so many ways on how to get to where we need to be, you Rock thank you always,

  • I love this! Thank you. So far I can only hold myself for 10 seconds and it made me realize how much I need to work on my strength!

  • 09:34 This is why we need a professional trainer like you.

    Learning a new chapter based on the previous chapter.

    In psychology it’s called Continuity Of Knowledge.

    Thank you my brother for the video.

  • Great video. I was just talking to my wife about this yesterday as we just got a rack in the garage. Good stuff and I can now add a few parts of this progression to what I have told her already.

  • Lose weight. Pulling up 185 pounds is very different from pulling up 154 pounds. Grip strength it’s the basis of everything. Work on your grip strength and lose weight, pull ups will come naturally. That’s basically, why we can all do pulll ups in our youth, when we’re older it’s a real challenge, same goes for push ups. If you’re doing this at 185lbs you’re pretty strong.

  • I am starting tomorrow with this
    right now even Australian Pull ups are hard for me but I know I can do it
    I‘m going to update in 1 month

  • Any exercise you do will take a little time to master when you first start out. Once you get stronger you will do more easy, i started out doing 50 push-ups now i do 100 in the morning 100 at night easy. Just got to keep at it and push hard

  • Thank you for this, you’re genuinely interested in helping. I’ve made a plan to follow your progression method, hope to post back with success ��

  • You are the first really intelligent TEACHER/COACH I have found on the internet. You take things from 0 and gradually work them up. I like your approach thank you. I was wheelchair bound for 5 yrs and the man which helped me walk again is just like you.

  • I used to be able to do around 30 pull-ups with a backpack on. My back got messed up in an accident and I was in physical therapy for a couple of months. Now I can’t do one Damn pull up.

  • well for men usually at least one pull up should be doable. for women it is way more challenging. but luckly you can do cable pull downs and start with very light weight. you can run a 5×5 training on these too.

  • great video but the only thing that isn’t explained is the rep and set progression. If for instance I can only do 5 straight leg rows, should I finish the set of 10 with 5 bent leg rows or do I just stop and try again in a few minutes? or stop and try to get to 6 the next day. The same question goes for all the exercises. Should we be aiming to complete a certain number or reps or time by finishing with an earlier/easier exercise or just stick with the one we are on? I hope that makes sense

  • You left out pulley lat pull down machines which really are the best thing. If you don’t have a gym membership but have a power rack you can add a pulley to it. Also, what I do is use a box similar to your negative pull ups, but I use my legs to assist me. So the front edge of my feet are on the edge of the box and i push up with my legs to help aid my pull up. So it’s not like I’m just standing on the box, my legs are bent and I’m doing mostly the pull up with my arms, but any additional help is with the legs.

  • Also, I’m 5’11” @199. I’m on a good run of weight loss lasting about 4 months straight (Started at 230) so it’s not just water. I’ve been eating at a slight deficit for that whole period. And now for the past month I try to stop at1800 a day, but often go below.

    I still get sufficient protein, like 90-100 grams a day (lean.) I’m now at around 14% BFP, even though BMI stupidly says I’m overweight (with a 6-pack starting to show!) I do light RBT training.

    Should I just take the next step toward the bars, or should Iose an additional 15 pounds first? I’m thinking 185 is as light as I wanna get and I wanna start off strong, but I’m not sure. I haven’t been this light since HS.

    Thanks for the video. I wanna use this stuff!

  • I’m 14, and this this for three months, I used to weigh 97 lbs, but with your methods, I am now 120 lbs and have a LOT more muscle!

  • I can’t seem to do a pronated grip. Every time I do it, my forearms feels like it is getting twisted and it hurts me bad. Supinated and neutral grip I have no problem.
    And thanks for the advice.

  • What if I can already do Straight-Leg Bodyweight rows without having ever to do them? It was a fitness test at school I did 35 or 40 it was my first time

  • at 2:45 why would we want to concentrate on what you mention? by doing this movement, it already naturally doing that without concentrating though.

  • A nice video despite the bad sound. I’ve seen some say that a hanging reverse row is a good first step to a pullup progression: Hang a set of rings from a bar low enough that one can reach them from about a squatting/kneeling posture, position the shoulders under the rings and suspend the upper body from the rings except with the feet supporting some body weight. Bent leg easier, straight leg harder, straight leg with body more vertical harder still. Assuming a fully upright poster is 0 degrees and laying prone is 90… obviously if your torso is at a 45 or 50 degree angle, this hanging reverse row thing is not exactly matching the mechanics of the strict pull up. But it did seem to help me rehabilitate past a period with an AC injury where strict pullups were too difficult.

  • all those guide how to do a pull up take twice as slow. if you knew what to train to do a pull up. those youtube fitness sure either dont know or just want newbies to think its very hard to learn and do 1 Pull up. all those things is not wrong but they show you step 7 8 9 instead of step 1. thats why its hard for newbies.

  • I never heard of the ladder before, I tried and was surprised I could make it to 10 my first time, it absolutely sucked going back down to 1 though.
    I applied this to squats and sit ups, and again was happy to realize that i did 100 of each.

    Thanks man!

  • Thank you for this superb video! It is one of the most detailed tutorials I’ve come across on pull ups. You pointed out the eccentric phase of the pull up and I won’t be ignoring that movement anymore.

  • Some of these comments are so ridiculous! If they don’t like your advice they should just move along. As a beginner and wanter of being able to do pullups this was very helpful. I started weightlifting by first building up on push ups. I have since added bicep curls, bench press, and assisted pull ups. Over the last week, I have added later pull downs (though after watching your video realized I am doing them wrong). I know I need to do what your video recommends but cannot find the courage to do this in the gym. I already know I look ridiculous doing the assisted pull-ups (I do use that as grip strength to). Do you have a rough idea if, I do arms 2x a week, about how long til I will make progress and eventually do a pull up?
    Thank you. This is the first workout YouTube sight Ive looked at. It’s quite helpful.

  • I’m going to do my best to just hang with my muscles activated for as long as I can a few times a day till I’m finally able to start trying pull ups XD

  • i can do more than 20 australian pull-ups perfect with weights. but can only do about 4 or 5 normal ones. plz can someone help me with a theory or explantion for this?

  • Nice tips.����

    But for me its better to do your home workout with resistance workout set. Because its simple to use and you can gain great muscle. I love it so much. I got it at trainhome shop (check on google).������

  • Love this video Scott. I remember when I was young doing these all day long, but the last time I tried I couldn’t do even one. Five years loss of exercise due to a back problem rendered me a weakling. I’ve had surgery and have been working toward regaining muscle strength. You just showed me how to get these muscles back. I may never be able to do one unsupported, but I certainly can see the benefits of the band or bench to increase strength. I was doing the pull down, but your other video showed me I wasn’t doing it correctly. Thanks so much!

  • I liked the TV show called F.R.I.E.N.D.S…. They were funny..
    Thank you for your video… I’m struggling with pull ups.. If I’m fresh I can only do five unbroken reps… Progress is slow… How can you help me…? My goal is to do ten unbroken… And it’s frustrating to take so long

  • I just started to train. I haven’t done a pull up in like 16 to 18 years that I can remember. On my first try I was able to do 5 pull ups. Not bad. The only thing I have ever really trained hard at is video games lol.

  • Can someone press help me. I’ve been doing hammer-pull ups for about 5 months now and I’ve seen little to no results my max right now is six reps on a good day. I’m currently an amateur arm-wrestler training for a school house event and I’d just like to know, what other muscles should I train to get better at pull ups, because as of now, I’m working 45% bicep, 45% forearm and 10% tricep

  • Thanks for all your tips and advice. I have been trying to do pull ups for years now. Never succeeded. And now I discovered you. I have started two weeks ago with your beginners videos and I am determined to keep doing this until I master this as you do. Best part of it: I am taking my two teenage Kids, boy 15 and girl 17 along. They love it. We are addicted now. We started the Morning routine, the pull ups and the right push ups. Thank you so much. You are being heard by us. Closely.

  • Мне помогло! За 4 месяца с 1 подтягивания дошел до 10-12
    Если интересно как я занимался:
    3-4 тренировки в неделю. В каждой тренировке я выполнял 10 негативных подтягиваний, 70 австралийских отжиманий, 5 подходов по максимум подтягиваний с перерывом 3-4 минуты между подходами, 20 отжиманий, 30 поднятий коленей к груди в висе на турнике. Эту тренировку я выполнял два месяца и подтягивался 6 раз. Потом пришлось усиливать тренировки

  • i like this vid i 320lb atm but 33% body fat so i hold quite a lot of muscle ive never tried pullups before so im slowly starting to elarn and train my chest back and shoulders to help with it i like the idea of that bujee rope for support and structure

  • Although there is a sadness that is pulled out 5 times on the crossbar, you can talk about the muscle corset as it works. This is taught in medicine and is a complex problem.

  • “For most of you I know doing a pull up is easy…” Really? Then you mustn’t have much experience talking to average fat, out-of-shape Americans, in other words, most of us over the age of thirty.

  • Thank you for this! I’m 4 months postpartum with my second child and I’m not very active but I decided I really want to be able to do 30 pull ups by my 30th birthday but I had no idea how to even start. This was SO helpful for me!

  • I struggle with the way I grab the bar. I always have blisters afterwards. Can you recommend us some good technique? Cheers from Croatia.

  • “I know for the most of you, doing pull ups is easy even if you don’t train at all.” *Me cries and throw a tantrum because the world is unfair.

  • ’bout butterfly.. isn’t MU dangerous(for shoulders) than butterfly? Cuz if it’s so it makes no sense trainning MU.
    I’m from Brazil but i would say Will and Grace

  • Im not good at doing pull ups at all id like to try these different a s beginner variations of it. Where ib a workout would you recommend doing pull ups beginning or end of your workout.

  • Hey everyone! Had a lot of questions regarding which weights you should be using while working out (specifically in STAGE 1 of our SUPERHERO PLAN) so I’m currently making a video on that now before heading into STAGE 2. In the meantime we hope you enjoy this video on how to perform PULL-UPS! STAY BUFF. -Brandon

  • Chris… I really love working out at home, by myself (it’s my moment of peace), sadly I don’t have the equipment for pullups, so that’s why I had never add this movement to my workout, or I avoid those movements. What are the best subtitutes? or how can I make pullups with none of this equipment.

  • Shoulder Pain from Pull ups – Salutation and treatment (Q+A). Know all about pull-ups

  • Like I used to train with weights before this lockdown appread but now things has changed completely.
    I have started training out with body weight only and I am really glad that I have you as my ideal whom I can look for!!
    Thank you Chris heria for everything man!!
    One day I will surely gonna gain the strength like you man!!
    Love from India❤️����


    Pull ups are a key movement for building a bigger back. Don’t just give up if you can’t do them already though, all you need to do is follow some easy tips:-)

  • If I have very thin wrists, will doing pull ups going to be difficult? Because I have 5.9″inch wrist and not able to do any pullups

  • They can def be quite intimidating when your starting out, but you will thank yourself in the long run if you persevere, and if you feel yourself fading during the exercise use mental strength techniques. I like to think about things which piss me off while listening to heavy metal and this always works for me.

  • Hey, if anyone can help me, when I try doing pull ups I can’t start them, I think it’s the way I’m doing them, and I will keep trying, but, the way I can’t start them is that I just can’t get 3 inches when I start, but if my arms are at a 140 degree angle I can do it easy, just not 160-180, I just can’t start. Can anyone give vids or suggestions?

  • thank you sir, you’re a gentleman and a scholar. a well deserved like. quick question though, do chinups target the same areas as pullups?

  • Greetings Traininpal, Have you ever developed golfer’s elbow? I was doing pullups and increasing my numbers and then I started to feel pain in my elbow. I did a little reaserch and well I used bad form and I have some strenght inbalances. I’m doing specific streches and forarm excercises and the pain has reduced, I can do deadlifts and barbell rows with straps but I haven’t really recover fully for pullups. Is there something else or stop doing from your personal experience?

  • Excellent! Just found your site and subscribed. I’m a non-fit, obese female who is on the mission of losing 130lbs. Even when I was skinny I was never able to do pull ups, but now I understand why! Thank you!!!

  • hey I was wondering where u live, not ur address or anything but just the country, cuz I just watched your video where u go through a day in ur life, and where I live, America, it seems like it would be almost impossible to have that type of life style

  • hi, you use the purple band, but do you think it would be good for someone who is 55 kilos like me? or should i get a “lighter” band?