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Low Fat Diet Myths

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Low fat diets have also been linked to the thinning of hair, decreased energy, decrease in mental clarity and even infertility! Many people avoid fats to reduce cholesterol levels, when actually a balance of the good healthy fats are needed for healthy cholesterol balances and to keep your HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol”) levels where they need to be. Low-Fat Diet: Why Fat-Free Isn’t Trouble-Free. Think Good Fat, Not Fat-Free.

If you eat three servings of low-fat ice cream, at 3 grams of fat and 250 calories per serving, you’re eating 9. Research (here and here for examples) shows that a low fat diet can really reduce the amount of testosterone in your system. So, if you want to be bouncy, strong, and sexy – put that olive oil on your salad, and add that coconut cream to your curry. The low-fat diet is very high in carbohydrates.

Excess carbohydrates are turned into fats in the liver, which raise blood levels of triglycerides, an important cardiovascular risk factor. 3. The Low-Fat Diet Discourages Consumption of Healthy Foods. Animal foods that are naturally high in fat tend to be healthy and nutritious. The main fat in their diet, though, was not the saturated animal fat common in countries with higher rates of heart disease.

It was olive oil, which contains mainly monounsaturated fat. This finding produced a surge of interest in olive oil and the “Mediterranean diet,” a style of eating regarded as a healthful choice today. This type of fat comes mainly from animal sources of food, such as red meat, poultry and full-fat dairy products. Saturated fats raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good”) cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol levels, which may increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Low-fat diets are known to alter serotonin function. They might decrease the fats in nerve-cell membranes, impairing serotonin receptors. An ultra-low-fat — or very-low-fat — diet allows for no more than 10% of calories from fat. It also tends to be low in protein and very high in carbs — with about 10% and 80% of daily. Forget The Low Fat Food Diet And Eat The Right Fats Instead.

While a low fat food diet isn’t good for you, just eating any fat you want is just as bad. You need to chose the right kind of fats to include in your diet. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats. These are as bad or worse than no fats. Low-fat cookies, muffins and other pastries: Read the nutrition facts panel to compare low-fat and regular varieties.

The regular ones may be a healthier choice with less sugars and other.

List of related literature:

The dangers of a high-fat diet are due to overconsumption of saturated fatty acids and perhaps to a high ratio of linoleic to linolenic acid among the unsaturated ones.

“Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture” by E. N. Anderson
from Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture
by E. N. Anderson
NYU Press, 2014

For example, the advisability of consuming a diet low in saturated fatty acids, total fat, and cholesterol is supported by strong evidence of potential benefit in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as comparatively weaker evidence that low-fat diets decrease the risk of certain kinds of cancers.

“Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Life Sciences, Committee on Diet and Health
from Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk
by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, et. al.
National Academies Press, 1989

Diets high in saturated fatty acids increase the risk of heart disease, whereas those high in unsaturated fatty acids may reduce these risks.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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And any attempts to limit supposedly dangerous saturated fats by increasing carbohydrates just make health matters way worse— increasing triglycerides and decreasing healthy HDL cholesterol, raising glycemic load and insulin levels, and increasing the risk of diabetes, diabesity, and heart disease.

“The Setpoint Diet: The 21-Day Program to Permanently Change What Your Body
from The Setpoint Diet: The 21-Day Program to Permanently Change What Your Body “Wants” to Weigh
by Jonathan Bailor
Hachette Books, 2018

However, in high fat diets, once the EFA requirement of the animal is met, tumor growth is dependent upon the level offat in the diet and not the type of fat (47).

“Practical Handbook of Soybean Processing and Utilization” by D. R. Erickson
from Practical Handbook of Soybean Processing and Utilization
by D. R. Erickson
Elsevier Science, 2015

In contrast to PUFAs, a high intake of saturated and hydrogenated fats are linked to an increase in a number of health risks, including degenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

“Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy” by Orrin Devinsky, MD, Steven V. Pacia, MD, Steven C. Shachter, MD
from Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy
by Orrin Devinsky, MD, Steven V. Pacia, MD, Steven C. Shachter, MD
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Adding omega­3 fatty acids to the diet (that is, eating more of a certain kind of fat) “substantially reduces coronary and total mortality” in heart patients, and replacing saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats lowers blood cholesterol, which they deem an important risk factor for CHD.

“In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto” by Michael Pollan
from In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto
by Michael Pollan
Penguin Publishing Group, 2008

On the other hand, unsaturated fats (with the exception of transfatty acids) reduce blood low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease, and little evidence suggests that they adversely affect cancer risk.

“DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg's Cancer” by Vincent T. DeVita, Steven A. Rosenberg, Theodore S. Lawrence
from DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg’s Cancer
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The body also converts fat into cholesterol, so consumption of high levels of fat increases the risk of certain diseases, such as colon cancer and heart disease.

“Health Psychology” by Richard O. Straub
from Health Psychology
by Richard O. Straub
Worth Publishers, 2002

Consuming enough of the essential fatty acids supports continued good health, and limiting intakes of saturated and trans fats is a priority to minimize the risk of heart disease.

“Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, MyPlate Update” by Frances Sizer, Ellie Whitney
from Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, MyPlate Update
by Frances Sizer, Ellie Whitney
Cengage Learning, 2011

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  • Thank you for this! Definitely going to watch your videos a lot more often. I’ve been getting really annoyed with bodybuilders who eat low carb and low fat or high carb and low fat meals. So if the info trainers are being taught is wrong, why are they still teaching it?

  • Appreciate you so much. I know youre right. AMA treats sick people and tries to make healthy people sick. question-what about people that have gall stones? we’ve been told low fat diet to lower cholesterol and reduce risk of gall bladder attack.

  • As usual, Dr. William Davis speaking loud and clear for the benefit of millions of persons.
    Thanks a lot Dr. Davis, I really appreciate your time, effort and knowledge.
    Regards from Spain.

  • Today I caught a 14″ stocked brown trout upstate NY, stuffed with (wait for it) WOOD SORREL. 400 degrees for 15 mins, oven, wrapped in tin foil, salt, pepper, olive oil drizzle before and after. Next time….adding second “layer” to be: over coals WRAPPED IN BURDOCK instead. “Good Artists Create, Great Artists Steal” Steve Jobs.

  • Im good with my eggs and sour cream��usually fills me up most day also love butter…no more grains and sugars i will do my best!thanks dr

  • 1:44
    Would have been way to funny if the dude in the background had Jordy’s face and you both “re-voiced” it.:’D
    Thanks for the vid.
    Didn’t know about this, but didn’t really change anything for me, but still thanks for the information.:)

    dat voice/vid sync at the end x)

  • Thanks for the great video!
    Do you or have you talked about the insulin index? I’m seeing where steak and whey Protein and others can raise insulin even though they’re low carb foods.

  • 1.Cholesterin is needed to be breaken down for testosterone
    2.Carbohydrates block fat burning due to insulin
    3.Guess what fat contains

  • Ok, so 20-30% of daily calories from fat is a good range that you recommend.

    However, what percentage of that would you recommend be saturated fat? I.e. 50% sat? 25%?

  • So that basically means your testo levels caused by nutrition doesn’t matter at all.. it all just comes down to your macros in the end. I’m confused.. My macros are Kinobody macros 25 fat, 30 protein, rest is carbs. Studies show a lot of sugar ( carbohydrates ) is the main cause for low Testosteron. I eat a tone of carbs. I definitely got ripped with this strategy eating 50 grams of fat per day, hard training and a lot of protein. But still I feel that my testo is low in other scenarios if you know what I mean. I definitely felt more manly when I still was skinny fat.. which is weird.. So all your studies showed higher fat = more Testosteron why doesn’t that matter? Makes no sense to me… People freakin out about phytoestrogen in soy and a increase of 13 % doesn’t matter?… I definitely fell drawn to keto

  • Hi is this possible to take muscle building substance and grow muscles without taking protein i mean is muscle building substance alone grow muscles or you have to take protein along with it?

  • The study at 4:45 showing an increase in test with the higher fat they changed the poly/sat ratio when they increased the fatincreasing the poly significantly. Why?

  • I hate fat. Can you say what exactly are good foods? Fat means nothing to me. Usually, it disgusts me. Also, numbers mean almost nothing. Science, who cares? Measurements, relative to the individual. Let’s just get down to earth. Get outdoors. That room is killing you. No windows? The Matrix has you. You need to show the view, if you have one that is natural. Morpheus, rescue this guy. Unplug him.

  • What is you’re hyper sensitive to carbs?
    I’m feel super efficient and have great clarity and strength at
    carbs: 20-25%
    “Healthy fats”: 40-45%
    When I go higher on carbs I get crazy inflammation, in my joints.

  • The Very Low Fat diet is specifically for those who have to significantly reduce…

  • The 25mg dose group was enough to turn off their own test production but not enough to replace it. Hence the reason they lost muscle. That’s my best guess

  • Seems like a great video. Just one thing saturated fats are very good. Following Ray Peat’s recommendations you’d eat a lot of carbs, good amount of protein, low fat (mostly coming from saturated fats) and completely avoid polyunsaturated fats (as if they were the plague). Good luck

  • Spent a couple of years on a low fat under 10% of calories diet and testosterone dropped like a rock. My doctor told me it was because I was aging not because of diet. I increased fat to 30% of calories and testosterone almost doubled in six months. My doctor asked me if I was getting injections of testosterone? He just couldn’t believe the jump in levels was natural because of a change in diet.

  • Old video so not sure if you’re going to see or reply to this comment but your minimum fat levels seem pretty high. That 200 pound man having his minimum at 50 grams of fat is 450 calories from fat which on say a 2,000 calorie diet is over 20% of calories from fat. If cutting his calories might be even lower making the percentage higher. I’m a 300 pound guy, currently cutting with 2,500 calories per day so going with.25 grams per pound gets me 27% of my calories from fat. Rather than doing that I’m keeping my fat to about 10% of my total daily calories, which is made up of EFA supplements to cover the baseline and a tablespoon of coconut oil to stir fry some lean chicken in…

  • Great video! IMHO, after a very aggressive cut, eating about 2050 kcal/day, and 45 grams of fat, jumped to a slow clean bulk of about 2850 kcal and 76 grams of fat. The collateral result was somehow surprising… I’ve always had a super hailrless chest, but a few days into the new diet, a noticeable amount of chest hair was popping!

  • Good video. However if you have low testo levels by default like 400 ng/dl (I had 455 about 14 years ago the last time when I had a blood test) then every small increase can help. A video about natural testosterone boosters would be nice (like the one about the fat burners).

  • Lovely video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched Millawdon Dessert Allowed Trick (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind guide for discover low fat desserts recipes that that burn belly fat minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin finally got excellent success with it.

  • There is no “number one” source of energy for your body. If you stop eating carbs, your body will use fat for energy. If you stop eating fat, your body will use carbs for energy. If you stop eating fat and carbs, your body will use protein (including it’s own muscle) as energy. Your body converts EVERYTHING to glucose, including carbohydrates. It doesn’t “prefer” one over the other, that’s just you saying that to yourself in your head.

  • thanks for this vid! for a sec I was feeling like I had been consuming too little fat this whole time, but this vid cleared things up!

  • I just want to share my thoughts on the having low fat and high carbs. This kind of diet is very common and works with most people. But Ive been doing a modified ketogenic cycle for 2 months now and it works better than going with my usual 200-300g carb diet. Im trying to lose weight for the last 4 months and im down 160lbs from 176lbs. In terms of weightlifting, i always workout fasted and in ketosis. My first week of going to the gym while in ketosis, my power went down significantly. I was lifting 133lbs seated rows with 200-300g of carbs and with ketosis i was lifting 111lbs. But after a week, my strength went back. My weightloss went into a rapid pace and i dont get diarrhea from amoeba anymore. So my advice to people is to try out a self-modified diet. Dont stick to doing the traditional keto, low carb, high carb, paleo etc. Mix it up and see whats best for you

  • I got my free test levels checked and it came back as 31.5 which my doctor said is higher than the upper limit of normal range. Now I’m being monitored in case it gets any higher. I heard about low fat diets effecting test levels so I tried eating very low fats for a month and my test did decrease but only to 28.9 so not that much…

  • That part around 4:00 where you went from a positive correlation to causation caused pain in the statistics-focused part of my brain. Say it with me one more time: correlation does not imply causation.

  • You should probably double check the last fact (that you need really high levels of testosterone to notice muscle growth from it) because in the last study you mentioned people in both groups were given exogenous testosterone which automatically results in cancellation of their own testosterone development. And that resulted in lowering of muscle mass in the first group and only a slight increase of a muscle mass in the second group and only via exceptionally high intakes of this hormone. Maybe the reason for this is that the endocrinous systems of BOTH groups became fucked up and couldn’t build muscle normally. But a normal man who doesn’t use roids will probably feel a big increase in muscle growth even FROM A SLIGHT increase of the hormone production. What do you think about it?

  • I+mm studying mechanical engineering and I hate it thus I have 3 works and I have to pay it, oh and I train hard at the gym no matter whut, virgin and no girlfiend history, so I think I´m becoming cortisol myself lol.

  • Many guys who start on a high fat diet, more than 50% fat, express an increase in sexual function and interest?! Would this not indicate a higher test level? And therefore more potential for muscle building?

  • Thanks for such informative and entertaining video. Keep up the great work. Love your teaching style, mix with comedy and actual info. Just a side note, can you work on your voice sync a little? Some times I got distracted by that.:P

  • Well what about carb backloading? Ive been lean bulking using this technique and i’m at 15% bodyfat atm, i’d love to eat carbs before my workout but i feel it would slightly raise my bodyfat

  • Hi, love your videos! Can you do a video on the most recent / relevant research/studies on artificial sweeteners (how they affect blood glucose levels, insulin response?, do they contribute toward calories) as they are literally in so many of the foods we eat these days (protein bars, powders, “0” calorie drinks, etc.). Just seems there must be some downside of these or we just don’t know the long term effects of consuming so much of it?

  • Dude I love your editing! funny shit but to the point!!!! keep it up bruh! Great job! Bonus for a DBZ fan! what about One punch man?

  • Hi igor,

    Quick question for macro split say I want 1g of protein for pound of body weight is it done on lean body weight or actual body weight?


  • Hi igor,

    Quick question for macro split say I want 1g of protein for pound of body weight is it done on lean body weight or actual body weight?


  • Awesome video man! You and Mario Tomic are the only fitness youtubers who use actual science that’s one of the reasons I like you two so much.

  • Hey Igor! Your videos are awesome, I watch them as soon as they come out. I was wondering what your opinion is on a keto diet. You said that not having enough carbs will prevent you from reaching your max potential during a workout but I believe it’s just as possible with high fats/low carbs.

  • dude u are legit so freakin helpful and intelligent its awesome, you actually know what youre talking about and do the research to back it up. ��

  • Humor is so powerful. The difference between a video pedantically going through facts like some boring college course and a video that manages to be informative, funny, and entertaining, is huge. One of the reasons school is so boring is because the system has completely failed to do the latter… and they aren’t even trying. They’ve been doing the same thing for so long, they don’t even bother thinking that there could be a better way. So teachers just continue to drone on in the most boring of ways while students struggle to stay awake and keep from drooling on their desks.

    Schools should take a page from Igor. He manages to be funny, entertaining, and informative, and it’s why his channel is great. I saw a comment on one of his videos saying that his videos are “too smart” for the average viewer, and his subscriber count pays the price. I don’t know if that’s true or not if it is, that says something truly terrifying about the intelligence of the average person. Either way, I’m glad he isn’t dumbing down his vids to try to get more subscribers. And I love the fact he uses humor in his vids. It’s a game-changer.

  • Thanks Doc, I experienced some of these problems when on a very low fat diet for heart disease. Sardines, olives, avocados and salmon, olive oil and nuts are helping resolve it without hurting my heart.

  • I think you’re making it too vague and unscientific in this video, which is not usual for your style. While you’re going through scientific studies, you still don’t go through the different kinds of fats and their positive and negative impacts on health, you don’t even mention cholesterol (dietary and non dietary) which is one of the main steroids for the creation of androgens. I wish you’d have elaborated a bit on cortisol, I’d like to hear more of your view on it.
    Don’t be afraid of using your great editing skills for better comprehension, instead of being vague or giving half explanations.

    Great vid anyway.

  • Dr. Josh, I was on keto diet, but then recently had to have my gall bladder taken out. Can I still continue to eat high fat diet? I am leery of consuming Ox bile. It sounds absolutely gross! Thank you.

  • if volume = weight*reps*sets, theoretically. instead of curling 35s for 10 reps, if you curl 10 for 50 reps. with same rest times etc, would more hypertrophy be caused with the second method because volume is higher? or is there a certain percentage of 1 rep max at which hypertrophy training and maximum volume should be used

  • C’mon, leave cortisol alone! Acute spikes are your friend!
    But chronically increased level that’s where it is your enemy ;]
    Anyway, great content as always! Cheers mate!

  • You have, by far, one of the highest likes per view ratio that I have seen. I’m glad other people like this channel as much as I do!

  • Thank you very much for the upload! Yet what we also gather from the video is that if you are already suffering from lower testosterone, not eating the way that increases testosterone is not helping. 13% for itself isn’t much, but add sleep, proper resistance training, red meats, proper fats and supplementation with Vitamin D, Zinc, Creatine and even some more exotic but well reasearched things like Ashwagandha, these all stack with the effects of nutrition. We can’t say for sure that these 13% we are seeing from the diet won’t be multiplied by the other factors or whether they are a stand-alone number. I believe since the body is a compound working organism, that a testosterone increasing diet might be even more beneficial combined with the other things that work well in conjunction.

  • My (very skinny) ex-husband proudly eats a “no fat” diet and has been addicted to overexercising for years on end. He has broken MANY bones and has long-term stomach problems/issues (IBS), very low testosterone, and looks like a skeleton. He thinks this is fine. Why won’t his many doctors tell him he’s too skinny and that his diet is an issue? He has had three spinal fractures, a broken tibia, esophageal problems, and he has osteoporosis and has lost 2 inches in height. He is on “bone medication.” His cortisol levels are high. He is always going back and forth to the doctor. It’s exhausting just to hear about it. I don’t know why his doctors won’t tell him to stop his highly restrictive diet. He eats things like dry oatmeal and seeds.

  • Fat is healthy. It makes you lean and strong. It makes your waist slim and it carries vitamins to the cells. Plus it tastes great. Eat fat muchachos!

  • Dear Doc. All toxins accumulate in fat cells, right? Don’t you think they also accumulate in the animal’s body? Why would you recommend eating a “toxic fat” of another being? And, I thank you so much for your work! This is the best health channel in the world!

  • Dr. Berg thanks for always updating the channel with your knowledge. Can you pls make a video regards to certain vitamin combinations and when exactly to the which when? ����

  • People should understand all of the big food production in big Pharma production on planet Earth is ultimately controlled or outright owned by Rothschilds and their plan is extermination of three-quarters of the global population as quickly as possible. There is no such thing as healthy food available on the planet unless it is truly organic and this is why the USDA has allowed fraudulent import from South and Central America of millions of tons a year of produce that is labeled organic and is not at all organic. But, on the particular subject I commented on there is no such thing as a healthy human body or mind unless that human is involved in some level a physical activity, which a very small percentage of the American public particularly Millennials actually is. This is the route of the medical issues keto claims to prevent or correct. Poison food sources high fructose food sources and no physical activity, a keto diet except for a few people with certain true medical conditions simply is a stopgap they can alleviate some symptoms that does not create a normal healthy human body and mind. And as for the person that said super high fat content diet has been human diet for thousands of years as an outright liar or completely ignorant, the only group humans on the planet that that even comes close to being a true take statement of are the Inuit and their related groups that have always inhabited the Arctic Circle.

  • I’m 25 and I’m so blessed have to come along your channel your products are awesome feeling better and better. Could you do a video on all the keto friendly baking flours. So much confusion on the net oat flour, vital wheat gluten is apparently keto friendly. I’ve been a chef long time so the change as you can imagine is tough not having flour if you could clear the confusion make a video on all keto flours much appreciated cheers

  • I wasn’t super high carb but I believe I was low EFA enough and binged enough on sweets at times and stressed enough (Uber driving I don’t recommend) that it has seriously enough damaged my pelvic area somehow that I’ll probably need surgical intervention.

  • But I have acid reflux and ulcers. I already exposéd this in your Q&A. You told me to use my judement. So I did keto but i had terrible acid reflux from thé fat(i did clean healthy keto avocado and clean oils). So I had to stop.

  • Lovely! Extra virgin coconut oil, all natural peanut butter, almond butter, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil Soo good for you! I’m on a high protein moderate fat and feeling great! I have more energy Electrolyte powder is great too

  • Never ever has any dr been so specific or concerned about our health..!! SAD!! we sincerely appreciate the one and only DR.ERIC BERG!!❤❤❤ THANK YOU..

  • Dr. Berg, could you explain the relationship between blood sugar and ketone levels?
    It as my impression that when one lowers, the other rises, but my blood tests are all over the place.
    One evening my blood sugar was 86 and ketones 0.8. The next morning it was 106 and 0.2 and in the evening 94 and 1.4. Then the next day morning it was 98 and 1.5 and in the evening it was 74 and 0.8 and the next morning 107 and 0.5. All this on keto diet and IF (the 98/1.5 results were after omad previous day)

  • Not to distract from here, but there are many articles that do exist online that are not buried by google…because google does not see a monetary gain in you reading or not reading. Some authors simply complied information from others and put it together. Don’t let people use logical fallacies, and not actually try to offer a counter point.

  • Dear Dr Berg, what happens to the body when people go into and out of keto, or carb cycling. Is it confusing to the body in a dangerous sort of way to keep fluctuating in and out of a ketogenic/glucose state? Next video, maybe, please?:). Thank you so much.

  • Thank you Dr Berg!!! I was one of millions misled into being uptight about fat content in food. Never worked, instead made matters worse. I’m so glad also that I don’t have to pull the fat off bacon to eat only meat. Whew:-)

  • As usual presentation is totally skewed to promote ketogenic diet which is totally unnatural to the human diet. And as usual, it totally vilifies carbohydrates which are and always have been and essential part of the human diet in large percentage. And as usual, presentation totally ignores the basis of most of the health problems related to diet in modern society and particularly in the United States, and that is if a person is totally inactive is non-athletic performs virtually no physical effort on a daily basis they will never be healthy, not ever. 70% fat diet is totally unrealistic and totally unhealthy. Only a total Couch Potato could sustain a healthy body and mind on that system because it allows for virtually no carbohydrates. Also fat Burns in a carbohydrate flame when carbohydrates are minimized and glycogen in the system is there for minimized fat conversion for useful energy is inhibited greatly and becomes totally inefficient. Ketogenic diet, or extremely high fat diet only work to sustain an unhealthy individual Couch Potato that performs virtually no physical effort in their life. Anyone who is reasonably athletic anyone who is involved in any reasonable amount of physical activity cannot be healthy on this type of a diet

  • I was on a low fat/low calorie diet for about a year in 2016/17. Appx 700 calories a day or the weight didn’t budge. Felt awful. Ruined my health. Ended up getting back to back illnesses. One of them ending up putting me in the hospital with Pneumonia, Influenza and brain lining swelling. Almost died. Been fighting back ever since. Plus gained all the weight back and more being bed ridden. Started Healthy Keto on 1/2/20 down 9lb and feeling good. This Dr. has helped tremendously.

  • Hi Dr. Berg, what do you have to say to detractors who argue that you’re incorrectly lumping ah carbs together and that carbs from complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, sweet potato, and other sources are necessary for a well balanced diet? In think everyone agrees that processed foods and simple sugars; bread, pasta, white refined sugar are poison but some say you’re going too far by lumping all carbs together.

  • I grew up on a low fat diet as a child. Good God was I SICK and miserable. When I was finally on my own, feeding myself, all I bought was high fat everything. I could easily gulp down a gallon of whole milk (yeah, bad, but what did I know 20 years ago lol). I bought the biggest, fattiest steaks behind the glass counter and when the sun was out, I was in it. No more of this non-sense my mother always used preach to us kids. My mother was sick and overweight her entire life, not to mention diabetic as well. For the first time in my life I have healthy long hair…I’m 49.

  • I’m always glad to see someone addressing the importance of fats in the diet and why. People have been harassed for decades to ensure we keep fats to an absolute minimum, which we now know is incredibly detrimental to our health. One additional point where it comes to fats is that overweight folks (me included) have an abundance of fat already which our bodies will readily use when we ingest less of it; precisely what we want! And this has been my experience. It was only when I reduced my fats to 30-35% that the weight started to come right off (no strenuous exercise, just some daily walking). Less fat than that, though, and I did experience a nagging sense of hunger no matter how much protein or salad I ate; of course, some people may easily tolerate a lower percentage. To speed up the weight loss process, I included intermittent fasting (16/8 window) and a 24-hour no-food fast (herbal tea and black coffee only) once a week. As I close in on my ideal weight my plan is to adjust my macros to include more fats, as my body will have less to draw on.

    God bless!

  • So should i add more good quality fats in my carbs as well and i mean the good kinds of carbs ( red rice,natto,sweet potatoes and other good healthy grains?)

  • Not all carbs are the same. Carbs from vegetables and fruit are good for you, especially if they’re raw. Keto is great but long term it can be harmful, especially for people who don’t eat clean protein and fats.

  • Far too many assumptions and associations in this video to count. Holy hannah, does anyone proofread your scripts before you air?!?
    For example, fats don’t contain any of the vitamins you mentioned. So if one ingests their fat along with the vitamins you mentioned… voila! No deficit!
    Or decreasing fat MUST equate to an increase in carbs! Many low-fatters are PSMF… so no carbs. Go figure.

    Or do you assume that anyone that doesn’t follow your plan must be stupid?

  • What if I supplement 7 fish oil caps after a 23 hour fasting and a weight lifting workout combined with a high dosed multi vitamin supplement and 100g of good quality whey, which spikes up my insulin like crazy because of insulin sensitivity caused by fasting and the workout. Would I be able to get all the vitamins and essential fatty acids in? I don’t think that my body needs any more than that. I also take in in that meal a Zinc-Magnesium-Calcium supplement and drink water during the day, which is electrolyted with potassium (4g) and sodium (2g).

  • Dr. Berg what if you feel better on lower fat? My digestion, body composition and mood are all better on lower fat 20-30%. I am about 6-8% body fat so I feel like I should stick with high carb?

  • I’ve always eaten fats-

    Gone are the whole packet of some biscuits I could eat with Trans Fats

    I’m back to butter and lard, fish and eggs also I’m more mindful of polyunsaturated fats to eat more and I’m aware when I eat more fats I eat less carbs-

    I don’t do keto only IF as healthy and near keto as possible

    Fats are goodthe good ones but it’s all balance and ratiosI avoid drinking fats

  • Please consider doing a video about losing too much weight on keto. I know you struggle with this yourself dr. Berg, because sometimes you subtly mention in q&a’s that you have to take extra measures to not lose too much weight.

  • Thank you for all your videos, Dr Davis. I have all the ingredients to make the L reuteri yogurt, so I will be trying that soon. I have high LDL, but it’s mostly large pattern A. And most of my inflammation markers are low, F2-isoprostane <.20 (too low to accuratety measure) myelopreroxidase 178 pmol/L, sedimentation rate-westergren 4 mm/hr, albumin/creatinine ratio(urine) <9.2 mg/g creat, except recently tested Lp-PLA2 tested at 239 nmol/min/mL, which is high. Been keto low carb for a while now.

  • I Practice LowFat Keto because Fat Grosses me Out.
    The Results I’ve Experienced thus Far is Nothing Short of Amazing.
    In Fact, I haven’t been Sick/ill Once Since Starting Keto and my Mental Health has Improved Massively.
    Number 6 simply doesn’t Apply to me I OMAD and am Rarely Hungry at MealTimes even though I’m Very Active During the Day.
    WHY do People ‘automatically’ Increase Carbs when they Decrease Fat? It’s a Choice to Eat More Carbs.

  • Great information �� I always learn something new with Dr. Berg’s videos. I never understood there were risks with a low-fat diet.

  • Due to a healthy KETO eating plan, I was able to drop my weight from 323Ibs to 250Ibs while lowering my triglycerides 999 points in only 34 days. I have my lab results to prove it. I feel great and ALL of my lab numbers are going in the right direction.

    God Bless,

  • I’m not buying your message dr axe ��… I did a keto diet and it RUINED my health… it was not a dirty keto it was clean keto. I’m 6’2 231 pounds with a body fat percentage of 23%. I have fat to burn!!! so why eat fat when my body can use the fat that’s on my body?

  • I totally agree with this! Low fat diets have been pushed for years and they have proven by studies that it’s dangerous and not healthy. Our brains are made up of fat so therefore we need it.

  • Why do people continue to argue this exact topic. To my knowledge, only one long term study has actually tracked an entire generation’s eating and lifestyle habits. The Blue Zone Study. For those not familiar, it simply identified 5 regions in the world that contains the highest concentration of 90-100 year olds that had the least amount of sickness and disease. All 5 zones had obvious commonalities. A meaningful, low stress lifestyle and a MOSTLY plant based diet. One zone was completely vegetarian. In most cases, a VERY small amount of free range dairy and meat was consumed. I encourage people to research this study. It involves, OkinawaJapan,, Ikaria, Greece, Sardinia, Italy, Loma Linda, CA, and Nicoya, Costa Rica.

  • Put a runner or a cyclist on a keto diet, after a couple months do a 20 minute test, then put them on a high carb low fat vegan diet and do the test again. No comparison, the vegan will do dramatically better, night and day. High fat is extremely unhealthy and is the biggest killer in the world right now. People are listening to these studies that are funded and sometimes even preformed by the meat, egg, dairy, and drug companies, that makes no sense at all. Look at history, every single successful empire ate mostly starch and carbs, no exception. The Roman soldiers requested and later became the standard to remove all meats and fats out of their diets a couple weeks before they went to battle because they knew it makes them weak and they would get killed. I’m eating twice as many calories as I used to and I’ve lost weight doing it. The fat you eat is the fat you wear.

  • I went on a high fat low carb diet 5 months ago. My hormones have seemingly leveled out. I don’t get angry easily anymore. I don’t freak out at the drop of a hat. I feel so much better…pain is gone from lupus and hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and inflammation is going down more every day. My husband really likes the new me! Wheat belly lifestyle for life!!!!!

  • Unfortunately our animal products aren’t as clean as they once were….with Fukushima, factory farming (not everyone can afford organic, grass fed animal products).

  • Being starving all the time. Back to the video. ��
    Just as I thought, number 6. Never going back to that again.
    Thanks for sharing this important information with us all, & take care of yourself to. ❤����

  • Great content Doc…. But I have a question… May I ask you what kind of macro percentage split would you recomend for women?! Thanks ��

  • Thanks Dr. Axe! I’m pretty sure I have leaky gut, and my bad cholesterol has been ridiculously high the past few months so I’ve been making smoothies with bone broth protein, collagen protein, ground flax and chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries, coconut or almond milk.. I try to include a variety of good fats daily with fresh avocado, olive oil with apple cidar vinegar, I started a high quality fish oil supplement and garlic supplement, I eat kimchee and other healthy sources of natural probiotics etc.. I have type 2 diabeties also so I’m very careful about not going over 20 carbs in snacks or 40 in a meal, and I try to make them high quality carbs. Can’t wait to see if my cholesterol looks better as my gut health is improving. You have no idea how much better my gut feels just from changing my diet and including gut healthy products and foods. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world, you’re a literal life saver.

  • This video is crazy and it’s going to confuse a lot of people. You don’t even specify what A low-fat diet is considered. A high fat diet is the reason why 1/3 of our population is dying from heart disease and diabetes.

  • People beat mental illness also with fruitarian diet with no nuts and seeds high carb low fat low protein you just got to eat a bunch of calories and alote of fruit to get all nutrients for the day. It may be hard at start eating more volume foods like fruit to get all calories but your stomach expands overtime and you feel way better without all these nuts beans and seeds that cause lectins in your body and hard to digest

  • High carb does not feed bacteria. You need fruit silly. The meat is full of toxins. White refined carbs are bad so eat complex carbs. Fats are good in moderation. Its natural to crave so carbs. Our ancestors ate flour. Not all diets work for everyone. Each person ia unique

  • How does that work with non-alcohol fatty liver syndrome? I thought such a liver couldn’t process the fats since it’s overloaded? Do you still use small amounts of healthy fats while trying to correct the liver?

  • Fat:
    -Gives satiety and NEEDS energy to be digested! Sugar digestion is fast & costs almost NOTHING!!!
    -does not need insulin
    -can’t be used by cancer cells (ketons)
    -builds up lots of human tissues, the brain even builds up its OWN colestorol, SOO IMPORTANT is it!!! >astrocytes
    -protects brain and inner Organs from impacts
    -is a perfect energie source
    -is needed to absorb fat soluble vitamins
    -studies show: there is NO bad effect from saturated fats on heart diseases!!! not even on patients who had incidents already!
    AND: almost all studies prooved: HIGH fat (&protein) diet beats low fat high carb in ANY important aspects!!!!
    And MUCH more!!!!!!!!!!! So eat fat folks a get rid of f*** sugars

  • It’s funny he cites no studies only his own personal stories. This is Psudo-Science. The diet he promotes will lead to cardiovascular disease and heart disease. Not only that but diabetes and obesity. High carb vegan diet is far superior in every way. Check out the YouTube page Mic the Vegan if you want real science based arguments and not just ranting and citing his own personal patients.

  • Loved it.  So nice to hear some science behind this.  The more and more I learn about muscle building workouts, diet and training the more I feel like it can be very simple.  Eat a well balanced diet, train hard and get enough recovery.  Simple:)

  • Hi Dr. Ax. My doctor has me on actemera. I had to go on the subcutaneous injection for a while. This did not work for me however as soon as he put me back on the infusion I noticed that I started picking up weight again as my body started to need more food from me. Is there anything I can do about this. I’ve been watching what I eat and my portions with no success. Can you please help.

  • Thank you for all the information you provide! My life is better because you and Jordan Rubin youtubes! Thanks from Maryland Esther Guzman