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5 Min Warm Up Routine | Effective Warm Up Before ANY Workout ��

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Perfect Warm Up for Strength Workouts

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Try to spend at least 5 to 10 minutes warming up. The more intense your workout is going to be, the longer your warmup should be. Focus first on large muscle groups and then perform warmups that. As a general rule, muscle temperature reaches a plateau after 10 minutes. Keep your workout warm-up to around 10 minutes.

Warm-ups longer than 10 minutes appear to have no additional benefit except in the case of endurance workouts. The Perfect Warm-Up for Every Workout (Video!) | MyFitnessPal Perform the following routine—which requires only a single dumbbell or kettlebell—before any cardio session, strength-training workout, game or competition. Also use it on your days off from formal exercise to loosen up and improve posture. Limit yourself to 2-3 sets of 5-10 reps of each movement, with 15-30 seconds between sets. This works out to 1-2 minutes of investment into priming your powerhouse muscles in better, more usable ranges of motion.

And lets be honest, the glutes and. No matter what type of workout you choose, you should always warm up for 10 to 15 minutes to prevent injury and improve performance, she says. And you want your warm-up to be dynamic — not just static stretching. “Dynamic stretching has been growing in popularity, as it engages the muscles in a similar way to the workout itself,” she says. Hey #YamFam! Make sure to save this warm-up/workout so you have it ready to go before every workout!

This is the perfect warm-up you can do at home or at the. Prior to less intense training sessions, you may not need to warm up, as you can gradually increase your pace during the workout. In effec. 2 days ago · Perform a dynamic warm-up at a low-to-moderate intensity before each workout. Make sure parts of the warm-up mimic the activity you plan on doing, but at an easier pace.

For example, Decker says if you’re preparing to go for a run, two great warm-up moves would be high knees or butt kickers. However you stay in shape, this playlist features a variety of songs perfect for kicking off your routine. They start slow, giving you the chance to clear your mind of the day’s affairs, and then the beat drops in and you really get moving. Fitness Magazine this link opens in a new tab; Warm-Up Playlist: 10 Songs to Kickstart Your Workout.

While it will vary from one athlete to another, when racing a mile up to a 5K, try warming up for about 45 minutes. For a 10K, 20-30 minutes and about 10 minutes for a marathon. The minimum for any speed workout is 10 minutes, but preferably 20-30 minutes when looking to really push in a hard workout.

List of related literature:

The first part of every workout is the warm-up.

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Warm-up and cool-down: Perform a quality warm-up and cooldown before and after every workout.

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The warm-up helps you to get ready for your workout.

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This type of warm-up typically includes general calisthenics performed at a lower intensity than in the workout stimulus.

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The purpose of this type of warm-up is to allow the body to gradually adjust to the changing physiological demands of the exercise session without undue fatigue.

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A warm-up does not mean simply stretching and doing static stretches before your workout.

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The focus of this section is warm—up before an event, but the applications are similar for a warm—up before the main set of a workout.

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This general warmup should be followed by a specific warm-up that consists of performing some of the session’s exercises at a low intensity.

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For “smaller” lifts performed later in the workout, I don’t do any warm-up sets because I’m already warm, so I jump right into my work sets.

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Proper warm-up increases blood flow to the muscles, increases neurological activity, and gives the athlete time to prepare mentally for the workout.

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  • Day 40 of my lifestyle fitness changes. I finished day-35 of the Chloe Ting Summertime Shred Challenge for 2019 May. But this whole time I only did the cool down stretches at the end of the daily workout planner. I feel like I just missed a trick by not doing the warm up video, but I had just noticed this a few days ago. Also, I am 2 years late for all of these workouts. So when I start a new challenge; it will be 2 years old. I think I will do the warm up and cool down with the 8-Week 2018 Workouts.

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  • Day 71 of my lifestyle fitness changes. I have done this warm up as part of my Wednesday routine for week 4 of the CT 8-Week Summer Shredding Challenge from 2018. Today I will work on #4 legs workout and take one of the #2 arms workouts from tomorrow’s workout to complete, then follow up with a cool-down. It is late in the night, but well needed.

  • So I’ve no idea if there are men using this video or not, feel free to reply to this comment, I’ll feel less lonely:’)
    I tried this warmup today and boy oh boy it helped a ton, I found all my exercices way easier after the warmup, so thank you for this video I’ll make sure to use it in the future, now i just need to find my dumbbells for the rest of the workout. Good luck to anyone still doing it as often as possible, I’m just a beginner so any motivation is welcome. Let’s see where we are progress wise at the end of this year <3

  • I love your taste in music Chloe �� ❤️ Like the warm up music always makes me feel light like I’m in a cloud. The one for the actual challenges somehow make it easy to focus the breathing with what we’re supposed to do at the time. Idk whether you chose the music because of this or just because it’s your taste, but I’ve found it positively helpful. Thanks

  • Omg the last exercise was so nice!! It stretched my legs so nicely! I’m already loving this summer shred!! Thank you so much for all your hard work Chloe you’re seriously amazing!

  • I like to ‘open’ my muscles with a bit of cardio to get warmed up, but this warm up seems like semi working out for me. Some exercises are even in her workouts as regular exercises, idk

  • me: dont quite get that and struggling and when i see her, shed been on the next warm up. and i think this is main work out yk and i take 10 mins break before get to main work out

  • I’m starting today!! I’m super excited! I needed this! I took pictures of myself and went on the scale ���� I’ve been a couch potato since I started doing the whole distance learning thing for work.

  • Doing this for 5 day continuosly felt some flexibility in my body.. But there is no changes in weight even in grams and no changes in inches even half inch… Should I need to take strong diet along with this for better results? Pls do response my question dudes

  • ** * I didn’t get the hype at first, but with videos like this and Kimmy G’s blog (Google “” Push Pedal Crank “” to find her website) I’m starting to finally lose weight.

  • Day 57 of my lifestyle fitness changes. I have finished this warm up as part of my Wednesday routine for week 2 of the CT 8-Week Summer Shredding Challenge from 2018. Today I will work on arms #2 and the abs #3 Workouts. Then I will end with a cool-down stretch. I have missed a couple walks, from this program but will replace with a long bike ride for Thursday. Sometimes I adjust the workouts to fit my body needs.

  • People throwing shade at chloe for not putting warms up before her workouts in programs EVEN THO HER PROGRAMS ARE FOR FREE-

  • Thank you Chloe for helping me change my life ❤️ my mindset is so much more healthy now that I’ve taken initiative to change my lifestyle. Completed the 2 week shred and seen results ��

  • 2 days ago this felt like an actual workout instead of a warmup and I was already dying before the next workout video. Now I can do the exercises consistently and only start dying around the third/fourth video. I went from hating working out to actually enjoying it in 2 days and I thought it would take me at least a month to get used to it.

  • Start doing this for around a week, but I gained some weigh, it might be when i start to work out was on Ramadhan so my weigh js under on my normal weight yet after the Eid I ate more than I used to in Ramadhan so I ended up gained some weigh again.
    Now try to control what I eat as well as doing Chloe Abs Training, wish me luck!

  • Day 47 of my lifestyle fitness changes. Tomorrow, I will be ready to start the first day of the 8-week workout from the CT 2018 Challenge. I will have rest days on Saturday and Sunday. But the major difference is that I will be doing this warm-up before each workout. Weekdays are workout days and at the end of each workout I will also do the 10-mins Cool-down. I am excited about getting even fitter due to consistency with my workouts.

  • me: doing the optional videos to make me feel better about myself

    my body: huh ok sis, you just keep telling yourself that����‍♀️

  • Perfect! I needed somethin to get muscles going as apposed to the heart rate. I was warmed up with plenty of energy for those heavy reps

  • Hello everyone so i just wanted to say that chloe helped me alooot i was unfiit and its been like a motn and a half that i started working out and i lost about 5 kg and i lost belly fat not all of it huuh and im satisfied and so proud of me that i started working out i was so lazy and i never thought that i will do what im doing now❤