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The Keys to Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone. chevron_left PREV: Do Men Really Lose Weight Fast chevron_right NEXT “You want to overload your body just a little bit outside your comfort zone to make gains in whatever you are trying to improve,” such as strength or lean muscle mass. Here’s what David shared about the importance of pushing beyond your comfort zone: My key mission is to support a “Finding Brave” movement that. Presented below are 3 ways you can push the limits of your comfort zone and slay a few new giants.

Try Something Different. Let’s go for the low hanging fruit first. Before all else, when looking to get outside of your comfort zone you should just try something different.

Disrupt your well-ordered routine in some small way, introducing a low risk quantity of chaos to get your. We tend to tell ourselves stories, excuses and justifications for why we can’t make changes; and we tend to blame other people or circumstances for our decisions, lack of action and stuckness. The problem is that we tend to take the easy way out and stick to what’s known and “safe” to us. Stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things, is very difficult because it will trigger. Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone As I write this, my last vacation for the year is coming up, and with two weeks to go, the final preparations begin.

It’s at the two-week point that I print out what I call my “camping list”, an itemized checklist of everything that must be done and packed in order to make my trip successful. Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone I want to first say that I apologize for being so absent on the blog lately. I also want to give a fair warning that my work schedule over the next month is enough to make me cry just thinking about it, so it’s just not realistic for me to expect to blog more than once or twice per week for the next few weeks. Pushing beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone may take some practice, but the rewards are well worth it—for both personal and professional development. We’ve gathered some of the best sources of inspiration to help you find the motivation and know-how to tackle the challenge of getting out of that zone—and making big things happen.

Here are 5 huge benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone: Your “real life” is out there waiting for you. Your real life exists beyond the bubble of your. Just beyond the comfort, there is the stretch zone.

This is where we gather raw material for growth, as we’re challenged to engage with what isn’t familiar, but. One way that you can push out of your comfort zone is to look at your habits and begin to challenge them. If it’s a bad habit or a habit you want to break, replace it with a better one and reinforce it.

For pre-existing good habits, find new and exciting ways to push yourself.

List of related literature:

A comfort zone should be devised to help you attain those goals.

“Real Estate Finance and Investment Manual” by Jack Cummings
from Real Estate Finance and Investment Manual
by Jack Cummings
Wiley, 2010

The strategy to expand your comfort zone is pretty simple: challenge your comfort zone frequently so you can expand it steadily.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

The process of getting out of your comfort zone almost always begins with learning to be more vulnerable.

“Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others” by Robert Glazer
from Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others
by Robert Glazer
Sourcebooks, 2019

To get outside of your comfort zone, why not start with those in your comfort zone?

“The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization” by John C. Maxwell
from The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization
by John C. Maxwell
HarperCollins Leadership, 2011

The idea is not to jump over your comfort zone but to expand your comfort zone.

“Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga” by Anodea Judith
from Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
by Anodea Judith
Llewellyn Worldwide, Limited, 2015

Begin by bringing into your space something that gives you a sense of comfort or is special to you.

“Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body” by Peter A. Levine
from Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body
by Peter A. Levine
Sounds True, 2012

And by stepping from your comfort zone into the learning zone on a regular basis, you also become comfortable with the process of doing so.

“Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage” by Scott Keller, Colin Price
from Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage
by Scott Keller, Colin Price
Wiley, 2011

I love pushing my boundaries and trying out new things because I feel like I’m pushing myself outside my comfort zone, and the experience naturally makes me more mindful and helps me learn something new.

“Mindfulness For Dummies” by Shamash Alidina
from Mindfulness For Dummies
by Shamash Alidina
Wiley, 2020

Another mental obstacle that you need to overcome is the “comfort zone.”

“Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible” by Brian Tracy
from Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
by Brian Tracy
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2010

Difficulty getting out of your comfort zone.

“The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness” by Inna Segal, Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
from The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness
by Inna Segal, Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2010

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Anyone who calls him/herself a fan or follower of yours should watch your Crock pot video. It contained so many errors that your credibility is questionable on any other subject.

  • This amazing and timely words motivates me to live my life again. Thank you sister you are beautiful inside and out. It resonate with me so much.

  • Hi Corey, in your email, you requested feedback be left below the video. First of all, thank you for your presentation. I know so well about the fear of pubic speaking, in fact, we met at Dexio 2015 and I presented you with my book; Corey OutSMARTs the Butterflies.:)
    I appreciated your personal stories and how you overcame your discomfort. You used real life examples, illustrated how you came out of your comfort zone and also referenced people we all know and some who were either people you interviewed or those who also overcame the fear. A few suggestions. When you talked about Arlene, I’m not sure you mentioned her as from the Dragon’s Den. When you made reference to your sketches, it’s not necessary to belittle yourself (saying: I guess you knew who drew them). They made a point, they were simple and effective. I might also suggest using I should have gone, rather than I should have went. Overall you shared a very relevant message that in a world where people rather text than talk, can help them open a door to many possibilities. Congrats.

  • Getting out of your comfort zone is not an easy thing to need learn,be bold,have the courage to try new things you’re not used to,you’ll come across lots of adversities,challenges along the way but dont give up you must keep moving forward if you dont? You lost!

  • Good video, I really enjoyed this that I watched it twice. The three second rule is definitely one of my favorites and most effective for my day to day life. I think I will be on the look out to try new things.

  • I have gone through the death of my brother my best friend my other brother my family my standing point DUE To CSD! I also have lost so many other individuals in life and death. you have no Idea!

  • I have never said “ I love you to my mom” even though I have in my mind that I wanna say. I will say “I love u to mom” and leave from comfort zone as well.

  • You know you are deep in your comfort zone when your life goes without daily challenges or new obstacles. Your skills your knowledge grow so slowly in an ordinary life till you find yourself the same person 10 years ago and what a disgusting feeling when you realize that you haven’t changed except for your age.

  • Wowww such a great speaker!!! I love how she had such great points that could’ve been conclusions but with each story it just got better and the conclusion at the end was just so good and tied everything together. And wow, so brave and vulnerable. We love to see it!

  • Great speech! ���� This is what I exactly searched for and I got it. Now, I too have started to breakthrough my own comfort zone. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!��

  • This powerful speech may empower to those who have been stucked by the voices of fear, doubt, and demeaning themselves. Don’t holding back what means something for you. I do believe this talk may give an extra push to young people out there. I’d like to say push yourself little futher than you dare. What do you have to lose. Per see Doubt itself steals more than failure ever will. Thanks to the speaker who inspires more than ones.

  • Great video. I love the 3 second rule, never heard of it before. But it totally makes sense! Once you stop your brain comes up with hundred different reasons why not to do something, excuses and ideas how you will do it next time. Thanks for sharing!:)

  • Awesome Video Clark! Keep putting out the killer videos and programs, you are helping me and I know others a ton! Love the work ethic and content

  • I wanted to cry when she was speaking. So inspiring! I’m in the process of big changes in my life and I’m exited about it but still have some fear. Especially when some people around try to convince me it might be a mistake. I’ve been there before 3 years ago I made a huge step to a change and now, when I look back, I am impressed how brave I was:) So lately I’m having this feeling again (same as 3 years ago), that I need and I want these changes to happen. Watching this video I only confirmed to myself that I’m on the right path. Listen to yourself and fight your fears! You always know better what’s the best for you!

  • I couldn’t even write a comment on ted talk because of what others think.. and this comment is a proof that u inspired me lot.. gud voiceamd gesture ��

  • I’ve lived in my comfort zone for as long as I can remember. Last year I told someone I was in love with them after 7 years of no contact. I was so afraid that I avoided the person for 7 whole years! I finally told them and they of course did not reciprocate my feelings, but now that I have taken the plunge, my heart is open and fearless. I will no longer hold my passion inside, but face it head on and wholeheartedly ❤️

  • I used to watch many inspirational videos when I was under pressure. Every time I watched those I felt like motivated. And suddenly, I started to work hard. After few days, again I dropped into my comfort zone. I believe this will be my motivation to come out of the comfort zone. Let’s see what will happen in next few years…

  • 18 and at the trainstation crying and ima stay here and stay awake till 7 and wont touch the bed till 7 pm and not stay longer than 3

  • Well ima sleep my healthy 8 hours and you do your 5 hours and ima whoop your ass at any sphere we compete. Healthy sleep is one of the most important components for achieving success and most importantly for staying H E A L T H Y. Money wont buy you another life…

  • I’m still searching for the best way to break out my comfort zone and found your 5 ways are good and make sense. I believe that breaking the comfort zone is the main reason for being a successful person in your life.
    Thanks for your encouragement video man! Good luck:)

  • This is very good tips on breaking trough the comfert zone. But right now like im in the Comfert zone. I’m gonna try my best to get out of it

  • If you stand up there on that cliff and ask yourself is it really worth jumping into this water and try to rationalize your situation all that means is that your thinking responsibly and avoiding getting seriously hurt

  • This was very interesting to watch one of the things I find the hardest is Change so stepping outside my comfort zone is so scary I like the idea of a chart because I am a person who loves to be organized I will have to make my own chart Thanks Corey

  • I quit my job a month ago, and was promoted into a new job in a supervisory position. It’s tough, but this made me feel more optimistic after a tough day at work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Appreciated the “punishment” motivation, the negative projecting outwards. It’s like being realistic has turned into a sin for the ambitious, and using concern or dread to sort your life out is a taboo in a brainwashed cultured of forced positivity.
    I also found the following are good general habits to cultivate to keep one fairly open, not stagnant, ready for opportunity:
    Regularly exposing oneself to people, even online, who think very differently, and being able to hold d conversation of any sort with them about what you love and believe in (although don’t do this if you’re feeling fragile)
    Regularly doing something difficult for its own sake (builds strength and will, tolerance to discomfort)
    Self-work through meditation, deep breathing and contemplation (helps hold your ground in discomfort)
    Doing trivial things that scare you on a regular basis 
    For the overachievers who are very self-disciplined and self-critical: developing playfulness in general, like you would with a kid (doing something fun spontaneously more often; doing activities you used to when you were a child like maybe colouring with crayons) (helps loosen up, relax creativity, be more open to novelty)

  • IM TEACHING 25-50 PEOPLE ON HOW TO STEP OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE USING ALL OF THE TACTICS THAT WORKED FOR ME SO MANY YEARS ���� This is a BEGINNER LEVEL challenge for everyone who needs a slight push! ���� ONLY 50 SIGN UPS ARE AVAILABLE! �� Winner gets $100 Cash!

  • Video summary
    1)feel the fear do it any way (3 second rule no rationalise to build momentum and take action )

    2) dynamic tension
    Current situation vs target
    Take action to reac your target

    3)try something and get started allow yourself to not succeed in the beginning

    4) be active

    5) projecting outword
    Always ask what your life will look like after 10 years if you don’t take action

  • The society should change its standards to reduce self-doubt of people and not pressure us to do something in a certain timeframe as if we don’t have our own time and preference in life.

  • All the suggestions aroused me to get things done. I immediately took action on 3 second rule, then projecting outward. You just added value, thank you. Now Ill pay closer attention to your posts in my inbox!

  • Quick question I recently got really short hair and like the tousled look but most hair pomades make me break out. Would your products be a better alternative?

  • Hi Clark, awesome video man..I always find so much inspiration and motivation from your content!

    One thing I gotta pick on a little in regards to this one is the background music. It’s not that it was bad! Just kind of overpowering at times and almost seemed like you were trying to talk over it a bit, it was kind of distracting.
    (Sorry I hate being “that guy” but just wanted to let you know!)

  • Project Outward! That’s such a great insight, Clark! I haven’t thought about it before and I think this also works very well for me. I really appreciate your tips and I like your presentation skills, especially that confident not rushing speech speed and tonality. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Norway

  • For me, Life begins when you give your life to Jesus, we are all seeking for happiness, we do all kinds of things in pursuit of happiness and life fulfillment, You’re life is restless until you find your rest in God, Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life, He will spring in you a living water where you will never thirst again, just surrender your life to Him and you will experience the “peace that surpasses all understanding”
    If you seek Him, surely you’ll find Him, he’s near to the broken hearted, He loved us, even while we’re sinners, He died for us, so we might be saved
    Salvation if a free gift from God, all you have to do is accept Jesus, not everyone is saved, you have to accept the free gift

  • In order to except my promotion i had to work at 4am in the morning instead of 1 in the evening… I’m getting out of my comfort zone!

  • So grateful that my teacher made us listen to this a couple of years ago. The memories & the power of the speech always make me so emotional. May his soul rest in peace, Mr. T. ❤️

  • Always awesome! I love your content, I’ve been subscribed for over 6 months now but am not a fan of leaving comments, great work and keep it up, I look forward to your next video

  • I so resonate with not going it alone and sharing your dreams and goals in a group.  Stats indicated that 70% of people who do share their dreams and goals with others are 70% more likely to achieve them.  Thank you for sharing what you do. 😉

  • I’m 20 years old. I feel like I have been watching my life really just pass for three years as I haven’t stepped out my comfort zone. This evening I feel like I have a new perspective on life and I have a self realization that if I want to achieve extraordinary things in life I’m going to have to step out my comfort zone!!

  • Im fcking scared man. Im at a point of my life where i learned how to make money in different ways, but after my break up which was last year or 15 months ago, i moved to my moms house and got really badly comfortable. Lost my 2 best friends now im friendless. Im gaining weight. Everything is going to shit because im too comfortable and i tried it all, ive done it all, i learned it all. I have so much faith in me and see myself successful already, im humble, i help so many people in person and even online. Idk what to do and i used to be suicidal until i cured that with an easy fix. Telling myself i dont hate my life, i hate my current lifestyle. My current state. Does that mean i should start with that? Idk what to do anymore man its painful inside

  • Things were going great in this video everything was a good message until the 2:06 mark hey Steve if rich people don’t sleep 8 hours a day then I guess rich people have health issues

  • Hey you always inspired every time you give advice to success. I wish can meet you one day steve. Regards, biggest fans from malaysia

  • Sarah, good information. I will definitely apply your four steps in our next adventure when I am pushing past my comfort zone. We subbed to your channel.

  • Hey, it’s Sandra Bellamy (Quirky Books), this is my Inspirational video channel this is one of the best TedX talks I have ever heard in my life as it touched my heart and resonated with me so much. As you know, I am waiting to hear back about being a TedXBristol Speaker. I have done all I can to get through and I know I was born to speak on stage. I have a gift. My TedX Judge/Mentor, said that he has seen my online material and multiple videos and I come across well every time. I have attended Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training and am connected to multiple Public Speakers on FB as you know. I have 17 years Hospital Radio presenting experience too, which helps. I am kinda an all or nothing girl and if I want something, I will just go and get it despite my fear. If I get to be a TedX Speaker, my fear is not the speaking as such, but speaking in front of a large audience I believe I am meant to do this I just have anxiety and have trained myself for years to be able to talk in front of people in groups I only ever used to be able to talk one-to-one years ago. I am an extrovert so that helps and I don’t have too many inhabitions, so that helps. The most people I have ever talked to for a long period of time, is a room of 32 people, however, the talk was a huge success and the feedback I got from my Manager at the time, was that you could have heard a pin drop in other words, I captured my audiences attention with my words. I have always had a gift for talking and ad-lib on my YouTube videos. So in regards to your points, my Why for talking is bigger than my fear, because if I get through, I am talking about asexuality in relation to their theme. Baby steps well I have done the course, go to seminars to hear public speakers every year and learn about public speaking but I also dived headlong into it. Because when I saw the curator of the show, I just walked up and told her I want to be a speaker and then followed up with her for the best part of a year. I believe I can do this naturally. Even though my heartbeat races through my ears at the thought of it!! Sometimes it is best for me to just go and do something as the thinking about it, is more anxiety inducing, and I know I have to get out of my comfort zone to progress with my life and to help others. I am really proud of all you have achieved in your life for you this is amazing and you are a natural speaker. You have a lovely tone to your voice! You also help others to know that it is not out of reach!! Thank you.

  • Sleep is not important, Steve is absolutely right 😉 Greek Orthodox monks in Mount Athos, pray 20, 21, 22, 23 hours a day some of them sleep 1-2-3-4-5 hours a day only…..and they are tottally healthy 😉 cheers

  • This is amazing! Great work, it’s great the way you explain the psychological reasons. The only thing I think you could make better is the intro. If you say something like “when we actually get out of our comfort zone it doesn’t feel good and nice like the quotes we read and in this episode i´m gonna show you why your brain does that” and then the intro animation (or something like that) would be good.
    keep the good work!

  • I just gotta respect the fact, Steve can be the funniest person in the world, but at the same time get so serious and motivational about life��

  • Fear, in my opinion, is not the same as knowledge of risk. Fear paralyzes, while the latter empowers to choose wisely. Playing it safe isn’t always a fear based decision.

  • Thanks Clark…
    That was inspiring…
    My favourite method is Projecting Outward…. because that makes perfect sense and creates some ripples in our innersrlf…

  • Not to be a wise guy, but what if you’re just not a mornin person. He was a stand up. U can’t tell me he was up at 8am grinding after doin gigs all nite. Then again, maybe he was who knows.

  • What if like me you have a few anxiety disorders like agoraphobia? I used to be a shut in, now I have a job and can travel abroad. But some days it’s so hard I can’t do what I want to do because of crippling anxiety. I hate it, my life could be so much more. I wish I had the luxury of being able to retreat to my comfort zone because I don’t feel like leaving it.

  • As an aspiring model and actor in Atlanta right now getting up at 8 to work out everyday then recording voice over audtions then meal prepping and work I completely agree. There are days when I over sleep and I know there might be 1 opportunity that I missed that could get me where I need to be. #Steve is Right!

  • Go Steve Harvey keep preach the truth set you free. The Lord will in power for his will. You have to do what God tell you to do! God is faithful He keep His promise. He never forsake you. The rich people never happy until repented themselves and receive Jesus Christ their Savior in their life. If you in the darkness in this world It time for them turn away from darkness and flesh they deal with all their life so long. Let the light shine in their life before it too late Turn to God’s ask the Lord forgiveness, The prayer is powerful.

  • Steve? I was with you until you got to sleep. Sleep deprivation is UNHEALTHY. Your body needs rest. The scripture was used out of context! That scripture was talking about BEING LAZY. That’s a totally different thing!

  • My cousin dead last year because she fell asleep behind the wheel. This is not a good message to send Steve. It’s all about discipline not sleep deprivation.

  • I get what Steve is doing, probably shouldn’t do it in a riddle but the bible also says be on your guard, against greed, all kinds, a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. I totally understand the motivation but you gotta be careful when you say these types of things. Not everyone will interpret this the way I think he his. But for those who think it’s probably actually sleep, get your 8 hours in. Lol Trust me on that side of it you can still succeed and be successful while you value your health. Just incase that’s what he also means.

  • Sorry man, I love the motivation talk, but I will sleep my 8hours a day and make it. Brain is powerful enough to give you whatever you want in whatever conditions. You just have to know how to play the cards.

  • I’ve been shy since I was a kid, I’ve always been the shy, silent good girl. But now that I’m 17 I have big dreams and I’m stuck here in the same place for 4 years and can’t take a step in my dreams, I’m single and I don’t talk with any guy like my friends even though I’m considered attractive.. I’m sad, and I always feel like I’m not living my life.. I need to change���� my family is strict and it gives me a reason to not get out of my comfort zone��‍♀️

  • Hes right don’t be comfortable with sleep, doctors and many others recommend 8 hours, that is still a third of a whole day. I’d say 6 would be the best choice, 7 if you can squeeze it in, but 6 hours is enough time to get energy and function well in the day.

  • I just got a job and people don’t think that I can stay long with that job. Whatever. I just need to believe in myself and out of my comfort zone. Thanks for this video. Really helpful to ease my mind

  • I missed a big opportunity cause i wasnt comfortable with doing it and if i would of went i would of had the best time of my life but i didnt want to and i keep wondering what would of happend if i did take that opportunity

  • This video has changed my mentality.
    Starting tomorrow, I am going to do one thing everyday that is uncomfortable, and I will eventually see growth as a human being. I am feed up of running in circles instead of advancing. No more excuses, thank you sir ��
    Best video

  • Ever since I decided to do things that make me uncomfortable, it’s scary as fuck, you will make mistakes but you will grow and it is incredibly rewarding. Because then you can elevate yourself to new heights and new experiences and even bigger rewards.

  • im feeling anxious because in 6 weeks im leaving everything I know and have to move across the country alone at 23 to start a new career and new life in a place where I know nobody. Starting school. No job, no home. Heres to pursuing dreams!

  • The people who make this videos how successful are they? Information from the right source is necessary. From wrong source it’s garbage.

  • Guys remember when your trying to get out of your comfort zone the human body has the ability to adapt to whatever it has expierenced so never think the moutain is to big because along the way you will get used to it

  • I fill very lucky person bcz I saw this channel and did visit…
    This video is very energetic and sharp which do the motivated you me…��

  • Thankyou…thank you sooo much…I realy needed it…I burst into tears..I have no words………thank you thank you soooo muchhhh

  • Neale Donald Walsh said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Most folks recognize that personal growth escalates outside their comfort zone. Yet, fear often wins and impedes. You gave three practical ways to step into the person you must become. Another excellent TEDx. Thanks, Corey!

  • My girlfriend broke up with me after 2 years of relationship and one living together, at the beginning I thought this is the worst thing that can happen but then I remembered this video and I listened again and realized that with her I was getting comfortable so comfortable, cozy evenings in the sofa, netflix marathons… dont get me wrong was great but I was not growing I was stuck in comfort, now that she is gone, instead on lay in my own sorrow and pain, I will start waking up early, meditate, cold showers… and I know at the end I will succeed

  • I started a new job a few months back thats sales based and comes with a lot of target pressures… Around two weeks back, after so much rejection and feeling like I was banging my head against a wall for 11 hours a day, I was inches away from packing up my shit, going home and giving up…… I was so out of my comfort zone, I felt awkward, unskilled and like I was fighting a battle I could not win.

    That very same night, i went to the pub after work, drowned my sorrows and on the train home was flicking through YouTube and found this video.

    It struck my cords so hard. I listened to it 10 maybe 12 times per day each morning and night on repeat. Sometimes 20 times plus per day. Until the point I now know the words off by heart.

    You sir, changed my mental perspective….. Today, I’m SO proud to say, I closed my first deal for £60k. It was a record breaking new business deal for the company I’m working for. And gained me a significant amount of commission pay. It also gained me my first client. The first of many more. The sky is now my new limit.

    Thank you so much for being the motivation I needed to become the person I ALWAYS WAS

  • 1:06 “you think top atletes sleep their way to high performance”. Yes I think and I know they do. They sleep 10 to 12 hours per day which is their natural max. If you have up to 14 training sessions per week you need to sleep as much as possible to recover and grow stronger����”

  • I like the first and the last one
    Specially the last if I did it earlier in my life it would not be as bad as it became… Thank you for great content

  • It’s extremely difficult stepping out of your comfort zone in some situations. It can be very debilitating. I think this is very likely something to happen at work. Just thinking about stepping out and defying the status quo really brings up a lot of emotions and creates anxiety. Anxiety can really hold you back and prevent any potential happiness.

  • Something to live by, but stop with that “That what God made you for” bullshit. Your mom and dad made you, make something out of your life. Have a nice day!

  • Amazing messages in this talk Cory! It was fun, very relatable and I love how you broke everything down in steps and baby steps. I hung on to every word you said and the only thing I was disappointed about was when it was over. Excellent talk Cory!

  • That was great! I was caught up in your story the whole time.

    PS What was with every single woman in the front row being on their phone at least once???

  • I was wondering if the speech was for me, I mean the girl she mentioned about was living with her abusive husband since 14 and had been abused, I cannot fully say that she was in her comfort zone since she was abused and maybe emotionally manipulated as well. Yes she was dependent on the man, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have married such person In the first place but idk sometimes young people go through a lot than you think, I couldn’t judge her life as “comfort zone “ I’ve been through a lot my childhood and only had my toxic parents so it wasn’t a complete sort of “comfort zone” for me, I was constantly experiencing uncomfortable feelings, I got physically ill at 23yo after working so hard and getting out of that made-to-look-like-a-comfort-zone-zone, I’m now 28 and still have health issues, so not everyone can push themselves and challenge against fear some seriously need time to rest. But I get her point, just setting yourself free from toxic people is a huge achievement and that shouldn’t be compared with anything.

  • I tell my clients that if they do the small things consistently, the big ng takes care of itself.
    I take my goal and break it down into the smallest of tasks and then tick them off as I go. With each “tick” your confidence increases and you work that much harder to get the big thing taken care of. So forget this “big scary” goal and concentrate on the baby steps and you can achieve anything!

  • Believe it or not, the magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone! No one likes to move beyond his or her comfort zone, but that’s really where the magic happens. Everything remarkable happens beyond the safe zone. Everything you’ve ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone. It’s time for you to step outside your safe zone to experience life in a meaningful way. 😉

  • I love the idea of the WHY being the greatest motivator. Also loved the diagram of what is outside of comfort zone. It seems a lot easier to tackle when you see it in a drawing.:) Great job and congrats!

  • Great Job… I know many individuals that can use this presentation. Basically “Comfort Zone” means without stress… but as we take our turn here on this earth we all want to be happy and have joy in our lives. So you actually need “stress” in your life to grow stronger and wiser. Steel becomes stronger when it is stressed and pounded into a weapon for the warrior that we all have within each of us. Keep the bellows full and the fire within you hot to temper your success.

  • I was always very insecure about my legs because theyre really skinny and tiny which made my self esteem fall into an endless pit and i spent my whole 26 years hiding behind wide jeans and long dresses, you dont know how hard it is to feel ashamed of your own body or feel insecure about it while everybody out there are embracing their own even if they looked less attractive than yours but yet i was always afraid to step out of my Comfort Zone and try wearing whatever i like because of me judging myself and being harsh on her,but one day i told myself, if i didnt go out there and dress for myself and enjoy my youth before its too late, ill regret it later. I grabbed a dress and wore my only pair of heels i ever bought and just like that i went to my friends; you have no idea how free i felt! And the amount of positive reviews i got boosted my self esteem, i realised i was very harsh on myself and i did not deserve it Nor does anyone! You might think this was all silly but to me, to most women? its very painful to strict yourself to dress codes made by your own judgements, punishing yourself with bad thoughts. fear of getting out there has caused me to miss ALOT. I realized how beautiful i am in my own flesh my own bones and shape. I realized the only thing that grabs peoples admiration is by being confident and loving yourself and you cant reach there if youre hiding in your comfort zone. Explore! get out there, embrace and BELIEVE in yourselves because if you dont, YOU WILL WISH YOU HAD

  • Good that I listen. I’m going to work on new job but this mind didn’t do anything for last three days. It read motivational book but didn’t come out of comfort zone. Now I’m focused and going to apply this method. Thanks for your Video.

  • Thank you Corey, great break down of your three strategies for facing fears and stepping outside the comfort zone. Your humour and personal anecdotes made for a fun and informative presentation.

  • Love how you totally step out of your comfort zone thus making it bigger. you take on amazing things when you do.! I had no idea you created hair products with your brother. awesome sauce right there!

  • Still amazed by your project, you guys should be extremely proud of yourselves!
    Love this ted talk, keep on going I am super excited to see whats next for you. I think you started something big!
    Greetings from Venlo ��