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There are a number of signs to look out for when wondering if you should take a rest day: Finding it hard to wake up. Irritability. Low motivation. Lack of concentration. Higher stress levels than usual.

Having a hard time falling and staying asleep. Sustaining injuries even a niggle. Rest days allow your muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue time to rebuild.” He explained that this regeneration process—which also requires water, food, and sometimes supplements—rebuilds your body tissues allowing them to grow back stronger. Sleep is also an important part of the process. Summary: Rest days are equally important as exercise days.

Both have a part to play in building strength, endurance and muscle. When beginning a new exercise program, never underestimate the importance of a fruitful recovery day. Make sure your rest days are truly restful and rejuvenating, but that doesn’t mean you need to plan a day on the couch!Sleeth: A “stop day” is a day you really cease from your labors. This really comes in Western cultures from the Ten Commandments.

The fourth commandment tells us to remember the Sabbath. The word. When you take the time to sit and rest even for a few minutes a day, you are allowing your body’s cells to recharge (this is why meditation is so powerful).

Having a simple bath or shower with a few controlled breaths can be enough to re-infuse your inner light. What I do to incorporate rest into my lif. Sleeping is, of course, the ultimate form of rest and an important part of a creative and productive life. During the day, our bodies are mainly occupied with the business of living, spending energy on motor activity and cognitive functions.

We’ve all heard about the importance of rest days when it comes to recovering from workouts. Some of you may know this and ignore the advice – pushing yourself until an injury forces you to take a break. Science shows exercise is good for you.

Once you get into a training schedule and it becomes a part of your everyday routine, it can be hard to take a day off. However, rest days are just as important as training days, and need to be part of recovery for cyclists. You can come to crave the rush of feel-good endorphins that the brain releases during exercise. Rest days allow for physiological and psychological benefits that are vital to athletic progress.

Physiologically, rest allows the body to learn from and adapt to the recent physical stress, repair muscles, rebuild, and be stronger and better adapted for the next physical challenge (in our case, a workout). The importance of rest days People starting out or coming back to the gym after a long time away tend to work out too hard, too fast. Making time for rest and recovery will help you avoid injury and burnout. “When you’re at the gym, by.

List of related literature:

Second, a rest day respects the laws of society by giving athletes time to spend with friends and family.

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Everyone needs a minimum of one rest day a week.

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Rest days are essential not only for reducing the risk of injury and giving muscles time to refuel but also for allowing time to shop for food (and even cook a big pot of chili for the week, if so inclined).

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* Emphasize the importance of adequate rest.

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So the 9day week allows more quality training along with more rest and recovery.

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For cardiovascular fitness exercising every day is important, whereas for strength training ensuring a day’s rest between sessions is key to allowing for adaptations to be made and for avoiding muscle damage.

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Day 2 is traditionally a day of rest.

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It is not a day merely to rest from work.

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We only had a rest day every 13 days.

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  • Funny thing is how this guy doesn’t even have any impressive muscle gains and he is talking about how it’s better to eliminate rest days. This video is the biggest bro science bs that I ever watched in my life. No wonder you don’t have any gains. If you don’t take rest days, you’re not training hard enough. And I don’t take advices from a guy who doesn’t even have any gains. Unsubscribed:)

  • When I take a rest day, I mentally believe I’ll underestimate my following training session but I always over perform on that given day while unlocking new strength gains the natural way. It’s not no BS theory, but one can feel their body dominate with proper healthy rest when it’s done the right way with an ample amount of sleep and healthy food sources for recovery. I get it that stoppani is a doctor but I’m believing in myself when I say he’s on some BS with his message

  • For me on the rest days I usually get an extra 30 min or so sleep in the morning. Usually I wake up before 6 am daily and do my workout first thing in the morning, so it feels extra special when I can “sleep in”:)

  • Really love your videos and the information you share. However, there’s a lot of white noise in the audio recording. Is there any way to fix that? Once you do, I plan to watch a lot more!

  • I was afraid of rest days. Even when I left out one exercise group, I felt bad.
    I was over exercising cause one day I started training arms and I pulled my shoulder muscle/upper back one. I couldn’t move my left arm at all. Next day I had to stay at home cause the only thing that wasn’t causing pain was standing.

    But now I can’t exercise for over a week:(

  • I am 60 yrs old, did sports every day at least 1 hour a day my whole life. I found that whenever I had a forced rest day because other things to do, I did not feel better the next day. I find rest day is not good for me. So fully agree with your statements it confirms how I feel. Will subscribe to your channel.

  • I loved hearing this from the perspective of an athlete, both yourself and others. this really will help with the “guilt” that sometimes comes with resting

  • awesome video Natacha, I always love how real you are! Do you have any tips or advice for muscle cramps/knots? Ive had this knot in my back and icy hot, massages, nothing will work. Ive been avoiding training back because of it and I don’t want it to set my goals back.

  • Such a beautiful video! My self care day is Sunday, I always do yin yoga and go for a walk, but my most favorite thing is to plan BBFit workouts for the next week, do grocery and mealprep, set some goals or plans for the next week and have hot bath with essential oils. Love it!

  • Rest days, no, but rest, yes. There is a difference. Rest is important and sometimes a break in routine is a must. Good sleep is vital. Age and health makes a difference as well as it will take longer to recover accordingly. Smaller steps might be better on certain days.
    As a 55 year old, type 1 diabetic it takes longer to recover from hard full body workouts, but I don’t work out the same everyday, even though it is still full body. I listen to my body.

  • Chris, or anyone with experience, I have a question regarding the beginner introduction program, part one. Do I complete all 14 workouts in one sitting/workout session, or does each workout require mastery and therefore a prerequisite for the following workout? Thanks for your time and forgive me for my ignorance.

  • Fav self care is one of your Pilates workouts, a long beach walk, hot bath and a facial �� aaand some Netflix and chocolate hehe. amazing vlog as always Bailey. You’re incredible ������

  • I definitely eat more on rest days than when I workout! I guess on days I workout, my body is mostly focused on performing rather than wanting food. But then the next day once I rest, FOOOOOD!!

  • My favorite self care activities are watching Netflix all day, and taking a relaxing bath with some lavender epsom salt! On my rest days I usually will do some light yoga or walk my dog with my mom around our neighborhood!

  • I know i cant do such workouts but i still keep on seeing these workouts. Seeing him doing workouts make me feel i m losing weight��

  • I had over trained & under eat, which impacted on my hormones. It has been better this year after I implemented a rest day & eat slightly more. But I’m still anxious of fixing a rest day per week.

  • I train 7 days a week but I never do the same muscle group the next day and I take bcaas to help me recover? What do you guys think

  • Thank you for this video. I was afraid something was wrong when I eat extra on rest days and end up eating way above what I normally eat. Also I am a really short girl but sometimes I can reach up to 2,500 calories which really made me feel strange.

  • This video is so usefull, I’ ve experienced overtraining, in fitness often less is really more! I like so much your style of training, I think is complete and really healthy!! keep going!!1

  • Your muscles only need 48 hours to recover, it’s absolutely possible to train and lift weights 7 days a week, and I did that once for 3 months.

    Let me tell you, that 1 rest day is crucial more so for your mental health than anything. Not only did I start feeling fatigued and broken down where my workouts started turning to shit, I legit started getting sick of the gym. I was getting bored, tired, and not seeing the progress I expected by training like a mad man.
    IMO 6 days a week is perfect, but absolutely take that 1 day off for your mental sanity.

  • Best rest day routine for me is to start my morning with a nice walk and a short yoga flow. After that I would make some healthy recipes my favourite thing to bake for breakfast is my banana protein muffins. Wind down with a healthy breakfast and a good book. The perfect rest day!

  • Hey friends!

    I hope this video manages to convince you that rest days are just as important as training days but I’ve linked some of the papers I used for this video as well as some articles in the description box if you wanted further reading (:

    Also, my training split is what works for me most of the time and there is no set length of time that I train for. I don’t think of training in terms of hours spent but in terms of quality of training so it changes all the time! Think of what you want to be able to achieve and start building your training schedule to meet that goal, you might not get it right the first time but it’s normal as you find what sessions work for you and what sessions don’t (:

    Lots of love <3

  • Did this fuckstick just say the human body is designed to work 7 days a week and you don’t need rest days?
    Full of fucking shit, if you work hard enough, harder than last time dammit, you will need rest days
    Not letting your muscles recover, especially if you are working hard, at that point, you are just begging for an injury

  • High training frequency done by Jeff nippard is also a great video. Ignorant noobs speak like they got a degree in everything. Thanks for the video Jim. Look at gymnasts for instance. Great physical features. Keep the information going. Thank you.

  • a lot of people in uproar about him saying “eliminate rest days” but not paying closer attention to the message ��

    he didn’t say “workout hard every day of the week.” you can still put in a light exercise on your off days, even when you’re sore. be it a light ab exercise or a light cardio, something simple, to keep your body active (and not wipe you out). i do that. moving my limbs to do a light exercise actually helps me recover faster than just ‘resting’ my muscles.

  • A question: I am trying to get quarantine abs currently I have a lean body and love handles. How many times a week should I train core to get the best results and achieve abs?

  • You can workout everyday for the rest of your life and rest 8hours a night for the rest of your life. When people say youre overtraining it means youre under resting. Not enough rest equals not enough gains. Meaning you can workout everyday but make sure your sleep matches up with it at night. And to all the people saying this is bs, get off the internet and try pushing yourself everyday and then get maximum rest everyday and k promise you, I PROMISE YOU training seven days a week wont sound like a myth. Find your balance.

  • Taking advice from a synthetic drug enhansment user… No one believes you… That u can be 49. No need for rest days.and have a full time job and pay attention to your dog and kids and wife.. crazy talk

  • Hi! I have a question. I train 5 times a week, monday-friday. On monday i train legs/glutes, tuesday I train Shoulders, wednesday chest/triceps, thursday back and biceps and on friday i train legs/glutes again. What do you think about this split? Kisses from the Netherlands. xo

  • I have experienced the pain you are talking about, both shoulders, chest and lats were tight and pulled. I ugly cried when the physio was doing his deep tissue stuff. Great info on rest day, people always forget it, I think you’re the first YouTuber I’ve seen actually do a Vlog about it.

    Love the content

  • That neck tattoo is just awful!! Seems like u have Smthng choking you all the time! Sorry my dude but feel suffocated just looking at u!! �� outta here, guna get some air!

  • Hi Natacha�� I’m around 54kg & my height is 1.72m. I go to gym around 3 times a week and i cycle to school ever weekday (10km a day) I wanna gain muscles & get a beautiful body like yours!�� How many calories, fats, proteins & carbs should I eat a day? You’re such a big role model for me & it would mean the world if you answer me❤️ Love you!!

  • Do compound movement based full body movement training for 3 days and do light weight accessories (and cardio if preferred) on rest days.

  • If anyone still needed convincing that this guy is a snake oil salesman ( PhD or not) then this video confirms it, utterly ridiculous advice.

  • I am doing full body 1 exercice per body part 6 times a week and honestly best result ever, better than split, push pull, or upper lower, specially for nattys

  • This guy is an idiot. And him spreading out his hands every three seconds is fucking annoying.

    The body cannot be worked out every day. That’s just common sense.
    And look at his body. It’s not all that impressive.
    Are some people THIS stupid to listen to this guy?

  • Your smashing it with these lit vlogs keep up with the good work mate and the like button on my phone for this video is roasted of the bone��������‍♂️

  • I just started doing workouts and have like one rest day and then I walk 2 hours and I have hockeypractise. I really should put on rest days because my shoulders really hurt and just need more rest.

  • Hey Zac you beast. Was wondering if you could do some videos explaining the different sort of workout schedules you can make, and how to make workout weeks the most efficient.. I’m finding i get sore of many different days so I have to keep jumbling my workout days all over the place.


  • what about training every day but say i can do 8-12 reps of a weight per set do 8-12reps all day long but say wait half hr or twn-15mins and go again, all day and keep the muscle active?

  • So much nonsense in this comments. Fullbody doesn’t mean, squatting, or deadlifting everyday. What’s about calisthenics? Everyday push ups, bw rows, chins, handstand push ups, bw squats 23 sets, 10-12 reps?! sure, u can du that everyday. By the way: Eric helms trains also fullbody everyday

  • Favorite self care is watching Netflix or Youtube while eating skinny pop. For active rest days I like to go on walks, hike, or enjoy a long stretching session

  • Another great video. I completely agree. Rest is not separate from training, it is a part of it. To me ignoring rest is actually doing your body a disservice, and to take away calories from your rest days means you are actually removing nutrients that your body is still using to recover. Thank you for containing to spread a positive focus around health and fitness, as well as sharing great knowledge!

  • Leroy Colbert (old school bodybuilder) was taking 4 rest days a week and he had 21 inch lean arms. I’m rather going to listen to Leroy Colbert than this gym bro who doesn’t even have any gains.

  • I also have a question I work out now every day and do or a dance workout cardio 30 to 45 min and after that I do sometimes abs arms or stomach and the other days or I walk two hours or I have hockeypractise 1,5 hour and I do full body workouts. I know I should Priority sleep.

  • I must to point out that overtraining is when the ratio of training stimelus: recovey goes toward training, just as you explained in the video. BUT when the training stimelus is not very high, recovery can drop down also. This is how we can sustain an almost daily work of a VERY low volume, and moderate intansity (without high fatique of course). Someone with experience can work almost everyday and increase neurological efficency to a large extend, like gymnasts for example. Cheers! ☺

  • this is so random how I just stumbled across this old video, but still happy I did:) I really have to sometimes ‘force’ myself to have that rest day, but I feel so much better for it afterwards. Also honestly on a rest day I more often than not eat slightly more than on the other days. Not restricting on the other days, I just have more time to actually realise I’m hungry I guess, so I let my body catch up.

  • I get like 11 hours of sleep it depends on what I’m doing tomorrow BUT I just commented on your new video hope I’m not being annoying

  • Hello!
    Thanks for this video, you are awesome. I always feel guilty to take a rest day and chill for a bit, it’s really hard for me to deal with doing nothing because I know that I have time for workout so why don’t I do something. Thanks for making this and shoving me how important it is to take rest days, hopefully it’s gonna help me with making my training plan even better and more effective ���� thanks and stay awesome, love you and your videos so much ����

  • You know how it says exercise caused changes in hormones at the start, I’ve lost my period, will training help me get it back? I’ve started weight lifting again4-5x a week x

  • I’m only about 6 months into weight training, but I now take my rest days seriously.
    About 2 months ago my stress was high (just finished renovating/selling the old house and moved to a new place where I am building a new house), had just started a very physically demanding job, sleep was low, caloric intake was at 1,200 a day, and I was making time to weight train in-between. Well….one night I ended up having a sob-fest on the bathroom floor (I’m normally pretty even-keeled, but the past 2 weeks my emotions had been all over the place) and when I went to train the next day, I couldn’t lift even close to what I would normally lift. So I researched my problem, found out I was overtraining and ended up taking like 5 days off of training and focusing on rest and nutrition.
    Now I train 5 times a week, am on a reverse diet, got used to the job, make myself let things go and not stress (it’s all in Jesus’s plans anyway), and am sleeping more. Thank you so much for these videos! The way you train is such an inspiration, I found functional training because of you. ��

  • This guy is a joke. He looks like an average guy who doesn’t take training seriously, he doesn’t even have any impressive gains. Just delete this joke video because people are unsubscribing from you.

  • I hate when ppl say “overtraining is myth” that’s just so stupid, I have overtrained quite hard a few times in my life, because on youtube everyone just goes train as hard as you can. Even these times I overtrained I still took breaks and ate well btw.

  • Hi Natacha!:)
    Should the amount of soreness and/or tightness determine when a rest day occurs?
    For example, if my body is not feeling sore or drained, should I still take a rest day?

    PS. I just started watching your videos about a week ago and I cannot get enough of them! Have learned so much from you:) Thanks a million for what you do! <3 Love from the United States

  • Great idea! Usually Sundays are my physical rest day:) I won’t feel guilty about that anymore. Off topic, but I love your lipstick!

  • LOL the beginning is literally me once I get home from leg day ��
    Congrats on getting through uni and I hope you passed your exams!! ��������

  • Can you help me? I play soccer. I run 2 miles every morning. Do soccer and ab/leg/arm workouts. (Depends on day). I have practice everyday and games on the weekends. What days should I rest?(I really wanna improve in soccer so idk if I should do soccer workouts everyday but not cardio or strengthen things )

  • I do 90 push ups and pull ups and curls everyday except Sunday is a rest day is that ok or what do you suggest I really want to build upper body muscles and tricep and bicep muscle please respond I would appreciate it!!!

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  • rest days are so so so important! i love going to a park when i have one, enjoy the weather and read.. i am currently really trying to get back into reading since it is sooo good for my mental health.. so please share your fave books with me ��

  • And….. Im injured! And totally peed off but what can u do!? Did legs on weds, wasnt particularly sore, went on to do legs again on Fri (bur different exercises) warmed up properly etc etc, first rep first set on leg press, boom!! Something pops in my side. I carry on with my training. Later that day. A stich. Been out the gym for 2 weeks. Badly torn ab muscle altho not sure which one but pretty sure my core had taken a battering and wasn’t rested enough for that fri workout. Still really uncomfy and not sure when i will be back into it. A little scared on how to approach it when i do eventually go back and quite worried it may happen again ���� Any advice? x

  • i am 16 year old girl and usually i do my workout 2 times a day. now i workout for 2 months and my body feels very sore but i am taking 1 rest day per week. i planning to have 2 rest days but i am scared that my progress will be ruined. any tips? or suggestions? guys i need your help

  • Not forgetting the benefit of myostatin reduction by training everyday. I divide my 126 sets per week into 18 sets per day and its gains baby!

  • Personally working out 6 days a week and on the rest day I do a bit of light cardio just so I’m doing something works best for me

  • Love your content! You’re so well spoken and talk about very important topics that I think so many people would benefit from learning. Keep it up!!

  • Bro you really look Like Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. You should play him if there’s another Live Action for Resident Evil films. You have the strenght and Agility.

  • “As long as you rest right and get proper nutrition, over training is bullsh**.”
    Its both such a statement and a duh at the same time xD

  • Hi! I always make sure to don’t miss any of your videos because I love your honesty and intelligence. Quick question: what do you eat before and after training? Thanks bye <3

  • I was training hard 5x a week. I wasn’t seeing any gains in strength but I could fly through my exercises. I took a break for 2 weeks and my bench shot up 40lbs.

  • Zac, another excellent video once again (expected nothing less). Some potential video suggestions:
    1. How to train the forgotten muscles (i.e. calves + forearms)
    2. Stretching tutorial for before and after workouts to reduce DOMS and pain
    3. How to use Creatine properly doses, cycling etc.

  • In your opinion, can we do some stretches on a rest day and use a foam roller, or those exercises are considered as “workout”? Thank you!

  • Lol this doesn’t even sound like someone with a PhD, this sounds like a high schooler making a project for debate class to convince people you shouldn’t do rest days. sounds like a politician or some shit, a bunch of big technical terms with 0 actual detailed explanation. If you believe this, can I ask you why you also think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself?

  • I attend body attack and body pump class on Monday then rest for Tuesday and Wednesday after this on Thursday I go to boxfit on Thursday maybe a class on Sunday is that OK

  • What do you think about weight lifting and gaining weight which is not what you wanted in the first place? I do like my body more but the scale can freak me out a little bit.

  • Hi Natacha, love your videos. I would like to know more about high, medium and low intensity days, what exercises would involve in each. I seem to be breaking a sweat and having the ‘face’ when working out on all days. What could I do for low intensity that is still effective. Thanks!

  • Love u sooooooooooooo much!! You really make my day! My every single day!!!! Just love ur smile, ur accent, each video you upload and everything u show us! I’m really a big fan:)

  • Not going to sell me on this bullshit. I work out 3 days a week right now. Going to start up four next month but I will probably stick with just four days a week. You need your rest days to recover and if you say you don’t then your on some stuff.

  • Thank you for the wonderful videos Natacha! I train 5 days a week (sometimes 6 days if my schedule is more free), including kickboxing/HIIT and 2 days of upper body and 2 days of lower body strength in a week. These workouts are usually 30-40 minutes and I’m always sweaty and my heart rate is up, even when I don’t do directly just cardio. I also try to go on 3 mile walks 3-4 times a week. Do you think the low intensity walking that takes about an hour is complimentary with my higher intensity workouts, or am I even getting benefits from mixing the low and high intensity in the same day? Thanks!

  • I’m in agreement that you don’t have to have an overabundance of rest days. I train six days a week in total between weight training and burst cardio. And usually on the seventh, I still do some sort of short yoga stretching. But I still take two full weeks off a year. Because for me it’s not the muscles that are the problem. I do a lot of high intensity, lower volume stuff. So I fry them, I don’t obliterate each muscle group with 30 sets a week. It’s the joints and tendons that need the rest, though. Usually about every six months something starts to nag, most recently a tendon on my right shoulder. I don’t want to half ass my program, so I just leave the gym for a week. You wouldn’t believe how much your energy levels come back and how much more motivated you are at the end of it. I come back, see some new gains, and bust through strength plateaus every time.

  • Seen sooo many of your videos but the build up to the outro never fails to give me chills and the beat drop kills me off everytime. You’ve got this editing on lockdown to perfection. Much respect another great vid

  • If I do those weighted dips I can rest for 10 days but this man only needs a simple “HUH” for his rest and he goes to another one.Damn!

  • My favourite self care day is Sunday, I like to make that day the beginning of my week rather than Monday. I like to spend it on my couch or with family and before bed I try to get a face mask and a hair mask in to start my week off right!

  • Regards to your shoulder problems.

    Maybe if Dr Wes didn’t have you perform pressing movements with partial range and concentrically, you wouldn’t have a bad shoulder.

  • I’m really scared to have rest days because I think I will not lose weight and instead gain more but thanks to you I’m not scared anymore. This is my first rest day in the two months I’ve been exercising

  • Your hair is just gorgeous. Found you from instagram. I love your videos. You inspire me to make more vegan choices, and hopefully become vegan one day! My cousin and I are documenting our weightloss journey on youtube and any tips can help us! I will keep this tip of having a consistent rest day every week! Thank you. -Alex

  • I workout 6 times a week ( because it help me with my anxiety) and before every beginning of the months I take 3 active day rest…Hope it help ��

  • Can you make a video like “a day in your life” or something like that? I would love to see more of you:)) love your vids and your personality soooo much:)) Have a wonderful weekend

  • Zac did the myotherapist sort your shoulder clicking out? I have the exact same problem. Keep up the good content, been enjoying your videos brah!


  • My favorite active rest day activity is taking my 2 dogs for a walk with my husband ���� and my favorite self care activity is binging YouTube, tv shows and/or movies with my dogs ��

  • This was such a well explained video. Rest is THE period where your muscles will grow and get stronger. A lot of people think this happens during training and they train 6/7 days a week (aka ‘me’ when I was a rookie). Mulitple studies showed that there is little to no difference between 5-7 days of training (and even decreased performance) but there is a BIG difference between 2-4 days of training. In other words: train 3-4 times week for optimal results! I can tell you’re really well educated. We need that more on YouTube! Greetings from The Netherlands xx

  • Everything you say makes so much sense. I have been following other channels but found yours to be the most educational and inspiring. Thank you!!

  • Do you have days when you plan to workout but you’re so sore to workout? That’s how I feel, but practically every day I’m incredibly sore even after taking a day or two off. Then this results in me taking several days off in a row and I feel guilty for not working out:( in at the point where I’m not sure what I should do because I want to work out but I feel so tired and sore it’s hard to get myself to go! I can’t tell if it’s a mental thing and I’m making stupid excuses and this happens to you too or if there’s something wrong with my training/nutrition/health that’s causing me to not recover properly

  • If you dont eat carbs on your restdays then how is your energy the day after? Do you have time to refill your glycogenic levels before workout?

  • I mainly work indoors so my favourite self care activity is going outside with friends or family and go for a walk! Getting some fresh air and catching up, it’s perfect for the mind and the body ^^

  • I try to do the fifteen minute ab pilates at least once a day && if I take a rest day I don’t know if I will restart the next day.

  • Rest days=family walks, family bike ride, family yoga.

    An hour to myself to wash and blow dry my hair without my
    Littles “helping me” while
    Listening to podcasts/blogs

    Thanks for all
    You do

  • It all depends, guys. ONLY YOU can tell how much exercise and rest your body needs.
    If you’re eating well and training hard, you don’t need to feel guilty about resting and sleeping

  • He said ‘gene’ repeatedly, which shows that he is a real scientist. He also wears a vest and talks an octave below normal, which shows that he is a real exerciser.

  • Alot of boxers don’t do rest days that’s full body training, I only boxed at amateur level and rest days weren’t a thing… You went down to shadow boxing and skipping for 3 days before a bout I’ve never felt as good as I did then, horses for courses tho I guess ��

  • i’ve been subscribed to your channel since 10k, great content bro!! could i please get a like from you, best regards from croatia #massivefam

  • OMG I came too early to this video….will go back to Chris’s abs, chest, and other workouts for beginners and back here probably after a year…..

  • I’ve just seen this vid and it changes my plan now!! And back to normal as I should do. You are my you from Thailand ���� ❤️��

  • No recovery, no adaptation. I know of many coaches who say the most important part of training is recovery!! And its absolutely right. Glad you have talked about this. I think so many people are scared to have their rest days often experiencing guilt…. thanks N. Another perfect topic you’ve explored and demystified…my rest days are walking or a wonderful pilates session with top tunes on my iPod like ‘All I Need” by Air xx

  • I find it funny that people think it’s impossible to train everyday, particularly full body everyday.

    As if the human body is only able to do physical activity every other day, rather than every single day.

    Of course it is possible to train full body everyday. That doesn’t mean that you can do stronglifts 5×5 everyday. But if you can handle 5×5 3 days a week, there is no reason you cannot handle 2×5, maybe even 3×5 everyday. And there is no question that you could handle 1×5.

    Im not saying that would be the best way to programme daily full body training, but it’s to illustrate that it obviously can be done. You just can’t do the same amount of work in each session if you are doing twice as many sessions in a week, obviously.

    Plenty of people lift heavy everyday. Plenty of people do fullbody training everyday. Of course it can be done. Is it optimal? Potentially. If you do it right. Even if it isn’t better, it is at least just as good as ‘traditional’ training methods. Assuming you know what you’re doing that is. And someone just prefer to train everyday rather than having to take days off all the time.

    In any case, you can do full body everyday. Obviously. Is it so hard to believe?

  • Can you do individual videos on each day of the week where you show us your workouts? So it can be helpful for those trying to build a routine that works.

  • What exercise if any do you do on your rest days (speaking to commenters)? It seems weird to do no weight training and is hard to convince myself it’s the best way to gain mass but maybe I can distract myself with walking cardio or abs or something

  • Hey Zach. I see you following a traditional bro split. Is there a reason why you dont use a split where you can double muscle protein synthesis like a upper lover or fullbody?


  • Zac, I noticed Abs wasn’t on the list how do you get your abs looking so good if you don’t mind me asking? Are they just stimulated for your normal workouts? Or?

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  • I’m 18, 6’3″ and skinny. I’ve looked up several videos on bulking. Now I eat 4,500+calories a day and have gained 15 pounds in muscle in two months. Came across one of your videos and now I watch you everytime I have a meal. Huge fan now, keep it up. Great content and very helpful! #staymassive #massivefam

  • Hi guys! In each vlog I want to do a giveaway to thank you for watching! Comment your fave self care or active rest day activity below to win a FREE 1 MONTH BBFIT MEMBERSHIP �� love you guys!! Xx

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  • i reallyyy needed to watch this. i’ve been working out everyday during exam season without rest and i think my toes and joints have really taken a hit. thank you for this it’s important! x

  • Hello i started working out last week, i hit my Upper body MW and TTH lower body, friday is abs and sat. is Cardio, and sunday only is my rest day. Is it ok??Thanks!

  • For some reason it’s difficult for me to know if I’m actually training intensely enough

    I’m 16 and trying to get stronger but I’m having trouble finding a proper split. The gym staff gave me a program to follow every single time I go to the gym, rather than specific days for legs, arms, etc.

  • Hey @NatachaOceane! How do u do? I just wanted to ask if it would be OK if I went up to two weeks without working out? Since I have a very tight schedule (finals) and I don’t have any time to do anything but study. On normal days, I usually do simple exercise because I don’t have enough muscle or strength and never went inside a gym in my entire life! So I’m really concerned about my weight cuz I gain weight fast and very easily (although most of what I eat consists of salads and choking on water) Btw, I’m a Brit too and I love ur vids. Just wish there were more wheat/grains/dairy/gluten-free recipes. Call me anytime for motivation! XX

  • I dont get it, you say rest days are so important and so on, but still you train 6 days a week with no rest in between. Aren’t you tiering your body completely?

  • Question: I have been trying to build my calves. I am 16. I’ve been doing 30-50 minute workouts of straight calf raises every day. I am on my second week now, but while I was on my first week I noticed PHENOMENAL changes, more muscle definition ext… but now on my second week I notice my muscles aren’t as hard as they were last week and it feels like I’ve lost muscle. If I rest will it come back, or will I have to work for it again?

  • Hei man..What about Push pull legs REST Push Pull Rest? (Yeah only 1 day per week for legs.I feel tires with 2:D )
    So push pull 2 times per wekk but the second time with different exercises.Is it ok if I keep this workout 3, 4 months?

  • First time I have ever watched one of your videos. I liked it a lot so subscribed to your channel. Keep up the great content man. Also agree with your iPhone comments. Great phone. Good luck with your exams. Hopefully you pass and move on to the next chapter of your life. I’m on the other end of the spectrum, I’m starting a dual Law/Psychology degree next year.

  • Never really empasized rest days with my workout routine but I am definitely going to take some pointers from you. Thanks bro for the advice.

  • I need a bit of help. I need to build a workout routine from home. I want to tone all of my body but i’m not quite sure what i should do when. Can someone give me some help??

  • I do an upper/lower 4 day split and those rest days I take make the world of difference. I was at one time someone who refused to have a rest day until I found myself making very little progression but know I make a lot better progress when resting up and having a free day to chill out!

  • Thank you so much for that!! I am currently bulking and am on pretty high macros and sometimes its hard to eat that much but things like that and ppl that are honest and helpfull really help! Youre amazing thank you SO much!!! I love rest days too tbh and i always feel so energized the day after so yea rest days are really important in every situation! ��

  • Guilty as charged! �� I used to eork out everyday and beat myself up for slacking off by taking rest days. Now I know how important they are and why not taking rest days would do me more harm than good

  • Rest and recovery is just as important. Probably more so even. However, active recovery with walking is amazing. It’s a shame people write it off as being too basic or easy to be effective. But for every mile you do, you’re burning 100-150 cals depending on weight/speed while also promoting recovery and wellness.

  • Yeesh, so many people actually reacting so bad…
    There are any ways you can actively workout during a rest day… so it’s kinda not resting. It’s not giving it all always, sometimes do lighter stuff, or different stuff.
    There are a lot of ways to work out.

  • Favorite self care is watching YouTube videos and favorite active rest days is yoga or a 30 minute sprint walk with no incline!:)

  • Thank you so much for this amazing video!������ I always feel so guilty om my restdays even though I know they are important. I have my second rest day this week and I hate it because I always train 6 times a week. But I think 5 high intensity training days are fine����

  • Im sorry but this doesnt make sense……even working at like 80 percent intensity on workouts so as not to get so sore that you CANT work out…….where is the time for your muscules to recover if you dont take a rest day here and there?

  • Thank you again for an informative video �� Great content! A little off topic but do you tend to eat more on the days you train? Or do you eat the same calories everyday? I’m trying to build muscle and I usually eat more on those days when I train because I feel like my body needs it and I don’t want to “lose” any gainz �� Although I know you do not burn so much calories when you do weight training than E.g. Cardio/ HIIT. Should I keep my macros the same? Thanks ��

  • what happens if you never take rest days and exercise a lot each day? it’s pretty much what i’ve been doing until i’m so “tired” i need a rest day i really feel guilty when i don’t work out each day.. your video did help me quite a bit actually because i’ve been wanting to put a rest day into my week but it scares me a little bit