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While bodyweight workouts don’t seem as “hard” as lifting weights, you still need rest. “The thought of doing bodyweight exercise may seem like an easier workout, but often this is because people are not as familiar with as many exercise options, and they associate less options with less challenge,” Gagliardi says. Don’t forget you can make bodyweight exercises harder by: Slowing down. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should still have regular rest days. Rest allows your muscles to rebuild and grow.

And when you have more muscle, you’ll burn more calories at rest. Taking days off and sleep While taking breaks during a workout is crucial, the most important rest is actually the rest that happens between workouts. Muscle groups need 48 to 72 hours to recuperate and repair themselves properly after strength training workouts, depending on the intensity of the workout.

In fact, if you follow a plan wherein rest days are properly incorporated into your workout routine, you’ll have a better chance of building muscles and increasing speed, as well as losing weight. If you think about it, your body is better able to do those exercises if you are properly rested. You need to have time to recover.

If you’re someone who simply divides your training into upper and lower body, Jewell says you can do those days back to back, then have a rest day before starting the process over again. This. Even for body weight exercises, any workout especially HIIT that put demand on your body above your physical ability will tear up your muscle fiber and put a lot of stress on your joints and nervous system, all of these need time to recover and rejuvenate.

For serious lifters, rest days can be the absolute worst. Rather than enjoying the day off, we spend the free hours in torture, just imagining what we could do if we could get our hands on some weight. When that mindset takes over, rest days go out the window.

We’re in the gym hour after hour, day after day in order to feed our inner iron demon. There are reasons why you need rest. To allow the nervous system to recuperate (neurological).

The body first lifts the weight with its nervous system, secondly with the mind and thirdly with its muscles. A person when s/he lifts a weight for the first time the bar wavers, shakes and wobbles. New rule: You may need longer than a day between workouts. Taking a day off in between workouts gives muscles time to recover, but you may need more recovery time after age 50, says Dr. David W.

You can strength train every day of the week, but you have to do different workouts so that your muscles can recover. Because of the higher-intensity work that your muscles do during strength training, the rule is to let them rest 72 hours before working them again.

List of related literature:

Because the REPS workouts are stressful, only one training day should occur during the week.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning
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The body needs rest days in between hard physical days so it can heal and gain strength.

“Rock Climbing, 2nd Edition: Mastering Basic Skills” by Topher Donahoe, Craig Luebben
from Rock Climbing, 2nd Edition: Mastering Basic Skills
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So the 9day week allows more quality training along with more rest and recovery.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
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In this method, you work your upper body and lower body on separate days.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
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Integrating climbing days, hard training days, and sufficient rest days is the crux of the matter.

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
from Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance
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For example, one week, you might train the upper body on Monday, the lower body on Wednesday, and the upper body on Friday.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
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The muscles need a full day of rest to repair themselves.

“Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide” by Robert R. Perkinson
from Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide
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Sage, 2008

For example, it may be that two recovery days after one of the three hard training sessions in the nine-day week aren’t enough.

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
from Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life
by Joe Friel
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The rest days are for recovery and are essential to prevent the negative effects of overtraining.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
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The three-day split is easier to follow because it alleviates the need to train the legs on the same day as the back and biceps.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

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  • You are inspiring me to do more on my rest days! I usually hike on one of my rest days (as well as one of my workout days). On the other rest day, I give myself permission to just laze around (I still work on that rest day…and my work is somewhat physical)

  • Hi Anthony i agree bro splits were created for juice heads, its all about VOLUME and CONSISTENCY personally dont think anyone can tell you what is best for any individual person unless you know there lifestyle or how many times a week or mins a day you have to train, you can have the best muscle building program in the world but if you cant be consistent or stick to it, it will never work!

  • Thanks for confirming that you can train 7 days a week for fat loss as long as it’s conditioning. I usually do 5 min jog + 6 pack shuffle targeting either lower abs or obliques on off days. That’s in addition to my AX-1 plan.

  • Since you mentioned hanging as therapy, how do you deal with calluses? I’m been trying to hang more to build up my grip strength since that’s what is limiting me the most now and my hands are getting chewed up.

    As for my “rest” day, it usually ends up being yardwork, which feels like its own kind of workout.

  • I love when what I tell my clients matches what Jeff says. It makes me feel that I know what I’m doing. ����

    You’re the man Jeff…..I even tell my personal clients that. I try to get them on your products also.

  • Jeff cavalier. I love what you have brought to the world. You’re a true inspiration and you really help. You provide amazing content,help, and knowledge. Lol I can come to “you” for anything and I love it. Anything I type in, you got. Please keep going and may you real many rewards and live your best life.

  • I’m currently doing
    2×10 Chins
    2×10 Diamonds
    On a daily basis, for a few weeks. I’m wanting to incorporate this, along with Dips, as my warm up before Strength Training.

    I’ve been working out, on and off, for many years, and am currently enrolled on a Gym Instructor course, so I understand the need to have a Rest Day/Days.

    This is a short term thing, few weeks, so I’m not thinking there’s any problem with it.
    Thoughts, anyone?

  • I am one if this people who can’t not go to the gym. I need to learn to rest. I just hate not going nice to see things I can do instead of nothing.

  • Somebody please tell me, im doing my total body workout in monday wednesday and friday, so can i do jump rope in tuesday thursday and saturday, and when should i do explosive workout

  • thank Jeff! ive been integrating sled pushes, medicine ball throws and skipping in as one of my main forms of cardio. after looking at all the wrong ways to do cardio i was nervous this would be the same. �� but we’re in the clear.

  • My good day is literally only Monday.

    I usually have to train after work so Monday is when I’m less beat…
    today I was the nail, not the hammer.

  • Jeff Can we Have A video particularly for Battle Ropes Like A series For Particular how to use them efficiently and in the best possible Way

  • Hello Brother��Sorry Do you have a Calisthenics exercise for the side shoulders, posterior or back shoulders and obliques or side abs and upper, middle, lower trapezius, thoracic and lower back forearm, wrist and rotator cuff and how to neck exercise?��

  • I know this video is a few years old but could you do a video on the proper way to do battle ropes? If you already have could you direct me to it?

  • Hey Jeff! Can you do some low impact exercise ideas? Like for people with knee injuries or hip problems? (Stuff like swimming or how you said the jump rope is low impact with proper form)

  • Do I need a rest day if my split allows each muscle group 3 days before it’s hit again.
    Day 1. Pull (without shoulders)
    2. Push (without shoulders)
    3. Shoulders
    4. Legs
    Then repeat.
    I definitely do not like rest days. I love hitting the gym every day. My goals are bodybuilding but also to look lean and be athletic, so I love these Athlean X videos. I try to workout as hard and as smart as possible! I would love more info than just a simple “yes” or “no” thank you so much! Look forward to your answer as well as whatever videos you post next.

  • you, Sir, earned my sub. your movements and your looks seem to hold up with what you teach. both makes it authentic content. keep it up ��

  • Searches Youtube for “What to do on Gym rest days…” First result is from Athlean-X. “Oh Jeff, how do you ALWAYS know what I’m thinking?”

  • Any question that pops in my head, here is where I go and Jeff has an answer. Awesome dude! Going to grab a rope and do some abs!
    ” My math sucks ” lol quote of the day haha

  • Jeff always says you can train your abs every day, but that’s if you’re in decent shape already right? Cause when I train my abs they’re sore for a couple days afterwards and I don’t think I should continue training them till they’ve fully recovered. Or is this wrong?

  • I do parkour, freerunning and flips, as well as street workout, calisthenics, and stretching, and everyday, I do jump rope, cycling, daily flips for instagram (@parkourayce almost 40K If you wanna watch them haha) and I do that everyday, I’ve stayed consistent for a solid 6 months now!

  • Diet plan from Next Level Diet is so simple that everyone can follow it. No buzzwords, no bullsh*t, no pussyfooting. Only clear directions and instructions. Losing fat is easier than ever.

  • Very helpful video, does boxing (shadowboxing and hitting the bag) count as one of the cardio workouts you can do on a day off? I used to be an fighter, too old now, and I’m starting to follow the Athlean X program, I want to gain a little size, but I don’t want to completely give up on my boxing workouts I have always done

  • Sometimes my rest days are just that. I have a couple of injuries…But I will add riding my recumbent bike and abs on those rest days. Great advice.

  • Hey Jeff
    I have recently learned that test days are really important. I am just not sure how to take them.. I have a four day program for the week and was wondering if it would be better to have all my rest days in a row ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday ) or have a break between ever gym session? I love your channel and will definitely incorporating some of these workouts on my off days.

  • I know this example is for Gym purposes, but what if your at home working out with free weights and other gym-like equipment and you want to not loose gains and do some stuff on your non-working out days (other than skipping rope) in your household? Cause I do the farmer carriers 4-5 times per day and still want to workout with sacrificing anything at home. Is there any legit way without doing too much?

  • Currently I’m working out 3x per week. Day 1 Monday is Squats, Pushup variant or dips, Horizontal Pullups, and Bridge work. Day 2 Wednesday is Squats, Vertical pullups, Hand balancing, and Leg raises. I repeat day 1 on Friday, then take 2 days off and continue alternating the next week. Very classic setup. Progress is good, Muscle building is good. Eventually as I get back to my former levels (I took a good bit of time off completely due to hip issues and tendonitis in my elbow), I’ll go with an Upper day, Lower day, off, repeat.

    If I’m feeling good after a workout and I have time, I’ll do some explosive work, rotating, etc.

  • Do the British say “frew” for through? Sounded like that’s what he said, and I believe I’ve heard other British folks do the same thing.

  • This is great, what are some good ballistic stretches to incorporate for a warm up session or morning wake up routine? Or maybe like a lower body ballistic stretching to warm up on upper body days and vice versa, just an idea.

  • I got my diet plan from NextLevelDiet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can’t wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  • If you put it in the context of a natural setting, I.e hunter/gather/forager/surviving in an environment that contains predators, there’d be a certain amount of every day exertion required. 100 pull ups/Press ups/some cardio could simulate living wild. Wild animals are a whole lot healthier on the whole than modern humans. Which flows on the diet….

  • I am beginner just starting calisthenics I train three days a week I want to start working on skills is it a good idea to start training skills early on my rest days i really want to do the l sit handstand and front lever progressions

  • What do you think about 5x per week calves training (started 1 week ago)? I alternate between training through fatigue and training to fatigue, but short workouts

  • I like to pay special attention to working my weaker muscles on days off, body weight or low weight. I’m sure everyone has weaknesses that need strengthening

  • I saw other video of your eating. If you are not trying keto diet but take sugar as the primary energy for body, the bullet proof coffee does not work properly but works like fasting meal. Probably you have known well already. I like your diet on video Day of Eating 6. These are very healthy appetizing meals!!

  • Love your videos Tom been a fan for a while! Please keep it up! Totally agree that you have to mix things up and include plenty of fun I like to include some Parkour play, and Ninja Warrior training:-)

  • Speaking of rest, could you do a video on sleep? Like your thoughts on setup/bedding, sleep position, length of sleep, monophasic vs biphasic, blue light, optimal time to go to bed and get up ect?


  • Great vid, also just watched your “what is my job” video very jealously while on my lunch break at my 9-5 office job. Very motivating to see that the youtube/training life is possible here in the UK!

  • On my off days (or what I call active recovery days) I usually go for a walk, I may cycle as my mode of transportation, I’ll do some light stretching, I have a dance sesh in my room, or fun something fun to do (like adult versions of recess). I may try and do some of these exercises as well.

    Great vid.

  • I have to watch this video every rest day just so I don’t torture my body lol. So hard to gain good weight. 120 pounds a year ago now at 152 pounds still 9% body fat. Thanks jeff for all you awesome information and inspiration!!!!

  • Can you treat these “off days” and rope work, ab work, as cardio days? If there’s long sets short rests, whatever? Like light or BW days as cardio, or are the two things totally separate?

  • Is it better to workout one time a week or two times a week because I do high-volume workout and I read a research and it says two times a week is better to workout then one time a week but here’s the thing though I work out once a week once every seventh day and I do high-volume so if I go to two times a week will I still be able to do high volume

  • days off are needed when you do big tares in the muscle fibers, it takes almost a week to fully recover from a major tare. but you only tare that bad when you push that muscle over the top, think when you first hit the gym in a while or when you up your weights.

  • I got a question, and this is for loosing weight while building some muscles with the aim of a more fit body.
    How about high-intensity cardio but with no weights, only body exercises for max 10 min, like Burpies, jump-thrusts and mountain climbs repeatedly till 3 rounds?
    Does that kill gains?

  • Thumb up for you Tom!
    My everyday routin is some yoga vinyasa flow recently. Feel quite good and stronger in core than ever before just because of this excersises. Do you follow guy named TrainingPal?

  • i wish you could speak spanish lol……. you dont have an idea of how much english im learning with you!!!!!…… Me at the gym with dudes: I love hand balancing…… my colleagues: what???? Me thinking: which is the word in spanish….. fuck!!! dont know.!!!!

  • My week:

    Monday: “Rest”
    Tuesday: Squat x 4s x 9r
    Wednesday: “Rest”
    Thursday: Squat x 5s x 7r
    Friday: “Rest”
    Saturday: Squat x 7s x 5r
    Sunday: Squat x 10s x 3r

    On “rest” days I spend 20 minutes on parallel bars, hanging and stretching with a lot of scapula work.

  • That’s so weird tho. I used to do body weight training every day for about 4 months. I gained a muscle. But my stamina and strength was what really increased more than anything. By the time I was 4 months in. I was able to lift up my cousin who weighed 235 pounds by the waste with my hands without him hopping or jumping to assist me. He was amazed that I was able to do that. Maybe genetics are also involved? I also lost a ton of weight. 112 pounds to be exact. I was actually doing body weight training monday thru friday, so it wasn’t technically every day. But still I was doing it 5 days a week straight. Situps, regular pushups, decline pushups, dips and squats. I was also jumping rope for 15 mins as well. I didn’t notice any decrease in anything. I got stronger, faster more stamina and gained a very good amount of muscle. Especially in my chest, arms and shoulders.

  • Just had a week off cuz i fell over while running to the outside gym, got walked and still did the dips, leg raises and pull ups had blood pissing out my knee and grazed my hands, fucking drop foot after a stroke is a bitch! So 4 days no exercise then some wthout bending the knee then a resistance band day which is my normal rest day and cook a meal for few days.
    Then went to the gym today and felt better did 3 pull ups first set first time for that, my target is 5 by the end of January.

  • My routine is in this order; push ups, chin ups, dips, wide grip rows/pull-ups, and squats. I aim to get around 10 reps 10 sets. Sometimes I add in a weighted vest or every month I switch up the variations and it’s a real serious workout. I do this on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturday I do a lot of core and cardio in the park. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday I eat big and rest big ��

  • I’ve started doing some yoga movements on my rest days (and workout days as well, but not as much) and it is not easy as it looks. Requires a lot of balance to perform some movements.

  • Just found your channel�� dig it man. Nice style! Lookin forward to more posts and progress.

    Sweet shoes too dude. Ever tried the high tops?

  • What about using weights to supplement calisthenics exercises? I’m mixing both just cause i like to. I also find my self not strong enough to do a lot of calisthenics exercises very well or with high enough reps. I can manage the easier progressions but get bored easily.

  • i have just found your videos on line, GREAT MATERIAL! I learn a lot from you, I will be writing my comments about my progress and what I think of your routines, my respect for you, Greetings from Mexico, Puebla city!

  • in my rest days i like to go to trampoline parks, or juggling, or basic flex, work on balance, slackline, easy animal movement, some capoeira moves, basic parkour tech like rolling, etc etc, it depends in how much i feel i need to rest and wich joints. rest is part of the training and its a really important thing, the only time i do nothing is when i need to rest the mind, like after 3 months of daily training.
    sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish xD thanks for the videos, love your content (including instagram), love from mexico <3

  • Hey Tom! If I train the FL 3 times a week according to the project planche protocol, would doing 3 times a week GTG for the isometrics be effective as an addition? Great video btw!

  • Just keep training as often as you can, until you gain enough experience with your own body to tell weather or not you should rest

  • But why would you need a whole day’s rest?
    If you work out two hours a day, then your muscles are resting for 22 hours a day.
    What difference does a “rest day” really make, when every day is already over 90% rest?

  • One main reason why we skip workout is laziness and lack of motivation. What I am today. Left gym when lockdown start.. any magic feedback so that I can start again.

  • Topic idea: how to fit in full body calisthenics strength routines when you’re on limited time, say 45 minutes 3 times a week. One of the programs I’m doing takes about 90 minutes (excluding leg work!), 3 times a week. Any questioning of reducing this is met with “advice” from 19 year olds telling us older folk to just “manage your time better”.

  • I’ve been doing 10 reps of 10 sets of push-ups every day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks now. I’m also increasing the intensity everytime I hit 10 reps on 10th set with good form. Obviously I’m gaining strength with this method. My question is, can I gain muscle mass with this?

  • But what if you just starting to work out (overweight) and can only do 2 minutes of HIIT cardio. Is it okay to do 2 minutes of HITT cardio everyday? Or should I implement rest days even at that low time of exercise?

  • I’ll do anything from some mellow basic core work, stretching and flexibility, pullups, pushup variations, dancing, a little jump rope.. which usually leads into handstand play, too, cuz I get inspired..! I keep the intensity low on rest days. It all depends on my energy and what I feel benefits my body the most.

  • Why don’t you give a little bit more complex response instead of trying to explain regular shit to a 5 year old who doesn’t know shit… either your brainless or your acting like everyone else is

  • “Can you workout every day?”
    “No idea bro…”
    5 minutes for that?
    If the answer is really “it depends”, why just stop there? why not giving some example of workout programs that would “work everyday” and some example of programs the “best work every other day”

  • I can do pushups every day, was forced to do them that way in Basic Training. When I got a sharp pain in my chest muscles the drill sergeants told me it’s just a pinched nerve, to push on through. They were right and the pain went away a few days later and I kept getting stronger. I’m trying to do pushups every day again but time is limited and I’m doing lots of other exercises now too.

    Shrugs with lightish dumbells seems to work well every day too, I did those for a few months (along with farmer’s carries) and saw a big difference in trap size.

  • It’s pretty strange, the subtitles don’t match with the video at all. After a little search, I found out that the subtitles were corresponding word for word to another video of Athlean-X called “Bodyweight Exercise Technique for Mass! (INTERMITTENT ISOMETRICS)”.

    Just pointing that out if someone wanna fix this mistake. Maybe just deleting these subtitles would be good to leave a chance to a fan to put his own better subtitles on the video. It wouldn’t take long to just delete those subtitles.

  • Firas Zahabi says you can and should train everyday, so long as you don’t go to failure. Make your workouts 7 out of 10, and do them everyday.

  • I love cali movement perfect explanation of the science and mechanics and their focus on form and mobility over just being able to perform fancy moves it’s refreshing to see this in an industry where there is a ridiculous amount of misinformation great work guys.

  • Everyday calesthenics for about an hour + quarantine= a mind focused on your body. Take advantage of a small amount of time in your day to do a type of calesthenics training.
    Within 2 weeks, I have gone from not being able to do a hanging L-sit, or any more than 10 pullups. Now i can get more than 15 L-sit pullups before burning out and still be able to get around 5 in a row with breaks between sets. I just stop whenever my body and mind agree to and I’m seeking out to learn and build my body as fast as possible. It really is mind over matter, and all of these years up until now had been that my mind didnt matter..

  • Hello, i use polar H10 hrm with polar vantage V. The polar flow app has the “revocery pro” feature that shows if you are undertrained, recovered, strained ecc basing on the heart rate. Is this system reliable to know if i can train every day or every possibe???

  • But in the military you train everyday, and when you get out of bootcamp you are freaking ripped. How does that work? Since you need rest…

  • Indeed.
    I started doing 170 push ups, but soon found out, even with 3 days recovery, that my performance was going doooowwwn.
    Third session finished around 40.
    I guess i fried myself in the second session, but i went to 170 as well, and in the last sets, i could feel the nervous system struggling a lot, to the point that 5 reps were getting hard, instead of the easy-ish 30 in the first sets.
    Now, i suppose i’ll have to restart, with less exercises.
    Moral of the story, listen to your body and give it rest.
    Great video, i wish i had the spot to put these stringed ‘rings’.

  • Would you recommend a man 68yrs old that can do 6 pullups and 10 pushups max with good form, should do the 100 a day for 30 days challenge?

  • Hey Jeff. Big supporter and lover of your channel from Australia. I would love it if you could do perhaps a battle-rope session or training regiment and perhaps even a kettle-ball routine. Thank you very much for everything you do. By the way, your 4 minute HIIT session is fantastic and I’m incorporating that into my workout routine.

  • Pavel calls it greasing the groove
    Doing exercise everyday, at well below your capacity, and it’s inlays the motor nerve pattern, without taxing you physically

    This technique is common in the Kettlebell community, and even some people who do barbell lifting will do sets of push-ups and pull-ups daily, just not to failure

  • I don’t do workout everyday but I do honestly run everyday. Long at me pace running increasing by %10 everyday keeping it minimal then the alternative to using cigarette in healthier lifestyle. I do calisthenics as well. But I also do movement training to get more artistic with my strength and consistancy more.

  • i wonder when it comes to recovery how effective sleep is, vs a day off, for example say someone trained every other day, but got 6 hours sleep, to someone who trained everyday, but got 9 hours of sleep, which is more effective.

  • 2 years ago I trained 3 times a week for 2 months absolutely 0 progress, today I’ve been training for 1 month 5 times a week and I can see huge progress in just 1 month even my friends noticed I started to workout so I guess it’s different for everyone

  • I reckon you can aim for every day training. Some days its just not gonna happen because of work, travel, social commitments or whatever. Enter incidental recovery.

  • That guy doing a one armed pull up….. my arm hurts now… I can do 5 regular pull ups but they are hard.. I can’t even imagine me going to workout one day and be like hmmm… I think I’ll just try one arm today ����

  • I enjoy your channel so much. Thank you. I am a certified trainer by NASM although I do not do it for living. (I am an Engineer). So, I thought I knew what I was doing. In general, I think I do. However, when it comes to the specific, I am learning sooo much about myself in the past few years through training. For me, training more than 5 times per week is counter productive. (I trained 6-7 times per week not too long ago, but I got so tired and lack of energy even with eating very healthy and good sleep/rest within a month) I think, if with high intensity and volume, 5 times per week (45 60 mins. per session) is the maximum I should do. I find myself not losing any muscle or strength by doing 3 times week with 1 heavy legs, 1 heavy upper body, & 1 light whole body work out. However, somehow I feel better mentally! (?) working out at least 4 times per week. I do not know why, but I almost feel guilty for working out less than 3 times week. ������

  • I rest when my body tells me. Sometimes after 4 days of training in a row and work I just feel that my body wants to rest. The rest takes about 4 days. It kinda pisses off but I can live with it

  • What workout would you recommend for a tricking/parkour athlete that wants to build some muscle and strength? Your videos are awesome!

  • Can someone give me other ideas of good exercises oh this type that can be intense without too much excentric intensity? Even the one he showed where he lifted that medecine ball seemed too intense for me. But things like jump rope seem not intense enough for me haha. The sled push for example seems perfect to me, but I don’t have the material. For now I prioritize high intensity sprints for my off days, but I’d like to find new things.

  • I have a freeday instead of a rest day and basically do the same as you. Play with different movenents, practice skills, and do watever I want really.

  • Every day builds a great foundation. it’s like riding a bike 2 miles to school and 2 miles to home, everyday. The body adjusts and adapts to it.

  • all the content of this video could easily be fit into two minutes. you are just talking irrelevant stuff and repeating yourself without any structure. people don’t have time to just sit there and listen to this. if you really want to blow up, stop babbling and focus

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  • yooo Anthony, I enjoy the videos as always. Ive been hitting 4 times a week now for about 4 months. I feel strong. disciplined. and very solid. Ive been watching calorie intake and am getting to ideal body fat range. I make sure to consume around 11.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. I think i feel good and in control enough now of current regiment to move up to 5 times a week. any other tips possibly to add a little mass? other then patience of course….im sure alot of it is time. all the best brother

  • It’s a lot easier to stick to your diet plan when you know that you can have cheat meal twice a week without ruining your progress. Guys from NextLevelDiet are doing a great job. Visit their website and see for yourself.

  • Hi! Fan from Italy here! I think it’ll be really nice if you were able to make a series where you explain a little of the science behind how our body works (or where you go over the articles you often talk about!)

    I’m not saying this because I don’t trust you! I do! I study science and biomolecular technologies and I get what you say, but I think it’ll be nice for other people (maybe you could make a survey, don’t know ahah) to be introduced to some of the great science behind training.

    Really do love your videos and all the work that you do! I’ll keep on training! ��

  • I train 7 days a week full body (sometimes with focus on specific muscles but no gym), often multiple times a day (1,5-3) hours a day. Works out for me. What do you think? Im a calisthenics atlethe
    Edit: i do this plan since around 1,5-2 Years

  • If I train a muscle group intensely (multiple sets and some to failure), I need 2-3 days rest or else my muscles are still fatigued and my performance suffers. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tall and skinny or what, but I’ve been strength training for about 18 years and one day of rest for a muscle group has never worked for me. Should I try to increase my frequency as an experiment and see if I adapt? I always train a muscle group when it’s “fresh”.

  • Can i use 30days fitness app for doing the exercise at home? How should i focus on proper exercise so should i slipt my workout and focus on one part of my body each day?? Or should i do each part workout each day??

  • After a hard training i take three days off,than i feel fully recovert,its called supercompensation,body needs more time than you think to recover

  • Hey Tom! First off thanks for all you share!!! I’ve learned so much over the past year or so just from your channel. So I have a somewhat rest day related question… I’ve been doing your loaded middle split and front split routine 2 days a week, but I do them both on the same days… is there any reason you shouldn’t do them on the same day? Thanks!

  • Ever since the military, I did 5 day a week body training. When I went to free weights, i did four. Now that I am coming back to body weights, I am doing 5. If you look at the elite forces, they train almost every day. SEALs, SAS, TAG, RECON, RANGERS. They are monsters and fit as. I think if you get good sleep and eat right, and cut out the heavy drinking, you should be alright at 5.

  • Love your videos, but I really think improving the lighting would just bring them to a whole new level! I think you should check out Nigel Barros’ videos for that, and especially the one titled “How To Make A $300 Camera Look Pro!”

  • I never comment but can I just say that I appreciate the ratio of positive to negative comments the majority of the time on this channel. Its such a relief to be curious about others opinions on a subject and not be bombarded with negativity.

  • @Minus The Gym…. this is literaly greace the groove method of training:) neurological adaptation… that doesnt give u muscle hyperthrophy component…. you can increse strenght level like this as well:)

  • Great content man. Do you have a video on yout channel about your diet? Like… The calories, or how you eat daily. Sorry for the english haha

  • Thanks a lot! This is a simple fact but unfortunately unavailable throughout the whole internet! I used to wonder why a bodyweight regimen on bodybuilding pattern was not helping me with gains.

  • i train 6 times per week with 3 sets of each exercise of moderate intensity (because having asthma doesnt allow me to push too far paying attention to both my form AND my breathing at the same time its hard) and im concerned how because of that im going to progress way slower than a person with healthy lungs.
    this isnt exactly a question since my circumstances cannot be helped

  • I trained everyday for 5/6 months no breaks and got lots of gains ���� then i stopped one day and never did it again, there for I shall have no breaks

  • Hi Anthony, I like the videos. I have been following the Mark Lauren training program that is basically 4 days per week push,legs,pull, core with an addition day on certain weeks. Are you suggesting for better gains I need to combine exercise days to a more whole body workout so I can repeat these more frequently?

  • My workout consists of Jump rope for 30+ minutes (warm-up), HIIT with interval times interlaced with pushup-planks on a bosu ball, walking in a circle on hands with my feet on the bosu ball, lower-back raises laying on stomach, either crunches touching toes off my back or lunges like a wrestler going for a single-A, after 3 rounds shadow-kickboxing. In the middle of that “HIIT” I’ll take off for a 2-3 miles run where toward the end I do pullups and chinups until I can’t do but just one rep. Finish the HIIT ending with burpees, pushup-planks off the bosu ball, then a body weight squat jumping jack pushup plank-knee-raises work out. This all totals about 3 hours sometimes just over 2 hours. Is this considered “intense?” I’ve been doing it every day of my vacation, but when working I only do it 3 days a week. You’re right, everything gets “lighter” and easier when you do it many consecutive days and you’re really not all that sore, but muscles aren’t getting needed rest to build up either.

  • I really like your video form. Most calisthenic / lifting vids have pumped up, obnoxious loud music. Your ambient backgrounds are soothing 😉 Thanks for the advice!

  • I don’t think daily training calisthenics is a good idea. Unless if you have other skills or things to work on yes. Like the light cardio or using row machine for active recovery. Or for me playing soccer (k.a. Football in Europe) and archery (rarely). But doing hiking or trail running would help not only to having stamina but using calisthenics and parkour to advantage. But going back to topic of training calisthenics everyday; unless if you have other hobbies of lifting, sports, outdoor activites, dancing, etc. I think you can, emphasis both cardio and mobility routines. Also try Qi Gong, the exercise bascially requires your body of using pain to circulate nerves and activating cells in your body.

  • I usually do an hour-long Vinyasa yoga flow on my rest days. I’m starting to wonder if it is much of a rest day though because I’m knackered after a Vinyasa class.

  • Great video as always. Can you talk about sleep on your next video?
    I know 7-8 hour sleep still the best for recovery. But how about people who have no time for 8 hour sleep?
    I mean come on man, i have to work, study, have kids and family etc.
    I sleep about 5-6hours a day.

  • I workout in the academic year 3 times per week. Full body workouts, calisthenics. Actually I’m on vacations… so I workout 4 days in the week… of course, full body workouts…BUT now they’re: 2 full body calisthenics, and 2 days a keetlebell full body beginneer workouts… Monday: calisthenics, Tuesday: FB keetlebell, wednesday: rest  thursday: calisthenics Friday: FB keetlebell   Saturday and Sunday, I rest, or I do a Little of cardio (walk 2-5 km)   Yeah, I know: I should workout more, but I’ve a job for the entire year, and I prefer stick to 1 routine that I can follow with no interruptions…

  • The best advice all around!! Amount of rest needed is much too multifactorial to be regularly prescribed. What is this about cold water showers?

  • Careful with the extra ab work. I trained my abs every day and ended up really hurting them, now i can’t do much for a few weeks. If you start to feel them really starting to hurt don’t just push on like I did.

  • I realise, I really need to work on my handstand, I hope I can do one by the end of this quarantine (I’m pretty solid in the frogstand at this point). Wish me luck!

  • what if my workout consist of 15 one leg suppprted squat each, 20 push up, 10 pull up, and10 leg raise for 3 sets for 6 days. I mean it’s not hard.. i was planing to do that and slowly add 1 rep each week. Any thoughts?

  • I think you need rest days if you want to speed up your strength gains. For endurance you do not need them that much. I also think it is safer to exercise daily but not push to 100%, keep it at safer level. Do low intensity training multiple times a day is generally better.

  • Yeah I’m on day 122 now. Of course you want days off! You kidding!?? But it’s like maybe 1 to 2 days a week then back to grinding.

  • If you read the cc in English, not auto-generated, his actions don’t match any explanation. I was so confused watching this with cc and sound off.��

  • I think that calisthenics are hacks to your body. Resistance/Weight training you definitely need rest days because even at the core of their compound movements they only really work out 2 muscle groups at max. They are loaded very heavy and thus you need to take rest days. What people really don’t understand, and rightfully so, is that calisthenics are just like learning a new skill, like the rubix cube, learning a card flourish or trick. Know your limits. You can train the pullup like you do the rubix cube. The greasing the groove method, I am sure you know what this is, is a successful way to increase pullups reps or any calisthenic skill or movement. The idea is to do a certain amount of reps usually 3-2 before failure of your max throughout the day. You do lets say 10 every hour for 5 hours. This is low intensity and spread over a day the volume adds up to 50 pullups. Now if we apply this same logic, if instead of doing it throughout the day you just do 3 sets of 10 pullups at the gym before every session and you go to the gym 5 times per week. thats 30 pullups a day for 5 days, 150 pullups a week. If you grease the groove you are doing 50 a day for nearly 5-6 times per week. That is instantly of 200 pullups. The grease the groove method works and is a real thing. So why is it looked like overtraining to do 3×10 pullups every gym session then? You’re doing less volume but you can put the rep range to more hypertrophy style and work out a rep range that allows you to strain yourself somewhat but able to do it again the next day. I’ve been doing for nearly over 7 months whilst also doing dips after i finish my pullups with the same mentality of not training to absolute failure but only 3×8-10. Baring in mind still in first year or training. I was a weakling, had no muscle mass. Couldn’t bench the bar or press anything over 8kg dumbbells. I can now do 3×8 pullups, lats are a lot bigger, have a much bigger back, my bench is at 60kg (i weigh 60kg, not amazing bench but considering where I was before I am happy) and I now can do dips with 10kg plate assisted. These aren’t crazy feats but for me relative for my body and when I started its amazing. I don’t go a day where I don’t do pullups or dips and my mobility and core strength has gone through the roof. Calisthenics is weight lifting without the negatives of weight lifting. You can theoretically train every day. I still have 2 days off per week though.

  • I’m currently doing the bodyweight recommended routine from reddit, can I use my rest days to work on skills for around 20 mins and then work my mobility just so I can keep moving even if I’m not exerting that much energy compared to my strength training days?

  • SAID principle! Specific Adaption to Imposed Demand. You have frequency, intensity and volume…pick 2 and the third is determined. If you want to work out frequently, say everyday, then volume must be low…1-2 sets per body part. You will also need to vary your intensity. Most gymnasts train every day and they are strong, fit and look great!

  • Congrats! Due to today’s topic, I was thinking to start AR7 (push ups, pull ups, dips and squats) and doing it every day. What do you think?

  • Doesn’t this all depend upon how well you recover from the workouts? People have different gradients of recovery, which means that not everyone will be able to train everyday, at least not effectively.

  • I as well improved my strength during the 100 push up everyday challenge. By the end of the first week, I jumped from 17 push ups in a row to 40 that’s insane:O

  • Historically, Paleolithic hunters, knights, ploughsmen, blacksmiths, etc etc etc didn’t need rest days. My plumber probably does this much exercise at least 6 days a week.

  • Great video, Tom! I’ve been the same way the past few months(only hitting upper and lower twice a week) and seeing not only great strength increases, but a lot of aches and pains I had trying to force 6-7 days a week of training are gone!

  • With the amount of people maming things over complicated and sl much scam and promotion. This is new. Keep up the good work. We all appreciate you taking your time to keep is educated and keep thi gs simple.

  • Question. Would working out with the paralette bars be considered a light exercise and mobility? That should be worked on everyday?

  • I workout for 15 days straight n then take 2-3 days rest and then again workout for 15 days. I have observed that this training frequency helps me increase my reps n strength.

  • What is up Bodyweight Exercise fans! What is your opinion on training frequency? How often do you train? Also what do think is the bee’s deal with me?

  • I guess 7 days a week is bad for everyone, unless it’s something super light, like 20 pushups a day, or half a mile of running a day. If training with any sort of intensity, 7 days a week is a direct path to injury.

  • I don’t like working out at all, I have to force myself. so what minimum routine of yours can you suggest? as short as possible timewise and not more than 3 times a week for max results? the goal is health and good shape.

  • Can’t believe how quickly your channel is growing. Great work and thoroughly deserved bro! Would you be able to do a video on scapula strengthening as this is something that I feel may unlock many moves for me. Thank you the amazing content!

  • Tom your videos are great! Just discovering you. I’m wondering if you have any ideas for promoting good spinal alignment? I think the squat position and hanging is useful but I don’t know if it helps with that at all. Also curious what if any experience you’ve had with chiropractors.

  • hey bruh i have a doubt like doing 100 pushups for few months does it will make me more muscular or developing in my body or after few months it will be stopp growing at certain level and it do need some progressions?

  • I don’t want to make my life about training so I actually rest on rest days and do nothing workout related. I need the break since school & chores are exhausting.
    If I add some mobility or hs on rest days my recovery capacity is compromised and it bores me to hell I tried it a few times. Still doing nothing workout related doesn’t mean to just sit aound all day. I like to stay active, pursue my other interests and socialize

  • Our bodies are phenomenal pieces of machinery. It’s amazing how our bodies can evolve and adapt under constant stress. Thanks for sharing! I fully agree listening to how our bodies feel and getting enough rest in-between is essential in preventing injury and overtraining ��

  • I train chest/biceps on first day, back/shoulders on the second and on the third just legs, and repeat the cicle again, always train to my maximum, should I rest between the days?

  • I probably be very wrong but i started to do calisthenics and i do my 100% in a full body workout only one time / month to know my max and try to keep 70-80% in normal days. My body ends destroyed after that. Is that good?

  • Personally I like to do strength training every second day. In my off days I do Mobility training. Which I believe helps with my recovery as well.

  • I am a 58 year old woman, want to get back in shape. Having a hard time getting to the gym because of my schedule. So I saw your Minus the Gym and decided to find a simple program to do without the gym. Started on 12/26 doing 50 burpees and 50 squats for time.(5×10 reps each) LOL 10.42 was my first time. With most burpees being step back burpees. Now I am at 50 burpees, 50 squats and 30 DB Presses with 10lbs each arm. (5×10 reps burpees and 10 squats with 6 presses) time 9.25 yesterday with 26 of the burpees being jump back and 24 step back. For me, taking out the gym has taken out my excuses. After watching this, I think I will do this every other day and plan out a core workout for the balance. My goal is for my time to be 8 minutes and all burpees be kick back.

  • For the people that can’t make it to the gym everyday but want to do a split using body weight workouts, what would you recommend?